Winding down after a not so hectic day.

Data streaming out to the universe,

Random search fuelled by curiosity.


They pop in and out,

Other souls, searching/just plain bored.

Bare seconds in a miasma of Attention Deficit,

A core sample of life on the rock.


Smiles of hope,

Stares of ennui,

Finger of self loathing

As I wonder is all this purely a reflection.


Always the blanks like myself.

Not bothered to add the device.

Watching the faces interchange,

Which if any is my twin?


A flash of flesh,

The twitch of a mouse

The brain stem over-riding,

Too late, gone in a blink.


The sound-bite generation

The insomniac brood

The lonely

The predators

The curious

The desperate

The hopeful and the hopeless.



All searching, gambling against the House.





~ by ftfagos on April 8, 2011.

4 Responses to “Roulette”

  1. Go figure.

    So who do you become in the game?


  2. Hmmmm… you do remind me of Hugh Laurie sometimes. LOL!

  3. […] Surfing can be Roulette … […]

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