The Point of No Return…Pt Nine

I had begun to see Mari fairly regularly for lunch, usually about every other week. It was odd for me as although I wanted to get in her pants I wasn’t concerned about my failure to do so. Also a strange sensation was making itself present within me before and after our rendezvous. If I had to put a name to it, it would be guilt! I had the feeling that in some way I was beyond the point of no return with Mari even if i had not gone as far (at least physically) with her as I had done with so many others.

In contrast with Angela I never felt any suggestion of guilt or wrongdoing. To be honest I was starting to become bored with Angela and was starting to look further afield once again.

Twelve days later and although my mind kept replaying the threesome I was still surprised at how dominant I had been. There had been times when it had seemed more than just an act and I had wondered if the little bit of Viagra I had taken had really been necessary. Having the two women do my bidding and the two of them not realising how closely related by marriage they were was an aphrodisiac in itself.

I wasn’t quite back in the good books with Elena (I had noted that our usual Sunday afternoon tryst had not occurred for two weekends on the trot, I could understand missing out on the following day after my daughter’s party but the second one seemed a little harsh). She had only just started being civil towards me, though that isn’t quite right! She had an ability that I’ll be honest I hated. It was rarely used on me and often not even understood by those she did use it on. She could be incredibly polite and leave the recipient with the nagging idea within their own mind that they had just been told to ‘fuck off’. When not on the receiving end of it, it could be entertaining but still seemed a little nasty, a part of her personality that really didn’t fit and the one part I didn’t care for.

I sat at our usual cafe waiting for Mari. A coin in my hand, rolling it back and forth along my fingers, watching the heads and then the tails appear. “A penny for your thoughts?” asked Mari.

“Oh sorry…miles away” I replied.

She sat down and signalled the waiter who now knew the two of us well enough to fetch Mari her usual filter coffee. “Miles away indeed, I’ve been watching you for almost a minute. What’s on your mind, Pete?”

I looked up at her and saw genuine concern on her face. “You’re of a medical bent….”

“Well I wouldn’t quite put it like that… more an old quack!”

I slipped the coin back into my pocket and lifted my coffee taking a sip. It was stone cold.

The waiter arrived with Mari’s coffee and I ordered a fresh cup. I looked up at her, “Angela is pregnant!” I stated simply.

She raised her hand to her mouth, “Oh my god… hold on! I thought you told me you had a vasectomy?”

I nodded, “I have… but they’ve been known to fail…” my words trailed away. I’d already looked up the facts about vasectomies on the internet but the pixellated word didn’t seem to hold much sway at the moment. I needed a voice to make it real and as much as there was doctor/patient confidence I didn’t fancy a conversation with our family doctor, Mari’s husband, Alec.

“They have but it’s a rare occurrence. Did you provide a… sample for testing afterwards?”

I know I blushed, “…err … yeah… one before and two over the next two months, I think.”

“And the result of the second tests?” she raised her eyes in mock exasperation.

“No… sperm detected…”

“Now I haven’t ever heard of a spontaneous re-generation of the Vas Deferens but I guess it might be possible… not!”

“I’m being silly, aren’t I?”

Mari nodded enthusiastically, “So nothing to worry about.” She paused than asked hesitantly, “You didn’t go postal when Angela told you, did you?”

“No… No, no… Well maybe a little… it just surprised me!”

“Shit!” she swore then burst out laughing as the other patrons of the bar looked on. My cheeks reddened even more. It took Mari a full minute to calm down, her chest heaving and then the hiccups set in which caused her to giggle even more.

“Not looking for sympathy, are you?” I enquired.

She shook her head, a tear rolling down her cheek. Her mirth only ceased as the hiccups began to get painful. She shook her head once again, the humour still in her eyes and lifted the coffee cup and took a sip. I watched as she held the small amount of caffeine in her mouth and then stuck her fingers in her ears before swallowing.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yep… hardly ever fails… basically alters the pressure difference above and below the diaphragm causing the spasms to cease. The other method I have never known to fail but as I’m wearing a dress and in public lying back on the table with my head down and swallowing water may raise some eyebrows, don’t you think?”

The image of Mari lying back on the table with her head lowered etched itself onto my forebrain. Though, water wasn’t necessarily what I had in mind placing in her mouth; there would have been some liquid eventually but whether it would have been enough to stop her diaphragm from spasming was another thing. “I suppose not” I said safely.

“So, Angela told you… did she think you’d been lying about the vasectomy?”

“I don’t think so… but there’s always that nagging doubt even in my own mind, I know, irrational though it is and yes a vasectomy that has been tested for all these years with Elena and has never failed. That’s the nature of paranoia, I guess”

“And you… let me guess, said ‘it’s not mine!’ Something like that when what she wanted was to be congratulated.”

“Yep, something like that, but I was taken off guard.”

Mari had lifted her cup and then put it back down again, “She told you while you were fucking?” I nodded, “Priceless!”

“It does tend to put one off one’s stride, so to speak!”

Mari started to snigger once again. I noted a couple of the nearby patrons lean closer in curiosity. “Did we suffer a little…let down?”

I raised my eyes to the heavens, “I’m man enough to admit to…”

“Erectile dysfunction?” interjected Mari.

I shuddered in feigned automatic response, “Hush!!!” I laughed. “It happens occasionally; rarely thank all that’s good and decent. It can be quite a pressure to perform and unlike others it’s a little harder, pun intended, for us to fake it!”

“No one’s ever faked it with you, of course?” she asked sarcastically.

“How would I know and to be honest, I don’t really care… if I don’t know I’m doing something wrong or at least not right, how can I do it right and not wrong?”

Mari nodded conceding the point, “Anyway, back to your floppy willy.”

“My floppy Willy, indeed… she just dropped it in… bouncing away happily… I assume! …on top of me and suddenly asks me ‘what’s it like fucking a pregnant woman?’ Oddly enough I… lost my rhythm.”

“I hope you made up for it after.”

“Didn’t really get the chance, she got a little… upset when my initial reaction was to deny parentage.”

It had been quite a while since we had talked about my sex life and I noted Mari shifting on her seat. I wondered if she was finding it arousing or if it was just my wishful thinking. Our ‘relationship’ was novel as far as I was concerned. Normally any interaction with an attractive member of the opposite sex resulted in me flirting and imagining them interacting intimately with me or my body parts. I shook the present ‘wonderings’ from my head.

“When was this?” asked Mari.

“Three days ago” I replied.

“Has she forgiven you?”

“I think so… I’ll tell you later.”


“Yes” I replied with a smirk, “I’m seeing her in about an hour…”


Angela had forgiven me. I had gone down on my knees and asked for forgiveness as I lifted up her skirt. There hadn’t been any knickers to contend with and I’d eased open her labia with my fingertips to find her quite moist inside. Her fingernails had raked my scalp as she leant against our ‘favourite’ tree and my tongue flicked back and forth across her clit.

I had stayed on my knees, two fingers inside her, till I felt Angela’s pussy juice increase and her hips buck violently against my face. Her deep moans echoed through the woodland and the birds took flight. I looked up at Angela, her face flushed and eyes still closed. “Am I forgiven?”

As I pulled my face further away from her crotch I caught a glimpse to my left of a green Wax jacket. Angela might not have forgiven me if she had known we were being watched.

I had told Mari where I was meeting Angela and had said no more. Even as I left the cafe I could see she was undecided. Mari was now less than thirty yards away, her head peeking out from behind a large Oak. By the twist and movement of her shoulder I was sure that her hand was between her legs. As I rose up my eyes caught hers, a deliciously guilty look within them.

Angela panted quietly and nodded. “I’m sorry…” she breathed, “I … mmmm… guess I was a… little… hormonal…”

I took her face in my hands, “Understandable”. I kissed her softly and gradually deeper and harder as her lips opened and her tongue snaked inside. Her hand had dropped and was massaging my hard-on through my jeans as I cupped her ass tightly in one hand and massaged her left breast with the other. I could feel her nipple hard against my palm and the faint rapid echo of her heart beat. I released her ass for a moment and hitched up her skirt to bare her flesh and resumed my caresses. I opened my eyes, our mouths still locked together and looked over her shoulder at Mari. Digging my fingers hard into the flesh of her cheek I elicited a deep moan from her mouth as the other woman tentatively stepped out from behind the tree. She had her dress hitched up and her hand was moving slowly along her crotch.

I reached farther down with my hand, sliding my fingers between Angela’s legs, my thumb easing between her cheeks and my fingers searching for her soaking slit. Angela’s moans became more insistent as her other hand joined the first and began to fumble with my belt. It was dim beneath the canopy and I wished that the sun would break through the clouds so my view of Mari’s hand upon her pussy would be clearer. Eventually Angela pushed down my jeans and boxers freeing my erection. She grasped it tightly in one hand as she massaged my heavy balls. My groans echoed hers as I watched Mari, tight lipped, rub her snatch faster.

Angela broke our kiss gasping for air. She shuddered on my hand as I slid my finger back and forth along her wet pussy. “Am I forgiven… as well” she breathed.

“You soon will be!” I replied. “You know what good girls get!”

I moved slightly away from her and twisted my hand in her short blonde hair. Reaching forward I grasped the waist of her skirt and lowered her head down towards my hard cock. Angela obeyed happily bending from the hips and opened her mouth wide as I pulled her head forward. I groaned loudly as her lips slid down my length, her cheeks hollowing about it as she sucked me in. Pulling up her skirt and exposing her bare ass and damp gaping slit completely. Shifting slightly to the side (as if I was finding better footing) and spreading my feet I watched Mari now leaning against the tree she had hidden behind, legs planted wide with one hand stuffed in her mouth and her fingers moving ever quicker between her legs. She could see Angela’s head bobbing up and down my length as I dropped her skirt upon her back and roughly massaged her buttocks.

If I shifted a step to my right Angela would probably have caught the movement of Mari’s fingers buried in her slit. Angela slipped her mouth from the end of my cock, “Spank me, good Sir, I deserve it!” she breathed deeply and once more swallowed my cock. Still holding her by the hair I bucked my hips against Angela’s forward motion and smacked her ass loudly, the sound echoing through the trees and a small gasp in reply coming from Mari. Angela grunted around the head of my cock pressing against the back of her throat. Each time her mouth took my entire length I slapped her ass. My fingers licked around the curves of her reddening cheeks and flicked against her hot cunt lips. Angela’s efforts doubled and so did her ‘punishment’.

I watched Mari slump down the tree, I swore I heard a twig snap loudly but Angela was oblivious. Harder and harder I drove my cock into her mouth and harder and harder I spanked her ass, turning what was alabaster flesh a deep scarlet. She gagged around my manhood, desperately drawing air through her nose and shuddered violently, her knees buckling as her juices flooded out of her slit. I pulled my cock from her mouth as her body trembled and her breath rasped.

Mari’s chest was also heaving and for an instant she became statue like, a rabbit caught in the glare of a car’s headlamps. I stepped around Angela and lifted her by the hips, she felt like a rag doll as I moved her towards the tree. Her hands found some strength and grabbed a couple of low branches while I supported her ass. I squeezed the sides of her hips and positioned the angry looking head of my cock against her dripping cunt. I looked over my shoulder at Mari.

I slammed my hard-on deep into Angela’s slit, pulling her back against me by the hips. Angela screamed and her cunt pulsed about me. Again and again I drove into her, her ass cheeks a fiery red, hot against my hips as they banged against them. All the time I watched Mari, her lower lip grasped between her teeth. The sun struggled through the clouds above the trees and I was able to see more clearly as one of her hands held her black panties to one side as the other drove three fingers hard and deep into her dark, hairy bush. A whispered litany floated across the woodland, undecipherable, but seeming to speak volumes as I watched her throw her head back against the rough bark of the old Oak.

My balls clenched up tightly in my sac and my cock erupted within Angela’s quivering pussy. I was grinning as I ejaculated deep inside Angela’s already seeded womb with my sterile sperm. There was a definite dominant side seeming to rise within me. Is that what you want, Mari I asked myself.



To be continued…

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