the edge of the precipice

The night two shooting stars raced across the black velvet sky

The summer night, the only time my teeth chattered

A large (very) bottle of wine carried by a wee girl

“The swift removal of sunglasses”

An early morning phone call

“My grandmother exploded”

Running out of presents

A misty morning a mile inshore from the Atlantic waves

A long walk home

Leaning on a bicycle

A stone footprint

A whimper from within

“Nothing much wrong with Sophie”

Sitting on a park bench with the flu

Bright summer sun shining through a gnarly apple tree

Marilyn Monroe

“Down all the years, down all the days”

Searchlights streaming through too-thin curtains

Running, doubled over behind a low wall

“A shaking hand”

A tilt of a head

That first real smile

Being home

Sharing a cigarette with my Dad

“The kid was hitting a jag-time tune”

When the music slows




~ by ftfagos on August 24, 2011.

One Response to “the edge of the precipice”

  1. LOL!!!! Cute is all I can say about this one.

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