Along the river I did punt

The girls in their boats, oh so fit

Just a boy up for the hunt

Looking for a nice place to sit


Watching as they go by on mass

Searching for a promising look

A’ wondering if I would pass

Hoping that they will take my hook


All I want is wanton hussy

In their tight little tops and vest

In the vain hope they won’t cuss me

And with large amounts of youthful zest


What is it that makes them all tick?

Moving closer to the docks

My lips dry, starting to stick

All I’ve got is a boat that rocks


Maybe I should go to the gym

Teases all just looking to play us

Wishing I could’ve touched their whim

Any chance of one up the ….


Hehehe… sorry about that, but as i said after Inspiration where does lust reside if not in the deep dark recesses of the observer or in this case, the reader.


~ by ftfagos on July 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Anticipation”

  1. LOL!!!! I love the line, “All I want is wanton hussy”

    You make me laugh.

  2. […] And guess where they lead…? […]

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