All these years later…

Do I remember the moment I first saw you?

 Not exactly.

You were passing, riding on your bike, I suppose.

You stopped to see if there was any craic… 

We joked and teased and flirted.

Little did I know what it meant.

Others saw, I was ignorant, were you?

We pose for a photograph.

I still hold it in my hands now all these years later.

What do I remember?


I remember the dry ice, the pounding music, the realisation.

Told to go easy, the boyfriend has gone,

But we joke and we tease and we flirt.

And the world turns…

It all looks slightly different.

We dance.

I still hold the song in my head now all these years later.

Do you remember the tilt of the head, the raise of the eyebrow?

My smile?

The silence between us, the bedlam of noise, the anticipation.

I can still see the lights reflecting in your blue eyes,

And we stroke and we caress and we kiss.

Everything is now…

Nothing else remains.


I still hold the feel of your lips on mine… all these years later.


~ by ftfagos on February 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “All these years later…”

  1. I’ll never forget the first time I read this… those perfect moments never fade… my thanks…

  2. […] And ‘All Those Years Later”… […]

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