Seven Days Before

Dear Avid Reader…

I think it was some clever sod like Wilde who reckoned to be an amnesiac would be the greatest gift you could give to a bibliophile. Got to admit there are some books that the first time you read them is literally mind-blowing. Of course on the other hand sometimes on a second read or even third you can pick up things you never saw the first time. And if it is a part of a series later references can put a different twist onto earlier passages even books. Okay so perhaps the clever git wasn’t so clever after all.

If you haven’t read this one before enjoy..if you have, well won’t be as good as the first time! As ever I hope you enjoy…




I sat up in the bed, a glass of water almost empty beside me looking down at the body next to me. What have I done? I thought to myself. It was the Saturday morning a week before I was due to get married to Lisa and here I was the morning after my Stag Night in a strange hotel room with someone who wasn’t my fiancé. I examined the outline of their body beneath the thin cotton sheet and wondered about what I had been thinking the night before.

“It was the drink…” I murmured to myself even though I knew it wasn’t true. I dragged my eyes away from the slumbering form and looked about the hotel room. At least I picked someone who obviously had some money as the room was obviously expensive; through a gap in the curtains I spied the Millennium wheel across the Thames. Our clothes lay scattered about the floor, various party adornments left where they fell indicating I wasn’t the only one who had impending nuptials.

I thought of my Bride-to-be and the fact that I had never strayed before; I hadn’t even been tempted by another in the four years we had been together. I looked at the curve of the ass beneath the covers and felt my cock stir of its own volition. A slight murmur escaped from beneath the sheet as my indiscretion began to stir. I knew I should beat a hasty exit but I wanted to talk. We had talked so much the night before finding so much common ground in the bedlam of our respective pre-wedding celebrations. I was unsure how the both of us had slipped away from our friends and yet we had managed it; desired it and succeeded.

Tentatively I reached for the sheet and lifted it slowly exposing my recent lovers’ back. I raised it further my eyes sliding further down as I exposed more flesh. A wave of guilt washed over me and I let the covering drop. “You’re not regretting it, are you?” a husky voice asked.

“You’re awake!”

“Barely…” uttered the voice, “…so…”

“Yes and no, if I am completely honest” I admitted.

“Got to admire honesty… and a nice cock…” I blushed deeply and involuntarily pulled the sheet up around my chest. I felt a hand brush against the side of my thigh and my cock twitched in response. A moment later fingertips brushed up along my rapidly increasing length and I closed my eyes enjoying the subtle caress as my member swelled. “There is definitely a part of you that has no regrets…”

I felt the mattress shift and looked down to see the sheet rise. I gasped as I felt that hot warm mouth slide down my cock. In a matter of seconds I was completely erect as I was sucked deep into that talented mouth. “Ohh…. fuck…” I gasped.

“Mmmhmm…” came the mumbled reply from below the bed covering. I couldn’t help myself as I placed my hands upon the back of his head. His head, I thought to myself, a guy… I had slept with a guy! I felt the swollen head of my cock hit the back of his throat and felt his cheeks hollow against the side as he sucked powerfully on my traitorous member. His tongue pressed firmly against my shaft as a dextrous hand cupped and massaged my balls. I had always thought that Lisa was talented when it came to giving head but I had to admit that Mark knew what he was doing and the sheer strength of vacuum he applied was another level up from my fiancé’s.

I felt his long thin hard cock press against my shin as he slid it back and forth against my flesh. I banged my head against the headboard as a fingernail scratched my anus, my balls twitched in response and I shifted my feet to squeeze his cock between them. I felt his pre-cum smear my heels as he began to lift and drop his mouth up and down the length of my cock. His finger slowly but insistently wormed its way into my ass and my balls gave up the ghost as they pulled up tight and pumped their load up through my penis and deep into the back of his throat.

“…fuccckkk….” I murmured as lights danced behind my eyelids. Mark carried on gently sucking my cock long after he had swallowed the last of my seed as it gradually softened within his mouth. I lay lethargically beneath his body, my head twisted against the headboard. As his mouth let my cock drop away I shuffled my elbows up and raised my head looking down at his smiling face.

He raised an eyebrow, “You are so new to this, aren’t you Vince?”

“Does it show?” I asked, feeling confused and embarrassed at the same time.

“It doesn’t mean you’re gay” he stated.

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow, “It sure as hell doesn’t mean I’m straight!  …does that line honestly work?”

“Well so far I’d have to say no… It’s the first time I have used it…” he replied.

“So you… err…aren’t in the habit of picking up strange men a week before you are due to get married?”

Mark rolled out from between my legs and sat beside me his back against the headboard. I noted his cock was still fully hard and waved about as he sat beside me. I felt a rush of guilt that I hadn’t reciprocated my early morning blowjob. “I’m not in the habit of getting married… this is my first time… as for strange men… I haven’t dabbled since university. Not at all too sure myself why I did last night…”

I chewed thoughtfully on my bottom lip.

“I take it that this is your first time…” I nodded in reply; “… well I would say that you didn’t seem to have any hang-ups about it.”

I stared at his circumcised cock with its angry red head, “I didn’t, did I?”

He grinned, “Nope, a duck to water seems to be the phrase that springs to mind! Had you ever fantasised about it?”

“No…Not really… I guess I may have wondered, but I had never thought of Brad Pitt or any other bloke when I’ve been on the job” I answered. “…well maybe if I thought it was going to get me into Mrs Pitt’s kecks perhaps!”

Mark laughed, “I can see that, though I reckon I would have preferred Jennifer Aniston myself.”

“Far too vanilla!” I countered, “so what now?”

“Doesn’t have to be anything now, Vince!” he replied.

“This is just a nervous ‘groom-to-be’ having a last fling? Albeit of the type he has never had before.”

Mark looked at me seriously, “Well, what else can it be? We are both getting married next Saturday to other people… other people of the opposite sex. I like you, I like you a lot Mark or I wouldn’t be here with you now with the taste of your cum still in my mouth, but… there’s nothing really to say, is there?”

My eyes flicked down to his still hard cock, remembering the feel of it in my mouth last night and the sensation as it shot into my mouth and across my face. The feel of his lips moving across my skin gathering up all his seed and then kissing me deeply still fresh in my mind. Our tongues wrestling across one another, I licked my lips imagining his saltiness still. My eyes returned to his smiling face aware that he had seen my glance. “I guess not” I answered.

“Let me ask you a question Mark. You and your fiancé have a good sex life?” I nodded almost shyly. “Fantasise much? Have you ever thought of introducing another man into your bed? Your girl might like the idea but how do you think she would react if you then got it on with him?”

He paused for a second waiting for an answer that did not come. “Thought as much; now me ‘n Liz have talked. She knows that I ‘experimented’ in Uni, she has even asked me if her blowjobs match up to the ones I had then. She has even played a guy once and had me fuck her in the ass! But I am almost positive that she would not be happy for me to take a lover, male or female even if I shared them.”

“Is she enough for you?” I asked, immediately regretting it: “…oh god I’m sorry it’s none of my business…”

“Don’t worry about it… I reckon she is… I’m not a complete philanderer, Mark… Is this my last fling? …not one hundred percent sure but who knows what the future will bring?” he answered. He was lying on his back looking up at the ceiling, his eyes slightly unfocused as he considered his answer; his right forefinger was absent-mindedly trailing up the vein along the underside of his cock. “It probably is my rapidly approaching nuptials that led me here or rather dragged you here, like I say it must be almost twelve years since I sucked cock or swallowed cum… apart from my own that is…”

I was staring at his thumb and forefinger gently squeezing just beneath his angry head, “Was that all you di…” I cut my question short.

Mark looked up at me, a smile playing across his lips; “Have I peaked your curiosity, Vince? No, that wasn’t all I did! What would you like to know… what would you like to try?”

“I… err…” I stammered.

“Do you want to stick that thick cock of yours into my ass?” he asked as he rolled over and knelt beside me on the bed. I know that I blushed as I failed to reply. “Or do you want me to fuck that virgin ass of yours?” I nodded minutely as he pulled back and forth on his member.

He jumped off the bed and took hold of soft cock, half guiding, half pulling me off the bed; “Come on…”

He was leading me to the bathroom when there was a knock at the door, the two of us froze for a moment before the knock came again and he pushed me into the bathroom. I stood out of sight and listened as he answered the door.

“Who is it?” he asked. There was a muffled reply and he edged open the door. I glanced around the corner to watch him standing naked behind the door as he spoke to someone out of sight. “For fuck’s sake Pete, give me some peace will ya?”

I heard a Liverpool accent from beyond the door “Come on Mark, rise ‘n shine, it’s a beautiful day and drinking times a’ wastin’!”

“Pete, seriously, don’t take this the wrong way… but FUCK off… I ain’t shifting for at least another two hours…” Mark’s muscles tensed against the back of the door as I assumed Pete tried to push his way in.

“Ahh… Come on Mark, your last weekend of…wait a minute, you dirty hound; have you got some bint in there?” I could hear the leer in his voice as an evil thought popped into my head.

“Keep your voice down you dozy scouser!” Mark uttered and then coughed as he felt my mouth swallow his cock. His right hand wrapped gripped my hair and half-heartedly tried to pull me away from him. I grasped his ass cheeks firmly and sucked him hard and fully into my mouth.

“Nice one, mate! What goes on tour stays on tour! I’ll see you at twelve then?”

“Yeah… err…twelve sounds …good…” Mark stammered.

The door was just about to close when Pete tried to push it open again, “Oh by the by, have you seen that other groom fella… seems his mates have lost him… I think they said his name was Vinnie or something…” I squeezed Mark’s ass viciously (I had always hated that shortening of my name, Joe Pesci has a lot to answer for).

I actually heard Mark gulp before replying, “That bloke from last night? The last I saw of him must’ve been about two o’clock, I reckon… bit of a cock sucker don’t you reckon, Pete?” Except for a long thin cock in my mouth I know I would have burst out laughing.

“You’re not wrong there, bunch of southern softies that lot… shit can’t even find the groom… anyway mate, you…err… have some…” the door shut with a click of finality.

I felt both of Marks hand hold the sides of my head and turn my face up to him. I grinned as I sucked as I looked into his eyes.

“You are so going to pay for that… Vinnie!” he threatened.

For a moment I dragged my teeth harder along his cock and then grinned even more.

He pulled me up and kissed me on the mouth, the stubble of our faces scratching each other as his tongue sought out mine. Gradually he guided me to the bathroom, both of us squeezing and wanking each other’s cocks. The bathroom was a ‘wet room’ affair and Mark turned on the shower jets as soon as he could reach them. Seven jets of hot water poured over us, one from above and six from the walls.

Eventually mark broke our kiss and turned me towards the wall, I let one of the jets wash across my face as Mark raised my hands and placed them on the smooth tiles above my head. His left foot tapped the insides of my feet urging them apart as his hands roamed over my torso and slowly descended over my flat stomach. His mouth kissed and bit its way down my back until his tongue trailed down between my ass cheeks.

I shivered in the heat of the water spray as I felt his tongue tease my tight rear hole and his right hand reach between my legs and grip my fully erect cock firmly. I gasped, water shooting into my open mouth as I felt the insistent pressure of his tongue worm its way into my ass. I closed my eyes tightly as I surrendered to the sensations, as soon as I had began to breathe again his tongue disappeared and I felt him push a finger deep into my hole. I clenched down on it as it he twisted it one way and then the other, gradually moving it in and out as I relaxed.

My eyes still closed I felt the slipperiness of a soapy lather run over my lower back and ass. A faint smell of Vanilla filled the steamy room as Mark drew back his finger. When he pressed again I felt a second finger penetrate my virgin ass. Somewhere in the back of my head a small lonely voice was telling me that I was a ‘complete and utter slut’. I thrust my ass backwards against Marks Invading fingers.

With his fingers still inside me Mark stood up, I felt him slap his cock against my left cheek as he continued to finger fuck my ass. His mouth moved close to my ear and whispered through the sound of the water “Do you like that Vince? Does it feel good?” he twisted his fingers faster with each stroke. “Do you want a cock in that pure virgin ass of yours?”

“…yes…” I whispered.

He rammed his fingers all the way into me, I could feel him spreading them within me; “I can’t hear you Vince…”

“…oh god…yes…please Mark…” I stammered.

He pulled his fingers from my hole and I felt the hot tip of his cock take their place. “Tell me Vince… tell me what you want?”

I pushed my ass backwards, but he moved back keeping the head off his cock between my cheeks. “For FUCKS SAKE MARK…please fuck me… stick that long cock of yours into my ass” I begged.

I felt his hands grasp my hips and the head of his cock pressed against my anus spreading it slowly. For a moment I tensed up but then forced myself to relax and felt his member slowly push inside me. My muscles quivered as his circumcised head opened me up; my own cock quivered as I felt an exquisite pressure within me. I pushed back against him, feeling his length go deeper and deeper. I groaned loudly as his fingers pressed into the flesh of my hips, my cock was harder than it had ever been before as inch by inch this virtual stranger slowly filled my ass.

I was breathing rapidly in the steamy atmosphere as I felt his wet pubic hair press against my ass cheeks. Briefly I wondered just how long his cock actually was and how I was able to take all of him inside me as I felt him slowly begin to withdraw. I fought the urge to push backwards knowing that he would fill me again. He drew back till just the head remained and then began to push inside me once again, quicker than before; I could feel his urgency and knew he was controlling himself as his hips once again pressed against my cheeks. Each motion became quicker than the last, I smelt and felt the soap run down the between my cheeks once again and then Mark started to fuck me.

His pace quickened and my own cock began to throb in unison with his motion as I reciprocated his movements. The pleasure became extreme and I felt myself shoot my seed over the wet wall tiles in front of me and yet he continued to pound my ass. I gasped and moaned as he slammed harder into me, my balls empty but my member still fully hard as I heard him begin to moan. He shuddered, his fingers gripping me painfully as he shot his own seed deep inside me. My mind reeled with the sensations, as almost as one both of our knees buckled and we slipped to the floor beneath the spray of the shower.

I consciously clenched my ass around his cock as his hands released their grip on me. Slowly it softened and slipped out of me, I was aware of the void that now remained where none had ever been before. Both of us twisted round and sat with our backs against the smooth tiles. Mark reached up and turned off the shower.

We sat there in the eerie silence and looked at each other. I grinned and Mark smiled in return.

“So here we are now…” I said.

“Indeed… may I say that is a very nice hole you have there, Vince!” Mark replied.

“…err… why, thank you… I can honestly say that has never been said to me before…”

Mark laughed.

“So a final, nervous groom-to-be, last fling then?” I asked.

“I reckon… though… …” Mark began.

“Though?” I added.

“There isn’t really any future in it? …is there?” Mark asked.

“The undiscovered country…”

“Star trek???…” Mark grinned.

“They robbed it…some quote by some long dead clever git. The undiscovered country, the future where everyone is a pioneer…”

Mark leaned in and kissed me softly on the mouth, our morning stubble scratching. I almost smiled as i thought about how my future wife (?) was always asking me to shave….

The End…


Hello again dear Avid Reader….

For those of you who haven’t read it before i changed it a little bit. I always did think I bottled it last time, ahh, the wonders of tippex!


~ by ftfagos on September 2, 2011.

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  1. oh dear muppets. You had too? Didn’t you???? In the airport reading this…. Yup i’ve read it before but… Still. Nevermind. i’ll read it aain when I get home and properly enjoy it then!!!!

  2. Wow! Is he or isn’t he? Totally caught me by surprise!

  3. And now I can say this… properly enjoyed.

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