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Who’s that Girl? Pt 3

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Hello again, Dear Avid Reader…

So ‘Chris’ has run out of suspects; what is a boy to do? I was tempted to gather them all together Christie-style, could’ve been interesting but i didn’t. So without further ado or procrastination here’s the final part!


devil woman

I sat in my office looking at my smart phone. “The wonders of technology!” I smiled to myself. It was simple really and even though I was frustrated that my keen intellect hadn’t been able to work out who ‘Buttercup’ was I also knew that it would have been impossible to work out. She had never even been on the radar.

This was the second best Birthday present I’d ever got.

My intercom bleeped and Eleanor announced Tamara’s arrival for my Birthday Lunch; a moment later she walked in and headed straight for the desk leaning all the way across it deliberately affording a generous view of her cleavage as she did so. “Happy Birthday, Chris!” she declared placing a small gift wrapped box on the desk before kissing me softly on the lips.

“Mmm… interesting underwear!” I replied as she stood up. She was dressed in what could only be described as a black pinstripe ‘power’ suit and the glimpse of the corset beneath was only betrayed externally by how high her breasts were held.

“Ahh one of your birthday presents… sometimes all the fun is in the unwrapping!” she smiled licking her lips.

“Amen to that” I agreed, “and this?” pointing at the present.

“A little later I think!” she smirked.

“Talking of Birthday wishes I may have had a breakthrough!” I declared.

“The List?” she asked.

“The List!” I agreed and reached for the intercom as she sat down in the chair opposite and lifted her patent leather five inch heels to rest on the desk. My cock twitched at the thought of what the rest of Tamara’s suit concealed. I pressed the intercom once again. “Eleanor can you bring in the ‘V…I…P’ list for the New Year’s party, please!” I asked.

“Certainly, Mr Harmon” she replied and was standing before me in less than sixty seconds. She glanced almost nervously at Tamara’s heels while Tamara stared unabashedly at my assistant’s ass from behind her. I suppressed a grin as she arched a questioning eyebrow. She turned the page towards me and I saw the now familiar fifty-four names.

“Actually, grab a pen please and cross off these names” I told her and she dutifully grabbed a high-lighter from the cup on the desk and leant forward preparing to follow my instructions. Tamara tilted her head and idly ran a fingernail into her cleavage as she lusted after the tight ass in front of her.

“So… Gerry Newman and Giselle… Joanna G and her plus-one… Brita and her plus-one… actually just cross out any plus-ones… Brita… Andrew Peter… Rick Anson and Dani…” I began. I rattled off another twenty names before I rose from my seat and began to walk around the room. Part of the reason was to help me think but I also came around the desk to share the view my wife was enjoying.

Eleanor seemed at least partially aware of the eyes upon her as her cheeks flexed a little. I took my time as I recalled the list and added another two names. “How many does that leave now, Eleanor?”

“Just the one couple, Mr Harmon; Kayla and Kate Topton, sir!” she informed me.

I looked at Tamara, “Kate would be a turn up!” I grinned.

“It would but she always been a sub; I wish it but I can’t see it, babe!” We both heard Eleanor’s intake of breath as we discussed the sexual orientation of a member of the Royal family.

“And Kayla is far too short. So that’s them all!” I declared.

Tamara looked at me puzzled, “So what’s the breakthrough?”

“Buttercup was definitely a gate-crasher but there was an inside man, so to speak” I smiled.

“Okay… that sounds like we’re back to square one, though!” she answered.

Eleanor straightened up and looked from me to Tamara and back again with a look of confusion on her face. I could see her mulling over whether she should ask if she was dismissed but obviously curiosity was winning.

I rested my ass against the edge of the desk beside my assistant. “The doorbell” I said simply.

“The doorbell? What about the doorbell?” puzzled Tamara and I saw Eleanor continue to glance between the two of us.

I twisted around and picked up my phone briefly locking eyes with Eleanor who still remained silent. “Our doorbell has a camera.”

Tamara nodded, “Yes… yes, lets us see anyone who rings it when we’re not there and?”

“Oh it doesn’t do just that… it records all movement whether the bell is rang or not… and all stored in the ‘cloud’ it seems!” I smiled and opened the appropriate picture. I heard the gulp from beside me and grinned; “There was an awful lot to go through that night but I found our gate-crasher!” I twisted the phone screen towards Tamara.

“Oh!” she simply said and the two of us looked at my assistant.

“Well… Buttercup?” I asked as she looked down at her feet and gave the barest of nods.

“You naughty girl!” declared Tamara as she rose from her seat, “We’ve been searching high and low for you, Eleanor!”

She raised her head and looked into my wife’s eyes, a mischievous grin playing about her own as she squirmed a little.

I walked around my desk and opened a drawer, “Of course the picture doesn’t show her co-conspirator, though!”

Tamara pulled her gaze away from my assistant and stared at me, “Does she need one?”

“She does,” I answered simply looking down into my drawer. “She’s never been to our house… but knew where our bedroom was… knew where-“ I reached down into the drawer and lifted out the item I had brought from home; “-your strap-on should have been along with your other toys… knew where it was and that it was there!”

For the first time my wife’s face gave the slightest hint that she hadn’t been ‘completely’ honest. “Oh…” she answered rather meekly noting that I had swapped out the usual dildo for the facsimile of my own cock.

“Oh?” I grinned and reached under the lip of my desk and pressed the privacy button that locked the office door and lit up a red light above the door.

“Oh dear…” smiled my wife, “Time to pay the piper, Ellie” she added as she turned to my assistant.

She nodded in agreement and turned to face the desk bending over it as she looked up at me and then at the ‘guilty’ strap-on in my hand. Tamara followed suit as I walked around behind them.

I gently placed the ‘murder’ weapon between their heads and they both faced it and each other with lust in their eyes. Two loud resounding smacks echoed around my sound-proofed (strictly for business but happily for more pleasurable activities as well) office as my hand came down sharply on Tamara’s trouser-ed ass and then Eleanor’s skirted rear.

Eleanor moaned deeply and Tamara squeaked. I grinned at the difference between the two of them; I knew Tamara enjoyed a little light spanking but she had truly been a dishonest wife and I watched her knuckles whiten gripping the edge of the desk either side of her hips I knew she was resigning herself to her fate. I pondered Eleanor’s ass and her splayed trembling fingers and wondered if the dominating role she had played had been her natural state or if she was a true ‘switch’.

Another resounding smack on their opposite cheeks and again one moaned deeply while the other whimpered. “So has Eleanor been to our house before?” I asked sternly.

“Yes, sir” answered my assistant promptly and then groaned as I struck her ass again.

“I was asking my wife, Eleanor… Ellie!” I corrected her.

“Y… yes… sir!” Tamara answered hesitantly, “Just the once!”

I reached for her ass and felt it flinch as I gently caressed it. “And is this when you hatched your…nefarious scheme…” I grinned as the two of them stared at each other wondering which of them I was asking; “…Ellie?”

I felt Tamara’s ass relax and almost slapped it again just for badness but decided I was in no hurry and to all attempts and purposes was done for the day regarding business. I looked at the clock and saw it was only twelve-thirty, no hurry at all I thought.

“Yes sir!” she answered and sighed as my right hand cupped her cheek and gently squeezed it. I remained silent and she continued, “I dropped off the Glastonbury contract when it needed your immediate signature.”

“Last November?” I asked.

“Yes, sir; the twenty-eighth” she replied instantly and squirmed a fraction as I gave her cheek a gentle tap acknowledging her fantastic recall. Tamara was biting her lip as she felt my hand sliding slowly up and down between her ass cheeks, almost but not quite reaching beneath her to her mound.

“And… Tamara?” I asked and lifted my hand away; I grinned as I watched her cheeks tense as she expected another smack.

“You… you were out shooting clay pigeons with Gerry… I was in your study… finalising the guest list” she answered breathlessly. I gently tapped her behind watching her flinch once again.

“Carry on” I encouraged as I reached down and tugged Ellie’s skirt upwards; she obediently shifted her hips a fraction from the desk and closed her legs allowing the tight skirt to shift up easily.

“She handed me the files and saw what I was working on… I could see… she was interested… more than just… professionally!” she recalled.

My hand left Tamara’s ass as I hitched up Ellie’s skirt completely exposing her pantyhose covered ass; for a moment I thought she was pantie-less beneath but it was simply a thong with a ‘string’ bisecting her ass cheeks. “And?”

“We got to talking… I could see she was wondering about the New Year’s bash… she was… she knew what it was like… she was interested,” Tamara continued as her head turned and saw what I was doing.

“No peeking!” I admonished my wife and landed a slap across her ass.

“Ohhh! Ahhh… yes… sir!” she responded.

“Continue, Ellie!” I ordered as I slapped her ass hard, once on each cheek.

“Fu…-“ she breathed and then drew in a deep breath; “Yesss… sir… I’ve known since I started working for you what went on… and since you started compiling your list and organising it… I’ve wondered… wanted… probably since September any mention of it… by you or even in your e-mails… has got me hot!” she admitted. I caressed her nylon wrapped ass briefly before turning my attention to my wife’s state of ‘over-dress’.

“I’ve spent afternoons positively dripping when acceptance or even apologies have come through from your guest list…” she sighed as she recollected her state of mind. I grasped Tamara’s hips pulling them away a few inches from the desk and reached beneath her unbuckling her belt and pulling down the zipper before edging down her trousers. “Mrs Harmon started telling me that… the party mightn’t be for me… she described the pool orgy from last year… how you fucked Rhia as she fucked you… with her strap-on!”

“Ohh yes I… we did!” I grinned, as I pulled down my wife’s trousers exposing her pantie-less ass and a pair of red fishnet stockings attached by suspenders to her corset. A pair of stockings I recognised; almost identical to those that ‘Buttercup’/Ellie had worn at the New Year party. “And… Tamara?” I ordered as I slipped her feet from her trousers.

She sighed loudly while Ellie remained silent as a hand on each of them slowly slid up the inside of their legs. Both types of underwear snagged against the imperfections on my palms as my hands rose higher; the fishnets pulled and distorted whereas Ellie’s seamed pantyhose tugged minutely and left no trace of my passage. I grinned noting that her seams were as usual impeccably straight.

“TAMARA?” I asked again, my hand rising up between her thighs as her legs quivered.

“Yesss… ohhh…” she moaned; “I… we… I was getting off… as I teased Ellie… I could see her squirming… so I asked her… did she want to come?”

The two women’s legs tensed as my hands rose right up to the top of their thighs and then slipped out and over their backsides. Tamara whimpered in frustration whereas Ellie still remained silent; I looked at her pantyhose clad ass and figured I’d soon change both.

My wife took a deep breath and continued her tale; “She misunderstood me; I’d meant to the party but she replied…“ Tamara stopped and turned her face to my assistant.

Ellie smiled and wet her lips as she felt both my hands move onto her ass; “Ohh God… I so need to cum!” she gasped aloud evoking her feeling of now as well as then. I thrust my fingers through her pantyhose and ripped it asunder exposing her ass and upper thighs in a single movement. In quick succession I grabbed her thong and yanked it down to her mid-thigh smiling as the crotch remained ‘glued’ to her mound.

“Not so straight anymore” I muttered as I surveyed the seams running down the remainder of her legs. “Continue Tamara” I commanded giving each of them a light slap on their bare backsides.

“Ouch!” Tamara squealed from surprise as Ellie groaned deeply jerking her hips back towards me; “Ahhh… yes… so I took her at her word and finger-fucked against your desk… she almost gushed over my hand in under a minute… tastes so sweet too!” she sighed.

I decided that I was now totally over dressed as well; “Eyes front! Continue… Ellie” I demanded.

I pulled off my jacket and my shirt followed suit tossing them onto the chair behind me as Ellie spoke, “I did… I came so hard… all those frustrating e-mails… seeing your smile whenever you checked the list… hearing some of the conversations you had with Tamara… she took me from your study straight to your bedroom and had me eat her out… then she introduced me to that!” she nodded her head towards the strap-on between their faces obediently not taking the chance to glance behind her.

My shoes and socks disposed of, I stood behind the two women admiring the shiny rivulets tracing down their inner thighs. “She fucked me till I screamed and then fucked me some more… she asked me… teased me that I was thinking of you… thinking it was your hard cock filling my cunt!”

I paused as I finally freed my swollen aching cock; “Was it?” I asked simply.

Ellie bit her lip and I watched her fists clench against the edge of the desk spasmodically; “Yes” she whispered.

I let my trousers fall to the floor and stepped out of them. “Louder” I said simply.

Her breath faltered and again barely above a whisper she answered “Yes.”

“Louder!” I repeated with more force.

This time when she hesitated I landed a heavy slap onto my wife’s ass. Tamara yelped and squirmed turning to look at me in disbelief; her eyes remained on mine for the briefest of moments before they descended to my engorged manhood. I watched her back rising and falling as she drew in deep breaths and inched her feet apart before arching her spine raising her ass towards me. I looked down at her rosy cheeks and caressed them tenderly.

“Y… yesss… I wanted your cock in my cunt!” Ellie finally admitted aloud.

“Good girl” I answered and raised my hand looking into my wife’s eyes as she trembled in anticipation. My hand landed squarely onto Tamara’s mound, I felt it clench sharply as my forefinger parted her soaking lips and her thick viscous juices splatter across her thighs.

“Ohhh god…” she whimpered.

“And then you hatched your plot… Tamara?” I asked as I slowly slid my finger up trailing her pussy cream up between her ass cheeks.

She shook her head; “Not quite then… when I got Ellie to wear the strap-on… she was a natural… that’s when I knew you should have her… damn your silly work rule… you had to try this girl.” Tamara trembled as she felt my wet finger slowly slide across her pucker. She pushed her ass back, wriggling as she felt my fingertip slowly centre on her tight rear hole; “I… I decided there and then… she should be your birthday present… but… the masked New Year’s party was too good an- ahhh!” she shuddered as I slowly pushed my finger into her ass. “Yesss… an opportunity… a better present… and on your birthday you would’ve known it had something… mmm… to do with me!”

“Damn; such a thoughtful wife” I grinned and thrust my finger all the way inside her, twisting it back and forth.

“Ohhh fuck yesss!” she moaned as Ellie turned her head and looked longingly at what I was doing to Tamara and my hand slowly stroking my thick shaft. “Yesss… and then your-… our search for ‘Buttercup’ was such a wonderful bonus… and today… I was going to reveal it all,” she laughed lightly and squirmed. “Ellie here… had no idea I was going to tell you… she didn’t even know I bought two of her outfits… mmm… and-“ she sighed as I gently worked my finger in and out of her twitching pucker. She nodded dumbly as she pursed her lips at the gift ignored on the edge of the desk.

“The mask?” I suggested.

“Ahhh…. Yesss” she sighed, “And there’s one other gift on your desk!”

“And that is?” I asked puzzled.

Tamara gave a deep resonating shudder and I could even hear her pussy squelch as she consciously squeezed and released it. Reluctantly she reached back grasping my wrist and slowly withdrew my finger. She stood up on trembling legs and looked up at me, “I’m sorry for lying, Babe… it was in a good cause?” she suggested before turning sideways and reaching for Ellie’s ass and pulling apart her cheeks exposing her rear hole.

“Hmmm…” I pondered as I moved behind her.

Tamara began pulling off her suit jacket as she stood on tip-toes and whispered in my ear; “It’s was a virgin ass, Babe… never been fucked till New Year!”

“Ohh!” I answered turning to face my wife as she pulled off her shirt revealing an identical corset to Ellie’s/Buttercup’s.

She stood there, one hand gripping her left breast through the cup and her other sliding between her legs; “Yes… never been touched by cock or strap-on till you… even though you begged;” she turned to look down at the young woman lying across the desk, “didn’t you… Buttercup!”

“Yesss… I did, I wanted it… and… New Year… I loved it… sir!” she whimpered.

I watched Tamara’s painted fingernails dig into my assistant’s soft flesh as she stretched her anus wider; “This time, Babe YOU get to fuck HER!”

I grabbed my wife around the back of the head and pulled her into a deep kiss as I slid my precum soaked glans up and down between Buttercup’s ass cheeks. Our tongues fought within our locked mouths as the woman before us moaned in anticipation as she felt my angry cock head slide against her pucker.

I finally broke our kiss, “Such a wonderful, caring wife…” my hand dropped to her glowing red ass; “I think you’ve been chastised enough… for the moment… for your lies and untruths! Time for a reward!” I smiled.

“Mmmm… yes Babe!” she beamed and followed my gaze to the strap-on lying beside Buttercup’s head.

“Have you ever noticed the convenient width of this desk?” I smirked.

“Oh!” she grinned as she saw that my assistant’s face was just a fraction short of the other edge of the desk as I pushed her thighs against the side. She walked around the desk and pushed my chair out of the way before picking up the strap-on and adeptly pulling it up her legs and buckling it into place.

Buttercup was almost purring in anticipation as my fingers sank into her ass and I nudged my cockhead against her twitching pucker. “Just one more thing!” I said simply nodding towards the still wrapped gift.

Tamara tore the exquisite wrapping from the box and pulled out an identical mask and tied it around her head. She stood before Buttercup and threaded her fingers through the woman’s hair as she presented the fake phallus to her lips.

“Do you want it, Buttercup?” I asked.

“Yes… yes sir!”

“Do you?” asked Tamara quizzically.

I watched Buttercup look up at her mirror-image from New Year; “Please… yes… Mistress!” she pleaded.

“No… I don’t think she does” I offered to my wife and sharply back-handed my assistant’s ass.

She screamed and jerked as she felt the blow; “I do… I do… please… sir… please!”

“Did she make you beg, Babe?” Tamara asked me across the stricken woman. I watched her hands grip Ellie’s head tighter and then swing her hips from side to side smacking the dildo against her cheeks again and again.

“She did!” I declared and landed another hard blow onto her ass.

Tamara pulled her head up to look down into her streaming eyes grabbing her fake cock in one hand and slid it across Buttercup’s gasping mouth; “You made him beg to be released, didn’t you?”

“I did… I did…I’m sorry, Mistress… sorry Sir” she replied between sobs. I laughed aloud as I pressed my glans into her twitching ass starting to stretch her sphincter and pulling out as her gasp turned into a throaty moan.

I landed two more sharp slaps across each of her cheeks watching as the red flesh reverberated to the blows. “You made me beg! How long was it you had me with that strap fastened around my cock?” I questioned her and then looked across at my wife staring down at the pleading woman. “Well, Tamara? How long was it?”

My masked wife lifted her head sharply and looked at me; the lower half of her face betraying the guilt that must have been etched all across it. I tilted my own head to the side waiting for a reply. I couldn’t believe it hadn’t already occurred to me that my ‘co-detective’ in this mystery had actually watched the entire episode transpire. “Where were you hiding? In the closet?” I demanded.

For a moment I almost thought she was going to flee when Buttercup began “She was in t-“ her sentence was cut short instantly as Tamara quickly looked down and slammed the strap-on deep into her mouth. The woman between us moaned deeply and I felt her juices pour from her untouched pussy to run down between our legs. My fingers sunk deep into her hot abused flesh and I drove my own cock hard into her ass gaining a deep, muffled grunt.

The two of us faced each other as we alternately drove our ‘cocks’ into one end of the woman and then the other. “What else is there, Tamara… or I promise you won’t get any of this… for days!”

“I… I… was in my walk-in wardrobe… from the moment I sent Buttercup downstairs to introduce herself to you!” she admitted. A small smile played about her lips as she saw the confusion on my face. I watched her fingers inter-lace around the back of Buttercup’s head as she speeded up her hips and face-fucked her brutally.

“But… you can’t see… even from the door” I answered as I began to match her speed. All thoughts of ‘edging’ Buttercup had gone from our minds as she had begun to ‘rat’ out my wife’s final secret; in hindsight I wondered if that was her idea at that moment. She groaned ever louder as we impaled her again and again; her juices were running from her spasming pussy splattering my heavy balls and thighs. “Unless…” I wondered as I thought about the position of the actual room in relation to the bed and a post orgasmic aside Tamara had uttered only a few days after the return from our honeymoon years ago.

She saw the light dawn in my eyes and nodded pulling her faux cock from Buttercup’s mouth. I heard her gasps loudly inhaling deeply; “Ohhh fuckkk… thank you… Mistress…. Thank you… Master!” she panted as I continued to ram my throbbing shaft into her ass.

“A mirror… the mirror?” I uttered as Tamara’s heels clicked around the desk.

She nodded, “Yes! When you were away in the Bahamas I had the builders in; sound-proofing as well so you couldn’t hear my Hitachi as I watched Buttercup use and abuse you!” she answered proudly.

“Oh you… scheming, wonderful BITCH!” I congratulated her.

She knelt down beside my feet, one hand stroking her strap-on as the other reached up and cupped my balls; a single fingernail scratching my taint. “Can I have my reward, Master?” she asked feigning an innocent smile.

I yanked my cock from Buttercup giving a final rewarding slap straight onto her pussy. She groaned weakly as she lay there like a rag doll. I pulled the mask from my wife’s face and twisted my hand in her hair as I pumped my cock rapidly in front of her. The briefest touches of her fingernail against my pucker was enough and my cock erupted shooting jet after jet of thick white seed all over her face.

“Yesss…. Yesss…” she moaned, her hand jerking her fake cock like an adolescent boy jacking off to Playboy as she turned her head from side to side doing her best to get my dripping spunk all over her face. I threw my head back as the very last of my seed dribbled from my glans only for Tamara to engulf it between her lips and suck as hard as she could upon it.

When I opened my eyes I saw Eleanor had recovered some and was lying on my desk in a semi-foetal position watching the two of us. She smiled up at me, a tired yet satisfied smile as I smiled back.

“Best ever fucking Birthday Present, ever!” I declared.

“Ohh… yes” agreed Tamara as she stood up before me; she tilted her back and forth in front of me, “Do you think our ‘pet’ deserves some of your reward?” she asked.

“Oh I think we can share” I answered as Ellie got up on her knees on the desktop and moved to join us. I kissed my wife deeply tasting my seed on her tongue and feeling it smear between us as Ellie’s tongue began to clean it from our faces. In my head I began to wonder how I could top my wife’s Machiavellian scheme and then put it aside for the moment as there was still the rest of my birthday to enjoy.

Fuck the Greenhouse I thought, even if it is Michelin rated! It’s back to the house and a Take-away and these two women and whatever combinations I can think of!


The End

Who’s that Girl. Part 2

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Well, Dear Avid Reader…

Without further ado here’s part 2 and the hunt continue!!!



devil woman

“Yes” he answered simply staring at her dribbling pussy before him.

“Good” she replied and placed the replica of his cock on his sternum before she raised herself up and eased the tip against her vulva. She sighed loudly as she lowered herself down the dildo, feeling her soaking wet pussy open easily to accommodate the girth. Her eyes closed behind the mask as she savoured the sensations feeling every millimetre of the fake phallus ease deeper and deeper inside her. For a moment she forgot about the man she was ‘torturing’ and lost herself in the moment.

“Oh damn, that feels so good!” she murmured as finally she felt her outer lips rest against the faux balls. She grinned broadly at her reflection in the mirror positioned above the headboard of the bed; far more tasteful than one fixed to the ceiling she thought.

Chris breathed deeply, his head and his cock envious as he watched at close hand as she used the facsimile. She twisted about grinding the base against his chest as her hands reached up and mauled at her breasts through her corset. He breathed deeply forcing his own chest upwards earning a deep sigh from the woman above.

It took all of the woman’s self-control not to simply slam down and impale herself on the fake cock; she wanted to prolong it as long as possible just as she was torturing the man beneath her. Her head slowly bent back as she felt his breaths and the plastic glans press into the neck of her womb; a shudder ran through her, literally from her toes to the crown of her head. “Bliss” she whispered almost silently as her cervix twitched within her and a flush of her juices ran out around the fake cock to pool on the man’s grey haired chest.

Chris’s cock throbbed begging for attention as the heavy musky aroma from the woman’s quim flooded his nostrils. The hot juice running from his chest down to his neck cooled quickly causing goose-bumps to erupt on his flesh. He had no idea how much of this he could take but he simply knew he had no choice. Tamara had delighted in ‘edging’ him many times but her own impatience always lost out against his. He had always known in the end he’d cum and cum hard wherever she decided that would be.

Tonight he had no idea if the woman above him would allow him any release. His cock pulsed with the thought as again his orgasm was denied by the strap cinched tightly around its base.

She swayed and groaned as she reached to the head board for support with one hand as the other pulled down the cup of her corset exposing a breast. Her hand didn’t hesitate as her nails scratched deeply into her flesh; Chris literally salivated as all he wanted to do was lock his mouth over her tit and bite and chew the hard nipple atop it.

Her groans became deeper and more urgent as her pussy demanded release; squeezing the dildo within her causing her juices to run out faster and faster. She’d lied to Chris and herself earlier about her ability to remain focused as her mind reeled with the steady tremors flowing through her began to crescendo; she was on the brink and without restraints like the ones holding the man beneath her captive she knew she was going to give in.

He watched fascinated and frustrated all at the same time. All he wanted to do was fuck the woman on top of him and yet watching her writhe and twitch as she built towards her orgasm as if he was barely there was quite the wondrous experience. He could see her nails dig deeply into the soft flesh of her breast, imagined her knuckles whitened as they gripped the creaking head board above him. The muscles of her body; thighs, arms, back, neck, even her feet pressed against the sides of his chest were all flexing and tightening.

From his unique and immediate perspective he could see the outer lips of her pussy grip and twitch about his cock’s replica, her juices saturating the larger than life sac and spilling onto his chest. Small rivulets of the hot sticky secretions ran away in all directions as the base of the phallus was ground against his chest.

All at once her entire body locked up, all her muscles spasming in unison as her orgasm blasted out from her pussy. Her head was thrown backwards as if she’d been struck as her back arched and she rose up on her knees; her mouth wide open as if screaming and yet no sound escaped. Chris watched as the dildo eased out slowly at first and then sliding faster till it almost shot from her gaping quim followed by a torrent of her juices. The faux cock bounced off the side of his neck as his upper chest, neck, jaw and mouth were drenched by the deluge. He lapped greedily at the hot juices as the surge slowed to a river and then a trickle; all the time her quim spasming, slowly closing as she jerked above him.

She was lost. Her senses came back gradually; the first thing she was aware of was the pounding in her chest and then she remembered to breathe sucking in a great lungful of air. For a moment she had no idea where she was, not even totally sure who she was when she opened her eyes to see a devil woman with the wrong colour hair looking back at her. A sharp pain called for attention from her right breast and her eyes dropped to see her corset askew and five deep scratches on the soft exposed flesh; two of which were highlighted by short trickles of blood.

Her body shook as finally her cunt reminded her why she was in this state and only then did she feel the tongue lapping at the inside of her left thigh. She looked down at the man between her legs whose flesh seemed to be shining and who was busily cleaning more of her juices from her own flesh through her fishnets. He seemed to sense her gaze and ceased his ministrations.

“Hmm, you’re back!” he grinned, “I was beginning to wonder.”


“Damn it’s fucking freezing!” Tamara moaned as they huddled together carefully walking down the snow covered street towards the neon sign glowing above the entrance to their destination. The club was only three hundred yards from their hotel and after ten minutes fighting the elements he understood completely the receptionist’s look of bewilderment when they declined a taxi.

“Sorry you came?” he asked hugging her tighter.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow” she answered. He could hear the smile in her voice from within the snood of her arctic coat.

Chris could feel the wind buffet against them and remembered why he’d previously only ventured towards the Arctic Circle in the summer. They finally made the entrance and the large black door opened automatically into a long lobby and a second Club entrance facing them far more in keeping with his familiar London haunts than the non-descript external one. A bouncer flanked this door on the far side of the heat curtain that insulated him from the negative temperatures outside.

Almost instantly as they passed through the warm current of air their arctic jackets became unpleasant and they quickly pulled back the snoods and pulled down the zippers. The bouncer briefly appraised them and then spoke in Icelandic and Chris apologised for not knowing the language.

“Not a problem, sir” he replied in faultless English albeit oddly vacant of any accent whatsoever. “Welcome to the Aurora Club!” he translated his earlier statement and held open the door for them.

A second foyer with a cloakroom and ticket desk was revealed and they divested themselves of their outer garment; Tamara took advantage of the seat opposite to pull of her Uggs (that really hadn’t been up to the task) and slip on a pair of three inch Jimmy Choo’s which she’d been carrying within the jacket as Chris paid their entrance fee and deposited their items in the cloakroom. He looked at his wife’s shoes and regretted not having down the same as his feet were already starting to swelter within his own insulated boots.

Finally they entered the club properly to the sounds of what might have been Icelandic folk music. Chris looked about feeling a disconcerting familiarity about the venue he’d never been to before. He turned to Tamara and was about to ask her when she simply said “It’s Ronnie’s!”

He looked about again and grinned; it was indeed a reasonable facsimile of Ronnie Scotts’ world famous Jazz club in London’s Soho. His grin spread as he led his wife through the crowded room to the bar as he remembered seeing Brita for the first time in that exact venue about a year before she made the big time with her band the Sugars and their chart breaking song Venus ain’t a woman!

He attracted a barman and ordered their drinks before turning to watch the two people on stage. It took him only a moment to realise that it was actually the popstar on the stage. He knew she often performed in her own club but hadn’t ever realised she played anything but her own unique quirky music that was famous around the world.

The set came to an end and he saw a couple slip out of a side booth; “Grab that table, I’ll grab some more drinks” he suggested.

Tamara gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked away; his eyes dropped to her ass clad in the figure hugging trousers she’d chosen for the night, far more practical than her usual attire of dresses and skirts. He felt his cock stir and although for Chris it would have been difficult not to realise it was his wife and not a man, the dichotomy was still appealing. An image popped into his head and he was sure that Brita had at least once attended an awards ceremony dressed very similarly; no doubt that had been in Tamara’s mind when she had picked the outfit.

Chris turned to the bar and managed to get hold of the barman again ordering our drinks and adding “Send up a couple of decent malt Scotches to the duet, a drink that’s old enough to drink please?” he couldn’t remember if the legal age to drink in Iceland was eighteen or twenty-one.

The man looked at me quizzically, “The lady doesn’t drink, sir” he replied.

“Oh I know, add her usual as well” he agreed and left him a sizable tip before returning to the table Tamara had managed to grab.

The two of them sat idly chatting watching eight or so fans standing just before the stage talking animatedly with the petite star; Chris marvelled at the woman’s patience as he knew that she played here every Friday if she wasn’t otherwise engaged and yet she didn’t brush a single fan away. She was about to chat with the last couple when the waiter appeared at her side with three glasses one of which she took; Chris shook his head as she didn’t seem to even blink, just leant down to listen to the waiter’s message.

She finally finished chatting with the last pair of adoring fans and then disappeared off the far side of the stage. Chris frowned wondering if he had been too subtle or the waiter hadn’t told her that he had known the star was tee-total. A couple of technicians began arrived on stage and began to alter the set up in preparation for the main act which was to be a Blues group of some renown from Sweden. He kept an eye on the stage as the two of them continued to chat.

“I figured it was you!” a voice whispered in his ear five minutes later.

Chris instinctually flinched even though he saw the grin on his wife’s face a moment before. He turned and saw Brita leaning over the back of the seat with three glasses carefully held in her small hands. “Only you and Tom ever buy me alcohol and he tends to go for nice reds rather than whisky!” she explained as Chris lifted the glasses from her hands and placed them on the table in front of him as she made her way around. He figured she meant Tom Jones although she was good friends with Tom Waits as well and although he didn’t know him he figured the man wasn’t a wine drinker, more likely bourbon though that was a bit of stereotyping on his part.

“How are you Brita?” he asked as she slipped in on the opposite side of Tamara.

“I’m very well” she smiled and lifted her glass, “This is a bit of a surprise, though, a very pleasant one though.”

“A toast to very pleasant surprises?” offered Tamara as she hoisted her glass.

Chris and Tamara simultaneously said “Cheers!” as Brita replied with “Skál!”

“So what brings you to Reykjavik?” she asked.

“Simply you,” Tamara answered gaining a smile from the woman; “And in particular a tattoo!”

Brita looked straight into Chris’s wife’s blue eyes, “I only have one.”

“I know” replied Tamara licking her lips.


“So?” Tamara asked.

“So?” pleaded Brita echoing Chris’s wife although with a significant amount of desperation in her voice.

Chris looked up from his position between the Icelandic star’s legs at his wife kneeling across Brita’s upper arms as she held the other woman’s labia apart. He had been almost positive that the small woman hadn’t been his tormentor the previous week and long before the two of them had started edging her he had realised Brita had been playing along. The tattoo was obviously a Scandinavian design when Tamara had uncovered it but they were already having so much fun he’d been happy to carry on with the charade.

“It could be” he lied, “maybe if I felt her cunt around my cock?” he grinned.

“Yesss!” pleaded Brita.

“Hush!” Tamara ordered and dropped her own sopping quim down onto the woman’s face. “Well babe, fuck her but don’t let her come… or you… not yet!” she instructed her husband.

“As you wish!” he agreed grinning as he shifted forward sliding his knees under the trapped woman’s thighs; he groaned deeply as Tamara’s lips slid over his throbbing glans. A muffled moan rose from beneath his wife’s grinding crotch as a painted fingernail strummed Brita’s exposed, engorged clit.

Tamara smiled slyly around her husband’s salty cock head as she remembered how long the winter nights were up here beside the Arctic Circle.


“Hmm, you’re back!” he grinned, “I was beginning to wonder.”

“Oh god yes” she replied hoarsely. She felt her body ache as she stumbled off the prone man collapsing parallel to him. She rested her head on his thigh and stared at his rampart cock; “So how are you doing?”

“Err… wonder-” he cut off the sarcastic remark he was going to make knowing that it sounded petulant even if it was justified. “On edge, ohhh so on edge” he admitted.

“My, but that’s refreshing honesty, Chris!” she stated reaching for his aching shaft and very gently running her thumb and forefinger up either side of it. “Do you want me to bring it to an end quickly? I figure if I release your imprisonment,” she brought her hand down and picked at the buckle holding the strap; “would I need to stroke your cock? Suck it or lick it? I know if I slid my dripping cunt down onto it you would fill it instantly, wouldn’t you?”

“Definitely!” he answered.

Again her fingers slid upwards and traced over his glans mixing the fresh drop of pre-cum with the residue of previous frustrated ejaculations. “You know I reckon if I was to release your cock all I’d have to do to make you shoot your nasty load up in the air is blow on it? Is that what you want, Chris?”

With his head still raised on the pillows he looked down at his tormentor and clenched his teeth tight together as one of her nails slid into his cock’s eye. Although he couldn’t see her eyes properly her entire posture struck him as almost child-like; her breathing was still rapid as he felt her breath against his thigh; the simplicity of her curiousness was utterly incongruous.

Shudders ran through him as she moved his swollen shaft from side to side watching it bounce back to centre when she released it. She lay there catching her breath; the only item of clothing that was straight and fastened securely was her mask, her fishnets were torn, the thighs glistening with the previous flood of her juices as was her entire crotch. The attached suspenders at the top of her right thigh had sprung free and of course her thong was nowhere to be seen. The top of her corset askew, exposing her left breast with its scratch marks and a hard erect nipple atop it.

He groaned deeply as she pulled his shaft over towards her face, all the way down to his thigh and held it there. A smile played about her lips as she twisted her head and looked back at him through her mask.

“Ohhh fuck” he groaned as her mouth slid over his glans and she released her grip. He stared at the bulge in her cheek as his glans pressed against it from the inside; his heart pounded as she felt her tongue sliding over his hyper-sensitive cockhead within. There was an audible ‘pop’ as she released it and it swung back up, oscillating to and fro till it resumed its upright stance.

“Hmmm, enough respite I think!” she declared and gathered herself up. She looked down at her attire before standing up on the bed, feet planted either side of his hips and reached behind her. He watched the corset shift and then loosen till it fell free hanging to her left by the remaining suspenders attached to one stocking. She grinned down at him as she tenderly massaged her bosom, fingers sliding inwards till she gripped her hard nipples and stretched them out contorting the flesh behind. She sighed loudly as she released them and her breasts bounced and wobbled before settling.

“Now, Chris… if I was to release your hands would you, could you remain my slave to do with as I please?” she asked as she reached down and unclipped the suspenders, kicking the corset from the bed.

He considered his answer before replying, “Yes.” She looked at him quizzically before he continued, “But I don’t want to be released” he admitted.

She bent forwards and rolled a stocking down her left leg, her breasts swaying as she did; “My, but you are being honest tonight!” Again that mischievous grin appeared and she turned about placing a knee to the left of his chest and her right foot beside his hip. Her ass loomed above his head as she rolled the other stocking down her thigh and over her knee. “Are you telling me that you wouldn’t want to take your revenge on me?” she glanced over her shoulder as he gazed into the folds of her sodden snatch.

The grin was still there as a long string of her juices descended from her quim; “You wouldn’t want to have me restrained, to spank my ass till it glowed, to torture my cunt and clit till you had me begging till you finally filled my… what would your preference be? Tell me and remember, this is for posterity so be honest; my ass, my cunt or my mouth?”

“All of the above!” he grinned and strained his head forward sticking out his tongue, she moved fractionally and watched the long thread pool onto Chris’s tongue. She waited until the strand broke and raised herself up again turning about and standing once again astride his hips.

She looked down at his cock below and slowly lowered herself down till her sodden pussy hovered above Chris’s aching shaft. “Do you want it?” she asked without looking up.

“Yes” he mumbled and then groaned as she slapped his cock sideways with her hand.

“I said do you want it” she repeated firmly.

“YES!” he implored.


I looked past Tamara through the circular window and the troublesome, unpronounceable volcano in the distance as the airplane rose up into the sky.

“So who’s next on the list?” she asked as she rested her head against my shoulder.

“I’m beginning to doubt whoever it was, is actually on ‘The List’” I answered.

She took a moment to contemplate her answer, a mischievous fingernail descending to run up along my thigh; “Take a leaf from Holmes; eliminate the possible-s first and then consider the impossible-s! Anyway, it’s not as if it isn’t fun being a detective in a trashy, porno novel” she grinned.

I nodded in agreement, “True.” I pulled out my phone and called up the list; “Andrew Peters and his plus one!”

“Well, Andrew is definitely not the sharpest tool” she grinned, “Quite blunt, actually; do you remember his plus one?”

“Not a clue!” I admitted.

“So you’re wondering if someone inveigled an invite?”

“Our mystery guest definitely had the talent to convince Andy; so it’s a possible. I’m a little perplexed how to engineer a meeting though including his plus one” I replied.

Tamara considered the problem for a moment or two and then answered “Leave it to me!”


The two men sat side by side on the couch as Tamara drove her strap-on deep into Lisa’s (apparently Andrew’s plus one’s name) pussy from behind as she pulled back on her long ponytail.

“Now boys shuffle together and let’s see if Lisa can get both your cocks in her mouth at once!” demanded Tamara.

I glanced at Andrew and saw a matching grin to mine and the two of us knelt on the deep pile rug in front of his fireplace as I felt his hand wrap around my length squeezing it against his as Lisa looked at the daunting meal before her. My cock was at least an inch longer than the pop star’s but his was at least fifty percent thicker than mine. “Not a chance!” I declared.

“You’d be surprised” he replied in his swarthy accent as Lisa grinned and replaced his hand spitting onto each of our cockheads in turn. To give the woman her due she did manage to get both our glans inside her mouth along with an inch or so of shaft before she gagged and no amount of thrusting from my wife was able to get anymore. She actually seemed a little disappointed in her effort whereas I had wondered if we were going to dislocate her jaw in the process.

We finished that session with me throat-fucking Lisa as Andrew drove into Tamara from behind forcing her again and again into the abused Lisa. Two tender sixty-nine’s afterwards as boys cleaned boys and girls cleaned girls.

I was in awe of Lisa; how she managed both our cocks, albeit partially, when I struggled with just Andrew’s fat and depleted length afterwards I’ll never know!

How Tamara and I got there had been simple. There had been no cunning plot or ‘happenstance’ meeting; she had simply rung him up and expressed a desire to ‘abuse that ‘young filly’ he had brought along to the New Year’s bash. After explaining the meaning of ‘filly’ in this context he’d been happy to oblige asking if I would be present and particularly happy when she confirmed it.

And, alas, no tattoo and her pussy was nowhere near tight enough. Considering her partner’s girth it wasn’t actually a surprise!


“I said do you want it” she repeated firmly.

“YES!” he implored.

Another slap and Chris moaned deeply feeling his cockhead swipe back and forth across the woman’s wet lips; “Please… please Mistress!” he begged.

He slammed his eyes tight shut seeing sparks behind the lids as she dropped down swiftly engulfing his length till his glans pushed hard into the neck of her womb. The two of them sighed in unison as she ground her crotch hard into his.

“Mmmm… I knew it would be just right… even better than the fake thing!” she murmured and a look of pleasurable concentration washed across her mouth as she squeezed his manhood inside her. Chris shuddered beneath her as he felt the stranger’s pussy grip him tightly as she slowly twisted her hips; he pulled against his restraints as he marvelled at the woman’s internal dexterity. He could feel the mouth of her quim tightening hard around the base of his cock as her cervix flexed and rubbed across his glans.

The masked woman leant forward resting her hands on Chris’s chest opening her eyes; a smile of pride appeared on her lips as she watched his mouth drop open and she flexed her cunt muscles again barely moving her hips. His cock throbbed and twitched hard within her, dry-coming once again; she tightened and relaxed her pussy mimicking his spasms within her gaining a deep guttural groan. As the twitches faded away she settled back upright once again and reached down behind her cupping his balls; Chris sighed in response and opened his eyes.

“How many times is that, Chris?” she asked.

He breathed heavily as she massaged his sac, “Three… four,” he shook his head, “at least.”

“They’re filling up again nicely” she commented and extended her forefinger to tenderly scratch a fingernail along his taint.

“Ohh… damn!” he responded.

“My turn!” she declared releasing his testes and lifting herself up till just his glans remained within her and slammed down hard impaling herself fully. She shuddered and lifted up slightly before looking down and reaching between them and gently twisting the Arab strap around the base of his shaft. Happy that the rippled fob was positioned correctly she rose up slamming down again feeling her engorged clit strike it. She shuddered and rose up and slammed down again and again using the man beneath her for her own intense pleasure.

Chris thrust upwards meeting the woman’s thrusts feeling their pelvic bones strike violently against one another and the stranger’s cunt pulsing each time he filled her. The bed creaked and shook as they bounced up and down; in the midst of their exertions he felt the Velcro cuff on his right wrist loosen. I don’t want to be free he thought to himself and span his hand about gripping the tether as he arched his back up raising his ass off the bed and felt his cockhead slam brutally into the woman’s cervix.

The masked woman screamed as she felt her cunt filled completely by Chris’s swollen cock; the sweat dripped off her naked body as she re-doubled her efforts and fucked him remorselessly. Her pussy began to twitch beyond her conscious control and within seconds it locked down on his invading shaft and her orgasm exploded outwards from her core. “FUCK” she shouted as wave after wave on intense sensations radiated outwards through her being.

Chris shivered as the woman’s pussy locked down tighter than any he had ever known around his shaft and a flood of her juices squirted out around it spreading outwards running over his hips, into his navel and down between his ass cheeks. He felt it pour over his pucker, hot and sticky and wet and his own orgasm rushed up trying vainly to get past the Arab strap. He jerked and pulled at his restraints as his eyes rolled back in his head and all he became was his cock futilely spasming within the stranger’s hot, tight cunt.

The two of them trembled and shook as they lost themselves in their own orgasms. This time Chris opened his eyes to see the masked woman looking down at him; “Just one more” she whispered and slowly rose up off his shaft and shifted forward, devilish delight filling her eyes. He watched as she reached down and grasped her ass cheeks pulling them apart and resting her pucker atop his engorged glans.

“Oh god” he whispered as he felt her sphincter spread and stretch over his cockhead, She shook as she eased herself down his length, her eyes glazing over as he filled her up.

“Ohhhh that’s so good!” she declared, “but…” she grinned and reached down to the bed beside her and moved her hand around behind her.

Chris bucked wildly as he felt the slim vibe pushed into his ass and turned all the way up. The masked woman groaned loudly as the vibrations radiated from his ass and up his shaft. His cock twitched and trembled as again it attempted vainly to ejaculate. In his miasma he felt her fingers push deep inside her cunt, her knuckle rubbing against his shaft through the thin membrane between her holes. It didn’t matter that she clumsily pushed the vibe in and out of his ass it was equally effective as one dry orgasm followed the other.

“Please” he begged, “Oh god please!”

“Ahhh… as you… wish!” she panted and suddenly freed his shaft from the Arab strap.

Almost instantly it felt as if his cockhead was exploding as his frustrated balls sent rope after rope after rope of his seed deep into her ass.

He twitched and writhed as he experienced what he knew was the most intense orgasm of his life.

The next he knew his cheek was being slapped lightly bringing him back to consciousness; “You did so well, Chris…. Now just clean me up like a good boy!”

He felt her shift about and blearily opened his eyes and stared at the stranger’s ass hovering over his face. “Yes Mistress” he agreed and formed his lips over her pucker as she pulled her cheeks apart and wormed his tongue within.

When she was happy with his work, that he had sucked all of his semen from her ass, she climbed off the bed. She smiled down at him; “Such a pleasure, see you soon!” she declared picking up her discarded clothing tossing her red lacy thong onto his spent, abused cock before turning and walking away.

He struggled to untangle his hand from the tether and all at once knew he wouldn’t be free of all his bonds before she left. “Please stop” he called and she paused at the door to his bedroom before turning back.

“Yes?” she asked with a broad smile.

“Please, who are you’ what’s your name?” he begged.

She tilted her head considering her reply; “Hmmm, let’s say… Buttercup, yes Buttercup will do. Ciao Chris!”

He collapsed back on the bed looking up at the ceiling suddenly feeling the aches of the rigour his body had been put through. “Fuck” he whispered.


Fortune favoured us with Gerry and his wife. Gerry and I had been friends for well over twenty years and as he was an actor our business path’s rarely crossed and he wasn’t even potentially a client; if you’ve heard his singing voice you’d understand. It was only a week later when we were round at his house for dinner and although both he and Giselle were as enthusiastic as any at my New Year’s bash that tended to be their one and only hedonistic impulse each year.

Once again Gerry had cooked a divine meal; I was vaguely perusing the Blue-ray discs on his shelves gently swilling the remains of the Merlot in my glass. “Another fine meal, Gerry” I commented, “I guess if the acting amounts to nothing you could open a restaurant?” I glanced at one of his Oscar’s sitting on the floor being used as a door-stop.

“Not a chance!” he replied lounging back on one of the pair of large sofas as the girls occupied the opposite one. “Far too much like hard work… we may put a lot of hours in on set but most of its waiting around!”

I shifted my gaze back to the spine of a Blue-ray holder and eased the film out from its position suppressing a smile as I realised they were sorted by the main actor and alphabetically at that. I turned it to look at the jacket to see Andre the Giant holding up a portcullis. “Buttercup?” I whispered.

Tamara twisted her neck to look at me over the back of the sofa she was sat on and saw the title raising a questioning eyebrow. I raised it in Gerry’s direction; “You don’t do comedy… you’ve never done comedy!”

He laughed aloud and Giselle smiled broadly; “Nope, never… probably only been offered one or two that I can think of!” He took a sip of his wine before continuing, “Now comedy is a singular talent and alas I’ve never felt it’s been in my repertoire. I’ve did a couple of cameo’s on ‘Friend’s’ but I was playing a straight man really.”

“I always thought that was a little out of left field!” Tamara suggested.

Gerry nodded in return, “Greasing the wheels!”

I walked around the sofa and warmed my back against the log fire, “So who’s the Princess Bride fan?”

“That’d be me, definite top five” Giselle replied, “Though I have converted Gerry!”

“It’s a wonderful film… love the book too” Tamara enthused.

I pondered the cover; “So, who’d you play, Gerry?”

He looked into his glass studying the reflections cast by the fire; “It’d have to be the baddy of the piece! Chris Guest’s role as Count… Rugen!”

I puzzled for a moment; “Ahh… the torturer, yeah that’d be you! Didn’t fancy- My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

Gerry laughed aloud, “No, Mandy nailed it and even if I’d been offered on the original shoot by Reiner, still would’ve gone for Rugen.”

Tamara turned to the actress in the room, “What about you, Giselle; Princess Buttercup?”

“Thanks!” she smiled back, “Very happy to be considered in the same league as Robin Wright! Nah… think, and not too many female roles… although Countess Rugen?” she looked up lovingly at her husband raising a quizzical eyebrow.

“Yeah I can see that” he replied.

She returned her gaze to Tamara, “I guess Carol Kane’s role would have been fun, ‘specially working with Billy! Though I reckon ‘corpsing’ could be an issue!”

“Miracle Max’s wife?” asked Tamara receiving a nod in reply. The two of us locked eyes and it passed Gerry by as we both shook our heads minutely.

Giselle looked at Tamara and then up at me and back again to my wife. “I get the feeling I’m missing something?”

Gerry simply looked perplexed as he looked around the three of us; “Fuck, I’m always the last to know!” he said resignedly.

“Well?” Giselle asked simply.

“A bit of a mystery” Tamara answered, “Shall I?” she asked me.

“Please by all means,” I smiled back and went to the sideboard and opened a fresh bottle of wine and topping up all our glasses before sitting down next to Gerry.

Once everyone’s glass was full Tamara began to tell the tale of the final part of my New Year’s bash. She deferred to me on a couple of details but by now she’d heard the story a number of times and of the four of us she seemed to be the only one not squirming or adjusting their ‘dress’. I could plainly see Giselle sat on the opposite end of the couch to my wife with her legs drawn up and her thighs squeezing rhythmically together. Only a vague glance in Jerry’s direction was necessary to see the bulge in his trousers.

“So, as you see, we’re on a bit of a quest. Who is Chris’s Buttercup?” Tamara finished.

“And we were or rather I was a suspect?” beamed Giselle; I nodded in response.

We all turned to Gerry as he spoke, “I can alibi my wife… and I saw your mystery lady!”

“You did?” I asked.

“Yeah, it had to be her… afterwards! We were playing pool and I saw her walk across the lobby… I remember those heels clacking on the marble and looked up. She was still wearing the mask and carrying the rest of her outfit in her arm. Guess she was headed to your cloakroom” he suggested.

“You were playing Pool… at an orgy?” Tamara asked gaining a snort from Giselle.

Gerry nodded, “Doubles… really difficult game too!” he smirked.

Neither me nor Tamara spoke and waited patiently only for Giselle to explain, “When you’re taking your shot… distractions are aloud… and both Dani and Rick are very good at distracting!”

“Damn game took ages…” Gerry turned to me and asked “Have you ever tried to take a shot while Dani was deep-throating you?”

I laughed aloud, “No I can’t say that I have…” and then added, “Dani and Rick were with you?”

The two of them nodded in agreement as I turned to look at my wife; “That’s it!”

“No one else you can think of?” she asked.

I shook my head, “Got to be a gate-crasher; maybe someone who had been at a previous party but that list… I wouldn’t know where to begin!”

We sat in silence for a few moments and then Giselle twisted on the couch and hiked up her dress; “Well, I don’t know about you, Tamara but Buttercup had some fine ideas!” She gazed across at her husband, “Be a good boy, Gerry, and come over here and eat me out cause listening to that has made me fucking horny!”

Gerry glanced at me and grinned, “Damn emancipated women!” he declared and dropped off the couch and crawled across to his wife.

“Seriously, you need telling?” asked Tamara as she adopted an identical position to Giselle.

The two of us knelt before our women holding their knees. “Chris… bottle of Macallan for the man who makes his wife scream first?”

“You’re on!” I agreed and dived between my wife’s thighs.

I should have remembered that Giselle was a natural screamer and that Gerry rarely made bets he thought he might lose; on the plus side it was my wife that begged to be fucked first. Although we never swapped partners that evening we did spend the next couple of hours watching each other; it was quite the turn-around for Gerry and Giselle and their normal ‘once-a-year’ dalliance.


To be continued…






Who’s that Girl? Part 1

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Well, hello again Dear Avid Reader,

This concoction has been on the back-burner for a number of months but now it’s finally complete! Hooray!!! So set in the world of music and all of it’s excesses and extravagances but also is a wee bit of a whodunnit to boot. As ever I do hope you enjoy the story as well as working out which celebrities are who (of course I’ve changed the names to protect the not-so innocent!)?

Have fun!



devil woman


“Yes, Mr Harmon?” responded the slightly tinny voice through the intercom.

“Can you bring in the guest list for Saturday Night-” he released the speak button and knew once again that his “-please” hadn’t been transmitted.

“As you wish, Mr Harmon” she responded with her standard refrain and within a minute she knocked on the door and entered.

Chris Harmon, founder, CEO and the continued driving force behind the Perfect Harmony Record Label looked up at his personal assistant as she stepped into the room carrying a single sheet of paper. Once again he wondered at the efficiency of the thirty year old woman knowing that most of the last minute would have been taken up with printing out the guest list than actually finding it. The truth was initially the (now) indispensable Miss Jones had been originally a stop-gap who’d he’d picked as much for her ‘plainness’ as for her work.

His head was still suffering the after-effects of Saturday; he had truly ‘burnt the candle at both ends” and then some but it had been the annual New Year’s bash and within the record industry his party had become somewhat Legendary at least to those who were privileged enough to be invited. Without a doubt it earned his small Label a good deal of influence and Kudos beyond its paper-value. The fact was that his upcoming birthday had played quite a large factor; a psycho-analysts wet dream of denial!

Eleanor made her way around her boss’s desk and handed him the print-out. She studied the 59 year old man noting that this was probably the worst he had ever looked in the New Year although in the past ten years of working for the company; the last five directly for him, he had only once failed to make it in and had only actually communicated in the late afternoon.

Chris looked at the list before him and scratched his head before turning to Eleanor. She was dressed as always in a long pleated skirt, blouse and short neck-tie and a knitted cardigan. The only jewellery she ever wore was a simple gold chain that hung around her neck atop her blouse with a pendant that dropped out rarely from beneath her cardigans. A small smile played across his lips at how incongruous her outfit was compared to their clientele (male and female) who had visited sometimes wearing almost less clothing than was in her neck-tie. “This isn’t the list?” he asked somewhat surprised.

“It is Mr Harmon,” she replied and twisted the list towards her checking it again; “The Dorchester media junket on Saturday for the release of the Little Miss album!”

He laughed earning a momentary smile from his assistant, “Yes that it is… I wanted the guest list for Saturday… gone. The New Year’s party!”

“Oh” she responded, “I’ll get that for you right away!”

“Hold on,” Chris stopped her, “Just bring it up on my terminal, please Eleanor… save the planet, hey?”

She paused and turned back moving around behind the desk as he slid back to make room. She grasped the mouse and within seconds had opened the correct file. “Here you are, Mr Harmon.”

He looked at the screen, “There’s hundreds of names here!” he stated.

“Yes three hundred and fifty six if I remember correctly, sir.”

He had no doubt that his assistant did remember correctly, “Is there the VIP list available?”

She smiled, “There all VIP’s of course,” he nodded in agreement as it was standard practice in the industry to call all the clients VIP’s especially on any invitations. She scrolled down the list showing the last fifty or so high-lighted in red; “But these are the VIPs!”

“Ahh… yes, that I can work with” he answered as she stepped away and he slid back to examine the list more closely.

“Is there anything in particular I can help you with Mr Harmon?” she asked.

He looked up at his assistant gaining a hint of her Jasmine perfume. “Err… no this will be fine, thank you Eleanor.”

“As you wish, sir” she replied and walked away heading for the door. Chris watched her go and once again thanked his wisdom in employing the woman. She was certainly expert at her job but also slightly dowdy which given his previous assistants was a bonus especially as the last one had been the cause of his divorce to his second wife. His third was far more understanding of the world he lived in and indeed was happy to share but all the same that might change even with what he had been told was a ‘cast-iron’ pre-nuptial agreement if he played away without her.

He watched as Eleanor closed the door and felt his cock twitch as he returned to the list. “Now who are you?” he asked the screen.


The Perfect Harmony New Year’s bash was standard fare for the record industry. Even the ‘real’ VIP after party was the equal of many others. What was legendary was the very select after-after party that took place back at Chris Harmon’s mansion just outside of London that was purely by personal invite only!

The after-party of course had all the alcohol and the best drugs that money could buy. Lots of nefarious activities took place to encourage the clients and their agents to remain while also trying to poach new revenue producing streams. Fairly standard procedure throughout the record industry and was the primary cause of the ebb and flow of clients from one label to another and back again. The VIPs had a hell of a lot of fun away from the eyes of the paparazzi but the primary targets were always the agents who essentially held the power of where their artists would be employed and most kinks were supplied purely for them.

But Chris’s own party which often started at around 4am with a fleet of limousines ferrying the chosen few down to his country estate was purely for those he liked and wanted and would never, ever consider changing labels. It meant that the core of his ‘stable of talent’ was the most loyal within the industry and very few knew why.

In amongst the group who always attended was Rick Anson who was strictly a direct competitor and at times the two of them were utterly cut-throat when it came to poach from others but had a détente between themselves. It had been seven years since he had first attended; effectively gate crashing (having heard rumours) as Joanne G’s plus-one and hadn’t looked back. One of the very few who made his own way there, often ducking out of his own parties and flying down in his helicopter.

Last year Chris had arrived, noted the red insignia on the machine sitting in front of his house and strolled in with a guitarist and his latest partner to find Rick fucking his wife, Tamara over his grand piano as she was eating out Rick’s latest protégé.

Tommy DeShort, who was happily watching commented “That’s no way to treat an expensive musical instrument!”

“Oh I don’t know” he replied and struck Tamara sharply across the hip gaining a loud deep groan from her and a complimentary squeak from the 22 year old Alicia, “could be an interesting orchestra!”

On average roughly fifty or so attended, a literal ‘hard-core’ group of thirty who rarely failed to attend and another sixty whose commitments were less accommodating and tended to appear every other year. Of course Chris always tried to introduce a little ‘new-blood’ each year and spent quite a bit of time during the previous year with a ‘scouting’ eye just for this occasion.

His party was always second to none! Sometimes they ended up as mass orgies, sometimes an effective carousel as people moved about the various rooms and gardens of the estate. Everybody who attended was world renowned within the industry and the majority household names with the exception of himself he could admit and the four hand-picked attendants; two doubled as security and two doubled as medical care. They were paid very well with the only caveat being that they remained sober of alcohol and drugs but were welcome to join the rest of the festivities as they wished. That Chris had picked two extremely attractive, athletic couples with no sexual inhibitions worth mentioning was purely coincidental.

This year’s party had turned into something special when he’d followed Tamara’s advice and held a fancy dress/masked event. What few, if any inhibitions that had been present before evaporated as all these famous people literally revelled in their temporary anonymity. Of course some were easier to spot than others and it surprised no-one that Rick was dressed as an air stewardess from his own airline and his wife as a pilot. Joanne G was dressed in one of her outlandish costumes worthy of the red carpet and shortly after arriving pulled one tie and it fell away to reveal her fully painted, nude body depicting a pin-stripe gentleman’s suit.

Chris and Tamara after receiving their guests had disappeared to change into their own costumes which they had mutually decided to keep secret from one another. He knew that his wife would have obscured her tattoo of a dolphin on the inside of her upper thigh as he had obscured his Irish Tricolour on his upper arm. Almost fifteen hours after the festivities had begun he still wasn’t sure whether he had fucked or licked or even possibly been fucked (there was at least two strap-on wearing females wandering around) by his wife as he lay exhausted on a lounger beside the indoor swimming pool as Bruce ate out a ‘newbie’ he didn’t recognise on the lounger beside him.

That was when his problem appeared!


He sat in his office his cock swelling at the thought of his final fuck of the party. Struggling to concentrate he deleted all of those on the list before him not within the VIP group and then methodically worked his way down the list of those he definitely knew hadn’t been invited. The next to go were the men although he did leave three that simply had plus-ones tagged beside them and Gerry Newman whose wife Giselle who he was sure (although he also knew his recollection of how she was dressed at the party was hazy) was of the right build.

He left Joanna G on the list as he had seen her change at least once again when her body paint had got so smeared you could tell the half dozen men and women she had been with by the grey and black smears adorning their bodies and she could have easily changed again but he didn’t really see her being so intimate and; he struggled for the right word as he thought about it. Personal! The devil outfit of his mysterious final partner definitely suited her impish personality though.

He looked at the remaining twenty four couples and then studied each one in turn. Seven he had played with before and he crossed them off without a second thought. He laughed as he really wondered if a person could recognise a pussy from the way it had been when it descended onto his revitalised cock.


He sat back watching Bruce eat out the woman beside him as she writhed and squirmed on the lounger. She had orgasmed twice already and knowing Bruce’s skills and hunger for pussy knew that she was going to be absolutely drained by the time he had finished. He had boasted before that his personal best was seventy eight minutes and he was always aiming to break it. Chris reckoned the young woman wouldn’t last as the world renowned rock star had only been between her thighs for five or six minutes so far.

He smiled as he watched the young woman tighten her jaw and inhale deeply through her nose as the tendons on her neck began to stand out and a blush began to blossom above her small breasts topped with equally small but rock hard nipples. A stifled moan began to emanate from behind her pursed lips when something caught his attention out of the corner of his eye.

The pool was lit brightly at the moment as dusk began to fall outside and the lighting within tended to bleach any colours present. He focused on the steel ladder that was just a few feet from his position as it dropped into the gently rippling water. A line of red moved around the tubular hand rail as someone approached him from behind. All at once the click-clack of heels sounded as the person stepped from the plush deep-pile carpet onto the tiles surrounding the pool.

Bruce even took a moment his head popping up from between his partner’s thighs to look past Chris at the mystery behind him. His eyes sparkled as he let them drop downwards before two sets of nails dug sharply into his scalp and pulled his mouth back onto the soaking quim before him. A loud sigh proved that his agile tongue was back at work yet his eyes still feasted on the wearer of the approaching heels.

The sound echoed around the room and it seemed an age to Chris before the wearer stepped past him and looked down at the writhing woman. He looked at the woman standing before him with her back towards him. Red four inch stilettoes with steel tipped heels supported a pair of taut calves covered in fishnet stockings; the seam running up the back impeccably straight to an ass bisected with a matching red thong exposing a pair of perfectly formed cheeks. His eyes roved upwards across the lattice work of laces holding a corset in place cinched tightly around the waist. Long black hair dropped halfway down the woman’s back before she leant forward and shiny black nailed fingers reached out and sharply pinched the woman’s nipple before her.

A loud cry of ecstasy rebounded of the walls and windows of the pool room as her back arched of the lounger and her thighs clamped around Bruce’s head as her heels beat a tattoo upon his lower back. Chris could hear him briefly splutter and then groan into the woman’s pussy as he imagined her juices squirting out flooding his mouth. He could see the other man’s erection twitch beneath him as his hands struggled to hold the woman thrashing and bucking against his face.

Chris’s own cock twitched and swelled as the red clad woman stretched and released the nipple and twisted about to face him. For a moment he was surprised to see the ornate devil mask obscuring the upper part of her face; the eyes seemed almost black within the eyeholes as she rested her right hand upon his shoulder. She leaned closer seemingly done with Bruce and his partner who was groaning and panting behind her as fresh orgasmic waves ran through her frame.

Her lips moved closer to his ear and he could smell a hint of her perfume mixed with the strong aroma of pussy juice that had erupted behind them. “Well, Chris, are you all done for the day?” she whispered as he felt a nail slide along the underside of his soft but swelling shaft.

Without waiting for an answer she straightened up and walked back the way she had come.

“Fuck no…” he breathed and rolled off the lounger grinning down at Bruce who only had eyes for the departing derriere no matter what his tongue was doing.

Chris stared at the retreating figure, his feet following under the direction of his cock as he tried to fathom who this woman was. He couldn’t remember anyone having been dressed like her over the last few hours and he was pretty sure at one point or another he had seen all his guests in various computations. He watched her ass roll as she walked with a surety on those heels and a determination where she was going and that he’d be following.

Not once did she look back even as she ascended the wide staircase only briefly glancing down as Andrew Peter was being deep throated by the male security attendant. He shared a grin with the pop-star as he grabbed the man’s head and thrust his sizable cock hard into the back of his throat.

The mystery woman turned right at the top of the stairs and strode purposefully towards the master bedroom. “Who are you?” he whispered to himself as he stepped into the room to find her standing beside the bed with her arms folded. She simply nodded towards the bed and he obeyed without question climbing onto it and lying down on his back. He didn’t understand why but he wasn’t surprised when she leant down and lifted up the strap that was attached beneath and he offered his hand for her to secure his wrist with the Velcro cuff. He shook his head wondering who he was letting do this as she moved around fastening both ankles and finally his left wrist.

His cock was now fully hard and erect as she returned to the foot of the bed. “Who are you?” he asked hoarsely with a dry mouth.

She crawled onto the bed and over him till her masked face was just above his. “Do you care?” she whispered.

“Yes” he nodded.

“Tough!” she laughed, “You’re mine tonight!”

He gasped loudly as a set of nails was raked down his chest catching his nipple in the process. His cock quivered as the nails move lower and she straightened up looking down at his engorged cock. He stared up at her trying to glimpse any familiarity from the lower part of her face and then groaned loudly as her nails bypassed his member and squeezed his balls tightly. “Ohhh fuck!”

His head dropped back onto the fine cotton sheets as her other encircled his length and slowly twisted back and forth as the grip on his testes softened. He could hear his heart beating loudly within his chest as he succumbed to the sensations. “Oh mother of God!” he murmured as his cock head was engulfed by the woman’s hot wet mouth.

A nail scratched down his taint as she sucked powerfully on his glans and he was amazed as he felt his balls tighten even though he’d lost count of the number of times he’d already ejaculated during the last few hours. The woman in red felt his balls tighten and popped his cock from her mouth, “Oh no you don’t” she stated and gripped the base of his cock tightly as it jerked in her hand. Chris groaned deeply as a single clear drop of pre-cum seeped from the eye of his glans; a second loud groan escaped his lips as the woman’s tongue carefully scooped it up.

He lifted his head to look down his body and watched as she smeared the single tear of his orgasm across her lips. She laughed and from somewhere within her costume lifted out a length of leather strap which he recognised immediately as an Arab strap. She secured the base of his cock expertly making sure an attached rippled fob was positioned just right; she kept her eyes fixed on his as her mouth returned to his aching member and slowly descended till his cock head nestled into the back of her throat.

She hummed happily as he felt her sharp nail tease his pucker and slowly pressing harder gradually worm its way into his ass. He let his head fall back and stared up at the ceiling and surrendered to the sweet torture this stranger was performing on him. He had no idea how long she would make him suffer and suddenly found himself thinking ‘the longer the better!’

Down the years he’d happily ceded control to two lovers, Tamara being one and hence the straps attached to their bed but never had he felt so at the mercy of another. No ‘safe’ word discussed and no names either; yet this woman had acted like she owned him from the very first moment she whispered in his ear. He pushed back against her finger as it began to slide in and out of his ass in unison with her mouth bobbing up and down his shaft. It seemed she had owned him even before he heard the click-clack of her heels striding across the tiled floor of the pool room.


He sat in his office chair surveying the list he had whittled down to five possibilities; his cock was hard and swollen in his trousers as he remembered the woman and what she had done to him. He glanced about unnecessarily and reached down below the desk and squeezed his shaft. “Damn, blue steel” he commented to no-one and silently within his head wondered when the last time he’d got such an erection without the aid of the little blue pill.

He clicked on the intercom, “Yes, Mr Harmon?”

“Eleanor, can you find out for me if Joanna G. is still in town, please?” he asked simply picking the first name on the list.

“Certainly Sir” she replied instantly. He wondered if he heard a smile in her voice that for once his ‘please’ wasn’t cut off halfway by his finger lifting. By the time he had saved the edited list and moved it into his personal files the intercom beeped.

“Yes, Eleanor?”

“Miss G. is still at the Ritz till Thursday, Sir, do you want me to place a call for you?” she replied.

“Please do, Eleanor” he answered simply and within five seconds he was talking to the pop-star’s personal assistant.


Again and again he pulled against the restraints as this woman in red had brought him to the edge with her mouth and hands. When she finally allowed him to ‘get-off’ the Arab strap was still in place and the sensations were all the more intense as his engorged throbbing shaft flexed and twitched as his depleted balls tried vainly to expel what remaining seed was there up and out of his cock.

He felt his body tremble and shiver and the welcoming bliss of slumber pull him down into its embrace. He should’ve known better as the bed shifted and he felt the rasp of fishnet clad shins slide across his shoulders and the strong aroma of wet pussy fill his nostrils. He opened his eyes sluggishly and stared at the red lace G-string in front of him that was thoroughly soaked to the extent that heavy drops of clear fluid had formed along the contours of the lips within.

“Oh no Chris, you’re not getting off that lightly” the husky voice from above instructed him. She leaned to the left and opened the drawer beside his bed as he discerned a small tattoo beneath the lace just above and to the right of the woman’s slit. She settled back astride him and her black nailed forefinger appeared coated in white powder which she drew up along her underwear mixing Chris’s premium cocaine with her juices; “This should keep you going… not that I won’t enjoy it as well!”

Even before he had time to agree the crotch before him was ground onto his face.


Chris pulled himself from his reverie as the lift chimed and he stepped out onto the top floor of the Ritz before turning left and heading to the west end of the corridor. Although he’d never stayed in the Ritz he’d visited the Park suite many times as it was simply one of the best views in London looking out over Green Park towards Buckingham Palace and beyond. The go-to suite for any self-respecting celebrity!

He stopped briefly before the door and took a moment to straighten his hard shaft within his trousers and fasten the lower button of his suit jacket which actually irked him a little, but was far less of a social faux-pas than sporting an erection. He dropped his hand into his pocket and clenched the single item of evidence he had.

He knocked and within a few seconds the door was answered by Joanna’s personal aide; “Ah, Mr Harmon, right on time. Come on through” she offered indicating the way.

It took him a moment to recall the name he’d looked up before leaving the office, “Thank you, Lucy isn’t it? Are you enjoying London?”

He saw a small flicker of appreciation in her eyes as she turned towards him; “Yes it is… I always enjoy London although quite often it does tend to be in a mad dash!”

“The life we chose… truth be told and please don’t tell a soul but for all the years I’ve been in the business I have never made it to Memphis let alone Gracelands!” he replied conspiratorially.

“Your secrets safe with me” she grinned and opened the door before them.

He stepped into the luxurious sitting room and for a moment was taken aback. The Popstar was nowhere to be seen; instead a young woman in a simple skirt, blouse and cardigan was sitting on the window seat holding a paperback book in her hand as she stared out of the window,

“Hello Chris” she said in a far softer version of the New York accent she normally used as she looked up. A broad charming smile spread across her mouth at a reaction she had seen numerous times previously.

He walked over. A wry smile spreading across his own features having been caught out; “Hello Jo.” There was no noticeable make-up or wild hairstyle, just a simple beauty that might have only stood out in a small town or village but of no less value for that.

“So what was so important that it couldn’t wait?” she asked pointing to a chair beside her. “If you think just because you throw a hell of a party that I’m going to move to your Label, you’ve got another think coming!”

Automatically he unbuttoned his jacket, fumbling a little with the second button before sitting down, his hand dropping into his pocket once again as he crossed his knees.

He laughed as the thought hadn’t actually crossed his mind which in itself was unusual. “There isn’t anything I could offer?”

A mischievous glint sparked within her eyes; “Hmmm… well, there is Tamara and her strap-on; she certainly knows how to use it!” Jo squirmed fractionally on the window seat.

“She does!” Chris agreed, “But I think she might object if I was to involve her talents as conditions or favours within deals… I’m quite sure she wouldn’t object to me giving you her phone number without prejudice!”

The woman licked her lips, “Sorry Chris, already got it!”

“Damn, fallen at the first hurdle!”

“So if it isn’t business?” she asked arching an eyebrow.

“Well…” he began and then hesitated realising he hadn’t really thought about how he was going to ask the question he needed answering. For the first time in decades possibly he felt the colour rise in his cheeks.

Jo leant back a fraction taking in the odd demeanour her guest was showing before placing the book down and dropping her feet to the floor and leaning towards him. “Now I am curious!” she declared.

“It is about Saturday… the party…” he admitted


He lay there prone as this woman ground her crotch hard into his face, her juices literally oozing through her sodden panties as he opened his mouth as wide as he could lapping at the lacy material. Her nails dug into his scalp from her left hand as the other grasped his chest; she twisted about, her underwear gradually narrowing as it worked between her lips.

“Oh yesss” she cooed, “You’re a good boy, Chris!”

All at once he wished his hands were free so he could grab this woman’s hips and pull her harder into his face and yet he adored the helplessness of his situation; his cock unbelievably ram-rod straight as it quivered untouched. He managed to push his tongue between her pussy lips but her bunched up thong was proving problematic to get his tongue deeper.

She seemed to read his mind and reached with her right hand and pulled the ties free on each hip before yanking it out of the way. “Now get your tongue in there” she demanded, “Stuff it all the way into my cunt!”

He happily did as he was commanded and thrust his tongue deep inside her as she drove down onto his face. A flow of juices rewarded him and he drank down her impossibly sweet secretions greedily. She bounced harder and faster on his tongue, her pussy quivering as he moaned loudly into her mound. His cock jerked as her hand returned to his chest and pinched a nipple tightly pulling it up as she screamed “Fuck YESSSS!”

A flood of her juices poured from her slit as it clamped tightly around his tongue, as much running over his face as into his mouth. He shut his eyes tightly as they started to sting but continued to force his tongue in and out of this stranger’s hot soaking cunt. Twisting his head back and forth he felt her hard clit roll back and forth against his teeth as she bucked wildly on his face. Her pussy trembled and quivered again and again as her orgasm racked through her frame till eventually it relaxed and she slumped forward against the headboard releasing her grip on his scalp and nipple.

Chris lapped gently at her slit, tiny tremors responding to his strokes and a quiet whimper echoing from above. It was at least a minute before the woman in red raised herself from his face and stood up on a pair of shaky legs and looked down at him. “Mmmm… I knew you’d have a talented tongue” she said softly.


“Saturday” she replied wistfully, “A damned good time… what about it?”

Now sitting face to face with Jo he doubted his suspicion and his memory. She was possibly a little taller and skinnier than his masked woman but she was world renowned for her costume changes and adopting different personas. It was evident in her videos and stage performances that she also had a wicked sense of humour.

“Err… you and I?” he asked blushing deeply.

“Really Chris, you don’t remember?” she feigned indignantly.

He looked up staring into her eyes trying to imagine them through a mask but failing. “I… crap… no I don’t think we did.”

“How many did you fuck?”

He shook his head dropping his eyes; his fist curling around his single piece of evidence in his pocket, “It’s not that.”

“I’m that forgettable?” a smile spreading across her mouth as he sat there like a guilty child.

“God no,” he said to the luxurious carpet then lifted his head just catching the smile disappearing from her lips. “I mean to say… you’re quite the chameleon, Jo. I know you brought at least three changes with you… not counting the body paint; was there another?”

She licked her lips as she processed his question. It was such a delectable idea; “A disguise?” she asked and Chris nodded. “And pray tell if I went to such lengths why would I admit to it now?”

He studied Jo’s face, a genuine Poker face and he knew he had absolutely no idea whether or not she was the masked woman; even her voice like so many in the business she could morph to suit her needs. “Any tattoos?” he asked his eyes dropping momentarily to her lap.

She squirmed on the window seat a fraction and knew the man opposite spotted it. “Yes” she answered simply.

“Will you at least allow me to… verify?”

A small laugh escaped her lips, “You’ll have to make it worth my while!”

He nibbled his tongue and then pulled out his phone dialling a number before handing it to the woman opposite. As it rang in her ear Chris stood up and knelt at her feet,

“Hey Chris” the woman spoke down the line.

“Hi Tamara, it’s Joanna here” she answered and spread her feet opening her thighs wide apart as Chris lifted up her skirt and rolled it back along her thighs, “Your husband’s here and he’s about to eat me out!”

“The dirty bastard!” Tamara scolded down the line and then the phone beeped and Jo looked at it accepting the face-time link and aiming the camera at Chris. “Next time you better take me along, now you be a good boy, I wanna hear her scream!”

“Yes babe” Chris grinned and reached beneath Jo’s skirt and pulled a practical pair of cotton panties from her crotch as she lay back on the window seat shifting her ass right to the edge.

“You heard the woman!” she agreed pulling her skirt over her stomach and positioning the phone on her hip angled at her dampening slit.

Chris looked at the image of his wife shaking on the screen as she walked up the stairs at their home obviously heading for the bedroom. He drew his eyes back to the ‘feast’ in front of him. There was no tattoo possible but he wouldn’t have put it past the masked woman to have faked that however Jo’s bush though neatly trimmed covered probably twice the area. One down he thought and then grinned at his accidental pun.


“I guess it’s hard” she giggled softly, “I mean difficult to fuck gently with a strap-on!”

Chris drew the hair away from Tamara’s neck as they lay spooned on their bed; his cock softening within her pussy, “Feedback. Or lack of it I suppose.”

“Mmmhmm” she agreed with a small shudder as her pussy twitched with a minor orgasmic aftershock, “I guess… that’d be an invention; it has crossed my mind what it’d be like to have a penis.”

Chris wrapped his arm about her and pulled her closer, “Would I be your first?” he asked with a poor imitation of a virginal youth.

She reached back and drew a nail over his hip, “Of course, my love… but honestly I’d really want to know what a pussy feels like from the other side, so to speak.”

“I can see that, similar thoughts have crossed my mind too.”

“So, you gonna tell me why the visit to Jo, this afternoon?” she asked as she twisted her neck to look into his eyes.

He had known the question would come, had actually expected it far earlier but had completely forgotten about it in his post-orgasm bliss. “Do you always wait till I’m at my most vulnerable?”

“What sort of fool, are you?” she asked incredulously, “Hell, yes; Rule Numero Seven!”

“Hmmm… Rule number seven in the women’s guide to men; why is that so easy to believe?”  she grinned in response; “Would you believe I just wanted to eat pussy in view of Buck House?”

“I would, actually… I may have sucked cock once upon a time at the top of a certain Parisian phallic-like landmark but that wasn’t the only reason, was it?”

He shook his head, “Nope” he took a deep breath and began to explain about the masked mystery woman from Saturday night.

He went into great detail in as far as his memory allowed and by the time he’d finished Tamara had three fingers deep inside her quim and her other hand wrapped around his refreshed cock.

“I can see your frustration” she agreed grinning at his cock, “Tell you what… take it out on me.”

She licked her lips and almost jumped from the bed as she went to her bedside draw and lifted out her strap-on and a tube of KY. She laughed as she saw the confusion on Chris’s face; “Oh baby, don’t worry tonight you’re going to wear this… but another night…?”

“Deal!” Chris agreed and knelt up on the bed as Tamara bent down and fastened the straps in place around his hips.


Chris opened his eyes once again feeling the slight sting from the masked woman’s juices; he blinked a few times before looking up at the woman above him. He noticed an oriental glyph tattoo just above and to the left of her shiny crimson slit; something that may have been concealed except for her bush being trimmed precisely into a single patch forming a downward pointing arrow. He grinned broadly at the design before raising his eyes to hers within her devil mask.

“Only too happy to please, Miss…” he enquired hopefully.

“Yes, Chris, they were quite wonderful orgasms but unlike you mixed-chromosomal beings we can still function after!” she bent forward and looked between her thighs at his hard cock still restrained by the Arab strap. “Why do you think I bridled your cock? I’m by no means finished with you!”

“Yes…Mistress!” he conceded.

She laughed, “Oh a little grovelling now is it? Hmm, let’s see then.” She dropped down once again kneeling across his shoulders and leant to the side; this time towards Tamara’s side of the bed. He looked closely at the ideogram and wondered why it seemed familiar and then twisted his head to watch as the woman pulled open the bedside drawer and lifted out two of Tamara’s toys.

“Ahh, a shame, seems you’re good lady wife must be using her strap-on elsewhere!” she commented as she laid a slim blue vibrator and lifted up a thicker life-like dildo. She cocked an eyebrow and shifted about before standing it beside his stiff member. “Hmm, very curious Chris; you obviously weren’t at your best the day this mould was broken!”

He looked down and it was true. The copy was apparently a fraction shorter and definitely slimmer than his present engorged shaft although without even looking at his own depleted testes he knew the silicone squeezable balls were substantially bigger even on his best day. He shrugged as she looked back at him; what was of keen interest to him was how this stranger knew so much about him, even down to which side of the bed his wife slept on. He wanted to ask so many questions but was now resigned to the fact that she wouldn’t provide any answers.

She spun back and straddled his chest once again grinning down at him; the evil glint in her eye needing no comment. “Now let’s make you nice and comfortable” she cooed and pulled a couple of pillows from above him and tucked them under his head. “Better?”

“Good” she replied.


He sat at his desk and pulled up ‘The List’ as he had begun to call it within his mind. The mystery woman it had to be said was affecting his work; all the important and necessary stuff was being done but now when he had a few minutes which he would normally fill with the minutiae of business life his mind would wander back to the masked woman. It had been a week since the party and he’s only crossed of Jo from the list and another name had been added when he’d gone over it with his wife. It was a long shot as Brita had sent her apologies as she was staying in her native Iceland but had been a previous attendee although Chris personally had never had the pleasure.

Tamara had and remembered a tattoo of an eastern glyph quite near to her quim and although the star was diminutive in stature neither had ever seen her in heels. She also had a very quirky sense of humour and personality that they both reckoned could have the woman turning up unannounced and in disguise; she was also quite familiar with their bedroom having played with Tamara previously on at least two occasions.

“Eleanor?” he asked as he pressed the intercom.

“Yes, Mr Harmon?” she replied promptly.

“Could you come in here and bring my schedule?”

“Certainly sir!” she answered and a moment layer she stepped through the door carrying an I-pad.

He closed ‘The List’ and looked up at his assistant; “Tell me, when am I next free on a Friday afternoon and the Saturday… please?”

He saw the corners of her mouth twitch upwards at his late politeness and then turned her attention to the screen in front of her. “Totally free would be mid-February but we could re-schedule The Ironsides to the following Wednesday and you would be free Friday week!”

He grinned at Eleanor who had a knack for reading him and being able to tell what he wanted before he actually asked. “That’s good, do it and we’ll meet in the conference room up top” he replied. She nodded understanding that any grudge the heavy-metal band might have being re-scheduled would be quickly off-played by the amenities of the conference room.

“As you wish, sir”

Perfect Harmony Records was situated near to Notting Hill Gate in the west of London and even though based in an Edwardian building it still remained fractionally taller that the surrounding buildings and had a quite spectacular view looking back eastwards towards the centre, Also give a bunch of early-twenty-something’s with new found fame five minutes and one of them would open the ornate box that always sat in the middle of the conference table. By the time Chris went to meet them, ninety-nine times out of a hundred the group would be out on the roof terrace smoking the primo pre-rolled hermetically sealed top quality Jamaican joints.

“Now I need two flights to Reykjavik to arrive no later than six and coming back on the Sunday” he replied.

Her fingers danced across the pad, “Mrs Harmon?” she enquired and he nodded. “Hmm… yes that’s do-able… if it can be described as business I can assign her as ‘me’?” she asked raising an eyebrow in their usual dance of creative accounting.

“Well… it could be a potential client” he offered although he knew there was no chance that Brita would leave her own Icelandic based company.

Eleanor tapped a button, “Done! Leaving Heathrow at twenty past noon arriving half three; only two flights a day on Icelandair unfortunately sir, the other will only get you in just before midnight.”

“That’ll do fine, organise cars for me from here and for Tamara… wait I’ll bring her in with me; quite sure she might want to do a little shopping up the road beforehand!”

“Yes sir… I’ve notified your house-staff to pack for cold climes too!”

“What would I do without you Eleanor?” he asked smiling at the woman.

“I’m quite sure you would do very, very well sir!”

“Maybe… maybe not!” he replied, “Well, if I’m not here and you can handle things remotely find yourself a ‘company excuse’ and take yourself and… another somewhere to do… ‘research’?” Chris realised he wasn’t sure if the woman before him had a partner or even what sex they would be if she had; he felt his cheeks blush a little at the admission to himself.

“Thank you sir” she answered and he watched her cheeks redden in gratitude, “I’ll see… maybe a little skiing if I can find a place.”

“Business class all the way. Eleanor” he insisted. She beamed and headed for the door; just as she was about to step outside she turned as he added “Honestly Eleanor you’re worth your weight in gold, if there’s ever anything within my power I can help you with or get you!”

Her face shone brightly as she blushed even deeper and she nodded lost for words and she hurried out of the office.

Chris mentally patted himself on the back and then turned back to his computer. The image of ‘The List’ flashed into his mind’s eye now that it was permanently ingrained within and he wondered if the northern capital would have any answers for him.

“Still gonna be fun finding out!” he said to the blank screen.


To be continued….

A Word to the Wise

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Hello again, Dear Avid Reader,

I know it’s been a while but hey ho that’s life!

So a new story for you to peruse, possibly enjoy but i shall warn you that it is a wee bit taboo but i guess sometimes it is the very taboo nature that adds that frisson to a tale!

As always I do hope you enjoy…



“What the fuck?” I finally said after the coughing fit.

I brushed a couple of drops of coke from my T-shirt that had spilled when I’d heard my younger sister’s request.

A grin spread over Christy’s face, “You heard me! Well?”

“Jane wants me to take her virginity?” I repeated the question that had almost caused me to drown on my drink. The two of us were sat in the gazebo at the end of the garden as the sun was starting to descend over the woods behind our house. I’d been suspicious when she had asked me to come with her ten minutes earlier; the truth was the two of us had barely tolerated each other over the last couple of years and her demeanour when asking me was out of character.

“Yeah” she replied simply, “Don’t worry I tried to talk her out of it but your headed away to university and for some reason she thinks you’re fit and I guess won’t really have the opportunity to brag.” She turned in her seat and leant forward staring into my eyes, “And you know I will castrate you if you do!”

I looked back at Christy fully understanding that her last statement was at least genuine in its intent and still processing the rest. Of course the request wasn’t in the least abhorrent; I’d watched Jane blossom over the last couple of years and although  the way she dressed didn’t advertise it I knew from the last couple of months that the redhead had a very fit body when she’d sunned herself in our garden with my sister.

My mind’s eye imagined my sister’s best friend without the modest bikinis she wore. She was just over five foot with lush red hair that reached halfway down her back towards a gorgeously proportioned ass; her breasts I reckoned were at least a C-cup and at least twice I’d noticed what looked like a very chewable pair of nipples poking through her top. She didn’t tend to turn many of the boy’s heads in school due to her shy nature and I knew I was one of the few she felt comfortable with and actually was a calming influence between me and my sister whenever she was around and therefore very welcome by our parents.

My sister was the opposite of her best friend! Outgoing and vivacious; a couple of inches shorter and almost boyish being very slim with only an A-cup up top and generally flaunting what she had been given. I had no doubt that her cherry had been well and truly popped albeit on her terms and her terms alone. She’d had at least two boyfriends since turning sixteen and with our parents’ relaxed outlook on life, the second and current of them had spent quite a few nights staying over and generally strolled downstairs with a big ‘shit-eating’ grin in the morning.

There were two other factors that saved her from being labelled a ‘slut’ whether justified or not and the first was her willingness to defend herself both verbally and physically to anyone, boy or girl, who would offer such an opinion. The other was me; I had taken after my father and although we were ‘Irish Twins’ separated by just over eleven months I towered over her (and most others) by fifteen inches cresting at six foot three and with a frame that served me well on the rugby field. Whatever friction existed between us evaporated whenever an outsider gave her any type of grief even though she was perfectly capable of defending herself.

Personality-wise though I was far more like Jane than my sister to the extent that my approaching attendance at university was beginning to fill me with doubt and a little dread. Academically I knew there wouldn’t be a problem but I’d taken years (literally) to build up my circle of friends and the idea of having to make a whole new set was daunting. Somehow I managed to fake confidence but I feared that ‘new’ people would see straight through my façade. Even Christy had no true idea of the self-doubt within my head; I knew when she went in a year’s time she’d adjust socially easily if maybe not quite so well academically.

“You’re serious? She’s serious?” I asked as I got my head around the thought.

“Me serious? Who are you and what have you done with Paul?” she quipped back;” As for Jane…yeah!”

I shuffled on the bench within the gazebo as I became aware of my cock stirring within my shorts. “Fuck” I breathed.

“Yep, that’s what the girl wants” she shot back.

I looked back at my sister as she looked towards the house absent-mindedly twirling her black hair. I shook my head and felt my cheeks beginning to glow as I blushed.

She turned back and stared at me, a quizzical look spreading across her face; “What’s the problem?” she asked, “Not as if you don’t fancy her! A no-strings fuck, popping a cherry too, thought this was the stuff you boys fantasised about?”

“Some boys maybe” I defended myself.

“Damn you’re so mature Paul” she replied sarcastically.

It was true about fancying her; Jane had fuelled numerous wank sessions including looking down from my bedroom window as she lay beside my sister topping up her tan. In one way her being a virgin did indeed make the scenario even more palatable but not for the reason my sister believed.

“I don’t know… I’m not sure this is a good idea” I hesitantly replied.

Christy stared at me with the familiar look she often adopted of “her weird alien brother” although it seemed completely genuine for perhaps the first time. “Mom and Dad are away this weekend and, damn, if you want I’ll make myself scarce too if that’s what you want; so what’s the problem?”

I stood up turning away from Christy and faced towards the house leaning against the wooden pillar wishing I had a cigarette so that I could delay answering and have more time to think. “Err… doesn’t she want the first time to be special?” I asked.

“Yeah of course, daftly part the reason she’s picked you but she wants it to be good first and foremost; not some fumble shit at a party! She trusts you, Paul, plain and simple!” she answered the exasperation plain in her voice.

“I mean doesn’t she want it to be someone she loves?” I replied.

“Christ!” Christy exclaimed, “How very… Victorian of you, Paul!” I listened to my sister chuckle before she continued, “Us modern girls can be practically minded; we’re not all sunsets and romance and tall dark handsome strangers for fuck’s sake!”

“Oh practical am I?” I shot back looking over my shoulder.

“No… well, yes but that’s a good thing and a fucking compliment!” she answered shaking her head. I watched as her head stopped moving and her eyes rose to mine; “Do… do you love her?” she asked tentatively.

“No!” I shot back and then considered my reply, “Well, yes but like a sister… well, no, not like a sister” I gave Christy my own familiar hard stare that I used when she was irritating me. “I care for her very much, yes love like I love you but without the… irritation and yes, I fancy her but I really think it’s a bad idea.”

I stepped down off the gazebo and took a step towards the house as I heard Christy rise behind me; “I just don’t get it!” she began, “It’s been three months since you boke up with Lucy… I’d figured your balls would be the size of dark blue melons by now!”

I stopped and shook my head. My sister was half right in the fact I was ‘dying’ to have a fuck but not quite for the reason she thought. I took another step and then heard her simply say “Paul?” the question in her voice obvious.

“What?” I answered as I took another couple of steps.

“Are you a virgin?” she asked without any hint of accusation.

Too damned smart I thought to myself as I once again stopped remaining silent as no words came to me to answer the question. I knew any denial I made she would see through instantly as my cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“Oh!” she replied to my silence, “But Lucy…. I thought… I knew you were. You weren’t; fuck!”

I heard Christy sit down heavily and I turned to see her staring absent-mindedly at the opposite side of the gazebo. Part of me just wanted to march away and hide in my bedroom and I almost did but then she turned her head and looked at me and there was no judgement in her eyes, just love.

I’d half expected derision but instead she reached out her hand and I found myself walking back and taking it as I climbed back into the structure and sat down opposite her hanging my head as she took my other hand and held them softly. Her thumbs lightly massaged my knuckles for a few moments before she spoke. “You and Lucy never?” she asked.

I shook my head in response still looking down at the wooden boards beneath our feet. “But I heard her moans when she stayed over” she stated; I glanced up and saw Christy’s cheeks blushing at the admission.

“Hands… fingers… nothing more” I admitted before dropping my eyes once again.

“Ahhh!” she responded, “Err… is that why you broke up?” she asked softly.

“Part I guess… also me heading all the way to Edinburgh rather than more locally. I think ‘long distance relationships don’t work’ were her words.”

Christy pondered my response for almost a minute before she asked “Tell me truthfully Paul; would you want to… sleep with Jane?” I chuckled at my sister’s choice of words wondering if she had been going to use ‘fuck’ or ‘make love’ before deciding on a less evocative term.

“Oh god yes!” I admitted.

I shot my sister a hard look as she burst out laughing; her hands gripped mine tightly as she shook her head in apology as she struggled to regain her composure. Finally she took a deep breath, “I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you… well I guess I am but it’s just that I had the conversation I think I’m about to have with you two days ago; with Jane!”

“What?” I asked annoyed.

“You’re worried about your first time… you don’t want to disappoint?” I nodded, “I’m guessing now I know there isn’t anyone else you would rather have this convo’ with?”

I looked into my sister’s eyes and again saw the unusual look of love within them. “No,” I laughed, “I sorta had it with Dad as is started going out with Lucy.”

Christy licked her lips and leant forward, “And what was that like?” she asked.

“Well for all our liberal parents tolerance he asked me if there was anything I’d like to know but I could see the dread in his eyes if he had to answer. For a moment I was tempted but he looked like he would just curl up and die of embarrassment if asked.”


Christy burst out laughing, “Damn that would have been priceless! Mom didn’t even wait to be asked… sat me down as soon as she suspected I was thinking about it, handed me a pack of birth control pills and pretty much gave me a list of do’s and don’ts’ and basically said ‘we’ have what all the boys want, never forget it! She was damn right!”

“Well that at least was useful!” I commented.

Christy smiled back at me, “What made me laugh was that I had a conversation two days ago; not quite as general as the one mom had with me but still practical.” I raised a questioning eyebrow. “With Jane; even though she wants it she’s still nervous about it and god knows why but she wants to please you!”

“Oh!” I blushed.

“So-” she began but then our mother called us in for dinner. The two of us glanced at the house and stood in unison, just before we left the gazebo I hugged my sister to me making sure my hips were twisted away as my cock was semi-hard within my jeans. She hesitated for a moment and hugged me back; in my head I wondered if either of our parents had seen us at that point would they have cancelled their trip in fear that their children were apparently possessed by ‘nice’ spirits.

“We’ll have the talk tomorrow after mom and dad leave and before Jane arrives. Okay?” she whispered.

“Thanks Christy” and I planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

She smiled up at me, “This is just a truce you understand… I’m sure hostilities will resume soon enough!”

“I’m sure” I agreed and the two of us headed into the house only letting go of each other’s hands as we entered.


The two of us stood at the door waving goodbye to our parents. Generally we were trusted by them not to have wild parties or such when they were away but after the previous night I could see the uneasiness in our dad.

Dinner had been the usual affair of discussing each of our days; Christy and I going with as little information as our parents would allow, the standard operating practice which half the time would result in one or the other of us ‘narking’ on some event about the other just for spite or to detract from our own guilty secret. Still it wasn’t totally uncommon for the meal to pass without incident and our parents were starting to act like stereotypical teenagers in anticipation of their romantic weekend away.

What happened next was unusual. The two of us cleared away the dishes without request (mistake No.1) and with barely a word between us loaded the dishwasher and wiped down the tops foregoing our usual terse negotiations (mistake No.2). We were already getting suspicious looks from our father and a hopeful smile from our mother at this point but it was when we retired to the living room and found something on the television that we were both happy to watch (mistake No.3) along with our parents that really made both of them take notice.

By this point, after an exchanged glance between us, we silently agreed to confound our mutual ‘enemies’ and sat together on the couch without a single sly jab or poke; I even put an arm around Christy as she leant against me. When the news came on and neither of us objected as we usually did allowing our father to catch up on the day’s events was when the two grown-ups rounded on us and wanted to know what was up.

The two of us managed to hold in our laughter as our dad completely ignored the latest government cock-up and wanted to know what the two of us were playing at! “Nothing”, “Fine”, “Just a good day at school” wound them up even more and when Christy offered that I had helped me out with a difficult piece of homework we could almost hear the cogs jarring within our father’s head as all he wanted to do was send us straight to bed.

The car reversed back out of the drive and we could see our parents conversing as they looked back at us before with a final wave they drove off. We stood at the door as the vehicle disappeared around the corner, “You know I never knew it could be so much fun being nice!” commented Christy.

“True, inducing paranoia is damn funny… although we still need the contrast. We need to misbehave every so often or they’ll just enjoy the peace and quiet” I answered and got a gentle poke in the ribs as Christy closed the door. “Yeah, that sort of thing… I reply “Mom! Christy’s being a bitch” and then get warned by dad!”

My sister laughed loudly as she walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch twisting so her back was against the arm and her left leg folded beneath her. I looked down and she motioned to the opposite end of the seat with her eyes; I felt myself blush and walked over to the sideboard first and opened the drinks cupboard. “I feel I need something, you?”

She smiled softly, “Trust me you don’t need anything but why not; vodka and coke please Paul.”

I poured Christy her drink and then poured myself a shot of neat rum before returning to the couch and sitting opposite my sister. I took a sip as I watched her swirl the dark liquid in her glass as she contemplated her words.

“Right, a couple of things right of the bat to put your mind at rest, okay?” she asked.

I nodded dumbly in response as I felt my cheeks blush.

“You don’t need to worry about birth control as Jane is on the pill; I… err…have already let her know that you’re clean so it’ll be her choice whether or not to still use condoms. You have some?” she asked as the thought popped into her head.

“Err…no” I confessed.

“No worries I’ll throw you a couple” she replied and within my head I was glad to hear my sister was being careful. I wondered what she had said to assure Jane that I was ‘clean’ as she put it. “Okay I haven’t told her that the two of you are both virgins,” she smiled softly as she saw the blush rise in my cheeks. She leant forward her hand reaching out and softly gripping my shoulder. “Look if it comes up before; be honest, if it doesn’t admit the truth after; okay?”

I pondered her words for a moment and replied “Okay.”

“Right, other preparations beforehand! You got clean sheets on your bed?” she raised her index finger noting the point.

I grinned and nodded enthusiastically having been the first thing I had done as I rose that morning along with a general tidy-up of my room.

“Good. You also need to clean yourself; so as soon as we finish… chatting it’s the shower for you!” I nodded but could see there was more to her instruction as she raised her middle finger.

“Do you shave?” she asked and I watched as she blushed, her eyes dropped to my crotch and I felt an involuntary twitch within; “Down there?”

I shook my head feeling a sense of panic rise, “N… no” I answered, “should I?”

She took a sip of her drink and raised her eyes to mine, “Probably not a good idea today, we don’t want any cuts, do we?” she stated rhetorically before continuing. “I’d recommend shampooing and conditioning your pubes so at least they’re nice and soft” she smiled and I could see the humour in her eyes.

“What?” I asked with a mixture of embarrassment and curiosity.

She looked into my eyes, “This is one surreal conversation… big brother!”

I felt the general blush in my cheeks lessen as I considered her words, “I guess it is. I… well, yesterday morning I could never have imagined that… you were actually a decent human being!” I admitted. “For that I’m sorry. And I’m very glad that you’re on my side, I reckon.”

“Yep, yesterday morning was a long time ago” she agreed. “Now where were we?”

“Shampooing and conditioning my crotch” I laughed.

“Yes…indeed.” Christy raised her ring finger, “Third point and this is about something you don’t need to worry about.”

“Okay…” I replied watching Christy blush again and then avoid my eyes and stare at the fireplace.

“Now, I’m pretty sure…” she took a gulp of her drink, “You have nothing to worry about in the size department!” The last four words were uttered just above a whisper.

I processed her statement in my head not quite believing what I had heard. “Pardon?” I asked nervously.

“Fuck” she muttered and took another drink handing me her empty glass; “Re-fill” she demanded.

I stood facing the cabinet as I took my time re-filling our glasses as I heard her take a deep breath before speaking, “I may have caught a glimpse of your… penis,” I smirked as I could almost hear her cheeks blushing even deeper and then felt my own colour rise as the subject of her words twitched in response. “It was just passing your door” she qualified hurriedly, “it seemed… quite reasonable in size… length and girth and it wasn’t even-” she left the last word unsaid.

I couldn’t help myself, “hard?” I asked before turning around.

Her eyes flashed at mine showing her embarrassment and her amusement at the nature of the conversation, “Yes!” she shook her head and happily took her glass and studied the liquid within; “Anything around the seven inch mark is plenty pleasing and at least an inch and a half in width when hard!” she looked up at me defiantly.

I couldn’t help but flash a smug grin across my face as just like most teenagers I had indeed got a ruler to check on my length and knew I was closer to eight inches in length. I looked down at my hand and made a circle with my thumb and middle finger before parting the tips to leave a half inch between. I looked back up at Christy, “Yes that’s… err… more than adequate” she explained. I dropped my eyes away as I noted her tongue flicking out and briefly wetting her lips as she shifted in her seat.

I already knew that this strange conversation was having seemingly contradictory reactions between my head and body. Part was indeed due to Jane’s approaching visit but I was admitting to myself that for the first time I understood that my sister was a sexual creature and possibly… probably… definitely an attractive young woman rather than a horrible brat.

A momentary image of Christy lying out in the garden alongside Jane flashed in my head and for a second my imagination removed her bikini bottoms for me to admire her pert ass. It took a conscious effort to push the ‘Wrong’ thought from my mind even though my cock swelled in response. I twisted on the seat and sat on the edge facing the fireplace hoping my sister hadn’t seen anything.

I looked down into the oily surface of my spiced rum aware that my sister had also changed position to effectively parallel me. After a moment or two and a deep breath she resumed, “So that’s the before stuff that you don’t seem to have any problems with. Now… I assume you know where everything goes!”

I nodded my head to confirm and then glanced towards her noting she wasn’t looking at me; “Yeah, I guess Pornhub covers those fundamentals.” I smiled realising what I had just admitted and was surprised in this new era of sibling détente that I felt no sense of shame.

“Mmm… Pornhub” she echoed; “It’s all very well for the basics but you do realise it isn’t…” she searched for an appropriate word, “indicative of normal people!”

I laughed and sat back into the couch keeping my left arm resting on my thigh covering any view of the increasingly obvious lump in my jeans; “Yeah… some of those plumbers turn up with totally the wrong tools!” I laughed again at my accidental pun which was echoed by Christy.

“Indeed and I’m always surprised that the innocent teens seem to be covered in tattoos! Anyhow,” she sat back and met my eyes, “the first time it’s as much about taking your time as anything else; you’re in no hurry.” I saw a thought occur to her as she bit her lip and then came to a decision within her eyes. She took a sip of her drink and then asked “Not sure how much you boys talk and, I guess, share advice but don’t have a wank beforehand to make you last longer.”

“Oh?” I simply said in reply as it was one of the remarks that was indeed passed around the locker room and was supposedly a tried and tested maxim.

“Tell me, Paul are you simply gonna cum in Jane’s pussy and leave?” she asked.

I opened my mouth to immediately deny the question but then paused and actually considered it; “No, that’s not what I want to do… not at all” I finally answered.

“Good… would’ve been a deal-breaker to be honest” Christy admitted, “Getting slightly ahead of myself but hopefully you’ll caress and fondle and explore the surface of each other’s bodies first. Kiss and lick… possibly even go down on each other?” she raised a questioning eyebrow. “You said that you had fingered Lucy; did you taste her juices off your fingers?”

I felt my cock throb in response to the memory and my sister’s directness; I nodded and answered “Yes I did.”

“And did you like the taste?”

“God yes!” I admitted.

“Well you’re gonna love it straight from the source and you’ll make Jane very happy into the bargain and…” she paused as she considered continuing. “And Jane is quite curious to suck your cock as well.” She shook her head and I could see the dilemma she felt about revealing the conversation she’d had with her best friend leading up to this day. “So the point is you both might actually cum even before the deed is done but as you have all afternoon, and night for that matter, you will have lots of time to recover!”

I bit my lip, “But what if I… cum too quickly… isn’t that, I don’t know…” I struggled to find a suitable word.

“Inexperienced?” Christy suggested and I vaguely nodded, “Trust me, it won’t matter; it’s keenness, sort of a compliment actually that you find your partner is so turned on they can’t control themselves… as long as that isn’t the end of the story, of course!”

I thought about her words and nodded my agreement.

“Anyway, as I said, sort of getting ahead of ourselves,” she grinned and it took me a moment to hear the pun in her words. “So when she arrives and you invite her in, your both going to feel awkward; please don’t formally shake her hand… offer her a drink,” she looked at the glass in my hand, “You’d probably be best not having any more yourself… and at this point,” she shrugged, “You’re gonna have to work it out yourself but probably don’t say anything like ‘shall we get started’ or such… I guess look for an opportunity to lean in and kiss her, take it slow; I can guarantee that she is going to be as turned on as you are.”

I chewed my bottom lip as I thought about Christy’s last words and wondered if she was talking about the near future or the actual present. I shifted a little on the couch totally aware of the blue-steel boner in my jeans and saw my sister breathe deeply as well. Managing to keep my eyes firmly fixed on her I was aware within my peripheral vision that there seemed to be two small lumps showing through her top and the bra beneath. I struggled and finally pushed the thoughts of my sister’s hard nipples from my mind.

Christy finished the last of her drink and placed the glass on the floor beside the couch and then twisting on the seat faced me, pulling her legs up in front of her and folding her arms about it. All at once it seemed a defensive and a self-comforting position and I was glad that she also was wearing jeans this morning and now her chest was obscured from my gaze. “So, take it slow and gauge how Jane responds… we all respond differently, we do that just to keep you boys on your toes. You’re gonna have the house to yourself, you may wanna stay down here but I reckon you’d be best going upstairs; beds are comfortable!”

I nodded in response before she continued, “Next… undress her slowly; maybe explore each part of her body as you expose it. Tease her, make her wait, build the tension; I do realise this’ll build your own tension too and yes may result in an early orgasm but as I said that’s not a bad thing as long as it isn’t the last!”

I listened intently already convinced that the tension was already built up enough. My cock was as hard as it had ever been right at this moment and I could feel pre-cum oozing from beneath my foreskin soaking my boxers. And you want me to refrain from relieving myself for the next three hours? I thought to myself.

I looked at my younger sister and the puzzlement on my face must have been obvious as she simply asked “What?”

I lightly shook my head for a moment and then asked “You just turned seventeen… how come you’re so wise about these things?”

She pursed her lips hiding a mischievous grin; I almost thought she was going to feign innocence before she replied “Well… I’ve been having sex for a year and err… eight days now.” She shrugged her shoulders and broke out into a broad grin. She laughed as my jaw dropped open in response, “Oh Paul, it’s the twenty-first century; us girls are allowed to like sex!”

I hesitantly agreed with a nod, “So there was Jason,” the only boyfriend that I’d known Christy go out with and who our liberal parents had allowed to stay overnight; “You only went out with him for a couple of months,” I stated figuring he by himself couldn’t account for the way she talked.

“Yeah… he was okay…” she answered, a look of reminiscence in her eyes; “He was my third and another partner since” she shrugged.

Who was this person sitting at the opposite end of the couch? “Some of this is from experience; admittedly my first time wasn’t earth-shattering, I was in too much of a hurry to lose my cherry, I admit. So some of this is… how it should’ve been… I guess I’m living vicariously through Jane I suppose. She is my best friend, after all and if she can’t benefit from my error, who can?”

“Four fellas?” I asked incredulously. For a moment she almost started to shake her head but then nodded dumbly. “And me with a total of… yeah that’ll be none!”

“Well, if you wanted a ‘fella’ you should’ve said” she shot back dead-pan and then burst out laughing.

“Funny girl” I snarled back and then broke out into a grin.

“I have my moments” she grinned back. She looked down for a second and then back up into my eyes; “Just remember and this does sound all pshyco-babble bullshit but… you’re having a conversation… you’ve got to listen as well as talk, just with your bodies.”

“Listen and talk?” I echoed raising my eyebrow.

Christy unfolded her arms from around her legs and nimbly crossed her legs placing her hands on her knees. She grinned, her tongue flicking out between her lips, “Yeah” she nodded, “If Jane turns her mouth to yours, tilts her head up and parts her lips what do you think she wants?” I watched as my sister imitated the pose she described, the tip of her tongue appearing as she closed her eyes. My cock literally ached and I know if we had been right beside each other instead of at opposite ends of the couch I couldn’t have stopped the urge to lean in and kiss her whatever the consequences. I balled my fists, knuckles creaking as they whitened; “She wants a kiss…” I answered almost breathlessly.

“Indeed” she answered and took a further moment to open her eyes and then lean back against the arm of the chair. “The same goes for the hips” she grinned again looking down at her lap. Her head flickered left and right and I was sure she was taking a moment to study the two rock hard nipples upon her chest sticking out through her clothes. My eyes reluctantly dropped as I watched her hips roll fractionally in opposite directions and then both rise together pushing her pelvis upwards. “The body gives away so many signs… will tell you when to speed up, when to slow down and generally will only tense up when you’re doing everything right and I have a full on orgasm.”

I gulped deeply as I heard the change in tense Christy had used and felt a large damp spot spread upon my briefs as precum oozed from my cock’s eye within my jeans.

“Of course, just to keep you boys on your toes we are all a little different!” she laughed as she relaxed and sat back against the arm of the couch although her chest was rising and falling significantly. “Happy now?” she asked as she shifted a little opposite me; no matter how subtle she was trying to be I could see she was flexing various muscles centred towards her crotch as her nails tongue into the denim fabric covering her knee.

I was torn; I wanted to head upstairs and pull furiously on my aching shaft even though Christy had suggested not to. At the very least I felt a cold shower was called for although I suspected that my ‘blue-steel’ cock might yet endeavour through it. I also wanted to continue this strange conversation revelling in this weird, sensuous self-torture. “I guess…” I finally answered without conviction.

Christy’s eyes flashed to mine and I wondered if she was feeling the same. I was positive that she was as wet as I was hard and both equally frustrated and turned-on by this taboo instruction. “Okay, Paul” she breathed deeply, her nipples seeming to push even harder against the confines of her clothes as she did; “What else would you like to know?”

I looked at my sister as I thought of the various lessons I wanted. All of them were with Christy as my naked partner and not the upcoming rendezvous with Jane. My cock twitched hard within my jeans and I felt a surge of precum leak out staining my boxers further. I gulped deeply and answered ambiguously, “Oral… what would… a girl like… what, how should I eat her out?”

“Oh you are a good boy” she smirked and once again squirmed at the opposite end of the couch. “Okay…” she began hesitantly and for an instant I hoped/fantasised she was going to provide visual aids; “Pussy’s aren’t all the same but there are some general rules, guidelines I guess.”

I nodded in response and half-consciously turned towards my sister resting my hand across my lap; I noted her eyes drop down for a second and knew that both of us knew what state the other was in.

“I guess you know the basic construction of a pussy…” I nodded in agreement and managed to refrain from staring at her crotch; “So you know the clitoris is just above the slit which comprises inner and outer labia. Now some are obvious, some not…” she breathed deeply before continuing as he own hand dropped into her lap mirroring my own position. “In most cases the more turned on and wet a girl is, the more her labia may be spread open; with Jane her clit may be hooded and require a little further coaxing to reveal it. A gentle touch with fingers or lips or tongue should suffice!”

The two of us stared fixedly into each other’s eyes avoiding glancing at each other’s hands nestled in our laps. If Christy was having similar issued to me, I was sure her hand was trying to work itself against her crotch as I was doing. “Hmm… yes… now you could roll her clit around or stroke it up and down… err… kiss it, gently suck upon it… pull it into your mouth. Take your time… build up a rhythm; you’ll know you’re doing it right when her nails dig into your scalp!”

I stifled a moan as my cock throbbed within my jeans under the pressure from the heel of my hand; “Should I be fingering her?” I breathed.

“Mmm… yes… when she thrusts her crotch harder into your face… just ease a finger inside her… nice and slow, like.” My cock twitched hard beneath my hand and I stilled it for fear I was about to cum there and then at the thought that had just appeared in my head. Either of two things occurred to me; Christy was describing exactly how she liked to be eaten out or she was describing how Jane liked to be eaten out from experience.

Her eyes had closed and I dropped mine to her crotch where her hand was subtly shifting. “Just the one finger?” I asked. The image of my sister’s pussy flashed through my mind; was it shaved, trimmed or bushy?

I imagined her finger sliding between her wet folds as she replied, “Ohh… just use the one Paul… you wanna save it… for your cock.” I lifted my gaze to Christy’s face and saw her teeth nibbling on her bottom lip and wondered if she was picturing me between her legs. “Ease it in slowly at first and as you get deeper you’ll feel a tiny rough spot of flesh… just behind the clit…”

“The G-spot?” I asked.

“Mmmhmm” she responded, “just rub it lightly.., in time with you sucking her clit… and get the right rhythm and… I…” she opened her eyes and stared at me; “I… reckon she’ll cum for you… I guarantee it.”

I nodded dumbly as my cock jerked within my jeans and I felt my seed spurt out and soak my boxers. Christy stared at me as I gritted my teeth behind my lips and tried to breathe subtly through my nose. She said nothing and just watched me, her tongue moistening her lips and I knew she knew that I was shooting my load as I sat opposite her. I watched a tremor run through my sister’s frame and noticed a slight blush appear above the neck-line of her T-shirt.

I breathed deeply, my own tongue wetting my lips wondering/hoping I’d watch my sister also cum.

After what seemed like a minute Christy visibly relaxed and smiled, “Just two more things, brother; when the two of you get down to the deed let Jane be on top… let her have control unless she steers you otherwise.”

My sister sighed and stood up smiling at me as she moved around the end of the couch; “What was the other thing?” I asked.

She leaned down and placed her mouth to my ear, “After you’ve filled her cunt with your cum be sure to clean up after yourself… get your tongue back in her popped cherry and make sure you get every last drop of your spunk!” she whispered before she straightened up and headed for the stairs. “We like that… a lot” she said over her shoulder, “I’m going to take an hour or so and then I’ll leave you two love-birds to the house… I’ll be back late; text me when it’s safe to return” she laughed and disappeared around the corner.


Christy lay back on her bed as she heard the shower running next door. She could picture Paul standing naked in the cascade of water; had pictured him if she was honest with herself when two fingers driving deep inside her soaking quim and another strumming her aching clit had brought her to her third orgasm. Not counting the small one she’d had sitting opposite her brother.

In her post-orgasmic glow she wondered if she wanted to have sex with her brother. The thought had never crossed her mind till thirty minutes earlier when she had been educating him on a woman’s needs and wants. She had started the conversation with only Jane in mind knowing some of her best friend’s preferences; her first partner before her own cherry had been ‘popped’ and still.

It was before she guided Paul on eating pussy that in her mind it was her and not Jane she was imagining and when she’d opened her eyes and saw him shivering, trying to conceal his the fact he was ejaculating the thought of taking her own brother’s cherry had taken her over the edge. She grinned as she looked up at the ceiling as none of her partners. Jane included had ever induced an orgasm while her underwear had been on, let alone fully dressed.

Christy looked into her own head and figured she didn’t want to ‘really’ have sex with her brother. “But!” she said to the ceiling, “With all the work I’ve put into this…” she bit her lip; I want to watch she admitted in her head.

The Perfect Lover?

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Well hello again, Dear Avid Reader,

It’s been a while and I suppose though it’s not necessarily writer’s block it is the idea of finding an idea I haven’t done before. I did briefly toy, even start what might have been a novel about humanity reaching the stars and the prelim as it were to First Contact. Odd thing was almost the exact method of contact, even down to details had already been done by Carl Sagan in Contact. To be honest it is the logical way an extra-terrestrial race would probably go about it. Ho hum!

Now the following little scribble is based on a familiar tale, there are even clues within before my own final word, that being said I do hope as ever that you simply enjoy it…




“Fuck!” I breathed as I felt his glans spread my labia and ease inside me. His hands were unsubtle as they mauled my breasts through my top as I slowly sank down onto his thick swollen member. Johnny, nude while I was fully dressed, had no finesse at all (yet) but such a wonderfully thick cock, just the right length that filled me to the brim as it eased deeper and deeper within me.

It was always far better to be in control of him; his youthful, he was only seventeen after all, exuberance always got the better of him so my favoured position was to sit astride his lap, one hand one his chest the other on his knee. He’d quickly learnt to slow down when he’d feel my nails dig into his flesh and I felt I was finally managing to coach him in the ways of pleasing a woman rather than just himself.

I groaned deeply as I finally ground my crotch against his and could feel the head of his cock pressing hard into the neck of my womb. The two of us, his thick 8” cock and my soaking wet cunt throbbed in unison as I pivoted around a little. I bit my lip as he pinched and pulled on my right nipple just right and an arc of erotic energy linked breast and pussy. “Mmm… not too hard, not too soft… Johnny… just right!” I murmured.

I eased upwards a couple of inches and eased back down, my eyes tightly shut as I focused purely on the physical sensations deep inside me. A smile of satisfaction spread across my face as his other fingers eased up on my left breast, kneading rather than grabbing now. I squeezed his invading cock hard with my pussy and span further gaining an “Oh Christ, Mari!” from the boy beneath me.

“You see, Johnny” I sighed as I continued to swivel while rising up and down his length, “Do as I say and… ahhh!” I pushed down hard feeling his glans grind into my cervix. It took me a few moments to reform my thoughts, “…and I’ll teach you so much!”

“Yes… Miss” he replied and even without looking I knew there was that ‘shit-eating-grin’ adorning his face. It was cute and annoying all at once and I raised myself up, deliberately digging my nails into his flesh and slammed down hard onto his fat cock. The two of us groaned simultaneously and I began to fuck him faster sliding higher up his length to drive down harder against him. His small single bed creaked and groaned as my tempo increased and Johnny’s hands dropped to my hips as my juices ran out around his invading member soaking my thong pulled to one side and his heavy young balls.

My orgasm was getting closer, slowly building as I drove faster and harder up and down his rock hard pole. I suddenly threw my head back and my pussy locked up instantly as the quick-study beneath me hand slid a hand between us and managed to roll my engorged clit as I had ground our pelvises together.

Stars burned fiercely behind my eyelids, my heart pounded in my chest and I struggled to breathe as the sudden onrush of my orgasm took me completely unawares. I vaguely felt Johnny’s wonderful cock grinding into me as his fingers tweaked and pulled on my sensitive nub. For a few moments all I seemed to be was my impossibly huge clit and unbelievably tight cunt filled with a monstrous cock. My orgasm crescendo-ed violently in a body consuming explosion and I flipped forward like a ragdoll onto Johnny’s chest.

It was at least a minute before my conscious mind regained some composure. The young man was gently stroking my hair and kissing the top of my head softly.

For the first time in probably five minutes I opened my eyes and looked into his. “You’re learning,” I said slightly breathlessly. I felt his cock, still rock solid twitch within me. The shit-eating grin re-appeared! “Okay, what does Johnny want as a reward?”

He attempted a shy innocent look, failing spectacularly and whispered “A blow-job?”

I straightened up, sighing as I felt his shaft twist within me, the glans still pressed against my cervix. Patting him on the head as if he was a good little puppy; “You were a very good boy, I suppose” I replied and eased myself up of his shaft savouring every fat millimetre of it in the process.

I looked down at his fat long cock covered in an abundance of my juices as it popped free. A simply wonderful cock to have in my quim but a literal jaw-aching specimen to have in my mouth!

The ‘grin’ reappeared as I took hold of his slippery shaft and lowered my mouth down positioning my knees either side of his right leg careful not to trap my skirt between us as I lowered my sopping pussy onto his knee.

Young Johnny Brown grinned even wider as he raised his knee willingly into my crotch and I started to lap my juices from his circumcised glans.


I heard the sharp click of heels approaching before I saw the diffused silhouette appear behind the door. I bit my lip as somehow even Pandora’s unfocused image through the distorted glass seemed to evoke a force of will and I felt my plain white cotton panties dampen.

The door opened and she stood there in her business suit comprising a tailored jacket and A-line skirt, a sharply pressed blouse, a dark blue short tie and four inch heels and undoubtedly stockings and suspenders. Her hair as always was pulled back sharply completing the visage of a ‘seriously-don’t-fuck-with-me’ solicitor.

“You’re late!” she scolded me as her eyes flicked beyond me surveying the street.

“My apologies, Pandora” I answered and quickly stepped in through the door as she stepped out of the way.

“The kitchen” she simply stated and I walked through the large lounge into Shaker-style kitchen with a large farmhouse table in the middle. The grin disappeared from my face as I turned about; more time generally meant the comfort of the master bedroom or the lavish en-suite but I wasn’t in the mood for soft and comfy and slow today.

“I am really sorry, Miss Pandora” I offered quietly as I pulled off my coat revealing what amounted to a schoolgirl outfit beneath. Bending over at the hips knowing my skirt would rise and flash the steadily dampening white panties at her I reached down and slowly pulled up my bunched up socks till they rose above my knees. I always felt silly when I dressed in this particular outfit for Pandora being twenty-six years of age but as I neared my destination those thoughts always faded and my nipples ended up rock hard and my pussy wetter and wetter.

I stood up straight, smiling as I heard a low moan from behind me and pulled off the Beany I had been wearing to allow two blonde pig-tails to drop half-way down my back finished with cute red bows. “I am really, truly sorry Miss!”

Truth be told, dress-up and role-play didn’t actually do it for me whereas Pandora was like a heroin addict for it. I was more than happy to play along as I knew what would follow. My tardiness had actually been deliberate, I had waited an extra ten minutes just around the corner which although lessened our ‘fun-time’ during her lunch break didn’t diminish her particular talents and meant I would get what I deserved (and loved!)

“Assume the position, Mari!” she demanded and I obediently turned about and bent over the table like the ‘bad school girl’ she wanted. It was true that if we had a brief fifteen minutes or a leisurely afternoon that Pandora’s tongue and fingers would bring me to a very satisfactory orgasm. In that way she was utterly un-selfish and when time was short, such as today, she ‘got off’ in her own way even if she remained fully dressed the entire time. She actually swore that her legal game actually improved on these type of days and when she returned home and got use of her husband’s cock her orgasms were as intense as any she had ever felt and always multiple.

I rested my forehead against the table and pressed my chest against the rough wooden surface grinding my diamond-hard nipples against it. No bra today as I had planned what I was in for and secretly grinned as I felt Pandora delicately lift my skirt and lay it across my lower back exposing my ‘regulation’ school underwear. I could almost hear her drooling, “Tardiness will not be tolerated Miss Mari!”

I stifled a groan as I felt her hand swoop down and strike my left cheek sharply. My juices flowed out soaking my panties and I knew that the older woman behind me was staring straight at the darkening line. Another blow on my right cheek and my pussy throbbed expelling another surge I knew would start to cause the thin material to become transparent and with each following blow my outer lips would spread revealing themselves. Three, four, five, six blows, each on alternate cheeks that I knew were getting redder and redder beneath my panties.

My pussy throbbed and pulsed as each slap echoed around the kitchen; the simple and pure torture was how many blows would it take before my ‘mistress’ couldn’t resist any longer and pulled my sodden underwear aside and thrust her tongue into my hot, dripping cunt. Seven, eight, nine… I could feel her breath between my thighs and knew she was inhaling deeply of my scent. My knuckles whitened as I gripped the edge of the table, my back tense as I ground my aching nipples against the top… ten, eleven and twelve! I groaned loudly and the thirteenth blow came down even harder although it was echoed by the woman behind me.

“You’re such a slutty lil’ madam, aren’t you?” she admonished me and I felt my panties pulled down rapidly, tearing in the process to my knees. I sighed loudly expecting her face to be thrust hard into my crotch but screamed as a fourteenth brutal blow landed on my ass. My pussy clenched hard as a small but intense ‘micro’ orgasm shock-waved its way through my body. Another hard strike on my other cheek and another tremor erupting from my literally dripping slit.

My body twitched spasmodically as I struggles to spread my thighs restrained by a pair of torn panties that I would never wear again but vaguely thought I might keep forever as a memento. I bucked wildly as the fifteenth bow landed (a new record) and two fingers were thrust deep inside my slippery hole. Pandora groaned in unison behind me and somehow managed to land another blow beneath her fingers striking my engorged aching clit directly.

I didn’t actually pass out but there was no coherent thought as hard intense orgasmic waves followed one another and the blows landed again and again; sometimes on my hot red cheeks and sometimes on my hard sensitive clitoris.

Only afterwards when the onslaught ceased and I slid off the table into Pandora’s cradling arms and kissed her weakly did I realise she had indeed had her face buried in my crotch as I tasted my juices from her lips and tongue and even her face.

“So that’s how I get you to squirt!” she whispered.

As I recovered my sanity I pleaded with her to let me return the ‘favour’. Actually begged!

“Oh I’m sorry my sweet” she apologised, “Still rest assured the accused this afternoon is going down for the full term even if we don’t have time for you to go down on me!”

“And is your hubby around this evening?” I asked hoping the answer would be no.

“He is…” she answered only half apologetically.


I watched three fingers driving deep into my slit, matching the fucking Pandora was getting over the kitchen table in the exact spot where she had taken me. She screamed as she stared out through the glazed kitchen doors in the full knowledge I was there. The bright light within made it impossible for me to be seen leaning against the hedge yet I shifted along so she was staring exactly in my direction.

After all she had sent me a text demanding that I watch and telling me that the accused had indeed suffered the full weight of the law.


“It’s so kind of you to give me a lift, Mr-“

“Call me, Ben” he cut me off, “You’re a grown woman now, Marigold and it’s been years since you were just a slip of a thing babysitting for us!”

He checked the mirrors and waited to pull out into traffic as the torrential rain hammered down onto the roof of the Range Rover. I looked down as my sodden clothes dripped onto the leather seats, “I tend to use Mari, these days… Ben and I’m so sorry for making a mess of your car.” It felt strange using his first name; I must have been eighteen the last time I spoke to him, just before I went off to university and I briefly flicked back to that young mind-set and remembered the crush I had on him.

I bit my lip as one of the few parts of my body that had been dry now moistened.

“Don’t worry about it, Mari, this is just for work. It’s been far filthier travelling between work sites!” he answered as he pulled out into the traffic and accelerated sharply pressing me back into the seat.

I glanced at the man beside me comparing him to eight years previously. He was still as trim as he had been and of course as tall. There seemed to be a few extra lines either side of his eyes but the major change was his jet black hair now had quite a lot of grey running through it definitely accentuating the years between us. I squeezed my thighs together, my jeans damp from the weather sending an extra shiver through me along with that of my warming quim.

“Damn girl, here’s me rabbiting away and you must be frozen” he declared and reached for the heater controls and cranked them all the way up.

“N… n… not at all” I answered and then laughed as my teeth chattered, “well, maybe a little bit?”

His eyes glanced in the rear view catching mine briefly, “There’s a couple of blankets under the box files on the back seat, why don’t you grab them and wrap them around you till the car gets warm?”

“Thank you… Ben” I reached about but was unable to reach so unclipped my seat belt. Keeping an eye on the road just in case I slipped off my raincoat and dropped it into the foot-well; I didn’t have to look down to feel the wet ‘V’ where the rain had got in and soaked my blouse almost to my navel and left two achingly hard nipples poking through my bra and top.

I quickly twisted about and knelt on the seat having to stretch and reach for the blanket, careful not to knock the files to the rear floor. My pussy clenched and felt scalding hot compared to the rest of me as I hoped, almost felt the older man’s eyes upon my ass. I deliberately arched my back pushing my ass up and was rewarded by a slight wobble in the car. I dropped back into the seat and wrapped the blanket about my shoulders leaving my chest displayed before buckling up again.

“Better?” he asked with a small quiver in his voice.

“Much,” I replied as I pushed off my shoes and folded my legs up beneath me, knees pointed towards Ben. My position naturally then had me facing him and I briefly glanced down towards his crotch as he concentrated intently on the road. I slid my tongue along my lips as my eyes detailed the bulge present in his trousers.

I grinned as he shifted a little in his seat quite sure that he’d seen my gaze reflected in the rear view mirror. A thought crossed my mind; “I’m quite impressed that you recognised me after all these years and in the somewhat bedraggled state you found me!”

“Oh…” he hesitated and made a point of slowing down for a junction before continuing, “You haven’t changed that much Marigo-, err, Mari. Unlike some of us, that is!”

“You’ve just become more…” I lighted placed a fingernail and then continued, “….more refined!”

“Refined?” he grinned, “I’ve heard worse. Anyway I always rescue damsels in distress… and I recognised the antiques bag you were carrying.”

I glanced down at the bag in the foot-well beside my shoes noting a hint of steam rising from my blouse as the car heated up along with my own temperature. It didn’t seem to be having a softening effect on my hard nipples though. “So you’ve been keeping tabs on me?”

“Yes,” he grinned broadly, “that and we’re good friends with your parents as well.”

The idea of the man beside me spying on me added to my mood and I felt my underwear dampen. Beneath the blanket I scratched at my thigh wishing, however impractical when searching dusty shops for mispriced gems for my boss, that I’d worn a short skirt. “So, I guess you know I’m back at home till I scrounge together enough for a deposit?”

“That I do” he replied, “but I hope you don’t mind if I make a small diversion to check on one of my sites?”

“Anything special?” I asked knowing that as an architect he had designed some very classy homes including his own.

“Not the best… the client has some, hmm… boring ideas but by no means the worst either.”

“Lead on MacDuff!” I acquiesced.


The diversion wasn’t actually that ‘small’ but the company made the half hour go by in a moment. Ben had pulled up on a deserted site and replaced his shoes with wellingtons before he dashed into the mostly complete building and remained out of sight for ten minutes or so. He’d left the engine running and by this point I had divested myself of the blanket and with the driver’s seat empty had stretched my legs out idly daydreaming about him.

I had indeed had quite the crush on him when I had babysat his little boy. Some of my first masturbatory fantasies had included him lovingly taking my virginity. The ones running through my head now were by no means the ingredients for a romance novel; more akin to a porno shoot. I’d loosened the button on my jeans and slipped my hand inside and was softly stroking my hot sticky outer lips when I saw him making his way back through the rain dashed and fogged-up windscreen.

I grinned and closed my eyes and simply waited for him. Increasing the pressure of my forefinger it delved deeper between my folds and dragged deliciously across my clit as soon as it unveiled itself from its sheath. I moaned through gritted teeth and squirmed on the seat as I savoured the sensations and wondered about the look on Ben’s face. The door hadn’t been opened so I figured he must be standing there looking in watching me; I bit hard on my lip as I curled my finger inside me and my teased quim grabbed it almost instantly.

I sighed loudly and eased my eyelids a fraction apart. I stopped. Ben was nowhere in sight. My pussy tingled, demanding attention as I looked about through the steamed up windows and saw no sign of the object of my lust. “For fuck’s sake!” I muttered.

The pneumatics on the tailgate hissed and I jerked in surprise. A squeal escaped my lips as much from surprise as from my fingernail dragging across my G-spot and my pussy happily gripping my finger. I felt the suspension shift as Ben sat down and pulled off his muddy boots; “Sorry about that, took a little longer than I expected” he commented oblivious to my state.

I looked back between the seats to see the back of his head. Now I was blushing deeply in a state of confusion. My plan of being ‘caught unawares’ had evaporated and I didn’t feel I could just carry on regardless. Reluctantly I eased my finger from my slit, a shiver coursing through me as my hard nub received a tease from my fingernail as it passed. “That’s… alright” I answered a little hoarsely as I looked at my wet fingers; I resisted my natural inclination to lick them clean and waited for Ben to return to the driver’s seat.

The tailgate clicked shut and a moment later he slipped into the front as I pulled my feet back onto the edge of my own seat with my back resting against the passenger door. “All good?” I asked.

He smiled at me, “Oh yes, just fine; you?”

“Hunky dory” I answered.

“I guess you’re not so cold now,” he said cryptically twisting in his seat to face me.

I shook my head, “No… quite cosy now.”

“So I see” he grinned.

I opened my mouth to reply and then paused wondering about his meaning before I looked down and saw that my jeans were still undone, the zip having slipped all the way down exposing a fair amount of my black lacy panties beneath. “Oh!” I blushed deeply.

“So what, Marigold?” he asked, “You thought I’d return to the car, see you playing with yourself and be unable to resist like some teenage, hormone fuelled boy?”

I literally gulped as Ben’s eyes locked with mine and nodded humbly.

“That was the level of thinking you might’ve had the last time we met, but now you’re a woman Mari not a girl!” I blushed even deeper as his words made me feel utterly like a little girl. I couldn’t help but drop my eyes from his.

“So, is there something you want Mari?” he asked softly.

My chest heaved deeply, my nipples aching and my pussy still oozing as I lifted up my face. I let my knees fall apart and after a moment’s hesitation I slid my hand back into my sodden underwear; “Yes Ben, there is!” I answered pulling down the front of the black lace exposing the damp mess of my trimmed bush as I curled a finger back inside myself. I had to seriously admire the man opposite as his eyes remained resolutely upon mine although his tongue did slide out to wet his lips; “I want your cock!”

“Now there you go, you simply had to ask! Hell that was all you probably needed to do a decade ago…” he replied and dropped a hand to rub the bulge in his trousers. “Help yourself Mari!”

I wasted no time and twisted onto my knees, reluctantly pulling my hand out of my jeans and planting a damp handprint on the dash to prevent myself stumbling into the foot-well. Ben smiled broadly and out of sight he flicked a switch and his chair hummed as it slowly reclined. My hands hand undone his belt and pulled down his zipper before it had fully descended.

“Oh yesss…” I sighed as he lifted his hips and I yanked down his trousers and jockeys in a single motion. I took a moment admiring the specimen of manhood in front of me. It was shy of seven inches and as I wrapped my hand about its base my thumb and forefinger just touched. “Perfect!” I declared and pulled my hand down watching his foreskin slowly unfurl to reveal his glistening, pre-cum covered glans.

“Why thank you, Mari” Ben said as his hand reached up and pulled my blonde hair out of the way.

I looked into his eyes, “Oh but it is!” I stated as I flicked out my tongue and slowly dragged around the rim of his glans tasting the strong saltiness of his pre-cum. He sighed as I squeezed the base of his shaft rhythmically, “Just right… not too long, so I can get it all in my mouth,” I looked at his glans and slid a fingernail in a spiral up around his glans feeling his length quiver in response; “and keep it there without gagging or suffocating. I’m sure you will appreciate that?”

For the first time as my nail drag along his cock’s eye the man before me lost some of his composure; “Oh yess… ahhh… yes, I do… I do!”

“And then of course,” I leant forward and kissed the tip softly as I twisted my hand around the base, “just thick enough to stretch my cunt a little and not tear it when fucking me as hard as you can from behind!”

My lips briefly spread and slid down over his glans as my tongue lapped up the fresh dew drop seeping from the eye. Ben’s response was a simple grunt as I felt his fingers tighten in my hair.

I popped my mouth off and released his cock as I straightened up, his hand slipping reluctantly from my hair. “There’s a lot to consider about the perfect cock, Ben!” I stated as I unbuttoned my blouse, “It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect to be satisfactory… ” I pulled off my blouse and made short work of my bra. Staring at his twitching member, watching as another heavy drop of precum emerged I massaged my breasts giving each of my hard nips an individual pinch in turn. “Mmmm… yes… the perfect cock, fat enough to fill my cunt and of course thin enough,” I locked my eyes on Ben’s “to take it up my ass!”


And it was a sublime piece of manhood!

I deep throated Ben comfortably, his glans pushing into my throat as I locked eyes on him, his fingers gripping my head tightly as he moaned loudly. I was even able to bob my head up and down feeling his shaft slip in and out of my mouth as I twisted my head back and forth; sucking hard I could feel his foreskin rolling back and forth.

My underwear was drenched, probably beginning to stain the crotch of my jeans as my jaw finally began to ache. In one way I was disappointed that Ben hadn’t shot his load into my throat but of course my pussy was ‘over the moon’. I gave his length a long hard suck letting his glans ‘pop’ audibly from my mouth.

The car horn beeped loudly as I knocked it in my haste to shed the last of my clothes causing us both to laugh before I straddled his hips. “Ohh… I wanted this so much when I was babysitting for you!” I declared as I gripped Ben’s slippery shaft and pressed his cockhead into vulva, the lips parting easily.

His hands reached out and grabbed my upper thighs, fingers pressed into my flesh holding my tight; “Oh I did too… but I reckon you now… it was worth the wait!” he replied and incredibly slowly lowered me down his shaft.

The two of us sighed in unison as lower and lower I dropped and deeper and deeper his length slipped inside me. I shuddered as I finally came to rest pressing my crotch into his, turning fractionally back and forth as we savoured the ‘perfect fit’.

I loved the Range Rover with so much headroom!

We started off slow but eventually I had my hands against the ceiling as I impaled myself again and again on his rock hard shaft. My third all-encompassing orgasm literally took my breath away and I collapsed onto his sweaty chest looking up with amazement that his cock was still hard within me. He purposely twitched his shaft sending aftershocks through me as he grinned broadly.

I groaned and twitched on top of him. “How…?” I whispered wondering about his incredible stamina.

There was a glint in his eyes that I couldn’t comprehend as once more his hands reached down and eased me up of his manhood. “The wonders of modern science!” he admitted as he eased me forward and his cockhead slipped up between my ass cheeks.

I closed my eyes as I felt his glans nudge against my pucker; “Please… give me a moment” I pleaded.

“Take your time,” he replied and grasped my cheeks slowly sliding his length up and down between my cheeks.

It took me at least a minute for my heart beat to slow a little as my pussy continued to drip onto his thick pubic thatch stimulated by the feel of the ‘blue-steel’ sliding up and down. About the same amount of time for my brain to work as well!

Blue-steel I thought before looking Ben straight in the eye; “Blue… little blue pill? Viagra?”

He grinned cheekily, a grin not a million miles away from that of his son. I tilted my head as I rose up on my knees reaching back to take hold of his shaft. I rubbed his cockhead against my pucker biting my lip and the asking “Tell me Mr Brown when did you know you were going to fuck me?”

I eased back a fraction feeling his glans nudge into my tight rear hole watching his pupils dilate rapidly in response. He groaned loudly and then opened his eyes as I locked my hand tightly just under his cockhead holding it still. “Mmmm… I took it just before I picked you up!” he declared.

I pushed back a fraction allowing his cockhead to spread my pucker and almost slip inside. The truth was it was actually taking all my will not to simply slam back onto his perfect specimen. “I’ve known some teens and young men less cock-sure than that!” I sighed as my pussy twitched, “How come… you knew I’d fuck you…it’s been years!”

Again that familial ‘shit-eating’ grin. “Hmmm… yes, years since we… spoke… but only days since you last saw me?”

“Days?” I tried to ask innocently as my grip loosened on his shaft and his tightened on my ass.

“Oh yeah…” he licked his lips, “I knew almost from the get-go… didn’t know who though… not until Tuesday… you know how these new phones are, the messages just pop up on the display without even having to unlock them!”

I gulped and released his shaft in surrender. Nodding I replied “I do…” as I breathed deeply and relaxed my sphincter.

Ben, Mr Brown didn’t drive his shaft into me; he just held it there with his glans keeping my pucker open, mu own copious juices more than enough lubrication necessary. “Who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth,” he stated, “Must be six months or more and at least once a week Pan’ has fucked me, didn’t really have a choice; not complaining though and hence my little supply of blue pills just to keep up with her!”

Still his shaft remained stationary while my pussy quivered in anticipation. I almost cried when Ben’s cock disappeared from my hole; I looked down at him questioningly. He shifted to the side and a strong hand around the back of my neck pulled me down. I sighed happily, grinning against the leather upholstery, inhaling deeply as I smelt his sweat upon the seat.

His strong hands hoisted up my hips till I was perched on my knees and I felt his wonderfully, still hard cock brush against my cheek. “So doesn’t a message pop up on Pan’s phone as I’m walking past it… from Marigold!” I sighed softly as his hands caressed my ass feeling them spread my cheeks exposing my tight pink hole to his gaze. My other hole dripped, sticky warm juices running down the insides of my thighs. “Well. that got my attention! So I gave the phone  shake and the message appears again,” he squeezed my cheeks tighter as he slipped his cock up between my cheeks. “Let me think… ‘Oh I’ll be there fingers in my cunt!’ Does that sound about right, Marigold?”

“Yes… Mr Brown” I replied not hiding my desire as his cock head nudged my hole.

“Indeed… and lo and behold not ten minutes later she drags me to the kitchen and has me fuck her across the table…” his thumbs edged either side of my pucker and eased it open, my body quivered in response as once again his cock head nudged against my back entrance. “Coincidence, I don’t think; do you Mari?”

I slipped my hands beneath me and gripped my breasts, fingernails digging into my flesh. “No, Mr Brown… I was there… two fingers in my cunt… watching through the doors,” I answered before whispering a single “…please…”

“Oh I will” he answered firmly and I groaned as he pressed harder and my pucker pushed open as his glans eased in and then paused. I groaned loudly but remained still as he continued, “I’d figured Pan was having an affair, a woman doesn’t surprise me but I must admit you were… of course today it was a gamble on my part assuming you still had the same desires as when you were young especially having taken a dose of Viagra…”

I screamed as his fingers dug deep into my hips and he drove his length all the way into my ass. My fingers etched ten deep scores into my chest as my cunt locked up tight sending a squirt of my juices onto the seat below us. “Oh god yesss” I groaned as this perfect sized cock filled my ass. A small grin etched itself on my face as Mr Brown would have been reassured to know that I had by no means given up cock; sure he had only to ask Johnny his son who I’d been fucking for three weeks now after hoping to surprise Pandora and been somewhat surprised myself when I found him with his cock in hand.

I almost laughed as I’d found quite the perfect lover even if it was three different people all from the same family. Of course Ben knew about his wife and when I, quite literally, took Johnny in hand he’d (afterwards) wanted to know why I had a key and he wasn’t at all surprised or bothered that I was his mother’s lover. It sort of felt unfair that Pandora was the only one in the dark but she (okay me as well) had started all of this five months ago when I’d delivered an antique desk to her boss and bumped into her with a serious case of pre-trial jitters.

Mr Brown kept his cock buried deep inside me, “I think it’d be just as well if this was our little secret Mari? Pretty sure Pan gets off anyway on her clandestine lesbian affair, be a shame to spoil it for her!”

I looked over my shoulder grinning broadly as I figured I had the best of all three worlds; “Whatever you think best Mr Brown now shut up, fuck me like you mean it and fill my ass with your cum!”


So Dear Avid Reader,

A ‘shaggy-dog’ story to use the parlance or a slightly different take on Goldilocks and the Three Bears! Whether or not you guessed about Johnny Brown and his family, gentle Ben and Pandora, yeah I had trouble getting a third believable bear related name, (I think Pooh or Paddington might have been too obvious) I do hope you enjoyed it!!!


The Journey

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Hello again, Dear Avid Reader…

Just a little pome that I wrote. Was posted on a certain site and the hidden meaning is appropriate there but still…


Ask yourself what is it about flesh?

New flesh, different flesh, unexplored flesh

Different body but God is in the detail

The imperfections that make it perfect

Hold your gaze, look closer, closer yet

Examine it minutely, gaze at the detail

Watch the goose flesh rise as your breath caresses it

Imagine the reactions you instil on/in the yet undiscovered


New curves, colour, moles, scars, freckles,

New caresses, sensations, touches, embraces, strokes

Every inch to be explored with fingers, hand, lips, tongue

Rising chest, twitching thighs, clenching muscles

In each exploration different contours, different scents, different tastes

Searching for those zones unique that spark nerves and desires

Ardour rising in me, lust growing in them

Moving centres ever closer to each other


Odd reactions in new places, to be caressed, to be pinched, to be licked

Damp scents arising, the aromas of desire needing to be fulfilled

Each motion heading towards a mutual goal, an itch that has to be scratched

Rock hard meeting hot wetness

All nerves and synapses united as two become one

The centres cannot hold and all is gone except the moment, the here, the now

Orgasm begets orgasm, organisms become organs

Reality falls away and the universe is life in its simplest, purest form.


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Well, Dear Avid Reader…

…another scribble that came about from an entry to a competition on Lush; the subject was ‘change’ so be warned that’s exactly what I went for. As ever I do hope you enjoy so without further ado; read on…


Katie nurse

Sometimes the job was too easy!

Of course tonight’s shift was on the private ward with all mod-cons. A nurse barely had to leave the nursing station and yet she could monitor how all the patients in the private rooms were doing and if anything untoward happened they could simply press the opposite corners of the I-pad simultaneously for five seconds and a crash-team would be en route instantly.

Though, this being the private ward meant that it was a rarity that there would be any critical patients at all and tonight was no exception. Only four of the rooms would be in use and all were simply pre-op for surgery first thing in the morning. Sarah and James had settled three of them in already, a knee-op, a breast reduction and a breast enlargement. Katie tried not to imagine the two women side by side in an operating theatre and a ‘Woody Allen’ surgeon simply swapping the two pairs across.

Sarah was gathering her things as Katie looked up to the click-clack sound of a pair of heels approaching the nursing station up the tiled corridor. “Our last wandering patient,” she said softly to Sarah.

The other nurse glanced around and then turned back hoisting her bag onto her shoulder, “Your last wandering patient, I’m off;” she grinned broadly, “have fun!”

Katie briefly stuck her tongue out at her friend and then pulled up the details on the I-pad. “Miss McNally?” she asked.

The brunette smiled and nodded as she stopped before the station, the small wheeled suitcase coming to a halt beside her feet. “Yes, sorry I’m a bit late,” she apologised in a low, husky voice. Katie sensed a deep trepidation within the attractive woman’s voice which wasn’t unusual within the confines of a hospital even for the most routine of procedures.

“If you would confirm your birthdate and hospital number I’ll show to your room and let you settle in before we go through all the rest, if that’s okay?”

Katie watched as the woman before her gulped and nodded; her chest beneath the confines of an immaculate business suit rising and falling rapidly. The nurse got ready to move quickly around the desk as she watched the origins of a major panic attack start to appear. Miss McNally shook her head, her dark, straight shoulder length hair flying out as if she was in a shampoo commercial and the fear and panic disappeared almost completely. She read out her date of birth as she pulled her phone from her pocket and swiped her thumb across the screen and read out her hospital number.

“All good then,” Katie encouraged and led the woman over to room eight and showed her inside. The nurse couldn’t help grin as the woman looked about the room taken aback by the plushness of the décor. The only differences with a top notch hotel were the two screens and neatly arranged tubes for gas and air either side of the hospital bed. Katie swiped an icon across the I-pad and copied the patient’s file to the screen on the left side of the bed.

“I’ll leave you to it, your en-suite is through there,” she pointed to the door in the corner, “and you’ll find instructions for everything else on here” she lifted up an I-pad mini, “Including a call button. I’ll be back in half an hour?”

“Yes… thank you;” her green eyes dropped down to the nurse’s chest, “Thank you Nurse Rose.”

“Katie is fine, see you in a bit.”

She stepped out of the room and flipped back to the patient list just as James came out of the office having obviously used it to change out of the standard theatre-blues into his civvies. “Hiya Katie,” he offered, “don’t expect you’re gonna have a hectic night!”

“Unlike you I’m guessing,” she replied taking her time to look him up and down, “where you headed in your glad rags?”

“Meeting up with the crew from CITU, knowing them probably end up in West 5,” he answered.

“Oh it’s been an age since I had a good boogie,” she answered concealing her jealousy as well as the double meaning she felt behind the word ‘boogie’.

“I’ll be thinking of you; oh it’s Gately on duty tonight, so-“

“-I’ll not see her short of a nuclear holocaust!” Katie finished the sentence about their line manager. It was hardly a problem considering the four patients she had to take care of and it was also a reflection on her experience even though she was meant to be relieved for at least thirty minutes half way through her shift. It wasn’t a problem in any way on the high-tech private ward as the I-pad kept her in touch at all times with all nine rooms and even alerted the duty nurse if their ‘Obs’ varied outside of pre-set limits. “Have fun,” she ended with as her male counterpart walked away; she took a moment to admire his ass in his tight pair of black jeans.

“Oh I could really do with a good boogie,” she whispered to herself.


It was forty minutes before Katie returned to room eight, knocking briefly and entering when she heard the woman within consent. The young woman was sitting in the bed having managed to raise it up to a sitting position to watch the news on the flat screen TV mounted on the wall opposite. She’d changed into a large T-shirt depicting Wyle E. Coyote snacking on a drumstick with the tag-line beneath suggested ‘Revenge is a dish best served BBQ-ed!’

Katie smiled at the obviously brand new T-shirt figuring the woman normally slept in the nude and had bought the clothing especially for her hospital stay. It was far better than some of the negligees she had seen in her time. She pulled a stool across from the wall and perched herself upon it crossing her legs and opening the relevant file. She placed the I-pad down beside the patient’s legs beneath the covers and opened a drawer beside the bed pulling out a plastic wrapped package scanning the barcode over the camera in the pad.

“First things first; I see by your file you have no skin allergies you are aware of, Miss McNally?” she asked pronouncing the surname Mac- an-ally. The young woman faced her and smiled shaking her head.

“Family?” she asked.

Katie nodded, “Lots of cousins and aunts and uncles up near the border,” she tore open the package revealing two sticky pads and a sticky strip. “These will monitor your vitals while you stay with us;” she explained as she wrapped the strip around the woman’s tanned bicep, “If I may?” she asked pointing to the woman’s chest who nodded in reply. She drew down the sheet and slipped her hand up under the woman’s T-shirt smiling at the cartoon figure and placed the first pad on the side of her ribcage just beneath her left breast. “Yourself?” she asked noting some of her family’s Irish brogue drifting into her voice.

“Just outside Athlone a little ways” she answered as Katie leant across her and slid the other sensor up her right side, “call me Marie, please.” She had to reach quite high to place the technological marvel up towards the collar bone above the right breast, normally she would have slipped her hand through the neck or arm hole but both were quite tight. She was as professional as always and ignored the soft warm flesh of the young woman’s breast as her arm slid across it even when she inhaled quite deeply.

“Yep, that’s all good, Marie,” she stated as she consulted the I-pad, “Now just lots of standard questions just to double check the information we have.”

She rattled of the list of questions without having to read the prompts on the screen and just check whether the boxes were ticked or crossed appropriately.

“Okay so your scheduled for your op’ at 7.30 in the morning so no more eating till then and if you do get thirsty please keep it to small sips please.” Marie nodded her eyes briefly hinting at the previous anxiety she had displayed earlier.  “So just need to examine the site to check it’s all clear and prepared,” Katie continued as she scrolled down to the specifics of the case and felt her eyes widen as she read the details; “Oh!” she gasped involuntarily.

Marie laughed as the two women’s eyes met, “I figured you didn’t know.”

“Oh, I’m sorry” the nurse replied her eyes dropping to the patient’s neck examining it closely, “No, not a clue!” she admitted.

Marie stroked her fingers across her throat knowing exactly what the woman was looking for, “It is good work, isn’t it!”

Katie nodded, “Abrahms is the best; you never, ever recognise his work!”

Marie nodded acknowledging the surgeon’s name, “Not cheap, but then again if you can afford it there are some things a girl should never skimp on!”

Katie felt a little colour fill her cheeks as her eyes slid down over Marie’s chest noting a pair of particularly hard nipples poking up through Wylie’s eye and ear. With almost no hesitancy the young woman rolled down the sheets and pulled up the hem of her T-shirt exposing her crotch. Lying there, looking a little alien to Katie’s eyes as it had all been clean shaven was the last remnants of Marie’s masculinity.

The blush deepened in Katie’s cheeks as she leant forward to examine the cock before her. Even though it was strictly speaking flaccid its girth was still quite impressive and was easily over seven inches in length in its present state; the nurse became aware that her cheeks weren’t the only thing heating up as she figured the specimen before her was probably a close second, when it was fully erect, to the largest cock she had ever known intimately. In the back of her brain a little voice was reminding her that it had been over twelve months since she’d had any intimate knowledge at all of any cock.

She rolled her head from side to side and was a little disappointed that the patient had done such a good job of shaving her groin; even the sac with two tiny balls within due to the hormone regimen Marie would have been on for the past eighteen months was completely denuded of hair. Without even realising Katie allowed a sigh escape from her lips.

“Is there a problem?” Marie asked slightly worried and for the first time Katie detected the slight undertone of a male voice.

She straightened up quickly and pulled the sheets up covering the patient, “No, none at all; looks perfect… err, I mean you did a thorough, err, job, shave!” she answered far more flustered than she suspected she had ever been during her professional career including her first years as a student.

Marie lifted the sheet up and stared at her genitalia, the worry still etched on her face; “Tell me, please… is something wrong; will the op have to be delayed?”

Katie pulled herself together, ignoring the uncomfortable and yet stimulating dampness forming in her own nether regions; “No, it’s all fine, there’s nothing untoward. It’s not anything medical, trust me.”

Marie’s eyes shifted to Katie’s, her hands still holding up the sheet while the expression on her face hardened. “You don’t approve?” she asked although it was half statement.

“No… yes; I mean,” she took a deep breath and formulated thoughts which wasn’t helped as Marie lowered the sheet exposing her cock to her once again. Her eyes glanced towards the cause of her consternation before she twisted on the stool and looked at the woman straight in the eye. “I honestly understand the issues of body identity and can only guess at how I would have felt if I was trapped in the wrong body,” she stated drawing another deep breath seeing Marie’s features soften a fraction.

“I know full well that if you’ve got to this day you’ve thought long and hard-“ she paused and saw the corner of Marie’s mouth curl upwards at the accidental pun. “Sorry; you haven’t taken this decision lightly and also that various professionals have had to assess you, which can’t be an easy thing in itself and have approved the procedure. Down the years I’ve seen fifty maybe a hundred people pass through these doors before you for the same ‘op’ and I have never thought it was wrong or even a mistake!”

“So what was that sigh about?” Marie asked looking down at her groin.

“Honestly?” Katie asked and the woman simply nodded; “It’s a real nice looking cock, truth be told and, well, rather liking them myself and knowing that tomorrow it will be no more, seems a shame.” The woman’s eyebrows raised a fraction, “From my personal perspective, of course!” she added hurriedly.

Marie finally lifted up the sheet and covered herself, “I guess I can see that” she said and turned her attention back to the television.

Outside the door Katie slapped her forehead in frustration and gazed down at her crotch. The baggy, uncomplimentary theatre-blues gave no hint to the damp state of her underwear; “You know you’re no help at all” she scolded her genitalia and then grinned as she looked about even though there was zero chance of anyone overhearing her.


Katie sat at the nurse’s station, the I-pad propped against the side with the data being streamed from the four patients displayed in each quarter of the screen. Four sets of observations that couldn’t be any less interesting as she played Sudoku on her phone. Her mind kept wandering away and she had already made three simple errors on this mathematical puzzle as the image of Marie’s cock kept flitting into her brain and the ever present dampness between her thighs insisted on some attention.

A dampness that had already had her raid the supply closet and ‘borrow’ a pair of disposable knickers and an absorbent pad (luckily items that weren’t closely monitored); all of which felt extremely uncomfortable and didn’t lessen the demands of her quim. She closed the game on her phone and lifted the I-pad, her eyes staring at the small camera icon with a red cross through it along the bottom bar of the screen. All of the rooms had cameras for those critical patients whom she figured had never once resided here in the private wing of the hospital.

She tapped on the icon and a window appeared asking her to select a camera; it took her five seconds before her finger touched ‘Room 8’ and the next prompt appeared that she had known would. The security protocol insisted on her personal ID number as she’d known it would just as she’d known she wouldn’t go any further; she could easily lose her job if she couldn’t give a good and purely professional reason for invading a patient’s privacy. “Don’t think hoping for a glimpse of a cock is going to cut it,” she whispered to herself; “no matter how big it is!”

A single beep sounded from down the corridor and she swiped the window away as she heard the soft steps approaching up the corridor. “Hey Katie,” called Senior Sister Gately as she turned the corner; she looked about, “I see the usual Grey-Sloane drama is unfolding!”

“Ohh, never a dull moment here, Dee,” she replied glancing back at the screen to double-check the camera prompts had all disappeared.

The older woman leaned on the front of the counter, folding her arms; “Ever miss the ITU?” she asked.

“A little,” she admitted, “though the shifts I happily left behind!”

“And here you are doing a night shift on the most boring ward in the hospital!” Dee replied raising an eyebrow.

“True, but at almost three times the rate and only when I want them!” Katie answered; “Makes all the difference in the world!”

“You wanna take ten minutes for a fag break?” the woman asked.

“Not anymore! Quit the cancer sticks almost ten months now,” Katie answered proudly but in the back of her head the old demon was still there and the cock in room 8 certainly wasn’t helping her cravings.

“Good for you!” Dee replied impressed, “Maybe one day I’ll do the same… but I doubt it,” she shrugged. She surveyed the corridor once more and stepped away from the desk, “Well, if you want a break from all this excitement around three I could take over for twenty or so minutes,”

“Thanks,” the younger nurse replied genuinely surprised at the offer; “I’ll bear it in mind.” She watched the woman disappear and wondered if her general view of Dee was biased by the hectic workload they had shared on the ITU wards years previously or if the woman had actually mellowed. She heard the main door to the ward click shut before she whispered “Wonders will never cease!”

She pondered the idea of taking Dee up on her offer thinking maybe given twenty minutes she could satisfy the aching need between her thighs without any fear of interruption. She nibbled her bottom lip as her fingers twitched and had figured it would be the best course of action as she was sure that even though her toys waited for her at home a little play with her fingers even in the uncomfortable surroundings of a toilet cubicle might satisfy her soaking slit till she got home. A quiet buzzing began and her attention was drawn back to the I-pad.

Room 8 had taken centre stage on the screen automatically as it alerted her with the single word ‘Artefact’ followed by the flat line of the heart-rate. For a seoond Katie’s own heart added a beat or two as the surge of adrenalin hit her taking her straight back to her ITU days and then her experience simply told her that the adhesive sensor had come loose. “It would be you!” she stated as she rose from the chair, picking up the pad and headed for the room.

She stepped inside and saw the room lit in the red glow of the ‘night-light’ which allowed staff to survey a patient without waking them up with the main harsh lights. Marie was just a lump beneath the covers and even from the door she could see the sheet rising and falling with her breaths. She quietly stepped over to the bed and looked down at the tousled hair on the pillow. It was obvious she was lying on her right side facing her with her left leg raised up, in a semi-foetal position with the left leg straight down the bed.

As she stepped forward she felt something against her foot and looked down to see the patient’s choice of nightwear in a pile of the floor. She smiled, the rooms were kept quite warm, not for the patients comfort but so staff only ever had to contend with a single sheet and perhaps a light blanket if they had to attend to them while they were asleep; like this very instance of re-attaching a sensor and hopefully not having to wake the patient. She placed the I-pad on the side and opened a lower drawer beside the bed, lifting out a sealed sachet of adhesive which she placed into her armpit in order to bring it rapidly to body temperature.

As she gently lifted the covers she felt her pussy dampen even more and made a conscious effort to only draw it down to the patient’s hips. She chewed once again on her bottom lip as she saw the left-hand side sensor still attached which meant it was the right hand one that had worked free of which there was no sign on the white sheet in front of Marie. For a moment she looked at the body before her, arms up in front of her torso covering her breasts and she could see, possibly helped by the dim light, the asexuality of the person before her.

Marie was slight by male standards, even petite by female ones; her flesh appeared flawless and evenly tanned across her back as her eyes traced down the spine to the sheet still covering her hips. Her hand tightened its grip on the fabric and it took all her willpower not to draw it further down. She finally released the sheet and reached up for the small pen-torch hooked in the breast pocket of her scrubs; as she did the warming adhesive sachet dropped from beneath her armpit to the floor.

“Bollocks!” Katie breathed and knelt down on one knee to pick it up; at that moment Marie murmured and rolled on to her back.

Katie stared at the tent that had appeared in the sheets, her jaw dropping open and her tongue sliding across her lips as she gazed at the obvious erection. Her other knee lowered to rest on Marie’s discarded T-shirt; the adhesive sachet now a distant memory as her eyes took in the hard cock easily defined beneath the thin cotton sheet. It was easily over eight inches in length and rose at a steep angle up from Marie’s crotch, the engorged glans thicker than the stem.

Katie salivated, her mouth seeming to compete with her pussy as she leant forwards her chest and a pair of aching, rock hard nipples finding and pushing against the steel bar on the side of the bed. “Oh fuck!” she whispered as she tilted her head mimicking the angle of the covered erection before her. She watched intently as the cotton sheet slowly slid over the hard-on, vaguely aware that it was her right hand that was drawing it down as her left pulled at the tie on her trousers.

In the back of her mind a very small voice was asking her what she was doing, did she really want to lose her job; however it was in the minority as the rest of her mind and her body demanded to see Marie’s fully erect cock. She pressed her chest harder against the rail, her hard nipples between squeezed into the soft flesh of her breasts as her eyes followed the edge of the sheet rising upwards and across Marie’s swollen cock head. She released the breath she’d been holding as finally the white cotton tumbled down the length before her and she could appreciate the erection in all its glory.

Katie heard herself moan as she thrust her hand inside her trousers, ripping the disposable panties in the process and shoving the soaked pad out of the way to thrust two fingers into her hot dripping slit. Just as her fingertips pressed against her G-spot Marie’s hand that had been lying beside her hip opened. For the briefest of moments Katie was confused by what she saw, mostly due to her pussy pulsing tightly around her invading fingers and couldn’t understand what was lying in the palm in front of her.

“Please,” she heard the whisper from the head of the bed, “you can touch it.”

Katie stared at the sensor she had come into the room to re-affix as her befuddled mind finally added two and two and came to the conclusion that Marie had been awake the entire time and had actually contrived to lure her into this very situation. She could feel her head shaking from side to side but her body was rising and the hand that had pulled the sheet down was reaching for the magnificent long thick cock in front of her.

She was aware of Marie raising herself up on her elbows and yet her eyes were unable to leave the erection directly in front of her. Her own fingers within her tightened as she felt the hot, sticky juices from her slit run down the insides of her thighs; another pulse emanated outwards as her fingers finally touched Marie’s cock which twitched in response. “Oh God,” she whispered as she leant even closer.

Marie reached forward and threaded her fingers through Katie’s hair holding it out of the way; “You really do like cock don’t you!” she stated as she felt the nurses slender fingers wrap around the base of her cock, a sly grin curling up the edges of her mouth as the thumb and fingertips failed to reach each other.

Katie managed to pull her eyes away from the length just bare inches from her face to look up at the owner; “Is this you, changing your mind?” she asked cautiously.

Marie laughed quietly and shook her head, “No, tomorrow; I mean today it goes. Call it a… final farewell; tonight it’s yours!”

“Oh fuck,” Katie answered letting her eyes travel back past Marie’s heaving chest with her tiny pebble-like hard nipples to the object of her desire. “Mine,” she whispered and leaned in lapping her tongue over the glans shiny with salty pre-cum. A loud gasp drifted to her ear from up the bed as she teased the eye with the very tip of her tongue and squeezed the base rhythmically.

Marie’s cock twitched in response as she lay back closing her eyes tightly, her hand releasing Katie’s hair and joining the other to massage her breasts as the tongue slowly slid around the glans covering it all in saliva. She raised her hips fractionally as she felt a pair of warm lips kiss the tip sedately before easing apart and sliding so very slowly over the head; the tongue within resuming its gentle caresses.

Katie formed her lips tightly around the bulbous cock head and sucked hard upon it feeling it twitch against her flattened tongue. Her own eyes were open staring down to her hand wrapped around the base seeming an impossible distance away and she knew there was no way she could ever take the full length of this monstrosity into her mouth. She wondered if her pussy would even be able to manage but she was damn well going to try. She pulled her fingers from her slit and brought them up to join her other hand, twisting them in opposite directions, one above the other as she lowered her mouth down.

Marie pinched her nipples hard as her cock was completely wrapped in fingers and mouth; the second hand slippery with the nurse’s juices as it squeezed and twisted upon her length. “Ohh fuck yesss,” she moaned loudly,

Katie grinned about the huge glans happy in the knowledge that the side rooms were reasonably sound proof and with the door shut only the loudest screams could possibly be heard outside. All thoughts of her professional career and sacking had evaporated and now she was determined to make as much possible use of this wonderful cock before it was removed in a few short hours.

Her adoring reverie was shaken as she heard an insistent beeping and reluctantly lifted her mouth from the cock with an audible ‘pop’. She cursed beneath her breath as her eyes locked with Marie’s and she saw the disappointment within them that their time was to be cut short. She gazed at the I-pad and grinned as she saw what the alarm was about. Three seconds later she had found the discarded sensor and stuck it back above the woman’s chest and the device beeped once and was happy again.

Marie smiled at Katie as she let go of her throbbing shaft and pulled of her top quickly followed by the practical bra beneath. She tilted her head taking in the details of the nurse’s body as it was revealed; there was a light clatter as a pair of clogs was kicked off and then, Katie keeping eye contact, bent at the hips and shoved down her bottoms, disposable panties, pad and all. She gave her patient a little twirl and climbed onto the bed straddling Marie’s thighs, totally nude except for a pair of white ankle socks.

She took hold of the long shaft before her and slowly stroked it up and down; “So… if you don’t mind me asking, just a little confused here.” Marie nodded fully aware of the type of question that was to follow. “You apparently like girls,” Katie continued as she rose up on her knees and stroked the head of Marie’s cock against her soaking pussy; “You have one seriously impressive cock,” she sighed as she lowered herself a fraction and the fat glans eased her lips apart. She took a moment to adjust to the girth as it spread her labia fully apart.

“And yet tomorrow it will be gone!” she groaned loudly as she eased down inch by inch feeling it stretch her cunt like it had never been stretched before. “Oh Jesus Mary and Joseph” she cursed and still pushed herself down.

Marie’s hands slid up Katie’s thighs as she watched her cock slowly disappear inside her; she moaned, reciprocating the groans of the woman on top of her. “Yes… I like… fuck,” she whimpered feeling the tightness of the pussy easing down her shaft, “yes, I’ve always liked girls… and tomorrow I will still like them!”

Katie shuddered as Marie’s cock head pressed against her cervix and even though her eyes were now shut tight she was sure there was easily an inch or more of length still outside. Her fingers entwined through the other woman’s upon her thighs as she steadied herself and remained as still as she could savouring a fullness within her she had never, ever felt before. Vaguely she listened to Marie’s reply; “Confused… ahhh… has always been the way I’ve described myself… tomorrow I will be a lesbian… through and through.”

Katie shook her head, a wide grin upon her lips as she twisted upon the shaft buried deep inside her feeling her pussy accommodate itself to Marie’s length and girth. She stared down at the woman beneath her amazed at the view before her and the feeling inside; she looked so petite and even though she was nude and moaning beneath her she actually looked innocent. Her fingers gripped tighter on Marie’s and she ground her cervix down hard upon the large, swollen cock head pressing up inside her.

“Ohhh… fuck!” she breathed as she raised herself up and thrust down hard.

Marie drove her hips upwards to meet the nurse’s thrust and even though the last item of her original gender was to be removed in a few short hours she would also miss the look on a partner’s face as they rode her. The bed creaked beneath them as they worked up a rhythm and Katie tried vainly to fully engulf Marie’s thick, long cock. She bucked wildly on top of her patient as her orgasm overtook her; previously it had always felt like her pussy would shrink down to an impossible diameter with the previous cocks she’d experienced but the monster within her denied that sensation and yet filled her so completely in spite of that.

Marie’s back arched as her own orgasm followed on the heels of Katie’s; it was every bit intense as it had ever been even though her testes were so shrunken with the hormones she was on. Maybe she did miss shooting rope after rope of seed into a willing partner’s pussy but the pleasure was just the same.

The two collapsed down on the bed, their flesh hot and slippery with sweat as their chests heaved against each other. A minute passed and their heart rates slowed along with their breathing when Marie whispered into Katie’s ear, “Now I’ll show you why I like girls so much!”

The nurse squealed as Marie’s hands grasped her ass and pulled her off her cock and pushed her up the bed and planted her gaping pussy straight onto her mouth. Katie grabbed the top rail of the bedhead as she looked down and watched the first woman ever to drive her tongue into her slit. She gasped as she felt her tongue delve deep inside her, swirling about her walls as far as it could reach and her clit dragged from side to side against her hard teeth,

“Ohh… god that’s… wonderful,” she murmured and ground her crotch harder onto Marie’s eager mouth. Ten sharp nails dragged across the flesh of her ass and even though her quim felt empty and hollow after that thick cock had stretched her, a fresh orgasm was rapidly building and she no longer cared what sex the owner of the tongue was and let herself be consumed by the deft and expert talents beneath her.


The club pounded with an acid/disco beat as Katie tried to tell the barmaid her order. She shivered a little as she felt a trickle of sweat run down her spine from the exertions of the last thirty minutes on the dance floor. She looked across and saw James and Dee still going and with quite a lot of tactile contact which with every passing song seemed to be getting more intimate. “Oh and you always protested too much,” she said in the male nurse’s direction.

“Buy you a drink?” she heard from a pair of lips that had appeared as if from nowhere beside her ear.

She turned to see a tall redhead, possibly six feet in height, straighten up beside her and pushing out a formidable pair of breasts directly at her face.

Katie shook her head, “No thanks,” she said loudly in an effort to be heard above the music. A sneer briefly appeared on the woman’s face and she turned away to hunt for other prey. Katie grinned to herself; it was actually a rarity for her to get hit on in West 5, she always presumed she put out an aura of being straight though of course that would be a direct challenge to some in the, strictly speaking, Gay club.

“Not your type?”

Katie rolled her eyes and turned back to her other side to see a petite blonde had taken up the vacated spot at the bar. Again she shook her head, “No, not really.”

The blonde arched an eyebrow, “You sure? I guess you are, it’s just… I’d have guessed that you had dabbled in the Sapphic delights. At least once!”

The woman didn’t seem put out that Katie was ‘straight’, merely curious; “No never, may I be blunt?” she asked and the woman nodded. “I just really like cock!”

“Yeah… I remember… Katie,” she replied with a wink.

“What?” Katie blurted out and then paused and lifted up her hand to cover the woman’s hair. “Fuck!” she exclaimed.

“Indeed we did!” Marie replied, “Don’t you like the blonde look?”

“Bloody hell! So how’s life, Marie?” she asked and couldn’t help but look down briefly.

“Fucking wonderful… so even I couldn’t tempt you?” she asked.

“You went through with the ‘op’, I know… so;” she paused and dragged up the memory of the talented tongue that resided in the mouth opposite her. “Possibly,” she admitted.

“What if I told you I kept a memento?”

Katie stared at the woman opposite knowing that after the trans-gender operation there was very little that was actually left over, let alone being recognisable as a penis and it was always destroyed. “Can’t see how?”

“Well, when I was a Boy Scout we were always told to be prepared… so I took a mould!” she answered with a lick of her lips; “Strangely it fits my new pussy rather well! Wanna put it on and give me the fucking I gave you? Promise I’ll fuck you back!”

Katie knew her eyes were as wide as saucers; she felt her pussy soak the thong she was wearing almost instantly. “What are we standing round here for!” she grinned and grabbed Marie’s hand.