Watching you walk away,

Hips rolling with each stride,

A pair of cheeks for to play,

Jeans so tight, nothing to hide.


Don’t know your name,

Don’t really care,

You’re to blame

My desire to bare.


Legs so long and a lovely ass,

Sunlight streams beneath the’missing’ stud,

A place my fingers wish to pass,

Carnal wants, if only I could.


To drop to my knees,

In homage and prayer,

Hands on those hips

Worshipping your derriere!


Long steps you take on the morning dash,

Unaware I’m in a daze,

My face reddening like a rash

Avoiding the policeman’s gaze.


One of those ideas/fantasies that start from watching the girls go by. Strictly speaking this is unfinished but this poem led to a different idea which when i get around to it will be called ‘Anticipation’. Remember I’ve said before that ‘beauty is in the soul of the beheld’, I still stand by that but i wonder where does lust or depravity reside….


~ by ftfagos on July 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. “Avoiding the policeman’s gaze.” And how old was she??? LOL!!!!

    Anticipation??/ HA!!!!

  2. I said it was unfinished!!!!!

  3. I can’t really comment about police-“man” but I will say I’ve always had a thing for women in uniform. Not sure if it’s the “being in charge” or if I just like women in hats.
    But man or woman it doesn’t matter. We’ve all been in that moment you describe and you say it so well.

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  5. […] sorry about that, but as i said after Inspiration where does lust reside if not in the deep dark recesses of the observer or in this case, the […]

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