The Point of No Return… Pt Six

Our turn to play hosts and the house was packed to capacity with guests spilling out into the garden even though it was a couple of degrees below freezing. New Year was rapidly approaching and even with the front windows and the garden doors open the lounge and kitchen were quite hot. As opposed to outside where the battle was in the other ‘thermal’ direction. I’d erected a large canopy across the deck, where my ever dwindling legion of fellow smokers would gather and two fire pits blazed keeping the worst of the cold at bay. The wooden gazebo at the end of the garden had a couple of lanterns attached to it but so far no-one had been brave enough to trek through the light covering of snow to use it.

Elena was as elegant as usual in a backless black silk number. It wasn’t as figure hugging as some of her dresses and a casual hand placed on her backside earlier in the evening had confirmed to me that tonight she was wearing a thong. She’d grinned at me over her shoulder and leant back, her firm breast pushing against my arm to whisper in my ear; “Now that takes away the surprise later on!”

“But, none of the enjoyment” I replied.

Angela and Mike were also present. Mike seemed to be drinking a lot more slowly than usual and so was a lot more pleasant in conversation. Another more subtle placing of my palm informed me that Angela was without underwear and she managed not to flinch when I lightly pinched her cheek. As a rule I generally never misbehave at home or in the presence of Elena but I was feeling rather daring and horny as well.

About ten o’clock I managed to cross paths with Angela outside the bathroom upstairs. She grabbed my crotch, my cock responding automatically. “Naughty!” I gave her a slap on her ass.

“Will you punish me if I’m naughty, Sir?” she asked in a ‘schoolgirl’ voice.

“No I won’t Miss! But if you’re good I’ll punish you next year when I get you alone!”

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and skipped away, “Promises, promises!”

I entered the bathroom alone with the usual problem of wanting to urinate whilst having an erection. “Damn, woman… I might just redden that ass anyway for good measure!” I was eventually able to relieve myself and luckily noticed the bright pink lipstick on my cheek before leaving.


The ‘Bells’ were fast approaching and I was doing the rounds to make sure everyone’s drinks were topped up. I circulated back through the lounge in the direction of Elena. I noted Angela sitting on a reasonably sober Mike’s knee. She was squirming a little and Mike had a large grin on his face. I caught her eye and she stuck her tongue out for a moment; I mouthed back at her ‘good girl’ and proceeded through the crowd.

I nodded to a few people and laughed as I avoided the children dashing through the throng using all the adults as some sort of ever changing maze. The laughter and giggles of the younger ones permeated the general hubbub of the serious adults. Even my eldest, often a sullen teenager, was grinning as he ‘hunted’ his sister and their younger cousins and friends. He took a moment to hide behind me as a neighbour’s small blonde six year old searched the mass of bodies looking for him. “Thirsty work?” I asked over my shoulder.

For a split second his usual non-communicative personality emerged and then evaporated almost instantly as his young quarry whooped loudly as she spotted him and disappeared into the jungle of legs. He smiled and nodded and then grinned some more as I offered him a drink off my beer. “Cheers Dad” he said grudgingly, taking a long gulp, his dark brown eyes dilating as he did and returning the glass to me to take up his pursuit once again. I saw Elena and made my way towards her. I couldn’t help but grin myself as I saw a couple of disapproving looks on the elder members of the gathering at the ‘uncontrolled’ kids. “How easy it is to forget the simple joys of youth” I said to myself.

I wrapped my arm about Elena’s hips and topped up her glass from the bottle of white wine I was also carrying. “Thank you, hun’” she said and slipped her hand into my pocket as she kissed me briefly on the lips

I turned to the man she had been talking to, “Wassup doc?” I asked.

Doctor Strongman, our family doctor, was rarely seen at any of our mutual friends’ get-togethers. “Not a lot these days, Pete, what about yourself?” he replied.

“Same old, same old. Saying goodbye to one year and welcoming in the next.”

“Pete, have you met Alec’s wife, Mariella?”

I have to say I was a breath away from dropping my glass and the bottle. Here was my ‘stalker’ for want of a better word. “Ohh… hello… I don’t think we have met.”

“Call me Mari, all my friends do” she offered her hand with a completely polite, socially acceptable smile on her face which didn’t betray our brief meetings previously. I placed the bottle of wine on a handy shelf and took her hand in mine.

“Hi, Mari… so how is it that we’ve never had the pleasure of your company before?” I asked. And I honestly did wonder as the Doc had even delivered our first born at home.

“Well, it’s only recently that I’ve cut down on my work… I have to admit I often did bury myself within it.” I released her hand grudgingly.

Elena stepped towards the Doc as I stepped towards Mari. “What is it that you do?” I asked. Mari’s eyes lingered for a moment on Elena before she turned to me.

“I’m a surgeon… cardiac. Most of my time was spent down south at a specialist hospital for children and quite often… too often Alec would say and he was probably right, I would find it impossible to pull myself away. Very demanding and unfortunately sometimes very sad, but also, most of the time, a very satisfying career!” she raised her glass to her lips and took a sip.

“The sort of job that makes me realise how… pointless mine is. I’m pretty sure that finance rarely has anything of real substantial value to add to the world. Please don’t quote me in a court of law.”

“I’ll try and avoid that.” She smiled brightly.

“So will we be getting to see more of you from now on?” I asked.

Her gaze dropped for an instant, the first hint that I got from her that we had previous, “Possibly…. probably”

The noise of the party increased and someone from beside the television which was silent but showing a picture of Big Ben shouted, “FIFTEEN SECONDS!”

Placing my glass on the shelf next to the discarded bottle I pulled two remotes from my pocket almost dropping my handkerchief and muted the stereo and turned up the sound on the television. The famous bell rang out and the crowd began the countdown. “TEN…! NINE…! EIGHT…! SEVEN…! SIX…! FIVE…! FOUR…! THREE…! TWO…! ONE…! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” everyone shouted together.

I turned and took hold of Elena’s hips and kissed her deeply before turning to kiss Mari. Although our New Year’s kiss was brief I felt something like a twitch from her lips. If I was daft I would have said a spark. The moment passed. Both Elena and Mari laughed as Alec refused my kiss. Further kisses and easily transmittable germs were shared between all those near to us as we welcomed in the New Year.


An hour or so later people began to gather their belongings and head homewards. I headed out to the deck and lit up in the cold night air. My breath plumed before me in the still air indistinguishable from the carcinogenic fumes. I looked past the dwindling embers of the fire pits to see a slow descent of snow settling onto the lawn. It took me a moment to spot the faint footprints in the white blanket. Two sets, one male and one female (the heels sinking deeply and by the looks of it somewhat awkwardly), headed away from the deck and none returned. My curiosity got the better off me and I followed the trail, the soft crumpling of the fresh fall beneath my feet and the tiny crackling of my cigarette the only sounds.

I skirted around the edge of the garden till I rounded the firs marking the edge of our property. The gazebo was in view but the lanterns had been extinguished. I was sure that against the dark foliage of the trees I was invisible to the couple that were straddling the table. There was enough light from the rear of the house to make out their forms as the woman sat atop of the man rocking back and forth groaning quietly. “Good girl” I whispered as I recognised her familiar moans. My cock twitched as I watched Angela rock back and forth. A smile crept across my lips as I wondered if that was Mike beneath her. I dropped the butt of my cigarette to the floor, a tiny hiss in the still air as it sank into the snow.

“Ohhh god you’re pussy is so hot Angie!” It was Mike after all, his accent unmistakeable. I slipped my hand into my jeans and straightened my swelling cock into a more comfortable position.

“Fuck me, Mike, fuck me!” answered Angela. I toyed with the idea of taking my cock out and wanking as I watched when I heard the soft footfall behind me.

“Does it make you jealous?” a woman whispered.

It had to be Mari but I turned to check all the same. She was just behind me and was staring at the fucking couple. “No… No, I don’t think it does. Does it turn you on?” I replied.

“Yes” she said simply, “…as it did when I watched the two of you in the woods that day. Is your cock hard?”

“I have to say it suddenly got harder!”

“That doesn’t surprise me. Did I interrupt, were you going to play with yourself or join in?”

I stepped back so I was level with her, my back pressing into the fir tree, a small amount of snow dislodged from the upper branches and fell about my shoulders. I turned my head to look at her staring at Mike and Angela who were becoming more vocal as he bucked up harder beneath her. “I was thinking about playing with myself as you put it.”

Her gaze remained fixed on the ‘show’ but I noted her hands gripping the sides of her long black skirt and her nipples hard beneath her white blouse and bra, her sensible woollen cardigan hanging open. “Please, don’t let me stop you.”

My eyes remained on Mari as I unzipped my fly and pulled out my hard-on through my boxer shorts. The air was cold against the tip as I drew back my foreskin. I began to pull on it harder as Angela called out “Cum you bastard, cum!”

Mari glanced down at my hand pumping my erection. “Well, Pete, it’s really about time I was going…” she stretched up on her toes and kissed me lightly on my cheek, “Oh, I don’t think you noticed but your wife slipped her panties into your pocket earlier. Call me, we must do lunch sometime…when you’re not otherwise engaged.”

With that she turned away and headed back to the house. Mike and Angela grunted loudly behind me as they climaxed. I stood there my hand, still, on my cock. “What the fuck?” I reached into my pocket and pulled out Elena’s thong lifting it to my nose and smelling her musky scent upon it. “What the fuck?” I whispered again before quietly making my way back to the house and lighting up another cigarette on the deck, shaking my head as I stared into the dying embers of the fire pit. My cock was still rock hard within my boxers and unsatisfied.


Mike was extremely sheepish when the two of them returned to the house. Angela grinned broadly as she passed me, her slim hand passed surreptitiously over my crotch as I mouthed ‘good girl’ to her. It was past 3am by the time Elena and I got to bed. She fell asleep quickly as I lay staring up at the ceiling. My hard-on returned as I thought of Mari watching my hand on my cock. It was another twenty minutes or more before I gave in and slipped from the bed.

In the bathroom I brought myself to orgasm rapidly with Elena’s thong wrapped around my cock.

It was still another hour before sleep finally came.



To be continued…

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  1. GRRRRR!!!! You’re killing me!

    But I do love how this story is unfolding…. I cannot wait to see where you are taking this!!!! Transmittable diseases!!!! LOL!!!

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