The End of the World… (or why scientists are bad!)

I got to thinking as I walking down the road to the local shop to get my fix of Cancer sticks…

The sun was shining through a hazy sky and i could feel the warmth on my exposed flesh and reckoned it was time to come out of long trousers and live in shorts for the next seven or eight months.

It’s a week till the end of March!

Now I have previously donned less amounts of clothing but normally the last day or so of March and even then I have been braver than my fellow cosmopolitans. And justover a week ago, Paddy’s day (a significant date in my calender) I didn’t suffer the usual chills of a late night as my capilleries are dilated with the copious amounts of alcohol flowing through them. (The good weather was the reason I was not about as previously stated) And I have been bloody cold when we have celebrated that much renowned Englishman before now. Okay all this is purely subjective and no basis for a scientific study but it did get me to wondering.

On a rare year we have had long hot summers and I can think of one almost twenty years ago when the sun shone from the end of March through to September. But for the last three years although the weather hasn’t been…consistant… it has been warm enough to adopt my ‘summer’ clothing for over six months and last year I only went back into long trousers on the first of October (unheard of!). So what’s changing?

Global warming? End of an Ice Age? Or… cleaner air? Now the problem with the weather is too much data and not enough information. Or is that the other way around? Weather has been recorded for over a century. But not all weather! Pretty much before satellites were used the human eye and cups and such were the sole method of recording. (I know any weather men out there reading this are up in arms now) So lots of weather stations dotted all over the world except where most the weather is ‘formed’. Two thirds of the planet is covered in water and, I’m guessing, but data has only really been collected via satellites over the past forty years and I imagine the first twenty of which were just pretty pictures.

Even the oldest of weather stations data is somewhat skewed as the urban sprawls have extended and where the nice lonely weather man a hundred years ago dilligently recorded his levels of rainfall in an idyllic pastoral setting he now has to listen to sirens and car horns blaring (look up the Albany weather station outside NY I think).

Even this isn’t the main factor (I think) that skews the data. It’s a socio-dynamic thing. Scientists, teachers, artists, pole-dancers all only come about when Man can afford ‘leisure’ time and the investment into research. The world as we know it has changed radically over the last two hundred years. The Industrial Revolution has… err… revolutionised our world. (Personally I think the Industrial Evolution would be a much better term) So now that we have rich entrenpreneurs with too much money and too much guilt who finance those cleverer than them to do all sorts of things. So ‘we’ started to look at our world and its weather. And therein lies the problem. Those self same Industrialists polluting the skies skewed all the data that the scientists funded by their benevolence were studying.

So how much of the last hundred years data can we rely on. You got to wonder… at least I do. Skin cancer is on the rise but did it decrease during those polluted years… that thick level of pollution up in the sky, was it protecting us? And now that we are cleaning up our act…?

Prior to the Industrial Evolution… what were the levels? Or did people just die before they grew old enough?


Oh! Why are scientists bad? All they ever seem to do these days is find new things for us to die from!


~ by ftfagos on March 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “The End of the World… (or why scientists are bad!)”

  1. I do not think you are alone in this ramble!!!!! Now breathe deep and think about all the stuff you are breathing in. Besides… I personally think satellites were created to focus in on the nude beaches. Or was that what you meant about the “pretty pictures”????

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