The Midnight Smoker

Dear Avid Reader…

   Okay, another ramble on the musing of a Cynical Romantic who believes he is just a figment of his own warped imagination!

The title to this post is simply robbed from the song, though I have been known to partake of the addictive weed around the witching hour. Thinking about it what is there to be said about smoking at midnight? To quote another song, it’s not unusual! This post is definitely going to meander and if you want sex you may as well stop reading now (Pretty sure I’m not headed in that direction today).

Are we (us nicotine devotees) simply fatalists. “You know that stuff will kill you!” Duh! Yeah! But then again so will life. Apart from the chemical construction, you got to love the way it fires off the synapses and ups the dopamine levels in your brain, it does give you a few minutes to take a break from the day. I would like to thank Sir Walter Raleigh who, at least in the UK is most famous for the introduction of Tobacco… The Marlboro Man in the US?… but he was a hateful bastard who probably enjoyed a drag after the odd massacre. Hmm… how many of the world’s renowned explorers were psychopaths who if they hadn’t gone out into the world to ‘discover’ new lands would have stayed at home and become a West or a Bundy?

To quote a film (that if I’m honest I’m not too sure about (the film not the quote), “History is just one fucking thing after another!” Maybe or perhaps ‘History is just one lie after another’. One for the conspiracy theorists who I am very fond off. Have I mentioned before that iI believe the number of conspiracies out there is because the Shadow Government put them out there so you will never spot the needle of truth in the haystack of lies???

Elvis ain’t dead!

So the insidious cigarette. I don’t want to live forever and I don’t want to end up as a drooling vegetable aged 101 with the body of a 50 year old. Get the feeling I just won’t appreciate it and I figure nobody else will at that point. Can’t say that a vacant eyed, drooling, incontinent Mrs Pitt appeals to me even with the body she has now. Though I suppose there are those out there. Oddly enough no major history of the big C in my family, though one set of cousins do seem to have been badly cursed with it. I suspect it may be due to environmental causes, oh if you could turn back time. Heart disease though, not so immune there. But, crushing chest pain and if I’m lucky no-one handy to rescusitate me, might be okay.

Not exactly a cheerful post this one?

Still the one thing I will say in favour of the infernal leaf is that there have been times when I’ve been struggling with a particular problem and I sit back, pinch a cancer stick from the pack with my teeth and flick the Zippo and spend those five minutes considering how to proceed and most times have a solution. In some ways you should appreciate this Dear Avid Reader, that is if you like my stories…

As I like to say…everybody dies.

Yours cheerfully,


~ by ftfagos on June 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Midnight Smoker”

  1. i just had this conversation with my brother in law this morning. I like that peace that smoking can give you. That first inhale, that deep breath, the way your chest heaves as you feel that ocassional burn deep in your lungs if you hold it a little too long…..

    Meh. I’m on vacation again. May as well enjoy the cigar, the drinks on my table and the sun as it kisses my salty tasting skin. Whoops. Thats the tequila I’m tasting.

    As always… I enjoyed this!!!!


  2. As a former smoker, I can relate to your thought stream here. And while I don’t light up cigarettes anymore, I still enjoy my cigars now and then. Life is supposed to be enjoyed.

    Enjoyed the read. 🙂

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