Just Passing

Dear Avid Reader…

… another from the vaults. Written with a particular friend in mind… though this was written under a different pseudonym, not ftfagos or wyliecoyote but luv2licku (a little less of a subtle alter-ego)…

…I beleive she enjoyed it, hope you do too.

I often used to take a short cut through the botanical gardens everyday when walking between various offices where I did maintenance. I’d always stop to have a break near the Governor’s House where there was a small coffee shop overlooking the fountains. Often just as I was arriving I’d see a young woman walking away. She was always smartly dressed with her hair tied up in a bun. The business suits she wore always tended to be figure hugging and I’d often gaze at her behind as she walked away.

            Often on my walk afterwards I’d fantasise about her, wishing that I at least knew her name or where she worked. One morning as I was approaching the coffee shop I noticed that the woman was nowhere to be seen and was somewhat disappointed because this had become something of a ritual with me. After paying for my coffee and sitting down at one of the tables I opened the day’s paper and began to read.

            A little later I was aware that someone was sitting opposite me, that strange feeling you get when you feel you’re being watched. I lowered my newspaper fractionally to see my fantasy woman sitting there reading a magazine. She was studiously reading and seemingly unaware of my presence. I watched over the top of my paper, no longer interested in the news of the day.

            As usual she was wearing an expensive looking business suit, her jacket unbuttoned, framing her breasts. Beneath it she wore a white, perfectly ironed, blouse with the top three buttons undone giving a hint of the top of her cleavage. Her skin was quite dark in contrast to her blouse, with lush red lips on the most kissable of mouths. Her eyes were unseen behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

            I spent the next few minutes surreptitiously glancing at her as she sat sipping her coffee and reading. She crossed her legs beneath the table drawing my eyes; her skirt was knee length but had a slit up one side which exposed a long expanse of dark skin. I tried subtlety to adjust my own “dress” as my cock was hardening in response to the fantasies playing through my mind.

            Eventually I glanced at my phone and noted the time. I really should be leaving. Quickly gathering my tool bag and leaving money on the table I walked out right past the object of my desire. She didn’t seem aware of me or the bulge in my jeans as I passed right beside her. I managed a furtive look down her blouse and was rewarded with a luscious view of her breasts encased in a lacy white bra.

            Leaving the shop I walked through the gardens aware of my hard-on encased in my jeans. Although running late I knew I would have to something about it. I knew there was a small glade behind the trees just a little further up the path, just before the flamingos came into view. A spot where occasionally I’d spent an afternoon getting pleasantly stoned. I found the gap in the trees and walked through.

            The sun was beating down on an old fallen tree where I sat down. Dropping my tools I quickly undid my belt and pushed down my jeans and boxers, my cock springing free in the warm sunshine. I wrapped my hand around my swollen member and began to stroke myself imagining that gorgeous ass bent over in front of me. Some pre-cum was oozing from the tip of my cock as I pulled my foreskin back and forth, using my thumb, I smeared it over and around the head.

            Lost in my thoughts I closed my eyes thinking about how I would roughly take her from behind, wrapping my hand in her hair, as I would slam into her soaking wet pussy. I knew I wasn’t going to last long when suddenly I felt something was amiss. Pausing in mid stroke, my cock throbbing, I opened my eyes. The sunlight blinded me for a moment, but as my eyes adjusted I could see a shape just in the shadows beneath the trees. Unsure, I craned my neck forward trying to make out if there was someone there or just a random shape formed by the undergrowth. At that moment the object of my desire stepped out into the light. I was completely paralysed with shock, my hand involuntarily gripping my cock harder. I had absolutely no idea what I should do, the thoughts in my head running around looking for the escape hatch. I could feel the colour rising in my cheeks, I just wanted to die.

            The woman briefly looked over her sunglasses at me, then placed her shoulder bag on the ground and walked towards me. As she closed the distance between us I did not move and just barely breathed. In no time she was standing right in front of me, close enough for me to see my reflection in her sunglasses. Then without warning I felt her cool hand wrap itself round mine and start to pull it back and forth along my cock. I gulped loudly and began to breathe properly for the first time in over a minute.

            I could only assume she was looking straight into my eyes, but I was completely transfixed. Her grip was quite strong as she helped me to wank myself. Then she slowly bent her knees, her eyes seemingly never leaving mine, until she was kneeling in front of me. Looking down at her, her face only an inch in front of my cock, as she continued to pump it. Still without looking away she opened her red-lipped mouth and her tongue slid out to make contact with the tip of my cock as she pulled it up hard. In that one second, I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was about to explode all over her face.

            Without a moments pause I suddenly felt her other hand encompass the base of my cock. She quickly applied her thumb and forefinger, squeezing hard down on me. She stayed my hand, her tongue lightly licking the eye of my cock. My cock was twitching hard in our hands just as if I was shooting my spunk but none appeared. I started to reel back and had to remove the hand on my cock so I could use both to support myself. Her cool hand wrapped itself around my twitching member, gently stroking it as her tongue gathered up the pre-cum that was oozing out.

            Gradually the sensations subsided; still she held my cock until she was sure that I wouldn’t cum. She slowly released the pressure holding my seed back and slipped her mouth over the head of my cock. All the time her head tilted up to me, feeling her tongue inside her mouth sliding over the tip. Slowly she lowered her head further eventually taking all of me in her warm wet mouth. Once again I felt my orgasm approaching and once again she applied that pressure to the base of my cock preventing me from ejaculating. This time she sucked hard on me as my cock twitched inside her mouth. Feeling the intense sensations I felt my head spin and spots appear in my vision. Resting heavily on the tree trunk, the bark pressing into my ass, I gasped and cursed as I “dry-came” for the second time. 

            When the tremors subsided she slowly pulled her head back sucking hard as she did till my cock escaped from her mouth. She stood up before me and hitched her skirt up to her hips. Resting one dark skinned leg on the trunk she reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side, using her other hand to guide me she slid quickly onto my hard cock. She quickly began to pump her hot pussy up and down on me still apparently looking into my eyes. I reached my hands to her hips and leaned forward to kiss her. For the first time she turned her head away refusing my kiss. I was momentarily annoyed but quickly realised that this was the only way it was going to be. Happy enough with the situation I added my strength to pull her down hard upon me feeling myself hit the top of her hot wet cunt with every stroke. She turned her head back and stared into my eyes. Her breath began to quicken as I felt her pussy gripping onto my shaft, the tendons on her neck standing out. Slamming down as hard as she could, she threw her head back biting her bottom lip as her orgasm overtook her. This was more than enough me and my cock erupted violently within her.

            “Fuck!” I shouted as my balls emptied into her hot spasming snatch, grabbing her hips firmly keeping my pulsing cock within her. Still she made no noise except for her laboured breathing. I collapsed back against the bark of the tree.

            After a minute or so my dark skinned fantasy slid herself up and off me. Standing back, she adjusted her skirt and straightened her jacket, pausing to inspect herself that she looked presentable once again. I looked at her, I guess my jaw hanging open, realising that she was about to walk away without a single word. She looked up at me and saw the expression on my face. She smiled and staring into my eyes quickly hoisted her skirt once more, hooked her fingers into her knickers and pulled them down. Stepping out of them and re-adjusting her skirt, she stepped over to me, a lacy juice smeared white lace thong hanging from her finger. Dropping them onto my softening cock she smiled once again and turned. She walked straight out of the glade, pausing only to pick up her shoulder bag.

            I watched that ass walking away for the final time, jaw hanging open, jeans around my ankles, a wet thong on my now limp cock and even splinters in my ass. I never saw her again though I always kept an eye out. I often stop by the glade to have a spliff, a new ritual I guess, and even sometimes a wank in the hope of being caught once again.

The End

~ by ftfagos on June 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “Just Passing”

  1. You know. I have always liked this story. The way the female character knows what she wants and is not afraid to take it. Plus I can so totally picture you with your pants around your ankles with a look on your face of utter bewilderment as if to say, “Did that just happen?”

  2. i know i have sucked at keeping up with this stuff but i promise i shall try harder now that i have more time on my hands.

  3. As always, a very good story.

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