Inappropriate Responses

Dear, Avid reader…

 this one’s definitely not my fault. It was them! Woman and Iseedeadpeople.  I just put pen to paper or depressed small plastic keys to depress a micro-switch which sent a pulse to a bit of manufactured sand and recorded it there! I also hope that my liberal use of literary license doesn’t offend the professionals about which I’m writing. (Looks hopefully at Isee…) The idea of eroticizing what is an un-eroticizable (okay I may have made that word up, but it should exist) scene I find very appealing. Have I managed it this time? I don’t know but I will be asking my handy (hopefully still friendly) appropriate professional about it. Again, I hope you enjoy…once you get past the grossness… hmmm… what next…munting??? Probably not!





The three of them agreed it was the weirdest they had come across in their careers. The ‘trainee’ had only been in the job 18 months and had thrown up once at the crime scene (he took a little pride in the fact he made it outside the cordon unlike one old time cop who left his lunch only six feet from the remains), in all at least a half dozen professionals attending the scene had suffered a similar response.

For once the ‘Top Brass’ didn’t rebuke anyone (not that any of them even entered the house themselves but of course due to the extreme macabre nature of the scene it was therefore newsworthy and so there would always be ‘Top Brass’ in attendance).

Even his two colleagues with over thirty years experience between them had dumped their bacon sandwiches in a litter bin as their appetites had vanished. A first the Professor had admitted. Everyone agreed the killer/s was one fucked up psycho. Even with his own limited experience he figured this wasn’t going to be the only body (an ironic smile passed across his lips behind his breathing mask as he wondered if the remains still qualified as a body). Almost (!) all of the body had been covered in a highly corrosive liquid. The portion that hadn’t been doused in the acidic substance hadn’t gotten away scot free either!


It was almost five hours later when they had returned to the autopsy lab and placed/poured the remains on to the stainless steel examination table. In the brief time it had taken to transport the ‘mess’ from transport to slab he would’ve thrown up again except for the fact there was nothing to regurgitate. The temporary masks they had worn had been insufficient to completely mask the hideous stench. Now, with full Hazmat suits once again and the air extractors working at full capacity he felt a hundred times better if still suffering the slight claustrophobia he always endured in the suits. The sensation inside the suit was like being felt up in a crowded elevator while your skin itched all over with the material.

The three of them worked well together, quickly and efficiently investigating what remained of the poor unfortunate man between them. His eyes wandered back to the untouched portion of flesh. He knew that the two women he worked with also kept finding their attention drifting back to the killer’s unique signature. The penis stood impossibly erect at the centre of the slowly steaming mass of meat. A small ligature had been tied about its base and the length of flesh was black and purple above the bush of pubic hair. It was an impressive specimen of manhood, standing clear of the cadaver’s stomach by at least nine inches and easily two inches thick. Normally there was always a light hearted banter between the three of them but it had been lacking today. However he was sure that he would be unable to stifle a snigger when the Professor would actually measure the dead man’s cock. He was already avoiding eye contact through the Hazmat visors with Juliet, the blonde assistant, knowing that she was also waiting for the inevitable moment.

Professor Garcia picked up the plastic ruler from the small metal table beside her and reached up for the microphone hanging above the corpse. “Time… nine-forty two, pm… pausing the examination…” she clicked off the microphone and looked between her two assistants. “Are you ready?” she asked. Both the trainee and assistant burst out laughing as she reached forward and held the measuring stick beside the necrotic appendage. “Subject’s penis is… eye-wateringly large…” she carried on dictating as if the official tape machine was still recording. “A definite gagging factor of… 9.2…” Juliet knelt down on the floor as her high pitched giggle fed back through the inbuilt microphone in her suit. Martin, the trainee, was leaning against the autopsy table as the Professor continued, “… the glans would be described as a mouthful and if taken per rectum as a right pain in the ass!” Martin wondered how the professor was managing to keep her voice sound professional as he coughed and spluttered within his suit spraying the visor with saliva in his attempts not to laugh out loud. The professor dropped the ruler and leant closer to the discoloured penis tilting her head to examine the heavy balls hanging beneath “The subjects testicles appear that they could easily fill all the mouths of all those in attendance and still have some to spare… a specimen of this calibre would have been nice to try at least once when it was functional…” The male trainee collapsed to the floor with tears running down his cheeks and only just heard the professor whisper “…what a waste…”


Before they resumed the examination they vacated the examination room and removed the hoods of their Hazmat suits. The Professor sent Martin to his locker and he returned with two cigarettes which he lit for himself and Juliet. Normally the Professor (who had given up smoking three years previously) would not have allowed her subordinates a smoke break during an examination, let alone inside the building, this time she relented and Martin noted that she was also sniffing the secondary smoke deep into her lungs. “Shit like this makes me want to take to the cancer sticks again” she stated.

“A cock that size…” Juliet began and then blushed deeply.

Martin and the Professor stared at their colleague.

“Well… sorry… tell me you weren’t thinking the same Prof?” she retorted. Juliet’s eyes flicked to Martin’s crotch for a moment, an action that wasn’t missed by her superior.

“I believe that would fall under inappropriate responses… but damn it’s a large prick!” she replied. Now it was Martin’s turn to blush at the conversation of his two colleagues and as he turned to prep the electrophoresis machine for the forthcoming samples he failed to see the Professor taking a longer look at his crotch than Juliet and then looking up at her and raising an eyebrow and sharing a conspiratorial grin.

They returned to the cadaver and finished the gruesome (even by their standards) autopsy with their normal professionalism. To see a body sliced open on a cold metallic table was one thing but even for the thick skinned professionals to see it distributed in buckets and bags was another. The need to slice away the flesh that was still being eaten by the corrosive to try to stem the decomposition so as to leave them with something that could be examined and studied was soul destroying. It was frustrating that they couldn’t use a counter-agent to the acid for fear of destroying more evidence by way of trying to save it. By the time they had finished only the main trunk had provided much in the way of useable data. The last gruesome fact that the Professor had discovered was the actual cause of death. Highly toxic silicon based foam had been injected into the victim’s penis. In death, if not life the man would have a permanent erection.

Martin’s thoughts were in turmoil as they kept returning to his two colleagues (and good friends) brief discussion of penis’s. He wondered if they also were suffering a similar bizarre reaction to the horror on the slab.


The Professor and Juliet stood under the hot showers in the female locker room, both of them silent, letting the steaming spray wash down their bodies. It was Juliet who broke the silence. “Suzie…” she began but then fell silent.

“No I haven’t” the Professor replied reading her assistant’s mind, “… I’m not sure if I would really like one that big…”

“True…but maybe just once…”

The professor looked across at Juliet who was leaning against the tiled wall, the hot water running down over her assistants head causing her long blonde hair to slide back and forth over her tanned back. She noted the lack of tan line across her junior’s back and the narrow line from a thong just above the curvaceous ass. She hadn’t ‘dabbled’ since university mainly because she liked the feel of a hot cock and although the cadaver they had been working on had been the grossest body she had ever examined the size of the necrotic cock and the way the killer (she suspected it was probably a female killer) had (possibly) left it as the man’s sole redeeming feature had left her in a contradictory state. She had never had to work so hard at being professional in her life and if they hadn’t taken their ‘little time out’ she wondered what she would have done with the official recording. She shook her head beneath the spray as she imagined handing, what might have been a testament to pure amateurism to the County stenographer.

As she came out of her reverie she saw Juliet staring at her.


Martin leant against the tiled wall in an unknown imitation to his colleagues as he let the water from the shower run down over his flesh. He hated wearing Hazmat suits. It was only the second time he had been called upon to wear one and the first time had only been for an hour when there was a false Anthrax scare. He’d washed himself down three times with shower gel to try and get rid of the plastic smell from the suit that he knew only resided in his nose. Maybe he should invest in some sweet smelling nasal spray if such a thing existed. He looked down at his swollen cock being sprayed by the hot water. “To wank or not to wank?” he asked himself out loud. Ever since the Professor and Juliet had openly talked about the size of the victim’s cock he couldn’t help but wonder what their own genitalia was like and what state it was in.

He reached down and gave his swollen member a squeeze, rolling back the foreskin revealing his angry looking glans. He’d fantasised about Juliet from the moment he had first met her and now he wondered about the Professor. He wondered, if like himself, did she wear the minimum beneath the Hazmat suit. He began to slowly pump his cock back and forth as he imagined her naked beneath the rough plastic. He imagined her nipples erect and hard against the uncomfortable material; her pussy wet and dripping against the rough plastic seam running back and forth between her legs as she walked around the examination table. He looked at the wall in front of his head wishing he could see through it to the female showers beyond and the two naked women within.

Martin closed his eyes and began to pump his cock harder giving in to the fantasies running around his head.

“Very inappropriate if you ask me Professor.”

Martin froze, his fist involuntarily squeezing his cock harder as he heard Juliet’s voice echo from the tiled walls.

“I blame myself, Juliet. I allow him a cigarette within the building and now he’s going to waste his spunk all over those tiles.”

Martin opened his eyes and slowly turned towards the entrance to the showers. His two colleagues stood in the wide doorway wearing their lab coats, grinning broadly. “I… err…” he stammered and quickly twisted back towards the wall releasing his cock.

“You were right, Professor… it is quite thick…”

“I was, wasn’t I? And a good enough length too, not that monster we left on the slab. If Goldilocks was here I think she would say that it was just right!” Martin watched over his shoulder as his two work colleagues advanced into the shower room unbuttoning their white cotton lab coats. More and more of their flesh was exposed as they closed the distance between them. As he realised that both of the women were naked beneath their clothes he slowly turned back moving his hand back to his swollen member.

The white cotton began to stick to his colleagues’ skin as the water from the shower rebounded of his own flesh onto and splashed onto them. Almost in unison the last buttons were undone and the women let the coats fall open. He looked down to survey the bodies in front of him. The Professors breasts were large, topped with broad areola; the water streamed down her stomach to run over a denuded pubic mound and into the slit of her pussy. His eyes flicked to Juliet’s body to find a pair of smaller breasts topped with very hard nipples. She stood there proudly as she let his eyes make their way lower to feast on the dampening mass of her blonde bush. He reached up and pushed the coats from their shoulders looking from one to the other before fixing his gaze upon the Professors deep brown eyes. “Is this part of my training?” he asked with a grin.

Her own mouth curled up in a similar smile as she reached forward pushing his hand from his cock and wrapping her own about it. “Consider it… a team building exercise!”

Juliet moved to Martin’s left and reached down also to cup his balls in her small hand, raising herself on tiptoes so her mouth was close to his ear she said “I hope you have something to contribute to the exercise…” her tongue snaked up the shell of his ear as she gently squeezed his sac and the Professor rolled his foreskin back and forth as she dropped to her knees. Martin leant back against the wet tiles and reached behind Juliet to grasp her firm buttocks. He looked downwards as he felt his ‘boss’ wrap her lips around his glans.

“Ohh… fuck…” he whispered as much to himself as to his work colleagues. Juliet’s teeth nipped his earlobe hard as her hard nipples pressed into his side. His fingers kneaded her ass harder as he felt the Professor’s mouth slide further down his length.

“Do you like that?” whispered Juliet into his ear, “Do you like the fact your boss is sucking on that hard cock of yours?” he felt her hand move across his and guide it towards the cleft between her cheeks. “Have you fantasised about fucking us? Have you wanted to slam that cock of yours into our hot wet cunts, Martin?” Her finger slid across the top of his and pressed it against her tight rear hole. “Have you been dreaming about fucking me or Suzie, Martin?”

The Professor slid her hands about Martin’s ass and dug her nails into his flesh as she slid her mouth all the way down his length, burying her nose into his wet pubic hair. “Ohhh….fuck…yes…” Martin moaned as her cheeks hollowed against the side of his cock and her tongue pressed up against the underside.

Juliet wrapped her left hand in Suzie’s hair pulling her head back till the tip of her outstretched tongue rested atop of Martin’s cock. Martin automatically moved his hips forward to follow the warm wet circle of her mouth but Juliet’s other hand rested above his rigid member and pushed his ass, with the Professors nails still dug into his cheeks, back against the wall tiles. “Take your time, Martin…” she sighed as Martin pushed the tip of his finger into her anus. “Tell me did you ever fantasize about having the both of us at the same time?” Juliet slowly urged the Professor’s head forward till her lips wrapped around his glans, “Suck it Suzie like the slut you are!”

Martin gasped as his boss sucked hard upon him, her tongue teasing the small slit at the tip of his cock inside her mouth. “Yessss…”he gasped, “… I mean no… I err… not until today…”

“What was it Martin… was it us talking about that monster cock in the freezer… did you imagine how we wondered what it would feel like to have it inside us? Did you wonder if our cunts were wet?” Martin nodded as Juliet allowed her boss another inch of his length. “I can tell you mine was… and how frustrating it was to be wearing those suits… unable to touch myself and feeling my juices soak my panties and run down my thighs…” she removed her hand from Martin’s stomach pausing for a moment to see if he would move forwards to push his erection deeper into Suzie’s mouth. He looked up at her, his eyes pleading, but remained still. “Good boy!” she reached around herself and took his hand from her ass, slowly pulling his finger from her anus. Martin watched her pupils dilate as his fingertip slipped free and allowed her to guide his hand around to her blonde bush. She pressed his fingers over her slit, “You can feel how wet I am… imagine how easily that fat cock of yours would slide into my cunt?” she pushed two of his fingers into her soaking quim as she pushed Suzie’s head all the way down his member.

“Fuck…” Martin gasped as he heard a deep moan from his boss below. He clenched his fingers within Suzie’s cunt in response and she in turn bit down painfully on his shoulder. “Ohhh…god I’m coming…”

Juliet held Suzie’s head in place as Martin’s seed pumped into her mouth. “Don’t you swa…” she gasped loudly as her pussy contracted hard about Martin’s fingers. “Don’t you dare swallow his cum, my little slut…” Martin’s other hand scratched and clawed at the smooth surface of the tiles as his hips jerked automatically feeling his heavy balls grow lighter with each spasm. As the spasm ebbed away Juliet drew Suzie’s head off Martin’s vibrating cock, a long string of sticky cum linked her mouth to his glans till it broke from the water cascading down from the shower. Juliet pulled upwards on Suzie’s long matted dark hair forcing her up to her feet. She held the Professor’s head next to hers and looked at Martin. “Open your eyes Martin” she commanded and was duly obeyed. Martin saw a drop of his white seed at the corner of Suzie’s mouth. “Now put that other hand of yours to good use.” The Professor gasped opening her mouth to reveal a lattice work of his cum coating her tongue and teeth as he pushed three fingers into the Medical Examiner’s cunt. Juliet’s fingers came up and she stuck them inside Suzie’s mouth gathering his seed on her fingers before holding them up, avoiding the spray from the shower. Spreading her fingers she examined the webbed strands before licking two of her digits clean.

Martin drove his fingers deeper into his co-workers wet pussies, his thumbs searching for their clits till he felt both women shudder. He watched closely as Suzie tried not to run her tongue about her own mouth and swallow his semen. Juliet now happy that two of her fingers were clean looked at her boss with a small frown and then looked back to Martin and offered him his own cum. “Want a taste?” she asked although Martin knew it wasn’t a question. Hesitantly he flicked out his tongue to her proffered fingers only to have Juliet push them into his mouth. Still for a moment he hesitated before sucking his salty sperm from her flesh.

Juliet seemed satisfied and pulled her fingers from his mouth and released Suzie’s hair before reaching to turn off the shower. She then reached down and pulled Martin’s hands away from both of their wet holes. “Follow me” she commanded and led the way from the shower room into the locker space. She stood beside one of the wooden benches and looked from one to the other before taking Suzie’s hands and leading her forwards to lie face down on the hard wooden seat, her ass at one end, legs stretched out behind. She seperated the Professors legs so they spread further apart revealing her wet pussy between her thighs. Juliet then turned back to Martin and slapped her hand across his softening cock. “You still have work to do, Martin and you’re so gonna need that cock nice and hard for it!” Martin grasped his cock and pumped it, encouraging the blood back into it although he was sure looking at his two colleagues that it wouldn’t have stayed soft for very long anyway.

Juliet opened her locker and pulled a fluffy towel from it and proceeded to dry her body while watching her two ‘servants’. Martin shivered slightly as he realised the locker room was chilly compared to the shower room; he looked down at the Professor who had remained face down but was squirming slightly. He was sure she was trying (vainly it seemed) to press her slit down against the hard wooden slats of the seat. “Now, Suzie did I tell you not to swallow any of Martin’s spunk?”

“Yes… Juliet you did…” came the timid reply.

“And did you?”

Suzie remained silent. Juliet looked up at Martin, “Slap your boss’s ass, Martin”


“Do you want me to repeat myself?” Martin was slightly in awe of Juliet who although was in no way shy normally, this new side was completely unexpected. If he had been asked which of his two colleagues would have been dominant at all it would have been the Professor. Martin reached down and lightly slapped Suzie’s upturned cheek. “Martin…?” he locked eyes with Juliet and slapped the damp cheek before him harder eliciting a yelp from his Professor. “Better. Now Suzie did you swallow some of Martin’s spunk even though you were told not too?”

“Yess…” came the apprehensive reply.

Juliet finished drying herself and folded up the towel. “Raise that ass of yours, Suzie” The Prone woman complied and Juliet slipped the folded towel beneath her hips, “Isn’t that so much more comfortable?”

“Thank you…” whispered the Professor.

Martin’s cock was hardening rapidly as he looked down at the rounded ass before him. The Professor stretched her legs wider, opening her thighs further and completely exposing her dripping slit and the small pink hole of her anus. He looked up at Juliet who was nibbling on her first finger as she slowly stepped towards her boss’s head. She dropped the finger from her mouth and straddled the bench sitting down just in front of Suzie’s head. Suzie raised her face to stare into her subordinate’s blonde bush; her nipples ached as they pressed into the rough wooden surface beneath. She shifted her chest slightly and was rewarded as her left nipple slipped between two of the planks. Staring into the wet pussy in front of her, Martin was rewarded by the sight of the Professor’s juices beginning to run from her own soaking slit.

Juliet reached down between her legs and using her fingertips slowly spread her labia in front of Suzie. “Do you like pussy, Suzie?” The Professor’s head nodded a fraction. Juliet looked up to Martin and nodded as she said “Answer me!”

Martin swiped his open palm across Suzie’s left buttock watching fascinated as the echoes of the blow rippled across the flesh. Suzie yelped loudly, “OW…! Yessss… Juliet… I like pussy…” she whimpered.

“Would you like to lick mine?” Another nod and Martin backhanded Suzie’s right cheek as he squeezed his cock tightly.

Tears ran down Suzie’s cheeks as she nodded and then quickly replied “Yes, Juliet… I wanna lick your pussy…”

Juliet ran a finger up between her labia as she reached her other hand to Suzie’s head and softly ran her fingers through her boss’s hair. “Tell me…Professor… have you sucked on cunt before?” Martin raised his hand but no nod came from Juliet.

Suzie clenched for the blow that didn’t come and then answered “Yes, Juliet…”

The nod came and Martin struck Suzie’s left cheek leaving a pink handprint behind. His cock twitched in his still hand as he saw Suzie’s pussy contract sharply and a small jet of juice spurt out onto the wooden bench.

“Oh… fuck…yes…Juliet, I’ve sucked cunt before…”

Juliet dipped her finger into her pussy gathering up her own juices and offered it to her boss’s mouth who sucked greedily on the offered finger. “But you like cock as well, don’t you Suzie? You couldn’t help but stare at that monster in the other room… you wanted to know what it would feel like, didn’t you? You wanted to have it stretch your cunt like it had never been stretched before?”

Suzie moaned about Juliet’s finger, mumbling “yes…yes…yes” about it.

Martin watched as Juliet shuffled forwards bringing her pussy in reach of Suzie’s mouth holding the older woman’s chin up by her fingertips.

“Well, my little whore… if you eat my cunt, like a good slut I might let Martin stick his cock into your snatch? Would you like him to do that?”

“Yes please, Juliet…” Suzie implored raising her ass towards Martin.

Juliet dropped Suzie’s chin and raised her hips to meet the enthusiastic tongue descending as she lay back down on the hard wooden slats. She beckoned Martin towards her who obeyed without question. He automatically moved towards her head as he watched Suzie drive her tongue into the blonde snatch. His concentration moved to the small hand wrapping around his cock as Juliet let her head fall to the side and dragged his cock downwards to her lips. Juliet’s feet lifted onto the Professor’s back, digging her heels into the small of her back as a growl emanated from her mouth. Martin bent his knees as his cock was drawn closer to Juliet’s lips, resting one hand beside her head to support his weight. Juliet dropped her head down exposing her throat as her damp hair trailed on the tiled floor beneath and pulled Martin’s cock between her lips.

Martin reached for Juliet’s hard nipple and pinched it hard feeling her moan about his erection as it slid into her mouth. Her hand moved away from his cock and onto his ass pulling him hard into her willing mouth. Martin gasped as he felt his length slide deep into Juliet’s throat till his pubic hair pressed against her chin. Her hand moved to his hip and urged him back and then forwards. Martin didn’t need any more guidance as he began to fuck her throat. He watched fascinated as he saw the upper section of her throat bulge as his cock filled it from within amazed that this woman didn’t gag upon it. His hand spread over her small breast and groped the flesh firmly feeling the hard nipple bend and drag beneath his palm.

Juliet began to buck hard against her boss’s face and groan deeply about the cock being slammed into her mouth as her pussy contracted violently around the invading tongue. Her fingernails dug painfully into Martin’s hip as Suzie pushed a juice covered finger into her subordinate’s anus. Juliet let out a muffled scream around Martin’s cock. Her body went slack and she pushed Martin’s his backwards releasing his hard cock from her mouth. “Ohhh…fuck…” she breathed as she continued to squirm on the finger and tongue inside her. “Fuck that… bitch… now Martin…”

Martin didn’t need telling twice and quickly moved around between Suzie’s legs and grasping her hips as he leant forwards guiding his stiff member to the inflamed lips of her pussy. He slipped all the way in easily as Suzie pushed her ass up and back to meet him. His fingers pressed into the flesh of her hips as he remained still, fully inside her enjoying the sensation of her rippling muscles within. Juliet looked across Suzie’s back, grasping the Professor’s head and grinding her cunt into her mouth as Martin withdrew till just the tip of his glans remained against Suzie’s wet opening and then drove back in hard. He pounded her cunt like an animal driving the older woman’s mouth harder onto Juliet’s pussy. Suzie’s juices poured out in a continual flow around his slamming cock as Juliet drove her mound forwards to match his rhythm.

Suzie whimpered and moaned between them as she struggled to maintain her attention on Juliet’s cunt. Her nipples were dragged and squashed against the rough wooden slats as she grasped Juliet’s hip with her remaining hand. She drove her forefinger deep into the younger female’s ass with each movement as her orgasm blasted through her body. Her pussy clamped down like a vice around Martin’s cock and still he withdrew it and slammed it into the tighter hole.

Like Juliet moments before Suzie also went limp as her senses were overloaded. She felt Juliet’s hand slide beneath her armpits and drag her up the smaller woman’s slim frame till she was lying on top of her. Martin’s cock followed and remained hammering at her cunt as it quivered and trembled around it. She vaguely returned Juliet’s kiss as she felt her mouth upon her, gathering the smeared juices from her face. She felt relief and emptiness as Martin’s hard cock vacated her pummelled slit.

Martin pulled his cock from Suzie’s soaking pussy and reached down raising Juliet’s thighs over his and guided his cock into the blonde’s slit. The fresh pussy quivered about him as his length disappeared inside. Shuffling his ass back and forth on the wooden, sweat smeared slats he slid in and out three times before his cock twitched and erupted inside the younger woman’s quim. He groaned loudly as he felt Juliet squeeze her pussy around his spasming cock. Slowly the three of them relaxed and Martin felt his cock soften within the younger woman.

He reached beneath Juliet and lifted her up to a sitting position with their superior sandwiched between them. The two junior staff tenderly kissed their boss till all three sets of hearts and lungs were beating and breathing normally.

“So… I think this has been a very good team-building exercise” Suzie spoke in her more usual professional manner.

“Definite lessons to be learnt, I think” answered Juliet.

“…err…yeah” stuttered Martin.

Suzie twisted her head to look at her male junior, smiling broadly. Martin looked at the two women’s grinning at him. “I do think that perhaps we should work on young Martin’s leadership skills, though… don’t you Juliet?”

“I do, Professor…I do!”

Martin couldn’t help but grin as he felt his cock twitch beneath the two women.

The End


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  1. I really enjoy how you have the ability to take something so ooze worthy and make it into an erotic story and hit the nail on the head. The part where the student takes control over the professor is a nice twist to read about!!!

    Need I say more about this story other than…. umm…?

  2. i love it im glad you can take my gross and make it hott!! thank you for the lovely credit though it is all yours

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