Sneaking Out

The feel of the bark beneath her hand was rough and just slightly damp. The night was still hot from the day and the humidity hung in the air like a cloying blanket. Her heart hammered in her chest as much from her present ‘derring-do’ as from the goodnight kiss twenty minutes earlier.

She felt like the thirteen year old, not quite six years earlier, she had once been. She had climbed this tree many times back then but never with the thoughts that were running through her head now and never on the wrong side of midnight. She froze as she felt and heard the old tree creak beneath her weight. How long had it been since she had last climbed up here she thought silently to herself as she waited for the flexing branch to settle.

She looked up through the remaining leaves and late blossom separating her from her goal, a pale blue light sliced out from between the gap in the curtains. The pale blue light she had waited for at the end of the garden after sneaking out of her parent’s house. She knew she was grinning broadly.


Sneaking out, like a ‘grounded’ teenager rather than a mature eighteen year old who’d already spent a year away from home at university. She knew her parents weren’t stupid or particularly self-deceiving.  She was fairly sure that after an acceptable time for ‘going steady’ she’d even be able to bring a boy home and although her Dad would open his mouth numerous times she knew her Mother’s hand would be resting on his arm before the words left his mouth.

Of course they didn’t know about Gray. Then again she hadn’t known about Gray until just over an hour ago on the walk home from the bar after an evening of catching up with their friends.

They knew Gray of course, the two of them had been friends since age eleven when he had moved into the neighbourhood and apart from the couple of years when both of their gland sets had been running wild and the slightest misunderstood comment would have them snapping at each other they had remained firm friends since. When their biologics had settled down enough for them to manage them, around fifteen/sixteen, one or the other of them had always seemed to have a girl/boyfriend in tow.

Even now after the last sixty minutes of history she was unsure what she had felt about him back then. Their failure to communicate during those hormone driven years did suggest that she had wanted him then but her teenage mind had always denied it. She was pretty sure it had been a fight or fuck sort of relationship. Grudgingly her memory reminded her that he had often been in her thoughts those first few times when she had touched herself in the dark as her sexuality had awakened.

Sixty minutes ago. The two of them walking home arm in arm, firm friends, recounting exploits and adventures shared in those halcyon summers of their youth. Gray had pulled her around to face him, looking into her eyes, “I’ve missed you kid!” A light kiss placed on her lips.

“I’ve missed you too, old man!” Even at that moment as she returned the friendly peck it had been innocent. The next second as the two of them had drawn back and stared into each other’s eyes the world turned. Their lips had met and opened, their tongues had slid eagerly into each other’s mouths and their arms had wrapped around each other’s backs pulling them together tightly. The world turned again and again and again.

Eventually they had come up for air both grinning at each other not caring about the stupid looks either wore. “I understand it now” gray had stated.

“What?” she had replied, her hands slowly migrating up and down his back.

“The film… The Princess Bride…” he had answered.

She grinned even wider at the memories of the two of them watching the film together when they were twelve. At the end of the summer the videotape had been worn out from the number of times they had watched it. “Do you mean the part about Vizzini, Wesley and the odourless, tasteless, colourless poison?”

Gray pulled her harder against him; she could feel his hardness within his jeans and ground a little against him smiling back innocently. “No, but maybe you can explain it again to me some other time, Siobhan. The bit about the greatest kisses in history… personally I reckon that just made the top three”

She watched as she saw gray blush beneath the yellow sodium lighting of the street lamps. “Top three? Well I think we’ll have to see what we can do about that…”

They had only been yards from her door when they had stopped. It took them thirty minutes to cover that short distance and Gray had been the perfect gentleman (erection not withstanding) and held the door open as he bade her goodnight. Her parents were already in bed as she almost skipped along the landing, her smile still as large as she saw the light beneath the door extinguish as she opened the door to her own room. She had almost unbuttoned her shirt when she stopped. “Fuck this for a game of soldiers” she whispered and headed for her open window.


The tree quietened as she made her way on to the flat roof at the back of Gray’s house. His window was open as she moved nearer. Through the slowly wavering edges of the curtain she saw the foot of his bed. Her pussy was hot and moist and needed satiating as she reached for the sill. As her head moved closer the view widened and she could see the blankets heaped and rucked over his feet. She slowed, unsure what made her hesitate, as more of the bed came into view. The bed clothes had ended and Gray’s form came into view. He was naked lying on crisp white cotton sheets. His hand wrapped around his hard cock. It was fat and maybe seven inches long, the vein along the underside easily visible. She wondered what it would feel like filling her mouth.

She felt her pussy pulse and her already damp knickers become wet with her juices. Gray’s eyes were closed as he slowly stroked his erection, the angry head revealed each time his hand moved down pulling his foreskin down. Siobhan gripped the sill tightly as she watched fascinated at the cock she wanted inside her. Her tongue flicked out and licked her lips as she saw the shiny head, wet with pre-cum appear and disappear. Gray’s other hand was cupping his hairy balls as his lips moved in a silent mantra. Almost without volition her left hand reached for her belt and unbuckled it silently and then loosened the button holding the waist of her jeans. Her breath was ragged as she watched his hand begin to move faster, wanting to pull off her clothes and close the small distance between them, impaling her soaking quim upon his manhood.

Pulling down her zip seemed so loud to her she was surprised that Gray hadn’t opened his eyes to see what the ‘racket’ was about at his window. Her hand quickly slipped inside her jeans and into her sodden panties, her clit sparking as her fingertip passed over it. She bit her own lip hard as two fingers slipped easily and fluidly inside her hot pulsing pussy. One deep thrust into her slit and then she tried to mimic Gray’s rhythm as her eyes remained locked on his steel hard cock. Her fingers slid easily in and out of her quivering lips, the heel of her hand rubbing hard back and forth over her sensitive clit. Within three strokes her pussy clamped hard and tight upon her fingers as an orgasm erupted through her.

“Ohh…fuck…” she whispered through clenched teeth.

It had barely subsided when she heard Gray mutter her name and a second one rose from the aftershocks of the first. Her thighs quivered and shook as a flood of juices poured out around her fingers. Gray was pumping his cock harder, his ass lifting form the bed with each stroke. “Cum you bastard…” she urged as she gripped her own fingers hard within her, curling them upwards and pressing the heel of her hand against her throbbing clit.

Gray lifted his ass clear of the bed completely as a jet of white seed shot high into the air. “Ohhh…god… Siobhan…” he said clearly as spurt followed spurt. Siobhan grunted in response as a third orgasm racked her body in under a minute, her eyes following the thick white globules arc up and down to land splattering on Gray’s chest. She dropped to her knees on the rough felt of the flat roof as her legs gave way.

She wasn’t sure how long it was before she opened her eyes. Looking through the gap in the curtains she saw Gray slowly begin to stir from his post-cum torpor. She watched as he looked down at the drying spots of his seed dotted across his chest and stomach. He twisted towards her and for a moment she almost ducked away. He was reaching for a box of tissues on the small table beside his bed. Before she really thought about it she spoke through the curtains, “No you don’t old man…. it’d be a waste of trees”

Gray stared at his window blushing a deep crimson before a broad smile spread across his face. “Please…oh god, please don’t let this be a dream!”


The morning sun shone brightly through the wide open curtains as Siobhan slowly opened her eyes. She was already aware of how much her pussy was throbbing and if she was honest how sore it was. She grinned feeling Gray’s chest rise and slowly fall beneath her head. She moved her head slightly and took his small nipple gently between her lips.

“Good morning, Siobhan” came a voice from the doorway.

ohh fuck… good morning Mrs Elmswood…”

“Breakfast in half an hour… or would you prefer an hour?”

Siobhan’s face went scarlet as she pulled the bed clothes up over her naked torso and over her head.


The End

~ by ftfagos on July 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sneaking Out”

  1. I adored the references to various movies and especially where you did not use the acronym… it made me burst out laughing in an otherwise sleeping house!

    While I was reading I was curious as to how Gary finally understood the line from, “The Princess Bride” and how you would make it work.

    What am I saying. I laughed, I chuckled and brought back memories of one of my favourite childhood movies that my sister and I were quoting earlier today!!! Thank-you for this one.

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