The Uninvited

Dear, Avid reader… do I have a thing for taboo subjects…possibly. As always I hope to amuse and entertain you and maybe make you feel a little uncomfortable as well (not necessarily in that order though). Turn the page and let us begin…




Of course I’d been watching the sprawling, single level house for some time. Almost four hours stood in the cool shadows beneath the trees that skirted the property, the undergrowth easily shrouding me from the eyes within. I watched as the husband left, shepherding the three children into his big 4×4 just before the afternoon began to darken with the slowly sinking sun. Just the wife, all alone now.

She’s a little too skinny for my taste but I’ve never paid much attention to rules, even those of my own making. I drag down the addictive fumes from my cigarette as I watch her gather in the washing from the line. Her knee length skirt rises up showing her tanned thighs as she reaches for the pegs, I wonder how soft that flesh is and what it is like to taste and bite. For a moment I’m a little taken aback by my thoughts. I know that this woman would never openly show the likes of me affection. She’d be polite, civil and possibly friendly when the situation called for it but she would never display an iota of real affection in public. She has her high powered businessman for a husband, her regulation 2.4 kids going to good local schools, the nice secluded house with heated swimming pool and a small quaint Gite in France. Everything she could possibly want and more. I look at the old burn scar on my right hand and imagine my puckered flesh sliding into her tight posh cunt.

Of course these sorts of people are always better to rob. Probably an easy grand worth of portable electrical equipment to stick in the back of my rust eaten, 12 year old, just making it past its M.O.T. car. I note the security light above the back door come on as she carries the washing basket back into the house. I light another cigarette from the stub of the last and wait beneath the trees for darkness to fall completely.


 I’ve never raped anyone before but as I watch her wander around the house putting clothes away and tidying up the kitchen and a dozen other tedious daily chores my mind keeps thinking about tearing her clothes from that slim frame and using her like a old ragdoll to be discarded afterwards. My cock, hard and stiff, throbs within my black jeans and I physically ache wanting to take it out and pump my seed over the ground beneath my feet. Part of me still argues with this dark companion that has appeared but I already know it is losing. I would have wanked myself off half a dozen times already but I know I’m saving it for her.

It’s an alien, powerful feeling within me.

A sliver of the new moon lights the garden in front of me, the bushes and expensive garden furniture now monochrome as she finally sits down in the large through-lounge. She doesn’t bother to close the drapes, oblivious to the dangers that lurk outside as she places a glass of wine on the small table beside the large comfy looking couch and curls her feet up beneath her and picks up the remote to flood the room with electric blue light. She seems bored as she continually flicks through channel after channel, never settling on anything for more than five minutes. It is almost ten when she drains the last remnants of her wine and turns off the television. I’ve moved closer in the darkness, sitting on the low wall that surrounds the exquisite lawn as I watch her stand and stretch. She carries her empty glass and moves through to the kitchen turning off lights as she goes.

I edge forward, aware of the security light, as the apron of light spilling from the house diminishes. I take the gloves from my pocket and pull them on. The harsh fluorescent light from the kitchen snaps off and moments later softer, warmer lights spill from the master bedroom. She draws the curtains and the night seems to brighten in contrast. My dark companion is straining against my conscious self. I’m grinding my teeth together as I sidle silently along the wall towards the window. A small splinter of light slips from between the drapes into my sinister world, my gloved fingers grip the window sill as I look through into her warm, safe haven.

A large wooden bed holds the centre of the room, the walls done in soft pastel shades with three charcoal nudes hung from the picture rail. The figures depicted look too fleshed out to be the lady of the house. For a moment she is nowhere to be seen as I chew hard upon my bottom lip. She appears from a darkened doorway, the en-suite bathroom no doubt, vigorously brushing her teeth as she casually unbuttons her blouse with her free hand. The battle within me is raging fiercely now as I fight the urge to simply smash the glass in front of me and force myself upon her.

Eventually she undoes the last button and pulls the thin material from one shoulder and then the other after switching her toothbrush to the other hand. The blouse falls to the floor in contrast to her meticulous tidiness I watched during the day. Her small breasts held pointlessly in a practical white bra. She reaches for the button on her skirt as she turns back towards the bathroom. It falls to the floor as she disappears from view. My forehead is pressed against the chill glass waiting for her return. I curse quietly in frustration as she steps through dressed in long T-shirt depicting Betty Rubble.

She kicks the discarded skirt onto the blouse as she moves towards the bed and slides beneath the fluffy white duvet. For a moment she looks at the thick book on her bedside table but reaches for the light switch set beside the bed and the room plunges into darkness as the lights go out. For a moment I strain to see inside before I realise that I could now be visible to her and I move away from the window. I reach down giving my aching hard-on a squeeze.

I sit on the wooden lounger beside the pool as I look at my watch and figure how much time to allow for her to fall asleep. I light up another cigarette, shaking the carton to see that I only have two more remaining. The gentle ripples of the pool soothe my wild companion and I tell myself that I will leave her alone. Even my erection seems to have softened. Deep down I know it is too late or I would have left and made my way through the dark woods to my old car. I hear the flutter of wings as an unseen bat flies close by my head.

A second cigarette finished and I stand looking from the black silhouette of the house to the dark woods and back again. I step to the flowerbed and bury the two dog-ends in the soft soil and with that final action I know that I am going inside.


I gain access through the window of the utilities room, the window left ajar and forgotten. My running shoes barely making a sound as I near the door and slowly turn the handle. I press my eye to the gap as I open it an inch looking down the main corridor of the house. A small green light blinks softly up in one corner denoting a motion detector. How safe does she feel? I step quickly out into the corridor and my heart skips a beat as the green turns to red. I move towards the front door waiting for the alarm to sound. By the time I have halved the distance to the glowing keypad to the side of the entrance I already know that she didn’t bother to set the alarm. I turn back and silently steal along the corridor. I glance into the main lounge and in the dim glow shed by all the stand-by lights see a ‘high-end’ home cinema system and an expensive laptop lying on the coffee table. I barely even pause as I move closer to the master bedroom.

Very gently I push open the heavy oak door aware of the hinges. My luck holds and they offer no creaks. As I stand in the doorway I look down at the large bed. The brightness of the white duvet makes it easy for my eyes to discern her shape beneath. A long lithe leg sticks out from under it, almost black against the sheet. “Fuck” I whisper as I pull the balaclava from my pocket and pull down over my head. She stirs slightly and I hold my breath. The wool of the mask scratches at my beard as I step forward, the thick carpet silencing my footsteps completely. Slowly I reach forward, clenching my fist, as I stand over her prone figure. I stop and turn away leaving the room as quick as I dare.

I walk slowly down the corridor aware of the wooden floor beneath my running shoes, seeming to echo loudly after the hushed atmosphere of the bedroom. I’m breathing heavily as I enter the kitchen and rest my gloved hands upon the worktop. I take my time and let my breathing and heartbeat settle.

Barely a minute later and once again I find myself standing over the sleeping figure. She shifted in my absence and pushed more of the duvet off herself. I look down at the half concealed body, her right arm and leg still concealed and her T-shirt ridden up exposing the soft curve of her ass, her head an indistinct mass of curls on the large white pillow. I tilt my head and my eyes slowly rise up along the inside of her thigh as I lick my lips beneath my mask. The duvet just covers the ‘goal’ of my lust. My hand seems foreign, almost alien, as I watch it reach forwards extending the large carving knife I took from the magnetic wall bracket in the kitchen. The metal glimmers fluidly in the dim light as the point presses lightly into the duvet and I slowly, millimetre by millimetre, slide it off her cheeks.

I don’t even realise that my left hand is rhythmically squeezing the bulge in my jeans as my eyes stare at her dark shadows at the top of her thighs. I turn to the bedside and see the switch, smiling behind my mask as I see it is a dimmer control. The small knob gives a faint ‘click’ as I turn it clockwise and the two bedside lamps grow brighter. My victim stirs for a moment before settling back. I watch her back rise and fall with each breath. My eyes are once again drawn downwards to the hem of her T-shirt and follow the cleft between her cheeks. Leaning forwards I look closer at her slit, a few fine hairs border the thin fissure that I want to invade. I pull of my glove, shifting the knife to my left hand and reach between her legs. Slowly I draw my hand upwards bare millimetres above her flesh. I can feel the heat from her legs as the gap narrows and my scarred forefinger briefly touches the lips of her pussy. She mumbles and moans for a moment and shifts her hips as if searching for my hand.

For a moment indecision holds me as the desire to rip her T-shirt from her battles with the necessity to free my engorged cock from my jeans. The quandary is taken from me as she rolls onto her back, out from under the duvet. My eyes are held by the small tuft of pubic hair just above her slit. I don’t even notice that her eyes are open and staring at me. Only when she turns her head to look at the phone sitting on the bedside table do I look up at her. I shift the knife back into my right hand holding it up for her to see. Her pupils almost disappear as I wave it from side to side. She glances down at the gnarled hand holding her own carving knife and whimpers quietly.

Eventually she finds her voice, “Please… don’t hurt me… take what you want… just don’t hurt me…” she pleads. I climb onto the soft bed and she begins to shift away from me but I hold the knife beyond her thighs and she stills. Her eyes drop to the obvious bulge in my crotch and her fear rises to another level. Her slim fingers grip the bed sheet beneath her and her chest rises and falls rapidly. I wonder to myself if fear can cause nipples to harden as I shuffle closer and then straddle her knees. She releases the bed clothes and drops her hands to the hem of her T-shirt pulling it down to cover her crotch.

I smile pointlessly beneath my mask looking down at the terrified woman. “If you do as I say you’ll see your family again…” I whisper.

I can see her swallowing rapidly as her eyes betray her intelligence. “My… my husband will be home soon…”

“Will he? He looked like he was going to be away a few days with that large case…” she starts to struggle beneath me but ceases as I lower the knife to lay the flat of the blade on her stomach. “Are you going to be good?”

I can see her thinking, wondering about her options and I wait patiently till she eventually nods. I lower my gloved hand to the hem of her T-shirt, ignoring her efforts to keep it held tightly to her. The knife slides down before I slip it beneath and then stare into her eyes. Those light blue eyes are wet but no tears are falling. Yet! Without hesitation I twist the knife and lift it upwards cutting easily through the cotton fabric. The sound of the tear seems incredibly loud after the hushed whispers. She screams as she releases the two pieces and covers her crotch with her hands. I roll my balaclava upwards to reveal my mouth and grin mercilessly at her. “This really is a nice secluded house… please feel free to scream all you want…” Slowly I place the knife beside my knee and grasp the two halves of her T-shirt and rip them apart completely. Her scream silences as I gaze upon her small titties. I can see her indecision as she wants to cover them as well but she doesn’t want to remove either hand from protecting her pussy. Although her breasts are barely more than a handful, her nipples are long and hard and I chew on my bottom lip as I imagine biting them.

I can see her weighing up her options as I unbuckle my belt slowly and deliberately. Her eyes continually flick around the room but keep coming back to my hands as I undo the waist button and slowly inch down my zip. I rise up onto my knees and push down jeans and boxers together letting my hard cock spring free for the first time in hours. She looks at it, fright and logic evident in her eyes. I take hold of it and roll back the foreskin exposing the copious amount of pre-cum. Logic wins and she uncovers her pussy lifting her hands up to rest either side of her head as if in surrender. She drops her head to one side and stares at the drape covered window.

One way or another I am going to make this bitch scream again. I grasp the knife and rise up off the bed before carefully removing my running shoes, jeans and boxers. As an afterthought I clumsily pull off my socks. She lies there unmoving. I place the knife at the foot of the bed and quickly pull my top off over my head, careful not to dislodge my mask till I stand there almost completely naked. I climb back on the bed and grab her hip roughly, pinching her flesh hard as I roll her over onto her front. Her body is limp and I feel my anger rise. I grab her hips and lift till she is kneeling, face buried in the pillow. The slap resounds around the room as my open palm swoops down across her ass. She grunts into the pillow.

When I place my lips to the pink handprint and kiss her warm flesh softly she flinches. I smile and move my lips slowly around, dragging my tongue over the mark. She shivers in response as I blow across the saliva streaked skin, my hand between her legs softly caressing the insides of her thighs. I can hear her breathing hard as she feels my warm breath flow down between her cheeks and my fingers creep up the backs of her thighs. I smile broadly before pulling her labia apart and pushing my tongue deep into her slit. My beard and moustache press into her outer flesh as I hear her stifled moan. Her ass shivers as I slide my tongue all around inside her, pressing my wiry beard hard against her clit. Her thighs lock hard as she struggles to remain defiant and slide my hands around.

She gasps a single word into the pillow, almost too quiet for me to hear, “…no…” as my two thumbs press simultaneously against her clit and anus. I feel the tiniest of twitches from her pussy as it begins to respond to my attention. Her taste becomes sweeter as her glands begin to defy their owner. Her thighs are still locked hard but I feel her foot twitch slightly and glance against my hardness. I grin into her cunt and start to tongue-fuck her as I roll her clit and scratch at her tight rear hole. Her legs begin to shake as her body pulls against her mind and her sweet juices begin to flow over my tongue. She’s muttering into the pillow, an occasional curse audible as I begin to drink down her cream. I shift slightly and press my erection against the sole of her foot smearing my pre-cum against her heel.

Her cunt gets hotter and hotter and wetter and wetter as her curses get louder. I can feel small tremors building within her as her juices drip down through my beard. I pull away kneeling up. Looking across her back I watch as she twists her head to look back at me. Defiance and confusion battle within her eyes before she turns back and once again buries her face in the pillow. “You’re just a slut! All your airs and graces and you’re just a common little whore!” My hand again swoops down to leave a handprint on her left cheek and the echoes bouncing off the walls. She grunts hard into the pillow, I wonder if she is biting the expensive material. “Tell me, whore, are you a slut?”

Her head remains buried and I slap her ass once again. She yelps into the pillow. “Tell me!” I demand followed by another loud smack.

“…no…” she whispers.

“No? I don’t think so… you’re mouth says one thing but you’re cunt says something else.” Two more blows to her reddening ass.

She lifts her head and without turning answers rebelliously, “I am not a slut!”

“Really? You’re cunt is soaking wet! You’re a wanton whore and what you want is cock, isn’t it?” Two more strikes and her cheeks are hot and red. I squeeze and grope her burning flesh.

“No!” I push two fingers easily into her wet pussy and she groans loudly unable to defy the desires of her body. I spin them about dragging my thumb over her clit with each twist back and forth. “…n… no…please…”

“You want me to stop? I don’t think so… You can feel how hot and wet that cunt of yours is! You want it filled and not just with fingers…” Her hands grip the pillow and pull it up to shroud her head as I drive my fingers harder and deeper into her. “None of that!” I state. I reach forward and grab the pillow pulling it from her head viciously, tossing it to the floor before wrapping my fist in her long black curly hair. I pull her head back and up, forcing her spine to arch upwards and move my mouth to her ear. “Tell me that you are not about to come?”

I slip a third finger inside her as I feel her pussy twitch. “…no… I won’t… I … please don’t…” I can feel the beat of her pulse through my fingers as her juices begin to flow faster. I twist her head to one side and bite and kiss her long slender neck. Her hands are gripping the wooden headboard, knuckles ashen white as for the first time she pushes her hips backwards against my hand. “…no…” Her pussy begins to spasm and I pull my wet fingers from it, kneeling up once again. She gasps loudly and moans before looking back once again over her shoulder.

I wrap my damp fingers around my cock and slowly stretch it back and forth, a small moan escaping my own lips. She is biting her bottom lip once again. “So… are you a slut and a whore? Do you want a cock in that soaking wet cunt?”

She stares, still defiant, breathing heavily. I know she needs to come. I reach down with my left hand and slip a finger beneath my foreskin gathering my own pre-cum before sliding the wet finger down the crack of her ass, across her puckered anus and slowly along her wet pussy lips letting the it slide inside to the first knuckle and then out across her clit. Her body shivers as her eyes follow my finger. “You’re going to fuck me regardless! It’ll still be rape!”

“Maybe…” I lean forwards and hold the head of my cock against her spread wet lips. “So, what’s it going to be, whore?”

She drops her head down staring at the sheets below. I’m about to grasp her hips and slam my cock into her cunt when she slowly slides back onto me. “Fuck…” I groan as her hot wetness engulfs me. “Oh…God…” I whisper as her mound presses into my wiry pubes. My hands go to her hips and I slowly pull back as she rocks forwards. Again she rocks back a little faster as I thrust forwards feeling the head of my cock press up into her cervix. It twitched strongly against my sensitive glans. My fingers pressed into her hips as we fucked harder and faster with each stroke. My hips slapped loudly against her pink ass as I pulled her deep onto my twitching cock. In less than a dozen thrusts my balls pulled up tightly within my scrotum and emptied what seemed to be gallons of seed into her cunt. Still I hammered into her and still she drove back onto me till her walls closed tightly around me and her body began to buck and convulse. She screamed loudly as her orgasm tore through her.

As the tremors within her began to subside I slipped from the now tight wet hole and collapsed sideways into the soft embrace of the discarded duvet. My heart pounded within my chest and only when it began to slow did I open my eyes. She knelt above me, a look of hatred in her eyes. I was still catching my breath as she lifted her long leg across me to straddle my hips. I felt warm drops land on my stomach as my eyes focused on the carving knife pointed at my chest. I followed the steel up to her hand and along her arm till my eyes locked with hers.

“You’re going to pay for that T-shirt!”


Funny how these things happen.

I’d been working abroad for six months when I returned home. Shortly afterwards I went to visit Louise. I had to admit I was envious of the house but I could never see what she saw in Mark, her husband. I was sporting a goatee beard and moustache when I went to call. I’d knocked on the door and received no answer when I tried the handle to find it open. I stepped into the cool interior and called out her name. I had entered the kitchen when I saw Louise standing at the worktop dressed in tight shorts and T-shirt. She had obviously been out running and was still wearing her headphones as swung her hips to the unheard music and sliced up a lettuce on the chopping board.

I called again and she swivelled about, the carving knife still in her hand. If the look on her face hadn’t been so fearful it would have been funny. As it was she screamed “GET OUT!” and began to approach me with the knife. Luckily, for me, she recognised me before she was within lethal range. That was the seed that led to the ‘rape’ fantasy. Did I mention we had been having an affair since before she was married? It took her a long time to convince me.

Even now, after the event, it still disturbs me.

It was a one-off, something Louise was curious about. She’s a very strong minded woman and a moment of helplessness was not something that occurred to her naturally. Of course she knew about my scarred hand so that was why I had removed my glove and she only had to mention my name for me to stop. We’ll probably just stick with the usual handcuffs and ‘risk-of-being-caught’ sex from now on. It seems there are some things Mark will not indulge in. Pompous fool!

Still, the episode bothered me more than Louise. A glimpse of a dark companion that at times was just a little too real for play.


The End

~ by ftfagos on April 28, 2011.

5 Responses to “The Uninvited”

  1. Well I hope you read ALL of the story. It was all just make believe! Now I may have played a little but, personally, I have never gone this far and I don’t think I would want too. The only totally true bit about the story was the walking in (with goatee and moustache) and getting mistaken for an intruder.

    Luckily she didn’t have a sharp implement.


  2. Well… I did indeed read this while flying over the arctic. And I even tried to comment. Turns out? Internet on the phone does not work at around 35,000ish feet. I wonder if that will ever change?

    Interesting story to say the least. It is more edgier than you usual work, almost tougher in a way. The build up was fantastic as always, and even though I trust you, and even though I do at times have the fantasy from time to time… well.. it still was a solid story. The ending? The last few paragraphs (no spoilers!) I really thought the way you handled it from the male point of view of it all was brilliant.

    Stories similar to this… always has the man enjoying it. I liked the spin where he got off to the whole situation, but it just did not sit well with him.

    Ok. I am done!!!

  3. And you always wanting spoilers too!!!!

  4. Of course I want them!!! They are like TV adverts. And I figure since I don’t usually get TV with adverts, the stories I read should come with spoilers. I just did not want to spoil it for everyone else!

  5. […] Definitely one from the dark side in The Uninvited … […]

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