A Failure to Communicate


I could feel the hot baking sun
reflecting off the white washed walls as I sat beneath the shade outside the
little cantina. My mirrored sunglasses, scratched and tarnished lay on the
table, angled so I could see the door to the interior in their reflection. My
ex had always thought them very ‘passé’ but I had bought them with the first
money I had earned from a paper round when I was just fifteen and even though
they were worthless they were one of my most treasured possessions. The foot
traffic along the narrow cobbled street was beginning to diminish as the sun
rose to its zenith and all the locals started to retire for their afternoon
siesta. I saw Kofryna step from the cool interior carrying my black coffee in
the reflection on my sunglasses. The owner of the cantina, Kastor, was shaking
his head behind her as she wove her way through the empty tables to deliver the
hot drink to my table. My Greek was almost non-existent but I got the feeling
the first time I had asked for a coffee during the afternoon he had called me a
fool. At least I hoped it was just a fool.

He retired into the depths no doubt
headed for a cot to snooze away the hottest part of the day. Kofryna would
‘hold the fort’ till he rose two hours later. I had ascertained that she was
from one of the old USSR states but I couldn’t be sure which. I assumed that
she was here for the summer as I knew none of her native language and she knew
very little English. She seemed to be able to speak Greek quite well and possibly
some of the neighbouring countries languages but knew nothing of French or
Italian in which I could just about hold a conversation.

We generally communicated by a
rudimentary form of sign language. I had wondered quite a lot over the past ten
days whether she was flirting with me or it was just her native way. I
sincerely hoped she was as I had been trying my best in my own stumbling
fashion. She placed the tray on the table and lifted the Briki onto the table
along with my cup and a small bowl of brown sugar. A cold glass also sat on the
tray, beads of moisture coating its surface and a few cubes of ice clinking
within. I looked up into her dark eyes and she waved her hand at the chair
opposite me. I smiled and nodded.

She pulled the chair backwards and slipped
lithely into it crossing her long tanned legs as she did so. I glanced down to
be rewarded by the long slit in her plain white cotton dress falling open to
expose about six inches of her tanned thigh. I felt my cock stir within my
shorts as I lifted my gaze back to her smiling face. I noticed a myriad of
faint tan lines on the tops of her feet where she had obviously worn different
styles of sandals.

Kofryna was the reason I had stayed
longer than the four days I had planned to spend on Irakleia. Berlin was
looking farther and farther away. She said something, probably in Greek but I
could never be too sure with her accent. I shook my head but smiled to be
rewarded by her light laugh. “It’s weird… I could say almost anything…
about what I would like to do to you…”

I grinned even wider as she nodded in
ignorance. Without the addition of language, even the smallest hint of
understanding, I found it very difficult to judge her reactions. She was
definitely friendly but at no point had she ever made physical contact, drinks,
food and the bill would all be placed on the table, never directly into my
hand. I found it to be an exquisite torture. I watched her full lips, denude of
lipstick but glistening with lip salve, as she continued to talk, the edges
turning up at the end of each sentence as if about to smile. Her dark eyes
would rove around the street always to return to me at the end and beginning of
each unintelligible phrase. Her accent, however confusing, was quite soft and a
pleasure to listen too. I wondered if she ever sang as in my youth I had always
enjoyed a little opera music, not caring in the slightest what the Diva’s would
be singing about.

I was letting her soft voice wash over
me and it took me a few seconds to realise that the last mysterious sentence
was left hanging. Her head was tilted as she looked at me, her long dark hair
rolling down over her left shoulder exposing a long expanse of neck on the
right. “I haven’t got a clue…” I answered shrugging my shoulders as my eyes
flicked to the spot on her brown flesh where her shoulders met her neck. She
rolled her eyes down and to the left for a moment before leaning forwards. I
was beginning to believe I had absolutely no control over my eyes as they
dropped down the ‘V’ formed by the white cotton of her dress and the three unfastened
top buttons. A pulse of blood flowed into my cock as I spied a shadow of her
décolletage. She lifted her arms and mimed swimming.

The smile on my face spread as my blue
eyes rose back to her dark ones. She appeared to be quite aware where my gaze
had wandered but didn’t seem to be taken aback by it. (For all that I could
tell!) I nodded to indicate that I did swim, “Yep… I can swim… quite a
lot…” again the look of contemplation appeared on her face, I noticed a small
wrinkle appear beside her left eye that wasn’t mirrored on her face. She lifted
one of her slim hands and held her nose while forming the thumb and forefinger
of her other hand into a circle and lifting it up and down beside her head. She
burst out laughing and dropped her mime as she saw the look of perplexity on my
own face.

I shook my head, quietly laughing.
“Sa…’snockling’…?” she offered.

“Snockling?” I replied and she nodded,
“Ahhh… snorkelling?”

“Snork-ing!” she mimicked.

I leaned forward across the table
resting my elbows either side of my empty coffee cup. “Sn-ork-ell-ing” I
enunciated as clearly as possible.

“Snorkling?” she replied.

I nodded, “close enough…
snorkelling, yes I do enjoy a good snorkel” I almost sniggered as I realised my
friends back home would not have left a double-entendre of that calibre slip

She nodded herself slipping back into
her native tongue with what possibly have been ‘yes, yes’ or something similar.
She leaned back and twisted in her seat looking out across the street and into
the nearby square and began gesticulating, her hand whipping forward and
sideward. Obviously she was giving me directions and I assume it was to a good
piece of coast for snorkelling.

Kofryna turned back towards me and saw
the expression of complete ignorance on my face. I picked up a napkin from the
table and pulled a pen from a pocket in my cargo shorts. She nodded and took
the pen from my hand and began to scribble. When she had finished she handed me
the rough map and finished her drink. A further monologue of incomprehensible
words followed as she stood up, the only word that I vaguely understood was the
last one, “antio” (probably). I smiled and waved as she wound her way back
through the empty table to the interior of the cantina. My eyes (of course)
dropped to her ass as she disappeared inside.

I gathered up my belongings and headed
for my old beaten-up Landrover parked on the opposite of the road. The interior
was hot even though I had left the windows down. The black leather of the
driver’s seat burnt the backs of my knees as I reached below the seat and felt
along the rusty bar beneath for the micro-switch I had installed at the
beginning of the summer before I had set off on my rambling tour of Europe.
Checking the gear sticks were in neutral and depressing the clutch I turned the
lever on the ignition. I had lost the keys so many times since I bought the
Landie five years ago I eventually removed the lock and had installed the
lever. I waited for twenty seconds before rotating the lever all the way round
and the old faithful machine spluttered into life. A small cloud of dark smoke
issued from the exhaust before the engine settled down into a powerful rhythm.
I checked Kofryna’s map and pulled away from the Cantina.


The Landie shuddered to silence as it
rested on the side of the dirt road just a mile outside of the town. I could
hear the waves lapping against the shore at the foot of the cliff as I stepped
out grabbing a bag from the rear doors. Stepping up to the edge I tried to see
how I was supposed to descend the sheer rock face. I lifted the hat from my
head and scratched my closely shaven scalp before pulling the crumpled pack of
cigarettes from my shirt pocket and lighting one up. I inhaled the acrid fumes
as I pulled Kofryna’s sketch from my back pocket. I was sure that I had
followed them correctly but there didn’t seem to be any way down to the sea.
There was a little scribble about where I was standing on the roughly drawn
map. I turned the paper around and examined it more closely. It looked like a capital
‘W’. I looked about and wondered was it some sort of marker. At first glance
nothing stood out but as my eyes wandered back past a small overgrown patch of
shrubbery the wind, that had been gusting quite a lot up here on the cliff,
seemed to pause and four small trees that weren’t much more than sticks

I grinned as I watched them relax into
a crude ‘W’ shape. “Mad… mad…” I muttered to myself. I lifted a small
rucksack out of the open window of the Landie and walked towards them,
carefully stepping around a couple of cacti and into the thicket. As I
carefully neared the cliff edge I saw a narrow set of steps. Steps weren’t really
the word for them as only a few had been carved and the rest were natural. Most
had been just utilised lumps of whatever the local rock was jutting out from
the rough face of the cliff and over time had been smoothed by the relentless
weathering of the Aegean Sea. A couple of sections of the 150 foot descent had
rope attached by rusty brackets hammered into fissures which looked just about
as safe as Fox in a Henhouse.

I managed to descend to the soft
golden sand without incident to find a safe haven from the wind and crystal clear
waters stretching across a narrow straight to a deserted island.


Fishes of all shapes and sizes and
colours ‘flew’ around me apparently happy in the knowledge that I wasn’t a
predator. The water caressed my skin as I rolled and dived down to the coral.
It felt as if I was immersed within a warm bath rather than the open sea. The
moment when I had walked into, what felt like a very cold sea (that last step
before the water reaches the tops of one’s thighs!), forgotten as a gold and
blue fish pecked at my goggles and finding nothing edible quickly turns tail
and swims through my gently waving hair. I surfaced for air, blowing the water
out of my snorkel in a poor imitation of a whale. Treading water I looked about
and saw that the current running through the channel was leading me out to sea.
It wasn’t too strong and a few strokes I was headed back in the right
direction. Once I was satisfied I prepared to dive once again, I saw a glint of
bright sunlight from the top of the cliff. I pulled up my goggles for a clear
view but saw nothing. It was probably the windscreen of the Landie reflecting
through the bushes, the small secluded beach was still deserted as I pulled my
goggles back down ensuring a water tight seal and dived once again beneath the

I surfaced on the rocky shore of the
small uninhabited island, pulling off my snorkel and goggles, massaging my
stubbly cheeks where the rubber had held firm against them. I sat down on a
large pale rock and pulled of my flippers before laying back and letting the
sun evaporate the water upon my skin. After only a few minutes I felt my flesh
begin to glow beneath the sun’s rays. I pulled off my still damp gloves and ran
a fingertip across my chest. No hint of oil remained after the thirty minutes I
had spent in the water. I sat up and opened my eyes. The day was still
extremely bright and I sneezed twice at the dazzling light. Shielding my eyes
beneath my hand I looked across the narrow channel for my rucksack which lay
well above the high tide on the opposite shore. The sun sparkled of the waves
between as I squinted. I could see a dark spot on the beach and I assumed the
rucksack must have fallen off the rock where I left it. It was still well clear
of the waterline.

My gaze wandered up the faint line of
the steps and I could see the roof of the Landie above the foliage. I cursed
inwardly once again that I had neglected to recharge the scuba tank lying
uselessly in the rear. I donned my flippers once again and as I pulled on the
second one I noticed an odd piece of stone to my left. Picking it up and
turning it over a series of grooves, softened by erosion, marked the surface. I
turned it about in my hand figuring it had once been part of a building and
wondering had the structure once stood where I was sitting or had it fallen
from a ship and been washed up with the unceasing tides. I stared back to the
narrow steps in the distance and imagined the locals making that descent
thousands of years ago. I placed the carved stone back where I found it. Grinning
I pulled on my goggles and fixed my snorkel before searching for a deeper spot
of water and diving into the sea.


I surfaced ten metres from the beach
and stood in the shallows. Water droplets ran down my goggles making my vision
indistinct. Turning my head to the left I saw my rucksack lying on the sand and
awkwardly walked towards it in my flippers. As I was exiting the surf I pulled
off my goggles and snorkel and shook my head. Salty droplets flying from my
long sun bleached hair, once again I rubbed the marks left by my goggles and as
I lowered my hands I saw my rucksack move.

“Oh!” I exclaimed. Kofryna sat on a
large multi-coloured beach towel on the sand pulling a thin cotton summer
blouse around her, a large yellow Jute bag beside her. “Yahsu” I said eventually
after overcoming my surprise. I felt my cock twitch involuntarily despite the
cool sea water still soaking my trunks. (I dropped my snorkel and goggles in
front of my crotch just in case.) Kofryna was obviously topless beneath the
thin blouse which I noted she hadn’t bothered to button up. She leant back, her
hands flat on either side of her, the valley between her breasts slick with
suntan lotion on display and her dark areolae obvious through the sheer
material. The only other item she was wearing was a black pair of bikini
bottoms which I figured was what I had mistaken to be my rucksack when I had
been across the channel. She repeated my greeting and continued unintelligibly.
She nodded to the sea and I answered that the swimming was worth the journey,
unsure if that was actually what she had asked and sure that she didn’t
understand me anyway.

I quickly surveyed the rocks about us
and saw my rucksack still perched on the rock where I had left it earlier just
behind her. I pointed to it and walked over and picked it up, turning around
she smiled at me and pointed to the sand beside her which I took to be an
invitation. I pulled out my own towel, almost blushing as I dropped my swimming
gear to the sand, worried that my cock would swell and betray my desires.
Quickly I dried the remains of water from my torso and then flicked out my
towel beside her. “Thank you, by the way, it is a wonderful spot… all the
more so now…” she nodded politely in response with a small smile. I turned to
my rucksack and pulled out a large plastic bottle of still water. Unscrewing
the top I offered it to Kofryna who shook her head. I took a long drink
satisfying my thirst. I wasn’t sure but from the corner of my eye I was sure
that she was taking a long look down my torso. Once again I felt my cock seem
to pulse as it decided unilaterally that it needed more blood.

When I lowered the bottle I let it
stand between us hoping it would obscure my crotch. For the second time that
day I gazed at the myriad of tan lines etched on to her feet like some soft
Peruvian tattoo showing the Nazca geoglyphs. Her eyes followed mine and she
grinned leaning forwards and traced the pattern with her fingertip. She
continued to talk as if she was telling a story and I continued to stare at the
tantalizing way her fingers glided across her skin. In my mind’s eye I was
dreaming of those fingers dancing delicately across my own flesh, in particular
one portion that was hardening as we sat there. Even though her focus was upon
her feet I didn’t dare reach down to my trunks to straighten my increasingly
uncomfortable penis. I tore my gaze away and looked at my fingers twitching on
the neck of the plastic bottle in a far too phallic –like way. I quickly
dropped my hand to the towel between us causing Kofryna to turn back to me. I
felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment as if she could read my thoughts.

Kofryna once again said something and
when she saw the look of incomprehension in my eyes she pointed to my torso.
“I’m not sure I understand…” I answered. She turned away and rummaged in the
large bag beside her and pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion. “Ahhh…” I
reached into my rucksack and pulled out a bottle of Aftersun, “Thanks”. Perhaps
it wasn’t my self-consciousness that was the only reason for my hot cheeks. I
began to liberally apply it to the reddened flesh of my face. When I had also done
my arms, legs and torso I placed it down in the sand beside me. Once again
Kofryna spoke and then pointed to my back. “I’m sure it’ll be alright…” I
offered shaking my head. She shook her own and reached her small hand out
towards me for the bottle. I chewed briefly on my bottom lip before handing her
the bottle. I was stuck between the devil and the deep blue Aegean Sea.

As she squirted the thick cream into
her hand I decided to turn onto my front as I was fairly sure that her hands
upon my flesh would lead to my cock demanding a whole load more blood than was
decent. I was aware as Kofryna shifted position and I felt my cock swell as her
thigh touched against mine and knew that her top would be hanging open and all
I had to do was to turn my head to see her bare breasts. I rested on my elbows
and hung my head down as I felt her slim fingers apply the cooling lotion to my
skin. Her hands slowly rubbed across my shoulders and worked the cream up my
neck into my hairline and then down around covering my shoulder blades. I
wanted to groan but fought the urge.

My member continued to swell
uncomfortably within my trunks pressing into the sand beneath the towel. I
wasn’t sure if I wished that I had taken an earlier moment to straighten it or
not but I knew that I’d be lying on my front for some time now. Her fingertips
eased along between my ribs with each outward stroke and curved down with each
inward one. She began to speak in that soft voice of hers and I closed my eyes
as she picked up the bottle once again. I yelped as she let it drip
unadulterated onto my lower spine. In reflex I twisted my head up to look at
her. The grin on her mouth betrayed her attempt at innocence as my look of mock
fury wavered. My eyes were resolutely demanding to drop away from her face and
to her exposed chest. I laughed and turned my head away once again, the image
of her hard dark nipples etched into my mind as my eyes glanced across them.

Her hands returned to my back and she
once again began talking as they meandered lower down my sunburned flesh. The
sensual experience was coming to an end as her fingertips slid across the waist
of my trunks and my cock was as swollen as it could be, twisted almost
painfully beneath me. I sensed her straighten and settle back onto her heels
now silent, I wondered what it would be like to run my oiled hands over her
back. I was just about to turn my head once again and thank her for her
ministrations when I shuddered. Her slim slick hands were sliding down the
backs of my thighs. I felt her twist, her knees pressing into the side of my
thigh as her fingers firmly worked the restorative cream down the backs of my
knees and calves. I bit my lip to stifle a moan almost relieved when her hands
left my heels and my treatment was done.

Again, before I could thank her, those
fingers were once again upon my flesh. They were even more slippery than before
as they wrapped around my ankles and ever so slowly rose up my calves. My cock
throbbed beneath me as they rolled across the back of my normally ticklish
knees. Her thumb nails scratched the sensitive flesh on the inside of my thighs
as the oil was spread across my hamstrings. I remembered all the times I had
massaged or applied suntan lotion to girlfriends and how I would always try to
coax their thighs apart wherever we were, be it in bed or on a beach or beside
a pool. I felt like those girls. I couldn’t stop myself from spreading my legs
a little. In my state of bliss I would swear that I could hear Kofryna
breathing heavily as her hands rose higher. God,
don’t stop
I thought to myself. Just before her hands reached the spot
where my thigh muscles curved inwards they disappeared.

I knew the moan had escaped my lips
this time and I felt myself blush deeply. Kofryna said something quietly in her
native language, it sounded like a question. “Fuck” I whispered almost silently to
myself. “FUCK!” I said aloud as I felt her fingernail scratch along the centre
line of my scrotum encased within my trunks.

“Yessss…” breathed Kofryna. The
fingers of one hand slid over my sac as I spread my thighs wide and the nails
of her other hand slid and scratched their way beneath my trunks and over my
ass cheek. I was about to roll onto my back when she shifted once again and
straddled my knee. I felt her press the crotch of her bikini down against my
leg and slide it back and forth as her hand slipped further between my thighs.
Lifting my hips I was rewarded as those fingers slid up and over my swollen
cock. Dextrously her fingers slid up along my length, twisting my cock within
my trunks till it straightened, the head pushing out of the waistband. I
groaned and pushed back against her hand as it squeezed tightly around my erection.

She started to talk again; I
imagined/hoped she was describing what she would do to me or what she would
like me to do to her as she pushed up against my cock. I raised my hips rising
to a kneeling position and looked down beneath my body to see her fingertips
pulling my trunks back releasing my cock. For a brief moment I worried about my
exposed position, an irrational thought that Kofryna may have been ‘more’ than
she seemed. “I’m not in Thailand…” I muttered as she shifted further down my
leg and began grinding her mound against my heel, the gusset was hot and damp
against my rough skin, I could feel her pussy lips behind the thin material

The hand that had been scratching my
ass slipped from beneath my trunks and grabbed the waist pulling them down
hastily. I reluctantly moved my knees together slightly and a foreign swear
word escaped her lips as she was forced to release my cock for a second to
allow them to slide down my thighs. As soon as they had passed her hand resumed
its position wrapped around my twitching cock, her thumb reached to the tip to
smear the copious amount of pre-cum present on my circumcised head, as the
other struggled to pull them past my knees. I closed my eyes succumbing to the
intense sensations emanating from the sensitive tip of my cock. Eventually she
pulled the trunks of my left foot leaving them hanging on my right ankle as I
drove my heel harder against her mound. She moaned loudly as I bunched up the
towel beneath us in my fists.

For the briefest of moments her crotch
lifted from my heel and I opened my eyes again to watch her pull her bikini
bottoms to one side and plant her spread cunt lips back down on my heel. I
grunted and rolled my heel back and forth against her eliciting deep guttural
moans from her mouth. Her hand moved to my knee pulling it farther back and
outwards. I watched her lean forwards through my legs, her blouse wide open and
the tips of her breasts coming into view and then I also moaned loudly as I
felt her hot tongue slide over the rear of my heavy testicles. Her nose pressed
between my ass cheeks as she struggled to pull one of my balls into her mouth.

It was too much for me as I swore
loudly and my cock began to spasm wildly in her hand. She ground her pussy
harder onto my heel as her other hand reached around and cupped the head of my
cock as the first jet of seed shot from it. Even as a horny teenager I was sure
that I hadn’t ejaculated so quickly after reaching a full erection. My one free
testicle was drawn up tightly in my scrotum as the other was sucked hard into
her mouth. I was sure that I was almost empty when she switched to my other
ball and a further series of eruptions issued forth. Spurt after spurt flew
from my cock filling her hand as she pumped my length, squeezing it almost
painfully with her other hand in an attempt to drain it dry.

A mantra of profanities issued from my
mouth as the last echoes of my orgasm died away. Kofryna wasn’t finished with
me. She smeared my seed down along my length and up over my quivering sac as
she finally released my testicle from her mouth. Her fingers continued their
journey spreading the last of my juices up along the crack of my ass. I
shivered and trembled as I felt her fingernail scratch my rear hole. The
pleasure was exquisite and torture. My body broke out in Goosebumps even though
the late afternoon sun was keeping the temperature high. I broke away twisting
and scuttling away from her, spasms still reverberating through my body as I
landed on my rump in the soft hot sand. Kofryna fell onto her hands laughing
but still with the look of a predator behind her eyes. Another unknown sentence
issued from between her full lips as she lifted one hand, licking the remains
of my seed from her palm and then curling a finger, beckoning me back to the

I grinned back and replied, “Your turn
now, Kofryna, and God help me but I’m going to make you pay!” Her eyes sparkled
as if she understood me or at least sensed the conviction in my voice and her
smile broadened as she knelt up on her knees. She pointed at my cock, which
though soft was still fairly swollen and mimed licking it. “Okay… for the
moment” I said as I stood up and moved towards her. I spread my feet on either
side of her knees as she gently lifted my member with a thumb and forefinger.
Looking up at me she began to delicately lick it, covering every square
millimetre as she removed my rapidly drying seed from it. I gasped quietly as
her tongue swirled around the head of my cock. She grinned and held my
stiffening member against my stomach and inspected her handy work before
turning her attention to my balls. She reached out a single finger and began to
flick away the particles of sand which had stuck to it when I had fallen back.

I marvelled at the preciseness of her
touch, hardly feeling the hard nail as it barely touched the tiny folds of my
sac. I allowed her to finish her ‘grooming’ and watched as she stretched out
her tongue to softly caress the crinkled flesh, her hand gently holding my
rejuvenated cock. Her other hand was between her thighs, moving slowly as she
appeared to be simply touching her slit tenderly. Once again she withdrew her
head to inspect her work before looking up at me. As she did I reached down and
wrapped my fingers in her hair, pointing at my chest with my other hand and
stated, “My turn now!”

She let her hand fall away from my
erection and nodded; the smile never far from her lips. I stepped back and bent
down, a brief second of hesitation before my mouth met hers. My lips softly
brushed across hers and I felt a sigh issue from her lips which I echoed. Her
mouth parted slightly as did mine and our tongues touched for the first time. I
lifted my hand to her chin and gently guided her up to a standing position. I
let my tongue slip into her mouth, writhing around hers for a few seconds
before breaking the kiss. Her nipples were stiff against my chest and my cock
dragged lazily along the hem of her bikini as she went to reach her arms about

I lifted my arms and slid her blouse off
her shoulders and down her back forcing her arms behind her. As it reached her
forearms I held it there and moved around behind her. Standing slightly to one
side I slowly twisted the material till her wrists were locked together. I
watched the side of her mouth curl upwards as she lowered her head and closed
her eyes. Using the two sleeves I quickly knotted them before moving a step
away. Kofryna stood there patiently awaiting whatever was to come. I moved
forwards stroking my cock and playing the tip across her fingers which twitched
in response. Smiling broadly to myself I let it rest in her curled fingers as I
used my feet to urge her legs apart till her feet were wide apart. I placed a
hand between her shoulder blades, fingertips lightly massaging her neck beneath
her long curly hair. Slowly I pushed her forwards till she was bent over at the
hips, her full ass glorious before me. The black bikini briefs were quite large
and sufficiently modest to be worn on the likes of a family beach, normally! At
present most of her left curvaceous cheek was exposed. Her fingers tightened on
my member as she rocked forwards slightly before finding her balance.

I pondered whether I should have
removed her bottoms first but decided to continue anyway. I pulled back letting
my cock slip from her fingers and knelt behind her. I watched as her chest
heaved before placing my hands on her ass cheeks and massaging them firmly. I
could see the crotch of her bikini was still askew, one side of her pussy
visible along the seam and thoroughly soaked with her juices. I ran a finger
down along the leg and flipped it across re-encasing her mound. A small groan
of disappointment issued from her mouth to be replaced by a moan of pleasure as
I dragged my fingernail hard along her covered slit, watching the juices
coalesce through the material behind it. She shivered and wobbled as it ran
over her hidden clit. I was licking my lips in anticipation, my other hand
holding my cock firmly as I leant forwards and lightly nipped her cheek through
the thin material. Kofryna sighed quietly as the scent of her cunt grew
stronger in my nostrils.

I bit a little harder and dragged my
fingernail back the way it had come, pressing deeper into her slit as I did.
Her sigh deepened in to a low moan as her juices bubbled along the trail left
by my finger, whitening slightly against the black of the material. I let my
finger continue all along her dripping slit and up between her ass cheeks. I
was aware of her interlacing her fingers behind her back, the knuckles a
startling white as she gripped them hard in one large combined fist. Releasing
the material from between my teeth it was drawn inward across her cheek as my
finger pressed upwards. She shook fractionally on her feet as the tip of my
finger slid across her anus before pushing back against it.

My self control was already starting
to waver but I was determined to exact an exquisite torture on the level she
had performed upon me. I let my finger carry on past her tight rear hole to the
waist of her briefs. I paused my finger hooked into the top of her swimwear and
edged my cock forwards to wipe the pre/post-cum on the back of her calf before
moving it away as she shifted her long leg in response. Dragging my finger back
and forth along her waistband I slowly lowered the hem till the top most part
of her cheeks were exposed. As I craned my neck forwards to drag my tongue down
the cleft my finger once again slid slowly and firmly between her legs. The
material was almost dripping with her juices as I traced a trail across her
stomach, dipping into her belly button and up towards her chest.

My other hand reached around her legs
to grasp her right breast as my juice covered finger reached her left nipple. I
pinched the hem of her bottoms with my teeth and pulled them downwards, the
black material stuck between her labia. I savagely flicked her nipple with my
finger as I inspected her exposed ass. Using my bicep I tapped the inside of
her thighs urging her to spread her legs further opening her wet pussy and ass
cheeks. Her anus peeked out from between the soft round globes of her ass.
Kofryna was groaning and breathing heavily, her chest swelling with each breath
as I pinched both nipples between my thumbs and fingers. I pulled them
downwards; she had to thrust her ass backwards to stop from tipping forward and
screamed loudly as my tongue pressed into her ass. Nesting seagulls took flight
from their cliffside nests as the unknown curse echoed out to sea.

I worked my tongue into her ass, her
thighs beginning to shake either side of my arm as she raised her back
stretching her nipples still further. All at once I released her nipples and
withdrew my tongue. She rocked upwards and sighed heavily, wiggling her ass
towards my face, desperate for more attention. It took her a few seconds to
realise I wasn’t going to respond to the demands of her body language, she
breathed deeply once again and resumed the original position I had placed her
in. She was murmuring quietly, almost under her breath, a repeated phrase in
her native language which I suspected was a plea for release. Once she settled
I placed my hands on the outside of her thighs and moved her legs together.
Juice squeezed out of her pussy as it closed and ran down the inside of her
bikini briefs which still hung from between her labia.

She felt my breath as I leaned closely
in, the rough stubble of my cheeks scratching her ass as I dipped my tongue
against the black material for a taste. The flavour was strong and a little
sweet with a tangy aftertaste. Again I had to fight to keep control as the
desire just to ram my tongue straight into her soaking cunt vied for my
obedience. Kofryna’s legs remained still; I wondered was she having the same
battle of wills within her own mind. I grasped the sides of her briefs and
slowly pulled the material down. I watched fascinated as the gusset remained
for as long as possible between the lips of her labia before almost ‘popping’
free and sliding down her legs leaving a slick trail of cream behind them. She
waited patiently and only stepped out of her sodden swimwear when my hands
guided her feet to do so.

Standing behind her I lifted the
strongly aromatic material to my nose and mouth. My cock throbbed and bounced
without my touching it as a surge of blood pumped into it as I sucked on
Kofryna’s bikini. I looked down at my member and would swear to this day that
it had never been so hard before. “A touch of the old blue steel” I said to the
picture bent over before me. I wrapped the soiled clothing around my swollen
member, smearing Kofryna’s scent and juices all over it as I walked around in
front or her. As my feet came into view she looked up and licked her lips as
her eyes locked onto my cock. She remained still as I wrapped my right hand in
her hair and brought my length closer to her face. I slowly pushed myself
through her briefs and into her open mouth. Her lips formed a tight seal around
it as the circumcised head disappeared.

I groaned loudly as I pushed further
forward, her cheeks hollowing as her tongue slid beneath it, tracing the
beating vein. I released my cock, the damp swimwear hanging from it, and slid
my left hand into her hair to pull her head inexorably forward. I could hear
her breathing heavily through her nose as her lips pushed the black briefs
further along my cock and into my pubic hair. As I felt the sensitive head
press against the back of her mouth I began to withdraw. Kofryna sucked even
harder as the glistening skin of my cock reappeared. The light breeze cooled my
hot flesh in contrast to her warm mouth. Her lips widened as the fat angry head
slipped from her mouth, a silver thread linking us for a few moments until it
broke. Her tongue flicked out to swipe the eye one final time before I moved
out of reach.

“Kurvar!” she muttered.

I twisted her head upwards to look at
me, “Probably” I replied sure that she had just sworn at me. Her eyes shone
with lust barely controlled as I wandered back around behind her. My own lust
was beginning to take control and I untied her arms before easing her forwards
to rest on her hands and knees. I was breathing rapidly as I slid my length
once along her spread pussy. My cock wasn’t to be restrained any longer and I
positioned the head against her cunt. Grabbing her hips tightly, my fingers
pressed savagely into her flesh I slammed my cock all the way into her in one
easy movement.

“Jepni karin tuaj,
ju lavire!” Kofryna

Whatever it meant I began
to pound her pulsing cunt, my hips slapping hard against her ass with every
thrust. Kofryna slammed back against me with equal ferocity, her pussy clamping
down around my invading cock. Her cunt rippled and squeezed continually around
me as the two of us fucked like dogs on that Greek beach. I slammed again and
again into her, my cock and her cunt the only things in the world. After what
seemed like an age but I know was only minutes (maybe even tens of seconds) my
balls emptied for a second time. I yelled across the sea as lights erupted
behind my eyelids. Kofryna drove herself hard onto my spasming cock and her
cunt gripped it like a vice, greedily sucking my seed inside her.

After a few moments the two
of us collapsed onto the towel in a sweaty tangle of limbs.


We cuddled afterwards in our
mutual post orgasmic sensations. We kissed properly and at length for the first
time. Kofryna reached
into her beach bag and pulled out a bottle of rough Greek wine which we shared
straight from the bottle. A little later we resumed our passion with kisses and
tender caresses. That night and for the rest of the summer I spent in Kofryna’s
flat above the cantina. It was a long hot summer and I only left the island during
that time to re-charge my scuba tank and to purchase a second one. At least
once a week the two of us would make the hazardous descent to ‘our’ beach, dive
amongst the coral and the fishes for an hour and then make love on the beach or
in the surf.

The summer eventually came
to an end and it was time for me to return to my teaching career. Kofryna was
also due to return to Albania the month afterwards to begin her Doctor
training. Our shared dialogue had improved along with our understanding. I
almost felt that I had created a monster when our lovemaking ventured back
towards the animalistic passion of our first encounter and she used some of the
words she had insisted on learning. I still occasionally wake back home in the
night thinking I have heard her whisper, in that odd accent, into my ear, “I
want cock!”

When we had both returned
to our native shores the distance between us had been a strain. We had agreed
that we couldn’t hold the other and that if we were to find another partner we
both should go for it. I don’t think either of us really wanted it that way but
the two of us vowed to meet the following year, whatever the outcome, on
Irakleia. We missed that rendezvous. It was the winter after that when I moved
flat and lost my address book. Try as I might, my poor Albanian let me down, as
I tried vainly to get in contact again with her. After a further year I began
dating seriously but for all the ease of communication I never connected.
Kofryna was always there in my heart and in my mind.

Almost every second year I
made the trip back to Irakleia and to the cantina. Kastor was still there, getting
fatter and greyer, still laughing at my choice of beverage during the hot day.
He had seen Kofryna only once five years before and had failed to keep the note
she had left for me. The following year, when he had told me, I had kicked
myself for not doing likewise. A serious lack of communication!


The hot baking sun reflected off the
white washed walls as I sat beneath the shade outside the little cantina. My
Ray Bans sat beside my empty coffee cup. The foot traffic along the narrow
street was almost non-existent as the sun rose to its zenith and all the locals
had retired for their afternoon siesta. Kastor sat snoring against the wall of
the Cantina far back within the shade. A refreshingly cool breeze blew some
litter along the paved street.

I was almost nodding off
myself as I placed the Ray Bans over my eyes. The rental jeep stood across the
street. I really missed my old Landie, it had been temperamental and unreliable
but at least it had character.

The wind whispered, “I
want cock!”

A pair of long lost battered and
tarnished, mirrored sunglasses were placed beside my coffee cup by a delicate,
slightly lined hand. “I was wondering where I had left those…” I could see in
the reflection those long dark tresses beside my head and felt the brush of
those, long-ago, familiar lips upon the shell of my ear. A tear ran out from
behind my Ray Bans and a smile, so large it threatened to split my jaw, spread
across my face.

“Dhe I duan pidhi tuaj!” I whispered in


The End

~ by ftfagos on June 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Failure to Communicate”

  1. You did in some ways capture what goes on through a persons mind when they meet someone and they don’t speak the same language here. There are those rare times of a great connection that make me at least question that concept of souls knowing other souls and past lives.

    Plus? The sex was just oh la la!!!!

    I am glad you finally got this one written. Makes me long for home just a wee bit more!!!

  2. […] language isn’t a […]

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