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Peripheral Vision

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Well, hello again Dear Avid Reader,

Been a while if I’m honest, guess the muse hasn’t been with me so much. Now this is an entry to a competition on Lush so you have them to thank for the idea. As ever I do hope you enjoy t as least as much as I did scribbling it.



Just for a moment I wondered if the red wine was going to spurt out of my nose as I coughed in surprise to the question that had just been put to me from across the table.

As I rallied myself I reckoned that was an image there would be no coming back from! Of course, officially, this wasn’t a date per se. Just two friends/acquaintances having a meal together; that had been stood up by their best friends who were a happily married couple.

I knew full well that Lisa had manoeuvred us into this position and I was quite sure that Suzy, Lisa’s best friend, was just as aware. Lisa’s husband, Mark, my best friend I was quite sure had tried to dissuade his wife although in the back of his mind I knew for certain that he’d be more than happy if the two of us were each other’s ‘plus-ones’ at his daughter’s wedding the following year.

So, here the two of us were, instead of the usual four for our monthly night out at one of the higher end restaurants in the area that we had all been frequenting for the past eight months. To give Lisa credit she hadn’t been in any hurry to ‘match-make’ the two of us; the very first meal had been a little stilted as Suzy and I both kept a wary eye for what we had presumed had been our friend’s motive. She’d left it just long enough to lull the two of us into a false sense of security!

I guess ‘History’ was on Lisa’s side as we were both divorcees; Suzy just over eighteen months and myself coming up on four years. From what I had gathered I got off easier as Suzy’s seems to have been quite bitter and acrimonious even given the fact there were two teenage boys involved to my one nine year old daughter at the time.

I finally regained my composure and swallowed the last of my wine; “Pardon?” I asked even though I had heard her clearly the first time.

“What is it with men and breasts?” she grinned at me.

“Aye, that’s what I thought you asked” I stalled. I took a moment to ponder her question although I was probably spending more brain power forcing myself not to look at Suzy’s own and wondering if I had been earlier and wasn’t aware.

The woman opposite definitely had a figure worth being attentive of; in my personal opinion she was rounded in all the right places and during previous encounters in larger groups of people I had taken my time to study her physique albeit surreptitiously. Truth be told my own tastes had her breasts as a tad on the large size, probably a D-cup where I always more than happy with a C or even a full B-cup size. The one thing I had noticed on this night was that there was a hint of cleavage on display and the figure hugging Royal Blue dress she was wearing was at least a level higher on my own ‘sexy-scale’ than she had worn previously when Lisa and Mark had been with us.

“Well?” she encouraged my apparent consideration.

I swirled the dark red liquid in my glass, “Well speaking as a man…” I delayed gaining a raised eyebrow from Suzy; “Okay, okay…speaking anthrom…”

“Anthropomorphically?” she suggested.

“Aye, that too” I quipped before continuing, “they’re the most obvious external sign of the difference between male and female… especially given civilisation determining that we should all cover up!”

“That’s very scientific!” she replied obviously not satisfied with my answer.

I shrugged my shoulders a fraction, “There’s the obvious psycho-analyst bamboozler-y; mother’s milk, sense of comfort, ingrained pheromone watch-a-ma-call-it! Of course taking the word of a cross dresser like Freud… hmmm well!”

Suzy shook her head; I concentrated at not looking at her boobs. “Freud was a cross dresser, I haven’t heard that one?” she asked.

“Really,” I grinned broadly, “All I ever hear about is his penchant for women’s underwear!” Suzy still stared at me obviously perplexed. “People are always going on about Freudian slips!”

“Very droll, Martin, very droll!” she smiled at me. I would swear I actually saw the twinkle appear in her eye as she raised her hand and began to idly scratch the flesh at the base of her neck, just a couple of inches above her distracting cleavage.

I could feel my eyeballs drying as I re-doubled my efforts to keep my gaze upon her face; “I always fancied it as ‘playground humour’, always figured it was the best sort.”

“So that’s the sum total of thought you can come up with in answer to my question? They are just extraneous bags of fat and flesh after all!” she challenged me.

“Now who’s being scientific?” I smirked back. “It’s the truth, that’s what they are… I take it you’re not a penis envier…er?”

“Oh I do like a penis” she answered, her finger descending fractionally as I steadfastly gazed into her eyes; “But I guess I prefer to borrow one occasionally, so I guess I’m not.”

“Well, that might just be the opposite of men; I think lots of us would love to have a pair on hand when the mood takes us… breasts that is!” I grinned as I clarified my statement; “From my own point of view I would say I’m much more of a nipple man when it come to the upper chest environs and definitely not a big boob fan!”

“Oh” she exclaimed in what appeared genuine surprise, “So, mine are too big?”

I blinked two or three time to dampen my eyeballs but kept my stare resolutely on Suzy’s face even as that red painted fingernail skirted within the top of her cleavage. For a moment I suspected that my gaze might be better dropping as her tongue slipped from between her lips and moistened her them; lips that matched her nails perfectly.

“N..No” I stuttered, “they’re fine, honestly!”

“Ahh, so you have studied them, then?” she grinned. “Just at the moment you definitely seem uncomfortable in the..err… mammary area; the waiter on the other hand seems quite unable to look anywhere else but into my décolletage!”

I felt a flush of relief but still kept my eyes front and centre, so to speak; “Oh good… no, I mean… I wasn’t… staring… then?”

“No, Martin, you weren’t. I have to say you’ve often flirted with me, quite tactile with a hand upon my elbow, that sort of thing… and that funny way you only ever kiss one cheek and not both and yet I’ve never caught you checking me out. I guess I’m not your type?” she said and I could literally hear and see the question mark at the end of the sentence as she tilted her head and that nail tracked down to the limit of her plunging neck-line.

I took my time taking another sip of my red wine, the only one for the night as I’d volunteered to be the designated driver, considering my reply and the woman’s face before me. “Honestly?” I asked and got a small nod in reply, “You’re definitely… my type!”

The smile returned fully to Suzy’s face before she consciously reined it in. “Still, like I said, never seen you checking me out and normally I can spot it from across the room!” she stated.

I leant forward resting my elbows either side of my empty dinner plate, looking left and right as if looking for potential eavesdroppers on the other tables; Suzy mirrored my stance and I was sorely tempted to let my eyes drop to the even better view of her cleavage. “Truth be told, I’m just a wee bit more subtle than the average possessor of the X-Y chromosomes!”

“Hmmm… so what, you’re more of an ass man?” she asked.

“Oh I do appreciate a shapely derriere and you my dear are definitely in possession of one of those… and yes, bosoms and bums, legs and lips as well as other… qualities help me form a… an aesthetic appreciation” I whispered conspiratorially, “All those wonderful attributes and more can be observed with the briefest of glances or even from the corner of one’s eye. I have wonderful peripheral vision” I confessed holding her gaze.

Suzy leant even closer, this time it was I that imitated her action; “So right now, you’re saying, is that you are indeed staring down my cleavage even though your eyes have never wavered from mine since I asked you about men’s breast obsession?”

I was about to answer when the man who had set off Suzy’s enquiry returned to the table.

The two of us leant back into our seats and I took the time to study the waiter and realised that Suzy’s observation had indeed been correct. I counted five glances at my friend’s chest and not a single one particularly subtle. He gathered our dishes and cutlery and asked if we would care for the dessert menu; a glance towards Suzy indicated that she didn’t, “Coffee?” I asked.

“Yes, please” she replied before looking up at the waiter, her fingernail once again tracing circles just above her cleavage as her eyes dared the young man to look down, “Irish please.”

“A double espresso, please” I stated and the waiter turned his attention to me with a sense of relief and a deep blush about his cheeks.

As he walked away I grinned across the table at Suzy; “You weren’t being quite so provocative earlier, the poor lad… all that blood rushing away from his brain!”

“I have no idea what you mean, Martin?” she replied ‘innocently’ as her fingernail dragged up the top of her dress, drawing it down fractionally as it travelled.

“They are quite the fine pair and the adroit use of your fingernail is a definite cause of… distraction!” I replied.

“For you as well?” she asked as she lifted her finger to her mouth and drew her nail across the tip of her tongue as it peeked out.

“Most definitely” I admitted, my hand twitching a fraction on the table as I wanted to drop it beneath the table and adjust my own swollen member within my trousers to a more comfortable position.

Her eyes glanced at the table top, almost a perfect line towards my crotch and she, ever so slowly, sucked on the tip of her finger directly causing a further diversion of blood-flow within me. I shook my head chewing my bottom lip before breaking into a wide grin.

“Something to add?” she asked.

“Oh, just a pet theory of mine, is all” to which Suzy raised an inquisitive eyebrow; her finger remaining between her lips as her tongue poked out curling around the pad. It was too much for me and my hand dropped beneath the table briefly to straighten my length within my trousers. I watched her chest rise as my action was obviously not lost on her and her hand dropped downwards and for the first time my eyes followed it.

“Please, feel free to explain, Martin” she said as I watched a shiny trail of her saliva follow her fingertip into her cleavage,

It took all my will not to pull on my rock hard member beneath the table and place my hand back onto the table. “Well. I’ve never agreed that women are the ‘weaker sex’; in fact in my book they hold all the power!”

“Nous?” she grinned and it took me a moment to translate the French.

I laughed at the simple play of the word; “Hmmm… Oui, tous” I replied quite sure I didn’t have the tense right but she let it pass. “All the things us boys do, good and bad, great and terrible; it’s all just to get into your pants. Or even your bras!”

“You’re blaming us for all the worlds ills?” I nodded in response as I watched that finger pull on the neck-line of her dress exposing the lacy edging of her underwear beneath. “Hmmm, an interesting point. Now if I was to concede it and of course I’m not saying that I do.”

“Of course” I replied pulling my eyes away and back up to Suzy’s.

“In this little… macro-verse of ours, what would you do if you… weren’t to get into my pants or even my corset?”

I gulped audibly as my mind’s eye pictured the woman before me without her dress on. “Fu… err…” I stammered, “Damn; I think… nothing too bad… maybe… just some extra laundry” I replied and although I was trying to be as cool as the woman opposite I knew that the colour was rising in my cheeks.

“And hypothetically speaking… what if you did get into my pants and corset?” she asked and I watched her teeth pinch her bottom lip.

“Oh, there’s definitely be extra laundry involved… but I would be so much happier doing it!” I answered.

She released her lip and her hands dropped to the table. There was a definite ‘evil’ glint in her eye as she pondered her words. She was just about to speak when our coffees arrived. The smile broadened on her face as she leant back and her nail returned to running along the edge of her dress as she kept her eyes focused on mine and without even having to look directly at our waiter I could see the young man almost drooling.

Once he had gone I shook my head, “Poor boy” I offered.

“He’ll get over it… hopefully there’s a girlfriend somewhere who’ll enjoy the results of my efforts!” she stated. Her eyes flicked down to the table top and again I figured she was almost looking through it to the swollen bulge within my trousers. “Back to the matter in hand,” she grinned, “Which one do you prefer?”

I shook my head failing to understand the question, “Which what?” I asked.

“Which boobie?” she grinned.

I could see Suzy’s eyes water as she stifled her laugh at the expression on my face and leant forward, her forearms flat on the table giving me a perfect view of her bosom. I shook my head to dislodge the shock within; “To be fair, it’s never been a question I have been asked before… truth be told, even though I do seriously appreciate a fine pair of mammaries like your own,” I spent a further moment staring into the woman’s eyes before me before looking down into the deep cleavage on display before me, “Hmmm… I’ve never picked a favourite before… between a pair that is I guess.”

I took my time examining the partial orbs on display and the shadowy depths all the way down beneath her dress and corset; I watched quite fascinated as they rose and fell with her breathing and licked my lips hungrily as she squeezed her upper arms together deepening the wonderful chasm between her breasts. “Well?” she asked after what was at least thirty seconds contemplation.

I lifted my eyes up to Suzy’s and noted a blush to her cheeks that I knew wasn’t due to embarrassment. “I have to make this decision on the… err, information that’s on display? To be sure, to make an informed decision I’d have to weigh up all of the data!” I answered and saw a mischievous twinkle in her eye as she leant back in her seat and raised the white-topped coffee to her lips without saying a word.

I lifted my own black coffee and sipped it and took my time as I dropped a small lump of unprocessed sugar into it before stirring it thoroughly. “Tell me, what’s riding on this decision because at the moment I simply can’t decide” I asked.

Her tongue flicked out between her lips and cleaned the thin line of cream from her upper lip. She took a couple of seconds before responding, “Let’s say… the level of enjoyment in doing your laundry,” she paused and I could see her mulling over a thought and I waited patiently for her to continue.

Her expression changed, a definite hint of seriousness played about her eyes and yet I almost jumped out my skin as I felt her foot beneath the table brush my shin quite deliberately. Mental note: remember to never play Poker with Suzy unless you want to lose I thought to myself. “Let’s see, do you know why Lisa suggested the four of us start going for meals when she did?” she asked.

I shook my head, “I hadn’t really given it much thought” I admitted.

Her eyes began to smile again as she continued although initially my own faded a little. “I had a scare a year ago… one of those ‘serious doctor-type scares’!” she lifted her glass of Irish coffee and downed the remainder in one go in a very unladylike fashion, “A lump was found and cut a long story short it was removed along with a sizable portion of my…” she grinned as she left out a word, “breast. So, now I have a fake boobie and a real boobie!”

“Wow!” I exclaimed glancing down, “I mean… shit, sorry” I apologised as I looked back up into her eyes; glad to see my surprise hadn’t offended her.

“I must admit I did pay quite a bit more for a top-notch plastic surgeon and he did do quite a superb job,” she grinned even more, “ Almost too good cause you realise it’s quite the rarity for both boobs to be absolutely identical!”

I blushed as I shook my head, “No, I wasn’t aware of that fact” my eyes dropping down again; “And hence the question… and I feel even more unsure of my answer now.”


Suzy’s phone trilled and she reached for it, unlocking it with her ring finger before reading the message that appeared. Even before she turned it towards me showing that it was from Lisa asking how the evening was my own phone beeped. I pulled it from the pocket of my trousers and saw a message from Mark, “How’s it going? You know Lisa is insisting I ask you!” I read aloud.

Suzy grinned at me and quickly tapped a reply before sending it and then showing me; ‘Just fine and dandy, very hot and interested waiter at the restaurant!!!!’

I laughed loudly, my spent cock twitching within Suzy’s hot wet quim as she sat astride me on her bed. I tapped my own reply to Mark, ‘OMG I sneezed wine through my nose after the meal. Not one of my better nights!’

Suzy’s pussy rippled wonderfully around my softening length as she laughed in response before leaning forwards, her hair dangling around my face. “I love Lisa dearly, but she isn’t half a nosey parker!”

“Quite possibly” I replied as I cupped her breasts between us, my thumbs rolling her hard nipples tenderly earning a sigh from her lips.

Even with the last hour with unrestricted access which included a thorough examination I was still unsure which of Suzy’s breasts was fake and which was real. I suspected it was the left one as it felt the barest of fractions colder than the other but having no idea if implants transmitted heat better or worse than normal flesh it was just simply a guess. The truth was I didn’t care and eminently happy not knowing.

As for my answer, I cheated and said that I wanted them both just as long as they were attached to Suzy.

What Friends are for!

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Hello again, Dear Avid Reader,

Once upon a time there was an erotic site named Lush who would frequently hold story competitions and as oft as not I would already have penned (okay, typed) a tome that met the criteria required. This effort however was crafted the other way around and was to be about pushing the limits of the protagonist beyond their normal desires and sexual limits. Well, i doubt I won but as ever i do hope you enjoy!



I couldn’t believe myself!

But, my heart was pounding loudly in my chest as I surrendered myself to this stranger in a dank, dirty alley and a lustful almost maniacal smile spread across my lips. I felt it start and begin to spread from within my belly as this strangers cock shoved roughly up into my soaking slit. A moan slipped from my lips, getting louder as the first hint of my orgasm grew and grew. The rough brick rubbed against my back, my thin dress barely registering as this ‘man with no name’ drove faster up inside me.

His hand shot up clamping over my mouth as my groans grew and echoed down the alley towards the front of the club where we had just met barely twenty minutes earlier. His own moan escaped from him as my pussy shrunk and clenched tightly around his invading manhood and if it hadn’t had been for his hand I knew he at least would have heard the giggle mix with my moan as I thought about my disappointment when I had been on my knees moments before and had unveiled his cock.

Size doesn’t always matter I thought; he’d been so happy when I had taken all of his meagre five inches (if I was generous) and slim shaft into my mouth. Even as I closed my eyes and the pulsing warmth of my orgasm quickly approached I remembered his comment, “Damn girl, I love being deep throated!”; my own sarcastic thoughts had been simply that was a talent I had never mastered and still wasn’t doing this night. A nervous, almost uncontrollable laughter was spreading through my mind but then the pure, animalistic, irresistible need for pleasure won.

I screamed against his hand and felt my cervix dip down within me even though there was no chance he would feel the sensation within me. Stars exploded behind my eyelid and my hands turned into claws as I gripped the shoulders of his leather jacket and ground my squirting quim hard down against his hips.


I half-walked, half-danced through the throng on the dance floor heading to the corner of the club where I had last seen my best friend Chloe. Equal parts of satisfaction, shame, lust and guilt vied for superiority within my head as I wondered at what I had just done. What I had done, wilfully, greedily after seven years of faithful marriage. It had possibly been the best fuck and one of the most intense orgasms of my life and had absolutely nothing to do with the abilities of the man involved, let alone the size of his equipment.

A nervous smile etched itself on my mouth as I felt my pussy, hot and soaking and tingling behind my soaked underwear clench and squeeze out a little more of my own juices and whatever the stranger had deposited within. The smile remained as I slid behind the high table where Chloe, I and our two friends had been drinking. For a moment I lifted the half-full glass of Pernod and lemonade I had been drinking before placing it back down as the last sensible part of my brain suggested that there was a chance it had been tampered with.

I shook my head and laughed unheard beneath the heavy beat of the bass speakers a dozen yards away. “Maybe you were already spiked?” I accused the glass “maybe you’re to blame!” I lifted the glass and downed the remainder of the drink knowing that whatever had happened was entirely down to my own desire and needs and that all that had happened was that the stranger had been in the right place at the right time.

I looked up and saw Chloe, Marie and Ness dancing over to the left, three or four predators circling them; I could imagine David Attenborough’s narration as he described the wolves looking for the weak one in the pack or trying to separate one from the group. Still the smile played on my lips as it seemed on this night I was the spoils of the hunt and I had been caught coming back from the toilets… the water closet rather than the watering hole.

Guilt and shame reared their heads as I rolled my shoulders aware that there were scratches upon my back from the brick wall I had been fucked against and that my bare knees were possibly dirty from kneeling in the alley as I had sucked greedily on the man’s below-average cock, possibly with the hope that I could indeed increase its length and girth. Still a smile played about my lips as I admitted to myself it was the ‘forbidden fruit’ itself that had made me ‘cum’ so hard. Once again I felt my heart pound within my chest as I knew that sooner or later I would again cheat on my husband.

Jack; a wonderful, caring husband, a good father… an above average lover with an above average cock; most women’s dream! Even after two children and a vagina that had suffered in the process of childbirth, Jack’s cock had enough girth on it and almost eight inches in length that when he drove it inside me I got that wonderful feeling of ‘fullness’! I nibbled on my bottom lip as I thanked the God’s I didn’t believe in (even if I had sworn by them in a church seven years previously) that my husband’s tongue and mouth and enthusiasm when he buried his head between my thighs was the best I’d ever had.

Still. In spite of it all, the fuck I’d just experienced, and there was no other word for it; this taboo was my crack cocaine. Maybe it wouldn’t be next week, or next month, or even this year; but I knew in my heart that I would cheat on my man again. And again!

I looked up and my eyes found Chloe’s as she span about and grinned at me, beckoning me back onto the dance floor. I knew for an instant that my guilt was written all over my face and I saw the puzzlement in her eyes before I put on a poker-face and smiled apologetically and rubbed my stomach. She held the briefest of questions in her steel blue eyes before nodding and returning her attention to teasing the tall Latino to her right while keeping out of reach of his curious hands.

Chloe! Divorced, no kids, my best friend; a gorgeous 32 year old who had no reason to hold back and was the complete symbol of my guilt as the strobe lights flashed across her tight yellow, mid-thigh dress. Chloe, my husband’s sister!


“Allie… Allie?”

I struggled to open my eyes, for a few moments I was lost; even alien within my body, sharp lines of sensitivity etched on my shoulder blades and a deep, pervasive heat within my belly. A voice called me from the distance, insistent and caring all at once.

“Allie” Chloe repeated, “Your stop girl… damn you’ve been a lightweight tonight!”

I forced open my eyes and realised I was sat in the back of Chloe’s car with my friend twisted in her seat looking back at me grinning. I grunted in response and offered a weak smile before looking out the side window to see my home up the short driveway. My home where my loving husband and two children were; I glanced across to our bedroom and could see a faint light seeping around the heavy drapes and knew that Jack had left my bedside light on for me.

I chewed on my bottom lip as the full realisation of my actions and the evidence that was undoubtedly apparent about my person rose in my mind. “No, I’m just fine girl, just needed a power nap was all!” I answered Chloe as the heat within my belly receded and was replaced with a guilty nausea.

“Well, it’s three in the A.M. and your chauffeur has delivered you back to the warm embrace of your family… my last and final stop, out you get girl!” she replied still grinning.

Jack would be sleeping, but I knew it would be a light sleep and that he would probably wake as soon as I entered the bedroom if not when he heard my key in the lock. I thought about my feelings earlier in the evening before my moral lapse, feelings about the end of the night when I’d slip into bed and my husband would wrap his arms about me and often as not I would feel his cock, swollen and then rapidly swelling against my ass as he would bury his head into my hair. These monthly outings with his sister were often marked with a warm wet feeling between my thighs throughout the night in expectation of my return home.

“Oh come on, Chloe… Miss designated driver… you sure you don’t fancy some alcohol?” I asked turning back to face her. The puzzled expression I had seen earlier flashed across her brow, “Seriously, I’m buzzing again, let’s head to yours and crack a bottle of wine?”

“Really, you sure?” she asked, her eyes glancing to my house and along the front to my bedroom in particular, “Won’t Jack be worried… waiting like?”

“Waiting? Nah, he’s snoring like a foghorn by now… come on girl, Tequila; you know that’s a bad idea!” I replied raising a mischievous eyebrow.

“Tequila?” she echoed turning back to face me, “Shit girl… you know that’s such a BAD idea!”

“On James and don’t spare the horses” I ordered as she turned back to the steering wheel catching a wicked glint in her eyes as she caught mine in the rear view mirror. I looked at my bedroom window and my pussy ached a little in disappointment as Jack’s cock sailed past as we headed the mile and a half to Chloe’s flat down at the marina.


After dropping my coat over the back of the couch I dropped down into it and looked out through the sliding doors of the balcony at the city lights across the marina. I texted Jack to let him know where I was and that it was unlikely  that I would be home tonight as I wondered where the stranger was who had fucked me an hour or so earlier was and if he now resided somewhere within the field of my vision. I squirmed a little on the seat as my senses concentrated on my stained and soaked lace panties adhered to my mound.

“Penny for your thoughts?” asked Chloe as she returned from the kitchen carrying a bottle of Jose Cuervo, a pair of shot glasses, a knife and chopping board as well as a whole lemon and a salt cellar.

I grinned and for a moment as I imagined telling her I was thinking about some unknown man’s semen seeping from my pussy. “A lemon?” I asked instead.

“Needs must, fresh outta limes!” she smiled back as she pulled up an armchair and sat down across the coffee table from me. I drew my eyes from the view as she shifted forward to the edge of her seat, hitching up the hem of her dress and spreading her legs in order to lean forward closer to the table and began slicing the table.

I laughed quietly as Chloe’s stance reminded me of the way most men sit, my eyes even dropped between her thighs to check for a bulge that I knew wasn’t there and saw the yellow triangle of her thong. “What now?” she asked without looking up.

I moved to the edge of the couch, making sure to keep my thighs tightly closed, utterly aware of the shortness of my dress and the state of my own underwear. “Well, pilgrim, you sit there like the Duke himself!” I replied with a poor imitation of John Wayne’s drawl.

Chloe looked down at her splayed legs and then up at me as I cracked the bottle of Tequila and poured out two shots; “I guess I do, little lady, but needs must after all.”

After two shots each Chloe rose and headed to the small kitchen to return with a four more shot glasses; the two of us shook our heads at each other at this further ‘bad’ idea but proceeded to line up the glasses, slices of lemon and tiny piles of salt on the table between us.

The two of us held up our first glasses and looked towards each other; “To bad ideas!” we said simultaneously and proceeded to knock back the shots. Both of us fell back laughing as we finished our third shots, salt and lemon. Slowly my laughter subsided and I was vaguely aware that Chloe was already silent; totally silent some part of my brain told me and the paranoia within me quickly caused my own merriment to subside.

I opened my eyes and drew my them down from the ceiling above to see my best friend with an expression on her face I struggled to decipher although I had no doubt exactly where her eyes were focused. My legs quivered as I realised they had spread apart as I collapsed back on the couch and with the shortness of my dress I knew that my panties were completely exposed. Stains and all!

“Was it good?” she simply asked.

“I… I…err…” I stammered in reply.

I watched as it took some effort on Chloe’s part to drag her eyes up to meet mine. “Allie; I was already pretty sure what you were up to earlier,” she stated tilting her head to one side and letting her eyes slowly drop back down my sprawled form; “You were gone far too long in the club, I was almost about to organise search parties. When you returned you had that look of the cat that had got the Dairy Plant let alone the cream. For fucks sake you could have done a far better job of cleaning your knees although only when we arrived back here did I see the tear to the back of your dress.”

I dropped my eyes to my lap and guiltily closed my thighs together, my hands gripping the hem of my dress and stretching it down far beyond its fundamental design. I struggled to take in air as I felt my cheeks burn with a complete blush of guilt; possibly aided by the rapid consumption of Tequila. “I’m sorry” I whispered.

“Not sure why you’re sorry… the real giveaway of course before I saw the state of your panties was you not going home to fuck Jack brains out as you normally do!” she replied as a matter of fact.

My eyes shot up to stare at Chloe’s face, her gaze still focused on the hem of my dress as she nibbled at her lip; “I… wh… what do you mean?”

“Oh come on girl, we’re all aware of ‘Miss-Gagging-For-It’ every month; last year we ran a book on how long it would take you to herd the four of us into the car when we took to stalling!” Chloe laughed loudly and flopped back into her armchair; her eyes now focused on mine and quite deliberately lifted up one bare foot placing it on the edge of the coffee table. Her knee swayed left and right, all the while leaving her bright thong in view; a smirk flashed about her lips as my eyes flicked down briefly. “I’ve always enjoyed watching you squirm and fidget in the car; seeing your impatience and smile grow the closer we got to your house!”

Chloe’s tongue slipped from between her lips, sliding from side to side and back again till they shone. I opened and closed my mouth, trying to find words and totally unsure of the side of my sister-in-law and best friend I was seeing. If she thought that I looked like the cat that had got the Dairy Plant she looked like the cat that had its paw on the mouse’s tail.

“Yes… always been quite the vicarious pleasure knowing that your pussy was getting wetter and wetter the slower I drove each time…. A real appetizer for the main course I suppose?” she breathed raising her eyebrow as she let her knee fall fully to the side. My eyes dropped once again, with her dress pulled across the gusset of her thong was totally exposed; a dark streak bisected her mound, following the obvious contours of her slit.

I stared at her obvious dampness and stammered “M… m… main course?”

“Ohh yesss… each time I drive… well let’s say it always takes me at least an hour to get home… after I drop you off. Of course by which time my thongs are usually soaked, sometimes even ripped!” she answered as her hand dropped and a bright red fingernail slid up the edge of her dampening crotch.

“I… I don’t understand” I lied to Chloe and myself.

She laughed quietly; a mocking laugh that signposted how little she believed me, “Ohh Allie… let me explain” she answered as that fingernail slid across to the wet line on her underwear and dragged slowly upwards. The dark damp patch spread in response and her chest rose and fell, hard nipples straining through her dress as she breathed deeply, “I sneak up to your window and spy on you… on hot summer nights like tonight I can also listen as you suck, fuck or… get licked.” Her voice dropped to almost a whisper on the last word and she writhed in the chair as that red-painted nail traced tiny circles atop, what I had no doubt was a rock hard clit.

I shook my head but my eyes never left my best friends crotch as I struggled to find words; after a number of seconds I answered “I think I should leave… yeah… I should go…”

Chloe’s fingernail pressed hard into the sodden material and her labia parted causing the stained fabric to slide within exposing the outer edges of a closely trimmed bush. “Ohh you could,” she panted, her eyes starting to glaze over “there’s nothing keeping…mmm… you here… but where… fuck!” again the last word was almost silent as her finger slid lower and pushed her thong fully between her pussy lips, disappearing inside her granting me a view of her soaking quim as if she had no underwear on at all. She shook and trembled as I heard the faintest of rips from between her thighs; after twenty of thirty seconds, her twisting finger fully inside her she stilled and relaxed and her eyes once again focused.

“Mmmm… yes, nothing keeping you here, Allie… but where will you go? Home? With your torn dress… dirty knees and let’s not forget your cunt full of another man’s cum! What will my dear brother think of that?” she grinned with full knowledge of my predicament.

“I… I… don’t understand…” I was willing my legs to move but in that moment I knew what the rabbit frozen in the oncoming headlights felt like. “This is wrong” I breathed and shook myself physically, “What are you doing Chloe… watching your brother and me… it’s wrong!”

She shook her head and eased her finger from her wet slit lifting it up to her mouth and licked her juices slowly from it. When she was satisfied, which I was sure was only when I started to fidget at the sight before me; the sight I couldn’t drag my stare from did she answer. “Oh poor sweet naïve Allie… I was never watching Jack, he was just… what’s the word… yes, incidental! What is it, sixteen years and for all that time I’ve wondered, dreamt about what that sweet little cunt of yours tastes like!”

“Ohh my god!” I said sharply, “Chloe!”

A switch seemed to flick in my friend and she leant forward and leant across the table knocking an empty shot glass onto the carpet which didn’t even register in her eyes as she closed the distance between us. I pressed myself back into the couch recoiling from the predatory, ‘unknown’ person before me. “Your choice, dear Allie” she stated, “You can open those long legs of yours and let me drink my fill… clean up the evidence” she grinned, “borrow… have a dress and fresh underwear, get all cleaned up, stay the night and see your beloved husband and kids tomorrow… hell if you want, I’ll take the kids to the seaside and give you all day to get royally fucked by Jack… or you can go home… now!”

“B… b… but… but I’m not gay” I stammered.

An electric shock ran through my body as Chloe’s hands reached my knees as she knelt fully on the coffee table; those red painted nails scratching my flesh seemed to paralyse every muscle in my body. “Strictly speaking the technical term is bisexual and I don’t care… I won’t tell on you my unfaithful sister-in-law; but I don’t have to help you cover up your cheating either!”

A tremble ran up my legs as I felt her nails scratch insistently at my flesh, her right fingers damp against my skin from her pussy juices and saliva. I forced myself to shake my head, “I can’t… please… don’t” I begged as my heart pounded loudly in my chest and my pussy quivered betraying my conscious mind.

“Oh I CAN!” she said deliberately and I felt her hands strain against my knees to push them apart, “or you can go.”

I kept shaking my head, my eyes remaining fixed on my friends that were filled with an unadulterated animal lust. I could feel my traitorous quim leaking; knowing it was staining the ruined underwear again that had finally betrayed me to this stranger, my best friend who wasn’t the person I knew, a person I trusted. The ‘sister’ I never had; a ‘sister’ that now wanted (had always wanted) to bury her face in my dampening slit that was diluting the seed of a complete stranger from an hour or so before.

“I can’t… I can’t…” I whispered, “… go home…”

“I know” she answered without a trace of sympathy as I turned my face away and reluctantly relaxed my thighs as her hand spread my legs wide apart pressing them back against the edge of the couch.

I felt tears run down my cheeks as Chloe’s nails raked up along the insides of my thighs and then I jumped, inadvertently shoving my crotch against the mouth that had covered my mound. I gritted my teeth together as my pussy trembled and quivered in autonomic response; my entire body betraying me as my nipples hardened and ached and begged for me to grab them, pinch them, and twist them. My own hands balled up into fists by my sides as my soiled panties were torn away and Chloe’s tongue plunged into my wet hole.

She was ravenous; a starving woman who had been lost in the desert and had dived into first oasis she had found. Her hands slipped beneath my ass, those nails digging deep into my flesh as she pulled me forward to the very edge of the couch and that tongue, delving, twisting and searching for every drop of my juices as they started flow against the wishes of my brain. I jerked and shuddered as I felt her teeth rub back and forth over my turncoat clit that throbbed and sent sparks echoing outwards through my frame. I’m not going to cum… I’m not going to cum I preached silently to myself within the last, quickly shrinking part of my rational mind.

Chloe moaned between my thighs and I opened my eyes a fraction, casting a furtive sideways look at her ass raised up in the air as she knelt on the coffee table; her hips were twitching and writhing and I knew that her own juices were running down the insides of her thighs. My eyes slammed shut as my tongue had slipped through my teeth and had licked my lips as the wonder of what my best friend and sister-in-law tasted like had wormed into my thoughts. “Nooo…” I whispered and I felt the woman between my legs hesitate for a fraction of a second and knew that she had heard me.

She mumbled incoherently in to my dripping quim and that tongue drove in and out faster and incredibly deeper as her fingers dug deep into the flesh of my ass, pulling and squeezing my cheeks. Sharp points of pain and pleasure shot out from the points of her fingernails and my body started to tremble, heat radiating from my quim as the rhythmic pulsing began deep inside and the last coherent though fled my mind.

I screamed loudly as my juices flooded out like never before and my best friend drank them down greedily. Images of the stranger fucking me in the alley mixed with Jack taking me from behind as I bucked and jerked against Chloe’s face. I was vaguely aware of a muffled laugh of triumph from between my legs as my orgasm overtook me completely.

It was some moments, maybe just seconds, maybe a minute, maybe more before anything other than the sensory input from my tongue-fucked pussy inveigled itself back into my brain. I opened my eyes to become aware that one of my hands was now threaded through Chloe’s hair holding her tight against my crotch and the other was grasping my left breast through my dress and bra. A grin slipped across my lips as I felt self-inflicted scratches on the tender flesh around my bullet-hard nipple.

Tiny shudders haphazardly radiated from my core as I let my hands drop down as Chloe softly and delicately lapped and teased my outer lips and clit. I looked down to see her looking up at me, her eyes soft and grateful. Her hands slipped from beneath me and she placed a single gentle kiss onto my clit; I twitched in response as a tiny, wonderful, torturous spark lit up my nerves. “Tell me Allie… tell me truthfully, that wasn’t so bad was it?” she asked as she revealed her shiny, smeared face with smeared lipstick and running mascara from between my legs.

I bit my lip and shook my head the barest fraction unable to deny the fact.

Chloe knelt upright on the table, her knees sliding apart nudging another shot glass onto the floor as she grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it up and off her head to leave her in just her matching yellow bra and thoroughly soaked thong still bisecting her quim. I seemed to have no will left at all as my eyes wandered over her small frame taking in the details; details that I had been aware of for years including the belly-button piercing, the small pink, crescent shaped birthmark on her right hip and the small black, rose tattoo opposite it.

Her eyes never left mine as she reached behind and unclipped her bra throwing it to the side and then cupping and massaging her b-cup breasts. My eyes dropped down as I resisted the urge to lick my lips as I studied her quim; the short neatly trimmed bush was matted to her skin and shiny trails of her juices were streaked down her thighs. I let out a little gasp as I saw her secretions had formed a small pool on the table beside her left knee.

She looked down and grinned, “I can get a bit messy… though even this is quite something as I’ve barely touched myself.” She reached down and dragged a pair of fingers through the viscous fluid as then held them up to study. “Tell me, Allie, do you like the taste of your own cunt juice?” she asked, a hint of the earlier determination returning to her voice.

I looked at her fingers nervously, “I thought…” I replied my voice trailing off as my eyes went to her and saw that earlier animal lust return.

“You thought, did you? Thought that eating out your cunt, wonderful as it was, was enough?” she asked with a level voice as she rose up to stand on the table.

I nodded dumbly in reply as I watched her hook her fingers into her underwear and draw them down, the crotch reluctant to slip from her soaking pussy till it sprang out and she dropped them to the table and stepped out of them.

“You can leave anytime you want, anytime at all” she grinned as she stepped from the table to stand between my still splayed feet. “You can go home… blame it all on me now; those scratches I carved into your ass could only belong to a woman…” she looked up to the right as she pondered the thought. “I suppose some transsexual or cross-dresser perhaps but I’m sure my brother will get off on a woman using you for her own personal gratification… he might even get off even more knowing his sister sucked that lovely wet cunt of yours and at the end I have the scratches on my scalp to prove just how much you loved it!”

I gulped loudly and felt my dripping pussy twitch as I imagined my husband’s reaction, completely unsure what it would be but in my mind’s eye I imagined his thick cock harder than I had ever known and rope after rope after rope of his seed spraying my pussy, breasts and face as he wanked off above me listening to tales of his sister’s talented tongue.

“So, dear ‘sis’; wanna see just how much of a dyke you can be?” she asked as she stepped up onto the couch and brought her sweet smelling sex level with my face.

I looked up past her heaving chest into those hard eyes as I felt her fingers slide through my hair, those red nails scratching, softly insistent at my scalp and knew all of my resistance was gone. She saw it in my eyes as she gently lowered her crotch down onto my willing tongue.

“Ohhh yesss… you’re mine now!” she moaned as my tongue slipped into her hot wet folds and I had my first taste of another woman’s pussy. “You’re so gonna love this… mmm… and damn, we haven’t even started with my toys!!!”

Chloe had a tangy, almost peppery taste. It took me less than five seconds to decide that it was wonderful as my fingers slid between my thighs and started to tease my hard, aching clit. “Mmmm… toys” I mumbled incomprehensibly into her slit as her juices started to flow once again.

It’s here!!!

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Just a note, finally got my own copy of my own book. There is definitely something ‘real’ when it’s printed on paper… although I did spot three or four errors that I never saw before in pixel form. Luckily just ‘and’ instead of ‘an’ and that sort of thing. For those of you who have read it, I of course apologise.

As ever, I hope you enjoyed it despite the odd mistake.




Too Damn Hot…

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Well, Dear Avid Reader…

Although quite a lot of my attention was being diverted to my recent publication there was still a bit of my mind that continued to dwell in other corners. Here’s a little consideration of things meteorological! As ever I hope you enjoy and maybe, just maybe work up a little … sweat(?).






Each time a blade of the ceiling fan sweeps in our direction I feel the tiniest breaths of air across my flesh.

It’s just not enough; I let my eyes follow a single blade around its tiny orbit and then I try to fix my gaze at a point on the cracked ceiling within its arc. The microscopic respite I feel as the hot air shifts over my sweat soaked flesh is just enough for my nerves to register how unbearably hot it is in between the beats of the blades above.

“Fuck” I whisper unable to believe that Jolie lying beside me can sleep at all. I roll my head and look at the dark skinned body beside me and feel the usual stir within my loins. The air from within my lungs feels like it’s rising from an oven as opposed to the oxygen I’m inhaling from a furnace. I allow my gaze to roam over her form. She shifts fractionally, a murmur escaping her lips as if she can feel the weight and heat of my eyes upon her. I bite my lip as I see the almost black nipple atop her slowly rising and falling chest and a simple autonomic response prevails and a little extra blood gets diverted within me.

“Too hot…” I mutter to myself but my flaccid cock swells and unfurls a fraction as my eyes focus on a point, just millimetres from my lover’s soft nipple as a tiny bead of sweat begins to form. The light of the half-moon reflects of the tiny droplet as the light streams through the open window, the curtains rippling a fraction with just the hint of a breeze from off the Caribbean Sea and I lick my lips, imagining the saltiness of that tiny pearl of sweat upon the tip of my tongue.

The thought of the taste alone within my mind is enough for my cock to stop ‘wondering’ about the idea and to start swelling with a determination that has it actually aching before it is even half erect. I turn onto my side, shifting down on the cotton sheet to stare closer at Jolie’s breast. Satellite beads are forming around the first as it grows and swells; the weight of the secreted fluid starting to warp as gravity fights against the attraction to her flesh. I feel my own nipples harden in sympathy as she mutters quietly in her sleep and I tentatively reach out with a finger; aware of the heat from her dark flesh even though I’m not touching it.too-damn-hot

The spell breaks/is cast as the droplet runs down over the curve of her rising and falling bosom following the path of least resistance and picking up a few of the satellite beads on the way, causing it to swell and roll down her obsidian flesh faster. I have to move my finger fractionally as its path meanders and I feel it connect with the tip of my finger. I bite my lip as I feel my own secretions; on my flesh and from the eye of my fully hardened cock. Goose-bumps briefly erupt down my side in a vain attempt to counter the hot humid atmosphere and I brush my finger across my lips savouring her perspiration.

I drop my hand down between us as delicately as I removed the drop of sweat from my lover’s body, lifting the heavy pearl of my pre-cum from the eye of my cock. I grin at the ‘independent’ frustration of my erection as my finger moves away and my hand, startlingly pale against her almost night-dark flesh in the cold light of the moon, moves up Jolie’s body following her curves within a fraction of an inch forbidding myself any direct contact. My eyes glance upwards as she shifts slightly and I see her pupils shifting beneath their lids and her tongue briefly appear moistening her lips. For a second I’m tempted to transfer my body’s saltiness to her lips but I resist and return my attention to her chest.

I hold my hand above her, the finger with the heavy translucent pearl of my precum hanging downwards; just above her soft nipple. I watch as it rises and falls as she inhales and exhales and each time I lower my hand a fraction like some strange and non-fatal sword of Damocles. My cock throbs, demanding attention and offers a second droplet as if in bribery but for this moment in time it has no chance as the gap steadily shrinks. My heart thuds loudly in my chest as Jolie takes a deeper breath and contact is made.

It appears that my pre-cum likes my lover’s flesh more than my own as almost all of it transfers to her. A thin thread links the two and stretches as I lift my hand up. I stifle a moan as I watch fascinated as my lover’s nipple grows; swelling rapidly seemingly drawn by this one fragile filament of cohesive fluid. Even though it was exactly what I hoped for, the result causes a massive jump in my temptation and desire as always; every single time I’ve tried and largely failed to resist my Jolie’s hard, long nipples.

I start to lean forward and my lover grumbling under her breath turns away from me onto her side. She shifts for some moments; her subconscious maybe demanding a more comfortable or less-hot position, as one hand slips from beneath her and lies parallel to her back as one leg stretches down and the other bends upwards. My own chest rises and falls as I inhale deeply knowing that any aspect of my lover’s body is a source of desire to me and I spend a few moments just gazing up and down her body. From the paler skin beneath her feet, up her legs, over that wonderful ass, dipping down to her waist and up her spine to her braided hair, sprawling across the pillow covering her face.

Briefly I lick the remains of my seed from the tip of my finger and ignore the demands of my insistent member to simply ‘fuck her’. I look down and see her hand open between us and shift forward a fraction and gently lay my hard shaft into the palm of her hand. Her fingers close a fraction but then still as I return my attention to her body. Gently I reach up and one by one shift the heavy braids to reveal her slender neck. Another mutter escapes from her lips and her hand flexes before relaxing beneath my erection.

… “Too damn hot!” she had said when we had crawled into bed and at the time my own libido had been in agreement but that was then and this was now. For the past week our love-making had always been in the morning when it was significantly cooler. As the days had passed the mercury had risen higher and even the locals were showing signs of lethargy with the near 100% humidity. This poor boy from the Emerald Isle had availed himself of every patch of shade and every available body of water at every chance.

Jolie’s own genetic make-up meant that at least she could find some sleep even if it sleeping-joliewasn’t the deep and total sleep she got cocooned beneath a high-tog duvet back in our flat in the winter time. The hot nights were where I suffered; tossing and turning and only getting brief snatches of REM and yet this last week had been on an entirely new level. Tonight had been following the same path till that tiny drop of sweat had formed on my lover’s nipple and ‘little-brain’ had begged/demanded attention. I took my time and examined every square inch of my lover’s body before me. Although tonight the devil upon my shoulder was in full agreement with my aching cock and it wasn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer!

I reach down, opening my hand flat and gradually draw it over my lover’s ass, just a few millimetres from her flesh, able to feel the heat rising from her body and yet not touching it. I’d done this many times when sleep denied me and I wondered if Jolie had any idea how many times I had resisted disturbing her and eventually taken myself in hand, often beside the bed looking at the curves beneath a heavy duvet; just the mop of hair peeking out. I knew with her naked beside me, (no longer a thought in the back of my mind) that no matter how hot it was (maybe because it was so hot) it wasn’t going to end like that tonight!

Staring closely at her flesh I could see the tiny hairs that covered her flesh struggling to rise as my hand passed over; the grip of that fine sheen of sweat refusing to relinquish its grip. The pitiful breeze from the fan above failed dismally to cool either of us though that minute draft running across my own flesh and particularly around my crotch was exquisite. My lover mumbles as my hand again resumes its journey down her body following the contours as close as I dare. My cock throbs, twitching upon Jolie’s hand, begging, for me to take it in my own hand or slide it against her sleeping form.

My teeth press into my lower lip as I feel a heavy dew drop of my precum seeping from the eye of my hard aching cock. I let my hand drift over the semi-sphere of her gorgeous right cheek and down to my rock hard member. I draw in a deep breath as it twitches against my hand pressing it against my lover’s, whose fingers flex in response. I shift fractionally closer pulling back on my foreskin revealing my sensitive, slick glans. Staring down between us I draw it up off her palm knowing that I leave behind a tell-tale smear and raise it across the curve of her cheek and into the valley of her ass.

“Oh god” I whisper and an indiscernible mutter escapes from my lover’s lips in response as I slowly draw my cock downwards, my eyes riveted to the shimmering trail I leave behind. My chest deflates as I slowly release my breath and let my aching cock head nestle between the tops of her thighs wondering, hoping that the extra slickness I can feel is from her pussy and not just my own imagination. A further mumble escapes her lips as I lay still wondering if she will wake.

My heart beats heavily in my chest and apart from the wildlife outside the window and the regular ‘frup’ of the fan all else remains silent. Carefully I ease myself up on my left elbow and look down at my lover; both arms bent up in front of her face, hands together almost as if in prayer. I let my eyes roam across her naked form seeing the bottom curve of her breast beneath her upper arm. Carefully I slide my hand over her, the flat of my palm once again bare millimetres from her flesh and draw it up over her stomach.

Consciously I twitch my member as it rests just beneath her ass; the heat of the night and the heat of her flesh feeling even hotter as I reach the swell of her dark skinned breast. Jolie mutters again and shifts before me; a small twist of her right leg squeezes my glans more and her right arm slides upwards obligingly exposing the full beauty of her bosom to my view. “Yes” I breathe as I cup my hand and cover her breast feeling her nipple beneath my palm, soft at first and then slowly growing till it presses firmer and then hardening completely.

It takes all my self-control, (which I know is quickly eroding) not to simply catch it between my fingers and squeeze and twist and pull upon it. Her chest rises and falls quicker causing the little nub of flesh to slide across my calloused flesh and again she shifts her legs and stirs; this time her thighs opening and releasing my glans from their pleasurable grasp. I ease my hips forward a fraction, my cock head sliding upwards and feeling the shallow cleft of her quim against it.

Jolie releases a soft sigh and for the first time I’m sure that I can sense dampness from her slit that isn’t to do with the heat or humidity of the atmosphere. Very carefully I shift my hips forward the tiniest fraction of an inch, briefly closing my eyes as I savour the intimate detail of her slit against my painfully throbbing glans. In my mind all there is to see is the dark flesh of her mound slowly shifting and the slick, red flesh within spreading as her quim opens and my slippery glans nestles against it.

Her erect nipple presses harder against my palm as she inhales deeply, my hand cupping her full breast and an indecipherable mutter escaping from her mouth. Her outer lips peel apart even more and it takes all my self-control not to thrust my hips upwards as I feel the upper side of my glans snuggling into the wetness and heat of her vulva. I grind my teeth as my shaft twitches pushing firmer into Jolie’s quim and my fingers press softly into the flesh of her bosom.

I barely stifle a gasp as Jolie shifts her hips back towards me and her hot, wet folds engulf my cock head completely. A long low murmur rises from my lover’s mouth as I taste the ferrous, coppery hint of my own blood as my own teeth dig into the flesh of lips. My body shudders, my hand twitching upon her breast and then I can’t believe and yet dwell completely in the sensation as my cock erupts flooding the entrance to my lover’s pussy with my seed.

“Ahhh… god” I whisper as I feel each individual jet of my ejaculate drive between the walls of Jolie’s semi-dilated pussy. My body shakes as my mind imagines my teenage self all those years ago, ‘a walking gland’ able to get hard and jack off within minutes just imagining the sensations I was surrendering to at this very moment.

Finally I feel my balls quiver and the last of my semen ooze from my cock’s eye and even though there is a colour of guilt to my thoughts at having simply used my girlfriend as a receptacle to my lusts I can feel the warm blanket of sleep washing up from whatever biological imperative is hardwired into my limbic system.

My eyelids shoot open as I feel Jolie’s pussy squeezing my glans, pulling my spent seed deeper inside her.

“If you think you’re gonna roll over and go to sleep, you got another think coming… shit for brains!” she whispers.

“I…I…I” I stuttered.

“Yes, you fucking did” she replied, “Now get down and clean up your mess…and if you’re really good… Wait…” she rolls her hips twisting my glans within her folds; “let me rephrase that! You get me off good and proper, then that cock better be nice and hard again and this time you deliver your spunk into my womb… after I’m satisfied and maybe, just maybe I’ll let you near me again before we’re due to go home!”

I look at the dark shape before me twist about and watch as her arms raise and feel her fingernails dig into my scalp and push my head down over her breasts and past her stomach. My hand slipped under her thighs as I slide between her thighs. “Not my fault” I excuse myself, “You’re fault completely!” I state as I feel her nails dig harder into my scalp and I willingly form my lips over her mound, thrusting my tongues between her folds tasting her sweetness and the saltiness of my seed and our sweat…

“Yeah, yeah” she replies and I can hear the smile upon her lips, “Just suck that cunt clean like a good boy!”

I close my eyes and surrender all my senses to the task before me. A little smile plays about my lips as finally, even though the two of us are drenched in sweat, the night seems cooler now; or maybe it’s just not as hot as the sweet and salty pussy squeezing down on my tongue…


What I’ve been up to…

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So… some of you already know but in recent months I have been polishing my…novel! The Tales of O’Neill have been published. Those self same also know that it is based on the short story within these pages called Curiosity which turned out to have a life of its own… at least within my mind. If anyone cares for a taster feel free to read it, no real spoilers and it became the ninth chapter within the book with a little tweak or two. I couldn’t not include it!

So, if you like you can find the kindle version here…full-cover-a

Or the book version here…..

As ever I do hope Dear Avid (hopefully) Reader that you enjoy my full length novel on the life of my reluctant vampire O’Neill as much as I enjoyed writing about him. Though the editing and the publishing, not so much.


Oh and if you’re curious about the Restricted Files, well they include a few bonus stories from within O’Neill’s world for those that have read the above…


2016; Can we start again, please?

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Well, dear Avid Reader…

I know I have been a poor avid scribbler or at least avid publisher but it has been one of those years or maybe ‘THE’ one of those years! I have been scribbling some but RL keeps getting in the way and also my own prevarication or procrastination isn’t helping. Personally there has been a cloud, albeit a potential cloud in some ways over my head, far worse in some ways than ’94 and yet with only three days to go nothing will probably happen…

…probably, 2016 seems to keep on taking from the very first and possibly to the very last! So many people who have given so much pleasure to others have died and the world does seem a lot poorer for it. We may disagree; I know we will disagree on the quality of some of them as I’m not one just to mourn or feel sorry for the famous just because they are famous as tragedy and sorrow are just as real for the un-famous and without the sympathy of strangers to help. There is also the cynical part of me that in a couple of cases has no feelings whatsoever for the passing of one or two.

Of course we still have the on-going horror of the Human Disease that continues to wage wars that on the whole take their toll on the innocents while people in safety, (hopefully believing they are right as the other option doesn’t bear thinking about) on different sides of the globe fan the flames. Any body count that isn’t quoted down to the single figures is inherently obscene. On top of which we have the ‘morally superior’ using the situations to promote their own agendas primarily through the politics of fear!

I have already talked upon this back when the populace here decided to leave Europe. And now Mr Trump will become Mr President apparently on a ticket of ‘looking after one’s own’. Although with the various statements attributed to him it does seem difficult to ascertain exactly what he is against and what he is for. “The internet will set us free”; I think I have talked about this and more so than ever it scares me that the exact opposite is happening.

I think the quote goes something like “You can fool all of the people some of the time or some of the people all of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” Well, I’m not so sure. The very people who have enabled me to reach every country on the planet at one time or another have enabled those that I fear the very same and as programs and algorithms get ever more complex they can tell Jack all is well while they tell Mohammed the sky is falling.

And there’s the root of my problem with Brexit and the Presidential election and a few other things beside is that it all seemed to be a race as to who could get their lie out there first; by the time it is revealed to be such a 1000, 10,000, a million have seen it and we still have such faith in the printed, even pixelated word that we believe!

Finally I guess this atheist’s prayer is that 2017 can’t be any worse…


Something Borrowed… 4/4

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Well, hello again Dear Avid Reader…

The fourth and final part but well over a third of the story! Well, sometimes I can’t help myself and I had to get our heroine to where i wanted too! All about placing the pieces in the right place just to knock them down… don’t worry, nobody dies! Although it is a little bit of a whodunnit! The other reason why this part is so long is simply weddings are so easy to write about as pretty much the entire structure is already there and just needs fleshing out.

Oh and if you haven’t read the first three parts…

As for those who have without further ado or procrastination here’s some unadulterated porn. Enjoy!



Something New…


I rolled over as the alarm beside the bed chirped ever more insistently for me to rise. My hand slipped across the chest of the person beside me and I only had the briefest of hesitations as I felt the smooth soft flesh of Fiona’s B-cups. I grinned even before I opened my eyes as this was another new experience for me; I’d never actually slept with a woman before (not sure there was much I hadn’t done in a bed with a woman but sleep wasn’t one of them) and feeling my friend’s nipple harden as my fingers brushed them I opened my eyes to see her face, mostly obscured by her long hair, turned towards me. I brushed her hair away and kissed her lips softly revelling in the smoothness of her face. I loved Alan deeply but that rough growth he exhibited on his chin even if he had shaved the night before wasn’t one of my favourite features.

Fiona stirred beneath me and even before she was fully awake her tongue slipped between my lips and her thighs parted as I slipped my own between them. A low moan escaped her mouth as the two of us shifted a little bit further and our mounds slid against one another and except for breaking our kiss to reach across and shut off the alarm clock we remained tightly embraced till both of us reached a pair of very satisfying orgasms.

“I could get use to this… shame you don’t have a nice fat cock though” I admitted to my friend.

Fiona looked up at me smiling, “The feeling’s mutual” she agreed and stroked my cheek; “Does Alan get the hump if you ask him to shave first thing, too?”

I nodded and laughed, “He does… boys; they have no idea just how irritating their beards are! Though when his head is between my legs, not so much.” Reluctantly I disentangled myself from my friend and slipped from the bed looking at my wedding dress hanging from the wardrobe; looking over my shoulder as Fiona rolled onto her side I grinned, “Well, things to do!”

The ceremony wasn’t till two-thirty in the afternoon and the time flew by as we got ready. It was almost a mistake to let Fiona shower with me and shave my pussy completely bald and it took all my will to push her mouth away when she insisted on ‘quality-controlling’ her efforts. After that slight issue the two of us were far better behaved and enjoyed the pampering of the hair-dresser and make-up sessions before I dressed in brand new underwear consisting of a white lacy set of corset, sheer knickers, suspenders and stockings and the obligatory garter belt.

Fiona helped me into my wedding dress that was just off-white with gold laces tied up my back that accentuated my ass and breasts just right. I’d opted for knee-length at the front dropping to half way down my calves at the back. “So a nice blancmange wasn’t tempting?” asked Fiona.

I looked at her Royal Blue Bridesmaid dress still on its hanger as she stood there in a dark blue lingerie; I raised an eyebrow, “Oh, you would have preferred a luminescent pink number with six foot wide skirts?”

“No” she admitted, “Thank you for having taste and no desire to sartorially torture your friend on your special day.”

“You’re welcome” I replied as she tightened the laces up my back.

“And thanks for a reasonable looking best man, too” she grinned.

“Nothing to do with me!” I admitted, “Have you and Harry come that far in a week?” I added.

“Well…no… but I can… dream” she grinned.

It was true, as normally was the case, that I had nothing to do with the choice of Martin. The truth was I barely knew him. In all the time I had known Alan his best friend since school had been working in the Far East and only ever got back once or twice a year and of those times sometimes my own busy work schedule meant that I didn’t even see him at all.

Still he was quite charming and as Fiona noted was very easy on the eye. I was very curious what his speech would be like and Alan was definitely nervous about it and had already asked for unconditional forgiveness just in case. I offered him it but did say there would be penance to pay which he remained hopeful would be a task he would be only too happy about.

Time was marching on and after Fiona stepped into her dress, zipping it up she went to see if the cars had arrived. I walked over to my dresser and opened up my jewellery box to put in my mother’s gold earrings, “Something old” I whispered and momentarily my mind went back to the view through the window the previous night and my slit gave a little twitch. I looked down, “Behave” I admonished myself. Earring in, I reached for the six inch square box that held a new gold necklace I had chosen consisting of alternate strips of gold of varying hues. I knew they would draw people’s eyes down to my cleavage that was relatively conservative considering what I had to work with,

I grinned thinking at least close up Alan would indeed have a good view as I opened the box. I stood there looking at the item that now sat within the hoop of the necklace that had definitely not been there the previous afternoon. “Oh my!” I whispered, “Something new…”


With neither of my parents still alive I stepped up to Liz as we went to leave the house and asked “Would it be possible to borrow your husband?”

She of course said yes and I turned to Jack and asked “Would you possibly give me away?”

I had deliberately been evasive about who I would choose and both Jack and Liz had been surprised and honoured by my request although Liz did tell me off for ruining her make-up before she had even got to the church.the happy couple

A short limo drive later and an acceptable six minutes late I took hold of Jack’s arm as he walked me up the aisle, “You know you could do a whole lot better for yourself” he whispered conspiratorially.

A grin was spread across my face as I looked up to the altar and the groom and best man stood there. Alan I noted fidgeted a little but resisted the urge to turn back whereas Martin was happily (and I hoped flatteringly) whispering a commentary to his best friend. I almost laughed aloud as I looked up at Jack, “I could, but… he does have one or two good points… and I get to keep half now too!”

“Well, I reckon he gets the good stuff from his mother” he answered as we dutifully smiled to those lining the pews. I was thinking that at least one of Alan’s many talents he definitely seemed to get from his father judging from the previous night’s show; “You do realise you are the major bread winner… Alan gets half too!!!”

“Damn” I grinned and hugged Jack’s arm tighter as we stepped up to the altar.


“I do” I grinned as Alan slipped the ring onto my finger and my eyes wandered down to the surprise kilt he was wearing.


As the two of us stood outside the church to pose for the first of many photographs I asked “A kilt, really?… I’m not sure you have enough genetic material to qualify.”

“Yeah, Hawthorne isn’t your typical Scottish or Irish name but I’m sure there’s some… somewhere… and as Martin suggested for want of trying to get inside some Irish, ex-Miss Malone” he grinned, “ there’s definitely going to be some genetic transference!”

“And that’s the reasoning you’re going to use with the older generation?” I replied raising an eyebrow.

“Might take a little refinement, I agree” he answered.

“And what of the little…‘something new’ you left me?” I asked.

He turned towards me, the smile for the benefit of the photographer on his mouth and was just about to reply when Martin and Fiona were ushered up beside us. I grinned up at my husband and looked back to the photographer and resumed smiling for the sake of posterity.


Eventually we all made it to the reception and were seated as the Master of Ceremonies announced that the ‘Father of the Groom’ would actually be saying a few words on behalf of the bride.

Jack stood and smiled as a round of applause rippled around the room. He paused and looked to his side at me before turning back to address the room. His chest swelled as he began; “It was a surprise this morning when Marie asked me to accompany her down the aisle so, don’t worry, there will be no long-winded speech but simply those thoughts I’ve had time to think about in the last couple of hours.”

“I can only imagine how her parents would have felt if they were here today,” he continued, “but, I do know that they simply couldn’t have been prouder of their daughter!” He turned and gazed at me and I smiled back half thinking if Alan turned out to be half the man his father was that I had indeed been lucky; “Before anyone suggests it, I can definitively say I have no conflict of interests here. In actual fact as we walked down the aisle I did try to convince Marie that she could do far better than my son!”

Laughter rippled back and forth across the room, increasing a notch when Alan protested the betrayal of his own ’blood’. Jack sent a withering look in his direction and simply asked if he was wrong to which he got a shake of his son’s head. I could feel tears already welling up in my eyes and I already knew that some repair work would be needed before long. “Marie is simply smart, funny, kind, beautiful, and I can say this as we are not related; one of the most gorgeous brides I have seen in a long time-ouch!” Loud agreements echoed from a few of the male guests and I felt myself blush deeply as I watched Jack rubbing his thigh looking down at his wife beside him.

“I did say a long time… at least thirty-six…wait, thirty-five years I mean!” he defended himself to his wife and another ripple of laughter ran around the room.

Once the laughter had settled down his raised his glass and all about followed suit as the waiters rushed to top up any empty glasses; “I give you the toast- The Bride… and well the groom!”

“THE BRIDE… and well the groom!” echoed the room and I felt myself blush a shade I didn’t think was humanly possible.

Once the toast had been drank Jack went to sit down but then hesitated as the Master of Ceremonies took his arm, handing him something and whispered in his ear. After a moment he straightened up and announced, “It seems we have a forgetful person in the room who will regret his lack of memory when he… or she gets home tonight!” He held up his hand a fob dangled from his fingers, “Someone’s garage remote?” he asked.

I, like everyone else, looked about the room for the owner but no-one stood. Jack smiled and continued “Well I better leave it open for you!” and pressed the button.

The shock was immediate and I had to clench my teeth together to prevent myself from groaning aloud. As it was I dug my fingers into Alan’s thigh through the thick fabric of his kilt as the small but intense vibrations filled my pussy. “Are you okay, babe?” he asked concernedly.

The forgotten duo-balls within me ceased their vibrations as quickly as they had begun but my quim still trembled in response and my already moist underwear got considerably damper. I looked at Alan and flicked my eyes downwards; “Something new…” I whispered to be met by a puzzled look.

“Well, I guess we don’t want to leave it open all day; I better close it for them” Jack suggested over my shoulder and even though I was prepared this time the sensations seemed even stronger as I thought of what my new father-in-law was actually doing to me.a wet bride

Alan leant closer concern replacing puzzlement and it took me a moment to answer with the realisation that my husband knew nothing about the gift I had assumed he left for me. “Nothing…honey… just the excitement” I excused myself seeing in his eyes that he didn’t fully believe my lie but was at a loss for any other explanation.

Jack placed the remote device on the table and I watched Liz pick it up and examine it and feared and yet hoped that another burst of vibrations were on their way to me. Relief and disappointment was mine as she placed it back on the table without pressing the button.

Behind us the Master of Ceremonies announced Alan’s speech and he gazed at me for a moment more before standing up to enthusiastic applause. Truthfully I didn’t pay that much attention to my new husband’s speech; I was doubly distracted as apart from my being now primarily centred around the heat emanating from my crotch; I was also trying to figure out who had placed the wonderful device in my jewellery box. I was convinced that it wasn’t Alan standing beside me and it was unbelievable that Jack or Liz had anything to do with it.

There had been quite a lot of visitors through our house over the last few days, anyone of which could have been the culprit though in truth my prime suspect was my Maid of Honour. I smiled at Fiona who grinned back as she caught my eye and I was at a loss that my best friend for so many years could hold such a ‘poker’ face. I turned my head and surveyed our audience till I found Harry watching Alan and actually listening (!) to his speech. What a good wife I’m turning out to be, I thought as I studied him. Less than a week ago anything beyond a light kiss and a hug would have been almost inconceivable outside of my masturbatory daydreams and the fantasies I indulged in with my toys.

My pussy tightened around the Duo-balls at the thought of Harry’s thick cock filling it after my Hen night. I suppressed the shiver that ran up my spine and found myself thinking it was definitely beyond even the newly discovered persona that I knew, especially if he was ‘working alone’. I was stumped as I glanced at the remote sitting just a few feet away along the table before resuming my wifely duties and paying attention to my new husband.

Alan brought his speech to a close and raised his glass as he looked down at me; “To my beautiful bride!” he toasted.

“TO THE BEAUTIFUL BRIDE!!!” chorused our family and friends and I felt myself blush deeply.

He sat down and leaned in and kissed me softly with a brief hint of tongue before a nervous look crossed his face as the Master of Ceremonies announced Martin’s turn. “Oh fuck” he whispered.

I took hold of his hand and assured him it wouldn’t be that bad or at least it will be brief. Martin’s grin at his best friend did nothing to dispel Alan’s nerves.

“Ladies and Gentlemen… the Groom and his Beautiful Bride… this is indeed a glorious day!” he began. He looked at his friend and feigned contemplation before continuing; “What can I say about Alan… well I’ve known him since Fresher’s week at university and the shy, unassuming teenager gave me no clue as to the natural-born reprobate I was to discover. I tried to keep him on the straight and narrow-“

“Liar!” interrupted Alan.

Martin grinned, “You see! Scratch the surface and the dark side is revealed!” he shot back; a ripple of laughter ran around the room and I patted Alan’s hand even though I was hoping for all the embarrassing details.. “You’ve had your turn Alan and it was a wonderful speech, now if you can, please behave in a civilised manner!”

Martin paused till Alan reluctantly nodded and then announced, “I’m not much of a speech-maker so I might have prepared some visual aids!” The Master of Ceremonies handed him a remote control and in a matter of seconds a projector revealed itself from the ceiling and an image of Alan as a baby appeared on a large section of unadorned wall. Someone dimmed the lights a fraction and Martin began his commentary; “Thank you Jack and Liz for these early depictions,” he glanced again at Alan; “Don’t worry my friend people were coming out of the woodwork to offer contributions!” Pictures flicked by and we watched Alan growing up before our eyes with only one or two embarrassing photographs from his teenage years. A large laugh erupted as we saw an incredibly long fringe covering most of his face at age sixteen. “Cousin It!” suggested Martin.

Alan was sinking into his chair beside me as we rapidly approached eighteen and sure enough there was a photo of a young man burdened by a large rucksack about to board a train. There were a couple more photographs of a studious Alan as Martin announced “And so ends our tale of innocence and the descent into decadence and debauchery begins!” The room erupted in laughter and Alan buried his face in his hands as an image of him obviously drunk and sitting on a pavement hugging a lamppost was revealed.

A few more snaps mainly of Alan holding up pints of beer or other alcoholic beverages and those close to the Head table laughed doubly loudly as Jack commented about how he thought he had been financing education and not inebriation.

“I have to say that Alan was easily influenced by those of lower morals than me,” his grin broadened at the ‘hrmmph!’ from beside me; “And hence we enter a new phase!” Again the crowd erupted as Alan was revealed in stockings, suspenders, heels, bra and a pair of lace panties that even with the briefest of glimpses did nothing to hide his cock. Although the series of pictures were all from one night or maybe two and obviously he was attending the Rocky Horror Picture Show Martin told it as if he and his fellow students were continually finding Alan in this state of dress.Rocky horror show

“Of course you will all note that the two of us are in kilts today,” he turned to look at me, “A nod to our mutual genealogy… but I have to say Alan didn’t take much convincing to don a skirt!”

The last image that was projected was Alan in the middle of a row of similarly dressed Rocky aficionados high kicking down a set of red carpeted stairs. It remained there till the projector disappeared back into the ceiling and I personally noted Martin to the left with a sizable bulge in his own lace panties. I glanced at him beside me, my eyes dropping and noted that it seemed he was even more of the enthusiast as he had shaved his legs clean for the outfit.

“I am glad to say” he continued, “that Marie is obviously a very good influence on my friend but maybe she should just check her wardrobe every now and then to see that he isn’t falling into his old ways!”

I nodded to Martin in reply and nibbled my bottom lip as I knew that just like my new husband he would be wearing the Irish tartan as it was meant to be worn. He wrapped up his speech making the toast and announced that all should retire to the bar while the hall was prepared for the evenings dancing.

As we headed into the bar the thought struck me and I made a vague excuse and headed back to the table. I bit my lip as I studied the glasses and bottles that adorned the table but it seemed the Duo-ball remote was nowhere to be seen. I gasped loudly as I felt them buzz within me and turned about to see if anyone was looking at me. Lots of smiles greeted me but none suggested that they had control over my leaking quim.


The first few noted of the song echoed around the room.

“Good choice” I said into Alan’s ear as ‘A Rainy Night in Soho’ began.

“Well, I was thinking of a Tammy Wynette number” he replied as he began to lead me around the floor surrounded by our friends and family.

I grinned back at him, “Oh that would have gone down a storm!” I answered knowing he was suggesting D.I.V.O.R.C.E. I pulled him tight against me and pressed my face into his neck, groaning as the device within me was activated.

“What’s going on Marie?” he asked with some concern.

My juices began to trickle down my thighs as the vibrations continued for a number of seconds; my pussy clenching in response. Just before my sweet torturer removed their finger from the remote a small orgasm radiated through my core and for a few steps Alan almost carried me. I managed to look up at him breathlessly and the concern disappeared from his face to be replaced by a lustful curiosity.

I saw Martin lead Fiona on to the dance floor and pressed my mouth to my husband’s ear speaking softly as my Maid of Honour and the Best Man neared. “Someone… and I thought it was you left me a present, something new!”

“And?” he replied as he pulled me tight pressing our hips together. An echo of my minor orgasm dribbled down to add to my already saturated garter belt as in my head I bemoaned the sporran between us knowing that his cock was hardening beneath the kilt.

I wanted nothing more at that point to reach down and slip my hand up beneath the heavy tartan and lead his erection into my aching snatch. “It was a pair of Duo-balls… they’re inside me now,” I looked over Alan’s shoulder surveying the couples now flowing onto the dance floor pausing at Jack, biting my lip as I remembered him pressing the button. “I didn’t know it had a remote!”

“Fuck” breathed Alan against my ear, “So someone has it… anyone?” I felt him look around just as the song ended obviously surveying the crowd for likely suspects. He took my hand and kissed it gallantly as he looked up into my eyes; “This IS a conversation to be continued” he stated with a look of incredulous lust within his eyes as we swapped partners with Martin and Fiona.

“Mrs Brown, before I forget” Martin said as he rifled in his sporran. My eyes went wide as imagined him pulling out the remote; a feeling of disappointment came over me as I didn’t want the sweet, mysterious torment to cease. I smiled broadly in relief as he pulled out a memory stick; “All the photos I couldn’t use in my PowerPoint presentation!” he declared as Van the Man took over the music responsibilities.

“Wonderful” I replied as I slipped the small piece of plastic into my cleavage knowing that his eyes would follow.

“What’s that?” asked Alan from beside us as we began to dance.

“One thing I’ve learnt in our long marriage, Mo Ghrá, is that a wife has to keep a few secrets!” I replied and then was led away by the Best Man.

“He’s a lucky fella!” commented Martin.

“And how come there’s no Mrs O’Neill?” I countered.

“Kismet, I guess” he answered, “there was a close call once but C’est la vie!”

“Tis a shame” I replied as he led me expertly around the dance floor, I felt a mischievous smile spread across my lips; “Still… there are certain wedding traditions that could be… a brief interlude?” I offered.

Martin’s eyes flicked off towards Fiona having divined my meaning instantly; “I have to say that would be a very nice interlude, but she is a married woman.” His dark brown eyes roved around the crowd as he twisted me around to survey the two other bridesmaids, one of Alan’s nieces and one of mine; “And alas Aditi and Joy are a little too young for my taste!”

“Nineteen and Twenty, hmmm… quite the discerning pallet!” I answered.

“Think I wore out my reckless gene quite a few years ago!” he grinned.

“Oh, when you were such a good influence on my husband?” I countered. It was funny that even though I had known Martin for a number of years, albeit off and on, this might be the first conversation I had with him that was to all intents and purposes alone. I had to stop my eyes from dipping as I imagined what lay beneath his kilt.

“I would severely and sincerely deny your inference…” he replied sternly before the corners of his mouth turned up and there was a brief flash of his tongue between his lips. His eyes dipped deliberately towards my cleavage once again, “But, I may have given you evidence to the contrary… knew I should have done some photo-shopping!”

“Oh and whose face would you have replaced your own with?” I asked feeling my pussy demand attention again as I wondered would some of the photos on the memory chip be far more risqué than I had thought.

“Oh no, would’ve kept my face, just given myself a bigger knob!” he grinned as I burst out laughing. I looked down and raised an eyebrow, he grinned even more in response; “If you wanna find out just get down there and have a look!”

I licked my lips and glanced around us; “Hmmm… very tempting,” I admitted, “very tempting indeed!”

The dance soon ended and as Martin kissed my hand I again had the desire to raise a kilt and bring some satisfaction to my frustrations.


The evening went on and even though I thoroughly enjoyed being the centre of attention my mind was always waiting (hopefully) for my unknown tormentor to activate the device within my wonderfully, nervous quim. As I danced with numerous men I studied them all; for my sins including the officiating priest who was at least sixty years old and even though the Duo-balls didn’t vibrate the Taboo thought caused even more of my juices to leak out.

After a dance with Fiona I asked her for some help in visiting the rest room; a task in logistics that many brides know well. I watched as her teeth bit down on her bottom lip as she knelt before me in the disabled toilet (trust me, we needed the room!) and she raised my skirts and I heard her gasp as my drenched underwear and sticky thighs came into view. “Is it you?” I accused.

I shivered as I felt her nails ascend the flesh above my stocking tops and hook over the waist of my saturated panties; “Huh?” she responded obviously distracted.

“Stick a finger in my cunt, Fihelping handona; like a dutiful Maid of honour!” I demanded and she obeyed without question.

“Oh my god!” she declared as her slender finger slipped inside and felt the device within me; “You horny bitch…” I was about to reiterate my accusation when I felt her slide the balls around within me and her lips lock onto my previously un-abused clit. My orgasm was instantaneous and exploded through my body as I pressed my hands against the wall to steady myself and grunted between gritted teeth.

The next I knew I was unceremoniously slumped on the toilet as Fiona rose from beneath my skirt. “Fuck Marie!” she declared and I opened my eyes to see her mouth, jaw and the exposed flesh of her chest drenched in my juices and quite a few large splashes staining her dress atop her breasts.

“Was it you?” I asked hoarsely.

She licked her lips, her tongue stretching to gather my juices from around her mouth; shaking her head she replied “Was what me?”

I took a few deep breaths as the last trembles receded back towards my dripping slit; “Did you give me that toy? Something new!” I asked.

She grinned at the question; “No, I… you mean you don’t know where it came from?” her jaw dropping open as she finished.

I shook my head stifling a laugh, “No idea… it wasn’t Alan and by the look on your face I know it wasn’t you…”

She noted my pause and I watched a sculpted eyebrow raise; “What?”

I felt myself blush ironically considering that Fiona was now using her finger to gather my cream from around her mouth. “It comes with a remote… the one Jack asked about after his speech!”

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed before clamping her hand to her mouth, “Oh my fucking god!” she repeated significantly quieter, “he… he pressed that button; twice!”

I nodded, “Oh I know!”

After discussing possible candidates I finally used the facilities for their appropriate use and Fiona, very carefully (!), helped clean me up beneath my skirts before replacing my soiled underwear. It took a few further minutes before both of us was suitable decent and I got a promise from Fiona not to say a word when I promised to reveal whoever was behind it, if I ever found out. We returned to the fray and ran right into Alan.

Fiona grinned and giggled and hurried away before he could say a word, “I was beginning to worry about you,” he said turning back to me.

“With a dress like this it takes serious co-ordination and assistance to accomplish certain tasks. I will be needing a hand with it later!” I answered.

“Oh I’m seriously looking forward to that!” he grinned before looking about to see we were effectively alone, “So?”

I shrugged my shoulders and coyly looked down; “Still in there and still no clue who has the remote!” I declared.

I looked up and saw Alan biting his bottom lip knowing that he had already put two and two together; “Let me get this straight, my new wife was stimulated intimately by my father on my wedding day before I got a chance?”

I knew I had the expression of a rabbit caught in the headlights upon my face before I grinned; “I had no idea you wanted to be stimulated by your father!!! That’s a world of wrong… and illegal to boot!”

Even though he knew I was joking he blushed deeply and made to reply pointing an accusing finger at me as he tried to formulate a response; “Stop twisting my words” he laughed.

I nodded; “Yes… your dad did stimulate me… twice in front of all our family and friends!”

“Christ on a motorbike!” Alan replied shaking his head. “And still no idea who has the remote now?”

I shook my head, “And they haven’t activated it since we danced!”

“She says with a touch of sadness!” he replied grinning, “and of course it never crossed your mind to simply remove it?”

“Oh was that an option?” I answered half-honestly as the thought hadn’t actually occurred to me.

He slipped his arm through mine and led the two of us back out into the main hall; “Such a slut!” he uttered before we were within earshot of anyone.

“And that’s why you love me!” I replied.


I was beginning to think my sweet tormentor had left as it had been over three hours since the Duo-balls had been vibrated. The state of my pussy was still a short distance from orgasm with the natural movement as I danced and walked. I’d begun trying to work out those who’d had to leave early and whether any of them was the guilty party but was still at a loss.

Only a few minutes previously Fiona had helped me once again in the disabled toilets and had cleaned me up as the last events of the night were rapidly approaching. It had been quite exquisite as she had delicately wiped my bald mound and sensitive labia, managing to avoid my aching clit.

“No fair” she kept mumbling from beneath my dress.

“No fair is right” I agreed, “but do you wanna go out there with your face drenched in my juices?”

“That would be a hell of a photo for the album” she admitted.

Shortly after I stood on the stone steps that led into the ornate gardens of the venue as Alan knelt at my feet and raised my dress to my upper thigh. His eyes continually glancing up at me, the aroma emanating from my quim obvious to him as I shuddered; his hands slid their way up my stocking clad thigh and hooked around my garter.

My nails dug hard into his shoulder as both of us heard the buzz from my crotch and I gritted my teeth behind my smile as the sensations escalated rapidly. Cameras and I-phones flashed as I struggled to maintain my composure and my leaking slit clamped down on the vibrating balls. Alan remained still for a moment before whipping down my garter and letting my dress drop before standing and embracing me kissing me deeply. I moaned into his mouth and let him support my weight as the waves of pleasure crashed over me.

“Wow! That was some kiss!” someone called as I stood leaning against Alan on shaky legs and a roar of laughter erupted from the crowd around the foot of the steps.

I caught Fiona’s eyes and saw a quizzical eyebrow and nodded slightly to her gaining a lascivious tongue slip from between her lips and roll around. The single men were ushered together and Alan turned his back to them and glanced at me as he rubbed his thumb and finger over the garter that held a strong fragrance of my quim. “I could always keep it?” he whispered.

I glanced at the group of men, some waiting eagerly and some thoroughly embarrassed. I shook my head, “Aim to the right” I whispered and his hand rose up in the air and I watched the token item of my underwear sail high up and come down to be grabbed by a hand that was an easy six inches higher than the rest.

Alan turned about and grinned as he saw his best friend holding the garter. Martin gave a deep bow and called up “Thank you M’Lady!” the item quickly disappearing into his sporran.

Very rapidly boys were replaced with girls as I prepared to throw my bouquet. Just before turning my back I watched with a grin as Martin scratched his nose and hesitated fractionally before dropping his hand.

Loud squeals of delight and eagerness erupted from behind me and as I turned the melee before me was far more animalistic and aggressive than the contest for my garter. Joy rose up the victor and I noted her first glance was towards Martin who was completely unaware of the attention.

Just a few minutes later after what seemed like hundreds of farewells Alan and I were waving through the back window of our limousine as the crowd behind us diminished in size.


I giggled as Alan carried me over the threshold of our hotel room and then threw me unceremoniously onto the four-poster bed. I scrambled around spreading my legs wide and raised myself on my elbows to look at him standing at the foot of the bed. “So I’ve been wanting to know all night!” I declared.

He looked down at the kilt he was wearing; “Just mine?” he asked.

“Oh no, Martin’s as well but he wouldn’t tell me!” I complained.

Alan grinned, “Let me guess; just get down on your knees and find out?”

I laughed loudly before suggesting “How about some middle ground?” and twisted about on the bad letting my head hang off the edge.

“Ohh… that seems fair!” he agreed and stepped forwards till I could reach the hem of the kilt and lift it. My eyes hadn’t fully adjusted to the darkness beneath the folds of heavy fabric before I felt the precum dripping head of my new husband’s cock against my lips. I moaned deeply as I opened my mouth and straightened my throat and urged Alan to slide his shaft all the way in.what lies beneath

I heard him groan deeply as my fingers slipped up and grasped his bare ass, nails digging into his flesh as I encouraged him to fill my mouth. My pussy was already quivering in anticipation before I felt him drag my wedding dress up. I sucked and groaned around his invading shaft, my tongue flat as his glans pushed into my throat with each thrust. A flood of juices ran out of my slit as Alan simply grasped my sodden panties and tore them from my hips exposing my aching, denuded quim. Do it, make me cum you bastard I tried to say around his shaft as it slid in and out.

Alan groaned appreciatively at my efforts to talk as his fingers found my clit and began to roll it around. I gripped his ass hard and pulled him all the way into my throat as the pleasant tortures of the day seem to distil down and focus between the balls twisting within me and Alan’s finger finding the perfect rhythm. I held him there as long as I could as my back lifted high up off the bed; my spine feeling as if it had become one single arched bone and my pussy exploding.

Wave after wave of hot ripples echoed out from my core as my quim clenched down on the hard plastic balls within it and a huge torrent of my juices squeezed out past them. I released my husband’s ass and felt his cock withdraw, collapsing back onto the bed panting heavily as my body trembled and twitched with the major aftershocks following my orgasm.

I was lost to the world as I felt Alan roll me over onto my front and begin to untie the back of my dress. I lay there with no resistance, my arms and legs useless as he gradually stripped me off my wedding dress and I was left in just my stockings, suspenders and corset. Once again I felt the heavy kilt slip over my head and a cock slide against my cheeks as a pair of hands roamed over my body.

“You’re all mine, now” he said above me and I reached up and grabbed the erection before planting a soft kiss on the head.

“What?” I exclaimed loudly as I opened my eyes already knowing that the erection against my lips wasn’t my husbands. Beneath the kilt it was hard to see but the slick glans, covered in salty pre-cum was circumcised unlike Alan’s and then the Duo-balls within me began to buzz and the question that had plagued and pleasured me since my father-in-law had pressed that button was answered.

“You utter bastard, Martin” I said from beneath his kilt and slid my mouth over his cock head earning a deep groan as the bed shifted and I knew my husband was moving to between my legs.

I briefly slipped my mouth from the Best Man’s cock which was a good eight or nine inches long and rolled over onto all fours raising my ass in the air. “Cunt first, dear husband” I ordered and resumed sucking Martin’s slim cock.

“Nag, nag” laughed Alan as I felt the Duo-balls eased from my slit for the first time in over ten hours. I held my breath as his fingers spread my ass cheeks and eased the wonderful toy into my tight rear hole.

I moaned appreciatively around Martin’s cock and a moment later felt Alan slam his own into my dripping cunt pushing my mouth forwards. The balls resumed buzzing and I felt one cock head drive into my cervix as the other thrust into my throat. Several thrusts later and an orgasm slowly building the kilt dropped from around my head and I looked up into Martin’s eyes as he reached down and threaded his fingers through my hair grinning broadly.

“Bastard” I muttered around his invading cock and slipped my hand around his ass and twisted a finger into his puckered hole. He gasped loudly and his cock jerked violently in my mouth rapidly followed by his seed erupting down my throat.

My body began to quake and I continued to suck as hard as I could on my husband’s best friend’s shaft long after his balls had emptied determined to not let it soften. Finger worming in and out of his ass as my other hand cupped his balls and scratched wedding night surpriseat his taint. Even when my own orgasm overtook me I held his cock firmly between my lips. A couple of minutes later and Alan filled my womb triggering another smaller but equally pleasurable orgasm.

Releasing Martin’s cock I pushed backwards, sitting on my husband’s twitching shaft still buried within me. Twisting about I looked down at Alan, “When did you find out?” I demanded.

He squirmed beneath me and I squeezed my pussy deliberately around his softened cock as I picked up the remote lying on the bed and pressed the button. I stifled a moan but Alan groaned loudly as I knew his cock felt the sensations through the thin wall between my holes. “Oh god… just before I talked to you outside the toilet,” he admitted.

“But you suspected when I told you!” I stated and he nodded reticently.

I turned back to Martin standing at the end of the bed, stroking that long cock as he waited patiently. “So, you had your fun!” I stated.

“Indeed I did, not quite as hard for me I imagine as it was for you!” he replied.

I looked down at the exposed glans glistening with my saliva and a fresh yield of pre-cum; “Get in here” I demanded and pointed down to my crotch. He obeyed without the slightest hesitation and I was sure that his member twitched in appreciation before he crawled forward and began to lower his head. I raised myself up, allowing my new husband’s still swollen cock, dripping with my cream and his seed to slip from my abused slit. Martin looked up into my eyes as I squeezed my muscles tightly and aided by a short vibration from the Duo-balls deposited even more of our combined juices onto Alan’s stiffening member.

I was about to reach for Martin’s head but I didn’t need too as he lowered his head and ran his tongue up along his best friend’s length before engulfing the head between his lips. I shifted back and sat unceremoniously on Alan’s face as my eyes remained locked with Martin’s. No depression of the button was necessary as my quim began to tremble and my juices began to flow as I felt his talented tongue slip inside me.

In all our days Alan had been fairly neutral when it came to intimate contact with other men. He wasn’t averse to it but he also wasn’t an enthusiast but as I felt his eagerness to devour my dripping cunt and how his cock had almost instantly hardened as Martin’s tongue had run up along it’s underside I knew there was something more between these two friends. I suddenly remembered the memory stick and was amazed to find it still wedged within my corset and fished it out. Martin’s eyes lit up as he saw it and I knew there were even more answers on it than questions I had thought to ask.

Even though my orgasm was rapidly approaching I lifted myself off Alan’s face and shifted to the side. A major look of disappointment filled his features as I knelt beside him even though his chest was rising and falling rapidly with the blow-job his friend was giving him. I glanced at Martin and even though I hardly knew him he wasbest friends capable of reading my mind and began to twist about till his long shaft was above my husband’s head. Alan hesitated and I knew it wasn’t because he hadn’t sucked this long cock before but simply because I was there; “I love you” I simply stated and he reached up and pulled that slim cock down into his mouth.

Ripples of pleasure rolled around my body as I watched the two men sixty-nine; mimicking each other as they took varying amount of cock into their mouth. Even though they were concentrated on each other they knew, especially Martin, they were also putting on a show. My body shivered and pulsed, goose-bumps erupting all over my body along with a set of rock hard nipples and clit that begged to be touched. A mini orgasm spiralled out from my quim as I eased the Duo-balls from my ass and leaned forward.

Martin groaned loudly and appreciatively as he felt them slip into his puckered hole and then resumed his attention on my husband’s balls before returning to his prick. His head was twisted a fraction to me as he saw me place the memory stick beside me and pick up the remote; even though his mouth was full of Alan’s fat cock I could see him grin. I pulled a pillow across and lent it against one of the posts and settled down with my legs spread wide as I enjoyed the show; my thumb twitching upon the button I had loved all day long.

I could see Alan getting close even with Martin’s fingers clamped hard around the base of his cock and I simply knew that it was time. For the first time in my life I truly felt like a Bond-villain at that moment. I could hear the quiet buzz and Martin thrust his cock deep into my husband’s throat as he arched his back downwards. A second later I heard him cough as Alan’s hips bucked wildly and the two of them filled each other’s mouths with their seed.

The power within my fingers and the view before me triggered my own orgasm and I felt a flood of juices run out and dampen the sheets beneath me. It wasn’t anywhere close to the body-consuming orgasms I had known or even experienced earlier in the day and week but it was simply one of the sweetest as I felt my pussy spasm again and again without any actual physical stimulation.

As the three of us settled and the boys disengaged and crawled towards me I grinned back as I saw the copious amounts of seed within their mouths that they wished to share. “Poor Joy” I said to Martin, “she has no idea what she’s missing!”

Two mouths pressed against mine and two tongues vied to share the salty loads within. When we finally broke and Alan and Martin knelt either side of me; my hands gently stroking their depleted and still partially swollen cocks Alan turned to his friend; “Joy…my niece?” he asked (perhaps with a hint of jealousy).

“Oh the girl wanted him badly” I defended Martin.

“As I told Marie, far too young for me!” he responded.

“And you said that married women were off-limits!” I accused as I squeezed his manhood tightly feeling a small, welcome surge.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I lied!”

I turned to my new husband and squeezed his shaft which was already swelling within my grasp; “And you! You’ve never sucked a cock before… that I’ve seen!”two in the hand

“Didn’t lie… you’ve never asked me straight out and the truth is, I have only ever sucked one cock!” he admitted.

I began to slowly pull on their cocks, “And such a nice cock too, you have good taste dear… now it’s my big day so I want them both inside me,” I licked my lips lustfully; “Decisions, decisions… lets feel that nice long cock in my cunt, Martin… be a dear and fuck me in the ass, Alan!”


Even with mine and Alan’s previous this was the first time I, genuinely, was unable to walk the next day and when I woke up with two rough chins either side of me I decided that this was far better than waking up with one single smooth chin even if it did belong to Fiona!

I grinned at all the positions we had tried through to the early hours as the two men quietly snored either side of me. I pulled the sheet away to note it was Martin’s hand cupping my mound and Alan’s was resting upon his friend’s flaccid cock. I nibbled my lip as I wondered what I should do about the situation…

“Damn, I could get used to married life!” I muttered as I wormed my way down between the two bodies.

The End