The Letter

Dear Avid Reader….

     A bit of a long one for you. A ensemble cast that may prove hard to follow, for that I apologise.


Imagine if you will (adopts the deep voice of a narrator, think The Outer Limits) a street not very far from you, maybe just around the corner, maybe your own. An idyllic haven of peace and serenity… on the surface, but what lurks beneath that tranquil facade… love, hate, passion, jealousy, lust, envy… maybe the whole gamut of deadly sins just waiting for the smallest of things to set them free….

Allow me to introduce the cast….

Gabryelle and Nick, the longest on the street where our friends and neighbours live…

Jane and Paul, also long term residents, Gabryelle and Jane are the best of friends without a single secret between them…or maybe not?

Sarah and Michael, a history of infidelity and now married to each other and expecting their first child…

Vanessa and Mal, the quiet ones on the street…

Shawna and jack, the new kids on the block and so far an unknown quantity…

And of course the last character in our mystery, the scene of crimes, where something will soon be afoot…..!

So Dear Avid Reader the scene is set, let the games begin…..

(Of course all the names and characters have not been changed in order to incriminate the innocent!)




Gabryelle lifted the water jug from the worktop and inserted a new filter before filling it from the tap. Looking out of the kitchen window at the bright spring day as the water slowly dripped through. She drummed her fingers on the granite top as she waited. She looked at the jug, half of the water in the base and poured the filtered water into the kettle, quickly flicking the switch. She muttered under her breath, words which none of her friends would believe she would know, at the amount of time it took to get a hit of caffeine in the morning.

She walked to the front door and gathered up the recently delivered mail. Arriving back in the kitchen, looking at the neon light of the kettle, still lit and not boiled, she flicked through the post. “Bill…bill…fucking circular…bill…” she dropped a letter from her Auntie onto the table. “Circular…bill…circular”

She lifted the last envelope, not recognising the handwriting . “Hmmm…” she placed the letter to one side as the kettle ‘clicked’ off. Gabryelle kept glancing at the innocent looking envelope as she made her first morning coffee. She sipped at it leaning against the sink. She had only finished half of it before she placed I down behind her and strode to the table. “Well, it is my address…ish” she knew this was only a partial truth as the number of the house was smudged and indistinct. The other fact that had piqued her curiosity had been that no name had been written above the address. She tore open the envelope and unfolded the single sheet of paper within.

‘It’s been too long! You left me no choice. I know the risks but I need an answer, I need you. I know this breaks the rules but I need to know, is it over?’

Gabryelle started to chew on the corner of her little finger nail. She shook herself physically and looked at the already worried nail. A habit she had suffered as a teenager almost fifteen years previously and never occurred since. “Shit” she breathed. She looked about herself as if she could see through the solid walls of her house, wondering who the letter had been intended for.


It was three days later, just midday when the doorbell chimed. Jane, as always, was right on time and the two old friends greeted each other warmly on the threshold. Gabryelle led her through to the kitchen where a pot of filtered coffee waited with a few biscuits. The two of them caught up on the local gossip from the past few days when Jane stopped mid sentence. “Okay, what is it, Gabs?”

For the past three days Gabryelle had been wondering about the letter. Who was it for? Who was it from? The writing had been untidy but considering the subject matter that might just indicate their emotional state rather than assuming it was from a man. Of course she had looked at her husband, Nick, that evening when he came home and after many subtle hints she still had no idea if it was him that had been having an affair. She felt if she was to ask him straight out and she was wrong it would be a betrayal. And, anyway, if it was true he had managed to keep it from her so would she be able to tell if he was lying?

Did she really want to know the truth?

So as she had done her daily routines, going to the shops, collecting the kids she had been watching the other parents. Wondering if he or she had been having an affair… also wondering what he would be like in bed in certain cases. Jane sipped her coffee silently waiting for her friend to respond. Gabryelle got up from the table and lifted the letter down from behind the large clock sat on the shelf and handed it to Jane. Finally the secret Gabryelle had been holding was no longer. The puzzlement on Jane’s face was obvious as she took out the page and read the short message. She placed the letter back on top of the envelope on the table leaving her hands folded across it.

“You’ve been having an affair Gabs? And you didn’t tell me?”

“Oh god no…-“

Jane held up her hand interrupting her. “Hey, I’m not judging, sure aren’t we all tempted at one time or another…”

Gabryelle laughed. ”It came here by mistake; I think…” she managed to say looking at her friend. “I must admit I wondered if it had been meant for you…”

Jane blushed in response. “I … err…”

“When?” Gabryelle asked slightly shocked.

“What…” Jane turned away before replying, “It was a few years ago…long since over… not my letter” she admitted.

“You’re a dark horse. And you didn’t tell me…!”


The letter had slowly seeped to the back of Gabryelle’s thoughts. The humdrum banality of life had re-affirmed itself when two days later her kitchen tap had decided to start spraying water all over the worktop. She pulled open the door beneath and throwing the cleaning materials to the floor located the isolators. She stood up and looked down at herself; she was soaked through to the skin. Her bra easily visible through the white blouse she had been wearing. “Fucking bitch…” she murmured to the slowly draining sink. She wrung out her woollen skirt, letting the cold water drip onto the already soaked floor tiles and wandered through to the lounge. Pulling out the drawer beneath the phone she extracted the yellow pages and began leafing through to the Plumbers section. She was just lifting the receiver when she saw Mal outside his house lifting his garage door.

Without a thought she rushed to her front door and called across the street. Mal turned around and waved before realising he was wanted. He trotted across the empty road and slowed as he neared Gabryelle. It was only then that Gabryelle realised she was still dressed in her sodden clothes, her light brown hair lay matted against her head and shoulders and would frizz up untidily once it dried. “As you can see I’ve had a bit of an accident…” Her own eyes glanced down Mal’s body. He was dressed in a pair of khaki Cargo Shorts and a baggy, oil stained T-shirt. “I was wondering if you would take a quick look before I called a plumber?” his eyes dropped once again to her chest, she knew that her dark areola would be easily visible through her wet clothes and she felt them stiffen rapidly.

“…err… sure Gabs…” He followed his neighbour into the house, she wondered if his eyes were on her ass as she walked ahead of him. She couldn’t help but put an extra wiggle in her step.

In the kitchen Mal surveyed the scene and squatted in front of the sink reaching into the cupboard. He opened the isolator a fraction and the water sprayed once again. He shut it off quickly but the momentary spray had dampened his shirt and caught Gabryelle once again. He looked up at her, “Sorry…”

“Don’t worry Mal, not as if I can get any wetter!” Her eyes glanced towards the clock and the letter she knew was still hidden behind it. Was it Mal? she wondered or Vanessa, his wife. She felt the heat from her crotch and that slight slipperiness of her lips as her pussy clenched, almost as if it knew where her conscious mind was headed before it did. Maybe I could get wetter she thought.

“Doesn’t look like too much of a problem, just a rotten washer… give me a minute and I’ll be back with some gear that’ll fix it”

“Thanks Mal, you’re a godsend” she watched him head back out. Her eyes focused on his receding ass. She knew he studied kick-boxing or some other martial art and began to imagine his muscular frame beneath his clothing. Her eyes kept glancing towards the clock as she felt her pussy heat up as she wondered what his cock would look and feel like. “You’re such a slut, Gabryelle…” her fingers gripped the edge of the worktop hard as she fought the urge just to lift her soaking skirt and thrust her hand inside her panties. Panties that were soaked by her own juices rather than the faulty tap. She also knew that previously she would have taken Mal’s absence to go and get changed but her eyes continually flicked to the clock and the anonymous letter that seemed to hold her.

Mal stepped back into the kitchen with a small bag; his eyes noted that Gabryelle had barely moved in the intervening minutes. “I’ll have you sorted in no time, Gabs”

Are you deliberately flirting with me? Gabryelle thought. “Thanks Mal” she uttered aloud as she finally managed to get her legs to work. She stepped across the tiled floor and opened the fridge pulling out two of Nick’s beers which she popped on the wall mounted opener beside the back door. She placed one on the top beside Mal who nodded his thanks and then lifted herself up to sit on the granite to his side. Her skirt rode up a little to show her knees as she lifted the bottle to her lips. She took a deep pull on the bottle as she spread her legs a little. As she lowered her head she noted Nick looking away and back at the tap which he was slowly taking apart.

A feeling of utter wantonness came over her and she began to stroke the neck of the bottle. Mal’s eyes kept flicking upwards, sometimes accompanied by an awkward smile. She wondered if his cock was hard within the baggy shorts, what it would taste like as she slipped her mouth down its length. Her left hand once again gripped the worktop as she restrained from spreading her legs wide and thrusting her fingers into her soaking snatch. Eventually Mal re-assembled the faulty tap and reached beneath the sink. Gabryelle twisted around moving her right leg towards him. Her damp skirt stretched between her thighs, her pussy pulsing beneath it. The leak was fixed as no resultant spray issued from the tap.

Mal stood, shuffling on his feet as he picked up the bottle of beer, “Thanks…” he lifted it to his mouth, his eyes trailing over her torso, hesitating as they passed over her painfully erect nipples.

“You’re welcome, Mal. I must give you something for your trouble…” Gabryelle slipped off the top and stood beside him.

“Honestly, no trouble at all. A beer is more than enough payment”

“Oh come on, a tip at least?” her eyes dipped to Mal’s crotch for an instant. Mal blushed deeply as his mouth opened soundlessly. He raised the bottle once again to his lips to fill the void. Gabryelle waited till the bottle was raised high and took a deep breath “How about… the tip of your cock in my mouth… or even all of it?”

 Mal’s reaction was predictable as he spat cold beer out of his mouth and returned his gaze to Gabryelle’s eyes. “…errr…w…what?”

She grinned “A blow job for a plumbing job seems only fair” her pussy clenched as she dropped to her knees before her stunned neighbour. She stared at Mal’s crotch and only hesitated for a moment before placing her hand over his cock. Her smile broadened as she felt the swollen length hidden from view beneath the material, it was easily thicker than Nick’s (his wasn’t no gherkin either) and possibly longer. Oh, Vanessa, you lucky woman she thought. She looked up at his blue eyes staring down at her as she grasped the zip and pulled it down. “It’s what they do in the movies… at least the hard-core porn ones I watch!” she reached inside the baggy shorts and into his jockeys wrapping her slim fingers about his member and pulled it out into the open. She grinned as the size and length were finally exposed. Mal still stood frozen, looking down as Gabryelle, his neighbour he had known for almost three years lent forwards and slid his erection all the way into her mouth. The bottle dropped from his hand to roll across the worktop and bang noisily into the sink as he wrapped his fingers in her long auburn curls. The remaining beer gurgled out of the neck and down the drain.



Jane was sitting at her desk at work. It had been three days since Gabryelle had shown her the letter. She was looking out of the window as she remembered her brief fling almost five years previously. She had to admit, in hindsight, that the sex hadn’t been that good but the excitement and the thrill had been invigorating. She brought her attention back to the pile of paperwork on her desk catching her business partner Michael’s eye as she did.

“What’s up, Jane?” he asked.

She chewed on a hangnail before replying, “Nothing… nothing really…”

“Well for nothing, it’s had you distracted all morning” Michael had been married to Sarah for six years and Jane wondered as she returned his gaze if either of them was the intended recipient of the mysterious letter. They lived at the end of the road, their house backing onto farmland, and were holding a ‘get-together’ at the end of the month. There was a considerable age gap between them but she had never seen Michael happier than when Sarah got pregnant. It was due in about four months and she had just started to waddle as she began to fill out. The parasite, as they had jokingly named it, was making itself known with energetic kicks and stretches. If Jane was honest she was more than a little envious. “Come on, out with it!” demanded Michael.

“Okay…” she stood up and rifled through a drawer pulling out a crumpled pack of cigarettes and a cheap throw-away lighter. “Come on then Nosey!” Michael didn’t smoke and Jane only smoked two or three a week but he always joined her beneath the glass shelter at the rear of their offices. They both nodded to their staff as they walked through the main office area. Michael paused at one desk, occupied by Gloria their logistics organiser who always managed to keep track of their deliveries and orders although she generally ignored the ‘hi-spec’ computer they had given her. Jane stood outside beneath the shelter and lit up one of her ‘little vices’. Michael stepped out moments later sniffing the wafting smoke as he stepped around her to lean on the office wall beside her. “Cheapskate! Buy your own!”


She sucked hard on the tobacco before staring through the light rain that was falling. “Gabs got a letter last week…” Michael’s brow furrowed as she glanced at him, “Oh no, nothing like that… she as healthy as ever… it was a… I guess love letter of sorts…”

Jane had to laugh as Michael’s eyebrow now rose up crinkling the many lines on his forehead. “My reaction too… but it wasn’t for her. The number was unreadable, it was for someone in our street… don’t know if it was for a man or a woman but whoever it was had ended an affair recently and their ‘lover’ still wanted them…” she took another pull on the cigarette. “I apologise if my glances have been….”

“You thought it was me?”

“Not really, just the idea is in my head now, it sort of…colours my thoughts as I talk to our friends and neighbours. Not necessarily a good thing, I admit.”

Michael grinned slightly, “So, it wasn’t yours, either?”

Sarah looked at her close friend, her eyes searching his and she saw the knowledge within. “You knew?”

He nodded, “Mark wasn’t it, from the delivery firm?” Jane stubbed the cigarette out on the wall behind her and nodded. “Though that must be four years since you ended it”

“Five. Do I have no secrets from you?”

He shrugged his shoulders, “It seemed to make you happy at the time… and to be honest I don’t give a fuck either way. Except…”


“Well… you were putting in a whole load more hours when you were shagging on your desk…” Jane thumped him on the arm, “…and I really don’t want to know if you used mine!”


Jane had to admit to herself that she was every bit as horny with thoughts of an unknown adulterer on the street as she had been when having an affair. She had literally stumbled into the affair with Mark when she had tripped in the warehouse and fallen into his arms. Her sex life at home had been good, maybe not as often as she might have liked, but it had been safe. Paul was a good and considerate lover and with a cock that was nicely sized, seeming to fit her pussy (damp within her panties as she drove home from the office) just right. She didn’t even particularly like Mark all that much and she still loved Paul as much as she had since the day they had got married. She had questioned her love for him as her fidelity had lapsed. After she ended the affair she had vowed never to stray again.

And now… she hoped Paul was home as she desperately needed a fuck. A fuck! Not sweet caring love making, a serious animal fuck. For a brief moment she had considered taking hold of Michael and fucking him. Her business sense had stopped her in the nick of time. She had always found Michael attractive and occasionally during those daydream moments in the day had wondered what he would be like as a lover. She rubbed her thighs together and the nose of the Mercedes picked up as she accidentally pressed the accelerator. Immediately her mind wandered to a scenario of being stopped by a cop and being spread eagled and body searched by the side of the road. Her pussy throbbed at the thought of the cop’s baton being pushed inside it before being followed by a large thick cock. Though she never normally entertained the thoughts, she found she didn’t care if it was a female cop as long as the baton would be put to improper use.

She pulled into the driveway only slightly frustrated she hadn’t gained a speeding ticket. Paul’s car sat in its usual spot away from the front door. Such a gentleman she thought, always leaving the nearer spot for me. She quickly entered the house calling out his name.

“In the kitchen, Darling” she heard the reply. She walked through the hall and into the cottage style kitchen. Paul was slicing up vegetables on the side preparing their evening meal. He looked over his shoulder and smiled; she returned it half heartedly and looked about her. “The kids are at the park with the Riley’s boys, you just missed them.”

“Good” she whispered as she dropped her jacket onto the back of a chair stepping closer to her husband’s back. The jacket slipped off the chair and onto the floor as she silently slipped her hands beneath her straight skirt and pulled her damp knickers down her legs and carefully stepped out of them. She could almost hear her pussy sigh with the cool air circulating around the tops of her thighs. “Paul…” she said firmly, “I need something…”

“Yes Darling?” he said without turning.

Jane ground her teeth together as she watched him carefully slice a cucumber on the chopping board. She reached past him and dropped her soiled panties on top of the remains of the vegetable. Paul stood still looking at the discarded underwear on top of his hand. “I need cock, Paul!” Jane said firmly. She could see the colour rise in his left cheek as he lifted her damp knickers. “I need your hard cock, now!”

He turned to face his wife, a hint of panic in his eyes as his hand dropped to his side still clutching her underwear. “I …err…” he looked about and took a step towards the door. Jane could read his mind; he was looking to head for the bedroom. She placed her palm on his chest and stopped him.

“I need your hard cock in my…” she breathed deeply, “…cunt now! Right here, right now!” she lowered her hand and twisted on the spot, stepping towards the kitchen table and bending over it, spreading her legs as she gripped the sides of the wooden surface. She looked over her shoulder her eyes dropping to his crotch. She grinned at the obvious bulge growing within his smart suit trousers. Still her husband hesitated so she reached behind her and pulled up her skirt exposing her naked ass and dripping pussy before spreading her arms wide once again to hold the table.

Paul coughed and stepped forward, his hand trembling as it caressed her ass. She placed her forehead on the hard surface and grinned to herself. “Shit” she swore as she felt his warm breath glance over her bare cheek. She thudded her head against the table “Paul, listen to me. I don’t want your tongue… I want your cock and I want you to slam it into my soaking wet cunt. I want you to FUCK me! And I want you to do it now!”

There was a moments silence and then Paul whispered so quietly she had to concentrate to work out what he said. “You want me to treat you like a whore?”

“Yes, Paul… treat me like a dirty little whore!” she gasped as she felt his teeth sink in to the soft flesh of her cheek. “Finally…” she muttered as she felt his fingers press into the fresh mark on her ass. She heard his zip pulled roughly down and then that fine cock of his slam straight and deep into her throbbing pussy. As her juices pumped out of her snatch and the tremors within her rose rapidly towards an orgasm she would swear on her deathbed that his hard cock had never felt so big or stretched her so much as his hands grabbed her hips painfully and he truly fucked her for the first time.


The two of them lay entwined and still coupled on the cold hard tiles of the kitchen floor. Jane’s pussy twitched as she felt Paul’s cock softening within her. She knew that no matter how firm his hips were pressed to her ass that she would expel him within less than a minute. Her right hip was hot where he had smacked it hard in the final throes of their passion; her fingers now lightly caressed the flushed flesh and she could still hear him calling her a slut and a whore as his seed had flooded her spasming slit. A thought popped into her head as she tried to remember the last time the two of them had still been dressed after sex. After a few moments she realised it had never happened before. Her jaw ached with the smile etched across her face. “So, what’s got into you Jane?”

“You didn’t like it?” Jane felt herself blush.

“Yes… no… I mean I did…” Paul answered timidly. His cock twitched within her and slipped from her trembling pussy.

She snuggled back into him, “It began with a letter…”


Michael lay in bed beside Sarah. She had eventually made herself comfortable with a pillow strategically placed beneath ‘the bump’ and her head resting on his chest. The thought had been bouncing around in his head since Jane had told him outside the back of their office. He took a deep breath, “Sarah…?”

“Hmmm… yes Mike?” she replied slightly dozily. He knew that within five minutes she would be completely asleep.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“You just did!” he could feel her lips curl into a smile just below his nipple.

“You’re so smart!”

“I am… go on then…”

He opened his mouth to ask and then shut it again. Do I want to ask this? The decision was taken from him as he felt Sarah place her palms on his chest and rest her chin on her knuckles. He couldn’t see her and he knew that she couldn’t see him in the darkness but he still felt her eyes burrowing into his head. One of her fingernails rested upon his nipple and he was aware of it hardening involuntarily. “You know that we have always been completely open and honest with each other…” It had seemed far less leading a statement when he had practiced it on his way home than it did now.

“Oh-oh!” he heard Sarah say. “You’ve started fucking Jane?”

“Wh…What…?” he gasped

“Just tell me… how sweet is her pussy?”

Michael coughed and spluttered though he could sense his wife smiling. His cock twitched and swelled a little. He wondered if Sarah would feel it.

“I…err… d… I don’t know…” he stammered.

“You’re not fucking Jane? What sort of confession is this? So much for sharing!” Sarah shifted and he felt her breasts flatten upon his stomach and the side of her stomach rest against his suddenly sensitive cock.

“I was…” he coughed, “I was going to ask you if you had been having an affair…”

“That I didn’t tell you about? Hmmm…no I don’t think so… to be honest, with the ‘parasite’ here I haven’t been that much in the mood… happy enough with your wiener at the moment!” her slim fingers wrapped around his flaccid cock as she spoke eliciting an instant response as blood flowed into it.

Michael explained about the letter Jane had told him about that Gabryelle had received. As Sarah listened she continued to stroke his hardening cock. When he had finished his cock was fully hard and his wife’s thumb was busy smearing his pre-cum around his sensitive glans. “So, one of our neighbours is playing away from home?” Sarah shuffled up awkwardly and sat astride Michael’s thighs still slowly pulling on his erection. He reached up in the darkness and ran his palms over her bloated abdomen. “No idea if they are male or female?”

“None” Michael replied as his wife raised herself upon her knees and rubbed the head of his cock along her moist pussy lips. The thought that had plagued him since Sarah had become pregnant popped into his head. His penis began to soften in response.

Sarah’s hand stilled upon his cock as she noted the slackening of his ardour. “For fuck’s sake Michael…”

“I know… I’m sorry…” Michael blushed in the darkness.

“Listen, Mike, it’s a fact that an embryo can’t reach down and grab your wiener!”

Sarah knew that her husband knew this but also understood that his unfounded fear wasn’t to be reasoned with. “I guess there’s only one thing for it” she squeezed the un-obedient cock firmly, “I hope Shawna is the unfaithful one… I’ve wanted to munch down on her pussy since they moved in…what do you think Mike?”

Michael’s response was obvious as his cock hardened at the thought of his wife’s tongue sliding up inside the raven haired, twenty eight year old, new neighbour and five doors away. Sarah wasted no time as she impaled herself on her husband’s refreshed erection. As she rocked back and forth upon it she described exactly what she would do to Shawna and what she hoped she would do to her. As her orgasm neared she decided that perhaps she would pay a visit to her new neighbour knowing that any fun she had would keep her husband’s cock hard till the full term of her pregnancy and far beyond. Please be a ‘bi’ she thought as her pussy began to clench about Michael’s thrusting cock.


Paul was in a bit of a daze for the next few days. He and Jane had fucked (that was the word for it) at every opportunity since that late afternoon in the kitchen. He had even allowed himself to be tied up one night and Jane had ridden his face and cock before sucking his seed greedily into her mouth as she pushed a finger into his ass. She had also become a lot more vocal, describing who he should fuck and what she would like to do to them as well. His upbringing had left him with a certain amount of guilt regarding sex in general but it had crumbled away beneath the verbal onslaught from his wife’s mouth.

When she had admitted to the affair he was surprised at his lack of indignation and instead of pushing her away he had wrapped her in his arms. She had then asked him about his own desires and fantasies. At first he had been hesitant and then they spilled out. The next night she had gone to bed early and when he had settled the boys to sleep had entered their bedroom to find her masturbating in full view, watching the computer monitor. The screen showed the webcam’s view mounted on top of it as she spread her deep red pussy and slammed two fingers into her slit. He had almost come before he had stripped off his clothes and then watched Jane on the screen lick his still hard cock clean. The rest of the night was a blur but he had watched the recording twice since: once with Jane and once again on his own.

That morning as he had driven to work he had waved to Vanessa across the street. His cock hardened within his trousers as he remembered Jane’s assurance that fidelity didn’t matter, only love. Vanessa’s dark skin intrigued him. He wondered what his pale cock would look like sliding into her wet pussy.


Vanessa waved back at Paul as he drove away picking up the newspaper lying on the front step. She pulled the white fluffy towelling robe tighter about her shoulders as she watched the rear lights on Paul’s car flare as he braked sharply at the end of the road. She wasn’t sure she cared for the look he had given her. There was something different, askew from his normal polite persona. “You’re just being paranoid” she muttered to herself as she stepped back inside. Paranoid or not she knew there was something bothering Mal and had been for over a week. He had been so busy the last few days, leaving early and arriving home late and absolutely knackered out when he did get in.

She dropped the towelling robe on the banister at the bottom of the stairs, happy she was away from prying eyes and able to simply walk around in the nude except for a pair of warm Rabbit slippers. She looked down at her curvaceous body and cursed the fact her partner hadn’t been able to carry out his bedroom duties, or for that matter in any of the rooms, all week. She looked up the stairs and considered going back to her bed and opening the drawer to her bedside table and giving her favourite toys a try-out. She turned away and stepped into the kitchen, adding a note to the shopping list on the wall pad to buy fresh batteries. Her nipples hardened as the cool breeze wafted across her chocolate coloured flesh from the open patio doors. She tingled slightly as she felt a wave of goose bumps erupt. She picked up her fresh brew of coffee and stepped outside into the warm sunshine and lay down on the recliner, stretching her legs out as she looked at the front page of the local rag.

As she placed her empty coffee mug on the floor and dropped the newspaper beside it she arched her back pushing up her full breasts towards the warming sun. “Who needs a man anyway” she said to the sky as her hands slowly slid over her abdomen and down between her legs. A quiet moan escaped her lips as her fingernail slipped between her labia. I should have popped upstairs she thought.

After teasing herself for almost ten minutes she finally allowed herself to orgasm, feeling her hot juices run down and between the cheeks of her ass. Her loud moans managed to scare the birds out of the trees. The thought popped into her head as the tremors died away that Mal could be having an affair. She laid there, two fingers still buried in her pussy, her thumb gently brushing her clit eliciting tiny aftershocks which radiated out through her thighs and stomach. She wondered if he was, who would it be with? She wasn’t sure how she felt about the idea. Angry, definitely, if it meant that she didn’t get her share of cock. She curled her fingers inside her slit, pressing up onto the small rough spot within her as her thumb pressed down hard on her clit. “I need more orgasms!” she declared and began to moan once again.


Sarah waddled across the street, her right hand in the small of her back while the other caressed the reason for her back ache. Half a dozen birds flew up into the air from further down the road as she walked up to No. 15. She knocked on the door and waited patiently for it to be answered. She still wondered if she would go through with her intentions. For the first three months of her pregnancy she had felt like an incubator on legs with all of the sterile attractiveness of a real hospital incubator. Her confidence in herself had only begun to refresh itself in the past couple of weeks and now the thought of the mysterious letter and her fantasising for Michael’s benefit had resurrected her old horny self. She was about to turn away when she saw a blue shape approach through the distorted glass of the door. Shawna answered the door dressed in a set of theatre greens. “Hi, Sarah…” she covered her mouth and stifled a yawn, “How’s you and the bump?”

“Oh… I’m sorry are you about to go to work?”

“No, not at all, just in actually…night shifts.” She pulled the door wide, “Come on in”

“It can wait, you must be wanting to get to bed I imagine” Sarah hesitated at the door.

Shawna took Sarah’s hand, “I said come in, I need to stay awake and company is called for. It was my last night and the hardest thing about them is getting back to normal living by day.”

“If you’re sure?”

“I am, there’s a pot of strong coffee on the go and cream cakes as well.” Shawna led Sarah through the house into the bright kitchen at the rear. Sarah looked around, it was the first time she had been in No.15 and was always curious about what other people did with identical houses. There was only about half the number of cupboards here than there was in her kitchen and all the doors and drawers were a fiery red in colour. The floor was done in cream tiles and the worktop was dark granite. “You like?”

“I do… though I don’t think I’d ever be as brave in my own house.”

Shawna looked at the parcel in Sarah’s hand. “What’s that?”

“Home-made raspberry cheesecake, a belated house warming present, I hope you like?”

Shawna’s face screwed up slightly, “Actually I can’t stand the stuff… but Jack adores it, so thank you” she took the proffered gift from Sarah and placed it on the top.

Shawna smiled revealing a set of brilliant white teeth. Her eyes lit up with the smile and Sarah felt she should have gotten to know the younger woman much sooner. Her hostess pulled out a chair and Sarah eased herself into it. “Coffee… or does it give you and the bump indigestion?”

Sarah looked down and patted her slowly growing abdomen. “The parasite!” she looked up at Shawna who was still grinning, “it does tend to a bit… it kicks merry hell after any decent stimulant.”

“Hmmm…” Shawna span on her bare feet and opened one of the high cupboards stretching up to the top shelf. Sarah’s eyes settled on the young woman’s ass which was revealed as the cotton top she was wearing rode up. Her back was deeply tanned and the top of a red thong was also exposed just above the loose theatre trousers. “I got some peppermint tea that I’m told is good for parasites!” she lifted down a green and white box and turned on the kettle.

They continued to make small talk and Sarah warmed to the affable younger woman quickly. Thoughts of seduction ebbed away as she enjoyed the conversation. The cream cakes were devoured in short order and Shawna topped up her coffee from a percolator and made Sarah a fresh peppermint. Shawna looked outside through the large window above the sink and said “It’s such a gorgeous day, fancy spending it outside, if you have no other engagements?”

“Sure” replied Sarah and hoisted herself from her seat and followed Shawna on to the patio. The sun shone down warmly and the two of them exchanged stories about their lives. Almost all of Shawna’s stories contained something funny and gross from the hospitals she had worked. Sarah told her about the various minor celebrities and their silly demands from when she worked in PR.

Sarah grinned as she saw what was printed on Shawna’s mug. She shifted on the wooden recliner and felt her back twinge painfully. She uttered a small groan at the discomfort. “Oh, I’m sorry Sarah, I should’ve got the cushions out, I didn’t think” she said twisting lithely on her own seat and offering her hand in support.

“Don’t worry, I just need to stand and straighten for a moment”

Shawna’s eyes glanced behind her, “Would a spell in the hot tub help?”

Sarah’s gaze followed Shawna’s to see a circular section of the wooden decking slightly raised above the floor. Her back yearned for the relaxing sensation of a hot Jacuzzi. “Don’t bother yourself, I’ll be fine”

Shawna jumped up, “It isn’t a bother and I quite fancy a dip myself” she skipped over to the wooden lid and lifted it easily, rolling it away to lean against the garden wall. Returning to the sunken bath she bent down and adjusted the controls. “It’ll be nice and hot in five minutes, I’ll just fix some more drinks and we’ll be right as rain…”Shawna gripped her bottom lip between her teeth for a moment and then continued, “What does that saying mean anyways… right as rain?” She skipped happily into the house.

Sarah smiled broadly at the seemingly limitless energy of the younger woman. Her hands softly stroked her bulge and the ‘parasite’ within who shifted slowly and for once didn’t feel the need to try and stick it’s foot or hand out through her stomach. Sarah wandered over to the hot tub and looked down into the gently swirling water. “We should have got one of these” she whispered to herself. Michael and Sarah’s house stood at the end of the dead-end street with almost three times the amount of garden than any of the other houses including this one. Over the years they had extended and also installed a heated swimming pool which she used almost daily so it was easily the most luxurious property on the street. However at this moment she was supremely envious of the couple, Shawna and Jack, who had only recently moved in. “Should have got a Jacuzzi!” she muttered to the bump.

Shawna reappeared carrying a tray with a large pitcher, a glass, a steaming pot of coffee and a large mug. “Coffee for me… or I’ll fall asleep in there and white wine and lemonade for you. You deserve it and don’t fret I haven’t made it too strong so hopefully the little parasite will let you alone” That grin reappeared on her face. Sarah beamed back.

“That sounds just fine, Shawna” it was only then that she wondered whether Shawna was going to change into a swimsuit.

Shawna spotted the slight look of concern on Sarah’s face and interpreted it correctly. “Oh, did you want something to wear in the tub?”


“I was just gonna jump in with my panties, but if you want I’m sure I can find you something, we’re about the same size…” Shawna reached out and touched a finger onto Sarah’s bump, “…well, we were I reckon!”

Sarah looked down and nodded in agreement. “I think I’m wearing decent if practical underwear…” Shawna lightly stroked the bulge once and then grasped her theatre top and pulled it off over her head. Sarah looked up as a lacy red bra was revealed. Her earlier intentions of seduction reappeared as did the idea that Shawna could possibly be having an affair. She licked her lips for a moment and then pulled the string hoops off her shoulders and let her summer dress fall to the wooden deck. Shawna reached behind her back and undid the clasp on her bra and tossed it on top of the discarded cotton work shirt. Briefly she massaged the light red lines left by her bra and then swiftly pulled down her blue trousers and stepped out of them to stand in just her red thong. Sarah kept glancing at the young woman’s full breasts as she struggled with her own bra. The ache in her back causing her some pain

“Would you like a hand?” offered Shawna.


Shawna stepped behind Sarah and her soft fingers made quick work of the plain white bra. Sarah chewed on her lip for the few seconds she felt the woman’s fingers upon her flesh. Shawna lowered the bra off her Sarah’s shoulders and picked up the summer dress as she stepped out of it, she placed them both on the back of the vacated recliner. Returning to Sarah she took hold of her arm and helped her into the hot water of the tub. As Sarah slid into the tub she felt her back begin to ease almost instantly. A pleasurable groan escaped her lips. Shawna shifted the tray of drinks within easy reach and then slipped in herself.

Sarah closed her eyes and let the gentle flow of the hot water soothe away her aches and pains. The ‘parasite’ shifted within her and seemed to be enjoying the sensations as well. After a minute she opened her eyes and looked across at Shawna who was laying back, arms stretched out along the padded edge of the hot tub with her eyes closed. Shawna’s breasts bobbed at the surface of the rippling water. Her flesh was as bronzed as her back with no tan lines. Sarah wondered if she had any at all. She chewed lightly on her tongue as she wondered how the woman’s erect nipples would feel within her mouth. Her breasts were smaller than Sarah’s were at the moment, which had swelled during her pregnancy, but normally they would have been at least a cup size smaller than Shawna’s. Sarah hoped that after the parasite was born and had been weaned that she might be left with a chest about the size it was now. One bonus had been that her nipples had become incredibly sensitive and she had achieved two or three orgasms in the last couple of weeks before Michael had even gotten inside her panties.

She looked down at her own nipples, throbbing of their own accord, and wondered if she dare give them a little tweak.  “So, Sarah, what’s the gossip in the street?” asked Shawna shaking Sarah from her pondering. She looked up but the young woman’s eyes were still closed.

“Not a lot… everybody is just… actually there is one thing.”

Shawna raised her head and looked across at Sarah; she lifted her mug of coffee from the side carefully and took a sip. Her eyes dipped to Sarah’s floating boobs for a second before she took a further sip and placed the mug back on the side. “Come on then, spill!”

“Well… you know Gabs at No.21… a couple of weeks ago it seems…” Sarah continued to tell Shawna all about the letter and the fact that no-one knew, or were admitting, who it was from or too.

“A delicious mystery” Shawna grinned “and you don’t even know if it was from a woman or a man?” Sarah shook her head sharing a conspiratorial grin. “Can you tell if it was definitely from a woman to a man or vice versa and not… a lesbian or gay love note?”

Sarah laughed, throwing her head back bouncing it off the padded edge, she was aware of her breasts rising fully out of the water to be displayed for Shawna. Her nipples pulsed and she squeezed her thighs together in response. “God, Shawna… I don’t think anyone even considered that. To be honest I can’t say, I haven’t seen it and actually Michael didn’t even see it… I think Jane and Gabs are the only ones, probably Nick as well”

“So, what d’ya reckon… a torrid lesbian affair in the street? Now that would be a juicy bit of gossip!” Shawna declared.

Sarah’s chest shook as she giggled. “For such a ‘butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth’ type of girl Shawna you are an evil minx deep down!”

Shawna straightened her back and clasped her hands together as if in prayer. Sarah’s eyes dropped to her new friend’s chest as it rose out of the water fully aware that her gaze was being noted. Her pussy moistened considerably beneath the foaming waters. “Well, Sarah, it’s all for show, the pure innocent visage is only skin deep!” Sarah’s eyes rose to Shawna’s face and if it wasn’t for the fact she was almost nude the demure expression she wore could have been on an eight year old waiting to receive her First Communion.

“You can do innocent very well, Shawna!”

Shawna’s expression turned to one of mock horror “Are you trying to seduce me, Sarah?”

Sarah felt her pussy warm beneath the surface of the swirling water and replied “Not that I’m aware of Shawna…”

Shawna’s expression relaxed. No longer an innocent virgin and no longer the infectious smile; if Sarah was asked to put a word to it she would have said ‘predatory’. Sarah’s thoughts were concentrated on her slit which was tightening rhythmically as Shawna reached for the tubs controls and a surge of bubbles issued from the many nozzles under the surface. A stream of air surged beneath Sarah’s left thigh, almost without conscious thought she shifted so the eruption rose between her thighs; the vibrations feeling exquisite as they ran over her aching cunt. “So, Sarah, d’ya reckon there are any women on Orchid Road that dabble in the Sapphic delights?”

Shawna reached for Sarah’s drink and handed it to her using it as a reason to move closer. Sarah took the plastic glass and said “I imagine some have dabbled…” she took a long slow sip as she felt Shawna’s nails rake along her thigh within the maelstrom of bubbles. Her pussy began to tingle with tiny static shocks as she spread her thighs and felt Shawna’s breast press against hers. As the young woman’s fingers snaked beneath her panties she wondered who had seduced who.


Another orgasm ripped through Sarah as she pressed the back of her head against the padded rim of the tub. Shawna’s lips were locked on her nipple as her chest heaved beneath the sensual onslaught. Three of the younger woman’s fingers were deep inside her as her thumb rubbed her clitoris. Sarah was still waiting for a chance to catch her breath and return the favour when she heard the deep masculine voice above her. “Glad to see you are getting acquainted with the neighbours” Sarah opened her eyes and saw Shawna’s partner, Jack, standing above her dressed only in black swimming trunks. His erection was obvious.

She looked down at the younger woman who released her nipple from her warm mouth and replied “Just trying to get over my night shifts, sugar.” Shawna looked into Sarah’s eyes, “I sure ain’t the one having a secret affair… well, at least not secret anyhow!”  Shawna’s fingers pushed deep inside Sarah’s cunt as the pregnant woman reached up and grabbed Jack’s trunks pulling them down. Her slit clamped down on the invading fingers as Jack dropped to his knees and offered her his hard thick cock.


All it took was one little text message. Michael, who never normally got home before seven in the evening, slipped through the side gate of No. 15 at 4p.m. walking around the house. He stood there for a few moments as he watched his pregnant wife being fucked by Jack while Shawna ground her pussy down onto her face. His hard-on, trapped within his suit, had risen when he had received Sarah’s message. [Number 15. Cock in cunt, mouth on clit! Get ur ass here now!] Jane had thrown him a curios glance as he had shut down his computer rapidly. “I’ll tell you tomorrow… it’s about the letter!” with that he strode from the office leaving a wildly curious look on his business partners face.

He strode towards the threesome stripping his clothes as he did, dropping them to the decking behind him. Without even a ‘hello’ he offered his erection to Shawna who grasped it in her hand and lapped at the pre-cum that had oozed from his glans. He groaned loudly, closing his eyes and wrapped his hands in her long black hair. He felt a hand cup his balls. He looked down to see Jack’s hand massaging his testicles, a questioning look on the young man’s face. Shawna shifted her hips to reveal his wife’s juice smeared face. Sarah blinked momentarily and looked up at her husband. All she did was lick her lips and Michael nodded to Jack. Jack leant forward, still bucking his hips, sliding his cock into Sarah’s quim as he joined Shawna in wrapping their mouths around the head of Michael’s cock. Sarah swore as another orgasm wracked her body, managing to keep her eyes open as she watched another man’s lips on her husband’s cock. Michael’s seed shot violently out of his spasming cock.


After the initial frenzied fucking the two couples had retired to Jack and Shawna’s lounge where they had eaten Sarah’s home-made Raspberry Cheesecake. Shawna had enjoyed it immensely as it had been spread over her tan-line free body. Michael had enjoyed his wife’s pussy juice. Tasted, for the first time off another man’s cock! Sarah had orgasmed as she had watched her husband lap up her juices even though at that point there had been no hands or mouth or cock anywhere near her. Eventually at about nine in the evening Michael and Sarah had dressed and returned home across the street leaving a spent and naked Jack and Shawna (who was snoring quietly in her partners arms, the night shift had eventually caught up with her) with an invite to their garden party in eight days time.


Midday and the doorbell chimed. Gabryelle greeted Jane on the threshold and led her through to the kitchen to the requisite biscuits and a large carafe of chilled wine instead of coffee. Both of the women sat on the edge of their seats almost squirming. “So…?” asked Gabryelle.

“What do you mean, ‘So…’? Do you know who the letter is from…or too? Was it for Nick?”

Gabryelle frowned, “To be honest Jane, I haven’t got a clue…” she looked at her friend quizzically. “What about you?”

Jane shrugged “No idea but it’s been… interesting trying to find out” Gabryelle saw the colour rise in the other woman’s cheeks.


“Oh…people’s reactions…” Jane said non-committedly. Gabryelle smirked. “You’ve found that as well?”

“I guess so” Gabryelle replied as she felt the colour in her own cheeks also rise.

Jane took a sip of her wine before continuing, “It was on my mind, I kept looking at our neighbours and wondering. I just got so damned horny that when I got home last week I almost raped Paul. If he’d said no, I would have, one way or another… as it was…”

Gabryelle leaned forward on her elbows, her own glass of wine forgotten about in her hand, “…as it was?”

Jane looked down at the table, “…as it was… I got a right good fucking!” Jane quickly took a sip of her wine. “Don’t misunderstand me, he’s always been a…considerate lover… it was just I needed to be fucked… he took me right there on the kitchen table… damn but did I come! Mind you I was bruised and sore the next morning… we’ve been at it like rabbits ever since…”

Gabryelle grinned imagining her friend bent over the kitchen table. She squeezed her thighs together below the table. She glanced up at Jane who was sipping on her wine, a wistful look mixed with yearning upon her face; what do you look like when you come? thought Gabryelle. Jane shook herself from her reverie and dropped her eyes to meet her friends. “So… What about you? What reactions did you get?” her eye brow raised as he watched her friend blush deeply.

Gabryelle took a long slow slip of her drink. “I… err…”

“You…err…what? Don’t make me guess Gabs…”pleaded Jane.

Gabryelle rose from her chair and turned away and stood at the window in front of the sink. She couldn’t help but stroke the curved arm of the tap. “I mentioned I had a leak the other day on the phone…”

Jane stood up carrying her glass and moved around the table resting her ass against the wooden top. She studied her friend, watched her fingers stroking the tap; a whole gamut of ideas streamed through her head as she imagined what her friend was about to confess. “You did” she said simply and realised she was holding her breath. “Oh my god, you called a plumber and fucked him!”

“No, not a plumber” Gabryelle whispered.

Jane placed her glass on the table behind her and stood up. Images of her friend, being ravaged, filled her mind. “Who did you fuck?” Gabryelle’s voice dropped even lower in reply. Jane stepped closer, standing just behind her, “Who did you fuck?” she asked again in a whisper.


“You fucked Mal! Vanessa’s husband?” she watched her friend nod and her hand grip the chrome tap hard. “…was he any good?” Gabryelle’s shoulders slumped in relief and she nodded. Jane noted her nipples hardening and for some strange reason felt guilty that she had only fucked her own husband more often, even if with more intensity, than going out and having an extra-marital affair. She reached out and placed her hand on her friend’s shoulder unsure whether she should comfort her. Gabryelle stiffened and then relaxed beneath the touch.

“You should see his cock…”

Jane’s pussy clenched in response, “I should?”

Gabryelle turned around and held her fingers nine inches apart and then added another half inch “…and thick too!”

“Fuck!” replied Jane.

Gabryelle nodded and pointed to the sink behind her “Right there” she indicated.

“You’re such a slut, Gabs…” Jane replied with a grin.

“I am…damn, but I wasn’t ‘til that letter got inside my head!”

“Yes…and now you’re so horny?” Jane grasped the material of her skirt in her fists.

“All the goddamned, fucking, time!” Gabryelle stared directly into her friend’s eyes.

Jane breathed heavily, her chest rising and falling, images of her friend being fucked against the sink flashing through her mind. She opened and closed her mouth wanting to ask a question. Her eyes dropped to the floor as the words failed to come out of her mouth.

“So, Paul fucked you over the kitchen table?”

Jane looked up and then twisted to look at the table behind her. “I had to pull off my panties and expose myself to get him to stick his dick in me…” she looked back at the lustful expression on her friend’s face.

Gabryelle smiled and said “Show me…”


Jane and Gabryelle lay entwined in the bed. Both of them naked and the bed sheets heaped on the floor at the foot of the bed. Their chests rose and fell together, their cunts pressed together and their arms wrapped around their backs holding each other close as they slowly came down from their orgasms. “Should we give Paul a call and get him to join us?” asked Gabryelle.

“Not just yet… what about Nick?” replied Jane.

Gabryelle shook her head “Nope…I just want you today… maybe another day…” she kissed her neighbour softly feeling their juices mingle as she shifted her hips slightly trying to press her tingling clit against her friend’s. Gabryelle felt a small surge of guilt (a lot smaller than she knew it should be) that she wasn’t sure she would tell Nick anytime soon. She wanted Mal’s cock in her again, wanted to feel it stretch her once again as he lost control and slammed it into her.

Jane shuddered as she felt her hard clit touch her friend’s knowing that another orgasm would soon be upon her. She knew when she got home and told Paul of how much Gab had come over her face during the afternoon that he would fuck her hard. The juices began to flow again from her over-sensitive pussy lips.


Nick arrived home and let himself in through the garage. He had noted that the boiler had been running as he stepped into the main house. He dropped his keys on the small table just inside the kitchen with all the letters and circulars of the day. He noted the time on the clock upon the shelf. He looked upwards to the ceiling and wondered. He flicked on the kettle after checking that it was full. For a few moments he dallied about the kitchen before his curiosity got the better of him and he headed down the hall and up the stairs.

He was halfway up the stairs before he heard the shower in the en-suite of the master bedroom. He looked at his watch noting that he was a little earlier than usual. He took his shoes off half way up the stairs and proceeded in his stockinged feet and made his way silently into the bedroom. The room was as neat as it ever was and the windows were wide open allowing a breeze to ruffle the net curtains. The door to the bathroom was ajar and he placed his shoes neatly on the shoe rack before nearing the door. He stood at the door and craned his neck to look inside feeling like a naughty schoolboy.  Gabryelle stood naked, leaning with one hand against the tiled wall of the shower, the hot steamy water splashing across her shoulders and back as her head rested on the light blue tiles. Nick felt his cock swell inside his trousers as he watched her body twitch. Her right hand was conspicuous by its absence and he suspected it was on or near or in her pussy. A moan echoed across to him confirming his suspicion and his hand went to his crotch to squeeze his hardening member. He began to pull off his jacket letting it drop to the floor rather than hang it up neatly like he knew Gabryelle preferred. His eyes were held by the image of his wife teasing herself through the door.

Gabryelle lightly patted her inflamed slit with her forefinger, tiny static shocks sparking in her abused cunt every time. Her pussy would twitch in response and an extra surge of juices would run out of her snatch to mix with the hot water from the shower and meander down her thighs. She’d lost count of the orgasms she had with Jane during the afternoon and had dived into the shower with the simple intention of washing the sweat and juices from her body. Her pussy had other ideas. It was insatiable as it ached while she lathered and washed her hair and body. When she had run her soapy fingers over it she found she had no choice. Her clit demanded attention and was not going to be denied. Two further body shaking orgasms and so many tiny ones and still it wasn’t satisfied. She needed to fill it, she needed something inside it and the various bottles of shower gel and shampoo were looking very attractive. She needed cock. She wanted Mal’s cock in her once again.

“FUCK!” she screamed as she felt a pair of hands slide over her ass and around to her hips. “Ma…” she stopped herself halfway through the name knowing it couldn’t possibly be her neighbour. A tongue was drawn up along the crack of her ass and she shuddered as she felt it slide between them and graze her tight rear hole. “My god… Please… Nick…” she muttered. Nick thrust his tongue against her anus as his hands slipped around her hips and his fingers spread her throbbing slit. Her juices flooded out as she removed her own hand, gripping the shower rail and two of his thick fingers wormed into her slit. Her head slowly slipped down the smooth tiles till she had thrust her hips out and she looked through the streaming water between her legs. Two of Nick’s fingers were buried inside her to the second knuckle, his thumbs rolling her engorged clit between them. She bucked her hips against his face and lowered her gaze to his cock standing up straight being splashed by the hot water.

“Fuck me, Nick… Fuck me now…” she felt his tongue slip from her ass and watched as he stood behind her. His fingers slipped from inside her cunt but remained holding her lips spread wide and he slid his cock all the way inside her. She pushed back hard meeting his thrust. Another orgasm wracked her body but it wasn’t enough. She twisted her head up and craned her neck to look back at her husband, blinking through the streaming water running across her face; “Put it in my ass, Nick…fuck me in the ass…” she dropped a hand between her legs and took hold of his slippery cock as he withdrew it, guiding it up to her anus and spreading her feet further apart.

Nick’s hand gripped her hips tightly as he slowly pushed into his wife’s rear hole. He was breathing heavily. He had asked years before if he could, if she wanted to but she had always demurred being unsure. He groaned loudly as the tight hole gripped his cock as he slid it slowly deeper. He gasped as he felt her knuckles slide within her pussy pressing through the thin flesh between kneading the underside of his cock.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…fuck…” muttered Gabryelle as she lowered her head once more and orgasm followed orgasm ripping through her cunt. She felt Nick’s cock twitch within her after his sixth or seventh stroke and knew that he was filling her ass with his seed. Her cunt locked down like a vice on her fingers and stars erupted in supernovae behind her eyelids as her legs gave way.


They lay together in the freshly made bed. Her pussy had been sated and she had a bruise on her forehead to show for it where she had banged it against the shower rail. Nick kept planting the lightest of kisses upon it. Three times she had started to tell him about the letter and three times she had stopped before a word left her mouth. She wanted to tell him about the day with Jane and wanted to tell him about her afternoon with Mal. She was afraid and she knew it wasn’t in fear of him being upset; it was in dread of him putting a stop to it. She wanted to have Mal fill her pussy again and maybe have Nick fuck her in the ass at the same time. In the end she simply said that it was that time of the month when a woman just gets so horny and if he happens to be around for those couple of hours that is what he gets.

She wasn’t sure whether Nick thought that was the entire story but she forestalled any questions by slipping beneath the covers and sucking his cock to hardness. She swallowed all of his cum as he erupted in her mouth feeling guilty as she imagined she once again had Mal’s thick, long cock pressed against the back of her throat.


Paul arrived home and wandered into the kitchen. Sitting in the centre of that table was a mug of freshly made coffee. He heard Jane move about upstairs. He lifted the mug and saw the note below.

‘The kids are away for the night. Do you want coffee or do you want to come upstairs and fuck me while I tell you what I did today!’

“No contest” he muttered and took a small sip of the hot brew. He smiled to himself as he thought about downing the coffee anyway and going upstairs and fucking Jane as well. He placed still full mug back on the table holding the note in his hands. “Got to say, I’m liking these letters popping up, more n’ more!”

He walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs pulling of his clothes as he went. By the time he entered the bedroom he was naked and his cock was fully erect. He stood at the door and looked at the bed. Reaching down he squeezed his cock, rubbing his thumb across the circumcised head smearing the pre-cum that had already started to form.

Jane was knelt on the bed, wearing black stockings attached to a scarlet boned corset. He stepped to the foot of the bed and surveyed her knickerless ass. The late evening light streamed through the front window casting a red glow over the scene. Even in the poor light he could see her pussy was open and soaking wet and that she had shaved it recently leaving her mound completely bare. He remembered the corset from when they had first started to go out together and knew that every time she had worn it they had always ‘made love’. However, tonight she had two new items which he hadn’t seen before. The blindfold wrapped around her eyes was one and the handcuffs securing her to the bed-head were the other. “You been a bad girl and been spending my ‘hard-earned’ on the credit card again?” he stepped forward and knelt on the bed behind her.

He could smell the strong aroma of her arousal as she answered, “Yes…sir!” he could hear the smile in her voice. His hand came down swiftly and with a resounding smack against her ass. She yelped and thrust her ass upwards in response. “I’ve been a very, very naughty girl today, sir…”



Paul was ramming his cock as hard as he could into Jane’s slippery pussy. He growled as he felt the hot flesh on her chastised ass against his hips spurring him on; her mouth uttering obscenities with each thrust, telling him how she had sucked on Gab’s pussy and how she wanted to lick her friend’s juices from his cock at the first opportunity. An inexhaustible flow of pussy cream seemed to be pouring out of her pulsing cunt. He reached below her and grasped her breasts from the top of the corset, pinching her nipples hard when the light within the room brightened slightly. He looked to his side and out through the windows.

Across the street ‘the’ bedroom light had come on. Paul released his wife’s nipples and dug his fingers into her hips as he watched Vanessa enter the room across the way. She was wearing a white towelling robe which hung open revealing the dark flesh of her naked form beneath. In the few moments it took her to walk across to the window and draw the curtains Paul had shot his seed deep inside his wife. “I’m so going to fuck you…” he whispered quietly.


Vanessa sat on her bed, pillows plumped up behind her, a laptop humming upon her thighs. She looked forlornly at the ‘Rabbit’ lying beside her. “Damn batteries” she muttered and then glanced up at the picture on the bedside table showing Mal and herself on the balcony of the Empire State Building. “Damn Men!”

She surfed across the web only half interested. One free porn site after another not sure if she was really in the mood. It had been over three weeks since she had fucked Mal. That morning she had caught him before he went out and asked when he was going to have a day off. He muttered about the economy and that there was work at the moment but there mightn’t be any next month for all they knew. She demanded that he wouldn’t be working next Saturday as it was Michael and Sarah’s garden party and if she went alone he mightn’t have a partner next month. Mal had stormed out leaving Vanessa feeling guilty.

It took her most of the morning to shake the feeling of guilt realising that she wasn’t being unreasonable. Just frustrated! She had checked their bank accounts on-line and realised that he was working all the hours and if he was having an affair she had no idea when he could possibly fit it in to the day. She had smiled at the thought that maybe he was now a gigolo; he definitely had the cock for it!

She caught her eye on a captured picture from a video, a woman offering her breasts to a man. The porn star looked familiar. She knew it was just an anonymous porn star but there was a very close likeness, could have easily been a twin if not an identical one. She glanced up at the curtains shielding the windows. She opened her robe and picked up the ‘dead’ Rabbit as she tapped the mouse pad.


Michael and Sarah sat on their large comfy couch, her head against his shoulder, his hand gently smoothing the blue dress she was wearing across the ever increasing lump. It was almost midnight and the two of them were happily digesting (even the parasite had been quiet but Sarah had picked the more conservative items from the menu) the meal they had shared with Jack and Shawna at a small but very good restaurant just outside of town. They both found the younger couple very engaging and a pleasure to be around. The four of them had agreed to do their best to keep their own hands to themselves. In the main they had succeeded though Jack and Sarah’s kiss goodnight would definitely not have passed scrutiny at the local church.

It seemed that the young couple had been ‘swinging’ for over two years though hadn’t found a like minded couple that they liked enough to meet up with more than twice. They openly admitted that through normal internet channels, as it were, they would never have picked a couple in the same town where they lived, let alone the same road. They had also tended to go for couples that were a similar age to themselves and both seemed to think, as it turned out, that had been a mistake. Over the past week Sarah had been over to Shawna’s twice to avail herself of their hot tub which Michael promised to copy and have installed during the summer in their own garden. Shawna had availed herself of the older woman much to Sarah’s pleasure and had given her a key so that she could use the hot tub anytime whether they were there or not. Sarah was mildly disappointed the previous day when she found her new friend’s house empty but the parasite enjoyed the soothing sensations of the hot tub immensely.

The younger couple promised to see them on Saturday afternoon and that they would do their best to behave themselves. Sarah frowned a little at this but Michael said that would only be necessary till all the other guests went home as he hoped the two of them would stay the night. “I can’t wait” said Shawna as she gave Michael’s crotch a playful squeeze and skipped off happily across the road holding Jack’s hand who was smiling happily at his girlfriend.

“You know we’re gonna have to get a bigger bed, don’t you?” Sarah asked, her breath tickling Michael’s neck.

Michael closed his eyes and concentrated on the hairs rising on his warmed flesh and the soft sweet aroma of his wife’s perfume. “You think it’s going to be a long term thing then?”

He felt Sarah tense a fraction, one of the parasite’s limbs (possibly a foot) rolled across the inside of her stomach pushing against his hand. “Don’t you… don’t you want it to be?”

“I think so…” Sarah relaxed and the extraneous foot beneath his hand withdrew. Michael stared down at his hand for a few moments slightly paranoid about the foetus’ hearing. Scary he thought.

“Is it Jack…I wasn’t sure at first if you were… you know?…  Just doing it to please me…”

“At the very first… yes… I saw the lust in your eyes” he grinned at the image, “and Shawna’s juices smeared all over your face! Two mouths on my cock have got to be better than one even if one is a man’s!” Sarah’s fingernail scratched his flaccid cock beneath his jeans and it stirred enthusiastically in response.

“Is the hands off rule finished with?” she whispered into his ear.

“I reckon” Michael replied and dropped the hand that had been around her shoulders beneath her arm, which she lifted slightly, and slipped it beneath and over the side of her full breast, a fingertip just touched the hard lump beneath her clothing. “When I… when I sucked Jack’s penis… my first, I found that I… I liked it.” Sarah’s finger ran up along the side of Michael’s swelling cock, helping to straighten it beneath his jeans. “Do you think this means I’m Gay?” the humour evident in his voice.

“Oh…totally!” she bit on his earlobe and grasped his fully hard cock, “any chance of a final fuck for old times’ sake?”

Michael squeezed Sarah’s breast and replied “oh, okay then…”


Sarah rocked slowly back on forth on top of Michael’s cock, her hands on the back of the couch, as he looked up at her smiling. His jeans and boxers were wrapped around his feet as he slowly pushed his cock up into his wife feeling her panties drag along the side of his member beneath the pale blue dress she still wore. His fear of the parasite within her hadn’t been an issue tonight and he remained fully erect within her. She glanced out of the window behind and down the street. “So… are we going to see them again, beyond Saturday night?”

Michael, his hands holding her hips softly, raised his hips earning a groan from his wife’s lips as she looked back down at him. “I like them both a lot, I think we’ll be friends for many years…” he bit his bottom lip as he felt Sarah tighten her pussy about him and grind her hips down harder.

“And the…mmmm…. the bed?”

“Yessss… a very big one…”he muttered. He closed his eyes hard as Sarah worked her pussy up and down his length, squeezing and releasing him with every movement. His sac tightened and he felt the pulse begin as his seed rose up through his twitching cock. “A very, very…big one…ahhh”

“Yesssss……..” responded Sarah enthusiastically.


Saturday morning arrived. Vanessa was fuming. Mal wasn’t in bed when she had awoken. His side of the bed still held the faintest trace of warmth but there was no sound of him within earshot. She threw back the duvet and stomped towards the window pulling back the curtains. A couple of hoops pinged from the rail and rolled under the bed as if wanting to hide from the woman’s obvious anger. She stood naked at the window looking down at the half empty driveway below. His van had gone. The sun beat warmly through the glazing onto her flesh, her nipples responded without invitation and she looked down at the sensitive nubs. She flicked her left one harshly and a little painfully muttering “…forget it…” the tissue shied away. As she turned away from the window she saw Paul standing opposite holding a cardboard box outside his garage. His head was turned and his eyes were staring directly at her. She shook her head and held a solitary middle finger up, mouthing the words oh, fuck off directly at him and turned away not caring if he stared at her ass or not.

She cursed under her breath as she headed to the bathroom, “Would have served you right Mal if I’d dragged him in here and fucked his brains out…”


Paul watched as Vanessa turned away and spat on the tarmac beside him. “Bitch!” he muttered although his eyes were still locked to the receding curvaceous ass. He went back inside, the kids were happily playing football in the garden and Jane had gone out shopping for a dress for the party and something special for underneath it to show him later. He strode upstairs and stood at the front window sure he wasn’t visible from without with the rising sun behind the house. He opened the clothes hamper beside the bathroom door and pulled out the stockings Jane had been wearing last night. They smelled off their combined sweat and secretions, he put the hem to his nose and sniffed deeply the scent of his wife’s cunt. In moments his jeans were around his ankles and the stocking wrapped around his manhood as he stared across the street at the empty bedroom opposite and pulled on his throbbing member.


Shawna climbed out of bed grinning like the proverbial cat. Jack was snoring loudly behind her. Her body tingled as she felt his cum seep out of her pussy and dribble down the inside of her thigh, she cast a glance at his now flaccid cock coated in her fresh juices and thought of returning to the bed and cleaning up after herself. She sucked on her forefinger and decided to let Jack grab some more sleep before rousing his cock once again. The two of them had kept grinning at each other since Thursday night and returning from the meal with Michael and Sarah. They were hopeful that they had found a couple who seemed to have very few, if none at all, hang-ups and as open and un-envious of each other as they were themselves.

The fact that the two of them had been in serious relationships with other people when they met and almost immediately had a clandestine affair for over a year before they were found out had influenced their own formal relationship. No secrets and no guilt was the rule! Jack described their relationship as not necessarily an ’open’ one but definitely not a ‘closed’ one.

It was definitely pure luck that had revealed to them their neighbours. If Shawna hadn’t been so tired from her night shifts her better (more morally acceptable) judgement would have undoubtedly prevailed and she would never have made a play for Sarah. After Sarah had shared Jack’s cum with Shawna in the hot tub and Jack had also joined in the kiss she had asked if she could invite Michael over. Of course they had granted her wish and told her about the nature of their relationship. Shawna had been taken with Michael from the very first time they had met and when her eyes had met Jack’s and seen the lust within their mutual hopes had risen. The two of them were still quite nervous as they waited for Michael’s arrival, Jack more so, even though Sarah had assured them he had already shown a desire as far as the younger woman was concerned.

Finally when the two of them had accepted Michael’s seed into their mouths they had grinned broadly at each other thanking their lucky stars. And when Michael had reciprocated taking Jack’s cock into his mouth and raising a smile of contentment on Shawna’s face let alone the look of bliss on Jack’s. Shawna wondered if Gabryelle would bring the letter to the garden party that started it all as she felt that she would like to frame it.

Over dinner, on Thursday night, the four of them had grown closer still. Jack and Michael both had very similar senses of humour and a love of Monty Python which the two women didn’t share. They had found out that this was Michael’s second marriage (“definitely a keeper” he had said) and that Sarah had been the other woman. His first marriage had ended fairly amicably if expensively and there had been no children to fight over. The look on Jack’s face had prompted a questioning look from both Michael and Sarah.

Jack had excused himself and headed for the toilet leaving Shawna to explain. It wasn’t that Jack had minded people knowing it was just that he often choked when talking about it. Michael and Sarah listened sympathetically as Shawna explained that Jack was sterile from catching the Mumps when he was twenty-two and it galled him that he would never be able to give Shawna children.

Sarah had looked at Michael and said “Well, I can vouch for Michael’s fertility” she smoothed her pale blue dress over her stomach, “and this really is the only one I’m lightly to have. Hush…” she quietened Michael’s protests with a finger to his lips, “you didn’t marry a stupid woman, dear, you should just have found me earlier. I’m lucky, the best years of child bearing are behind me and I have this one last shot. As I was saying, if you ever want a recommended sample I would love to have a half-sibling to the parasite!”

Shawna had blushed and tears had welled up in her eyes and had thanked them for the offer as Michael had embarrassingly nodded. “I think Jack might like that… but maybe I’ll tell him later…” Jack had returned and Michael and Sarah had nodded once to Jack to let them know that Shawna had told them of his issue. Both had quickly gotten the conversation back onto more emotion-free subjects and soon Jack had joined back in. The rest of night was filled with laughter and smiles.

When Jack and Shawna had got back to their own house they had quickly gone to bed and within minutes Shawna was spooned against Jack feeling him slowly slide his cock in and out of her pussy with his arms wrapped about her and his mouth lightly kissing her neck. Her orgasm had been soft and long and had faded away just as she felt Jack’s seed pump into the neck of her womb. While he softened within her she told him about Michael and Sarah’s offer. He whispered into her ear “I think I’d like that”. Her heart ached as she felt the back of her neck moisten with his tears and she grasped his hands and pulled them tighter around her body.

Saturday morning and Shawna managed to allow Jack an extra hour of sleep before she took his flaccid cock into her mouth. Briefly she looked up at Jack, “Today’s going to be a good day!” Jack’s eyes opened as his cock swelled within Shawna’s mouth.

“And tonight…”


Nick calmly ate his ‘regulation’ bowl of porridge as Gabryelle rushed backwards and forwards around the kitchen seeming to find a hundred and one things to do. His mind kept wandering back to Thursday night and fucking his wife in the ass. He had found that he actually preferred his cock in her pussy but was grateful that he had a chance to try it. Her demand though, still puzzled him. He had long since forgotten about his request in the early years of their marriage and had held no ill-will that she had declined back then.

He thought of some Pixar or Disney animation he had once seen and the quote “Something’s not right!” sprang to the front of his mind.

Gabryelle stared at her husband for a second, maybe sensing his thoughts, and declared that she had to get ready for the garden party and disappeared up the stairs. Nick watched her leave and looked up at the large clock on the shelf seeing that they had almost two hours before it was due to begin.


Michael and Sarah had a quiet morning reading the papers and discussing the world’s events. All of the food and drink for the garden party had been arranged and delivered. The marquee, in case of rain, had been put up the day before and four of the local, more sensible, teenagers had been roped in, with appropriate financial inducement, to act as waiters and waitresses. The day looked like it was going to be perfect; the marquee would act as a respite from the sun and a handy spot in which to put out the food.

The two of them had discussed their new friends, Jack and Shawna, at length. Neither of them had been unfaithful to the other since they had gotten together after the divorce but they had accepted that due to the nature of the origin of their relationship and it was obviously something that they had done before, albeit Sarah from the outside of a marriage, that they may do it again. They had vowed (though not in the formal ceremony) to always share their desires and fantasies especially including those about other people. It had worked well and had inspired many a sexual experience in their bed. When Michael had received the text from his wife after her vocal descriptions of what she would like to do the new neighbour three nights previously he had felt only love for his wife. Only afterwards was he surprised that he hadn’t felt any jealousy despite their personal vows.

They had both agreed that, with a little sense and discreetness, that it could only benefit their relationship. Just before the guests and staff began to arrive Michael took his wife in his arms and repeated the personal vow he had made. Sarah cursed her husband as she knew she would have to re-do her eyeliner and also repeated the vow.


Nick sat against the fence at the back of the garden surveying the large group of people within.

The neighbourhood kids screamed and laughed behind him in the open field as they played various games of speed and stealth in the long grass knowing that their parents were happily consuming Michael and Sarah’s generous hospitality.

Michael and Jane’s work staff pretty much kept themselves to themselves, a couple of wannabe alpha males trying to vie for dominance within the group. Some of the other neighbours were in the large pool, their clothes heaped on recliners, drinks sitting on the side and generally in socially acceptable swimwear except for one who had stripped to her underwear which had now become transparent and had lured husbands, who should know better, towards her like flies round shit.

He took a sip of his beer and a drag on his cigarette. It was his close friends that fascinated him the most. He had lost count of the number of these ‘shin-digs’ he had been to, but something was out of kilter within the group. “Something’s not right!” he muttered.

First there was Mal and Vanessa who had arrived late. Almost as soon as they had walked through the gate they had seperated after greeting the hosts. Mal had headed for the beer and once supplied had began to mingle with the outer circle of friends. He had followed a surreptitious glance across the garden expecting it to land upon Vanessa. No-one stood out but he caught his wife’s eye, she was talking to Jane but looked across her friend’s shoulder with a frown at the smouldering cigarette in his fingers. He lifted it to his lips and took a long satisfying drag.

Next he noted Vanessa, a pleasure to look at normally, but now with a scowl on her face as she was approached by Paul. Nick noted that Paul didn’t seem to be his normal shy self but a lot more aggressive. Vanessa turned away and disappeared into the throng leaving Paul standing alone. ‘Fuming’ would be the word Nick would have picked to describe young man. he felt a smile creep about his lips.

Then there was the new couple, Jack and Shawna or Sheena he thought. He had only exchanged a few passing words with them on the pavements since they had moved in. He wasn’t sure but their complete ease seemed to be the issue. She sat on his lap in the midst of a small group of neighbours, seeming to hold court, as it were. He could see that the black bikini top would attract plenty of admiring glance but the assurance she sat there with was strange.

Nick knew he should mingle or at least join his wife but instead he lit another cigarette of the stub of the last and drained his bottle of beer. He watched as Michael and Sarah spilt from the small group they were talking to and deposited themselves on the recliner beside Jack and ‘whatever her name was’. He watched as the two couples made tactile contact. There was a familiarity there that was more than passing acquaintance. He grinned to himself at the happy look shared by the four of them.

His grin faded as his gaze wandered and caught sight of his wife. She was close to the house, an odd, peculiar set to her shoulders as he looked at her back. He remembered a ‘David Attenborough’ documentary on hyenas. The raised shoulders reminded him of the savannah dogs with a trapped prey. Gabryelle moved to one side revealing the ‘Gazelle’. Mal stood there, frozen in the headlights.

At that moment all doubt disappeared from his mind. When his wife took hold of Mal’s hand and led him inside to disappear into the shadowed interior he felt nothing. He dropped the empty beer bottle to the ground.

Nick closed his eyes and listened to the youthful shouts behind him.

He felt a small little finger wrap itself in his.

Nick smiled without opening his eyes.

“Penny for your thoughts…” said the sultry voice.

“My thoughts…” he whispered, “I’ve missed you”

“So… do you wanna go someplace more…quiet?”

“No!” Nick answered. Her finger squeezed his finger hard. “I just want to go…”



“Now …all the way? …away from here?”

“You and me, babe, how about it?” answered Nick.


Nick opened his eyes and looked at Vanessa. “Did you realise your husband and my wife are having an affair?”

Vanessa’s eyes moistened and then became hard. “They’re welcome to each other. Let’s go, Nick”

Nick leant down and kissed the girl of his dreams. The two of them skirted the garden, never letting go of each other’s finger. No one noticed as they walked down the side of the house towards the garden gate. As Nick hung back slightly to allow Vanessa to leave first she stopped and turned to him.

“Did you get my note?” she asked.

“What note?” Nick replied.

The End

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