Poem’s Don’t Rhyme Anymore… Part I


If i was to tell you,


What desire i see,

All within your eyes,

Never failing to inspire,

The temptation ceaseless.

Time slows.

Only you are real.


‘Fraid of losing you,

Until the end.

Can i hope?

Know what lies ahead.









That moment of perfect bliss,

Heart slowing,

Eyes closed as if in death.


All is centred

Round your soul.

Slipping away.

Ever after.

~ by ftfagos on February 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Poem’s Don’t Rhyme Anymore… Part I”

  1. And if I were to say yes please??? LOL!!!


  2. […] there was the poems that don’t rhyme, each saying what the other means…. part 1 and part […]

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