Dear Avid Reader…

A very short one for you today about the things that go through someone’s head while waiting for an appointment… a little different but, as ever, I hope you enjoy… Oh and sorry no gratuitous sex this time!



I love my job.

I guess it’s always good to enjoy what you do and a bonus if you get paid for it. Definitely a specialist occupation although, fortunately for most, my services are rarely required and somewhat unique so when I do get a call I’m generally paid very well. It does mean that I have to drop whatever I’m doing and hightail it to wherever the assignment takes me.

Today is a good day, Lower Manhattan, just across the road from the Flat Iron building. Far better than some of the ‘holes’ I’ve had to journey too in my career. It’s also a hot summer day without too much of a breeze funnelling down the city’s canyons. So while I’m waiting I spend the time people watching.

Lots of New Yorkers sunning themselves in Madison Square Park, the brunette in yellow obligingly bends over at the hips to gather something from her bag. I suck through my teeth rather noisily as I watch her shorts stretch across her fine ass. I wonder is her boyfriend (?) looking down her top as she searches in front of him sitting like a lord in
his fold-away chair. A couple of secretaries unashamedly strip down to bikinis
worn beneath their modest business attire before grabbing some rays on a plain
white blanket, their tans not as dark as they would like them to be but looking
just fine in contrast.

I can almost see the middle-aged fat accountant’s (he looks like one so for today, for me, that’s what he is) eyes flicking back and forth at the female flesh on display. A couple of teenagers slide beneath the trees on their customized skateboards. The requisite ‘bag-lady’ trundles her precious possessions in a rusty shopping trolley muttering to no-one. My gaze wanders over to Fifth Avenue; the Hotdog vendor is leaning against a lamppost smoking a roll-up probably cursing the sudden hot weather and the decline in his sales. A myriad of bodies file up and down the sidewalks and across the Broadway. All of their destinations separate and yet the flow of humanity seems to still have a rhythm.

I’m not the only one ‘people-watching’ as a fat man in a red shirt checks out the ‘hottie’ in tight jeans heading down East 23rd. My gaze wanders towards the Empire State Building rising up above the city; I try to work out how tall it is and reckon it must be half as tall as the 900 yards distance it is away from where I lie. My eyes drop down to street level once again, Dewey’s sitting just below 26th, wishing my appointment would hurry up so I could pop in for a quick pint or head up to Demsey’s for an even better one. I study the intersection beyond Dewey’s watching the foot traffic pass back and forth, following all the ‘cuties’ with my eye as they pass back and forth. I switch to Broadway and wait, hopefully
for the blonde with matching top and bag to appear. I frown slightly after
ninety seconds as I realise she has gone elsewhere or stopped within one of the
shops or building outside of my view.

My ear piece beeps breaking me out of my reverie and a rather sultry, female southern accent tells me that my appointment has been brought forward and is it likely to cause any problems. I reply that it isn’t a problem as I am already on hand to greet them. They sure don’t pay me the big bucks to be tardy I think to myself. The gentleman will be arriving by Yellow Cab which is a surprise as I was told he was a great fan of public transport. I guess he was running late! I roll my neck to alleviate a little stiffness and settle down for the job in hand. Looking down Broadway I keep a watchful eye out and smile as the blonde appears crossing the street. Unprofessionally I follow her ass as she steps quickly before the lights change.

The smile is still on my lips as I see the Cab, double checking the number plate against the scribbled note I had made. I breathe slowly and deeply as my thumb slips the small switch forward revealing that ominous painted red dot.


Demsey’s is as busy as usual as I sit at the bar taking the first sip of my pint of
Stout. Not as good as the stuff at home but not too bad either. My foot rests
upon my non-descript Duffel bag as a rather petite redhead sits down on the
stool beside me.

“Hi” a voice not too dissimilar to my anonymous controller from half an hour before.

“How a’ ya?” I reply.

“You’re Irish?”

“That I am and yourself?”

“American…” she smiles broadly twisting in her seat to face me as I twist in mine, “Texas.”

“Way down south, it’s a very long time since I’ve been down that way…”

“So, here for business or pleasure?” she takes a sip of her tall cool drink.

“All my business is concluded so that just leaves pleasure…”

The barman turns up the sound on the television bolted high up on the wall as a news crew
film a reporter standing in front of a bunch of blue uniformed cops unrolling
their yellow ‘ Do Not Cross’ tape. “Looks like another case of road rage…” he
comments before moving up the bar to serve other patrons.

When the redhead’s attention comes back to me I ask innocently “So tell me, do you have
any Irish in you?”

“No, I don’t think so…”

My smile broadens, “Well…..”

The End

~ by ftfagos on July 1, 2011.

7 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. Cheeky,

    I really like your twisted mind. Leaving the actual job out but giving a hint to it through just a picture. Guess a picture is really worth a million kuai!

    Well done!

  2. Fantastic as always Ft. I agree with Woman..leaving the actual job out but giving the hints was delicious 🙂

  3. Twisted? Maybe… Just one of those that pops into ones head. You know, supposedly they sit up an eerie ( i think that’s the term they use) and wait. You already know that i’m an avid people watcher so it just worked and utilising a certain global mapping thingy was rather handy…people watching from the comfort of your own couch! How lazy is that? Well I hope the New Yorkers liked the setting anyhow and maybe as they’re passing Madison Square park they can look up and wonder…


    • If you are there watching them???

      And yes. I do like your oh so very twisted mind. And I say that with such honesty as well. But twisted in a good way darling. It is a compliment!!!!

    • Gasp!!! You voyeur!!!! LOL!!! Sorry that is the beverage talking. Not a Forum. Right. Got it. I shall try to behave.

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  5. […] I hope somewhat stimulated friends) did you enjoy? You may now realise that this was a sequel to ‘Waiting’ and that is what the ‘What if…’ thought originated from. Of course those that know […]

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