Drunken Meanderings… (and more..)

Almost in L’pool,

Looking at Cymru

Lines of lights

Show the relief

Car headlights pierce the night

Last orders been ‘n gone

Strangers in a strange town

No afters offered

Is Rose home and safe in bed?

The moon dissected

In an air most pleasant

Taking a drag

Before final curfew

More Meandering  (…the Morning After) 

It’s not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me…

What was Rose doing?

Was she near to T’teth, just after 10?

In a tight black top

Looking so hot

Did she smile as the van man, hooted and waved…

Letting my mind drift away…

-and see what happens.


Drunken Meanderings  (…again)



The turn of a phrase

A smile in reply

Factors interacting

Chemicals combining

Another time…

                                        …another place.

What might have been…

                                        …what would never have been?

Goddamn the possibilities…



~ by ftfagos on February 16, 2011.

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