The Point of No Return… Pt Four

Over the following weeks we continued to meet up, at least once a week, generally at Angela and Mike’s house or somewhere between. I did find myself one afternoon wandering into her house to find it seemingly empty and yet unlocked. No answers returned to my calls and so I soon ascended the stairs and made my way to the master bedroom. I found Angela as I did that first night leaning across the footboard of the bed. This time she was wearing her wedding dress and had managed to tie her wrists to the posts on either side of her. I took my time and when I lifted her dress to reveal white stockings framing a soaking pair of panties I eventually ripped them from her tanned ass.

It was almost two months later and we had met up at a beauty spot roughly half way between our towns. The weather had been warm and dry and the woods very pleasant. We had found a spot fifty yards off a path through the woods and enjoyed a slow leisurely fuck with Angela gripping the rough bark of a small tree as I took her from behind. We both took great pleasure from our clandestine coupling as we watched various people walk along below us.

I had given her a light kiss as she climbed into her little sports car afterwards and watched her drive away before heading for my own car. I was opening the door when I heard a female voice behind me. “So you decided to have an affair after all?”

I span about to see a woman, about three metres away staring at me, holding a golden retriever on a leash. “Pardon?” I replied as I looked her up and down. She was dressed in baggy jeans and shirt with a silk scarf tied around her neck and dark hair pulled back loosely from her round face. She was vaguely familiar.

“You heard me the first time, Pete. I said you decided to start fucking Angela after all?”

The swear word from her mouth seemed to betray the persona or stereotype she appeared to portray. She would have fitted right in on a church summer fete or local committee. She was the woman from the party who had left me slightly paranoid for a time afterwards.

“I did hear you… pardon me for being taken aback. It’s not your normal opening gambit in polite circles… after all!”

She smiled revealing her small front teeth between dark red lipstick. “No… but then again you’re not… you’re something else really when it comes to polite circles. Not really a part of them… deep down?”

“I suspect the same could be said about you. At least, my experience of you so far; I mean, I don’t even know your name and yet you seem to have an ‘unusual’ interest in my… sexual proclivities!”

“That’d be a fair judgement on the few words we’ve shared I suppose but not exactly a full biography or such? My name… it’s Mariella.”

“Hello Mariella” I said reaching out my hand. She looked down at my hand and then twisted to look back up into the woods. The direction of her gaze wasn’t very far from where I had been fucking Angela.

“Oh…!” I replied and turned to open the car door quickly searching for the ‘de rigour’ hand wipes that all parents keep in their cars. I offered my hand once again and she shook it softly.

“I hope Angela didn’t get any splinters in her hands?” she added as a matter of fact.

I was passed the stage of easy embarrassment, “I don’t think so… did you enjoy the show?”

“I suppose…” she lightly gripped her bottom lip between her teeth for a second. “It’d be a lie if I said I wasn’t… affected!”

I dropped my eyes to her crotch as I raised my right eyebrow, “Really?”

I noted her gaze dropping as well, my cock twitched in response even if I was sure it wasn’t visible. “Yes… definitely brightened up my day. Still must be going… can’t be hanging around here all day wondering what Angela’s pussy cream tastes like off your cock, Pete…” She turned on her heels dragging the dog with her leaving me speechless. I watched as she pulled out of the car park in a red Volvo estate none the wiser as to how she knew me. And also leaving me with a rapidly swelling cock!


It was a cock that needed a serious seeing too. Instead of driving home I broke a few speed limits and reached Angela’s house before her, passing her somewhere on the short stretch of motorway, probably. I parked further up the street and walked back to her and Mike’s house (his car wasn’t there so I hoped he wasn’t either) and waited against the hedgerow for her to arrive. A couple of minutes later the automatic door rising on her garage announced her return. I followed her into it and she almost screamed as I stood beside the car door. “I haven’t finished with you!” I stated.

I almost dragged her from the car and pushed her back onto the hot bonnet. She spread her legs willingly and I destroyed another set of knickers before ramming my ‘steel’ hard cock all the way into her still wet pussy. There was nothing soft or gentle about it. It was purely an animal fuck!

I emptied my seed into her for the second time in less than an hour and stumbled back against a work bench. Angela lay there on the bonnet of her little sports car, her chest rising and falling as I watched my white spunk dribble slowly out her red gash onto the blue metal. She raised herself on her elbows and looked across at me. “Damn, but you’re horny today Pete!” She licked some of our combined juices from her fingers.

I grinned and nodded, “I guess I am… it’s just sometimes when you know you’re cock still smells of pussy… you… or at least I get…horny again!”

“Ohhh… poor baby… we can’t be having that” Angela slipped off the bonnet and knelt in front of me. The spilled oil on the floor stained her bare knees as she wrapped her lips around my wilting cock. I imagined Mariella cleaning Angela’s juices from my cock and I knew that within a minute or two I would be getting hard once again. I grasped Angela’s hair as she sucked hard on my cock, feeling her tongue snake under it.

I was lucky. It was me, this time who cried ‘fuck’ when I saw Mike’s big 4×4 turn the  corner a hundred yards away. I was lucky that I had happened to look up at that time and that their garage was angled in that direction. The two of us freed a litany of expletives from our lips, Angela dashed into the house and I imagine straight for the shower as I stood to the side of a large metal cabinet and pulled the door further open shielding me from view. Mike pulled in on the far side of Angela’s car and climbed out. I knew that if he looked in my direction and down he would see my feet beneath the metal door.

He didn’t.

I don’t think anyone saw me make my escape but as I left the garage I did notice the drying patch of my semen just above the badge on Angela’s bonnet. If I was sensible I would’ve have wiped it. I’m not!


I got home and the house was empty. A note on the kitchen table informed me that Elena was dropping our youngest off at some club or other and would be back shortly. I headed for the shower and was standing beneath the hot spray thinking about my lucky escape and Mariella.

She was ‘so’ not my type. And yet I felt as if she had gotten closer to me in a few short sentences than anyone I had ever known. Including Elena!

I looked down at the bane and the delight of my life. The water splashed over my semi-hard cock. It twitched as I looked at it. I grinned at the idea that it was trying to look innocent even though I could see it twitch and start to swell. “For fuck’s sake” I whispered, “don’t you ever give up?”

“First sign of madness you know! Talking to your genitalia!” Elena stood at the door a wry smile on her face.

I stood in the open shower, the thought that a shower cubicle rather than a wet room provided a person more privacy running through my head. My cock twitched again. “Seems to have a mind of its own… maybe it sensed you near? Probably needs a talking too!” I asked raising my eyebrow.

Elena looked at her wrist watch and promptly took it off kicking the door shut with her heel. “I think we have enough time… a talking too? This isn’t a lame excuse for a blow job, is it?” she pulled off the tight pink sweater she was wearing quickly followed by her white lace bra.

“Moi? Do you think I’m that shallow?” I rubbed the length of my cock, feeling it harden as I watched her unhook her pleated skirt, letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it. I watched her nod and I shrugged my shoulders. The other thought in my head was that I hadn’t yet soaped and I wondered two things. One was did my cock still smell/taste of Angela’s pussy. The other was (and I daren’t look down) was there any of Angela’s deep red lipstick still upon it. I rubbed it harder and tighter in the hot spray as Elena bent at the hips and lowered her matching knickers down her legs. “Hey, stop that, demarcation you know! That’s my job.”

Reluctantly I released my erection and leant back against the hard tiles of the wall as she stepped out of her sandals and took the four steps into the shower spray. She ran a finger along my chin, “You need a shave” she stated. I reached up and placed my palms against the sides of her breasts and rolled her hard nipples, “Mmmm… that’s nice” she responded and then slowly lowered herself to her knees. The water plastered her hair to her scalp and it waved back and forth across her back as she wrapped her hand around the base of my cock squeezing it tightly. “Now, little man, are you paying attention?” She slowly slid her lips tightly over the head and down my length to meet her fingers. I groaned as she sucked powerfully, her cheeks hollowing and tightening around my girth as she twisted her hand around the base.

I rested my hands on her head as I felt her other hand massage my balls. I looked across the bathroom at the large mirror on the back of the door and watched our reflection through the spray of water. Okay, I admitted to myself, a wet room is a good idea.

“Damn, but I love you El!” she sucked even harder on my cock; she looked up at me through the spray with those startling blue eyes and mumbled around it quite pleasantly. I had the sneaking suspicion it was something like ‘of course you do, I’m sucking your cock’ or something to that effect. It wasn’t very long before I shot my load into her mouth, the third ejaculation in as many hours. If she noted the reduced amount of seed she didn’t comment. She simply wiped her lips with the back of her hand and stood before me. “Obviously, that cock of yours is a bad influence, it seems my pussy is in need of a good talking too as well!” she placed her slim hands onto my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I went willingly, her nails digging into the flesh of my shoulders unnecessary, yet welcome. Her fingers slid into my hair, the painted nails now scratching my scalp as she lifted her legs across my shoulders and forced my mouth into her snatch. I dove in happily, the roughness of my unshaven chin scratching the inside of her thighs as my tongue slipped in between her lips tasting the sweetness of her juices.

Elena came hard and quickly onto my face, the oily slickness of her juices mixing with the hot water of the shower as it ran out of my mouth and down over my chin and neck. Her fingernails pressed harder into my head as she ground herself tighter against my face. I blinked my eyes in the torrent of water as I looked up at her. Her chest was heaving violently and the tendons of her neck stuck out rigid as she threw her head back cursing and blessing me all at once. She wasn’t satisfied until a third orgasm had wracked her slim frame and collapsed forward almost smacking her head off the hard wall tiles. My tongue ached in that painful way it sometimes did, the little rib of flesh beneath it sore and yet leaving me happy at the same time.

We cuddled in the hot stream of water and then washed each other before I hurriedly dressed and went to collect the children.




To be continued…

~ by ftfagos on August 29, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Point of No Return… Pt Four”

  1. Your attention to the fine details; nail varnish for example running through the main characters hair, just the simplest little things make your stories so much more entertaining!!!!!

    Fabulous job as well…. although I am so very curious as to know how this Mariella fits into the story with your twisty mind!!!!!.


  2. You have such a hot sexy twist to your writing the the the build up is alwasy so intense but with such at sense of detachment yes I want you you but you will never get all of me there is a piece I protect hand hold back. It will be interesting to see where yo go with M. Will she be the one who mentally concurs you in the end……..I love how I can get into the characters and feel I know them. You really are so good!

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