The Point of No Return… Pt Two

For the following week I felt a sense of paranoia at the back of my mind. I never normally ‘shit on my own doorstep’ so to speak. The following morning Elena had commented on my obvious horniness the previous night. I had replied that I had spent the entire evening watching her and in particular watching her ass trying to work out if she had been wearing knickers. When finally after paying the babysitter and following her up the stairs to our bedroom I had to give in to my curiosity and lift her dress to find her neatly trimmed pussy on display. “The rest as they say was a foregone conclusion” I told her as my hand traced the curve of her hip beneath the bedclothes the following morning. Things may have developed but at that point our two energetic children came bouncing in.

 It had probably been partly the drink, partly my dislike of Mike when he’d had a feed of drink and partly Angela’s arrogance. Of course the fact that I’m generally a horny hound had nothing to do with it! The paranoia was totally due to the woman in the flowery dress though.

Those last two words, “I know”, said with an easy confidence and conveying the truth that she knew who I was. Maybe even knew the ‘real’ me?

The ‘real’ me! All my adult life I’d spent looking and desiring women. Seriously morally suspect! Not that anyone ever guessed, oh everyone knew I was a flirt but only those who I charmed into bed knew any different and yet even they seemed to accept my peculiar honesty. And the stranger was right as far as Elena was concerned. She was stunningly beautiful to me and most people. Many of my friends had often called me the ‘luckiest bastard alive’ and asked what my secret was. I didn’t know it. She was intelligent, witty and had given me two lovely children and yet I had never been faithful for any serious amount of time. The longest spell had been the eighteen months after we were married and had ended only days after she had told me she was pregnant with our eldest.

Even by my own vague moral guidelines I was a complete bastard. Don’t get me wrong, I love Elena, I loved her from the first time I saw her smile and those gorgeous blue eyes and I love her to this day. Sunday afternoons, the one time of the week when we always try to have some quality time after fifteen years of marriage, the kids out playing with their friends and the two of us wrapped in each other’s arms in that post-coital warmth. Even as my cock is softening within Elena’s hot wet quim my mind is wandering, thinking about Angela and how I’d like to fill that condescending mouth with my cum. I’m sure that even if I did get to know her I wouldn’t like her but that had never stopped me before from fucking a woman.

Without a doubt I am a complete and utter bastard!


Three weeks later I pull up in the suburban street and look at the picture perfect house with its landscaped garden. Two stupid and out of place gnomes sit fishing beside the ornamental pond. Without a doubt Mike’s idea of a joke and which, looking around the wealthy street, probably annoys his neighbours. I’m two hours early for the time I’d arranged to meet Mike. Of course I’m hoping that he isn’t home but his four month bride is. My heart is beating hard within my chest and my cock is already hard within my jeans. I adjust it into a more comfortable position and make sure my long baggy shirt covers the obvious bulge as I get out of the car. A small light blue sports car sits in the drive, probably Angela’s as Mike has always driven large 4×4’s even for the short drive to the local train station to travel into the City. I’m pretty sure he has never ‘gone off-road’ in his life unless (and it’s quite possible) he is into ‘dogging’ though I don’t see Angela as the exhibitionist type.

I press the doorbell and wait patiently in the shade of the portico. After half a minute I see a shape moving towards the door. Angela opens the door, she’s wearing a light summer dress, bare feet and her hair is pulled back severely from her face. Her hands are hidden within a pair of yellow rubber gloves and an unfriendly demeanour shines within her eyes. “Hi Angela”, I drop my eyes from her baleful stare “I’m here to see Mike.”

“He’s not here, he won’t be home for at least two hours” she replies curtly.

“Oh! I was sure he said three O’clock. I’m sorry… I’ll come back later…” I turn away and walk back down the path. My mind is working overtime; this is the first ‘crunch’ point, as I hope her civility will overcome her dislike for me. It’s easily a forty-five minute drive back to my house and I know she is aware of it. I’m ten steps away and beginning to figure she is going to let me leave when she calls out.

“I guess you may as well wait… Pete…”

I turn around and stand still, “Don’t worry, I’ll come back when he’s here”

She stares at me for a moment, I detect a possible softening in her eyes; “Don’t be daft, come on in”

I hesitantly take a couple of steps towards her, “If you’re sure?”

She nods and steps back holding the door open as I make way up the path. Got to love people and their social politeness I think to myself. I step through the door into the cool interior and step to the side as she closes the door and then follow her through the house. Her slim hips roll slightly from side to side and I wonder if she thinking of our one and only conversation. A grin spreads across my face as I imagine her squeezing my erection with her rubber gloved hands. It disappears from my features as she turns about. “You’re obviously busy” my eyes drop to her hands; “I’ll wait out on the patio and let you get on!” I smile politely and exit the rear of the house.

I wait patiently, sitting at the garden table a small pile of paperwork in front of me, pretending to go through the various documents I have brought over for the meeting with Mike. It’s a pleasant afternoon in the shade of a large parasol and less than twenty minutes later I hear the light fall of Angela’s bare feet on the stone patio. “Would you care for a beer, Pete?” I jump in my seat, ‘clumsily’ knocking some papers to the ground.

“Oh… thank you Angela, that’d be appreciated…”

She places a bottle beside me as I gather up the papers and place them back on the table. She moves around the table and sits opposite with a bottle in her own hand. Offering me a beer I think as I smile inwardly, better than I would have hoped.

“You seem a little jumpy, Pete…” she asks.

“Oh…I… err…” I stammer, “You just surprised me”

She lifts the bottle to her mouth; her eyes fixed on mine as she takes a small sip. I make sure not to stare into her eyes too much and finish arranging my papers in a neat pile before lifting my own bottle. After at least a minute of feigned embarrassed silence on my part I raise my eyes to meet hers and then drop them a fraction longer than etiquette would allow. “I… err…” stammering I could fake but I’d never managed to blush on demand so I just looked at my bottle of beer, beads of condensation slowly sliding down around my fingers as I began to unpick the label. She remained silent, I was sure if I looked up there would be that condescending smile on her lips. “I’m glad I got here early… though I thought I was only thirty minutes early” I added quickly, “I wanted to… apologise for my behaviour the other week…” I kept my eyes down and the grin from my lips as I slowly peeled the damp label from the bottle in one piece.

I watched beneath the table as she uncrossed and crossed her legs, her toenails were painted a bright pink; my cock gave a slight twitch as I imagined slowly sucking on each one. “I was rude to you…and crude, I am very sorry if I upset you…”

I watched as she curled her dainty toes and only looked up as she replied. “Thank you Pete… I appreciate that… I guess we all had too much to drink that night” her eyes flicked upwards to the house for a brief second before returning to mine. Once again she crossed her legs before quickly rising, “We’ll say no more about it, then.” I stood up, a habit that is second nature to me and always seems to gain a positive response from females. It wasn’t lost on Angela this time either as she hesitated before moving away. I watched as she pondered whether she should respond in some way, I suppressed the grin within me as I imagined her curtseying, instead she offered me her small hand also with nails also painted pink.

I reached across the table and shook it briefly, “Honestly I am very sorry, I hope we’ll grow to be good friends…”

She looked me up and down once and replied before turning and walking into the house, “I… hope so, Pete” I sat back down again and watched that slim ass walk away, smiling to myself at the way she nibbled her lip at the end of the sentence. Without a doubt I’d got inside her head if not into her knickers…yet!


I spent another half an hour shuffling my papers before picking up the warm beer and finishing it. I checked the time on my phone and saw that Mike would still not be home for an hour as I headed towards the house picking up the neatly folded bottle label from the table. The afternoon had already started to cool but stepping into the kitchen was incredibly pleasant. Angela stood at the large kitchen table slicing a red Bell Pepper; the opposite wall had a large mirror covered in post-it notes so only the centre remained clear. She glanced over her shoulder at me and smiled as I lifted the bottle. “There’s more in the fridge, help yourself” she said warmly.

“Thanks, but I’m driving, I’ll take a rain cheque…” I dropped the label into the bin and placed the bottle beside the sink behind Angela’s back. I turned and dropped my eyes to her slim hips and let my tongue flick out wetting my lips.

“You can’t help yourself can you?” I looked up and stared into Angela’s blue eyes reflected in the mirror. I held a look of shock on my face even though I had hoped that she would catch me.

“…err… what?”

She stood straight, one hand flat on the table, the other still gripping the kitchen knife, the blade stained with the red juices of the pepper. I allowed my eyes to flick to it. “After what you said and you still… look at me like I’m some sort of sex object!”

I kept my eyes locked on her blue ones, “…no… not an ‘Object’”. I shook my head, “anything but an object… I never got that anyhows… an object…sounds like a sex toy or a blow-up doll… you’re anything but…”

She lifted the knife and held it point down on the chopping board with the palm of her hand, “So what am I then?”

“You’re… a sexual creature… I am and sometimes I can’t help but look” I dropped my eyes deliberately to her ass once again and noted her cheeks tightening under my gaze.

“Is tha- I’m not even six months married!”

My smile widened wondering what her initial question would have been. “You weren’t even six minutes married and I was looking at you stood up there at the altar” I watched as her small chest rose and fell.

“You….” I nodded, the knife drove harder into the chopping board as I took a single step towards her.

“Like you said… I can’t help myself… I watched as you married Mike and imagined taking you out the back of the marquee… lifting that gorgeous dress and ripping your panties from your ass and fucking you before the ink had even dried on your matrimony certificate… I can’t believe you didn’t see me staring at you…” Angela’s chest was rising and falling rapidly, her face becoming flushed and her hand wrapped around the handle of knife gripping it hard enough to whiten her knuckles.

“…I saw… you…” If I was honest she hadn’t seen me; if she had what she had seen was my lusting after her 22 year old kid sister who had been her chief bridesmaid but as for much of the time they had been beside each other it was a fact I wasn’t going to dispute. I took another step towards her, only twelve inches of space seperated us.

My voice low, almost a whisper “What I said the other night was true… that and so much more… just because you’re married doesn’t make you any less of a woman… any less of a sexual creature… any less desirable… I want to taste and lick and finger and … fuck you!” she was now chewing on her bottom lip. A half step closer, my hands twitching at my sides, “I thought long and ‘hard’ about you on your wedding night… wishing that it was me and not Mike lifting that train… me sliding my hands up along your stockinged legs…” her eyes flashed for a second and I paused licking my lips deliberately.

“…no… It’s not… right…” she breathed.

I moved closer, barely an inch between us, “You’re right, it is wrong… doesn’t stop me wanting you… doesn’t stop my cock being so hard… didn’t stop me thinking about bending you over the end of your marital bed and my hands on your gorgeous ass… looking down, pulling your knickers to one side and pushing my cock inside your hot, wet, tight pussy…”

Her hand dropped from the knife and rested flat on the chopping board. The knife remained standing as she moved back against me. I could feel her ass shaking slightly as it pressed against my erection. I placed my fingertips gently on her hips. “… I … wasn’t…wearing any…” she pressed harder against me and my fingers gripped her tighter; “…on my wedding night… no panties… ready for my new husband… and he…”

I leant forward, my mouth an inch from her ear. “Shhh…” I whispered and my lips descended to her neck softly kissing the tendons as she bent her head to the side. I could guess what happened on her wedding night. Mike had a great day, they both did but Mike had drunk a ‘skinful’ and I easily imagined him collapsing on to the bridal bed and being comatose within seconds. I pressed into her pushing her hips against the table, my erection moving slowly up and down along her ass cheeks. She moaned softly as my lips moved to her shoulder, nipping at her flesh as I began to bunch up her dress in my fists.

I slowly let my lips drift back up towards Angela’s ear, breathing heavily into it before whispering, “You remember what I said at the party…” she murmured, “I want to do just that… I want to taste how wet you are… I want to slide my tongue deep inside your slit…”

Barely audible, she replied, “…Ohhh… god…n… ye…yess…”

I lightly nipped her earlobe as I bent my knees, dragging my hardness down between her cheeks and then angling to one side so it pressed against the back of her thigh. I gathered up the rest of her dress as my face came to a level with her ass. Her panties, white and lacy, almost virginal if the crotch wasn’t soaking had slipped between her cheeks. I let her dress drop over the back of my head and inhaled the intense musky aroma of her juices before placing a kiss on each of her cheeks.

I felt her flesh quiver as I slipped a finger beneath the damp material and eased it from between her cheeks drawing it tight across her mound. Angela’s feet inched outwards as I gripped the lace between my teeth tearing it with a satisfying rip. “Fuck!” I heard from without my cocoon, I pulled the remnants down her leg, tearing them further to drop onto the tiled floor.

“Now…” I whispered as I reached up with both my hands and urged her legs even further apart. Her ankle pressed rhythmically against my swollen member as I craned my neck up between the soft flesh of her trembling thighs. I would swear a drop of her juices landed on my outstretched tongue just before I made contact. Angela groaned deeply and twisted her hips backwards, her slit sliding and opening along my tongue. Her juices seeped out and into my mouth, slightly bitter as I drove my tongue within her.

She was muttering above me, an occasional swear word discernable in amongst the guttural sounds. Slipping my hand around I slid my thumb down through the soft down of her pubic hair till it made contact with the hard little sensitive nub it was searching for. Her response was instant as she bucked her hips wildly my tongue slipping out of her quim. “Ohh… yes… yessss” she breathed. I shifted about beneath her, the crown of my head hitting the edge of the table painfully; I cursed beneath my breath as I reached up and grasped the cheeks of her ass my fingers digging into the flesh and pulling her pussy back down onto my mouth.

I felt a flush of heat as my tongue once again slid into it and her juices seeped out over my chin. I slipped my mouth upwards, locating her clit with my tongue and sealing my lips about it. Slowly I sucked harder and harder upon it, drawing it into my mouth, my tongue teasing the tip as I pushed two fingers into her slit. I was just about to begin to finger-fuck her and match the abuse I wanted to give her clit with my lips and tongue when she swore loudly. “Oh Fuck!”

In a second she had pulled away, the skirt of her dress tearing as she did and my eyes dazzled with the bright sunlight shining in through the doors from the garden. “What?” I asked bemusedly.

“Mike’s back…he just pulled up…oh fuck shit!” she stared down at me, her face flushed a bright pink and then down at the long rip in her dress and dashed from the kitchen running up the stairs. I looked down the hallway and saw a faint outline through the window beside the door of a person approaching up the pathway.

“You got no sense of timing, Mike” I said to myself as I got up from the floor. The grin on my face as broad as it ever had been as I leant down and picked up the tattered remains of Angela’s knickers. I wiped the remains of her juices from my mouth and chin, placing them into my pocket and stepped over to the sink picking up the empty bottle I had brought in from the garden just as the key turned in the lock and the front door opened. Mike dropped his briefcase beside the small table on one side of the hall and walked through.

“Hi, Pete, I thought that was your car at the kerb. You’re a little early” he said shaking my hand as I placed the empty once again beside the sink. “Glad to see the little lady is taking care of you.”

“My bad, Mike, I thought you said four and even then I was a little early. I think Angela’s upstairs at the moment” I gestured behind me towards the garden, “I think I got all the documents out on the deck.” I ‘absent-mindedly’ sucked on my forefinger, tasting Angela’s scent as I did knowing that some of it would have transferred to Mike’s own hand when I shook it.

“Cool. Let me grab a beer, you want another one?” as he turned towards the fridge I stepped over to the kitchen table and silently freed the knife from the chopping block and lay it on its side. What would you have made of that Mike? I silently thought.

“No thanks, I’m driving and you know how hot they are on drink-driving these days”


We quickly dealt with the ‘business’, Mike managed to down two more beers as we did and Angela appeared in a fresh dress and not as flustered just as I signed the last form. Her normal icy exterior was evident once again but was directed at the three empty bottles beside Mike rather than me even if she avoided making eye contact. “Now, Pete, come on have a beer, hell, have a few you can drive back in the morning!”


I stood off to one end of the deck as Angela and Mike brought out the food, my mobile to my ear listening to the ringing of my home phone.

“Hello?” Elena’s warm tones answered.

“Hi, El’” I replied.

“Hi, ‘hun’ are you done there yet?”

“I am but Mike’s trying to twist my arm to have a few drinks with him”

“That’s Mike! How many have you had?”

“Just the two” I paused, (okay, I’d still only had the one but the evening sun was shining through Angela’s dress in a very attractive way and I was almost sure she hadn’t bothered to put on a fresh underwear) “but I’m about to have something to eat so I should be fine to drive…” I let the statement hang.

“Well… it’s up to you…” Angela looked over to me and I took the opportunity to pull her ripped panties from my pocket and ‘wipe’ my nose. A smile flashed across her lips before she quickly turned away and headed back into the house.

“I think I might stay and come back in the morn”

“That’s okay… I’m sure I bought fresh batteries today…” I could imagine the humour in her blue eyes.

I coughed into the phone and the heavily scented underwear. “Pardon?”

“I’m just teasing… probably…”

I was pretty sure that if I did go home batteries, fresh or otherwise would feature; “I love you El’!” I rubbed my thumb and finger into the lace material. “I’ll see you in the morning and I’ll make sure I pick up another pack of batteries!”

“I love you Pete, see you in the morn”

“Kisses to the kids” I replied but the line had gone dead.



To be continued…

And there’s more! Hope that you are enjoying the story, however due to a failure to communicate it may be two weeks before the next part is published. Sorry Dear Avid Reader.


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  1. Your going to make us wait two weeks?????

  2. You know… this sounds somewhat familiar… and why…well… nevermind!!!! As always… I did enjoy this teasing!!!

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