The Future of Flirting

Dear Avid Reader….  Another bundle of scribbles from the dusty shelves at the back of the libray where even heavily armed, ancient librarians fear to tread. By now some of you may have gathered that I like my science fiction. Well this one asks where will, and how perverted a use we can make of it, will technology lead us. As you will see there is more than one thread going on at the same time in this story and I hope that I have managed to high-light the virtaul from the real as far as the limitations allow. My apologies if it’s too much of a struggle. As I’ve said before…. enjoy!



Here I am, Mark, sitting at a dinner party wondering exactly how we got here. On the surface a pleasant discussion on evolution between the four couples. And I guess evolution is how we came to be here. It’s what is going on under the surface that makes it so unusual.

I guess it all started back in the dawn of time. Perhaps within the primordial ooze one single-celled organism looked at another and thought “Nice nuclei” and it just went from there. I figure the caveman grunting at the cavewoman would have been the next step up, but lets face it flirting only came in to its own with language. And once there was language it was the medium of communication that then put new spins on it. It had to be only a matter of time before a squaw saw a sexy smoke signal.

How long after Bell invented the phone was it before the first phone sex took place. Next Marconi with his radio waves and we’re turning others on around the world. Of course the mobile phone meant we could be hard or wet at virtually any time of day whether by voice or text. And the phones got smaller and sexier with hands-free capability which was always going to be handy. Then the internet and all the erotic possibilities were laid open to the masses. And now here we are in the latter part of the 21st century with our sub-coetaneous chips. No hand set to take out of your pocket, direct link to the brain, sound and vision hard wired into your cerebral cortex. Of course it’s really just a modem, albeit incredibly fast with a phenomenal capacity, linking our minds via “house terminals” to the Ethernet system.

Of course for my parents’ generation the “chip” was only available to the rich and powerful and they had no idea of the potential that it unfolded. Me, I grew up with one from the age of nine when my first limited version was implanted just behind my ear. Of course I’ve had the upgrades but what matters is not what it is but how you can use it. Multi-tasking in a new dimension! So now most of the population can access almost any information on the planet or any person, just by thinking about it and of course sex plays a major part of it.

So, like I said, here I am sitting at a table, the remains of a delicious meal before me, with my girlfriend and three other couples all having a very civilized conversation. Jo is sitting on my right, absent-mindedly rubbing her stockinged foot up my calf; Louis is sitting next to her with his wife, Emma, beside him. Moving round the table there is Stuart and Paula followed by Graeme. Finally on my left is Vicki. Vicki and Graeme aren’t a couple but Paula whose flat it is thinks they suit each other just perfectly.

“The problem with Darwin’s’ evolution is there are too many holes in the fossil record to prove it” says Stuart.

“Fair enough” I reply,” but what can you offer in its place?”

“Creationism?” offers Louis rather timidly.

“Oh please…” scoffs Stuart.

“Hold on Stuart, let the man have his say” I interrupt.

Jo and Emma are talking quietly across Louis while Vicki is being very quiet beside me. Paula is sitting opposite me, idly swilling her wine in her glass, watching the group.

“Get out of it Mark you’re an atheist you don’t believe in that shit!”

“Maybe I don’t, but, I don’t rule it out either. Lets face it a supreme being would answer a lot of questions!”

Just at that moment a flashing phone icon appeared in my vision. Keeping the front of my mind on the conversation I check to see who is calling.

I glance over at her quizzically but she seems intent on listening to Jo and Emma discussing where to go on holiday in the summer. I mentally lift the phone.

< Damn I’m bored Mark>

“How do you work that Mark?” asks Stuart sneeringly.

<Evolution doesn’t do it for you> I reply to Paula.

“Well perhaps it’s all a test and he just left enough room for doubt to annoy Doubting Thomas’s like you Stuart!”

<Well it’s not even politics so we can have a good argument> Paula moans.

< Heading for religion now>

“I thought it was all done in seven days” argued Stuart.


“That’s what it says in the bible” interjected Graeme.

<I believe there is one other subject not meant to be discussed at civilized gathering…?>

“Don’t believe everything you read in the papers Graeme, it doesn’t have to be taken literally” I answer.

<Sex!> Out of the corner of my eye I see Paula subtlety raise an eyebrow.

“So what’s your theory then Mark?” asks Stuart.

<Feeling horny Paula?>

<Maybe… You?>

Paula and I had flirted plenty of times before, but always openly in front of our partners, never by direct link, probably because it can be quite intimate and also very secretive by nature and therefore almost taboo especially in company. Although of course there is no actual limit to the number of people who can link together at the same time. Of course being linked directly to 100,000 people denies your personality and except for the occasional daft craze or record breaking attempt holds little appeal to most. There are a couple of groups that have open links all the time, even while sleeping, but they are strictly for the kooks.

<You know me, Paula, I’m always horny.>

“Well he… or she didn’t do it in seven days”

“So what did ‘they’ do?” asked Louis.

An image file appeared from Paula, I opened it to see a catalogue advert for underwear. The model was wearing a black quarter cup bra pushing up her breasts, leaving her nipples exposed, sheer black stockings and suspenders with 3” black stilettos.  I noted that Paula had unfocused and air-brushed the models’ crotch so it appeared she was without knickers. Paula was wearing a sexy little black cocktail dress with a plunging neck line showing off her cleavage to its full.

<Very nice, would that be what your wearing? Minus knickers I see.>


<Well it is very warm in here and sometimes it can be, well, restrictive…>

I surreptitiously reached below the table and adjusted myself, feeling that I was about to feel somewhat restricted too. I left my hand beneath the table and laid it on Jo’s thigh, tracing small circles with my fingertips. Her bare foot which had been stroking my calf rubbed a little harder in response.

“There was a fella’ back in the last century, Isaac someone, wrote stories on paper would you believe, who suggested that ‘God’ just started the ball rolling. And being Omni-potent just had to push the first ball, just so, and everything followed on.”

<Sounds like you were expecting a ‘situation’ to arise.>

<Well the possibility did cross my mind, but to be honest I’ve been horny all day and just can’t seem to satiate my desires. I even had Stuart fuck me from behind on the balcony in the middle of the afternoon watching the people pass by in the street and that was after I’d frigged myself for a good half hour in the shower. You know Stuart doesn’t really like to ‘link’ during sex. Actually on the balcony I accessed the community cameras and watched us as he slammed his cock into me and shot his cum all over my ass.>

To give Stuart his due, unlike a lot of people he had only got ‘chipped’ at the age of eighteen which generally meant that the thought compartmentalization necessary took quite a lot of concentration and didn’t come as natural to him as the rest of us who learnt while still in our formative years.

My cock was hardening rapidly as Paula sent me a clip from her afternoons adventure and I have to say that I would have been watching myself too if I had been pounding Paula’s pussy. I accessed my memory files and sent Paula a clip of me getting undressed for a shower and then masturbating beneath the cascading water.

“What do you mean?” queried Graeme.

“The author described a game on a table where you hit the balls one by one and put them in to holes around the table. Supposedly you could hit the first one and it knocks all the others in turn and they all end up in the holes with just one go. He figured that’s what God may have done all the way back at the beginning of time.”

<Oh I like that Mark, and that’s a lovely thick cock you have there, is it hard now?>


<Getting harder by the second!> I replied.

My fingers on Jo’s skirt had continued there slow stroking and were gradually pulling her skirt up higher along her bare thigh till it was bunched up in her lap. I began to slide my fingers up and down the inside of her thigh.

A second phone icon.

I ‘picked’ up immediately to get a still of her smiling face with her eyes closed and a soft moan escaping from her mouth.

[What are you up too babe?] asked Jo. [Or should that be who?]


[Me! You know me, as innocent as the day is long.] I replied to Jo.


[Oh I know you alright… Mmm…] she answered.


[Sounds like I’m not the only one enjoying themselves] Now Jo was very, very good at compartmentalizing her virtual and real conversations so I knew that she had deliberately let her quiet moan ‘escape’ through to me.

I slid my hand higher stroking a finger over Jo’s wet lacy knickers. it was obvious that she had been turned on for sometime, even before my fingers had started wandering, she may even have come already. Jo’s had an uncanny ability to mask her ‘link’s and also to control her physical responses; I had known her to ‘cum’ secretly in mixed company before. Only a full mind blowing orgasm was beyond her control to mask, but she had managed lots of small ones that had left her pussy dripping.

[Do you mind if I share this?] she asked indicating my finger rubbing against her clit.


[Be my guest, I assume I may share it too.]


[Mmmm… Certainly, just keep… ahh… Doing it…]


[Share all later perhaps?] I asked.


[Maybe… Mmmm…] her icon flashed up as idle.

I looked around the table trying to figure who Jo was linking to, assuming it was someone here and not on the other side of the world, but like I said she gave no clues away visibly. Jo reached below the table and pulled her knickers to one side exposing her wet lips and I slid a finger into her.

“That doesn’t explain the gaps in the fossil record Mark!” stated Stuart.


<Damn I wouldn’t mind getting hold of that, Mark. I want to crawl under this table now, pull it out of your pants and wrap my lips around it.> sent Paula.

I sent Paula an image of my hard cock as it was now, pre-cum was dribbling from the eye. I super-imposed her face, as it was now across the table, behind it, her mouth level with the head. Across the table Paula opened her mouth and licked her lips. She played it perfectly the combined images showed her tongue licking across the head almost lapping up my oozing seed.


“It does if the gaps themselves are part of the plan.” I replied.


<Oh, that’s good, I can almost taste you> sighed Paula.

I placed the glass of wine I had been holding on the table and wiped my mouth with a napkin. I then lowered my right hand beneath the table and slid my hand into the waist of my trousers. Luckily they weren’t too tight and I was able to slip a finger across the head of my cock collecting some of my pre-cum on my fingertip. Lifting my hand up I traced the finger along my lips, my tongue flicking out to taste myself.

Now the problem with ‘linking’ was that everybody on the planet has different minds that all work in slightly different ways. With sound and image it was an easy matter to synchronise perception to the extent that we all did it sub-consciously. Other sensations were far more subjective and could only be completely compatible with practice. Jo and I, having been together now for over five years, could transmit too each other with almost 100% accuracy. In extreme cases of unfamiliarity a pleasant sensation sent could turn into a horrible or even painful one received. This being a first for Paula and I left the interpretation unsure.

I sent the taste.


“Come again.” said Louis.


Paula giggled. <What did you get> I asked.


“Its part of the puzzle he’s set us, or the test we have to solve in order to reach heaven or nirvana or whatever.”


<I think it’s… yes it is definitely chili.> she replied still giggling.

<Well it could be worse, at least I like chili. Do you like chili?> I asked.

<Oh, very much so, but then I also love the taste of spunk, I wonder what I taste like to you?>

She also placed a finger to her lips and sucked on it briefly.


“Very convenient.” said Stuart sarcastically.


A fresh taste appeared on my tongue. I smiled happily as my tongue apparently absorbed the sweet taste. <Vanilla, one of my favourites…>

Just then I felt Jo’s palm land on my crotch which she then began to rub up and down firmly. It was too good an opportunity to miss so I sent the feeling onwards to Paula.


“Oh, so you don’t like an answer with holes in it and you don’t like an answer that covers everything!”


<Oh fuck… that’s good. Yes I definitely like that, whatever it is, don’t stop doing it.> Paula looked across the table briefly watching me to see what I was doing. It took her a moment before she sent back again. <Is Jo wanking your cock under there? Oh… she is isn’t she? Yes, I’m focusing now… she’s rubbing you through your clothes… yes…is that what it feels like. I almost wish I had a hard cock like yours of my own to play with!>

I looked at Paula briefly to see her eyes lose focus for a moment as she synced the sensation. Her pupils dilated completely as I sent the sensation of my finger sliding into Jo’s hot wet cunt. Having a wet pussy of her own, which I was sure she was fingering, meant that the sensation was almost immediately recognisable to her. If she was fingering herself it meant that the feeling intensified, in terms of sound, it could be likened to a feedback loop.

“Occam’s Razor.” muttered Graeme.

“What?” answered Stuart, Louis and I simultaneously.


Paula quickly lifted her napkin to her mouth and coughed into it, as I was watching her when she did it; I saw a spasm ripple up through her body. She spluttered into the napkin for three or four more seconds.

“Are you alright Darling?” asked Stuart placing a hand on her back.

She nodded in reply and then said “Some wine went down the wrong way. Its okay now, I’m alright thank you.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

Paula looked at me and nodded smiling, “Yes, quite alright now.”


[Oh so that’s who you are linking to.] Broke in Jo, [Did you just manage to ‘mind-fuck’ her?]


[Well it might have been a little one. And I couldn’t have done it without that wet pussy of yours.] I replied to Jo.


[Glad to help and I think I am definitely going to have to see your memory files later] she answered.

“Now where were we?” asked Stuart.


<Oh shit that was… well fucking fantastic. I’ve never managed it before in public, you’re going to have to give me a second or two.> Paula sent.

“Occam’s Razor, it’s a tool used by theoretical physicists.”


All three of us looked at Graeme quizzically.


<Take your time. It’s still early yet and Jo has just asked me if I will copy my memory files to her later, is that okay with you?>


<You can so let her see, as it was her pussy that sent me over the edge, she’s welcome.> answered Paula.

“For opening their sandwich bags perhaps” sneered Stuart.


While Paula was catching her breath I felt Jo’s pussy clench around my finger, so I slipped a second one into her, Curling the two fingers upwards I managed to find her g-spot, pressing my fingers hard and soft against it, while the heel of my hand ground over her hard clit.


“Lay off Stuart” I said.


The next moment I had two files appear, one was a memory file, the other a ‘streaming’ file, both from Paula. I knew the streaming file would be the transmission of a sensation that Paula was experiencing. I opened it and for a moment felt the alien sensation of something I couldn’t physically experience. I imagine I appeared ‘glassy eyed’ for a moment as I searched for the focus and then was able to feel myself fingering “my” pussy. Able to use previous experiences with Jo, I soon felt myself frigging myself with three fingers while my thumb was pressed on my clit. It wasn’t quite a ‘real’ experience but it was fucking close.


Graeme ignored Stuart and said “It’s a philosophy for working out answers on things that you cannot see or more to the point can’t be proven. It states that the simplest or the most “beautiful” answer is invariably the correct one.”

I then opened the memory file to find the very familiar sensation of my cock being sucked hard only moments from ejaculation. It took me a second to realise it was Jo’s mouth around my stiff member and just as I realised that Jo must have sent it to Paula to send to me, Jo gripped me hard under the table in time with Paula cumming, me ejaculating in the memory file and Jo’s cunt clenching down hard on my fingers. Inside my trousers my cock erupted shooting my seed into my boxers. My head swam with the sensations as I experienced a ‘mind-fuck’.

Graeme and Louis looked to me for a reply.

It took me at number of seconds to regain any sense; I even had to replay the last moments minus the sensory overload to catch up on the conversation. In doing so I realised that Paula and Jo must have had to maintain a real time link to manage the synchronicity.


“Err…See I’m right!” I said, “… I think.”


I looked at Jo but she continued her conversation with Emma, who I strongly suspected she was linking with. Jo slipped her hand into my trousers and then transferred a drop of my seed to her lips taste.



“It definitely has its merits.” answered Graeme.

Stuart folded his arms across his chest indignantly, obviously unable to come up with a retort though I was sure he was busy surfing the ether for a comeback. Louis was smirking to one side of Stuart.

“Of course we could be just the latest random result of an infinite number of scenarios that play out and we haven’t ‘crashed’ the program yet.” said Louis.

<Why, oh why haven’t I linked with you before Mark?> asked Paula.


<I don’t know but I hope perhaps we will do it again. Perhaps, someplace, sometime when we don’t have to be quite so discreet.>


<Amen to that.> answered Paula.

Both Graeme and I sniggered while Stuart turned to Louis and glared.

“Or we are a fantasy role playing game created by an adolescent being that is so alien to us we can’t conceive of the thought processes that occur within what passes for its mind.” answered Graeme.

“This could be Stuart’s room 101!” I suggested.

That got me a scrunched up napkin hurled in my direction. I ducked out of the way giggling, head dipping beneath the table to catch a quick glimpse of Paula’s legs spread with her hand between them. Sitting back up, I could not help smiling in Paula’s direction. I sent the image back to Paula gaining a grin from her.

“OK. I admit we’re not going to answer this one,” Stuart paused, waiting for a challenge; we silently agreed to let it pass without comment, “but what about the USA’s chances in the World Cup?”

I groaned inwardly, not being a follower of sport, just a body who enjoyed taking part if not too seriously.

“Won the last two easily, only China came close last time and now there Manager has been jailed for using illegal anti-aging drugs. You seen the odds offered at Bet. Ether, only the spread would get you any profit.” Replied Graeme obviously in his element.

I sipped my wine, and turned to Vicki who had barely said a word in the last half hour.

“You’ve been very quiet, Vicki. Are we boring you with our inane chatter?” I asked.

“Oh not at all, I’ve been enjoying the repartee.” She replied.

{And besides I have to say you have a serious talent with your fingers. Do you think Jo would ever let me try them for real as well as in ‘linking’?} Vicki sent via link. A broad smile spread across her lips.


The End

…and now The Future of Flirting 2.0

~ by ftfagos on March 13, 2011.

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  1. LOL!!!! Can you imagine if this actually happens in the future?? An entire world of multi-taskers… and real good multi-taskers too!!! No longer will excuses of, “but sweetie I can only focus on one thing at a time!” be acceptable!!! But might make taking out the trash or washing the floors much more interesting.

    I like re-reading your older stories… I’ve said it before, but you have really come a long ways since this one. Of course; this one was Tony the Tiger GREAT!!!!

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  3. […] suggests that it is a new version it is indeed a sequel. You may want to refresh your memory of the future I envisaged, briefly or in depth before you proceed with 2.0 but by no means feel you have […]

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