People Watching

On the Tube, no free paper to read,

French to my left. Italian to my right.

Looking at the flashing reflections in the windows opposite,

Sneaking peeks at Blonde and Brunette.


Sliding through Action Town, on the way to a big donut.

Traces of unfamiliar scents caress my nose.

Makes me wonder what lies beneath.


 A cool March day so less flesh on display.

Figures are a mystery, glance to paint and adornments.

Fine silver slipping down an open collar,

Nails a startling red opposite me.

 Images flicker of silent passion.


Younger beside me, plain nails, clothes still with echoes of childhood.

Not yet sure of herself, still curious of what is to come.


The other end of the scale drops down heavily in a still warm seat.

Retired and travelled, the maps of the world etched upon his face.

A moment of rest as we dive beneath the earth,

Cases on hand to dive beneath the sea.


All change and new subjects of study appear.


Stylish, yet too thin.

Oriental best friends

Young couple still in the first embrace and first born doted upon.

Woman nervous, shy, worrying at a fingernail, headed for a first date.


How many headed for the March in March?

First timers many,

Irrational fear at the back of their minds, futile hopes to the fore.

“Today we change the world!”

Wishful thinking at best, don’t know what the worst could be.

But maybe something to see?


Young and old,

Poor and wannabe richer,

Activist and WI,

 Smart and dumb.

Troublemaker and undercover cop. (One and the same?)

I told you I was a cynic!

Almost there beneath the Square and another scribble done!

~ by ftfagos on March 26, 2011.

One Response to “People Watching”

  1. People watching!!! We were doing the same thing at the park yesterday. Only; all I saw were Chinese people. I miss the wide variety of folks!!!

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