Isn’t there enough suffering in the world…

…Or Darwin’s Theory isn’t working hard enough!


Actually I can’t blame Darwin as the social dynamics of the modern Human race deny the imperatives he believed drove evolution. I touched on social dynamics in a post a couple of weeks ago, ‘The End of the World…, and when pontificating a little really only mentioned the positives and forgot to mention the downside. Hmmm… should this be in Ramblings and Mumblings or should I create a whole new category entitled ‘Rantings’?

Basically until a society can thrive sufficiently to allow leisure time it cannot advance. Leisure time generally means people being used in non-directly productive past times and occupations. Teachers, scientists, engineers, bubble wrap makers to name but a few. So this gives rise to a new class, not surf or robber baron but the intellectual class or Intelligentsia as they like to call themselves. The worst of this bunch forget that if it wasn’t for farmers and plumbers and teachers and sewage workers they would be scrambling about searching for scraps of food up to their necks in shite.

Now on the whole this works pretty well because if they do their jobs right they make all of the rest of our jobs easier and our lives that much more comfortable and enjoyable. Sure I wouldn’t be typing this blog on a small machine and posting it to the world if it wasn’t for some ‘egghead’ who thought scratching lines into a piece of silicon was a good idea. Do any of you out there ever marvel at the world we live in, surely a return to the age of Magic and Mystery. How the fuck does one mobile phone in one part of the world find another one that could literally be anywhere in over 500 million square kilometres (okay only a 150 million square kilometres of land for the pedantic nitpickers out there)! Anyhow I digress. Those people I thank dearly for being able to shoot a virtual soldier controlled by an Australian on the other side of the planet (I don’t thank him too much for allowing said Aussie to knife me back when he gets re-spawned).

So the downside.

Those intelligent (?) people who entertain us with their creations. Generally on the whole a broad spectrum of varying topics to the varied tastes of the masses. Of which I guess I am a part with my scribblings, even possibly this rant.

The other night I was watching a programme called ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’, an entertaining enough sitcom that doesn’t take itself too seriously (and then some). It’s very quirky and very Irish and possibly wouldn’t travel too well and would definitely not suit all tastes. I even admit that the odd episode has not been very good in my own humble opinion. When it finished I flicked to the Programme listings and ther on BBC4 (a digital channel aimed at the High Arts I believe) was a title that caught my eye and not in a good way. trying not to be prejudicial I pressed the button.

The programme was called Anna Nichole Smith at the ROH. Now I don’t really have much of an opinion one way or another about the late Miss Smith suffice to say she lived and she died and she probably had better times and worse times than a lot of people. Just in case you don’t know the ROH is the Royal Opera House in London.

Generally I like Opera (I’ve even written an erotic story based at an Opera) I rarely understand it not being fluent in foreign languages and sometimes only just being able to hold my own with the one I raised with. I know only watched two or three incedibly looooooong minutes but it was completely rubbish and poor or CRAP for short. I was going to do lots of acronyms at this point but it was simply shite. I know I have titled this post as I titled it and I beg you not to click on the links so to spare further suffering but I must allow people to make up their own minds. I have warned you so don’t blame me.

Thomas and Jones have a lot to answer for. Oh that Darwin’s theory was more vigorous and could be applied to these modern times. I wonder if we should call for INvoluntary Euthanasia for these special cases.

It even seems that her family hadn’t agreed to it and may sue. The last joke is that the ROH is heavily subsidised by government and lottery grants and has charity status so pays the minimum in taxations.

…. now where did I leave that red hot needle….


~ by ftfagos on April 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “Isn’t there enough suffering in the world…”

  1. Ramblings, Mumblings, Rants and more!!!!

    Can you imagine if time travel were possible and someone from the past came to the present??? I still think we live in a world of magic and marvel; I know there is science to explain pretty much everything… but I am at a lack to understand it is. That makes it magic!!!!

    I enjoy your mumbles.

    Now who is this “Anna Nicole Smith”?

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