The Moment

Dear Ftfagos’ avid reader;

At the moment, and due to unforeseen good weather (here is hoping you get some tan lines), Ftf has been tied up, up north. So I’ve been tasked with the job of picking a story and posting it for you all.  And to be perfectly honest??? It is not an easy task. I mean to choose a story from a list of so many that are amazing for various reasons but only able to pick one??? Do I pick one that makes me chuckle? Or one that makes me think? One that does both? Or should I just wait till tomorrow to pick a story that I can enjoy while finding pictures for without getting distracted?

I ended up choosing one, pasting it in the new post page thingie, then deleting it and picking another.  Then deleting it and picking a different one.  And then again. And again. And again.

Turns out. I went with my fourth favourite ditty (it got replaced twice)

Hope you enjoy the chuckle and the thoughts as much as I do!!!


*     *     *

Should I say anything about this? Is it a betrayal of my fellow ‘X-Y’s? Is it exposing a dark secret that should never be revealed to woman kind?

Maybe! Rules are meant to be broken.

The moment that I am talking about happens every day, everywhere and to approximately three billion people on this little rock spinning endlessly round a rather non-descript star tucked away in a neglected neighbourhood of the Milky Way. I imagine it happens to half of all alien life-forms too that have a vaguely similar method of procreation to us humans. And where would the fun be in life if we didn’t have that?

I digress, back to the ‘moment’. It goes by various names, “having a semi”, “a lob-on”, “something on ‘little brain’s mind”, “the stirring viper”; we all (that is us boys) have names for this condition wherever we grew up. Of course the first time we experience it is generally a life changing experience accompanied by the exclamation “What the fuck is this?” or words to that effect.

Scientists suggest that the average male experiences a full erection seven times a day and six times at night; of course all us men at this point are thinking “six wasted erections!” I wonder what the total of all the other ‘potential’ erections adds up to; the ones that sneak up on us anywhere, anytime. Of course the situation we find ourselves in at the time generally determines what we will do with this potential. It is perhaps the time when ‘little brain’ can create the most havoc. We are concentrating on everyday life, working, eating, driving, controlling runaway nuclear reactors, performing heart surgery, disarming explosive devices when a part of our brain (I imagine this is the sole function of this part) draws our attention south of the border.

Our penises have swelled. Not full blown erections but enough blood diverted that the girth has thickened somewhat and the little fella wants to stretch. Of course lying in bed or being in loose fitting clothing there is no immediate problem. If however ‘junior’ is constricted by the social attitudes of dress, say a tight pair of buttock hugging jeans; steps generally have to be taken in short measure to adjust one’s “posture”. Now I personally have never had to disarm a bomb, perform the intricacies of a triple bypass or dump large amounts of U235 into cooling reservoirs. My thoughts, hopes and sympathies go out to these unsung heroes.

So what is the perfect time to have a ‘moment’? For me; it would have to be a lazy afternoon in bed after a good night’s sleep and a good book in my hand. Of course I am talking of the ‘lob-on’ that seemingly is suddenly there. Not the type that is brought on by conscious thought or exterior influences, not that I am knocking those ones of course. So there I am lying there reading about an Excession near Espiri when that little ganglion of nerves in my back brain says “ahem!” For a moment the front of my brain loses the line on the page where I was and vagueness fills my eyes (girl’s you have seen this, now you know what it is about) before a shake of the cerebrals and I go searching for the distraction.

The soft sensation of the sheets lying on the underside of my cock is the first hint that ‘little brain’ is up to no good. In the best of all possible worlds I would like to say that I check for radiation, missing swabs and traces of Semtex. That would be a lie! My cock is pleasantly swollen, still soft to the touch but very pleasantly sensitive. I am aware of the soft rhythmic pulse within the vein that runs a meandering course along the underside. My foreskin is slowly receding and the first hints of pre-cum are moistening the slit at its tip. My testicles hang down heavy between my thighs patiently waiting for a decision to be made.

The book still in my hands, eyes unfocused somewhere on the page; my senses removed by just under half my height. This is ‘The Moment’.

The Moment! When my conscious mind becomes aware and decides; to go forward in one direction or the other. A change in thought is enough to tip the balance. It may be of the partner lying beside me reading the morning papers or her own book of choice unaware that her most intimate places are being pictured inside my head. It may be off her juices dried upon the flesh of my swelling cock from the night before. Of course the proximity of a sexual partner is neither here nor there. The mind may wander to the deposit of erotic material secreted beneath the photograph albums in the bedside cabinet or even some of the contents of the albums themselves. It may wander back to an erotic story read on the net or a particularly hot cyber session with a like minded soul on the other side of the planet. The effect is the same.

As to the other direction with no red wire to cut, no chest to sew up or no mad scramble for the emergency exits; well that is definitely the road less travelled.

A wave flows up from the base to the tip swelling my member a fraction; it straightens slightly in the nest of wiry curls. The top of my foreskin scrapes softly over the flesh below my navel causing it to pull back a little, increasing the tightness around the deepening pink of the glans beneath. Each beat of my heart forces more blood into my cock; each pulse causes its girth and length to increase. Every slight movement growing from ‘semi’ to ‘hard’ makes the blood pump harder and the sensations escalate. Each wave and pulse hardens and straightens my cock till the head lifts clear of my stomach and scratches up against the sheets above.

The book will have fallen beside me (I may course not having marked the page, but that is so much later) and the desire to touch myself will have increased exponentially. My hand will slide down beneath the covers and slowly wrap itself around my girth and pull my foreskin backwards, exposing my sensitive glans to the texture of the sheet above.

On this Sunday afternoon I roll to my left, slipping my legs beneath my lover’s; a hand sliding across her waist and up under her large ‘Snoopy’ T-shirt to drag a nail lightly along the curve beneath her breasts. She lifts her book up a little higher as I cuddle into her, angling my erection between her thighs to slide over the little tuft of soft downy hair above her slit. I kiss her upon her shoulder as she moves the book to her left and looks down into my hopeful eyes. Her eyes are filled with annoyance till the smile forms on her lips and she places the book down on the floor (she always remembers to mark her page). She turns back to me and kisses my lips softly as she squeezes her thighs around my hard cock and…

The End?

~ by ftfagos on March 18, 2011.

8 Responses to “The Moment”

  1. “Now I personally have never had to disarm a bomb, perform the intricacies of a triple bypass or dump large amounts of U235 into cooling reservoirs.”

    And you call me weird.

  2. Hey weirdo!

  3. Need I say more…

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