The Point of No Return….Pt Five

One hand was gripping the handle above the door, the knuckles white, as the other dug its nails into the headrest of the driver’s seat. I looked up at her, her head bent beneath the roof of my car as she ground herself down onto my cock. She rolled her hips around my hard member as she rocked back and forth, I could feel her pussy squeezing it as I breathed heavily beneath her. The fully reclined seat creaked ominously under the un-designed strains that were being placed upon it. I reached up and unbuttoned her blouse, lightly chewing on my bottom lip until it was undone and pulling it from her waistband. She grinned down at me as I pushed up her bra and gripped her hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She groaned quietly, closing her eyelids and found extra force to drive my cock deeper up into her hot quim.

“So…tell me, Pete… who are you… fucking these days…?” she asked between breaths.

I pulled her nips hard, watching her small breasts distend beneath them. “You know me better than that… mmmm…” I moaned as I felt her cunt contract hard around my shaft, “I tell no tales…” Lynette opened her eyes once again.

“Always the… gentleman…”

I thrust my hips upwards, pressing the side of her head tighter against the roof. “Ahhh… I’m not sure… gentleman… is the word… most would use!”

She pulled backwards stretching her nipples even further against the pull of my fingers, “if a… gentleman… happily… satisfies… a wife… ohh fuck… even… when that…wife isn’t his…” she drove down hard again and again as I felt her pussy clamp around my cock. It felt almost like a hand with the strength she was exerting around my manhood. “Ohh… yessss… then you’re… a goddamned… gentle… man… in… my…book!” she panted. My fingers slipped from her left nipple as she stretched backwards, her hair dragging across the dashboard before she flung herself forward, her hands landing like claws on my shoulders as she shuddered and shook on top of me.

My cock pulsed within her trembling slit. “Where would the lady care for me empty my seed?” I asked politely through gritted teeth.

She leant forwards and breathed into my ear, “Fill my cunt…please…if you would be so kind…”

I grasped her hips in my hands, sliding them beneath her long pleated skirt so my fingers pressed into her flesh and bucked hard beneath her. Within five thrusts I filled the condom sheathed around my twitching cock. A wry grin spread across my mouth mixed with my usual grimace as my balls emptied. Lynette always insisted on a condom even though I’d had a vasectomy four years previously but almost always asked me to ‘fill her cunt’. I knew that I should be more of a practitioner of safe sex with my multiple partners but as I said before I am somewhat lacking in moral fibre.

The rising of our chests slowed as we both came down from our own orgasmic highs. I thought about the woman on top of me who I had known for over eight years. Almost within a week of meeting at some official function the two of us had embarked on an affair. Two years later her husband’s work had taken them overseas and the affair had ended. Sort of! Basically whenever she returned to visit, be it a couple of weeks or even a couple of days, most times we would get together. This time was a very quick visit of only three days hence meeting up in our cars and grabbing a quick interlude as she made a small diversion to bring her near to my town.

Lynette lifted herself slightly and reached down between us. “I must get a larger rental next time” she said commenting about the car as she dextrously took hold of the thick rim of the condom and lifted herself off my softening cock.

“Seems fine to me” I said grinning.

“I have your favourite appendage in my hand…with quite sharp nails!” she cocked an eyebrow at me.

I straightened my grin, “Fair point!”

 She grinned back at me and slowly pulled the condom off before lowering the window and tossing it out onto the rain washed tarmac. She sat back onto my thighs and gently fingered my favourite appendage. “So, I guess you’re keeping busy then?” she said as much to my cock as to me.

“I’ll deny it in a court of law… but, yes keeping in mischief.”

I could see Lynette thinking and then she said “So is it young Annabelle keeping you in mischief?”

“Young Annabelle?” I asked honestly wondering who she meant.

“Annabelle, the chief bridesmaid at Mike’s wedding, I saw you looking at her.” She studied my face for a reaction.

I shook my head, “She was rather… virginal, but no, I do not have intimate knowledge of Annabelle… though you know me, I wouldn’t tell you if I did!”

“And you’ve never been caught?”

“No, not so far… close a couple of times”

“Really, how close?”

“Twenty…maybe fifteen seconds, close enough!”

“The risk of getting caught?”

“Definitely… thrilling if not too good for the blood pressure”

“Just the one on the go at the moment… on top of your wife that is…so to speak?”

“Now there’s a thought, but I’m sure Elena wouldn’t go for that.”

Lynette considered my reply before continuing, “…if I was to…convince her would you object… if you weren’t included?”

“Considering my position at this moment and in general I don’t think I could object on moral grounds” I don’t know whether my face revealed the thoughts that passed through my mind at that moment or not but Lynette didn’t comment if she saw anything.

Of course down the years I had wondered how I would react if the tables were turned. I had a strong suspicion I wouldn’t like it. Even the thought of sharing Elena with the likes of Lynette at the same time didn’t sit well with me. I had experienced a threesome with an illicit partner a few years before and had indulged myself completely on that single occasion. In my defence it had been as much her idea as mine and wasn’t repeated. Possibly because she didn’t want to share me further or more than lightly it was just something that she wanted to try and decided it wasn’t for her. As for Elena having an affair with another man?

She was a different matter. Elena was mine and only mine.

“So she doesn’t fancy girls, then?” Lynette flicked my limp cock from side to side with the tip of her finger. I rested my hands behind my head as I watched her and felt her shift her hips so her damp, slightly oozing pussy rested upon my bare knee. I flexed my leg bringing a grin to her mouth.

“You know how it is, us boys are shallow… eventually we always ask.” Strictly speaking this was a good rule but in the case of Elena I had never asked.

She grasped the loose folds of my foreskin and pinched it softly enclosing my glans, “Shame… Is her pussy sweet? I imagine it is…” her tongue flicked out and wetted her lips.

I breathed deeply, “Quite sweet… and it flows so easily.” I removed my hands from the back of my head and softly stroked her bare knees. “Have you ever had the pleasure of licking a pussy? Is it something you want to try?”

Lynette stared transfixed at my cock and slowly stretched it by the foreskin as she slid her other hand beneath my balls and lightly scratched my taint. “Hmmm… I guess I have been wondering about it…” she released my foreskin and watched it roll back, my glistening glans appearing quickly. I almost jumped and my member twitched as her fingernail ran along the small slit, a droplet of pre-cum oozing about it. “Do you think… you’re present mystery woman would be interested?”

I shuddered as I replied, “I’ll have to…ohh… see. How long till you’re next… oh, that’s so nice…” Lynette’s nails were raking upwards beneath my balls as her other hand slid down my shaft that was now swelling in response. “How… long till you’re next over here?”

Her eyes remained on my manhood, the corner of her mouth turned upwards as her hand slid up and down. “Probably in two or three months… do you think she would care to share?” she released my growing cock and gave it a quick swipe sideways with the tips of her fingers. Her smile broadened as she watched bounce from side to side, I yelped quietly in response. She raised her fingers to her nose and sniffed. “Remind me next time to get flavoured condoms from the airport, rubber just isn’t appealing.”

I sat up and slipped my hand down between her thighs, my finger quickly finding her soaking slit and the sensitive nub of her clit. “Get flavoured ones next time” I reminded her as she shivered slightly. I reached across to the driver’s seat and picked up a fresh foil packet as her fingers wrapped themselves once again around my cock, pumping it harder encouraging the blood to return. “I’ll be sure to see if my mystery woman fancies sucking my seed from you’re cunt but I’m sure, her being a married woman that she’ll probably say no. You know how it is, infidelity being what it is an’ all!”

She smoothed the clear fluid about my glans and took the fresh condom from my hand. “Well, you be sure to ask her and, hell, you know I don’t mind wearing a blindfold!” She laughed lightly as she expertly rolled the sheath down over my cock, “New position, I think!”


Our second fuck was longer and slower than the first and Lynette opted to be taken from behind. I watched my sheathed cock slide easily into her wet hole, my fingertips
tracing the lines of the Chinese ideogram tattooed just above the crack of her
ass. I had to agree with her that a larger vehicle would be a good idea as half way through a severe cramp set in to my thigh and the top of my head rubbing along the roof did become annoying. When I kissed her goodbye and exited the car the rain had stopped.

The air was fresh and clean as I wandered across to my own car. I searched the various vehicles but didn’t see the red Volvo estate. I hadn’t told Lynette that I had been caught in this carpark after fucking Angela in the woods by Mariella. I wasn’t sure if I was happy or disappointed as I drove away that I hadn’t been caught once again.

The other thing I hadn’t told Lynette was who I was fucking. Partly because I never did tell tales out of school, I might tell the occasional detail but never any names. Of course the main reason I didn’t tell her was that I was fucking her sister-in-law. Lynette, although guilty of infidelity might not be ‘so understanding’ about her little brother’s new wife. “Hmmm… blindfolds?” I said to myself as I climbed into my car.




To be continued…

~ by ftfagos on August 31, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Point of No Return….Pt Five”

  1. LOL… I love the way you end your stories… not to mention the stories themselves! 😉


  2. ohhhhhhhh your twisty mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was brilliant!!!!! Do I get the next part before I leave???

  3. You know I am loving this series, can not wait for part 6!!!

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