The Second Law of Thermo-dynamics

My personal favourite, don’t really care for the first or the third but each to our own! To paraphrase it; “The more you put things together the more they will fall apart.” Or hot will get cold and that which was cold about you hot item will get that little bit warmer. So entropy will rule and a little law will lead to the heat death of the universe. The ‘heat death’ of the universe makes it sound like we’ll go out in a blaze of glory whereas in truth we’re talking more of a damp squib or a universe encompassing cloud of the smallest particles known to physics which don’t even have enough energy to vibrate, let alone bump into each other and make new friends. Not even two atoms to rub together.

Alternatively, let’s hope that the universe collapses back in on itself first so at least we it’ll be warmer and a little bit more of a spectacle as we all get sucked into the black hole to end all black holes.

I like science, maybe you can tell? So, all my stories try to use reality as a backdrop at least a logical version of my own making (see the ‘Tacoma Project’ when I put it up here). Where was I, oh yes, back to the second law…

Watching the effects of the second law can be quite fascinating with a degree of self control. The most mesmerising experiment I find involves a single lump of frozen water. Of course it would be preferable to have laboratory conditions, all lab coats and pipettes, but I’m happy to utilise what I have about the home. Placing the lump of ice, straight from the freezer before it has time to begin to melt; onto a warm surface is almost as much fun as resting your chin on your hand and watching the process. To see the ‘Petri dish’ jump as the ice comes in contact always brings a smile to my face.

Positioning is everything! Removal of hindrances to your view is helpful but not essential so in a perfect world placing it on a freshly shaved surface is preferable but of course an amount of hair or stubble will prevent the ‘sample’ sliding about. Even as I place it and release it I can see the clear prints of my thumb and forefinger in the sides of the opaque cube. Always seem to chew on my bottom lip at this point as my volunteer ‘Petri dish’ shivers and maybe squeaks a little.

And so the process that will lead to the end of all things begins and the bottom edge of the ice holds for a moment and then collapses to seemingly join with the flesh of my lab assistant. Often, well, probably every time (though being a diligent sort I try to repeat the experiment as often as possible) effects can be seen at a remove from the ice. In particular a reddening and a moistening of the labia an inch or so below the quietly collapsing crystalline structure sat on her flesh. Slowly the small innocent cube that has this strange quantum effect on atoms at a remove becomes clear as the molecular bonds in its surface exposed to the warm (hopefully) air of the bedroom (improvised laboratory) collapse. At this point applying pressure to the thighs of the test subject may stop any seismic tremors that cause the small cube to slip forward on its cushion of chilled water.

Gradually more and more water gathers around the base till a narrow rivulet extends forwards and down the slight incline to the sweet smelling cleft below. I love this part! The test subject often groans as the distance between the cold H2O and her hot slit reduces. A strong pair of hands upon her thighs is called for as contact is made. A strong will on the part of the researcher is also called for not to drive your tongue straight into her pussy as well. Staring closely as the different viscosities mix with each other and the outer lips of the subject’s pussy twitch and tremble, again wishing once again that I had thought to buy, let alone turn on a Dictaphone with which to record my results. Well there’s always the next time. Even as the cool (rapidly warming) water has circled and covered her clit that appears and disappears between her quivering lips, a similar even slower moving rivulet of juice appears from the bottom edge of her vagina and descends down over her perineum and towards the cleft between her buttocks.

I know that if I was a ‘proper’ scientist I wouldn’t be naked with a hard-on pressing into the mattress at the foot of the bed but what I lack in professionalism I feel I make up for in enthusiasm. The sharp edges of the ice have softened and the stream of chilled water flows faster as the patch of skin upon which the cube sits is a deeper pink with her increased blood flow and thus increased heat and increased effect of the second law. God I love physics! The subject at this point often releases a stream of invective, generally coarse in nature and not believing that test subjects should endure undue cruel and unusual punishment (most of the time) I move forward to the second phase of the experiment. Using my upper and lower mandibles I lift the remaining frozen water and quickly relocate it into the subject’s vagina utilising my Genioglossus muscle push the remnants inside her.

This results in a number of effects. The subjective feel of hot and cold upon the researcher seems to make the muscle fibres in his corpora cavernosa vibrate and an increase in flow of his precum seminal sperm fluid. All very pleasant I might add! The test subject often is afflicted by random muscle spasms throughout her body which again may call for some restraint to be used to prevent accidental injury to the researcher. In a matter of seconds (I really must time this if I want to be considered a serious scientist) the ice has lost all of its solidity as the crystalline bonds have completely broken down. The oddest effect seems to be a number of sharp pains in the researchers scalp often accompanied by the test subject declaring that he (the researcher) should engage in partial cannibalism and that his parents are not married or that he is party to an incestual relationship.

I have to say at this point documented evidence of the experiment is unreliable at best and quite often non-existent (maybe video equipment is called for?). This phase of the experiment can last for varying amounts of time but once the frenulum linguae becomes strained it is generally time to move to the third and final phase.

The final phase involves the conjoining of the researcher and the test subjects reproductive organs and possibly the further addition of ice (if I remember). There are no records of how long the second law determines the breakdown of the crystalline lattice in this situation but it would appear to be less than thirty seconds depending a great deal on the amount of friction employed. Once again this stage can last for massively varying lengths of time from barely a second (the researcher notes that this outcome is quite satisfactory from his subjective view) to a number of minutes (which seems to be much more acceptable to the test subject).

At this stage in my investigations I feel that I have no conclusions to draw from my experiments and that many, many, many more procedures are needed, possibly with a variety of test subjects. All in the name of scientific research of course!

All I can say at this point is I really love the Second Law of Thermo-dynamics and fuck the heat death of the universe!!!!


~ by ftfagos on March 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Second Law of Thermo-dynamics”

  1. YOU!!!!!! That is fabulous!!!! I’ve always enjoyed stories and rambles like this. Where you attempt not to squirm or laugh while reading but end up doing both at the exact same time.

    This post explains a lot!!!!!

    Do I stroke the ego now? Or later for this post?

  2. LMAO!!! Oh god you crack me up!


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