“So, how was your day, Darling?”

“Fucking, useless bastards!”

I’d been swearing all the way home. The one thing in this world I hated more than anything else had to be town planners. If one of them didn’t like your plans… none of them did. Six ‘fucking’ months of altering our plans and drawings to suit ‘them’ and our litter baskets didn’t compliment the local FUCKING ambiance!

The gears crunched as I pulled to stop in the double garage. There was no way I was going back to the office as I knew I would have ‘chewed out’ some poor unfortunate in  a manner that would end up in an ‘out-of-court’ settlement. Maybe it wasn’t fair to take it home but, at least Denise would allow me a few hours to cool down before starting divorce proceedings. I ‘blipped’ the car locked and walked in through the adjoining door into the house.

I headed straight for my ‘den’ and powered up the PC intent on sending abusive e-mails to anybody that wouldn’t cost me too much in law suits. The rotating icon told me I had to be patient as I fumed silently in front of my desk. Coffee! I thought, “I need coffee.” I vacated my den as the infernally slow electronics warmed up and stomped across the entry hall towards the kitchen. I hesitated at the door to the kitchen as I heard voices. Upsetting Denise was one thing when she was on her own but upsetting her in front of a friend was another.

I stood still and listened trying to work out who it was.

“Yessssssssss….” I heard an unfamiliar voice implore.

“Yes…?” I whispered to myself and edged forwards.

  “Push it in…” the stranger’s voice, definitely female!

 I edged my head around the door jamb pushing the door wider with my finger to stare into the kitchen. My foolishness disappeared as I saw one of our neighbours perched upon the breakfast island. She was supporting her upper torso on outstretched arms and had one leg up on the surface. Her eyes were tightly shut and her chest was heaving and she appeared to be muttering to herself. I was just about to barge in, all self indignant, when I noticed the deep red set of fingernails digging into her calf. A very, very deep red that I was only too familiar with! “Denise?” I whispered. A crown of red hair seemed to be bobbing up and down between our neighbours’; her skirt rucked up around her hips as she began to wriggle about the granite worktop.

“Oh god… Denise… that’s it… suck on my goddamned clit” she hissed. Erica, that was her name, twisted about putting her weight on one arm and threaded her other hand through my wife’s long red hair. I hadn’t realised that my own hand was massaging the growing bulge in my trousers and that I was busily chewing my own lip. Erica bucked wildly and groaned loudly. Whatever Denise had done or was doing I hadn’t seen but gained a reply from the normally prim housewife, “fuck, fuck, fuck…”

I stood straight, my head between the door and jamb, easily seen if either woman’s attention was to wander in my direction. At the moment I knew I was safe as Erica leant back, resting her shoulders and the short blonde crop of hair on her head on the smooth surface as her hips twisted about. I pulled down my zip and extracted my now rock hard cock and began to slowly pump it in my hand. My wife was sucking on a woman’s pussy! Years before, back in the honeymoon period of our sex-life when we had lain in bed together, both post-orgasmic, and the conversation had wandered in the direction of possible fantasies or sexual ambitions she had never shown the slightest interest. She had even gone as far as saying that if I didn’t have a cock she’d never be interested. I guess thing change, I thought to myself.

Erica was beginning to calm down, her loud groans having quietened into soft mewls of pleasure. “You could do that to me all day, Denise!” she stated.

“Well you do have the sweetest tasting cunt, Erica!” I heard my wife’s reply from between her friend’s legs. I watched her head start to rise and twisted about the door jamb to rest my back against the wall in the corridor. I had never before in the twenty-four years of knowing my wife, even in the most passionate throes of passion, ever heard her use the ‘C’ word. I almost shot my load across the hallway carpet at that moment. “…and I love the way it squeezes as I finger-fuck you!”

“You n’ me both… give me a taste…” It took all of what little self-control I had left not to poke my head back to watch Erica licking her own juices from my wife’s fingers. I assumed Denise was now standing and leaning forwards over her supine friend and my head appearing at the door would be impossible to notice. I knew I had to find a better vantage point especially when Erica then informed Denise it was her turn. Looking back I didn’t even think of interrupting them at that point. I just wanted to watch. Oddly enough my tastes generally had never been vicarious in nature previous to that day but then again it was a new situation.

I carefully made my way down the hallway to the stairs and ascended them, treading on the outside of the steps to prevent them creaking though I strongly suspected that the women wouldn’t have heard anyway. At the top of the stair I removed my shoes and made my way to the balcony door. I guess at this point I should explain we have a very modern house and it had been a custom build. Although I didn’t design it, both Denise and I had fallen in love with it on the first viewing. One particular part was the high glass atrium, almost as high as the main roof of the house, in which the kitchen was situated to the rear, south facing, end of the house which had enclosed a balcony that ran through it and around to the side of the house. This glass ‘extension’ housed the kitchen and dining area as well as, against the solid end wall, a large fireplace and comfy chairs. When the children had still been at home it had made it very easy to call them down from their rooms for meal times. Up to this point we had never (at least I hadn’t, seeing as my knowledge of my wife’s sex life was obviously lacking) had sex on it. I was about to masturbate up here for the first time.

I eased the door open very carefully once again hearing the female voices from below and slipped out onto the balcony. I knelt down and edged towards the glass balustrade till I was looking down at the kitchen island below. Erica was now sitting up looking towards the sink, a hand up beneath her white skirt between her legs, where Denise had removed her Angora sweater and was reaching around behind her to unfasten her red lacy bra. I took myself in my hand and slowly pumped my engorged length as she dropped it to the floor.

“Enough?” asked Denise as she cupped her full breasts.

Erica shook her head. “All of it! Though perhaps u can keep the heels on…” Denise gave one of her nipples a light squeeze before dropping her hands to her hip and unfastening her long black skirt which she let drop to the floor to pool at her feet. I squeezed myself harder as I saw her well trimmed bush of red hair. “Oh Denise, you hussy… no knickers, you’d think you were expecting me?”

Denise stepped out of her skirt and walked up between Erica’s legs. “Was I expecting you… one way to tell!” she took her friend’s hand from between under her skirt, I swore I saw her fingers glistening in the sunlight streaming through the window before they disappeared between Denise’s legs. “Mmmmmm… yes… so… do you think I was expecting you?”

“Oh my, you were, weren’t you.” Erica’s hand began to pump between my wife’s legs as she shifted her stiletto-ed feet further apart. “You like that?”

“Yes Erica, very much…” Denise rested her hands on her friend’s shoulders as she pumped her hips against the thrusting fingers. “Would you…add another finger p…pl… please…?”

“Three fingers…as you wish…”

My cock jerked in my hand and my seed shot out to splatter against the glass balustrade. Jet after jet of thick white jism smacked against the smooth surface and slowly slipped downwards. Denise was groaning heavily as Erica’s forearm became a blur between her legs. I could hear Denise’s pussy slopping under the onslaught. I was pulling my cock furiously as the last drops flicked from the end as my wife called “Harder! Fuck my cunt…harder….please….” breathing heavily through my nose, I leant forward till my head touched the glass still pumping at my member.

Erica slipped off the worktop to kneel between Denise’s feet thrusting her fingers upwards into her slit. Denise leant forward resting her hands on the edge of the worktop partially obstructing my view. “You’re so fucking wet Denise… you’re cumming all over my hand…” Erica seemed to pause.

“NO…please…don’t stop…” implored my wife.

“Oh, I’m not Denise…” I could see her shoulder begin to move once again driving her hand upwards quickly catching up with the previous momentum.

“OHHHHH……GODDDDD!!!!” screamed Denise. She thrust her head backwards, face tilted up to the glass ceiling. If her eyes had been open she would probably have seen me pumping my still hard cock. The tendons on her neck stood out as her breasts rose and fell rapidly. Even afterwards I didn’t feel any sense of inadequacy in the fact that I had never made my wife cum as hard as that. The fact that my cock was still rock hard and showed no signs of wilting signalled my own feelings. Denise’s entire body shook as I saw Erica once again driving her shining fingers into Denise’s slit. It looked like most of Erica’s forearm was also glistening with the juices pouring from Denise’s pussy.

Erica’s movements slowed till her hand came to rest. I stared down and could just about see the tips of her four fingers just inside Denise’s lips. My wife was breathing hard as I watched her friend fold her thumb into her palm and slowly each her fingers back into the soaking pussy. Denise’s head fell forwards as she felt her lips being spread once again. “I… I…” she stammered.

“Shhh… Hun, I’ll be gentle” soothed Erica as her knuckles approached the spreading lips. Denise moaned quietly as she shuffled her feet further apart feeling her pussy stretch.

“Ohhh… god…” preceded small grunts issuing from her tightly shut lips as she once more turned her head upwards, her eyes squeezed shut. I was still pumping my cock as hard as ever as I watched my wife slowly bend her knees pushing her pussy down onto Erica’s fist. Denise chewed on her bottom lip as she sucked air in through her nose. All at once Erica’s knuckles slipped inside my wife’s vagina and her hand followed up to the wrist. The neighbour held her arm still as Denise grunted loudly.

“Oh… Erica… oh… just you…ahhh… wait…” Erica smiled and slowly began to rotate her arm back and forth leaving me to imagine what her hand was doing internally to my wife. Whatever it was my wife was visibly shaking and began moaning more and more insistently. I felt my balls rise once again within my scrotum as my cock throbbed harder in my hand. Denise’s moans became whimpers and tears poured down her face as tremors seemed to wrack her frame. My forehead was pressed hard to the glass as another torrent of semen hit the already streaked surface below my face. This time I closed my eyes, small incandescent sparks behind my eyelids, and collapsed back onto my haunches as my own orgasm overpowered me.

It took me quite a few moments to recover before I opened my eyes. My leg muscles were lightly spasming and I placed my hand on the carpet before me to ease my head forward once again. I smiled to myself as I felt a damp patch beneath my palm wondering if the stains would be obvious when the cleaner came to the house. Looking down into the kitchen Denise was now leant against the kitchen sink looking down at Erica as she slowly withdrew her fist from within her. Small shocks shook my wife’s body till her friend’s fingers slipped free. Erica held her hand up in front of her face examining the wet flesh with interest. While Denise regained her composure Erica methodically licked her hand clean.

I looked at my cock, a string of semen hung from the tip. This time it had softened somewhat but obviously hadn’t lost complete interest as it seemed to twitch of its own accord. I moved back from the edge of the balcony and crawled (if anybody ever saw this???) along the balcony to the spare bedroom and very slowly eased open the door before crawling inside. When I was safely out of sight behind the door I stood up. My left knee ‘popped’ loudly as I straightened it. I slowly let the door close till it stood ajar by about an inch with my eye to the crack. Denise, now fully recovered, stood before the sink looking at Erica, arms folded across beneath her breasts completely unconcerned with her nakedness. Erica, now sat once again on the kitchen island, was looking slightly timid. They were talking but at this distance it was hard to make out their words.

Whatever was said, Erica slipped from the top and stood before Denise and began to remove her clothing. My cock twitched in interest. She was somewhat shorter than Denise and myself and over ten years our junior. Denise was at least a cup size bigger but the years and two children had taken their toll and her breasts had started to sag a little. She had toyed with surgery but was very cautious about ‘going under the knife’ as she put it. I was more than happy with them and through a vigorous keep-fit regime she kept the rest of her body quite trim. I had noticed of late, where my own once-a-week soccer practice had slipped from my diary due to work schedules, that she was quite a lot fitter than me. As I stood there spying on her I had to admit that my attention (sexual and otherwise) had probably slipped as well.

As these thoughts ran through my head my eyes never left the petite figure of Erica unknowingly unveiling her body to me. I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my phone with the initial intention of using the inbuilt camera. I briefly looked at the battered device in my hand. I had been intent on upgrading it for at least six months but I was very comfortable with it and it was quite robust for those times when I ventured onto building sites. I knew the pixel count of the camera wasn’t that high. I looked at the house phone sitting on the side beyond a now topless Erica who was unfastening her skirt. I squeezed my cock harder feeling it respond to my hand and thoughts. Denise still stood in front of her friend idly toying with her nipple as she watched her bend and pull down her panties handing them to my wife. My cock gave a hard twitch as Denise lifted them to her mouth and nose.

Erica shuffled in what I assumed was pretend shyness. I cursed the fact that she was beyond the island so I was only able to see the tops of her buttocks. Denise lowered her hand and made a twirling motion with her other which Erica obeyed promptly giving me a view of her pert breasts. My wife stepped forward and pushed Erica forward so she was bent over the worktop. As her nipples touched the granite surface I thought that her feet must have lifted from the floor as she was only five feet tall. The blood was pumping into my cock once again and it was as hard as it had been before my first ejaculation. Denise wasted no time and lifted her friend’s knees up onto the top raising her ass into the air. I expected my wife to either drop to her knees or to return the previous actions of Erica by sliding her hand into the smaller woman’s pussy. She did neither, instead she looked around for a moment and then walked over to one of the kitchen drawers and pulled out the metal spatula which she used for the frying pan. With barely a pause it came swishing down onto Erica’s aloft ass.

Erica squealed loud enough for me to hear and shifted her hands to grab her ankles raising her ass higher. Again and again the device used occasionally for flipping my fried eggs came down on those round globes of flesh. I could see them reddening from my hiding place as my wife gave no quarter to her female lover. I pumped and squeezed my hardness in time with each resounding smack. I suppose Erica received at least a dozen blows to each cheek but after her initial squeal she had remained completely silent. Denise placed the utensil beside Erica’s knee and tenderly stroked the crimson cheeks. She whispered something to her friend and I saw her hand lower to the worktop between Erica’s knees and then raise it to her mouth. I guess Erica’s pussy was well and truly dripping.

Denise returned to the open drawer and picked up another object which she carried back to her unmoving friend. I raised myself up on my toes but was unable to see what it was in my wife’s lowered hand as she leant forwards and talked quietly into Erica’s ear. Erica twisted her head to face my wife’s and nodded. My seed shot out through the gap in the door as I saw the rolling pin slide over Erica’s tanned hide. The wooden pin was at least sixteen inches long and over two inches in diameter. My mind boggled at a side of my wife I never knew. Had she always been like this? Had I never just asked the right questions? Would I enjoy such treatment from her myself? The only answer I knew was to the final question. And that answer was yes!

The answer stunned me as the last pearl of semen dripped from the end of my cock. My cock was beginning to get sore from the hard wanking it had been receiving. Still I pumped it (a little less firmly) as it softened a little in my grasp. Denise slid the rolling pin slowly down the cleft of Erica’s ass till it disappeared from view. Erica moved forward as I knew my wife was slowly pushing it into the willing slit. I could see from Denise’s arm that she was slowly pushing it deeper and cursed the point of view from which I watched. I looked at the phone in my hand.

I stepped back from the door slipping off one of my shoes and leaving it on the floor to make sure the door remained open. My back rested against the wall of the room as I looked back through the gap still able to see Erica knelt upon te surface where I ate my breakfast each morning. I pressed the number four on my phone and held it for quick-dial. I watched as the small screen searched for a signal and then told me it was dialling. I lifted it to my ear and four seconds later heard the double-echo as both the small speaker and the house phone rang out of sync.

Denise looked around and saw the phone on the side flashing wanting to be answered. I wondered if she would as she saw my name come up on the display. She said something indiscernible to Erica and lifted the damp (I strongly suspected) panties to her friend’s face who obligingly took them into her mouth. Denise stepped over to the ringing phone, her hands notably empty, and picked up the handset allowing it to open the line.

“Hi, honey” answered Denise in such a normal voice I would never have believed it possible that she was doing what she WAS doing without the evidence of my own eyes.

For quite a few seconds I remained silent before replying, “Hi sugar…” I made sure to keep my mouth pressed to the mouthpiece and my voice low.

Denise calmly stepped back towards Erica and placed her hand on the unseen rolling pin, slowly pushing it deeper into Erica’s snatch. “So, how’s your day going?” I could see her twisting her arm obviously rotating the wooden implement within Erica’s pussy as she pushed her hips backwards.

A sudden unexpected burst of admiration flowed through me for my wife. I had phoned her countless times before during the workday and had many conversations and yet I was now sure that on some of those previous occasions she had probably been naked and involved in some sexual act. I wondered, surprisingly without any jealousy, how many lover’s she had, were they all female…had she been talking to be calmly as she rode some anonymous cock in our marital bed. “Oh… Same ole’, same ole’…” I struggled to think of ‘normal’ conversation myself: “The world is cursed, sugar… town planners are all… cunts!” I bit my lip as I added the last word.

I saw Denise smile broadly and twist her arm rapidly and yet her voice came down the phone full of criticism. “You know I don’t like that word, honey.”

“Sorry, Denise… just one of those days. Tell me how has your day been?”

“Oh not much… had Erika from up the road for a bite to eat… just filling each other in, you know how it is, on the local gossip”

My admiration soared for my wife. She was an incredible and talented liar even though she was telling the truth. Two could play at this game! “Anything… err… juicy? I asked innocently.

Denise moved her arm forwards and began to slide the rolling pin from her lover’s cunt. “Oh… this and twat!” I heard Erica grunt through her own knickers.

I almost choked. I am one hundred percent sure she used the word ‘twat’. I only just caught myself as I knew that if I had a coughing fit the chances were that I would be heard. I coughed quietly, “Pardon… I didn’t catch that last…”

Denise slipped the rolling pin out from her friend’s twat and held it aloft. Her hand was well over half the way down its length with the portion below a considerably lighter shade than that above. “I said ‘this and that’. She came over to return my rolling pin…” Denise held the rolling pin forwards for Erica to survey the ‘tide’ mark upon it. “Seems she got good use out of it…”

Brazen! “Oh…which one is Erica again?”

“Oh you know… the blonde dwarf from one-seventy two! Always a little full… of herself!” the ‘now’ infamous rolling pin moved back to the blonde dwarf’s rear end and slid quicker up into her snatch. Erica grunted loudly enough for me to hear through my phone.

“What was that?” I asked quickly.

“Hold on a sec, honey…” the phone went silent and Denise placed it on the top beside Erica before lifting the spatula and whacking Erica across the ass. Erica yelped loudly through the improvised gag. “What have I told you about being quiet while I’m on the phone? Maybe I should keep you here till my husband gets home and have him fuck you in that pure untouched ass of yours?” Even though my cock was getting sorer from abuse I pumped it harder as I heard my wife’s voice strong and powerful rise up from below. A second whack echoed around the kitchen followed by a whimper before Denise picked up the phone again turning off the privacy mode. “What were you saying, honey?”

The rolling pin resumed its long deliberate thrusts into Erica’s pussy. “Sorry, Denise, someone wants me here, goddamned fucking Town planners…” I heard her ‘tut’ down the phone. “Look I gotta go, but I reckon I’ll be done here shortly. I’ll be coming… home soon.”

Denise’s arm picked up the tempo a little, “Sure, honey. See you soon. Love you!”

“Love you” I replied making extra sure I cut the connection before adding in a whisper “… you horny bitch slut!”

Denise placed the phone back down on the top, a look of contemplation passing across her features, before focussing on the penetrated pussy before her. “It seems we have less time than we thought today my obedient little whore.” I moved back towards the door as I saw my wife shift her hand forwards on the rolling pin and increase the rate of her thrusts into Erica’s pussy.

I came for a fourth time, although I produced hardly any seed, before Erica collapsed onto the granite work surface.


I arrived home. In actual fact I had sneaked back down to the garage and stood in the shadows. I watched Erica hurry past the open doors, her face concentrated forwards, as I wondered if she would have noticed my car parked alongside Denise’s if she had bothered to turn her head. I smoked a cigarette and then after a while a second one before I made my way indoors.

I found Denise in the kitchen. She was spraying the kitchen island with Antiseptic cleaner and wiping it down when she looked up.

  “Hard day, Darling?” she asked.

   I considered my reply….

The End

~ by ftfagos on March 9, 2011.

7 Responses to ““So, how was your day, Darling?””

  1. Return to sender!!!! I have come to enjoy the “Dear Avid Reader…”!!!!

    Ok… I need to know… did you get inspired from these pictures to write this story?

    This was one insane story… Reading it again, all I could think of was sitting behind you while you were watching, with a glass of wine, some popcorn and just enjoying the shows going on!!!!


    PS- thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Avidest(I’m a scribbler I’m allowed to make up words, ask E.A.Poe) of readers…
    Oddly enough the search for these pics wasn’t that difficult (Damn I missed a euphamism there!) and they came (oops!) after the story.
    As for you sitting back with popcorn and wine.. by my calculations you ran out of hands…..!


  3. Dear StoryTeller Man;


    Do you not have coffee tables? Or a real long straw? There are ways around the lacking of hands!!! Or I’d just borrow yours!!! Do you rent them out by the hour or the day?

    The Woman who lacks more than one pair of hands

  4. I just found your blog through WP’s readomattic feature in the dashboard. Damn! This is one hot read!

  5. Dear Avidest reader…(The woman without two pairs of hands)..

    Coffee tables?????

    *scratches head like a coyote*

    Welcome Trip X.. glad you found me. As for this being a hot read i seem to remember it had a distraction factor of 0.3, maybe 0.4 while i was writing it…



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