The Faschionista

So, let me take you back to the late 1920’s/early 1930’s…

The world is in turmoil following the Great War and the Great Depression (everything was Great back then, nowadays we don’t even have depressions instead we have recessions (so much easier to gloss over?)), everyone is worried about their own and paranoid about strangers! Basically Xenophobia rules. (sound sorta familiar?)

So, like the world, politics becomes fractured, people move to the extreme and the rational, middle ground becomes less and less vocal/powerful. Basically Communism versus National Socialism (or Fascism to use the common parlance).

One major difference, to me anyhows, is that the Communists didn’t care so much about Fashion.

Not the Fascists though!!!

So there you are buliding a political movement within your country making links with similar minded people in other countries and eventually you sit down and discuss the most important topic of all. I guess you have all heard of the two most famous Shirt designers of that day, Hitler and Mussolini! Ahh.. but there were others, Moseley (UK), Duffy (Ireland), Kai-Shek (China) and many more throughout the Western and Eastern Hemispheres.

I wonder…………………………..

Hitler  “We are gathered here together to discuss the domination of the wor-” (translation and silly accents removed)

Mussolini  “I’m having Black, we are the masters of style afterall!”

Hitler  “But i wanted Black!”

Mussolini  “Come on Hitler, Baby… with your eyes you got to go with Brown”

Hitler  “You really think so?”

Duffy  “Aye, Adolf, Brown is so you …”

Hitler  “Wellll…” (Duffy winks at Mussolini who sniggers) “…Eva does like brown…”

Moseley  “Well, I think,we, the British, should have red!”

Duffy  “You sure… it’s so last century… actually i’m sure the Yanks had it…”

Hitler  “……..yes… brown with my eyes, and if people throw.  sh-”

Moseley  “How about blu-”

Kai-Shek  “WE HAVE BLUE!”

Moseley  “ohh…”

Duffy  “What the fuck, mate? You sold us a load of those!”

Kai-Shek  “You got GOOD price?”

Duffy “Aye, i suppose so… How about Yellow, Moseley?” (Hitler, Mussolini and Kai-Shek giggle)

Moseley  “I don’t think so!”

Kai-Shek “I do you good deal on white dres…smocks?”

Duffy/Hitler/Mussolini “Klu Klux Klan!”

Moseley  “Purple?” (four shakes of heads)

Mussolini  “Pink?” (further giggling and a indignant shake of the head from Moseley) “…well I got some seconds in black but they tend to run in the wash…”

Moseley “You promise not to wear yours when you come visiting?”

Mussolini “Promise!” (holds up his pinky)

Hitler “Is that all settled? We have Brown shirts… the Italians and the English have Blackshirts.. the Irish and the Chinese have Blue shirts…”

Duffy  “Ahhh… we might change to green later… when we have used all of Kai-Cheks knock-offs!!!”

Hitler “Okay, the Irish are blue now and green later! Second order of business…?”

Mussolini  “Well, i think big lapels and short cuffs”………………………………

I wonder is that how it went?



~ by ftfagos on February 14, 2011.

One Response to “The Faschionista”

  1. I truly must quote you here you silly fart…

    What the fuck, mate?

    Come on Hitler, Baby…

    Scratching my head!!!! LOL!!!! Thanks

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