That Pinball Smile

The first story I ever wrote! Well apart from the one about nuclear holocaust as a thirteen year old! And that one wasn’t erotic which considering the levels of hormones in my blood at the time!!!

I’d known Vicki for almost eight years though hadn’t seen her in the last five. She’d been a friend of my little sister Jo and had stayed at my parents’ house over one summer when she had been doing her “grand tour”. Back then I’d just turned thirty-one and she was almost eighteen. She was gorgeous with chocolate skin and a “pinball” smile. I thought I was too old for her but always found myself making excuses to visit my folks and then feeling foolish.

Both her and my sister spent a lot of time sunbathing and I found it hard not to stare. She’d fool around, calling me “Uncle Mark”, sometimes throwing water from the pool over me. I jokingly promised that “one of these days if I ever catch you I’ll tie you down and make you pay”. She’d always giggle and then dive below the water giving me a great view of her ass as she went under. As often as not I’d have to go to the bathroom and pull myself off. Sometimes depending on where she lay I would be able to watch her through the bathroom window as I did.

Back to the present and after my divorce and the selling of the marital house I found myself with money to spare and no place to call home. I quit my job and decided it was time for my “grand tour”. Although I had money I fancied the adventure of backpacking and tried where possible to avoid planes. Lots of family and friends were amazed at my decision but my little sister Jo reckoned it was a great idea and gave me a list of her friends around the world to look up on my travels.

So I found myself in Singapore, at Keppel harbour, waiting for Vicki. I was lost in my memories when I saw an attractive smartly dressed woman walking across the terminal. She wore a white blouse under a tailored jacket with a tight skirt, finishing just above her knees, which showed of her hips to perfection and by the look, dark stockings. Her dark hair was pulled back giving her a serious look even behind the sunglasses. I didn’t realise how much I’d been staring till she was only six feet from me and then spoke.

“It’s very rude to stare you know!”

I tried to mumble an apology, lifting my gaze quickly to look into those sunglasses, feeling myself begin to blush.

“…Uncle Mark”

“Wha…” I stammered.

The woman tilted her sunglasses, those dark eyes peering over them, to look at me. Then the grim lips burst into that “pinball” smile I’d always remembered from long ago.

“Vicki!” I exclaimed.

I moved forward and grabbed her in a hug planting a kiss onto her smile. I stopped kissing her quickly before I got carried away and stepped back. I wasn’t sure but swore I’d seen a devilish twinkle in her eye for a split second. I held her at arms length taking a good look at her.

“You have grown up into a fine looking woman Vicki.”

“There’s still some of the teenager left in me somewhere, Uncle!”

“Don’t. You make me feel so old saying that.”

“You may be right there; I am the responsible one with property and steady job and you the one bumming around the world.”

“How the world turns, heh.”

Again that pinball smile shone out. I hoisted my backpack and walked with her out into the hot midday sun. We walked along catching up on what we’d been doing and re-counting our individual adventures of around the world. She told me about Singapore, the touristy places, the hidden little gems no tourist ever finds, the do’s and don’ts peculiar to the locals all while I was feeling how beautiful and grown-up she was now. When I came to ask about a hostel she insisted I stay with her.

“Don’t worry there’s a big couch, even for you Mark, to sleep on.”

I laughed nervously sure that the twinkle was back. I insisted I would take her to dinner tonight as recompense for the inconvenience.

We walked on, Vicki pointing out local places I should visit and soon came to her flat. It looked expensive up on the eleventh floor with a view over some botanical gardens. Sure enough the couch was quite large and the flat quite spacious.

“Why don’t you freshen up Mark, the showers through that door” she said pointing to one of two doors.

“Thanks” I replied as I gave her a peck on the cheek.

I walked into the shower room, dropped my backpack and stripped off my grimy travelling clothes. It had been about a week since I’d had a decent shower and suddenly felt very dirty in Vicki’s nice clean flat. I stepped into the shower and turned on the taps, three jets cascaded hot water over me and I began to enjoy the cleansing sensation.

My cock was hard and had been for some time since seeing Vicki; I stroked it slowly beneath the hot spray thinking of her ass. I was almost completely lost in my reverie when I heard the door open. I froze my hard cock in my hand, sure that I was visible through the misted door.

“Here Mark, you must have a ton of washing, I’ll just put these in the machine for you.”

“You don’t have to that Vicki, I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

“It’s no problem Mark” and with that she closed the door behind her.

I stood there the water beating down my tanned skin with my cock, which was now as hard as it had ever been, in my hand. Feeling guilty I stopped stroking myself and finished washing enjoying the fragrance of Vicki’s’ vanilla shower gel. I turned off the shower and stepped out and dried myself. Only then did I realise that Vicki had taken my rucksack as well. Her bathrobe was hanging on the back of the door, I put it on. I was six foot-two, Vicki was only five foot tall. The bathrobe only came down to the tops of my legs and only just covered my genitalia. As I was sporting a hard-on the front lifted showing my balls.

I went to the sink and ran the cold water over my hands and held them to my manhood. It didn’t seem to be having much effect. I decide to undo the belt, pulled my cock up against my belly, closed the bathrobe and pulled the belt across. It helped a little but not much so I grabbed the towel I had been using and held it loosely in front of me as I left the bathroom.

Vicki was in the open plan kitchen bending down from the hips looking for something in a low drawer. Her ass was even better than I remembered. Its shape totally defined by the tight skirt, there was a split at the back which stopped a couple of inches below her cheeks and proved she was wearing stockings. I held the towel tighter against my crotch, rubbing myself slightly.

I feasted my eyes on the rear I had desired all those years before. She reached one hand to the sides of her legs and adjusted her suspenders through her skirt; it rose a little higher, revealing a shadow at the top of the split. It seemed an age before she stood with a measuring jug in her hand and walked to the sink. The spell broken I moved into the room.

“You’re not cooking, are you? I said I’d take you out to dinner” I asked.

She gave a little yelp of surprise the water from the tap spraying her slightly. She turned, now only wearing the blouse on top, partly wet from the tap.

“You gave me a fright.”

The material of her blouse was almost see-through where the water had splashed, revealing the darker brown of her nipples, which looked erect and incredibly suckable. My cock gave an involuntary twitch at the sight.

“Well, all your clothes needed a wash, so unless you were going out in that bathrobe, which is quite fetching by the way, I figured on eating in tonight.”

“Mmm… O.K. but I treat you all day tomorrow. Deal?”


She reached her hand out to shake; I swapped the towel to my left hand and shook. Vicki’s eyes glanced down for a second and that pinball smile appeared.

“Sit yourself down Mark. Do me a favour and open that bottle of wine. Red o.k. with you?”


I sat at the small wooden table, adjusting myself so my crotch was out of view, placed the towel on the table and opened the wine. Vicki picked up the towel and hung it over a radiator.

“Would you get some glasses down Mark?” Vicki asked.

Vicki turned back to the worktop, so I got up quickly and reached for the glasses up on a high shelf. My cock sprang out as I stretched. As I turned back I was sure that Vicki had just turned away. I placed the glasses on the table and pushed my hard cock beneath and then poured the wine. I was uncomfortable but my hard-on seemed unable to go down. Watching Vicki, as she prepared our food in that tight skirt, didn’t help.

We chatted as she cooked up a local dish she had learnt. Her top was still damp and her nipples seemed to be as permanently hard as my cock. She rinsed some vegetables under the tap and again the water sprayed over her chest.


“This fucking tap!” she exclaimed.

“Vicki!” I said “You never use to swear.”

“That’s true Mark. There are a few things I do now that I didn’t use to.”

That twinkle in her eye had returned.

“I also seem to remember that it was always me who got wet whenever we met.” I replied.

“Yeah” she said, “and you forever had to dry yourself off in the bathroom too.”

I could feel myself beginning to go red with embarrassment and quickly put the glass of wine to my lips. Vicki’s breasts were very wet and her dark nipples were showing through easily. I so wanted to take them in my mouth. She looked down at her chest.

“Hold on a mo Mark while I go change. Watch the food I’ll be back in a sec.”

She walked past me and through the other door. I felt some relief as I let my cock spring up from under the table. It was still hard. I gave it a couple of strokes thinking of Vicki getting changed in the other room. I moved to the hob and stirred the food, careful of my erection.

The food smelt delicious as I stirred it, albeit absent-mindedly, thinking of Vicki taking off her wet blouse just a few feet away. I was in a world of my own when a hand reached around me and turned off the hob.

“We don’t want it to burn, do we?” Vicki said from behind me.

Her hand left the hob switch and moved to wrap itself round my member. She stroked it slowly up and down the length. Her warm hands made it throb and twitch and I couldn’t think straight to reply.

“The dish is vegetarian. But I seem to have found some meat.”

Her hand gripped me harder and she pulled me round to face her. Her other hand pulled my head forward into a kiss. She slipped her tongue along my lips before pushing them apart and seeking out mine. I was lost, no longer thinking of her as my little sisters’ friend, just feeling and tasting her for the first time. She continued to stroke me as her tongue snaked around mine. I felt her stroking the end of my cock against her belly as she finally broke the kiss.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for such a long time.”

I was still speechless gazing down at her. She’d let her long black hair down and put a red kimono on over her underwear which now hung open, her hand guiding my cock in circles across her chocolate skinned belly.

“Amongst other things…”

That pinball smile appeared along with the wicked gleam in her eye. She pushed open the bathrobe and her mouth sunk to my nipple. Eventually being able to think my hands moved to her head and I threaded my fingers through her hair, feeling her first suck then gently nibble on my right nipple all the while still stroking my cock. Her other hand joined her first momentarily before sliding under to cup my balls.

“Ahhh…” I groaned.

“Mmm… nice?” she whispered.


She moved to my other nipple keeping that slow rhythm going. I knew there was no way I’d last. Perhaps sensing I was close she began to trail her tongue downwards, across my stomach, round my belly button, tracing an old scar on my right.

“Jo told me about this. Does it still hurt?”

“Mmm… what? No, not in a long time.” I replied.

Her tongue traced the scar again and moved lower down to the top of my thigh, her cheek brushing my member. I watched her as she opened her eyes and moved her head back to look at my cock.

“Now this I’ve wanted since I first saw it.” she murmurs.

“Mmmm…. Mark.” She whispers.


Vicki moves her head forward rapidly engulfing me into her hot wet mouth swallowing the first four inches. I threw my head back in absolute bliss stumbling against the worktop almost burning my hand on the hob. Vicki followed me keeping my cock within her mouth and sucking down another inch as my ass hits the counter.

“Oh… fuck!” I cry.

One hand cupping my balls, the other thumb and forefinger pumping the base of my cock, while her mouth sucked as deep as she could go. I erupted instantly emptying my seed in rapid pulses down her throat. Vicki’s cheeks sucked inwards as she swallowed down my spunk. My knees went weak but still Vicki drained my cock. Only when it started to soften did she release it from her warm mouth.

I slumped to the floor, Vicki kneeling in front of me, that pinball smile lighting up her face. I placed my hands on either side of her head and draw her into a kiss. I could taste my cum on her tongue, her breasts rubbing on my chest. My mind still whirling from the last few minutes. My arms slipped beneath her kimono pulling her tight. Our tongues engaged in a battle within our mouths. We broke for air and I looked deep into her dark eyes.


“Mark.” She replies.

We sat on the floor catching our breath. Vicki’s kimono hung open, the valley between her breasts exposed, the cloth pooled across her lap. I noted she was still wearing her stockings.

“Sucking cock makes me peckish.” she said and reached up to the hob and lifted down the pan and placed it on the floor beside us. She pulled open a drawer to get a pair of forks, turned at her hips, exposing her left glorious breast and lifted down the wine.

“Tuck in” she told me.

She scooped up some of the food and began to eat. I leant back against the units and stared at her. She smiled at me in between mouthfuls but said nothing. I ate some food myself, it was delicious. Still we ate in silence just looking at each other. Eventually I broke first.

“I get the feeling I’ve been missing something.”

“Possibly for years”

That pinball smile flashed up as she swallowed a mouthful of food.

“Perhaps it was just “one of these days”!” she grinned.

It took me a second to remember the remark I’d often made to her years ago.

“Somehow I don’t feel that I caught you. More, the other way round. Possibly from the moment I saw you walking across the terminal at the harbour?”

“Maybe.” she replied coyly.” Well, you never noticed my come-ons back at your parents’ house so I guess subtlety was out.”

“Oh.. I noticed you alright; it wasn’t really my habit to see my folks every week back then.”

“Yeah. Jo noticed your increased presence over that summer.”

“What else did my darling sister say?”

Vicki lowered eyes, I had the feeling she was actually looking at my limp cock, which gave an involuntary twitch at the thought. A smile played across her lips.

“She told me about your break up last year. I’m sorta sorry…”

“Don’t be. I had it kinda easy compared to some and no kids to worry about. It was fun while it lasted but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.”

“I’d just started my job the week before Jo phoned to tell me.”

“But when she told me of you doing a grand tour…” she continued.

She looked up into my eyes, that smile all across her face. I pulled her close and gently kissed her lips. Our tongues lingered, the tips just touching as I slid my hands round her back running my rough hands across her soft dusky skin. Her hands went to my neck and close cropped hair. Our kiss deepened by degrees as we lost ourselves in each other’s mouths. I lifted her ass to sit her upon my lap feeling her stockings whisper across my thighs.

My rapidly hardening cock against the warm skin above her stocking tops. Vicki spread her kimono so our chests were skin to skin. Her hard nipples rubbing against my own. She shifted herself forward so my cock was against her mound. No panties obstructed our intimate contact. I could feel it was almost completely smooth with the barest whisper of hair low down just above her slit. She wrapped her arms around me as I caressed her ass. Our tongues locked in the deepest of kisses.

Vicki lifted her hips and positioned her bare pussy lips against the head of my cock. She applied the smallest of pressure and I felt her lips part, her warm juices ran down me. She broke our kiss and moved her head back to look me straight in the eyes. Without blinking she dropped straight onto my erect cock. Her pupils dilated instantaneously as I was buried completely within her. I assume mine had done likewise as I was engulfed in her hot wetness. She stayed still on my cock, but I could feel her cunt muscles rippling, almost massaging my prick.

“And that… mmm… is something else I’ve wanted to do for … over seven years…”

“You … and me both…” I replied.

She slowly lifted herself releasing my cock an inch at a time before just the tip remained, all the while staring into my eyes. Then rammed down hard onto me filling her up completely. She repeated this several times, each time her pussy muscles seeming to pulsate more strongly. On the seventh time as she rammed herself down onto me I felt the tremors run through her and she closed her eyes throwing her head back. My cock was being squeezed rhythmically and if I hadn’t already cum once I would surely have cum again. Vicki’s eyes were tight shut; she was biting her lower lip. All the tendons on her neck were taught and stretching while short sharp gasps escaped her mouth. I was holding her lower back as she arched away from me, each pulse of her orgasm emanating from her quim to travel throughout her entire body before the next pulse arrived. Slowly she began to come down and fell forward her head coming to rest on my shoulder. She was still breathing shallowly her chest seemingly unable to take more than the tiniest gasps of air.

I wrapped my arms about her, kissing her shoulder as gradually the tremors within her stopped. I twitched my cock within her and was rewarded by a small whimper from her.
My mouth wandered up her neck towards her ear, licking a film of sweat from her skin.

“Mmm…” She purred.


“That was… so good” she whispered.

“I can’t really take the credit, you did do all the work there.” I whispered back into her ear.

With that I carefully stood up keeping Vicki impaled on my cock, my hands cupping her ass. She gave a small moan and grasped me round my shoulders as I maneuvered her ass on to the table. We kissed and then she lay back her kimono falling open. This was actually the first chance I’d got to admire her naked body even though my cock was still within her.

Her black hair lay spread across the table, deep dark brown eyes stared back at me watching me feast myself on her body. Her pinball smile framed by luscious red lips against her chocolate skin. A gold chain hung around her neck which took my eyes down to her full breasts with their dark chocolate coloured nipples both standing firm, across her flat stomach, the black suspender belt across her hips, down to her pussy. The slightest tuft of dark hair sat atop of her slit, her lips just fractionally darker than her skin, framing the inner red flesh wrapped around my cock. I drew my member back slowly, dragging her lips with it, my cock glistening in her juices. Slowly I pushed it back in watching her lips tighten around it. Vicki let out a low moan. Fascinated, I watched her lips spread gradually revealing her clitoris with every stroke. I moved my thumb so I could gently rub her nub, releasing another moan from Vicki’s mouth, as she licked her lips.

Vicki began to moan more loudly, her hands gripping the sides of the table. My cock sliding in and out as I thumbed her clit, my other hand reaching her breast and lightly tweaking her nipple. Vicki arched her back thrusting her pussy onto my cock while simultaneously pushing her nipple against my fingers. I squeezed the erect tissue and dragged another moan from her lips.

“You like that?” I asked.

“Mmm… yess…” she murmured.

I squeezed the nipple harder as I thrust into her, gaining a further moan. As I drew back I slackened my hold, then squeezed again as I pushed into her. A louder moan escaped her lips. Again I drew back, relaxing my grip and slowing the motion of my thumb on her clit, I pushed quickly back into her rolling her nipple hard between my thumb and forefinger while increasing the speed and pressure on her clit.

“Oh, fuck… yes…” she gasped, arching her back again.

I gradually build up the tempo, Vicki bucking beneath me, moaning louder as my length slammed into her.

“Fuck me Mark, fuck me!”

She wrapped her legs around my ass pulling me into her; I felt her cunt squeezing me with each thrust. The table shifted as our movements become more powerful. She bit her lower lip as we fucked for all we were worth.

“FUUUCCCCKKK….. I’M COMING!” she shouts.

I felt her muscles squeeze down on me as my balls tightened. Slamming my cock as deep into her as I could, my seed erupted, her cunt pulling it from my sack. The spasms of her pussy draining me as I grabbed her hips, keeping my cock buried within her. Her head thrown back, stretching the tendons on her neck.

“Fuck, Yes babe” I shout.

“Yesss…” she gasps.

“God.. yess.. fill me up.” Her heels, on my ass cheeks, pulling me into her.

I grunted as the last of my spunk is sucked from my cock by her spasming cunt. I collapsed forward, as she tries to milk me even more. I slid my tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply. Both of us breathing heavily. Our hearts hammering against each others chests.

Gradually our breathing slowed and our kisses become gentler, my hands caressed her sides while hers scratched my back lightly. I lifted Vicki up and carried her out of the kitchen and headed to the other door.

“Where are you taking me Mark?” she asks.

“To the bedroom” I reply.

The twinkle in her eye made me pause.

“That’s my walk-in closet.” She said.

I looked around the room and saw no other doors; I looked back into her eyes and raised my eyebrow.

“I have a confession to make,” she murmurs” when I said you could sleep on the couch, perhaps I should have mentioned that it was also the bed… the only bed.”

“So you assumed that I would have slept with you before I arrived.”

“No.” Vicki replied. “Sleep wouldn’t have come into it… and there was no way I could have waited that long.”

“You are a bad girl Vicki.”

That pinball smile flashed up.

“Err… just one of these days… I guess” she grinned.

“… I’ll catch you, tie you down and make you pay??” I finished the quote from years before.

Vicki’s eyes widened in delight and her tongue licked her lips. I paused with her in my arms, looking around the flat again for my gaze to settle back on the small kitchen table. I carried her back over and placed her ass back on the wooden table.

“What am I going to do with you young lady?” I asked.

Vicki tried, fairly well, for a picture of innocence considering she was naked except for her stockings and suspenders with cum dribbling from her pussy. I reached around behind her and un-clipped her suspenders, removing them from her stockings. I then knelt down and rolled her stockings from her legs.

Standing back up I grabbed hold of her ass and rolled her onto her front on to the table. Walking around, Vicki remaining still, making no noise, as she rested her forehead on the edge of the table, I tied one of her wrists to the leg of the table with her suspenders. I pulled the belt from the bathrobe I was wearing to restrain her other wrist. Then kneeling down I tied her ankles, to the bottom of the table legs, using her stockings, pulling her legs apart. I stood and appraised Vicki’s bound body. I walked over to the couch picked up a cushion and returned placing it under her pussy pushing her ass higher.

“Something I’m missing, I think.” I said. “Ahh… yes!”

I walked over to the counter and lifted a tea towel. Standing beside her head, I raised it with my hand, her eyes flicked up to mine as I blindfolded her. I walked round the table satisfied with my work and trying not to immediately begin ravishing Vicki.

“So. Exactly when was it a foregone conclusion that I’d end up with my cock covered in your juices?” I said as I drew a finger up the back of Vicki’s left thigh.

“Mmmm…” Vicki squirmed. “Err… When I asked Jo to give you my address here.”

“I still may not have come.” Stroking her other thigh.

“Jo was enthusiastic about her visit here, wasn’t she?”

“Are you telling me that my little sister knew that you wanted to fuck me?” I dragged my finger closer to her wet pussy, turning it away and over her ass at the last moment.

Vicki tried to raise her ass so my finger would make contact with her slit. “Err…She’s known since I first met you. She…mmm…actually said I should have jumped you back then…”

“She did, did she? You shared all your secrets did you?” My rough hand massaged her ass cheek.

“She guessed when she sought of found me…”

“She found you… what?” Rubbing her ass slightly harder, pushing her cheek outwards to expose her puckered hole.

“Ahh… Err…” she stammered.

I stroked my thumb across her asshole.

“Mmm… Fuck… I. She… caught me… playing with myself…”

I dribbled a little spittle onto her ass and rubbed it around her hole. “Why were you playing with yourself?” I pushed my thumb against her hole.

Vicki let out a small whimper. “I. Err…I’d just … seen you…” she gasped as my thumb twisted slightly.”You were… playing…wanking your cock… in the bathroom. I’d so wanted to… go in there …”

I gave my hardening cock a couple of strokes as I moved my thumb down to the edge of Vicki’s wet slit. “And?”

“I wanted to suck your cock …drink your spunk!” she gasped as I slid my thumb between her lips.

I pulled my thumb out and licked the juices from it. I could taste Vicki’s sweetness and my saltiness mixed together. She raised her ass, wanting a return of my attention. Her lips were parted and it took all of my will not to ram my rapidly hardening cock straight into her. My thumb returned to her slit, sliding downwards to her clit, eliciting a groan from her.

“Why didn’t you?” I asked.

Moaning she replied “Mmm… you had just started seeing your ex and… there was never that much of a chance…”

“Jo still thought I should fuck you…She complained that I always… frigging myself at night. I… didn’t notice…thought she … she was asleep… that she’d… have to… end up bringing herself off as well.” My thumb was gently sliding into her slit as two fingers slid along each side of her clit.


“Well after she … found …mmm… I tried to satisfy myself … elsewhere…” Vicki caught her breath as I pushed my thumb all the way into her soaking wet cunt, drawing it along the flesh nearest to her clit. “One time… when I was in the pool and…ahh… you were sitting on the side…fuck…” I was gradually increasing the pressure between my fingers n thumb. “Asking me about… my travels…” she paused biting her lip.

“Go on or I’ll stop.” I threatened, squeezing my fingers, tighter against her clit.

“No. Don’t. Please!” she pleaded. “My travels…err… I was against the side of the …pool…my hand in my… bikini… frigging myself…I came while you were talking… to… me…… OH! God fuck…”

I felt Vicki’s cunt muscles spasming around my thumb, her juices flowing out over my hand; I lowered my head and ran my tongue up from her slit to her ass. When my tongue touched her puckered hole, she bucked her hips, and screamed. I drew my tongue around, forcing my thumb deep into her cunt, squeezing against my fingers. I stopped stroking my now rock hard cock and used that hand to keep her hips from bucking too much. I pushed the tip of my tongue against her hole and was rewarded by a stream of swearing from Vicki’s mouth and her pussy muscles rapidly clenching around my thumb.

Gradually her orgasm subsided; I eased my thumb from her, licking my thumb and fingers. I lightly stroked her lips, feeling the little aftershocks tremble through her.

“Did you imagine my cock sliding into you?” I asked.

“Yes,” she panted.

I eased the tip of my cock to her lips.” Did you want to be tied like you are now? At my mercy?”

“Oh… yes, I wanted you to take me just like this…” Vicki tried to push her ass backwards, but I moved so only the tip rested against her.

“And since you heard from Jo you’ve been planning this?”

“Yes.” Vicki answered quietly.

“Well. Then…”

I slammed my cock all the way into Vicki, burying it completely.

“FUCK…YES” she screamed.

I pulled out, watching her cunt close after me.

“No… please” she whimpered.

“So you planned to make sure my clothes would be out of reach?”

“Yes.” She whispered. “GOD!” she shouted as I rammed my cock back in, my lap slapping against her rear.
I drew out again, a murmur escaping Vicki’s mouth. “This rather short dressing gown?” I shrugged it from my shoulders.

“…I bought it…yesterday…YES!” as my cock slammed back in. she whimpered quietly as I drew out once more.

“You deliberately placed those glasses on the high shelf. You can’t even reach them yourself, can you?”

“…” she spoke so quietly I couldn’t hear what she said.

“Yes.” she replied.

I kept my cock still. “And did you watch me as I got them down. Did you see my hard cock?”

“Yes. Yes.” She whispered.

I felt her tense waiting for my thrust. I waited till I felt her start to relax and again buried my cock into her hot cunt. My will had faded completely overtaken by my desire and I began to pump in and out of her. Grabbing Vicki’s hips I slammed back and forth feeling her wet flesh drag along the length of my cock.

“Yes…thank…you… fuckme…”she gasped and cried.

I could feel Vicki’s pussy throbbing once again, building up, each spasm getting stronger and closer together. I increased the speed of my thrusts to match. Sweat trickling down my back as I felt her cunt tighten around me. Both of us grunting as Vicki’s climax approached knowing I wouldn’t be too far behind her. Gripping her cheeks I felt Vicki arch against me as her juices flowed out, trying to push herself onto me as much as her bindings would allow. Our exertions making the table move once again, as Vicki continued to come.

“FUCK I’M COMING” I shouted as my balls tightened and my spunk began to pump into Vicki’s cunt,

“Yes…goddamn you… fill my cunt …” Vicki cried.

Her muscles pulsed dragging my cum into herself. My legs began to go weak and I had to put my hands on the table to support myself, feeling the last of my cum emptying into Vicki’s twitching pussy. Both our bodies covered in sweat, our breathing and hearts began to slow. My chest resting on Vicki’s back, I licked the sweat from her shoulders.

“Damn your hot Vicki.”

“Mmm…Your pretty hot yourself Mark.” she answered.

“Can I …err…can I suck your cock please?” she asked.

“Mmm… not quite yet I think.” I replied as I pulled my slick cock from her.

“Oh… fuck!” she stammered as I dropped to my knees and pushed my tongue into her, tasting once again the mix of our juices. Her pussy hot and wet on my face. Gripping her cheeks I cleaned her lips trying to drink down as much of her juices as possible, all the while feeling little tremors running through her. As I finished cleaning her I untied her ankles, light red marks around them where she had strained against them.

I moved around the table and offered my limp cock to her mouth. She licked and sucked me clean as I released her hands. I gathered her up in my arms pulling the blindfold from her eyes and kissed her deeply, both of us tasting our juices from each others tongues.

This time we made it to the couch where we lay down together, too spent to pull out the bed, just pulling a blanket over us. We cuddled and kissed lightly before falling asleep as the afternoon sun streamed through the window.

The End

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One Response to “That Pinball Smile”

  1. That story is really excellent. So much to appreciate. I liked the seduction by the girl on the guy. It’s a bit male-centered, but in a very pleasing way.

    I really appreciated the ‘chocolate skinned’ girl aspect as well. Not enough writers do interracial (not that you specified that the main character is caucasian, but…)

    Excellent job… Story flows very nicely. Action is sweet and believable. Bravo!

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