The Pont of No Return…Pt Seven

As of this Point, I’ve no idea how many parts there are to this story…….!



It was a week later that I rewarded Angela for being such a good girl. She was bent over the table where she had been slicing vegetables that first time when I’d pressed my erect cock against her ass. This time her dress was lifted and her knickers around her knees keeping her legs together as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her wet pussy. “Did you enjoy fucking Mike at my house?”

“Yes…” she breathed, her hands beneath her torso massaging her breasts.

I slammed my cock hard into her, “Did you realise I watched the two of you beneath the gazebo?”

She groaned loudly, “Not at the time… but when I saw you outside the back doors…. mmmm… I realised…. that smile on your face…”

“The smile on my face?” my fingers groped her ass cheeks roughly encouraging another murmur from her lips.

“Yessss… yes… I’ve seen you cum! Ahhh… yes, the cat… the cat that got the cream!”

I dug my fingers harder into the soft flesh of her ass, “I watched you ride him on the table, driving that hot cunt of yours down onto his cock. I was tempted to… join you…”

She drove herself back against me, my hips slapping against the back of her thighs as she grabbed the far edge. “I would’ve wanted that… to suck your cock… tell me, did you cum… as you watched?”

I rammed my hips forward, banging her thighs against the table, shifting it. “I came so hard…I thought you’d heard me” I lied. Angela’s pussy clamped hard around my thrusting manhood.

“You promised me…?” she breathed.

“I did? What?” I replied mystified.

“If I was…a… good… girl!” her pussy rippled about my cock as I felt her hot juices trickle down over my balls. It took me several seconds to remember what I’d said on New Year’s Eve. I raised my hand and brought it down across her ass with a resounding smack. Angela yelped and her slit locked hard around my cock. I grasped her hair in my other hand and slapped her ass again and again till I shot my load deep inside her pulsing quim. As the lasts jets of my seed emptied inside her I pulled out and dragged her back off the table by her hair.

“Suck it clean!!!” I demanded as I pushed her down to her knees. Her fingernails dug into my ass as she engulfed my twitching member in her mouth.

“You are a good girl” I told her as I slowly pulled her sucking lips from my softening cock. “Do you like the taste of your pussy on my cock?” I asked in a stern voice.

She nodded and when she saw my ‘serious’ look she answered “Yes…sir!”

My mind was working, “And do you like surprises?”

I watched her chest heave beneath her dress, “I… err… I think so… sir.”

“Again! Do you like the taste of pussy on my cock?”

“Yes sir!” she replied licking her lips. Would you like to taste your sister-in-laws pussy juice on my cock I thought to myself. I’d have to see how Angela felt about blindfolds.


I was seriously considering pushing my luck. The thought kept running through my head how I could manipulate the two women and yet remain safe. A definite ‘Point of No Return’ if I failed. Risk and reward, the sides of the coin that control our lives even if most of the time we don’t acknowledge the fact especially if we opt for the safer path with the smaller reward. I’d taken to pulling a coin out of my pocket every now and then and flipping it high into the air. For the moment I was still withholding from making decisions based on pure luck but I could feel that edge of the precipice ever nearer.

And without a doubt Mari was having a… strange effect on me!



Another week later I sat at a coffee shop in the centre of town smoking beneath the awning outside ignoring the harsh January wind. It was my fourth cigarette in less than half an hour as I waited impatiently. “They’ll be the death of you, Pete” offered Mari as she sat down opposite me.

“We all have our vices, Mari. What’s yours?” I replied.

“Who says I have any?”

“Voyeurism?” I rebutted. It hadn’t taken me long to find Mariella’s phone number. Her home, or the Doc’s, was listed in the little black book we kept at home with our own phone. It has taken five days before she had answered it herself. Of course being secretive or guarded of nature I had withheld my number each time I’d rang. Luckily it had gone to answer phone on the previous times and I’d hung up before the tape had cut in.

“Okay, voyeurism, I guess I can’t deny that charge!”

I signalled the waiter from inside the shop.

After the waiter had moved away to fetch our order I resumed our conversation. “So is it purely vicarious in nature?”

“Do you mean will I ever join you in bed?” her eyes remained fixed upon mine as she drummed her unpainted fingernails on the table between us.

“I got to admit I could not describe my own… curiosity as vicarious. I do wonder what it’ll be like to undress you and to explore every inch of your body…” I picked up my cigarette pack and twisted it in my fingers tapping it with each half revolution.

“Does a line like that often work?”

I pondered my reply before answering, “Is it a line if it’s true? It is your choice whether or not you believe it and nothing I can say can prove what I say but I would assure I have spent quite some time thinking of you.” The waiter returned with our order and again our conversation paused as the two of us saw to our individual tastes in coffee. I noted she took it with only a drop of milk, so it was almost black and without sugar yet she still stirred it for a time.

“I suppose I also have been guilty of wondering about you, too!” she admitted as she finally lifted her cup to her lips.

I couldn’t help but smile. “No harm in thinking. Anyway,” I said deliberately changing the subject “what are you doing with all your extra free time now that you’re semi-retired?”

She placed her cup back on its saucer, turning the small handle so it was at 3 O’clock as she looked at it. “Lots of walking and I’ve even dug out my old painting gear but as yet I haven’t bought any new brushes and I fear all of the oils may need to be replaced.”

“An artist…landscape, still life or… what?”

“Life generally, although I’ll admit I always struggled with faces. And yourself, any hobbies of your own that you indulge in?”

“Not really, I used to play a lot of football when I was younger but my left knee is pretty much shot and no disrespect to your own profession but I try to avoid going under the knife.”

“None taken. Within medical circles we may still look down on orthopaedic surgeons as glorified carpenters or mechanics but they have come a long way in recent years… they’re not so quick to amputate these days.”

“Always good to hear” I replied with a smile. “Work and family take up a lot of my time…” Mari raised an eyebrow, “sounds kinda dull when put like that. I suppose with your career and I may have looked you up a little on the web, you seem well respected in your field, that you and Doc never found the time to have kids of your own?” I noted a little drop in the corners of her mouth, “I’m sorry if that’s a little personal?” I didn’t add that Mari had gone way beyond the boundaries of personal questions in our previous encounters.

“More the case of the other way around, I’m… unable to have kids of my own. A little Freudian I guess going into Paediatric surgery…” She saw the look of sympathy on my face, “Don’t worry I’m a long time over that. I still have plenty of nieces and nephews to dote over and spoil!”

“And plenty of disposable income and time to spend it as well!” I answered.

“I’m sure you’re not really that cynical, Pete?”

“Only occasionally…”

We talked on for over an hour till I had to head back to work. The ‘strange’ flirting between us had taken a back seat for the main part and I found myself warming to Mari on a personal level that if I was honest I rarely did with most people. Including those I had affairs with. I offered my hand as we stood and stepped out onto the pedestrianised street. “Thank you, Mari, a very enjoyable afternoon.”

“Very much so, Pete, the first of many I hope” she replied as she shook my hand gently. I was just about to turn away when her hand tightened around mine and she leant forward and up on her toes and kissed me on the mouth. Her lips were warm and soft and tasted bitter from her coffee. I was a little surprised but responded with what I hoped was a like amount of intimacy. Just before she broke away the tip of her tongue flicked across my lips. “The first of many, I’m sure” she turned and walked away.

I chewed lightly on the inside of my lips as I watched her walk away. Maybe there was an extra swing to her hips or maybe it was my own wishful thinking. She didn’t look back.


I sat in my car thinking over the last hour grinning to myself when my phone beeped impatiently at myself. A text message waited for my attention. “Mari?” I wondered to myself. I flipped open the handset and saw it was from Lynette. [Back in the country next w/end. R U up 4 fun??? Is ur friend??? Xxx]

I looked at the message considering my reply. Her timing wasn’t brilliant, this might take some work. I pulled a coin from my pocket and flipped it in the air. “Hmm… heads…” I said pointlessly.

I began thumbing in a reply.




To be continued…

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One Response to “The Pont of No Return…Pt Seven”

  1. Point of no return indeed!!!! I am amazed that someone… anyone!!! could juggle everything that Pete has going on without getting caught.

    And just for the record??? Yes.

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