The Pool

Dear Avid Reader,

Another one from the archives (noticed a galring error and I apolgise if i have missed others (I wonder was it a Freudian slip but that’s an issue for a rambling blog). This one was part of ‘The Moment’ which I have posted previously but the two threads diverged and hence this second story. As ever I hope you enjoy…



Just floating.

 My eyes closed, a little sunlight managing to pierce the shaded goggles and the pink membranes of my closed eyes. Floating on the pool’s surface feeling the eddy’s trying to guide me towards the pools’ filter. Arms outstretched, hands dipped beneath the cool water and my legs bent slightly at the knees. I can feel and hear the slow motion of the pools’ pump causing the water to lap over the sun warmed flesh of my naked body. A slight breeze cools the patches of my skin as the water evaporates in the sunlight till the next ripple vainly laps over my sides, hips and stomach.

I know I shouldn’t stay like this too long or my skin will burn; the suns’ radiation caressing the surface of my body above the water as the ebb and flow of the pool strokes the submerged areas. The battle for the shores of my flesh languidly carries on between the sun and the water. My penis, comfortable at half mast in the suns’ heat; my testicles caressed and cooled by the lapping water.

 I can hear my heart pumping and the blood surging through my veins and arteries in the dense liquid medium.

It’s the best way in the world to rid oneself of a hangover.


We had all been out the night before up to a restaurant in the local village. In total there had been seven adults and six kids. I’d volunteered to drive one of the cars so had stayed sober through the meal. When we had got back Mac had poured generous measures of malt whiskey for himself, Paul and I. The kids had been ushered (protesting hugely of course) to bed and the adults gathered around beneath the trestle work looking up through the creeping plants at the myriad of stars, constellations and galaxy’s in the cloudless sky.

There was Mac and his wife, Ellen; both retired and relocated over here to Italy where they had renovated a rambling derelict farmhouse. There was Paul, my best friend for the last ten years (also Ellen’s son from her first marriage) and his wife, Jane with their two kids. Myself and Joanne with our two and then there was Allie with her two kids as well. The father of her children, Craig (a man with lots of stories), could not be with us as he was ‘staying with the Queen’ to quote the vernacular.

I have to admit I have a problem with Allie. She is bright, funny and easy going. She also conforms to what would be considered ‘my type’. So much so, that frequently Joanne and Allie have been asked if they are sisters. Both of them are about 5’7” tall with almost black hair, generally cut into a bob that just touches their shoulders. Allie’s face is slightly more heart shaped than Joanne’s and has steel blue eyes to Joanne’s dark brown. Joanne has a perfect ass whereas Allie is a good cup-size larger in the breasts. Joanne does have incredible nipples that I can vouch for whereas I have no experience of Allie’s.

Just after one in the morning the girls, after finishing off another carafe of wine headed for bed, followed shortly by Paul. Mac and I stayed up till gone three and over halfway down the bottle of scotch. I managed to creep upstairs avoiding almost all of the creaky floorboards and stripped off in the on-suite. Trickling water from the tap I tried to clean my teeth as quietly as possible. Of course being slightly drunk I could not swear on a bible how quiet that was. Stepping into the bedroom I looked down at Joanne stretched across the bed. She was lying on her front naked, the cotton sheets only covering her legs from the knees down; her head turned away. The moonlight streamed in through the window. I gave my flaccid cock a couple of strokes before slowly lifting her arm and settling down beside her.

“Did you and Mac put the world to rights?” she asked sleepily.

“All accounted for… now shhh…” I replied quietly.

My hand traced lightly down her spine and rested on her warm cheek with a soft squeeze.

“…mmmm… that’s what I … wanted earlier… hmmm… I carried on without you though…” she murmured. “…too late now…”

She lifted herself slightly and turned towards me, moving her hand up my chest searching blindly till her fingertips slipped into my mouth. I sucked each one in turn tasting her juices. My cock twitched on its own accord and stiffened slightly and I gave her ass another squeeze. Once I was happy her fingers were clean I whispered “… in the morning then…”

She smiled, her eyes still closed “… some chance of that by the smell of your breath…” she lowered her hand and wrapped it around my semi-hard cock. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips getting a small twitch from them in response before we both drifted off to sleep.


I awoke to the sun streaming harshly in through the window where the moonlight had seemed to be softly washing the room only moments before. The light blazed through my eyes and straight into my de-hydrated brain. I slammed my eyes shut and concentrated on not falling off the apparently spinning bed. After a couple of minutes I gently opened my eyes. The light was still painful but just about bearable. The house was quiet and I eased my hand across the sheets beside me to find them cool against my palm. I wasn’t surprised to find Joanne had already got up.

The light fitting above my head seemed to be stationary so I slowly shifted my weight on the springy mattress and slipped my legs off the edge of the bed. As I gradually lifted my body the souls of my feet came in contact with the cool tiles of the floor. I opened my mouth with a dry smacking sound and wondered how Mac, my senior by at least a quarter of a century was. Knowing him he was up with the dawn chorus taking the mutt for a walk. In all the years I had known him I had drank him under the table a couple of times; having to carry him to the nearest bed or couch but he had always repaid my charity by taking the ‘Mick’ out of me the next morning.

I was never any good in the mornings.

I found a fresh pair of shorts and pulled them on. I raised myself into an upright position and slowly made my way downstairs after the obligatory visit to the bathroom. The house was empty. A note sat perched on the kitchen table; “We’re all off to the beach with the childa, I hope the heads are alright- Ellen.” There was a P.S. from Joanne, “So much for the morning, Gabaloon. XX”

I opened the fridge and poured myself a pint of orange juice and cut a couple of slabs of bread which I buttered. Once I had finished my rudimentary breakfast I topped up my orange juice and headed outside noting the time on the large clock. It looked like I had the house to myself for at least three hours. I wandered around the back of the house with my chilled drink, grabbing a towel and my goggles on the way and stood beneath the outdoor shower for a full five minutes in the cool stream of mountain water that fed it. When I turned it off I felt a hundred times better. I took a long drink and looked at the outdoor pool. A few tens of lengths would work all the remaining knots out of my body and then an afternoon reading sitting in the sun was on the cards.

The sun was still rising behind the house as I dipped my toe tentatively into the pool. It was cool compared to the sun beating down on my back but I knew it would be quite warm once I was in it. I looked around; the pool was almost completely screened from the road by a small orchard of olive trees and the house. The north side looked out across the valley to a spectacular view. I smiled to myself and dropped my shorts and towel on the bench beside the pool and stood at the deep end letting the sun wash across my naked skin as I slowly twisted on the spot.

Looking down into the clear water gently rippling in front of me I breathed in the fresh countryside air, filling my lungs deeply, three times before diving in. The water swept around my naked form as I swam beneath the surface to the other end; feeling the steps at the shallow end with my fingers before surfacing. I shook the water from my face, wiping it from my eyes and grabbed my goggles. For the next twenty minutes or so I religiously ploughed up and down the pool. My body ached warmly from the exertion and as I stopped at the steps to finish my orange juice I felt that I had fully returned to the land of the living. I looked up at the scorching sun through my goggles and decided a relaxing float for a few minutes would be in order before sitting beneath the trestle and continuing the book I was reading.


I began to feel my nipples begin to tingle and opened my eyes. I could see the pair of Kestrels that nested in the roof space of the house circling high in the almost perfectly azure sky. They were probably annoyed with me; they would often skim the surface of the pool to drink so I rolled over a couple of times and then stood in the pool. It was a couple of seconds as my ears cleared before I heard the running water. I looked across at the outdoor shower and saw that it was running. I was puzzled for a moment as I was sure that I had turned it off. Maybe my hangover was worse than I thought. I was about to get out of the pool when I heard the steps approach from the side door of the house ‘clacking’ on the terracotta tiles. Joanne appeared around the corner; she was wrapped in a towel, a magazine tucked under her arm and a large pair of black shades covering her eyes. I was about to wave but something made me hesitate.

I slowly lifted my goggles from my eyes, blinking rapidly in the bright sun. My eyes watered briefly before my vision cleared. The patio and trellis work were about twenty yards from the pool so that the pool would not be overshadowed by the house in the early morning. My suspicion was confirmed as I saw ‘ Allie’ lift a glass of tomato juice (with a heavy dash of Worcester Sauce) to her lips; her preferred hangover salve and a substance that had never been known to pass Joanne’s lips. I was about to call out to her when I looked at my shorts and towel lying on the bench realising I would expose myself as I got out of the pool. I blushed as I hesitated; her back was to me and I made the decision to climb out of the pool and pull the towel around me before calling out.

I looked down at my cock noticing that it had swelled somewhat in the past few seconds. At least it wasn’t fully erect yet. I took a deep breath and placed my palms on the edge of the pool. I looked up and at that moment Allie kicked off her sandals and dropped her towel and then her sunglasses onto a table. I froze as I watched her step beneath the shower, her hair flattening beneath the water as she leant her head back. The water cascaded down across her back, channelling between her buttocks and ran in meandering rivulets over the flesh of her thighs and calves.

Despite the cool water my cock filled with blood and hardened almost instantly. I gripped the sides of the pool as I watched her run her fingers through her hair rolling her neck letting the water splash on each of her shoulders in turn. I caught a glimpse of the curves of her breasts as she rotated from her hips beneath the water. She then leant forward from the hips her slim ass pointing straight at me; her slit exposed between the top of her thighs as she picked up a plastic bottle. Almost involuntarily my knees bent forwards pressing my hard-on against the side of the pool. I bit on my lip as I dreamt about the taste of her pussy.

She poured some shampoo into the palm of her right hand and began to lather up her hair. My knuckles were white against the pink tiles surrounding the pool as I resisted moving them to my cock. The white foam slowly followed the contours of her shoulders and back as it slid down from her hair. My eyes were glued to its progress as it flowed down over her hips and ass; watching it spiral its way down her legs to puddle on the floor. The sun chose that moment to appear from behind one of the few clouds in the sky; it streamed down to illuminate Allie. I watched as she turned to the side so she could feel it play across her front. I swallowed deeply and slid a hand beneath the water to grasp my erection as her hands moved to her breasts and squeezed them softly. The sun sparkled and glinted of her wet flesh as she massaged her full bosom. My cock felt hot in my hand beneath the cool water of the pool. All of the suds had washed away as I saw her hardened nipple peak out between her fingers; her eyes were shut tightly as her movements became faster and her grip more insistent. She seemed to stumble slightly and turned so her back was against the wall facing directly towards me; the shower still falling over her breasts, abdomen and legs.

I bent my knees so only my eyes and hair were above the edge of the pool. I hadn’t felt this ‘naughty’ since I was fourteen years old in my old tree house spying on the thirty-something mother who had lived next door who would often get dressed or undressed in front of her wide open bedroom French windows. My hand squeezed my cock rhythmically as I watched Allie’s right hand relinquish grip on her breast and slide down over her flat stomach towards the dark wet thatch of her pubic hair. A finger slipped through the dark hair and slid along her lips. I heard her gasp as she pinched her nipple tightly and began to rotate her fingertip between her lips.

My hand gripped my cock viciously; my mind was in turmoil wanting desperately to climb out of the pool and kneel before her to suck on her clitoris that she was fingering. I also knew that I could not be caught and I was possibly blushing as I thought how rude it would be to ‘cum’ in my friends’ pool. Allie pushed a finger inside herself evoking a grunt from her mouth. For a brief moment I thought I saw her eyes flick open. I dropped as silently as I could beneath the water and then surfaced with my nose just above the water. I let go of my cock and turned leaning my back against the side of the pool. I was almost positive I would be invisible to Allie.

Unfortunately my ears were above the water line so I could hear Allie as she continued to play with herself. It was a monumental effort not to indulge myself as well. Her gasps slowly became groans of pleasure and then more guttural as her orgasm approached. A loud “Fuck” issued from her mouth as she came echoing slightly around the locale. I smiled to myself; in all the years I had known Allie I had never once heard her swear.

After a minute or so I heard the shower stop and began to wonder whether or not she would go back inside; I hoped she hadn’t brought a swimsuit with her so I might get an opportunity to get out of my predicament. I was just thinking about peeking over the rim of the pool when my eye was caught by something to my right below the surface. It took me a moment to work out that it was a rippling shadow and another moment to realise it was a silhouette. Once more I was frozen.

“So how is the pool today?” asked Allie from behind me.

“… err… fine… just fine…” I stammered.

There was a blur of tanned flesh and a large splash as Allie dived into the pool. My eyes followed her beneath the wildly rippling surface unable to tell whether or not she was wearing a swimsuit and completely aware that if she opened her eyes beneath the water she would see my stiff cock waving in the current. After a few seconds she surfaced in front of me. “So…” her eyes flicked downwards, “… you’re fond of skinny dipping too…”

I opened my mouth but no words came out but my eyes betrayed me and mimicked hers as they fastened on her full breasts, naked, floating just below the surface.

She looked into my face and waited for my eyes to return to hers; it probably took a moment or two longer than it should. “You know that is quite a disadvantage when swimming… the drag factor alone…” her hand wrapped around my cock; “I’d be very happy to help you with that… it’s been far too long…” she moved in closer and kissed me lightly on the lips. Her mouth moved to my ear as she slowly pulled backward and forwards on my hard-on. “…please…” she whispered.

Who was I to say no to such a polite request? And after all Craig still had eighteen months to serve though in hindsight it was for a crime involving firearms…!!!

The End

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  1. Ohhhhh…. you voyeur you!!!!

    Again I do not know what it is about your intro’s but I find them so captivating and engaging. And this one is no different!!! Watching someone bathe themselves whether they are aware or not even reading about it is arousing!!!!

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