The Point of No Return..Pt Eight

Saturday arrived. I’d managed to arrange a meeting for first thing in the morning. Of course it was actually a very short meeting but did give me the excuse to be out of the house even with all the preparations being made. Elena was annoyed but understanding and I promised to be back by two, three at the latest so I wouldn’t miss anything. The other woman of the house wasn’t as understanding. It was her tenth birthday after all and her disappointment was evident in her green eyes. She was soon distracted by the arrival of her best friend as I left the house just after nine.

The meeting was concluded by eleven and I met Angela thirty minutes later at the hotel. It was a good distance outside of town and unlikely that we’d bump into anyone we knew that wasn’t invited by me. I walked over to the reception desk and used their phone to ring up to a room. Angela stood nervously near the lifts dressed in a practical raincoat, the bottom edge of a blue dress peeking out from beneath. I looked back over to her, smiling re-assuredly. There was still a chance that she might yet change her mind although I suspected if she had been going too she would never have got as far as the hotel.

I rejoined her and led her to the lifts. We stepped into the lift and rose up the building towards the sixth floor. “You don’t have to do this?”

“I know” she replied. She fiddled with an errant hair from her blonde bob.

“Do you trust me?” I asked taking her hand.

She looked at me, her eyes watery, “…no…” she replied.

“No?” I answered a little surprised, “Will you do as I say?”

She nodded.

“And are you wet?”

“Ohh… fuck yes!”

“Good girl!”

We remained silent for the remainder of the journey to Room 612. I turned Angela about at the door and held her firmly. “Are you sure you want to step through that door… this would be the point of no return… once through…” she tried to force a smile and nodded, “Even still if you want me to call a halt…”

She shivered slightly in my hands and nodded once again, “I… want this… and anyway… one way or another… my pussy is going to explode damn soon… and better in there than in hotel reception!”

I kissed her softly on the mouth and led her inside through the door I knew to be open. I held her still just inside as I closed the door behind me and then pulled a black silk scarf from my pocket and tied it around her eyes. Her chest heaved rapidly as I imagined her heart beat furiously within her chest. Mine certainly was and I’d had a raging hard-on all morning, seriously uncomfortable during my earlier meeting. “From now on you speak in whispers and will only be called ‘good girl’ or ‘bad girl’ and our other friend today will be ‘good lady’. Do you understand?” I said into Angela’s ear.


I moved her forward into the centre of the room just in front of the double bed. I looked to the bathroom and wondered if Lynette had taken a peek. “Wait here” I ordered Angela.

I opened the bathroom door fully and there stood Lynette. “Hi” she said with a broad grin.

“Hello good lady” I replied and pulled a second identical silk scarf from my pocket. I quickly tied it about her head, her hand slipping behind her and squeezing my erection before I led her out into the main room and positioned her face to face if not eye to eye with Angela.

“’Good girl’ meet ‘Good Lady’… ‘Good Lady’ meet ‘Good girl’…” I lifted Angela’s hands to Lynette’s shoulders. “Now if you’ll be so kind ‘good girl’ would you please undress ‘good lady’?”

Angela’s fingers moved tentatively at first as I moved behind Lynette and pressed the lump in my trousers against her ass. Rapidly Angela’s hands began to move with more confidence as she pushed the jacket from Lynette’s shoulders letting it drop to the floor and then began to unbutton her blouse. Lynette’s smaller bosom heaved and strained against her bra, her nipples dark and hard through the white material. Her hands twitched at her sides as I lightly breathed against her neck. Angela finished unbuttoning the blouse and pushed it off Lynette’s shoulders, her own clothed breasts rubbing against the ‘Good Lady’s’ bra. The two of them moaned quietly. I placed my fingertip beneath Angela’s chin, “Good girl… you need to undo the cuffs” I instructed. Angela dropped to her knees and sorted out the problematic cuffs, undoing them and pulling the blouse clear to drop on top of Lynette’s jacket.

She remained on her knees and reached for Lynette’s hips, her hands sliding downwards to ascertain that the other woman was wearing a skirt. Her fingers sought out the fastening on Lynette’s left hip and deftly undid it and the short zip. It dropped as well to leave the ’Good Lady’ standing in her black panties, bra, suspenders and matching stockings. The four inch heels on her feet raised her to almost my own height. All in all Lynette was a picture worth a swift one at the wrist with her dark hair and the black scarf acting as a blindfold. “Good girl… tell me how wet is Good Lady’s knickers?”

Lynette shuddered as she felt Angela’s slim finger slide up the inside of her thigh and slowly trace the line of her lips beneath the lacy material. “Soaking…” breathed Angela.

“Do you want to taste it?” I asked wrapping my hands about Lynette and grasping her breasts through her bra. I squeezed them hard beneath my palms and was rewarded with a deep moan as she pushed her ass back against my crotch, her fingers grasping my own hips tightly.

“…I… err… yes…” stammered Angela. I released Lynette’s right breast and reached down grasping Angela’s hand pressing her extended finger harder into the other woman’s pussy lips. Lynette groaned even deeper as the sodden lacy material pushed inside her. I felt drops of juice slip down Angela’s hand onto mine; a deep tremor ran through Lynette’s body. I pulled back Angela’s finger looking down over the older woman’s shoulder at the copious amounts of gleaming liquid coating it. A smile adorned Angela’s lips as I lifted it up to her mouth. It was three inches away before Angela dipped her head quickly and sucked her own finger into her mouth greedily.

“I think she likes it” I said to Lynette as I drew her backwards to sit on the edge of the bed. Angela for a few brief seconds was lost in her own world sucking a strange woman’s juices from her finger and palm. Her other hand I noted was locked between her own thighs and only when she felt her flesh was clean did she sense the void she had been left in. Guiltily she withdrew her hand from between her thighs and twisted her head from left to right.

“You liked it.” I stated, “Now stand and strip A-… and show me how wet you are ‘good girl’!” I almost let slip her name, my concentration was somewhat… distracted. Obediently she stood up and pulled the raincoat she had still been wearing from her shoulders to reveal a long plain deep blue dress. She reached up behind her back and pulled the zip down before swiftly slipping the straps from her shoulders. The dress fell to the floor to leave her naked except for her flat white shoes which she quickly stepped out off. Lynette’s head moved slightly from side to side as her right hand grasped my thigh, twitching lightly as it did and moving fractionally upwards. “Oh you are a good girl aren’t you…” I looked at her crotch, “She’s even shaved her pussy completely bald, ‘Good Lady’… how very thoughtful…”

I looked at the faint blemish of a raspberry birthmark on her hip and wondered if Lynette had ever seen it when and if they had been sunbathing together. Along with Lynette’s tattoo, which Angela might have also known about, I felt that both of them being blindfolded was the best way to go. If it wasn’t for those identifying marks I wondered would either have recognised the others body as the silk scarves covered the majority of their faces. I stood up from the bed, Lynette’s nail scratching my thigh as I did but she remained sitting. I leant down and kissed her hard on the mouth before turning to speak to Angela. “Be a good girl and crawl over here, ‘good girl’!” I reached down and spread Lynette’s legs wide, her soaking panties pulling into her slit as I did. I silently stepped away as Angela went down on all fours and made her slow, tentative way towards the bed and Lynette.

Both of the women were breathing heavily as I watched the blonde move nearer to the brunette. Silently I pulled off my jacket and lay it down on a chair as Angela veered slightly to her left on her approach. “Stop” I said making her jump a little and raise her head in my direction, “move slightly to your right and carry on forward” I instructed. She grinned beneath the scarf and resumed her forward motion. As I loosened my tie and pulled it off Angela’s cheek brushed against the inside of Lynette’s knee. Lynette took a sharp intake of breath as Angela moved forward sliding her cheek along the stranger’s stockinged thigh.

“Pleassse…” whispered Lynette, I couldn’t see but I suspected Angela’s tongue was out and licking the black material until it reached the bare flesh. Without instruction she lifted her hands onto the spread knees, pink nail polish startling against the black stockings. Lynette leaned back supporting herself on her elbows and lifted her heels up and out to rest on the corners of the bed.

“Suck it good, girl… suck that wet cunt!” I ordered.

“Ohhh FUCK!” gasped Lynette as Angela pressed her face hard into her crotch. Her fingernails raked the exposed flesh above Lynette’s stocking tops. The older woman began to buck against the young blonde, the tendons on her neck going taunt as she arched her back head going down onto the mattress and breasts thrust up into the air. I hurriedly removed the rest of my clothing till I stood beside Angela completely naked, my cock standing out at right angles quivering in anticipation. I daren’t touch it as I knew it’d erupt as soon as possible.

“Decisions, decisions…” I muttered to myself. “You wanted to taste cunt from my cock, Lady?” I dropped to my knees and slid my erection easily all the way into Angela’s soaking wet quim. It throbbed about me and I felt my balls tighten rapidly. Angela moaned but remained with her face pushed into Lynette’s mound. I pulled out inspecting the sheen of juices coating my hard-on and quickly moved around and onto the bed. Lynette was groaning loudly as I took hold of her hair in one hand and her chin in the other. The first jet of seed shot from my aching cock before I pushed it into her willing mouth landing on her neck. The rest erupted violently within her mouth as I fell forwards hands just taking my weight on either side of her hips.

“Ohhh…shit…” I gasped. It took me quite a few seconds to regain my thoughts as Lynette sucked greedily on my still hard and quivering cock. Every few seconds she’d buck hard against Angela’s mouth and dig her nails into my bars ass. Eventually I pulled myself from her mouth and knelt beside her. I knew my cock wouldn’t let me down today, partly because of the situation and partly because I had taken one half of a little blue pill just before my earlier meeting.

“Tell me, Lady, does the girl deserve a good fucking?”

Lynette’s hands had found their way down her body and were entwined in Angela’s hair. “Ohh…yess… fuck this… little bitch… hard…ahhh…fuck…” she responding between gasps.

I quickly resumed my position behind Angela grasping her hips and lining my cock up with her pouting pussy. For a moment I considered sliding it into her tight ass. Previously she had only liked her ‘dirty hole’, as she put it, teased and had drawn the line at my small finger worming its way inside. I’ll admit I didn’t much care for anal myself but the animal in me was coming to the fore and I was sorely tempted just to dominate her completely. I rubbed the head up along her slit, covering the angry glans with her juices and then pressed it against her asshole. I watched her cheeks tighten and her little body shake before me. She didn’t stop driving her tongue inside Lynette’s quim and I was almost sure that she wouldn’t have if I forced my cock into her ass.

I slapped her cheek hard with the flat of my hand raising a muffled yelp and dropped my cock lower and ramming it hard into her convulsing slit. The muffled yelp turned into a muffled scream as I grabbed her hips and drove my cock again and again deep inside her.


Over the next couple of hours the two women pleasured each other and me. I came for the third time as they both sucked on the head of my cock. That little pill had worked wonders and had served me well. Throughout both women had made sure that their blindfolds had remained in place though I was sure that Lynette had been sorely tempted to remove hers.

Angela had gone into the bathroom to grab a quick shower. Lynette lay beside me. A sheen of sweat covering her body, “So, Pete… a fantasy come true?” she pulled up her blindfold to look at me.

“Ohhh… quite enjoyable, though it wasn’t my first threesome but it was the best… so far…”

She pinched my nipple roughly, “I thought Elena wasn’t into girls… or was it another guy?” she added in a hopeful tone.

“Alas… mmmm… no and no to your questions” I replied.

“Do you think our friend here will be up for a repeat? Maybe if she overcomes her shyness… without blindfolds next time? I assume she’s married…how about a foursome?” she smiled hopefully

I had to suppress my grin at Lynette suggesting having sex with her little brother. At least I was sure that she didn’t realise it was Angela. “Well, I’ll ask and… I guess, for you I might… you know…”

“Fuck me in the ass as he fucks my cunt and I lick out his wife?” she suggested.

“Well if you put it like that… hell yeah!” I lied.

There was a light knock from the bathroom door and I pulled the bed sheet over Lynette’s head as Angela stepped out. “I have to thank you both for a wonderful… if slightly sore time.”

“You’re so welcome” I replied.

“Likewise” said Lynette from beneath the covers with a giggle. I playfully slapped her exposed thigh and walked Angela to the door.

Angela grabbed her discarded raincoat and kissed me on the lips, “Yuck… pussy breath” she said with a smile, “call me soon.”

I closed the door behind her and turned back to face the bed. Lynette pulled down the sheet and peeked out raising an eyebrow. “Fancy a fuck?” she asked sweetly.

I looked down at my cock which as per normal twitched in response even if it felt abused. “I really haven’t got the time-“


I pushed my hard cock slowly into Lynette’s ass as the shower sprayed down onto her back. She groaned deeply, braced against the tiled wall and pushed back against me. She clenched her muscles tightly about me and elicited a like moan from my mouth. So much for hurrying I thought to myself as I pushed deeper another inch disappearing from view. My thumb and fingers pressed into her hips, her flesh blanched about them.

I felt the hard texture of the handle of Lynette’s hair brush inside her pussy, the seemingly rough bristles scratching the insides of my thighs just below my empty sac. I really should’ve resisted her when she joined me in the shower but watching her slide the smooth blue handle inside herself had caused my cock to respond without my permission. “You know you want to fuck my ass… imagine feeling a hard cock slide in beneath you… her mouth sucking on your balls… and her hands pressing on your asses… driving you deeper, filling up my holes…” I could see her small breasts heaving once again as she turned in front of me and bent forwards, her fingers spreading her cheeks exposing her tight rear hole. “You know you want too…” she said once more and my resistance melted away.


Whether or not the two women had recognised each other’s voices I didn’t know. And the grin on my face on the drive home expressed the fact I was beyond caring.

It was gone four when I actually home. I was seriously in the bad books with both the women of the house. My teenage son found it amusing though to see me squirm under the baleful stare of my wife. My daughter soon forgot my tardiness with the bedlam of her party and being the centre of attention. Allowing her and her friends to jump up and down on me within the bouncy castle we had rented was reward enough for her. I had to be careful as my groin was significantly more tender than usual and keeping track of over-enthusiastic arms and legs was hard work to say the least.

It took Elena three days before she stopped making dry comments about my lack of parental responsibility and offering me the cold shoulder in bed. At least the surfeit of sex on Saturday afternoon made up for the lack at home!



To be continued…

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