Authors’ Note: – Dear avid reader please be warned that this story may offend some people but if it does what are you doing coming to a blog like this??? If you dare to read on you will see that the subject matter is, quite literally, taboo to some folks. You have been warned! To those of you who enjoy a bit of fantasy… Enjoy!

I am also conducting a little experiment as well so if you have wandered here by way of an innocent search please take heed of the previous warning and DO NOT PROCEED if you are easily shocked, this story is definitely for the broad-minded over eighteen!


The priest walked up the aisle of the small, seldom frequented, church humming quietly to himself, only when he knelt at the altar rail did he realise he wasn’t alone. In the pews to his right a nun, from the nearby convent, knelt clutching her rosary beads.  He crossed himself and walked over to the nun.

“Good morning Sister. “He spoke quietly in the hushed atmosphere of the church. The nun looked up into his eyes a startled expression on her face.

“F…f…father” she stammered.

He looked at her young face and reckoned her to be about twenty years old. “What brings you here this fine morning, Sister?” he had seen her previously when the convent had attended services. He had noted her slender frame beneath the habit she wore and the timid nature with which she had moved. Some of the younger nuns had always proved a test for his vow of celibacy,

“I have a need to confess Father.” she answered quietly.

He nodded and ushered her in the direction of the confessional box. After the ritual opening lines he asked, “Tell me your sins, Sister!”

The nun was quiet for a while and he was about to repeat the request when she replied, “I have… been finding my vows to be…a struggle, Father.”

“These vows are a test my child, they are not meant to be easy!” the priest answered.

“Yes Father I understand… I find it difficult… I am tempted so much…”

“What tempts you my child?” he replied.

Again the nun was quiet before replying, “I …err…find myself … wondering Father…” the priest stayed silent and waited for the nun to continue; “… About… men… Father.”

The priest leaned closer to the grille separating him from the nun, “What about men?”

“I… err… see them Father and I… wonder what they are like…”

“In what way do you wonder, Sister?”

“About their…th… thingies…” she answered stammering.

“Do you mean their penises, Sister?” he asked.

“…yes…” she replied almost silently. The priest felt his cock stirring beneath his cassock.

“You know that is a sin! What do you imagine about their penises?”

“…what they are like Father…” the priest remained silent until the nun continued, “…what they feel like… what they look like…” she paused,”…what they taste like, Father?”

“You are telling me Sister that you, having taken a vow of celibacy, fantasise about sucking a man’s cock?”

The nun shifted uncomfortably within the confessional,”… I am Father…”

“Is this the limit of your sins Sister?” the nun remained quiet till the priest repeated, “I said is this the limit of your sins Sister?”

“Err… no…I…” the nun stammered.

“I have imagined being… fucked by them too…”

The priest shifted on his seat, his member swelling beneath the itchy woollen cassock. “Well, Sister if this is the limit of your transgressions against the…” he heard the young nun cough, “this is the limit of your fantasising is it not, Sister?”

“Yes, Father, it is, but…”

“It is the limit of your fantasies or it isn’t Sister! Which is it?” the priest demanded.

“It is Father, it is. Of my fantasies…” the nun replied timidly.

“What else is there then, Sister?” the priest found himself squeezing his rapidly hardening cock through his cassock. He pulled his hand away guiltily. He heard the nun shifting some more within her cubicle of the confessional box and he leant closer to the grille separating them. It was dark inside and he could barely make out the silhouette of the young nun.

“Well, Father, when these thoughts come upon me… I feel…” the nun quietened.

“You feel what Sister?”

After a pause the nun replied, “I feel… warm and… down below…”


“…and it feels… good… hot…wet and good…” The priest squeezed himself releasing a low moan as he did. The nun sensing a change in the priest’s attitude continued, “My secret place gets all warm…and wet…and sort of itches… pleasantly.” The priest only grunted in response, “My…pussy…” the nun held her breath for a moment and continued, “… it gets so wet when I think about… big hard cocks…”

“…y…you mustn’t think of such… things Sister… you must be stro…!”

“But it feels so good” the nun interrupted, “and smells so nice… surely Father it can’t be a bad thing?”

“…you must be strong, you must not give into temptation…we are all tempted to stray from the path of righteousness Sister..”

The nun breathed deeply, the heavy fabric of her habit rustling from within the confessional, “Are you tempted to… stray as well Father?”  The priest’s head falls backwards as he massages throbbing member through his cassock; a quiet moan escapes his lips.

“… but Father it feels so good when I slip a finger between my lips…” she moans,” all hot and wet…it slips in so easily…pushing it in and out like a slim cock…I imagine a real thick cock …”

The nuns breathing becomes deeper, “…and then I find a little nub… I rub it and I’m in bliss…” she groans deeply.

“Sister stop! You are not… Tell me you are not playing with yourself now…you are not rubbing your clit as you seek forgiveness.”

“…my clit?…ahh…n…n…no Father…”

The nun flinches, her habit pulled up over her thighs, her hand beneath sliding back and forth; as the confessional door is pulled open. The priest standing there enraged; his cassock tented below the cincture (rope belt), his erection obvious to her. Her eyes riveted to the lump in the priest’s robe as she continues to slide her finger into her soaking wet pussy. He reaches in and grabs the nun by the shoulder pulling her out and throwing her to the tiled floor of the church. The nuns’ hand still buried under her habit, she looks up pleadingly into the priests’ eyes.

“You have to help me Father… I’m not strong enough… please help me…” her eyes lower once again to the priests’ crotch.

The priest quickly reaches down and pulls her hand from between her legs and drags her across the floor of the nave, pausing at the sanctuary rail to cross himself, before dragging her up the steps to stand before the altar. He pushes her roughly against the altar, her hips hitting the hard stone beneath the cloth; her hands slide down, rubbing her hard nipples through her habit and down across her stomach. The priest grabs her wrists and pulls them outwards along the edge of the stone table.

“You will not move your hands until I am finished with you!” he demands. He releases her hands and moves his left hand to his nose. He can smell the young nuns’ vaginal juices upon his fingers and tentatively licks them. He presses up behind her pushing her pelvis against the altar, his hard cock pressing into her buttocks, “Look up at our Saviour…” he pulls the wimple from her head and grabs a fistful of long red hair tilting her head back. “What can we do with you? You need to learn… self restraint, Sister. How are we to do that?”

The nun whimpers, moving her hips slightly to rub against the priests’ erection, “I don’t know Father… I need to be… corrected… I need to be…” she draws in a deep breath, “I need to be punished!” she pushes her ass back hard against the priest.

His hand still, wrapped in the nuns’ long hair, pushes her head forward pressing it down onto the altar top; she stifles a groan feeling the coldness of the green-flecked granite on her painfully erect nipples through the altar cloth and habit. He presses himself hard once more to her ass cheeks as the nuns’ feet lift of the ground and then steps back. The nun turns her face down onto the altar, her arms spread across the white cloth waiting. She feels the hem of her habit lifted and the cool church air wash over the naked flesh of her calves, thighs and then buttocks till the heavy material is heaped upon her back.

The priest looks at the exposed form of the nun, her pale alabaster skin almost matching the crisp white altar cloth. He wonders if all the nuns are naked beneath their vestments; his hard-on throbs at the image before him. He squeezes his stiff member through his robes while raising his right hand above his head. He hears the swish of his arm through the silent air of the church before the loud crack as his flesh meets hers. The nun yelps quietly as her buttock reddens with the imprint of the priests’ hand. The priests’ eyes are locked upon the wet red gash of the nuns’ pussy exposed below the bent over cheeks. His swings back-handed to strike the woman’s’ left cheek; the impact echoes around the church interior as he pulls his cincture from his waist. The nun bites her bottom lip as she feels her flesh heat under the slaps.

She murmurs “…punish me… I deserve this… I am… harlot…”

The priest lets the cincture slide through his hand. The three knots in the heavy rope dangling close to the marble floor. Without warning he slashes it across the nuns exposed buttocks. She gasps “…yessss…”

He strikes her repeatedly watching her spread her legs and the clear aromatic juice drip from her inflamed pussy. His cock ramrod hard; the tip, oozing pre-cum as it rubs against the rough woollen fabric. She is groaning loudly as he beats her,” …oh god…yessss… I am a slut…hit me…” she screams as her pussy clenches and her juices flow harder with each lash of the heavy knotted rope. He drops the rope to the floor, watching the nun squirm on the altar her hands gripping the edge tightly; knuckles whitening.

He raises his hand once again. Slaps her again and again, watching her cheeks deepen in colour to a fiery red; listening to sharp smacks reverberate around the stone walls as he squeezes himself harder. Quiet high pitch moans escape from her lips till he drops to his knees and shoves his tongue deep inside her oozing snatch. The nun moans deeply pushing her ass out to feel the priests’ tongue snake around inside her, sliding across her inner walls. Her cheeks hot against his face as his nose slips between the round fleshy globes of her ass to press against her tight rear hole. He drives his tongue in and out of the nuns’ tight quim as his fingers press into the hot flesh of her cheeks feeling her tremor as he drinks down her cream.

Her cunt tightens around his thrusting tongue as she squirms against his face, a movement in the corner of his eye catches his attention. His eyes flick to see the nuns’ rosary beads dangling over the side of the altar where they are looped within the folds of her habit. He reaches for them and slips them into his hand. The nun oblivious shifts harder upon the granite flattening her full breasts against the hard unyielding top. Twisting his face, he pushes a bead into the nuns’ ass, she screams as her anus closes around the hard wooden sphere. Again he presses another inside, and another, and another, and another as the nun catches her breath. He pushes the sixth larger bead into the tightly gripping sphincter as her cunt clamps down on his tongue buried deep inside her. Reaching up between her legs his other hand pinches her engorged clit.

The nuns’ scream of lust echoes again and again around the holy structure as the priest pulls the rosary from her ass.

“Are you sorry for your transgressions Sister?” the priest asks as he lifts his robe over his head.

“…no…Not yet…Father” the nun answers hesitantly.

He drops his boxers and stands up closely behind the nun; rubbing the length of his engorged cock along the nuns’ dripping pussy.

The nun shivers, “Father…” she groans, “I’m… a virgin… “The priest rubs his cock harder against the nuns pouting cunt lips; the swollen head of his penis rubbing across her clit. She groans as his member becomes slick with her juices.

Pulling back the tip of his cock spreads her inflamed cunt lips before sliding past to rest against the tight hole of her ass. “Your virginity will remain intact for now Sister!” he pushes hard against the nuns’ rectum.

“Nooo!!!” screams the nun as she pushes back to meet the invading member. His pussy soaked cock forces open the nuns’ tight rear passage as he reaches below and slips two fingers into her spasming quim. He grunts loudly as the head of his cock slips past her tight sphincter, pausing for a moment before pushing deeper still. He reaches forward to wrap the nuns’ red hair in his fist pulling her head back and up from the surface of the altar. Finally his cock all the way inside the nun his hips press against her glowing cheeks. He slowly pulls backwards till only his swollen glans remains inside and then slams viciously all the way back in. Pulling on her hair he pounds repeatedly as the nun spreads her feet trying to open her ass more for the priests’ thick cock.

“…fuck… yes Father… fuck my ass… fuck me like I’m your whore…” she screams again as he twists his fingers inside her hot slit and continues his assault on her ass. She bucks hard as another orgasm shoots through her body. He feels both of her holes clamp down on his fingers and cock as it begins to twitch within her. Pulling back he grasps his member and pumps his seed all over her red ass and gaping holes. He closes his eyes groaning deeply as his balls empty over the panting nuns’ rear.

He breathes heavily suddenly realising what he has done and hangs his head. The nun looking over her shoulder reaches to her ass and scoops up the priests’ cum and lifts it to her mouth. She licks the white liquid from her fingers and smiles and lowers herself of the altar. Her habit drops down leaving the nun fully dressed, except for her wimple, in front of the almost naked priest. She squeezes her breast through her habit while her left hand squeezes the priests softening cock.

“Mmmm… I told Sister Maria you would taste divine…” the priest looks at the young nun, opening his mouth to speak but finding no words. “…wait till you hear what she has done… to me…” she looks down at the discarded rosary beads. “With those self same beads…and wait till you hear what she wants to do with you…I believe she is coming later so you can hear her confession too!” she squeezes his flaccid member. She looks across the nave at the pulpit, “Would it be a sin Father for me to watch….?”

The End

~ by ftfagos on March 7, 2011.

4 Responses to “Penance”

  1. That little harlot!!! You know… I’ve read this one a few times since you first wrote it… and still my thoughts are the same… well a few of them have altered slightly but still.

    I love her respnse to the priests question if she is sorry for her transgressions. Fantastic lines!!!! Your dialogue in this one is brilliant!!!!

  2. This is a filthy habit you have………….now take 10 Bloody Mary’s and repent

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