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Something Borrowed… 4/4

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Well, hello again Dear Avid Reader…

The fourth and final part but well over a third of the story! Well, sometimes I can’t help myself and I had to get our heroine to where i wanted too! All about placing the pieces in the right place just to knock them down… don’t worry, nobody dies! Although it is a little bit of a whodunnit! The other reason why this part is so long is simply weddings are so easy to write about as pretty much the entire structure is already there and just needs fleshing out.

Oh and if you haven’t read the first three parts…

As for those who have without further ado or procrastination here’s some unadulterated porn. Enjoy!



Something New…


I rolled over as the alarm beside the bed chirped ever more insistently for me to rise. My hand slipped across the chest of the person beside me and I only had the briefest of hesitations as I felt the smooth soft flesh of Fiona’s B-cups. I grinned even before I opened my eyes as this was another new experience for me; I’d never actually slept with a woman before (not sure there was much I hadn’t done in a bed with a woman but sleep wasn’t one of them) and feeling my friend’s nipple harden as my fingers brushed them I opened my eyes to see her face, mostly obscured by her long hair, turned towards me. I brushed her hair away and kissed her lips softly revelling in the smoothness of her face. I loved Alan deeply but that rough growth he exhibited on his chin even if he had shaved the night before wasn’t one of my favourite features.

Fiona stirred beneath me and even before she was fully awake her tongue slipped between my lips and her thighs parted as I slipped my own between them. A low moan escaped her mouth as the two of us shifted a little bit further and our mounds slid against one another and except for breaking our kiss to reach across and shut off the alarm clock we remained tightly embraced till both of us reached a pair of very satisfying orgasms.

“I could get use to this… shame you don’t have a nice fat cock though” I admitted to my friend.

Fiona looked up at me smiling, “The feeling’s mutual” she agreed and stroked my cheek; “Does Alan get the hump if you ask him to shave first thing, too?”

I nodded and laughed, “He does… boys; they have no idea just how irritating their beards are! Though when his head is between my legs, not so much.” Reluctantly I disentangled myself from my friend and slipped from the bed looking at my wedding dress hanging from the wardrobe; looking over my shoulder as Fiona rolled onto her side I grinned, “Well, things to do!”

The ceremony wasn’t till two-thirty in the afternoon and the time flew by as we got ready. It was almost a mistake to let Fiona shower with me and shave my pussy completely bald and it took all my will to push her mouth away when she insisted on ‘quality-controlling’ her efforts. After that slight issue the two of us were far better behaved and enjoyed the pampering of the hair-dresser and make-up sessions before I dressed in brand new underwear consisting of a white lacy set of corset, sheer knickers, suspenders and stockings and the obligatory garter belt.

Fiona helped me into my wedding dress that was just off-white with gold laces tied up my back that accentuated my ass and breasts just right. I’d opted for knee-length at the front dropping to half way down my calves at the back. “So a nice blancmange wasn’t tempting?” asked Fiona.

I looked at her Royal Blue Bridesmaid dress still on its hanger as she stood there in a dark blue lingerie; I raised an eyebrow, “Oh, you would have preferred a luminescent pink number with six foot wide skirts?”

“No” she admitted, “Thank you for having taste and no desire to sartorially torture your friend on your special day.”

“You’re welcome” I replied as she tightened the laces up my back.

“And thanks for a reasonable looking best man, too” she grinned.

“Nothing to do with me!” I admitted, “Have you and Harry come that far in a week?” I added.

“Well…no… but I can… dream” she grinned.

It was true, as normally was the case, that I had nothing to do with the choice of Martin. The truth was I barely knew him. In all the time I had known Alan his best friend since school had been working in the Far East and only ever got back once or twice a year and of those times sometimes my own busy work schedule meant that I didn’t even see him at all.

Still he was quite charming and as Fiona noted was very easy on the eye. I was very curious what his speech would be like and Alan was definitely nervous about it and had already asked for unconditional forgiveness just in case. I offered him it but did say there would be penance to pay which he remained hopeful would be a task he would be only too happy about.

Time was marching on and after Fiona stepped into her dress, zipping it up she went to see if the cars had arrived. I walked over to my dresser and opened up my jewellery box to put in my mother’s gold earrings, “Something old” I whispered and momentarily my mind went back to the view through the window the previous night and my slit gave a little twitch. I looked down, “Behave” I admonished myself. Earring in, I reached for the six inch square box that held a new gold necklace I had chosen consisting of alternate strips of gold of varying hues. I knew they would draw people’s eyes down to my cleavage that was relatively conservative considering what I had to work with,

I grinned thinking at least close up Alan would indeed have a good view as I opened the box. I stood there looking at the item that now sat within the hoop of the necklace that had definitely not been there the previous afternoon. “Oh my!” I whispered, “Something new…”


With neither of my parents still alive I stepped up to Liz as we went to leave the house and asked “Would it be possible to borrow your husband?”

She of course said yes and I turned to Jack and asked “Would you possibly give me away?”

I had deliberately been evasive about who I would choose and both Jack and Liz had been surprised and honoured by my request although Liz did tell me off for ruining her make-up before she had even got to the church.the happy couple

A short limo drive later and an acceptable six minutes late I took hold of Jack’s arm as he walked me up the aisle, “You know you could do a whole lot better for yourself” he whispered conspiratorially.

A grin was spread across my face as I looked up to the altar and the groom and best man stood there. Alan I noted fidgeted a little but resisted the urge to turn back whereas Martin was happily (and I hoped flatteringly) whispering a commentary to his best friend. I almost laughed aloud as I looked up at Jack, “I could, but… he does have one or two good points… and I get to keep half now too!”

“Well, I reckon he gets the good stuff from his mother” he answered as we dutifully smiled to those lining the pews. I was thinking that at least one of Alan’s many talents he definitely seemed to get from his father judging from the previous night’s show; “You do realise you are the major bread winner… Alan gets half too!!!”

“Damn” I grinned and hugged Jack’s arm tighter as we stepped up to the altar.


“I do” I grinned as Alan slipped the ring onto my finger and my eyes wandered down to the surprise kilt he was wearing.


As the two of us stood outside the church to pose for the first of many photographs I asked “A kilt, really?… I’m not sure you have enough genetic material to qualify.”

“Yeah, Hawthorne isn’t your typical Scottish or Irish name but I’m sure there’s some… somewhere… and as Martin suggested for want of trying to get inside some Irish, ex-Miss Malone” he grinned, “ there’s definitely going to be some genetic transference!”

“And that’s the reasoning you’re going to use with the older generation?” I replied raising an eyebrow.

“Might take a little refinement, I agree” he answered.

“And what of the little…‘something new’ you left me?” I asked.

He turned towards me, the smile for the benefit of the photographer on his mouth and was just about to reply when Martin and Fiona were ushered up beside us. I grinned up at my husband and looked back to the photographer and resumed smiling for the sake of posterity.


Eventually we all made it to the reception and were seated as the Master of Ceremonies announced that the ‘Father of the Groom’ would actually be saying a few words on behalf of the bride.

Jack stood and smiled as a round of applause rippled around the room. He paused and looked to his side at me before turning back to address the room. His chest swelled as he began; “It was a surprise this morning when Marie asked me to accompany her down the aisle so, don’t worry, there will be no long-winded speech but simply those thoughts I’ve had time to think about in the last couple of hours.”

“I can only imagine how her parents would have felt if they were here today,” he continued, “but, I do know that they simply couldn’t have been prouder of their daughter!” He turned and gazed at me and I smiled back half thinking if Alan turned out to be half the man his father was that I had indeed been lucky; “Before anyone suggests it, I can definitively say I have no conflict of interests here. In actual fact as we walked down the aisle I did try to convince Marie that she could do far better than my son!”

Laughter rippled back and forth across the room, increasing a notch when Alan protested the betrayal of his own ’blood’. Jack sent a withering look in his direction and simply asked if he was wrong to which he got a shake of his son’s head. I could feel tears already welling up in my eyes and I already knew that some repair work would be needed before long. “Marie is simply smart, funny, kind, beautiful, and I can say this as we are not related; one of the most gorgeous brides I have seen in a long time-ouch!” Loud agreements echoed from a few of the male guests and I felt myself blush deeply as I watched Jack rubbing his thigh looking down at his wife beside him.

“I did say a long time… at least thirty-six…wait, thirty-five years I mean!” he defended himself to his wife and another ripple of laughter ran around the room.

Once the laughter had settled down his raised his glass and all about followed suit as the waiters rushed to top up any empty glasses; “I give you the toast- The Bride… and well the groom!”

“THE BRIDE… and well the groom!” echoed the room and I felt myself blush a shade I didn’t think was humanly possible.

Once the toast had been drank Jack went to sit down but then hesitated as the Master of Ceremonies took his arm, handing him something and whispered in his ear. After a moment he straightened up and announced, “It seems we have a forgetful person in the room who will regret his lack of memory when he… or she gets home tonight!” He held up his hand a fob dangled from his fingers, “Someone’s garage remote?” he asked.

I, like everyone else, looked about the room for the owner but no-one stood. Jack smiled and continued “Well I better leave it open for you!” and pressed the button.

The shock was immediate and I had to clench my teeth together to prevent myself from groaning aloud. As it was I dug my fingers into Alan’s thigh through the thick fabric of his kilt as the small but intense vibrations filled my pussy. “Are you okay, babe?” he asked concernedly.

The forgotten duo-balls within me ceased their vibrations as quickly as they had begun but my quim still trembled in response and my already moist underwear got considerably damper. I looked at Alan and flicked my eyes downwards; “Something new…” I whispered to be met by a puzzled look.

“Well, I guess we don’t want to leave it open all day; I better close it for them” Jack suggested over my shoulder and even though I was prepared this time the sensations seemed even stronger as I thought of what my new father-in-law was actually doing to me.a wet bride

Alan leant closer concern replacing puzzlement and it took me a moment to answer with the realisation that my husband knew nothing about the gift I had assumed he left for me. “Nothing…honey… just the excitement” I excused myself seeing in his eyes that he didn’t fully believe my lie but was at a loss for any other explanation.

Jack placed the remote device on the table and I watched Liz pick it up and examine it and feared and yet hoped that another burst of vibrations were on their way to me. Relief and disappointment was mine as she placed it back on the table without pressing the button.

Behind us the Master of Ceremonies announced Alan’s speech and he gazed at me for a moment more before standing up to enthusiastic applause. Truthfully I didn’t pay that much attention to my new husband’s speech; I was doubly distracted as apart from my being now primarily centred around the heat emanating from my crotch; I was also trying to figure out who had placed the wonderful device in my jewellery box. I was convinced that it wasn’t Alan standing beside me and it was unbelievable that Jack or Liz had anything to do with it.

There had been quite a lot of visitors through our house over the last few days, anyone of which could have been the culprit though in truth my prime suspect was my Maid of Honour. I smiled at Fiona who grinned back as she caught my eye and I was at a loss that my best friend for so many years could hold such a ‘poker’ face. I turned my head and surveyed our audience till I found Harry watching Alan and actually listening (!) to his speech. What a good wife I’m turning out to be, I thought as I studied him. Less than a week ago anything beyond a light kiss and a hug would have been almost inconceivable outside of my masturbatory daydreams and the fantasies I indulged in with my toys.

My pussy tightened around the Duo-balls at the thought of Harry’s thick cock filling it after my Hen night. I suppressed the shiver that ran up my spine and found myself thinking it was definitely beyond even the newly discovered persona that I knew, especially if he was ‘working alone’. I was stumped as I glanced at the remote sitting just a few feet away along the table before resuming my wifely duties and paying attention to my new husband.

Alan brought his speech to a close and raised his glass as he looked down at me; “To my beautiful bride!” he toasted.

“TO THE BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!” chorused our family and friends and I felt myself blush deeply.

He sat down and leaned in and kissed me softly with a brief hint of tongue before a nervous look crossed his face as the Master of Ceremonies announced Martin’s turn. “Oh fuck” he whispered.

I took hold of his hand and assured him it wouldn’t be that bad or at least it will be brief. Martin’s grin at his best friend did nothing to dispel Alan’s nerves.

“Ladies and Gentlemen… the Groom and his Beautiful Bride… this is indeed a glorious day!” he began. He looked at his friend and feigned contemplation before continuing; “What can I say about Alan… well I’ve known him since Fresher’s week at university and the shy, unassuming teenager gave me no clue as to the natural-born reprobate I was to discover. I tried to keep him on the straight and narrow-“

“Liar!” interrupted Alan.

Martin grinned, “You see! Scratch the surface and the dark side is revealed!” he shot back; a ripple of laughter ran around the room and I patted Alan’s hand even though I was hoping for all the embarrassing details.. “You’ve had your turn Alan and it was a wonderful speech, now if you can, please behave in a civilised manner!”

Martin paused till Alan reluctantly nodded and then announced, “I’m not much of a speech-maker so I might have prepared some visual aids!” The Master of Ceremonies handed him a remote control and in a matter of seconds a projector revealed itself from the ceiling and an image of Alan as a baby appeared on a large section of unadorned wall. Someone dimmed the lights a fraction and Martin began his commentary; “Thank you Jack and Liz for these early depictions,” he glanced again at Alan; “Don’t worry my friend people were coming out of the woodwork to offer contributions!” Pictures flicked by and we watched Alan growing up before our eyes with only one or two embarrassing photographs from his teenage years. A large laugh erupted as we saw an incredibly long fringe covering most of his face at age sixteen. “Cousin It!” suggested Martin.

Alan was sinking into his chair beside me as we rapidly approached eighteen and sure enough there was a photo of a young man burdened by a large rucksack about to board a train. There were a couple more photographs of a studious Alan as Martin announced “And so ends our tale of innocence and the descent into decadence and debauchery begins!” The room erupted in laughter and Alan buried his face in his hands as an image of him obviously drunk and sitting on a pavement hugging a lamppost was revealed.

A few more snaps mainly of Alan holding up pints of beer or other alcoholic beverages and those close to the Head table laughed doubly loudly as Jack commented about how he thought he had been financing education and not inebriation.

“I have to say that Alan was easily influenced by those of lower morals than me,” his grin broadened at the ‘hrmmph!’ from beside me; “And hence we enter a new phase!” Again the crowd erupted as Alan was revealed in stockings, suspenders, heels, bra and a pair of lace panties that even with the briefest of glimpses did nothing to hide his cock. Although the series of pictures were all from one night or maybe two and obviously he was attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show Martin told it as if he and his fellow students were continually finding Alan in this state of dress.Rocky horror show

“Of course you will all note that the two of us are in kilts today,” he turned to look at me, “A nod to our mutual genealogy… but I have to say Alan didn’t take much convincing to don a skirt!”

The last image that was projected was Alan in the middle of a row of similarly dressed Rocky aficionados high kicking down a set of red carpeted stairs. It remained there till the projector disappeared back into the ceiling and I personally noted Martin to the left with a sizable bulge in his own lace panties. I glanced at him beside me, my eyes dropping and noted that it seemed he was even more of the enthusiast as he had shaved his legs clean for the outfit.

“I am glad to say” he continued, “that Marie is obviously a very good influence on my friend but maybe she should just check her wardrobe every now and then to see that he isn’t falling into his old ways!”

I nodded to Martin in reply and nibbled my bottom lip as I knew that just like my new husband he would be wearing the Irish tartan as it was meant to be worn. He wrapped up his speech making the toast and announced that all should retire to the bar while the hall was prepared for the evenings dancing.

As we headed into the bar the thought struck me and I made a vague excuse and headed back to the table. I bit my lip as I studied the glasses and bottles that adorned the table but it seemed the Duo-ball remote was nowhere to be seen. I gasped loudly as I felt them buzz within me and turned about to see if anyone was looking at me. Lots of smiles greeted me but none suggested that they had control over my leaking quim.


The first few noted of the song echoed around the room.

“Good choice” I said into Alan’s ear as ‘A Rainy Night in Soho’ began.

“Well, I was thinking of a Tammy Wynette number” he replied as he began to lead me around the floor surrounded by our friends and family.

I grinned back at him, “Oh that would have gone down a storm!” I answered knowing he was suggesting D.I.V.O.R.C.E. I pulled him tight against me and pressed my face into his neck, groaning as the device within me was activated.

“What’s going on Marie?” he asked with some concern.

My juices began to trickle down my thighs as the vibrations continued for a number of seconds; my pussy clenching in response. Just before my sweet torturer removed their finger from the remote a small orgasm radiated through my core and for a few steps Alan almost carried me. I managed to look up at him breathlessly and the concern disappeared from his face to be replaced by a lustful curiosity.

I saw Martin lead Fiona on to the dance floor and pressed my mouth to my husband’s ear speaking softly as my Maid of Honour and the Best Man neared. “Someone… and I thought it was you left me a present, something new!”

“And?” he replied as he pulled me tight pressing our hips together. An echo of my minor orgasm dribbled down to add to my already saturated garter belt as in my head I bemoaned the sporran between us knowing that his cock was hardening beneath the kilt.

I wanted nothing more at that point to reach down and slip my hand up beneath the heavy tartan and lead his erection into my aching snatch. “It was a pair of Duo-balls… they’re inside me now,” I looked over Alan’s shoulder surveying the couples now flowing onto the dance floor pausing at Jack, biting my lip as I remembered him pressing the button. “I didn’t know it had a remote!”

“Fuck” breathed Alan against my ear, “So someone has it… anyone?” I felt him look around just as the song ended obviously surveying the crowd for likely suspects. He took my hand and kissed it gallantly as he looked up into my eyes; “This IS a conversation to be continued” he stated with a look of incredulous lust within his eyes as we swapped partners with Martin and Fiona.

“Mrs Brown, before I forget” Martin said as he rifled in his sporran. My eyes went wide as imagined him pulling out the remote; a feeling of disappointment came over me as I didn’t want the sweet, mysterious torment to cease. I smiled broadly in relief as he pulled out a memory stick; “All the photos I couldn’t use in my PowerPoint presentation!” he declared as Van the Man took over the music responsibilities.

“Wonderful” I replied as I slipped the small piece of plastic into my cleavage knowing that his eyes would follow.

“What’s that?” asked Alan from beside us as we began to dance.

“One thing I’ve learnt in our long marriage, Mo Ghrá, is that a wife has to keep a few secrets!” I replied and then was led away by the Best Man.

“He’s a lucky fella!” commented Martin.

“And how come there’s no Mrs O’Neill?” I countered.

“Kismet, I guess” he answered, “there was a close call once but C’est la vie!”

“Tis a shame” I replied as he led me expertly around the dance floor, I felt a mischievous smile spread across my lips; “Still… there are certain wedding traditions that could be… a brief interlude?” I offered.

Martin’s eyes flicked off towards Fiona having divined my meaning instantly; “I have to say that would be a very nice interlude, but she is a married woman.” His dark brown eyes roved around the crowd as he twisted me around to survey the two other bridesmaids, one of Alan’s nieces and one of mine; “And alas Aditi and Joy are a little too young for my taste!”

“Nineteen and Twenty, hmmm… quite the discerning pallet!” I answered.

“Think I wore out my reckless gene quite a few years ago!” he grinned.

“Oh, when you were such a good influence on my husband?” I countered. It was funny that even though I had known Martin for a number of years, albeit off and on, this might be the first conversation I had with him that was to all intents and purposes alone. I had to stop my eyes from dipping as I imagined what lay beneath his kilt.

“I would severely and sincerely deny your inference…” he replied sternly before the corners of his mouth turned up and there was a brief flash of his tongue between his lips. His eyes dipped deliberately towards my cleavage once again, “But, I may have given you evidence to the contrary… knew I should have done some photo-shopping!”

“Oh and whose face would you have replaced your own with?” I asked feeling my pussy demand attention again as I wondered would some of the photos on the memory chip be far more risqué than I had thought.

“Oh no, would’ve kept my face, just given myself a bigger knob!” he grinned as I burst out laughing. I looked down and raised an eyebrow, he grinned even more in response; “If you wanna find out just get down there and have a look!”

I licked my lips and glanced around us; “Hmmm… very tempting,” I admitted, “very tempting indeed!”

The dance soon ended and as Martin kissed my hand I again had the desire to raise a kilt and bring some satisfaction to my frustrations.


The evening went on and even though I thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention my mind was always waiting (hopefully) for my unknown tormentor to activate the device within my wonderfully, nervous quim. As I danced with numerous men I studied them all; for my sins including the officiating priest who was at least sixty years old and even though the Duo-balls didn’t vibrate the Taboo thought caused even more of my juices to leak out.

After a dance with Fiona I asked her for some help in visiting the rest room; a task in logistics that many brides know well. I watched as her teeth bit down on her bottom lip as she knelt before me in the disabled toilet (trust me, we needed the room!) and she raised my skirts and I heard her gasp as my drenched underwear and sticky thighs came into view. “Is it you?” I accused.

I shivered as I felt her nails ascend the flesh above my stocking tops and hook over the waist of my saturated panties; “Huh?” she responded obviously distracted.

“Stick a finger in my cunt, Fihelping handona; like a dutiful Maid of honour!” I demanded and she obeyed without question.

“Oh my god!” she declared as her slender finger slipped inside and felt the device within me; “You horny bitch…” I was about to reiterate my accusation when I felt her slide the balls around within me and her lips lock onto my previously un-abused clit. My orgasm was instantaneous and exploded through my body as I pressed my hands against the wall to steady myself and grunted between gritted teeth.

The next I knew I was unceremoniously slumped on the toilet as Fiona rose from beneath my skirt. “Fuck Marie!” she declared and I opened my eyes to see her mouth, jaw and the exposed flesh of her chest drenched in my juices and quite a few large splashes staining her dress atop her breasts.

“Was it you?” I asked hoarsely.

She licked her lips, her tongue stretching to gather my juices from around her mouth; shaking her head she replied “Was what me?”

I took a few deep breaths as the last trembles receded back towards my dripping slit; “Did you give me that toy? Something new!” I asked.

She grinned at the question; “No, I… you mean you don’t know where it came from?” her jaw dropping open as she finished.

I shook my head stifling a laugh, “No idea… it wasn’t Alan and by the look on your face I know it wasn’t you…”

She noted my pause and I watched a sculpted eyebrow raise; “What?”

I felt myself blush ironically considering that Fiona was now using her finger to gather my cream from around her mouth. “It comes with a remote… the one Jack asked about after his speech!”

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed before clamping her hand to her mouth, “Oh my fucking god!” she repeated significantly quieter, “he… he pressed that button; twice!”

I nodded, “Oh I know!”

After discussing possible candidates I finally used the facilities for their appropriate use and Fiona, very carefully (!), helped clean me up beneath my skirts before replacing my soiled underwear. It took a few further minutes before both of us was suitable decent and I got a promise from Fiona not to say a word when I promised to reveal whoever was behind it, if I ever found out. We returned to the fray and ran right into Alan.

Fiona grinned and giggled and hurried away before he could say a word, “I was beginning to worry about you,” he said turning back to me.

“With a dress like this it takes serious co-ordination and assistance to accomplish certain tasks. I will be needing a hand with it later!” I answered.

“Oh I’m seriously looking forward to that!” he grinned before looking about to see we were effectively alone, “So?”

I shrugged my shoulders and coyly looked down; “Still in there and still no clue who has the remote!” I declared.

I looked up and saw Alan biting his bottom lip knowing that he had already put two and two together; “Let me get this straight, my new wife was stimulated intimately by my father on my wedding day before I got a chance?”

I knew I had the expression of a rabbit caught in the headlights upon my face before I grinned; “I had no idea you wanted to be stimulated by your father!!! That’s a world of wrong… and illegal to boot!”

Even though he knew I was joking he blushed deeply and made to reply pointing an accusing finger at me as he tried to formulate a response; “Stop twisting my words” he laughed.

I nodded; “Yes… your dad did stimulate me… twice in front of all our family and friends!”

“Christ on a motorbike!” Alan replied shaking his head. “And still no idea who has the remote now?”

I shook my head, “And they haven’t activated it since we danced!”

“She says with a touch of sadness!” he replied grinning, “and of course it never crossed your mind to simply remove it?”

“Oh was that an option?” I answered half-honestly as the thought hadn’t actually occurred to me.

He slipped his arm through mine and led the two of us back out into the main hall; “Such a slut!” he uttered before we were within earshot of anyone.

“And that’s why you love me!” I replied.


I was beginning to think my sweet tormentor had left as it had been over three hours since the Duo-balls had been vibrated. The state of my pussy was still a short distance from orgasm with the natural movement as I danced and walked. I’d begun trying to work out those who’d had to leave early and whether any of them was the guilty party but was still at a loss.

Only a few minutes previously Fiona had helped me once again in the disabled toilets and had cleaned me up as the last events of the night were rapidly approaching. It had been quite exquisite as she had delicately wiped my bald mound and sensitive labia, managing to avoid my aching clit.

“No fair” she kept mumbling from beneath my dress.

“No fair is right” I agreed, “but do you wanna go out there with your face drenched in my juices?”

“That would be a hell of a photo for the album” she admitted.

Shortly after I stood on the stone steps that led into the ornate gardens of the venue as Alan knelt at my feet and raised my dress to my upper thigh. His eyes continually glancing up at me, the aroma emanating from my quim obvious to him as I shuddered; his hands slid their way up my stocking clad thigh and hooked around my garter.

My nails dug hard into his shoulder as both of us heard the buzz from my crotch and I gritted my teeth behind my smile as the sensations escalated rapidly. Cameras and I-phones flashed as I struggled to maintain my composure and my leaking slit clamped down on the vibrating balls. Alan remained still for a moment before whipping down my garter and letting my dress drop before standing and embracing me kissing me deeply. I moaned into his mouth and let him support my weight as the waves of pleasure crashed over me.

“Wow! That was some kiss!” someone called as I stood leaning against Alan on shaky legs and a roar of laughter erupted from the crowd around the foot of the steps.

I caught Fiona’s eyes and saw a quizzical eyebrow and nodded slightly to her gaining a lascivious tongue slip from between her lips and roll around. The single men were ushered together and Alan turned his back to them and glanced at me as he rubbed his thumb and finger over the garter that held a strong fragrance of my quim. “I could always keep it?” he whispered.

I glanced at the group of men, some waiting eagerly and some thoroughly embarrassed. I shook my head, “Aim to the right” I whispered and his hand rose up in the air and I watched the token item of my underwear sail high up and come down to be grabbed by a hand that was an easy six inches higher than the rest.

Alan turned about and grinned as he saw his best friend holding the garter. Martin gave a deep bow and called up “Thank you M’Lady!” the item quickly disappearing into his sporran.

Very rapidly boys were replaced with girls as I prepared to throw my bouquet. Just before turning my back I watched with a grin as Martin scratched his nose and hesitated fractionally before dropping his hand.

Loud squeals of delight and eagerness erupted from behind me and as I turned the melee before me was far more animalistic and aggressive than the contest for my garter. Joy rose up the victor and I noted her first glance was towards Martin who was completely unaware of the attention.

Just a few minutes later after what seemed like hundreds of farewells Alan and I were waving through the back window of our limousine as the crowd behind us diminished in size.


I giggled as Alan carried me over the threshold of our hotel room and then threw me unceremoniously onto the four-poster bed. I scrambled around spreading my legs wide and raised myself on my elbows to look at him standing at the foot of the bed. “So I’ve been wanting to know all night!” I declared.

He looked down at the kilt he was wearing; “Just mine?” he asked.

“Oh no, Martin’s as well but he wouldn’t tell me!” I complained.

Alan grinned, “Let me guess; just get down on your knees and find out?”

I laughed loudly before suggesting “How about some middle ground?” and twisted about on the bad letting my head hang off the edge.

“Ohh… that seems fair!” he agreed and stepped forwards till I could reach the hem of the kilt and lift it. My eyes hadn’t fully adjusted to the darkness beneath the folds of heavy fabric before I felt the precum dripping head of my new husband’s cock against my lips. I moaned deeply as I opened my mouth and straightened my throat and urged Alan to slide his shaft all the way in.what lies beneath

I heard him groan deeply as my fingers slipped up and grasped his bare ass, nails digging into his flesh as I encouraged him to fill my mouth. My pussy was already quivering in anticipation before I felt him drag my wedding dress up. I sucked and groaned around his invading shaft, my tongue flat as his glans pushed into my throat with each thrust. A flood of juices ran out of my slit as Alan simply grasped my sodden panties and tore them from my hips exposing my aching, denuded quim. Do it, make me cum you bastard I tried to say around his shaft as it slid in and out.

Alan groaned appreciatively at my efforts to talk as his fingers found my clit and began to roll it around. I gripped his ass hard and pulled him all the way into my throat as the pleasant tortures of the day seem to distil down and focus between the balls twisting within me and Alan’s finger finding the perfect rhythm. I held him there as long as I could as my back lifted high up off the bed; my spine feeling as if it had become one single arched bone and my pussy exploding.

Wave after wave of hot ripples echoed out from my core as my quim clenched down on the hard plastic balls within it and a huge torrent of my juices squeezed out past them. I released my husband’s ass and felt his cock withdraw, collapsing back onto the bed panting heavily as my body trembled and twitched with the major aftershocks following my orgasm.

I was lost to the world as I felt Alan roll me over onto my front and begin to untie the back of my dress. I lay there with no resistance, my arms and legs useless as he gradually stripped me off my wedding dress and I was left in just my stockings, suspenders and corset. Once again I felt the heavy kilt slip over my head and a cock slide against my cheeks as a pair of hands roamed over my body.

“You’re all mine, now” he said above me and I reached up and grabbed the erection before planting a soft kiss on the head.

“What?” I exclaimed loudly as I opened my eyes already knowing that the erection against my lips wasn’t my husbands. Beneath the kilt it was hard to see but the slick glans, covered in salty pre-cum was circumcised unlike Alan’s and then the Duo-balls within me began to buzz and the question that had plagued and pleasured me since my father-in-law had pressed that button was answered.

“You utter bastard, Martin” I said from beneath his kilt and slid my mouth over his cock head earning a deep groan as the bed shifted and I knew my husband was moving to between my legs.

I briefly slipped my mouth from the Best Man’s cock which was a good eight or nine inches long and rolled over onto all fours raising my ass in the air. “Cunt first, dear husband” I ordered and resumed sucking Martin’s slim cock.

“Nag, nag” laughed Alan as I felt the Duo-balls eased from my slit for the first time in over ten hours. I held my breath as his fingers spread my ass cheeks and eased the wonderful toy into my tight rear hole.

I moaned appreciatively around Martin’s cock and a moment later felt Alan slam his own into my dripping cunt pushing my mouth forwards. The balls resumed buzzing and I felt one cock head drive into my cervix as the other thrust into my throat. Several thrusts later and an orgasm slowly building the kilt dropped from around my head and I looked up into Martin’s eyes as he reached down and threaded his fingers through my hair grinning broadly.

“Bastard” I muttered around his invading cock and slipped my hand around his ass and twisted a finger into his puckered hole. He gasped loudly and his cock jerked violently in my mouth rapidly followed by his seed erupting down my throat.

My body began to quake and I continued to suck as hard as I could on my husband’s best friend’s shaft long after his balls had emptied determined to not let it soften. Finger worming in and out of his ass as my other hand cupped his balls and scratched wedding night surpriseat his taint. Even when my own orgasm overtook me I held his cock firmly between my lips. A couple of minutes later and Alan filled my womb triggering another smaller but equally pleasurable orgasm.

Releasing Martin’s cock I pushed backwards, sitting on my husband’s twitching shaft still buried within me. Twisting about I looked down at Alan, “When did you find out?” I demanded.

He squirmed beneath me and I squeezed my pussy deliberately around his softened cock as I picked up the remote lying on the bed and pressed the button. I stifled a moan but Alan groaned loudly as I knew his cock felt the sensations through the thin wall between my holes. “Oh god… just before I talked to you outside the toilet,” he admitted.

“But you suspected when I told you!” I stated and he nodded reticently.

I turned back to Martin standing at the end of the bed, stroking that long cock as he waited patiently. “So, you had your fun!” I stated.

“Indeed I did, not quite as hard for me I imagine as it was for you!” he replied.

I looked down at the exposed glans glistening with my saliva and a fresh yield of pre-cum; “Get in here” I demanded and pointed down to my crotch. He obeyed without the slightest hesitation and I was sure that his member twitched in appreciation before he crawled forward and began to lower his head. I raised myself up, allowing my new husband’s still swollen cock, dripping with my cream and his seed to slip from my abused slit. Martin looked up into my eyes as I squeezed my muscles tightly and aided by a short vibration from the Duo-balls deposited even more of our combined juices onto Alan’s stiffening member.

I was about to reach for Martin’s head but I didn’t need too as he lowered his head and ran his tongue up along his best friend’s length before engulfing the head between his lips. I shifted back and sat unceremoniously on Alan’s face as my eyes remained locked with Martin’s. No depression of the button was necessary as my quim began to tremble and my juices began to flow as I felt his talented tongue slip inside me.

In all our days Alan had been fairly neutral when it came to intimate contact with other men. He wasn’t averse to it but he also wasn’t an enthusiast but as I felt his eagerness to devour my dripping cunt and how his cock had almost instantly hardened as Martin’s tongue had run up along it’s underside I knew there was something more between these two friends. I suddenly remembered the memory stick and was amazed to find it still wedged within my corset and fished it out. Martin’s eyes lit up as he saw it and I knew there were even more answers on it than questions I had thought to ask.

Even though my orgasm was rapidly approaching I lifted myself off Alan’s face and shifted to the side. A major look of disappointment filled his features as I knelt beside him even though his chest was rising and falling rapidly with the blow-job his friend was giving him. I glanced at Martin and even though I hardly knew him he wasbest friends capable of reading my mind and began to twist about till his long shaft was above my husband’s head. Alan hesitated and I knew it wasn’t because he hadn’t sucked this long cock before but simply because I was there; “I love you” I simply stated and he reached up and pulled that slim cock down into his mouth.

Ripples of pleasure rolled around my body as I watched the two men sixty-nine; mimicking each other as they took varying amount of cock into their mouth. Even though they were concentrated on each other they knew, especially Martin, they were also putting on a show. My body shivered and pulsed, goose-bumps erupting all over my body along with a set of rock hard nipples and clit that begged to be touched. A mini orgasm spiralled out from my quim as I eased the Duo-balls from my ass and leaned forward.

Martin groaned loudly and appreciatively as he felt them slip into his puckered hole and then resumed his attention on my husband’s balls before returning to his prick. His head was twisted a fraction to me as he saw me place the memory stick beside me and pick up the remote; even though his mouth was full of Alan’s fat cock I could see him grin. I pulled a pillow across and lent it against one of the posts and settled down with my legs spread wide as I enjoyed the show; my thumb twitching upon the button I had loved all day long.

I could see Alan getting close even with Martin’s fingers clamped hard around the base of his cock and I simply knew that it was time. For the first time in my life I truly felt like a Bond-villain at that moment. I could hear the quiet buzz and Martin thrust his cock deep into my husband’s throat as he arched his back downwards. A second later I heard him cough as Alan’s hips bucked wildly and the two of them filled each other’s mouths with their seed.

The power within my fingers and the view before me triggered my own orgasm and I felt a flood of juices run out and dampen the sheets beneath me. It wasn’t anywhere close to the body-consuming orgasms I had known or even experienced earlier in the day and week but it was simply one of the sweetest as I felt my pussy spasm again and again without any actual physical stimulation.

As the three of us settled and the boys disengaged and crawled towards me I grinned back as I saw the copious amounts of seed within their mouths that they wished to share. “Poor Joy” I said to Martin, “she has no idea what she’s missing!”

Two mouths pressed against mine and two tongues vied to share the salty loads within. When we finally broke and Alan and Martin knelt either side of me; my hands gently stroking their depleted and still partially swollen cocks Alan turned to his friend; “Joy…my niece?” he asked (perhaps with a hint of jealousy).

“Oh the girl wanted him badly” I defended Martin.

“As I told Marie, far too young for me!” he responded.

“And you said that married women were off-limits!” I accused as I squeezed his manhood tightly feeling a small, welcome surge.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I lied!”

I turned to my new husband and squeezed his shaft which was already swelling within my grasp; “And you! You’ve never sucked a cock before… that I’ve seen!”two in the hand

“Didn’t lie… you’ve never asked me straight out and the truth is, I have only ever sucked one cock!” he admitted.

I began to slowly pull on their cocks, “And such a nice cock too, you have good taste dear… now it’s my big day so I want them both inside me,” I licked my lips lustfully; “Decisions, decisions… lets feel that nice long cock in my cunt, Martin… be a dear and fuck me in the ass, Alan!”


Even with mine and Alan’s previous this was the first time I, genuinely, was unable to walk the next day and when I woke up with two rough chins either side of me I decided that this was far better than waking up with one single smooth chin even if it did belong to Fiona!

I grinned at all the positions we had tried through to the early hours as the two men quietly snored either side of me. I pulled the sheet away to note it was Martin’s hand cupping my mound and Alan’s was resting upon his friend’s flaccid cock. I nibbled my lip as I wondered what I should do about the situation…

“Damn, I could get used to married life!” I muttered as I wormed my way down between the two bodies.

The End

Inspiration or even perspiration!

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Once upon a time….

…there was a little story called A Room with a View and actually The Pool and by default The Moment fall in to the same category or rather that deep dark recess of my brain that is inspired by a particular set of stimuli. So, even though there is no story here ( but there is a kernel of a thought… involving a swing) here are a few of the views that have been responsible in part for some of my thought processes!

Enjoy…. FtFagos



A room for contemplation…


… something for an up and coming scribble?…


… and not that you’re interested, but…

White bits

Soon…. FtFagos

Something Borrowed… 3/4

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Something Old…

One day till M-day!

Sitting in the garden feeling butterflies of excitement in my stomach as my wedding vows approach. Grinning quietly to myself; surprised that I am this excited. Alan has just left with his Best Man, Martin and Harry leaving Fiona behind for my last night as a ‘free’ woman. Alan’s parents had just headed for bed leaving the two of us to enjoy the last of the bottle of wine.

I grin as Fiona looks about in typical comedic, conspiratorial style; “I thought they’d never leave” she whispers before giggling.

“And why is that?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

She grins back broadly and a blush rises on her cheeks. “You know…you’re… our… thing!” Her cheeks redden completely as I refuse to put her out of her misery and feign complete innocence. “Ohh… stop it” she begs.

“I have no idea about what you are inferring?” unable to help grinning as she squirms uncomfortably in her seat, “unless of course you are referring to fucking your husband in front of you last weekend?”

“Bitch” she mutters but smiles, “and did you like you’re ‘Something blue’?”

I tilt my head and look her raising my eyebrow, “Something blue? Sorry, I don’t follow… what do you mean?”

“The video” she answers and I watch a moment of doubt flicker in her eyes.

“What video?” I ask innocently, just managing to hold my expression as I watch Fiona’s go through a multitude of emotions in the space of a second.

She looks at my smart phone sitting on the table between us and then towards the house in a vain hope that Alan will reappear and suddenly remember the text she sent to him. I can see in her eyes that she’s trying to work out if he didn’t receive it, did she send it to the wrong number or if Alan, for whatever unknown reason, had simply not told me.

The effort to keep my face neutral while suppressing my laughter and was growing by the second but this was so much fun. “Fi… what are you talking about? What video for…” I paused and gritted my teeth, “Did you film us?” I asked with a formidable amount of false indignation.

She literally gulped loud enough for me to hear and it broke the remaining control I had and the laughter and tears erupted from my mouth and eyes. “You BITCH!” she said loudly this time and I saw the curtains in the window beyond her flutter and my father-in –law-to-be look out of the guest room. He stood there grinning and I clamped my hand over my mouth as he smiled back. Fiona twisted about and saw Alan’s dad, Jack, his torso naked and I was sure the same thought was running through her mind as it was mine. At just shy of sixty years old he showed only a slight increase of weight around his midriff and yet still sported an admirable physique from four decades as a scaffolder,

“” muttered Fiona, “Do you think he’s naked?” she asked voicing my own question.

I had just about gotten myself under control as the curtain fell back into place; “Don’t go changing the subject,” I admonished my friend, “That was very naughty of you filming me last weekend!”

She turned back with a guilty grin on her face, “I couldn’t resist… and you really shouldn’t leave your phone open like that!”

“Oh my fault is it?” I asked taking a sip from my glass.

She shrugged her shoulders in response, “Maybe… maybe not? Did Alan like it then?”

“Maybe… maybe not!” I answered cryptically, “But I guess as we’ve watched it half a dozen times now it’s quite possible… did you and Harry watch it that night?”

She nodded enthusiastically, “We did…we may have filmed ourselves a few times…” she admitted.

“You never told me that! All the times you’ve wanted to hear my adventures and never once mentioned what a pervert you are!” I accused.

She dropped her eyes, “I… was never as brave as you.”

“Christ, I’m not brave” I replied, “Just a horny slut… with little self-control!” I watched Fiona look up timidly like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar and yet the undercurrent of lust within her eyes. “And now that you’ve…” I had to pause to choose my words; “Now that you’ve tasted forbidden fruit?”

Still the redness blushed on her cheeks, “Now… I can’t stop thinking of all the things I want to do!”

“Indeed” I answered and stood gathering the couple of plates and glasses from the table leaving just our two glasses and the bottle. “I’m gonna want examples” I commanded feeling a hint of the dominating character from just a few days previously as I headed inside. I paused just inside the threshold and looked back at my friend shifting upon her seat, one hand grasping her thigh as she held her glass in the other.

Smiling to myself; thinking about that mouth that I knew would be eating out my damp pussy within the hour I loaded the glass and dishes into the dishwasher. After tidying the last of the evening’s detritus away I visited the downstairs toilet and pulling my damp underwear down, grinning as it reluctantly peeled away from my slit, sat. A tiny moan escaped my lips as a jet of hot urine splashed into the water beneath me sending a shiver through my vagina as I imagined Fiona’s head between my thighs and how grateful she was going to be. Grinning, I pulled my lacy panties off and deposited the sodden material into the pocket within my skirt after having thoroughly wiped my wet quim clean.

Straightening my attire I exited the smallest room and made my way outside. I paused on the threshold once again and saw that Fiona’s chair was now empty. Biting my lip I looked around the dimly lit garden and saw a familiar shape outlined against the window of the guest bedroom. “Shit” I whispered as I saw Fiona’s silhouette against the window where my in-laws were sleeping. Having removed my shoes some time earlier I padded silently up behind my friend to see her peeling through the gap in the curtains. My pussy dampened considerably as I realised my friend was indulging the perverted side of her personality I had only just realised existed.

My nipples hardened even more as I gazed through the gap and saw my future mother-in-law sat on the couch within the guest quarters with her legs spread wide and her crotch on display to her naked husband crawling towards it. “Damn, reckon you’re marrying into one horny family!” whispered Fiona having realised I was standing peep show 2behind her. Liz was considerably smaller than her husband at just over 5’ compared to his 6’4” and even crawling on all fours he looked like some Savannah predator about to devour a defenceless young Gazelle. I smiled even more of the image running through my brain and the ‘prey’ before excited about her fate.

I knew the two of us were both looking at the sizable and impressive hard shaft on display between my father-in-law’s thighs as he buried his face into his petite wife’s crotch. “Oh I hope I have another thirty years of hard cock like that” I replied as my hand slid up under Fiona’s dress and two of my fingers slipped beside her own soaking knickers and slipped easily into her soaking cunt. She groaned loudly as I curled them within her wet hole and my thumb found her hard clit.

Her knuckles whitened on the window sill as the light from inside spilled out. I wondered about Jack and whether he had deliberately left the curtains ajar as I eased my fingers back and forth into my friend’s soaking slit. “Ohh… yesss… Marie…” breathed Fiona and spread her feet wider allowing my fingers to twist and worm even deeper within her pulling up her dress with my other hand and dropping it across her back exposing her ass to my view. My eyes flicked between the scene within the house and my arm sliding back and forth as the knuckles of my two outer fingers slapped wetly against the outer folds of my Maid of Honour’s quim.

My future mother-in-law, Liz, grasped her husband’s head and writhed against it her eyes tightly shut and her moans just audible through the double glazing. “Looks like I know where Alan got one of his talents from” I stated and thrust my fingers harder into Fiona’s quivering slit eliciting a deep groan from her. My own pussy was aching for attention and I could feel my juices trickling down the insides of my thighs as I dug my fingernails into my best friend’s ass and she stuffed a set of fingers into her mouth to stifle her scream as her pussy contracted hard around my invading fingers and her orgasm overtook her.

My chest rose and fell, nipples aching almost painfully, as Fiona’s legs shook and I knew the only thing keeping her ass up were my fingers twisting and thrusting into her saturated pussy. Only when I saw Liz thrust her hips forward, her back arching and a litany of swear words sound from the room did I pull my drenched fingers out and my friend collapsed in a heap on the floor. I watched as Jack rose up grinning down at his now limp wife who he lifted like a rag doll. He pulled her round and I was sure his eyes flicked towards the window. I felt my heart thump loudly in my chest as I reached down and threaded my fingers through Fiona’s long hair and pull her around.

My future father-in-law sat down on the edge of the bed and twisted his wife about to sit her astride his lap. I could see Liz shaking as she reached between her legs and guided her husband’s thick shaft to the entrance to her pussy. Without any ceremony or even looking down at Fiona; it was impossible for me to drag my eyes from the scene inside I lifted up my dress and straddled her shoulders thrusting my burning slit against her mouth.

Jack grabbed Liz’s hips and pulled her down hard, impaling her completely on his cock as she twitched and groaned in response. My own slit pulsed and clenched ejecting my own juices straight into my friend’s mouth as it opened over my mound. I shook and trembled as the orgasm hit me hard and fast, a hand shooting out to grab the window sill as I rocked forward. I struggled to keep my eyes open, wanting to see Jack’s cock appear and disappear into his wife’s cunt as my own sent violent, wonderful sensations out through my being.

Fiona grunted and ground her mouth into my crotch as I felt her hands rise up and dig her sharp nails into my ass; her tongue gained depth as my wet hole convulsed with the rolling waves of pleasure assaulting my senses. With both hands resting on the sill I watched Jack’s shaft, looking huge and thick compared to the frame of his wife’s body ram up deep inside her dripping pussy. A further fit-like shudder ran through me as doing as toldmy forehead bumped against the cold glass; I was far beyond caring as my focus remained slowly on watching my fiancé’s mother’s labia be dragged in and out as his father’s fat cock pumped hard and deep within.

Liz cried out and I knew that wonderful cock head was slamming up into the neck of her womb. I wanted it and the cunt it was filling for myself; even if I knew that was a taboo that I was sure even my very broad-minded Alan would be shocked by. Still the image in my mind of me beyond the glass sent me far beyond coherent thought and I felt my own cunt squirt what felt like a huge amount of my pussy juice into my best friend’s eager mouth.

I came too some moments later lying on the ground my body twitching as Fiona knelt over me with some concern on her glistening features. Tremors still ran through my body due in some part to my friend’s fingers now lodged deeply inside my clenched-shut pussy. With a shaking hand I reached down and grasped her wrist stilling its movements; “Please… stop” I begged in a hoarse whisper.

Her teeth appeared in the dim light and nipped at her bottom lip before she slowly eased her slender fingers up between us. My heart slowly began to ease along with my breathing as I watched her meticulously lick her three fingers clean. When she was satisfied she looked down at me; “You know you almost drowned me-“ she looked up as the light within the guest room went out, “I mean I knew you were a deviant sexual animal… but you’re father-in-law… to-be tomorrow?” she asked with no prejudice.

I shakily sat up and leant against the wall, the thought of Jack’s seed now dripping out of his wife’s abused pussy flitting through my mind; “Yes… no… fuck, I don’t know…” I looked into Fiona’s eyes as she sat beside me and threaded her fingers through mine, “Christ, the thought… watching them fuck… it…”

“Blew your mind, it seemed!” she completed my sentence, “I… I know this is going to sound… naïve… but, it is my first… yours was my first pussy and I’ve heard of it… but do you normally…you know?”

“Gush?” I grinned at her embarrassment, “No… that was my first… and I don’t think I’ve ever… fainted… like that before!”

Fiona grinned, “I think I’ll take all the credit then… you didn’t faint completely but you were pretty incoherent there for a minute or so… and maybe I should have been more concerned… I … sorry, couldn’t resist.”

“You’re forgiven” I replied and leant towards her to kiss her lustfully for the time tasting my own juices strongly upon her lips and tongue.


We took ourselves off to my bed after a rudimentary clean-up and a quick shower together to wash the dirt that had managed to get in all sorts of places from the border beneath the window. Fiona’s dress was probably salvageable whereas I consigned my own straight into the waste bin.

The two of us brought each other to one more orgasm each (neither comparing in the slightest to what we had already experienced) before falling asleep in each other’s arms.


Something New…



I rolled over as the alarm beside the bed chirped ever more insistently for me to rise. My hand slipped across the chest of the person beside me and I only had the briefest of hesitations as I felt the smooth soft flesh of Fiona’s B-cups. I grinned even before I opened my eyes as this was another new experience for me; I’d never actually slept with a woman before (not sure there was much I hadn’t done in a bed with a woman but sleep wasn’t one of them) and feeling my friend’s nipple harden as my fingers brushed them I opened my eyes to see her face, mostly obscured by her long hair, turned towards me. I brushed her hair away and kissed her lips softly revelling in the smoothness of her face. I loved Alan deeply but that rough growth he exhibited on his chin even if he had shaved the night before wasn’t one of my favourite features.

Fiona stirred beneath me and even before she was fully awake her tongue slipped between my lips and her thighs parted as I slipped my own between them. A low moan escaped her mouth as the two of us shifted a little bit further and our mounds slid against one another and except for breaking our kiss to reach across and shut off the alarm clock we remained tightly embraced till both of us reached a pair of very satisfying orgasms.

“I could get use to this… shame you don’t have a nice fat cock though” I admitted to my friend.

Fiona looked up at me smiling, “The feeling’s mutual” she agreed and stroked my cheek; “Does Alan get the hump if you ask him to shave first thing, too?”

I nodded and laughed, “He does… boys; they have no idea just how irritating their beards are!” Reluctantly I disentangled myself from my friend and slipped from the bed looking at my wedding dress hanging from the wardrobe; looking over my shoulder as Fiona rolled onto her side I grinned, “Well, things to do!”

The ceremony wasn’t till two-thirty in the afternoon and the time flew by as we got ready. It was almost a mistake to let Fiona shower with me and shave my pussy completely bald and it took all my will to push her mouth away when she insisted on ‘quality-controlling’ her efforts. After that slight issue the two of us were far better behaved and enjoyed the pampering of the hair-dresser and make-up sessions before I dressed in brand new underwear consisting of a white lacy set of corset, sheer knickers, suspenders and stockings and the obligatory garter belt.

Fiona helped me into my wedding dress that was just off-white with gold laces tied up my back that accentuated my ass and breasts just right. I’d opted for knee-length at the front dropping to half way down my calves at the back. “So a nice blancmange wasn’t tempting?” asked Fiona.

I looked at her Royal Blue Bridesmaid dress still on its hanger as she stood there in a dark blue lingerie; I raised an eyebrow, “Oh, you would have preferred a luminescent pink number with six foot wide skirts?”

“No” she admitted, “Thank you for having taste and no desire to sartorially torture your friend on your special day.”

“You’re welcome” I replied as she tightened the laces up my back.

“And thanks for a reasonable looking best man, too” she grinned.

“Nothing to do with me!” I admitted, “Have you and Harry come that far in a week?” I added.

“Well…no… but I can… dream” she grinned.

It was true, as normally was the case, that I had nothing to do with the choice of Martin. The truth was I barely knew him. In all the time I had known Alan his best friend since school had been working in the Far East and only ever got back once or twice a year and of those times sometimes my own busy work schedule meant that I didn’t even see him at all.

Still he was quite charming and as Fiona noted was very easy on the eye. I was very curious what his speech would be like and Alan was definitely nervous about it and had already asked for unconditional forgiveness just in case. I offered him it but did say there would be penance to pay which he remained hopeful would be a task he would be only too happy about.

Time was marching on and after Fiona stepped into her dress, zipping it up she went to see if the cars had arrived. I walked over to my dresser and opened up my jewellery box to put in my mother’s gold earrings, “Something old” I whispered and momentarily my mind went back to the view through the window the previous night and my slit gave a little twitch. I looked down, “Behave” I admonished myself. Earring in, I reached for the six inch square box that held a new gold necklace I had chosen consisting of alternate strips of gold of varying hues. I knew they would draw people’s eyes down to my cleavage that was relatively conservative considering what I had to work with,

I grinned thinking at least close up Alan would indeed have a good view as I opened the box. I stood there looking at the item that now sat within the hoop of the necklace that had definitely not been there the previous afternoon. “Oh my!” I whispered, “Something new…”

Something Borrowed… 2/4

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Have you spotted a theme yet Dear Avid Reader?



Something Blue…

Five days till M-day!

I swam up towards wakefulness trying desperately to hang onto the dream I’d been having. Whatever it had been, it had left me with a feeling of warmth and yet unsatisfied desire but something was pulling me away from it.

I tried to open my eyes feeling the sleep crusted in the corners resisting and grinned as I felt a familiar pair of lips and fingers pulling on my aching nipples. “Hey babe!” I murmured and the lips left my right breast and slid up my chest.

“Hey yourself!” Alan whispered as his unshaven chin scratched against my flesh and his lips then slid across mine. Our tongues slid between each other’s lips and around each other before I pushed him away and forced my eyes open.

“Yuck!” I complained, “Someone needs to brush their teeth!”

He grinned down at me, “Wasn’t my fault! If you’re going to be lying here all on display when I get in… moaning… I can’t be blamed for taking advantage!”

“I was moaning?” I grinned as he sat on the edge of the bed; his fingers still idly playing with my nipple as I squeezed my thighs tight together and felt the dampness within caused by whatever I had been dreaming about.

“Well… murmuring… the moans may have begun when I did this!” he answered stretching my nipple.

“Ahhh” I breathed and then slapped his hand away. I sniffed deeply, “I figure you need a shower too and then we can discuss our weekends!” I grinned.

“As you wish,” he agreed and stood up divesting himself of his clothing as he took the few steps to the en suite.

“Messy child” I muttered as he disappeared within. I could picture the smile that had been on his face knowing that the trail of clothes would be gone by the time he finished his shower. For a moment I tried again to recall the dream but it alluded me and I stretched on the crinkled sheets and then slid my legs out from under the covers. The shower started up in the adjacent room as my eyes followed the path of discarded clothing which always led to sex. All those years previously he had been a typical man and had lived his teenage years and most of his university years with a “floor-‘drobe”; it was possibly the only visible change I had influenced and now I almost missed the frantic search for my clothing in the detritus of his bedroom floor before lectures in that final year.

Smiling to myself I picked up the sweet-smoky clothing from a weekend in Amsterdam and wondered what depravities he had been up to. I dumped the items into the wash temptingbasket beside the door after emptying his trouser pockets and leaving the contents beside the sink as I looked through the hazy, steamed up figure behind the shower door. “Room for a little one?” I asked and slipped inside without waiting for an answer.

We caressed and cleansed each other our breathing growing steadily deeper as our hands slowly moved towards each other’s hard/wet genitalia. My eyes rose to meet his as I grasped his thick shaft while my other hand lathered down between the cheeks of my ass determined to start our day with a fitting statement to our debauched weekends. Alan sighed deeply and his hand found mine and stopped it twisting about its girth; he smirked, “I’m under orders!” he answered cryptically and wouldn’t be drawn further and surprisingly was able to resist my unsubtle moves.

By the time we exited the shower my pussy was literally dripping with anticipation as I stared at the grin on his face and towelled off. He led me back to the bed, plumped pillows against the headboard and ordered me to be patient; “I don’t know what it is, either” he grinned as he picked up the remote from his side of the bed and flicked a button to cause the TV in the base of the bed to rise. I looked at him curiously as the much-underused extravagance clicked into place and turned itself on. “Pass me your phone” he said and I stared at the smart device beside me before handing it to him. “I got a very cryptic message from Fiona last night” he answered my curious glance.

It took him a couple of minutes to find a suitable linking cable and then the correct channel for the input before the icons from my smart phone were displayed on the screen in front of us. “Figure this is what we want…Something Blue!” he stated as he accessed a video file in my gallery that hadn’t been there before.

“What?” I replied, strongly suspecting what I might see as blurry, rapidly moving poorly lit images rolled across the screen before settling down and the auto-features of the phone adjusted settings and I was there on the screen grinding my crotch onto Harry’s face as he lay tied to the coffee table. My eyes were locked shut as I surrendered to my orgasm and the now familiar black cock twitched back and forth under its own volition before sending long streams of seed up into the air to splash down on his chest. “Ohhh” I whispered and felt myself blush as I realised it was from two nights previously.

Alan settled beside me, his jaw dropping open as he stared at the screen; “Damn… my fiancée is a Porno Star! Who knew?” he said tilting his head to watching slowly recover from my ecstasy.

“Fuckin’ Fiona… that’s who!” I answered and reached for Alan’s own cock and slowly started to stroke it up and down. A moment later his hand snaked between my all togetherspreading thighs and two fingers slipped easily inside my soaking wet, aching quim.

“Wow” I murmured on screen and heard Harry sucking in air as I climbed off his face. It was quite mesmerising as I watched myself order Fiona, “STOP! Did I say you could cum? …Clean that up, every last drop and make sure he is fully hard before I fuck him!”

She then appeared in the frame, casting a brief glance through the ‘fourth wall’. I squeezed Alan’s cock tight briefly as I thought about how I normally hated actors and actresses doing that in Porno flicks but this time I knew my friend was looking at her known audience. “Leave his cock till last” I said to her as she crawled forwards and her ass and soaking pussy came into the side of the frame.

Alan’s fingers pushed deep inside my slit and without taking his eyes from the screen said “And you had no idea… you’re a natural then, I guess…”

I breathed deeply wanting to succumb to the present sensations but also knowing that I didn’t want to miss a second of this weird vicarious experience. “It… it’s so hot to see… feels…” I laughed as the thought formed in my head, “Feel like I’m watching my cherry being popped… I know that makes no sense… if I’d known… this is… wonderful!”

I saw myself kissing Harry deeply and then whispering something that the microphone couldn’t pick up as his wife diligently searched for the last of his seed. “Just as well you gave me an exquisite ‘O’; maybe I won’t punish you… too much!” my image said as I stuffed my underwear into his mouth.

I nodded on screen to Fiona and she began to lap at her husband’s prick as I proceeded to pinch and twist his nipples quite roughly. I could see the expression on my face and it scared me a little to see such domination within it as I asked Fiona, “Let’s see how much of that lovely black cock you can get in that sweet little mouth of yours… slut?”tv in bed

His cock seemed to look even longer than I remembered it as she, hesitantly at first, took his member into her mouth. “Come on Fiona, you can do better than that” I commented on the screen as she raised her mouth of his saliva streaked shaft.

Alan’s finger were working slowly within me as we watched mesmerised as I reached forwards and placed a hand on the back of her head; “Yes,” Fiona breathed, “I can… Miss!”

I pulled hard on my fiancé’s shaft as Harry’s cock disappeared from view unable to believe the amount of force I could see myself exerting on the back of my friend’s head. They moaned together, one somewhat muffled, before I pulled her head up and she pulled in a deep chest-full of air.

“You’re almost there, slut” my alter-ego encouraged and then straddled Harry’s chest, my pussy leaking and dribbling my cream onto his flesh. Fiona stared at my soaking slit and we saw her hand appear between her thighs and push a pair of fingers into her own slit. “Fuck” breathed Alan beside me, “she’s really getting off on my girlfriend the Domme!” I gasped as I felt his fingers curl up inside me and his palm press and rub hard against my throbbing clit. My slit twitched in response to the scene before me as well as the fingers within me.

I watched Fiona take her husband’s entire shaft into her mouth and keep it there till I allowed her up, sucking air deep into her lungs, “Such a good pet.” I held my breath as I squeezed Alan’s cock tighter watching myself position my dripping slit directly above her Harry’s cock; “and now for your reward!” A hard intense orgasm radiated from my wet pussy as I watched that long black cock slide up inside me on the screen. Stars appeared in my vision as I struggled to keep my eyes open and not miss a moment of my ‘film debut’.

I was only half-aware as Alan’s cock throbbed and then jerked hard within my fist and his seed shoot up into the air beside me, a loud long moan escaping his lips and his fingers twisting within my convulsing pussy. Fiona’s fingers were driving hard and fast into her own dripping slit at the side of the screen as I began to ride her husband inches from her face. I vaguely remembered my desire to pull her mouth to my clit as I slowly came down from my ecstasy. I glanced at the male specimen beside me and bent across Alan’s lap and lapped at his dribbling glans, my eyes still glued to the screen before us.

He briefly removed his fingers and reached around from behind as I lifted up my left leg and groaned about his glans as I felt three of his finger twist back inside me. “Ohhh God!” I groaned on screen, “Ohhh Fi’… you’re husband’s cock… feels so fucking good… in my cunt!”

I sucked harder on Alan’s cock, tasting his first salty ejaculation, not allowing it to soften as I watched my own orgasm build before me; twisting and rolling my hips against his fingers as we listened to Fiona’s pants morph into low and guttural moans as she bucked against her invading fingers.

My cheeks hollowed against the hardening cock in my mouth as I saw myself for the first time have an orgasm, I grinned around Alan’s girth as I saw Harry rip his bonds and saw him grasp my large breasts and drive his manhood deep inside me. I felt Alan’s other hand thread his fingers through my hair and happily let him push my mouth all the way down his length till his glans pushed into my throat. We watched the three on screen recover their senses and I saw myself sitting astride my friend’s husband’s cock like a Queen on a throne surveying her subjects. Reaching back and pushing the blindfold from Harry’s eyes rewarding him with a “Good boy” before pulling up Fiona’s head by her hair and asking “All that you wanted?”

“Oh fuck…” moaned Alan, “Who are you… and what have you done with my fiancée?” he asked as my pussy dripped with my own juices and Harry’s seed on screen down onto his flaccid, slickened cock.

“Well… Fiona… I’m off to bed… you’ve got some cleaning up to do!” my image grinned before leaning down and planting a tender kiss on Harry’s lips before walking unsteadily out of shot. We watched Fiona crawl forwards and begin to lovingly lap at her husband’s cock as he sat up and looked at the phone filming them, grinning from ear to ear.

“Do you think Marie and Alan are going to like this” he asked as he lifted his wife’s hair away from her head to reveal her mouth striving to gather up all of my pussy juices and his seed.

Fiona paused and looked through the fourth wall, “Oh, I reckon you’re fucking right now aren’t you, Marie?” she asked.

I glanced up at Alan and the two of us shifted quickly as I sat down onto his refreshed cock. I moaned loudly as his shaft slipped easily all the way inside me and his hands reached around andoing as toldd cupped my breasts. We returned our focus to the screen, Alan’s chin resting on my shoulder and watched Fiona pulling on her husband’s cock as her tongue lapped at his glistening glans. I slowly rose up and down on Alan’s cock, one hand lightly playing with my hard exposed clit while the other massaged the balls beneath as we watched Harry’s gradually stiffen.

The two of us breathing in unison, keeping it slow while Fiona re-invigorated that long black cock, our movements limited keeping the tempo low till we could ‘join’ our friends on screen. Fiona turned to grin at the camera as she allowed her husband to rise and she rested her hands on the coffee table and looked over her shoulder as Harry looked down and admired her ass.

“Fuck!!!” the two of us called out simultaneously as the low battery symbol appeared in the corner and the video stopped before Harry had even begun to fuck his wife from behind. I twisted my head to look in my lover’s eyes and he nodded as I leant forward, his shaft remaining inside me as I got on all fours and started the video from the beginning.


The two of us fucked three more times during the day and into the econsumedvening watching it; the third time re-enacting what we watched on the screen. A ‘thank-you’ message with a shorter video clip of my mouth sliding down Alan’s cock before erupting over my face in front of the original clip on screen was sent back to Fiona which apparently was received gladly.

This week was certainly shaping up to be very interesting!


Well, Dear Avid Reader, do I have your attention yet? Soon be time for something old…



Something Borrowed… 1/4

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As ever Dear Avid Reader…

I hope you are well. As for this four parter, well I do have a hidden agenda . A situation that I thought would be entertaining but to get there, well need to jump through a few hoops first. 



It wasn’t that marriage would make any difference to us. It was as much for the tax-breaks as anything else; but to give Alan his due, he did get down on one knee, ring in hand and asked “Do you fancy getting hitched or something?”

Much to the disappointment of our audience in the French restaurant I replied that I would tell him later “if he was a good boy!” He already knew my answer and he was a ‘very good boy’ and at the peak of the orgasm he was giving me I cried out “YES! I’ll marry that tongue!”

Nothing much was going to change anyway; we’d been living together for five years and although some might call us swingers we were just simply not that possessive. An ‘unclosed’ rather than an ‘open’ relationship was how Alan was apt to describe it and for the moment neither of us had any desire for children as we both were pursuing successful careers and still in our twenties (just in my case). We both also didn’t need much of an excuse to throw a party.


Seven days till M-day;

I can’t stop giggling as the people-carrier slips down the narrow country lanes just as the sky is starting to brighten in the east. I know I have to try and control myself as alcohol induced giggles lead to hiccoughs and then often to Technicolor yawns. Harry, my best friend Fiona’s husband is driving and I’m sat in the passenger seat in the tattered remains of my enforced Hen-party outfit. Fiona is leaning in from behind telling her husband about the “Policeman” who came to take down my particulars.hen night

“You should have seen Marie… she was gagging for it when she saw his truncheon!” screeched Fiona.

Harry had already dropped off our friends and I was ‘crashing’ at Harry and Fiona’s house tonight. “It was this… biiiiigggg!” I replied as I held my hands apart by a foot and then increased the gap till my arms were fully stretched and burst into a further set of giggles. Even through the tears running from my eyes I spotted Harry’s furtive glance at my ripped fish-net stockings and couldn’t help but wonder how big his own ‘black truncheon’ was. It wouldn’t be the first time I had wondered about my friend and her husband; it had indeed been fuel for some of my masturbatory fantasies as I imagined his large, dark skinned frame on top of her pale-skinned petite body. In my mind it was a shame that Fiona worked on her tan so much as the thought of his black cock driving in her ‘white’ body had brought me to quite a few orgasms.

“It was just as well she was handcuffed… I think she would have fucked him then and there in front of us if she’d had the chance!” squawked Fiona.

I took a couple of deep breaths and answered “I noticed someone else making up for my lack of access!” I grinned behind me and turned back to Harry, “You know this wife of yours has serious wandering hand syndrome!!!”

The two of us once again brayed with laughter and Harry grinned as he indicated to pull into their driveway. “Yep, that’s why I have to keep her tied up most of the time” he replied with his deep baritone voice as his eyes wandered to my legs again. I could blame it on the drink as I spread my thighs and the ripped remains of my school skirt rode up to expose the suspenders I was wearing. It was true that the stripping Policeman did indeed have a sizable appendage but the man attached to it was far too concerned with his own looks to be attractive to me. Not that a nice cock doesn’t have an effect on me and I knew if it had been lighter in the front of the vehicle it was quite possible that my earlier moist state would have been evident.

Two of us stumbled from the mini-van and grabbed each other for support till we were steady enough to perform a high kicking routine up to the front door. I’m quite sure that Fiona noted her husband’s eyes as they switched from one approaching crotch to the other. We stumbled further through the hall and into their lounge before collapsing down on their large plush couch dumping our handbags beside us. “Be a darling and take off my shoes, honey?” asked Fiona.

I knew I was biting my bottom lip as Harry dutifully knelt in front or his wife beside a heavy wooden coffee table and slipped her four-inchers off her feet. His eyes remained faithful as they stared up the short PVC skirt of her pseudo-nurses uniform. For the first time I wondered if my best friend was wearing any panties, I watched as he kneaded her white-stockinged feet before Fiona stated “I’m sure Marie’s feet need some attention as well!”

Without a word he moved around the coffee table and was before me slipping my Jimmy Choo’s from my feet with a reverence that had me half-shocked and utterly horny. If my pussy hadn’t been damp before, it was now as my best friend’s husband stared up beneath my short pleated skirt at my crotch. I moaned quietly as I felt his thumb work its way along my instep, “Ohh…that’s nice” I murmured in response.

“He is good, isn’t he” agreed Fiona, “Now run along and get us a bottle of Prosecco.” A moan of disappointment escaped my lips as Harry rose and headed to the kitchen; my eyes trailed after him appreciating his 6’4” frame in a way that I hadn’t really done before with an aching pussy between my legs. I turned to gaze at my friend and found a look I hadn’t seen before. She knew of mine and Alan’s lifestyle and had occasionally taken some vicarious pleasure on the occasion when I divulged a particularly pleasant adventure. Though as far as I had been aware that was all it was; her tongue wetting her lips suggested differently and I was positive that she had re-counted my adventures to her spouse.

“Fiona?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, Marie?” she answered and I watched a blush begin to rise in her cheeks despite her bravado.

“What’s going on?” her eyes dropped away and the colour in her cheeks rose further. I reached with a fingertip and raised her chin, “Do you want a threesome?” I asked directly.

She shook her head and I was surprised that I had read the situation wrong; I felt my pussy twitch in frustration before she called up her reserves and managed to raise her eyes to mine again, “No…but…” the rest of the sentence was mumbled and it took me a few seconds to decipher her words. Harry walked back in carrying a pair of glasses and a bottle. His eyes flicked between us and the lust was completely apparent in his eyes. My own took their time and roamed down his body to settle on the sizable lump of his crotch.

“I’d need to see the goods first” I stated. Two broad smiles flashed between Harry and Fiona as he poured two glasses and then standing on the other side of the coffee table pulled his T-shirt up over his head. My eyes roamed over his dark flesh as I slipped my feet up beneath me and reached forward to pick up the glass of wine. “I hope you two are sure of this” I stated knowing that we had already passed the point of no-return as Harry kicked off his shoes and unbuckled his belt.

Fiona also reached for her glass, the wine rippling within the glass as her hand shook; “We are… we… I’ve wanted to see you fuck Harry for ages… I thought you might’ve fucked the stripper-gram earlier…”

I bit my bottom lip as Fiona’s husband pushed down his trousers to reveal a tented pair of briefs, “The boy was too vain for my liking” I answered, “besides I’m not that much of an exhibitionist…” Harry paused for a moment and looked between the two of us before easing down his briefs. I held my breath as I watched his stiff cock be pulled down and exhaled sharply as it flicked up free to bounce against his flat stomach. “Now that there is a much finer specimen of manhood” I congratulated my friend.

“It is a nice cock, isn’t it!” she answered. I took a sip of my wine as Harry stood there patiently; his cock, reasonably thick and over eight inches long quivered against his abdomen. I licked my lips as I examined the bulbous glans, slick with his precum and felt my pussy clench in anticipation.Harry's reveal

I stood up with glass in my hand and walked around the coffee table as Harry remained stationary, his eyes following me until I passed around behind him. The man possessed a solid frame, nothing ‘showy’ but I knew there was a definite strength in his muscles and although his black cock wasn’t the stuff of legend I knew it was more than ‘up-for-the-job’ of filling my aching quim. I dragged the nails of my free hand across a pair of taut buttocks gaining a shiver from him. Fiona squirmed on the couch as I leant against her naked husband, my head resting against his shoulder, “So, Harry here is a bit of a Sub?” I asked.

Fiona’s chest was rising and falling rapidly, her nipples obvious through her bra and the latex nurses uniform; “I think we’re Switches… I think that’s the term…”

“Ahhh… so your turn tonight is it?” I asked rhetorically as I lowered the glass of wine and ran the cool glass against the underside of Harry’s cock all the way to his cock head. I watched as he gritted his teeth and stifled a moan; “Is this the first time you’ve ever invited anyone else to join you?”

Harry nodded and I got the idea that part of their ‘play’ was for him to remain silent as Jane answered “Yes.”

I raised the glass to my lips, my tongue searching the rim and finding a hint of Harry’s saltiness there as I reached down with my other hand and wrapped my fingers around his shaft giving it a tight squeeze and for the first time eliciting a proper sound from between his lips. “So… is he mine to do with as I please?” I asked Fiona.

“Ohhh yesss” she sighed in response.

“Good” I replied and released his cock before bending in front of him, deliberately rubbing my ass against his cock as I picked up the bottle from the table and moved it to the mantel piece. Without looking behind me I ordered Harry, “Lie down on the table…like a good boy!” I watched in the mirror above the fireplace as he obeyed only just managing to fit his frame with the back of his head at one end and his ass on the opposite. For the first time I reached beneath my skirt and cupped my mound feeling the juices ease out between my fingers as I studied the reflection of Harry’s manhood angling up from his crotch.

I turned about and reached under my skirt and unclipped my suspenders before rolling the laddered fishnets down my legs. Fiona continued to squirm on the couch her eyes flicking between me and her husband’s swollen cock. “Please, Fiona; make yourself more comfortable, let’s call it an early present for my Maid of Honour! I am borrowing your husband, after all!” I offered.

“Something borrowed…” she grinned in response and stood up beside Harry’s knees and reached behind her. I knelt beside her husband’s head as the two of us looked up and after hearing the zipper watched as the outfit slipped from Fiona’s frame and crumpled to the floor. I half expected my best friend to cover herself with shyness but instead she reached up behind her and released her bra and shrugged off the straps to stand there utterly naked except for her white stockings. I gazed at her crotch appreciating the utterly white triangle of flesh framing her shaved mound in contrast to the rest of her tanned body.

I lowered my mouth to Harry’s ear; “Damn but your wife is gorgeous… what a lovely bald cunt too, literally dripping!” he flinched for a moment as I tied one of my stockings around his wrist but then his tongue peaked out from between his lips and I watched his cock twitch and a large dew-drop of pre-cum appear from the eye. Fiona pulled up a chair and positioned herself beyond her husband’s knees and began to massage her full breasts, catching her hard nipples between her thumbs and fingers.

As I pulled the remainder of my stocking beneath the table Harry willingly offered his other arm and in a moment he was bound to the table. Looking at his biceps I had no doubt that if he wanted to he would have been able to pull the make-shift binds apart. “Look at her Harry…” I murmured, “and remember!” I added as I tied my other stocking over his eyes, blindfolding him. A disappointed moan escaped his lips as I stood up and pulled the school tie from around my neck and dropping it onto his stomach gaining a slight flinch.

Fiona gazed at me, one hand remaining on her left breast as the other dropped to scratch along the inside of her thigh. “So you two have been planning this?” I asked as I unbuttoned my blouse. Fiona nodded dumbly as her eyes followed my fingers’ progress. Her nails leaving red marks as she scratched harder into her own flesh; “What would you have done if I’d been totally hammered?” “-just used my unconscious body?” I added without incrimination and with a little lust at the thought as I unfastened the knot of twisted material holding the bottom hem of my blouse closed.

Fiona blushed deeply and her eyes dropped to her husband’s cock as she mumbled “That… wasn’t going to happen…”

For a moment I frowned as the idea of being used without my knowledge had appealed and then as my blouse fell apart I considered how I actually was feeling; apart from incredibly horny. I looked at my best friend and realised that I was actually quite sober; definitely merry but considering the amount of drinks I had partaken, or at least I thought I had partaken off. “You were spiking my drinks? All of those cocktails…virgin cocktails?” I asked.

“Not all” she mumbled and lifted her head, a deep blush in her cheeks in contrast with a mischievous grin as she stared at my lacy black, half-cup bra with a pair of hard aching nipples fully exposed.

I looked down at Harry lying before me, “Did you know about this?…Harry?” he shook his head in response. “Don’t lie to me Harry or I’ll just walk away” I lied and got a guilty nod instead. I grinned at him and then at Fiona as I reached up and tweaked my nipples; “I never knew what a pair of conniving reprobates the two of you were” I stated. Fiona’s hand once again began kneading the sensitive flesh at the top of her thighs as I dropped a hand and unbuttoned my pleated skirt letting it drop to the floor around my feet.

I stood for a moment considering my options wondering exactly how far I could ‘push’ Fiona knowing that at least for tonight Harry was my play thing. “Well, as the two of you have been so naughty…” I stared at my best friend, “Hook your legs over the arms of the chair, Fiona; I wanna see that lovely cunt of yours spread wide!”

She nodded dumbly and did as instructed as well as reaching down with both hands and pulling her dripping labia apart. Heavy pants issuing from her open mouth as I watched a trickle of her juices run out onto the padded seat. “Good girl” I stated and reached between my heavy 38DD boobs to undo the clasp on my bra. I massaged my breasts proud that they only dropped a fraction without their support and stepped forward so that my knees were either side of her husband’s head. “Ohh Harry, your sweet wife is spreading her cunt for me,” I offered as he twisted his head and brushed his lips against the inside of my knee; “I can see right inside her, it’s so wet and red. I hope you’re a good husband and eat her out regularly… I fucking would!”

Fiona was biting her lip, her fingers twitching on either side of her quim as I reached down and pulled my lacy black knickers up tight against my own mound and felt my juices seep out through the fine material. A low moan escaped my mouth as I eased them back and forth till the crotch was completely soaked through and slowly began to pull them down. My guess was that my best friend was predominantly straight and yet as her eyes focused on the gusset of my underwear adhering to my slit till it peeled away there was definitely a curiosity there.

I stepped back and slipped my soaking panties of my feet, bending forwards enough to brush my swinging breasts against Harry’s face. His mouth opened wide and his tongue flicked out catching a hard nipple before I stood back up. I looked down as his mouth remained open searching for a hint of my soft flesh. I grinned at Fiona and dropped my sodden panties onto his jaw. Fiona’s eyes flicked from her husband eagerly pulling the wet lace into his mouth, moaning loudly as he sucked my juices from the material to my own finger sliding through the narrow trimmed patch of hair, over my slit and easing inside.

“Tell me Fiona, how long have the two of you fantasised about me?” I asked as I stepped forward astride her husband’s head once again. I bit my own lip as I curled my finger within me and teased my G-spot with my fingernail.

I watched her fingers creeping inwards, still keeping her pussy spread for my inspection; “Ohh fuck…years and years Marie” she moaned.

“And you wait till I’m about to get married before you make your play?” I asked lifting a quizzical eyebrow as I eased my finger back out and raised it up to my mouth.

Slowly I bent my knees outwards lowering my soaking snatch towards her husband’s face as I sucked my tangy juices from my finger. I watched as she sneaked a finger from each hand into her wet pussy, her chest rising and falling rapidly; “We… I wondered… if you were… settling down.”

I couldn’t help but laugh as I planted my crotch onto Harry’s mouth and felt him struggle to push my panties out of the way to get his tongue in my dripping slit. My laugh morphed into a sigh and then a low moan as I twisted my hips about, planting a hand beside his chest to steady myself and feeling his efforts rewarded as his tongue snaked into my hot pussy. “Ohh…fuck” I breathed as I pressed harder into his mouth forcing his head down onto the edge of the table, “Like… shit… that was ever going to…Mmmm…happen!”

Fiona ceased any notions of subtlety and thrust a pair of fingers deep inside her own quim as her other hand worked her clit. Harry’s tongue thrust again and again into my aching pussy as I ground harder against his face; whatever pressure I was bringing to bear on the back of his head against the hard wooden table he showed no signs of concern. Just a simple need to suck the juices from my cunt; I gasped loudly as the friction of my lacy panties trapped between us rubbed over my engorged clit as I stared through slotted eyes at my best friend’s fingers sliding in and out of her dripping slit.

Shivers ran up and down my spine as my other hand dropped to the table and I stared down at Harry’s cock jerking of its own accord; the sensations escalating rapidly as my tunnel locked up and a flood of my juices filled his mouth. “Christ!” I groaned and I clamped my thighs together hard trapping his head between them. My orgasm ripped through me violently as muffled moans emanated from beneath me; my body twitching as the feelings overloaded my senses and became all I was.

When I opened my eyes I drew in long deep breaths and on shaky legs released Harry’s head and stepped back to hear him also gasping for oxygen. “Wow” I murmured not having realised that I had been suffocating the bringer of my orgasm. Looking down long streaks of his white seed adorned his chest and abdomen along with my discarded tie, with a final string hanging down from his glans linking it to a collection within in his belly button. His cock was still quite swollen and seemed to be only a fraction less stiff than before I closed my eyes.

I looked up at Fiona whose eyes were wide and chest heaving and flushed. “STOP!” I commanded and she whimpered as her fingers froze. I grinned evilly as I figured she had been right on the brink of her own orgasm. “Did I say you could cum?” I asked and saw the pleading within her eyes. I shook my head and looked down at her husband’s body before me; “Clean that up, every last drop and make sure he is fully hard before I fuck him!”

Reluctantly she pulled her fingers from her slit and dropped down over her husband; “Leave his cock till last” I added and knelt down beside her husband placing my mouth next to his ear. “And did I say you could cum?” I asked as I gazed at his pussy juice covered face.

He shook his head as I lifted the ripped remains of my panties from the floor. “Very naughty” I whispered but still rewarded him with a deep tongue searching kiss savouring the taste of my cunt in his mouth. “Just as well you gave me an exquisite ‘O’; maybe I won’t punish you… too much!” I said as I stuffed my underwear back into his mouth. I knelt beside him rubbing the side of my breast against his jaw, having to administer a light slap as he went to turn his head. My nipple ached as I felt the rough feel of his stubble against my soft flesh as I watched his wife fastidiously search out every drop of his spilled seed.

She looked up at me to see if I was satisfied and with my nod she turned her attention to her husband’s prick. I could see that despite having ejaculated that it was still fully swollen as she wrapped her hand around the base and lapped at his bulbous glans. Harry moaned and I gave him another slight slap on the cheek, “Hush” I ordered and turned a fraction to press an aching nipple against his rough jaw. Reaching forward with my right hand I pinched his nipple between my painted fingernails smiling as I heard a stifled grunt escape his lips.

Breathing deeply I thought about the fact I had never felt in such control before. Alan and me were both indeed switches but the roles had never been as intense as I twisted Harry’s nipple and saw his cock jerk against wife’s tongue. “Let’s see how much of that lovely black cock you can get in that sweet little mouth of yours… slut?” I asked Fiona.

I watched as she looked nervously at her husband’s shaft and knew that she had never managed all of it. I was a hundred percent sure neither could I but my pussy dripped onto the carpet at the thought of watching her try. She gulped nervously and slid her mouth over his glans; her cheeks hollowing as she slowly lowered her head. She quickly managed the top half of his length and drew back up before descending again to leave the bottom quarter on display. I idly toyed with Harry’s nipple as I dropped my other hand to my thigh and scratched at my flesh even though my pussy was begging for more stimulation.

“Come on Fiona, you can do better than that” I commented as she raisWhen Harry met Fionaed her mouth of his saliva streaked shaft.

She looked up at me as she inhaled a deep breath and lifted my hand away from her husband’s nipple and placed it on the back of her head; “Yes,” she breathed, “I can… Miss!”

She thrust her mouth down and I pushed down on the back of her head feeling both husband and wife stiffen as her lips stretched forward and only an inch of hard cock remained on view. My pussy clenched as I held her head firmly down on Harry’s engorged length and knew his glans was pressing into her throat. Their moans echoed in sympathy even though Fiona’s was somewhat muffled; a fraction more of his shaft disappeared before I pulled her head up and she pulled in a deep chest-full of air.

“You’re almost there, slut” I encouraged and I stood up and straddled man and table; my pussy leaking and dribbling my cream onto his chest. Fiona looked up and stared at my soaking slit from just a few inches away as my other hand also slid through her auburn hair. Her eyes shone and she took a deep breath and slipped her lips over his cock head and I pushed down. Harry groaned loudly and his wife gulped his cock into her mouth and down her throat. I shuddered as I felt the power of domination I had over my two friends and felt my pussy quiver and a trickle of my juices run out and pool onto his chest.

I held her there for a few seconds while she gulped at Harry’s member till I felt her head tremble and knew she was struggling for air. I pulled her up sharply and she gasped and grinned as her eyes, full of tears gleamed up at me. “Such a good pet,” I congratulated her and shifted forwards till my slit was directly above her husband’s cock; “and now for your reward!” I still held her head just inches away from my quim as she held her husband’s cock upright and I dropped down impaling myself completely in one motion. “Ohhh fuck!” I moaned.

An equal moan of pleasure sounded from behind me and Fiona’s eyes filled with total lust as she watched Harry’s cock disappear from view. I savoured the feeling of fullness that his cock gave me as I slowly twisted about on his shaft. Looking down at my best friend’s face I released her head and saw her remain exactly where she was as I slowly rose up revealing his glistening black member till only his glans remained within me. A further shudder ran through me as I leant back and placed my hands either side of his chest and slowly began to ease up and down on his wonderful cock. My eye’s focused on Fiona’s face wondering if she would just watch with a hand jerking beneath her obviously fingering herself or if she would lean in and add further stimulus.

Harry writhed beneath me, lifting his hips to meet my thrusts; groaning loudly as I felt his glans bump against the neck of my womb. “Ohhh God!” I groaned, “Ohhh Fi’… you’re husband’s cock… feels so fucking good… in my cunt!”

I struggled to watch my friend as I felt my orgasm began to build; “Ohhh Marie… it looks so gorgeous…” she panted, her eyes locked on my soaking slit driving down onto her husband’s thick cock. Her left hand grasped Harry’s thigh, her painted nails digging into his flesh as her body started to tremble. Fiona’s pants morphed into low and guttural moans and then her eyes closed as she bucked against her invading fingers.

My own closed and I surrendered to the sensations and I arched my back thrusting my pelvis down hard onto the black cock buried deep inside me. Harry also groaned loudly from beneath me and he must have torn his bonds as his hands rose up around me and I felt his rough calloused hand grasp my breasts and his manhood jerk within me flooding my womb with his seed.

My pussy clamped down tightly around his shaft and I felt my juices flow out around his cock running down between my ass cheeks and soaking his sac and (I was sure) the table beneath us. I didn’t quite pass out, but it was a close thing as my orgasm pulsed through my body and took several seconds if not the best part of a minute to subside. The strong odour of sex assaFiona's viewiled my nostrils as I opened my eyes and sat up on the softening cock still within me. Fiona was knelt on the floor, her forehead resting in the deep pile of the rug as her body still twitched. I twisted about and earned a shudder and a low moan of appreciation from Harry as I looked at the beaming smile on his face.

I reached back and pushed the blindfold from his eyes; he blinked and looked up at me as his hands gently caressed my hips. “Good boy” I commented before turning back and reaching down and threading my hands through Fiona’s hair. Groggily she raised her head and looked up at me as I encouraged her to rise up. “All that you wanted?” I asked as I slowly raised my hips and felt Harry’s wilted cock reluctantly slip from my abused slit. I held my friend’s head level with Harry’s thighs as his cock slipped free followed by a viscous outpouring of my juices. Fiona’s eyes widened and I squeezed my vaginal muscles and knew that at least some of her husband’s seed followed suit.

A moan escaped my lips as I squeezed harder knowing that the mix of our juices were flowing over Harry’s member and that Fiona could see every detail. I sighed softly as I raised myself up and stepped to the side on shaky legs looking down at the sticky deposit I had left. “Well… Fiona… I’m off to bed… you’ve got some cleaning up to do!” I grinned as her gaze remained on her husband’s crotch. I leant down and planted a tender kiss on Harry’s lips before walking unsteadily towards the hallway.

I looked back to see my friend leaning in and lapping at the combination of her husband’s spunk and my pussy cream. Even from the doorway I could see his cock twitching and straightening as her head dipped down and she sucked one of his balls into her mouth. Neither of them had eyes for me as they stared into each other’s.

“Hmmm…my work here is done” I whispered to myself and made my way to the spare bedroom.


Coming soon… Something Blue…



The Politics of Fear

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Or maybe the gun and the ballot?

A new category for this I suppose; ‘Rant’ seems appropriate as this is nothing more than my opinion.

So here we all are! On this side of the pond we have looked across and seen the campaigns being waged in the run up to your Presidential Election and shook our heads at the hyperbole and sensationalist rhetoric used by all and sundry. We’re so much more civilized than that! EU-referendum-ballot-paper-638210

At least we liked to think we were but now? Not so much. Brexit; for fuck’s sake! The tosser who came up with that stupid abbreviation should be taken out, put up against a wall and shot (if only we had lax gun laws) and as for all the serious people who adopted the term; they really should know better. Of course the use of a silly word with less than three syllables is the least of my concerns. Over thirty million votes out of a possible forty-five and the populace has decided we should leave the European Union. 52% to 48% and that is democracy and I am 100% fine with that.

Lots of people are shocked by the result and yet forever and a day everyone was saying it was going to be close, a knife-edge and I am wondering if any of those people had access to a dictionary. Me? Well, I figured to remain within the EU was the lesser of two evils and at least remaining within we had a chance of putting our views across. And here is where the issue begins. Generalizing there were three major areas that concerned the British people. Immigration, Euro-interference and value for money so to speak.

I’ll start with the last first just to be awkward. Value for money. The contributions we make to the EU against what we get back. Of course, part and parcel of this is the access to a huge free market and its access to us. Personally, while within the EU our position always seemed to be the best of both worlds particularly as a bridge to the US with an English speaking capital a short rail journey and even shorter flight to the mainland. If you’re going to have a EU base of operations being able to order a coffee in your native tongue may not necessarily be of financial concern but I would guess it has swung many a CEO.

A figure that was bandied about by the Leave faction was that we paid £350 million to the EU every week; what they failed to mention was that it was a gross figure and with the various grants and such coming back the net figure was £135 million. Stillbrexit bus a fucking huge amount of money but those grants went to some of the poorest areas of the UK; Wales in particular was a net beneficiary, getting more out than they paid in. They voted Leave. Some suggested, although there does seem to be a high incidence of amnesia now, that the money could be funneled into our Health service. A policy that Joe Public thought was perfect.

There is quite a bit wrong with the EU in a financial sense as it stands, particularly the Euro itself where strong economies like Germany are trading with an effectively ‘weak’ currency meaning they can sell their goods cheaply at highly-competitive prices whereas other members such as Greece with a weak economy and a strong currency find that they can only sell their goods at expensive and non-competitive prices to other countries and the spiral continues. Of course a lot of what is seen is a direct result of the global crash which wasn’t down to countries but to Banks and Global corporations and not directly as a result of countries or economic unions. Their fault is letting the bastards get away with it!

Euro-interference. I guess in the US you can get an idea of this between State and Federal. A far away power decides what is best for us with apparently no consultation. But wait… didn’t we elect a government and our own representatives to the EU to do just that. And actually any laws proposedhave to be agreed by ALL member states and ratified in their own Parliaments. By all accounts in 2015 there were 14 or so such laws/regulations handed down and in 2016 just four. The real question of course is were they insisting that we should all wear orange on Tuesdays or maybe that all employers should supply adequate safety equipment to their workers? My thoughts are they were the latter and I suggest if you’re interested you should look them up and definitely not take my word for it but please, pretty please go to the source of information and not any second hand websites.

Once upon a time the EU decided that all bananas should not be too bent! Straighter bananas would be better for transport. This was reportedly widely and definitely stoked the fires against EU interference. Now if you have any space-awareness you will realise that one banana sitting on top of another follows the same curve and the only extra possible space you could gain would be at the very top and bottom of a container. This story it turned out originated in a Pub between journalists having a pint. It was a bet! Which of them could get the daftest story about the EU published.

The wall is getting crowded and I might have to issue the Firing Squad with automatic weaponry!

So when it comes down to it a bunch of elected representatives from a multitude of countries and differing political bias’s have to come to an agreement on a fair law/regulation that has to be acceptable to all. I can’t see orange being a mandatory colour on Tuesday’s ever being suggested let alone being ratified. It is understandable, and I’m sure it’s the same in the US and other countries that being told what to do (or not) by people in a place you’ve never been to will rankle somewhat. Even in just the UK being governed by London rankles quite a few of the people here, ask Scotland.

One last thing is the suggestion about the extra layer of bureaucracy being a waste but as it turns out the EU assembly uses a tenth of the people that the British government does and that’s where so much of our money goes too! Of course the general distrust of politicians is there too and so the thought of even more corruption inveigles itself into the thoughts of Joe Public. And yet it was here and not in Europe that there were investigations into Right Honourable Members of Parliament and their expenses claims and it is here that we are bringing all the power back to. Damn we have a sense of Irony!

And now for the ‘Hot Potato’! Immigration. Can a country truly now be utterly isolationist? Well N. Korea can but maybe they’re the exception that proves the rule. And really what populace would want to be as that means no one enters, no one leaves… oops movie reference!

The big bogey man mentioned in the campaign was Turkey becoming a member and opening the floodgates as the principal of freedom of movement is allowed within the EU. David Cameron, the Prime Minister had negotiated a deal where simply a person had to work within the UK for four years before they could claim any state benefits. Alas this had not yet been ratified by the EU and, well that was a fuck-up on their part so all the naysayers simply suggested that the EU couldn’t be trusted to honour the deal (nothing xenophobic there).

As for Turkey… they have been applying to join the EU for years…decades and so far have completed one part out of thirty to apply for EU membership and yet any EU member has a veto vote on the application. Not really the imminent invasion suggested. And without a doubt having such a pool of labour available does suppress the average wage but the UK government saw to that over twenty years ago when they destroyed the unions. The Joke is that the UK has actively searched out immigrants throughout its history and maybe (as the name of my Blog suggests) cynically I might suspect that has always been the reason. Justifiable come-back for a global spanning Empire???

The flip-side is of course for those citizens here it now may become so much harder to work or live elsewhere in Europe. Not my problem… Irish passport… damn I’m going to enjoy the Blue Channel!!!

Understand me, there was and is a lot wrong with the EU and it should be fixed but there’s also a lot right too. And if we are out we have absolutely no say about the matter and yet we will still live within the strong sphere of influence it exerts. Economically we may find ourselves to be its bitch. Not only are we at a crossroads but so is the rest of Europe who have, quite possibly< as many malcontents as we have and possibly in order to keep them in line might just take a very hard line with this divorce. So many phrases spring to mind… toys and pram, nose and face, creek and paddle-less!

And David Cameron handed in his notice.

boris before


The man is smarter than he looks! Have you ever been at a game and the winning fans are shouting “YOU’RE NOT SINGING, YOU’RE NOT SINGING, YOU’RE NOT SINGING ANYMORE!!!!” Well oddly the winners aren’t singing…they’re barely talking because they’ve realised what a poisoned chalice

boris after


they have poured. Cameron is handing over the reigns and it isn’t unfair as he was for staying and his replacement has the unenviable task of negotiating the transition with all the politics and ramifications involved and if anyone can accomplish such a task successfully (without things getting worse, possibly for years, before they get better)… well I’m not sure such a person exists, anywhere!

Maybe Cameron should have announced during the campaign this was his intention and the leaders of the Leave side might have taken a long pause for thought. Oddly enough just before the referendum a letter signed by numerous MP’s supported the idea that Cameron should stay and see the country through whatever the result! Now there was a bunch of gutless, yellow-bellies!

Hmmm… might have to put an extra tier on the wall and upgrade from automatic weaponry to high explosive!

If it wasn’t so fucked up it’d be funny!!!

So, we now live in interesting times, possibly dark times but definitely interesting. One effect already making itself felt is the rise of racism as, I would guess, those of the Far Right feel they have been handed a mandate by the people to encourage those immigrants (legal or not) already here to leave even quicker.

Might have to re-think this wall and munitions idea.

So I don’t agree with the result and it even makes me feel saddened but I stand by it. That’s what democracy is about. But… there is one thing above all that does anger me.


The Politics of Fear really only work if a person/politician/journalist/scum-sucking-mollusc is allowed to lie. And I’m thinking that maybe it should be illegal to lie to the public in any election or referendum or even at all. Of course you would have to get those self-same Right Honourable Members of Parliament to pass such legislation so that could be a problem?

Possibly even worse than them is the mass-media who report the News. The News you will note and not the truth. Here, there is an odd imbalance to the large forms of mass-media; the likes of radio stations and national TV are controlled and will be brought up if they show any bias. Heck, private radio stations can lose their broadcasting license if they show any bias within six weeks of an election. However, the printed media has no such control. They say they do but the body is one of their own and in no way independent or with any real teeth. About as useful as a blind pilot, no disrespect to pilots or blind people (though I can’t see them being offended).

The Sun says” A simple get-out clause one National newspaper uses; printed in aSUN_SAYS_right_col_451423a reasonable size up in a corner followed by a banner headline that is nothing more than their opinion. And because its an opinion or if you like an editorial they literally can say what they like. Of course the other thing they do is repeat or quote other stories not caring if they are true as long as they chime with their own views. Or their own view of what their readership want to hear/read and ergo sell more papers.

One strange thing about the above Newspaper is that they employed Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame to write an opinionated column. A man renowned for having outspoken views and an exponent of the Politically-incorrect statement. To be honest he is a great entertainer and lots of his “quotes” were just irony or outright jokes and far too many people took him far too seriously. Odd then that when he comes out in favour of remaining with the EU The Sun doesn’t seem to push his views, possibly quite the opposite! I’m still not sure what their agenda was; do they simply think this was what their readership wanted to read and therefore sell more papers and damn the consequences?

A case in point that I know quite a few details about and in particular the truth of it. The Daily Mail printed an interview with a hijacker that had landed in the UK with a plane full of Afghans. One thing that was apparently not reported, definitely by the tabloids, was that they were indeed Asylum Seekers. People who had fought against the Taliban; they were on our side and during the flight even though they were armed it seems that they had no need to terrorize the passengers or crew. A flight to freedom. When they landed they offered to surrender their weapons immediately and it was only the security forces wariness (and I can’t blame them although the cynic (there he is again) wonders if they had been ordered to wait for the optimum News time) that extended the hostage situation.

So a number of years later, having been granted asylum and one of these hijackers/allies is now working at… wait for it..Heathrow Airport and happily minding his own business. The Daily Mail published an interview with him stoking the ‘fires’ of racism and bigotry. What was wrong with that News story I hear you ask? Well, they never did interview him! It all went to court, the newspaper asked to hand over notes and any recordings of the interview and even asked when the interview actually took place and where. Now you would think journalists would do their research especially when they are lying but they didn’t and cited a time when the man was actually at work with lots of security footage to prove he was going about his legitimate work.

So, the court of law orders a full retraction in their newspaper and a hefty fine. What does the Daily Mail do? They print the retraction… under a full re-print of the interview!!!

Hmm.. maybe I need an island and a small thermo-nuclear device?

So, yes I accept the result of the referendum even if the full facts never did manage to rise above the sea of lies and disinformation. I would like to see the word “Honourable” removed from MP’s titles and proper control of media, not censorship; sure they can print what they like but they should be held accountable in a way that would make them think twice about lying to all of us. And any opinions or repeating of opinions should never be put up as banner headlines.

The other, far more insidious aspect of elections and referendums is the Pollsters. I think it’s the Heisenberg Principle that is the problem here. Simply put; when conducting an experiment one should be sure that the simple observation of the process should not effect the results. So, Mori or some other Polling company release a result of the way an election is going and publish it as fact, always glossing over the margin for error in their figures. “The Remain vote is going to win.” So people see this and it encourages those who wish to leave to go out and vote and possibly comfort those who want to stay and don’t go out of their way to vote. One million people was the difference in the votes and that is a lot but it was only four votes in every hundred, as I said earlier it was always going to be close.

The post match analysis has indicated that only 40% of those under 24 years of age voted… a disenchanted youth? Over 70% of the over 60’s voted… disgruntled elders who see all their hard work, their pensions being taken by foreigners?

The other point is that Polls are reasonably easy to manipulate even if they aren’t aimed at a particular demographic sample or area. Do I think immigration is an issue? Yes or No? Do I think the EU has too much power? Yes or No? Do I think the Euro works? Yes or No? Should we leave the EU? Yes or No?

It’s a practice that Polling companies have engaged in for a long time, particularly when employed by a client that wants a particular result to a survey. A series of questions, worded precisely and with simple yes or no answers that when you come to the final question if you answer it in any other way than the way ‘they’ want will make you look stupid. So to think that Polls have no effect is naive in my opinion and either they should be banned or at least fully incorporate their margins for error (I imagine that for the referendum that would have been 56% Remain to 58% Leave, of course that would suggest that a professional Polling company’s guess is as good as yours or mine!) or simply that it is mandatory for all registered voters to vote. Sure they do that in other countries and no bad thing in my book!

So there you have it, my little rant that has no more power than your own opinion, Dear Avid Reader. And as I said earlier, please, pretty please, with sugar on top DO NOT take my word for it or anyone else’s; find the facts for yourselves from the original sources.

I guess all these people who I would put on an island of retribution have someThe price of touring people who love them and by their grace I will not carry out such a threat… that and I don’t have an island or a nuclear device… or even an air rifle…!

Normal (perverted) service will be resumed shortly…


The Island…Pt II

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As promised, not too long of a wait. So our ‘hero’ has found a glimpse of nirvana and yet he can only look … What is a boy to do?

Now if you haven’t read the first part

On with the show…





The next week I spent most of my time in the dingy exploring the wrecks and even venturing once to the foot of the shelf’s drop-off and sixty metres down where I found what could have been the remains of a Greek Trireme; if it was it would be over two thousand years old. I rose to the surface having pushed the limits of my time at such a depth deeply frustrated knowing that far better equipment was needed to study it properly.

I sat in the gently rocking dinghy also knowing that even though Maddy had said ‘the sea was mine’, I couldn’t imagine her being pleased about the men and material required that would be anchored just off her Island. I decided for the moment not to mention the potential discovery and simply marked the location on my Tablet as a P.O.I.

I looked at the last of my scuba tanks with any amount of air within it and decided that I wouldn’t use it unless I found something of serious interest. Looking up I saw the sun dipping towards the horizon and figured it was time to head back to the Island. My enforced daylight exile had been doing little to ease the dreams that came to me every night; always Eryn and Stella bringing me to the point of orgasm and then disappearing. “Our little secret,” always on their lips and yet within my mind within the dreams it was Maddy that I was thinking off.

A grin spread across my lips as I watched the sun touch the horizon as I felt an ironic pang of guilt at betraying my fantasy lovers.


Four days later and still no let up with my night time dreams; I broke with my routine and sailed around the western side of the island. The discovery of the possibly ancient wreck was still my secret and the knowledge was gnawing at my conscience each time I was with Maddy so today I had decided to put the Island between it and me. I knew the underwater topography meant that any wrecks would be right up against the cliffs and would soon be disassembled by the stronger forces of weathering and erosion as opposed to those on the lee-side.

Of course once I’d seen the German pilings from the cliff above my curiosity wouldn’t be satisfied till I’d viewed them from close quarters. A person had to hand it to the Germans, even those during wartime; they had an amazing amount of ambition! From above the drop had seen more like thirty foot but from the choppy waves below the cliffs stood sixty feet or more. I could see from colouration of the cliffs that ‘unnatural’ erosion had occurred years before forming what appeared to be a scoop out of the line of the cliff. It took me a few minutes to understand what I was looking at; it was only when I slipped from the dinghy and stood on one of the remaining concrete pilings and dropped the anchor that I saw the surrounding seabed covered in small boulders.

I looked back at the cliff and imagined the German engineers blowing up the cliff face and the entire section dropping away as it followed the almost vertical strata within the rocks. Maybe the debris had been ‘ramped’ when they failed to cut an accessible path with explosives or maybe it was just simply that they ran out of time. I wondered what an echo sounder would reveal beneath the waves; as far as I could tell this was probably the only sizable ‘shelf’ on this side of the island; the rest of the coast dropping down beyond my vision or the thirty metre length of the anchor rope.

I hopped from one piling to the next till I stood a few yards from the cliff face looking up its sheer surface. As a single individual the wartime invaders designs seemed daunting but in my time I had visited some of the seriously impressive fortifications that had been built along the French coast on the English Channel and in comparison this was nothing. Maybe the terracotta talismans did actually work!

I made my way back to the dinghy, pulled up the anchor and headed north intending to explore the northern most tip of the island. A couple of hundred metres along the jagged cliffs I glanced back at the futile efforts of the German War Machine and noticed a small cave within the tidal range at the foot of the cliffs. I dropped the outboard into idle letting the dinghy drift and tried to remember if the tide was ebbing or not. I turned the rudder and drifted with the current towards the cliffs.

A squeeze of the throttle and the small rubber craft coasted up to the cave which would indeed be fully submerged at high tide. I looked at my scuba gear and figured it wouldn’t be an issue either way and tied the anchor rope to a handy outcrop before donning the breathing apparatus. I edged myself to the side of the craft and rinsed my mask. “Interesting” I said to myself as I spied a fragment of the curious frieze. I stood in the dinghy and studied the slice of pottery. The snake theme was prominent on this larger piece with at least a pair of entwined serpents that was reminiscent of Asclepius; I could, with a little imagination, see the Paramedic symbol used by many modern health services throughout the world.

For just the briefest of moments I paused as some other thought tried for dominance over my burning curiosity but it never stood a chance as I slipped into the water and made my way into the cave. In a matter of yards, pulling myself forwards, assisted by the incoming tide, the level of light declined along with the roof and I found the waterproof torch tied to my belt and flicked it on. Eerie shadows danced and rippled with the water as I let the torch bounce free using both of my gloved hands to guide myself deeper beneath the island.

I was probably fifty yards from the open air when the roof above me sloped down and my heart sank as I searched beneath the water for any further way forward. I turned about treading water and looked back the way I had come; only a hint of light suggested that it was actually day and with a feeling of resignation I pushed off against the flowing tide. I’d only taken a couple of strokes when the realisation hit me that the current was there and that it had to go somewhere.

I ceased my efforts and was pushed back towards the apparent dead end till I span about near to the wall in an eddy. Adjusting my mask I grasped my torch and holding my breath looked down into the water. The odd bits of sea flora several yards beneath me swayed in the current; I swung the beam of light outwards as I examined the submerged cave. It was on my second breath I saw the dark shape of a possible further route of to my left and the seaweed about the mouth seemed to confirm that the water was indeed flowing through it. I grinned tasting a hint of the salty water seep between my lips before raising my head back above the surface.

Finding a corner where I could comfortably don and test the breathing apparatus and checking my diver’s watch, setting the timer for seven minutes in case the underwater passage took me down too deep. I pushed myself beneath the surface and let the current guide me as I shone the torch into the mouth of the flooded tunnel. It was narrow but still wide enough to allow me entry without worrying about snagging the tank on my back. Carefully I began to descend.

Almost instantly I felt the smoothness and uniformity of the surface beneath my feet and a brief examination confirmed my suspicion that I was swimming/walking down a staircase carved into the bedrock. The passageway descended for about twenty steps before it levelled out and I swam horizontally for a hundred yards or more. My torch bounced off the smooth worn rocks, catching glimpses of quartz within that appeared like tiny stars whenever the beam passed across them. The roof and width of the tunnel varied greatly in size; the ancient tunnel makers allowing it to follow the natural strata of the rock leaving large air-traps along the way that hadn’t been seen in hundreds of years.

I paused in one and saw how the masons, long dead, had carved buttresses, ridges and crenulations into the rock following the natural forms and had left a work that rivalled some of the finest churches on the surface of the world above. Numerous small alcoves dotted the walls and in every single one stood an urn or statue as if it had just been placed there having just been brought from the kilns or the sculptors’ studios. Here they had been frozen and preserved above the level of the water almost as if the craftsmen had only just put away their tools and swept up. My mind span; if this was merely the passageway, what wonders awaited at the final destination.

I checked my watch and figured that although I was approaching my original estimate I wasn’t anywhere as deep as I had feared and I could easily remain at this level for thirty minutes so I headed onwards. Less than two minutes later I paused within the flooded tunnel and switched off my torch. My eyes adjusted quickly in the dimness and I saw a hazy doorway just ahead that clearly had some light above it. My excitement overtook my sense and I had to consciously control my breathing as I began to feel a little light-headed.

With the torch back on I swam through the doorway to find a circular room with the rotten remains of thick wooden blocks stuck into a wall made of carved blocks. Briefly I washed the torch over the floor and although there had been a large Seal carved there it had now been eroded so much to render it undecipherable. A sun… Helios I wondered in my head and looked upwards. The surface of the water rippled above me and a shaft of daylight played upon it from much further above.  I took my time as I ascended till I broke the surface and looked about as the water droplets ran off my mask.

The ‘staircase’ still led upwards for another fifteen feet and if the tide had been out completely it would have been impossible for me to reach the lowest intact wooden step sticking out of the wall. As it was I still had to remove my tank and breathing gear and after fastening it to one of the partially rotted steps I was free to dive and swim up and only just grab the lowest step. I pulled myself up and sat on the timber and allowed myself a moment of satisfaction before carefully ascending the dozen steps to the mystery above.

My jaw dropped as my eyes rose above the parapet and saw a large temple carved out of a natural cavern before me. There were contradictions all about me as my eyes soaked up all the details lit by the beam of light shining down onto a raised circular wall in front of me and roughly in the centre of the room. Almost all the original carvings on the walls, floor and ceiling had lost their definition over time; this monument to whichever Greek God wasn’t immune to the erosive elements of heat and cold unlike the ‘time-capsule’ I’d seen above the flooded tunnel. It was also visited by man; or as I had no doubt by women!

A blue pipe emerged from the ‘well’ in front of me and snaked across the floor up the wall and eventually up to the shaft directly above and to the unseen windmill pump above ground. Stepping forward the well was almost full of crystal clear water and I cupped my hands and lifted some to my mouth. It ran cool and pure down my throat instantly slaking the thirst I hadn’t realised I had gained from my swim. The light from above reflected of the water beneath and rippled across the translucent rock that formed the walls and ceiling.

Maddy and her friends obviously had some other entrance; I didn’t imagine they came through the tunnel from the sea or abseiled down from the shaft above. Parts of the walls and around the back of the large altar at the opposite end, long flowing drapes of plain white cotton hung, rippling a little as the air currents circulated around the room. They almost seemed to whisper some secret message as they slowly undulated against the walls. The only real colour in the temple was the pale orange cloth that covered the altar; marks on the floor suggested that once upon a time rows of seats or benches had filled the place but now only the Well and the Altar were here.

The only other oddity intrigued me; in front of the three steps to the raised altar were tall, heavily eroded pillars varying in height from a few inches to a few feet and seemingly random in their positioning. Looking up at the ceiling above there were no cracks or chunks missing that could explain this curious erosion or sedimentation; if these were stalagmites where were the accompanying stalactites. Briefly touching one I found it to be as dry as the proverbial bone; “Most odd” I murmured. I counted seven taller than my waist and a dozen shorter as I weaved through them to approach the spiritual centre of this shine to see if there was any evidence to confirm my suspicions that it was dedicated to Helios. The whispering seemed to grow more intense and in my imagination, more urgent.

I placed my hand on the silken cloth covering the altar and saw some carved relief beneath it. Just as I was about to gather up the material the drape to the left moved aside and Maddy stepped through. “Shit” I muttered under my breath as the simple rule she had given me on my first morning on the island echoed through my head. “Feel free with the sea all you like!”

“Oh God, I’m sorry” I said as she looked at me with disappointed and yet unsurprised eyes; I vaguely pointed behind me, “I came in from the sea… I didn’t know…” my voice trailed off as I realised just how poor an excuse it was for invading her temple for whichever God.

She stepped forward and my eyes dropped as she rounded the altar. She was wearing a simple pale orange robe, matching that of the altar except that it was so thin that every detail of her nude body beneath was obvious. I tried to draw my eyes away from her crotch only to get them as far as her breasts adorned with a pair of rock hard nipples. My traitorous cock was already responding and its efforts re-doubled as Stella and Eryn both stepped out from behind the drape, wearing white robes just as sheer.

“Scientists; always wanting to explain the great mysteries when sometimes it is the mysteries that are all we need” stated Maddy, “this shrine has stood for millennia undisturbed except for the natural forces of the world and what would you do, Mark? Show it to the world, do you think the world really cares?”

I felt an inexplicable anger rise within me; “I’m not sure you know what you have here, Maddy!” I forced my eyes to peel away from her and looked about the temple; “This is quite remarkable, you and your family I imagine have done your best and kept it ‘holy’,” I couldn’t hide the sneer that crept onto my lips, “even here, modern methods could restore it to its original wonder… the worn carvings could be brought back to life! Down in the tunnel there are voids that have been perfectly preserved, a true and believable miracle.”

I turned back to face her; Stella and Eryn now flanking her and I guessed she was truly the Matriarch of the island and they were her acolytes; “There are literally treasures back there dating back to before the birth of Christ in pristine condition… priceless in value! The world will care!”

She laughed drily; “Scholars in musty museums, just like you were a few weeks ago, Mark, remember?” I stepped back almost as if I had been slapped and for a brief moment I was back in the museum hunched over some broken piece of pottery oblivious to all but that which was in front of my eyes. “You do, I see; a few old men and women, a few younger ones who have no real idea about life… and what else? Priceless, you say; we’ll sell a couple of relics to finance the works, a couple more and we are bought off and where will they go? Some oil tycoon’s boardroom where none will appreciate it; where if they are seen he will show off his ancient prize to belittle those he wants to rob? Is that what you want… what you desire above all else?”

Her eyes dared me and all at once the wonders around me dwindled and I let my eyes rove down the treasure directly in front of me. I watched Stella and Eryn reach up to the ties upon Maddy’s shoulders; “If you’re going to rape our sacred shrine you may as well start by fucking its believers!” The ties were pulled and the vestment sighed to the floor; a moment later and all three were naked before me.

“I…I…” stuttered and watched as Eryn and Stella stepped forward and removed the small amount of damp clothing I had been wearing till my cock, my thick swollen cock that had never, ever been as hard before sprung free. I looked down and watched as two hands, one young, one old softly stroked my length and caressed my aching balls.

Maddy turned and pulled the altar cloth off and bent forwards over it, spreading her feet apart and waiting patiently as her two acolytes gently drew me forwards by my throbbing member. My heart seemed to echo around the chamber and the drapes rustled as the air about us along with the weird whispering effect increased. My eyes were fixed on Maddy’s ass and her thighs and her warm, wet slit. Stella and Eryn’s other hands reached for their friend’s ass and their fingertips eased open the folds of her labia in an almost ritual-like reveal.

My hands clenched and my teeth grated together as the gap between my angry, precum soaked glans and Maddy’s literally dripping quim decreased. A pulse of energy seemed to spark at the moment of contact, “Oh my God!” I exclaimed and the words rebounded around the shrine again and again.

“Fuck me… if that is your desire” whispered Maddy as she gripped the stone altar. I thrust hard inside her, groaning loudly as her pussy wrapped hot and wet around my invading member.

Stella and Eryn stood, each reaching with one hand to hold Maddy’s wrists and with the other to grasp my ass cheeks and pull and push me back and forth. Their nails dug sharply into my flesh but their encouragement wasn’t necessary as I grabbed Maddy’s hips and slammed my manhood hard and deep inside her. The sound of our flesh slapping together echoed around the chamber mixed with my hard grunts and her rising moans.

The two other women’s mouths moved up to my ears; “Fuck her”, “Use her”, “Take her”, “Rape her” were whispered into my ears faster and faster as my rock hard cock slammed into her quicker and harder and deeper. Maddy writhed and squirmed atop the altar driving her ass back to meet my thrusts in perfect rhythm.

In those moments it seemed as if all four of us were one in forcing my cock all the way into Maddy’s cunt and that was all there was in the world. The world, the Mediterranean, Greece, the Island; even the temple had ceased to exist and all there was, was my manhood and Maddy’s womanhood. I could feel blood trickling from the cheeks of my ass where Stella’s and Eryn’s nails dug into my flesh and still I slammed my throbbing member into the wonderful slit before me.

I gasped loudly as I felt the muscles within Maddy begin to ripple inwards; massaging, coaxing, pulling on my cock as Stella and Eryn’s mouths pressed to me ears; “Fill her womb with your seed” they ordered in unison. Their hands drove my ass forwards, my length completely buried inside Maddy’s pussy as it clamped down hard and my seed erupted into the twitching neck of her womb.

“Ohhh fuck… oh fuck” I cried aloud as torrent after torrent of my semen flooded her quim. Her body arced before me as her own orgasm ripped through her body. Her shaven head jerked wildly in front of me, the flesh upon it mottling weirdly and holding my gaze as she pulled every drop of cum from my shrinking sac. The shrine was eerily silent as I tried to comprehend what I was seeing.

My body trembled as Stella and Eryn slipped from my sides, moving around to the far side of the altar; their hands caressed and fondled Maddy’s flesh as red splotches appeared upon her scalp. Their eyes focused upon her head before the two of them smiled at the look on my face. My confusion was evident as the marks grew darker and darker till I realised deep red hair was growing from what had been bare flesh. Slowly tendril like lengths waved in front of me as her bald head was now completely covered in fine red hair.

I looked down as I felt my shrinking cock expelled from Maddy’s pussy and staggered back almost falling down the steps. “Ahhh…” sighed Maddy as she stood upright and turned to face me, “Been to long ‘sisters’” she exhaled as her two acolytes climbed on top of the altar and the three of them watched me intently.

“What… what’s going on?” I stuttered all at once feeling weak and tired.

Maddy smiled; her tresses growing longer by the second, rippling and writhing atop her head; “You’re finding the answers to mysteries, Mark! That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?”

“I don’t understand” I groaned back as I felt my muscles seem to shrink and my joints begin to ache.

“Of course you don’t, Mark, you’re a scientist! You only believe what you see and if you what you see you don’t understand; then you don’t believe!” she stepped to one side, her arm waving across the relief atop the altar. My eyes followed to see the circular plaque and at first I thought again it was indeed some symbol to the god Helios upon it.

“No…no…” I shook my head and stared at the face in the centre and what I had thought were rays shining outwards. I looked back at Maddy; her hair still growing at a phenomenal rate, the strands twisting and entwining, the entirety undulating and writhing. It was easy to see and yet I couldn’t believe. Each mass of twisting strands, a deep red in colour was over six inches in length and still growing and could easily be mistaken or interpreted as a snake.

A head of snakes! “No… you’re dead!” I whispered and staggered back down the steps grunting in pain as my limbs protested loudly.

“Ahh… Perseus! No never met him and never lost my head,” her eyes flicked upwards to the writhing mass of hair on her head, “Between you and me I think he bull-shitted” she added conspiratorially as she stepped forwards.

My body ached all over, my joints felt as if they had been filled with sand and grit as I took another painful step backwards bumping into one of the strange pillars and groaning loudly as I twisted about to look at it. It crumbled further and fine particles spilling onto the floor quickly blowing away in the slight breeze. I stared at it as I heard a long deep sigh issue from it. “Ahh poor Gruppenführer Steiner,” offered Maddy with a real sense of affection, “He came to build his concrete bunkers and ended up as so much aggregate! But, he’s served us well and now you’re here to keep him company… the others just aren’t as talkative anymore!”

I could feel my neck grate loudly as I turned back to face Maddy; “Maddy…Medusa, such a dime store pun” I croaked as I lifted my hand upwards feeling every fibre, even my bones, protest in agony. My flesh; few minutes ago had been bronzed and supple, was now ashen and cracked, drying out under my gaze. Unable to raise my head I looked up through the grey hairs of my eyebrows and watched the ‘monster’ before me smiling warmly.

“You got to see the funny side” she quipped back.

“That you do…” I said hoarsely; a spasm of pain erupted from my cock as it twitched. Stella and Eryn were entwined upon the altar, a hand each between the other’s thighs thrusting in and out as they gazed upon my suffering. I groaned; “Traitor” I whispered to my manhood, “So my life… for … yours?” I whispered through painfully cracked lips.

“Yes and so willingly given as it should be” Maddy replied, her ‘snakes’ now apparently fully grown. “Always need a hero… actually we probably don’t and probably don’t really need them to be willing either, but you must agree we should hold onto our traditions. Without them we would be lost!”

The light seemed to be fading in the temple but I knew, could feel Steiner beside me, as well as others less distinct, whispering into my head that the death wasn’t coming for me; Death had no idea where I was! The Nazi commander wasn’t even sure if there was an end as long as the Medusa lived. I would have smiled ironically at the bitterness in his voice and that now I could actually understand the whispers it seemed obvious that when I had first entered the temple they had all been saying to flee, to run away.

I felt like laughing as the scientist within me still wanted answers, “So… immortality… for… the… three …of…… you?” I croaked feebly.

Maddy stepped forward and raised her fingers lightly stroking my cheek causing a flare of agony I wouldn’t have thought I could have endured, “Ohh I like that, Mark, still curious… am I that cruel a monster that I would leave you in misery for eternity?”

“Ohh yes” cooed Stella from the altar followed by a deep groan as Eryn punished/pleasured her for interrupting.

“Let’s just say for me, yes… immortality; for my chosen ‘sister’s a very long life without the entire curse of aging” her eyes dropped to my frozen cock, “Your…generous donation will give Eryn another twenty years at least, all fit and full of jizz!” she laughed tilting her back to the altar, “How old are you, honey?”

There was a moment as Eryn considered the question before replying, “Two hundred and eighty… four… I think.”


“Ninety!” she stated simply.

“Came here…hmm… was brought here by the not-so-nice Steiner beside you and my Marsha passed her blessing onto her… through me I give them long and wonderful lives in our little slice of paradise. What more could a girl want?” she added smugly.

I croaked an unintelligible response and would have smiled at the annoyed flicker within Maddy’s eyes. Not the only one cursed with curiosity I thought, even in your perfect isolated little nirvana! My own curiosity wondered if she could read her sacrificial hero’s thoughts but the look of irritation remained upon her face. I grunted, a feeble sound considering the phenomenal level of pain I felt as I forced the corners of my mouth upwards into a smile. Even as I heard my flesh crack and fracture I also heard a curious ‘oh?’ from my fellow heroes.

I was no longer actually seeing with my eyes, I imagined they were just glazed marbles in my skull, but whatever tiny sense I now had seemed focused and amplified by whatever bond it was I shared with my fellow donors. The temple was now our world and even though it seemed an out-of-body experience it was almost as if the temple was our body. Maddy stared at the husk of my body; Stella and Eryn’s fingers ceased their movements and withdrew from each other’s dripping slits.

“What are you thinking, Mark?” asked Maddy and then looked about the dozen or so remains scattered about her. I/we watched her fingers scratching at her thigh as Stella and Eryn slipped off the altar and timidly moved to the steps of the raised dais. I/we could feel/see/hear/smell even taste her curiosity niggling within her mind. A murmur spread through us and we knew she sensed it but couldn’t understand it or decipher it. In Maddy it rose as frustration; in Stella and Eryn it was akin to fear.

She twisted about and stared at her ‘sisters’; “Stop!” she ordered and her command only re-directed and increased their fear towards their Goddess. For the first time I saw/felt a genuinely evil smile wash across Maddy’s face as Stella and Eryn retreated, hugging each other tightly and bumping against the altar.

I was now utterly paralysed and knew I would soon turn completely to stone even if it wasn’t as instant as the various Medusa myths had led the world to believe. Her attention turned back towards me and her eyes dropped to my mouth and the smile that was frozen upon it. Her fingernails continued to scratch at her hip edging towards her slit, “Hmm… I…” she hesitated. I/we watched as her middle finger across her mound and slowly slipped within.

Eryn and Stella were as frozen as all of us barring Maddy, both daring not to breathe as that finger reappeared covered in a glaze of secretions. It rose up between us and her eyes switched back and forth between it and my lips, “I wonder how much you would give just to feel a tiny fraction of what you once were?”

I/we grinned within our gestalt being; be honest Maddy, I/we thought, you just want to know what’s making me smile!

For a moment she remained undecided, “You’re gonna be one of those guys who hates the taste of his own spunk, aren’t you?” she sneered and then brushed her wet finger across my lips.

If I’d had breath, I would have been holding it as warmth spread across and into my lips. Think she’s only got nineteen years now thought that part of our group psyche that was Steiner (Karl appeared in my thoughts as the Gruppenführer’s first name) as our attention focused on Eryn flinching within Stella’s embrace. The tingling warmth spread but before my hopes even began to soar I knew the effect was limited and purely temporary. Thanks Agathon I thought back to one of the ancient Greeks in my mind.

My mind seemed to split in two. Where it had risen into the gestalt consciousness it had simply been the sensation of expanding but now it was being stretched back towards my mortal self. I licked my lips as the flesh around my mouth gained brief life. “You’re wrong…” I hoarsely whispered, “never minded… the taste of… my cum… with… a little cunt juice.” I felt a ripple of laughter ascend and descend through my mind.

“Quite the joker, Mark” replied Maddy, “I wonder will you regret the smile carved into your features after a thousand years?”

The smile that had annoyed her remained upon my lips even though the pain to move any part of my body had returned with a vengeance; “Couldn’t… help it. It was… you’re last question… my answer was… simply…cock!”

A look of consternation and confusion rolled over Maddy’s face; my new found brethren got the joke far quicker than the ancient Goddess before me but then they did have access directly to my mind. The whispering, our whispering morphed; it was no longer some vaguely insistent plea to stop the latest ‘hero’ from feeding the monster before us. There was only one word to describe it and the three women heard it echo around the chamber reverberating off the walls. We were all giggling.

The anger was rapidly rising in Maddy’s face just as the fear was rising within Stella and Eryn as they struggled to cower in the limited space beneath the altar. It was well over half a minute before her own memory gave her the answer.

“What more could a girl want?” she repeated.

We watched as the woman/monster/Goddess before us straightened up; the anger within her filling her completely, her chest rising and falling as she drew in huge gulps of air, her eyes blazing with fury and her glorious deep red hair writhing madly atop her head. We all agreed she was the most beautiful, most terrifying, wonderful, horrible, gorgeous and ugly creature we had ever seen.

This is going to hurt I/we thought.

Her hand rose up and balled into a fist and arced down smashing me across the jaw with all the power she had. My lower jaw broke and ripped from my face; dust and blood splattered the stone flagstones as part flesh, part stone bounced across it to come to rest at the foot of the hanging drapes. Specks or red matter etched themselves up the white material and mixed with the arc of fine white dust fanning out from beside me.

Maddy’s roar echoed around and around her temple till eventually it faded away to nothing. The only sounds remaining were her laboured breathing and the pathetic whimpers from the two naked women beneath the altar. She stared at the ruin of my head and I stared back for a moment before I heard the soft crack and my head tumbled to the floor at her feet.

The searing pain I had felt stopped as soon as my head had rolled forward and as it came to rest so did the giggling as we held our collective breath suddenly curious about the magic that had kept us tethered to the mortal realm. Several swear words echoed through my mind as I returned completely to the collective consciousness. I recognised modern and ancient Greek as well as Italian and German and a couple of others I didn’t know as we realised nothing had changed.

The furious woman turned her back and began to walk away when I began giggling again. I watched her pause and look about her shrine as one by one my fellows joined in. Maybe there was a danger for her if she smashed us all and our remaining grains of consciousness were blown away and for a brief instant I was sure that she was considering the risk. Her shoulders dropped and she marched out of the temple the way she had entered followed by a pair of terrified women.

“I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes tonight” commented one of the older Greeks.

“It wasn’t their shoes you wanted to be in, that got you into this fine mess to begin with” I answered and the giggling grew.


Funny how life turns out!

Maddy had been right about the closeted life I had chosen and if my ex-wife had met her the two of them would probably have agreed that I had been forever immersed in cultures that had been dead hundreds if not thousands of years. Looking back my crime against my ex had been one of dereliction of duty; we had been ‘in love’ once and yet I had simply let our relationship wither through inattention. I’m sure she would not have sentenced me to a punishment like this! (I hope.) Now I had an immense future before me and a wealth of knowledge in a reservoir of minds that stretched back to the very days I had been so focused on.

What I hadn’t been was a hero! Not in any real sense of the word and not within my own mind. When I had stepped up to that altar and willingly, enthusiastically slipped my engorged cock within her I hadn’t wanted to take anything from her or prove myself in anyway. Her transformation into the Medusa of legends had almost distracted me from my transformation into stone. The irony of having discovered so much in those final few minutes and then to become a part of the very history I sought to uncover had infected me to think of that single word and just how funny it was.

The group mind had been fragmented up to that point partly by language although it appeared our thoughts within each other’s minds weren’t hard to understand and my knowledge of Ancient and Modern Greek provided the final link necessary. I’d had no super-ego that condemned me to regret the surrender of my essence and if I was truthful (hard not to be when a dozen other souls can see/experience your thoughts) my life wasn’t all that. The last few weeks on the Island had easily been the best of my banal existence and I was thankful to Maddy and her ‘sisters’ for that.

The whispering shrine became the giggling shrine whenever Maddy visited and over the following years her appearances became less frequent till eventually she only appeared when it was necessary for another to be added to our number. The shame of it was that slowly but surely the central chamber that was our world slowly began to surrender to the corrosive elements of the environment without Maddy and her ‘sisters’ caring for it at all.

As for breaking the curse/blessing of immortal existence if not life; I/we theorised/joked the key would be to suck the very life-force out of her cunt as she was bent over the altar. It proved impossible for a bunch of ethereal ghosts to convince any of the unwitting heroes to do just that especially as we simply enjoyed giggling so much. If only you could see the expression on Maddy’s face each time as it was pressed against her image upon the altar as the latest stud donated his essence to her! We doubted, even at its loudest, our giggling could break the spell the Medusa has over her heroes to the point of failure to perform!

But you’ve got to laugh!


The End… if you don’t count immortality!!!


Well? A story that made itself up as I went along. The earlier thoughts of course were monsters and, okay I admit it, not an original one (still more work to do there) but an interesting re-visit to a very ancient one??? Of course some of you that know me, know how much I like sniggering (manfully of course!) so the idea of giggling at a Goddess or a God for that matter seriously appeals to me.

As ever I hope you enjoyed.