Before the Ban


Sitting inside a bar, a pint of the black stuff and a cool sauvignon between

Both half drank yet half full, not quite forgotten.

A shake of the packet and two cancer sticks slide free

Fourth strike of the battered Zippo as you lean forward cupping your hand around mine

Smoke coils towards the ceiling in the cool air within on a hot summer’s day. Our eyes following the ‘evil’ weed, we raise it to meet lips.

The hint of pink tongue in the dark cave of our mouths; our actions mimicked, cheeks hollowing.

The flare of the tip; the quiet, yet clear crackle as the threads surrender to the microcosm of incandescent fury

You drag deliberately slow
Your chest rises; stretching the sheer curtain of your blouse.

You smile behind your hand as my eyes flick to the dark circles appearing hard against the thin veil.

Our hands drop as though one to flick the grey waste into the ashtray between us. Your eyes stay locked on my mouth as my tongue flicks out and up slowly moistening my lip in a dream of possibilities.

Your teeth shine in the light as your smile broadens and your foot beneath the table glances over my shin

A shared vice consumed within the church of addiction

A silent prayer communed with the consumption of carcinogenic  hydrocarbons

We the blessed and cursed can understand the need and the pleasure

Our eyes talk and listen to the desires rising like the smoke between us

Unhurried we finish our cigarettes and down our drinks

We leave, a kiss shared outside in the sun

Later, naked and sweating, still conjoined


We offer a burnt offering in the afterglow.

(In this world of ours what is finer than a smoke, a glass of wine and a lover to share it with?)


~ by ftfagos on February 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “Before the Ban”

  1. Cheeky monkey!!!!

    I have always loved this poem by you… although I am still curious to know if there is indeed something hidden within….

  2. Who knows? There may be… but to be honest you know my problems with short term mem…thingy!

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