The Point of No Return… Pt Eleven

Well… dear Avid reader…

…the end approaches for my hero (?) and I’m wondering do we all want a happy ending or something horrible involving squeezed lemons and a cheese-grater?

A part and a half after this i think…

Ever hopeful that you are all enjoying the scribbles.


P.S. I might get around to adding pics later…


It was almost a month later that I saw Mari again in the flesh after the episode in the woods, if not quite so much of her flesh this time. We’d had a brief phone conversation the following day but I could tell she didn’t want to talk about the woods. Mari had excused herself from meeting me two weeks later due to issues at work which she said had caused her to stay in London for the whole week rather than her usual two nights. I hadn’t known that she was still in London when I’d been down there for the conference with Mike. My paranoia made me wonder if in a city of ten million people she had seen me in Soho. I had no reason not to believe her but I did catch myself the following Monday about to turn into the street where she lived with the Doc.

I approached our usual rendezvous to see Mari already sitting beneath the canopy. I was actually early as was usual and it was the first time she had ever been here first. It’s weird the way sometimes you can’t help but read things into situations. She waved to me as I approached and signalled the waiter who had already seen me and was heading for the coffee machine. “Hi” she said neutrally standing up and placing her hand on my sleeve. For a moment I thought I wasn’t going to get my usual (non-sexual) friendly kiss. A look of foolishness passed over her features and the kiss was forthcoming. (Maybe even a little more sensual than usual too! (What was I saying about reading too much?))

The two of us sat down, “You know Mari, and you do, we don’t have to feel awkward. You probably know me better than anyone and it’s not as if you don’t know what I’m like!”

“I do know and… social convention, I guess… even though we hardly started out with a conventional friendship!” she shrugged her shoulders. “I… feel embarrassed.”

I took hold of her hands in mine, “I say ‘don’t be’, easy to say I know but as I see it… you brought me unexpected and much desired pleasure just by watching. No strings!”

The waiter arrived with my coffee; I released her hands and scooped some sugar into the cup. I stirred it for a while till Mari broke the silence. “No strings?” I looked up at her, her dark brown eyes fixed on my blue ones. “No strings, how does that work for you?”

“You want me to defend myself?”

She shook her head, “I don’t care… wait… I’m not being judgemental, but I am curious. You don’t seem to have what passes for a normal conscience, have emotions like guilt.”

I pondered my reply, Mari didn’t look like she was judging me and she had known about my lax morals for quite a time and from an outsiders point of view as well which made her unique in the world as far as I knew. Definitely no other third party had engaged me on the topic of my infidelity. “I guess it comes down to my general horny nature. It’s been a very long time since El wanted sex as often as I do. Generally, once a week satisfies her whereas I on the other hand… also a little more adventurous than she is… a case of the needs of one not matching another’s needs. The problem is love! I love her to bits and I’ll love her till the day they put me six feet under.”

I could almost see a question forming on Mari’s face but then she hesitated. She took a sip of her coffee as I took a sip of mine. I was pretty sure it was the sort of question I wouldn’t like to answer. Possibly the sort of question I’ve avoided asking myself. “Tell me Pete, how many lovers have you had?”

“Generous to say ‘lovers’… I’ve had seven partners and… Two lovers… two I think are enough for one lifetime!” Almost the truth, I admitted to myself.

“Partners…? Would that include one-night stands?” Mari wasn’t letting me off the hook easily.

I found myself wanting to completely honest, a strange sensation for me. “No, I guess it doesn’t… maybe three or four.” Probably a couple more but I wasn’t going to start counting my fingers in front of her, even before she replied I realised it was over eight without having to stretch my memory.

I was sure she knew that I had underestimated the figure but she let it go. “Are you ever satisfied… could you ever be satisfied?”

“I don’t honestly know the answer to that question but going by my record so far I would think it unlikely short of radical surgery.”

“It isn’t that radical…chemical castration, more commonplace than you’d think!” I was glad to see she was saying it with a smile.

I winced, “Shit that’s worse than erectile dysfunction!”

“Hmmm…. floppy Willy… so are you a practitioner of safe sex with all these partners?”

“You make it sound like I have a harem, seven partners over… at least twenty years… not that impressive, barely one every three years. Most of the time I am a practitioner-” (Okay a blatant lie!) “- and I have had the test, just to be sure.” (Not a lie, but the last time I had one was two years previously.)

“You know you should practice it all the time!”

I almost answered ‘yes, mom’ but it would have been petulant. “I know, I promise to do better in future, scout’s honour!” I said holding up three fingers.

“Strangely enough I can’t see you as a scout” she said tilting her head.

“I was for a while… though I did get asked to leave!”

“For chasing the girl guides?”

I shook my head, “No, I wasn’t horny… well, that horny back then… a late developer as it were! It was a disagreement with a fellow ‘scouter’ that ended in fisticuffs.”

“Did you win?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “More of a score draw… we became good friends after.”

“I used to be a guide… I think I might still have the uniform up in the attic.” Now I knew Mari was teasing me though of course that didn’t stop me imagining her in her Guide outfit. Dependable as ever my cock gave a twitch especially as in my Mind’s Eye I was picturing her as I last saw her, legs spread wide sitting at the foot of an Oak with her fingers buried in her snatch. It has to be said that a Guide uniform certainly added to the picture. “You like that sort of thing?” inquired Mari.

“Not particularly but I don’t object and always more than happy to play along” as was the case with Angela and her wedding dress. “What about yourself… in your Theatre Greens?”

“I’m not sure that counts as ‘dress-up’… I have worn them while having sex but because I had been wearing them for work… no big dramatic arterial sprays across them á la ER!”

I tilted my head to the left, “When you’re doing the rounds do you have the white coat and stethoscope?”

She laughed, “No, the more experienced you are the less you look like the stereotypical doctor. Not even called ‘Doctor’ any more, I’m known as ‘Prof’.”

“Prof…” I rolled the word around in my mouth, gaining a further smirk from Mari.

“So… to bring the conversation back on topic! You’re nefarious extra-curricular activities are due to over-active glandular stimuli?”

“I like that… I hope I never have to use it in a court of law.”

“Talking of which, it’s a sizable risk you run against what you have to lose!”

“Risk and reward, I try not to take too many chances” I replied.

“I suppose with so many meetings and such you hardly have to account for all of your time.” Mari seemed to be crossing her legs in the way she had before our foray into the woodlands.

“True and I generally keep my… assignations to the afternoon and almost all of my partners have also been married so in many respects have as much to lose as I do.”

“Hmm…” Mari considered my response before continuing, “Risk and reward… it’s a little… callous, sorry quite the judgemental word I know but I can’t think of another. The risk you run garners you an obvious reward but it also creates a risk for Elena.”

For the first time in this ‘honest’ conversation I felt an inkling of guilt. “I do realise that… part of why I try to be so careful… I honestly do not want to hurt Elena or the kids… I do realise I don’t have a moral leg to be standing on!”

Mari sensed that we had reached a point in the conversation, whether it was one not to be crossed or the final word in it, I don’t know but it then steered towards less intimate and sensitive areas afterwards.

Just as she was leaving I mentioned that I’d be in London a fortnight on Monday and wondered if she wanted to meet up for a meal. The question hung in the air for a good few seconds before she answered. “I’d like that” she simply stated and kissed me on the lips farewell. This time there was definitely more to the kiss than normal as I felt the tip of her tongue glance along my lips and was gone before I could respond. She turned and walked away as I stood there watching her full hips that seemed to have more than their usual swing about them.


My wandering eye found a possible ‘prey’ that afternoon. Angela had started to fill out with the impending ‘parasite’ and had begun to feel more maternal which definitely didn’t include being fucked ‘doggy-style’ in the matrimonial bed by her husband’s friend. She hadn’t ended our affair but I knew that I’d only get one or two more fucks from her. All’s fair in love and war was my only thought and I’d been more than happy with what I had got.

The ‘prey’ had turned up in my office with her daughter in tow. She was recently bereaved, three years my senior and I was helping her to sort out the complicated business dealings of her dead husband. I had met her before in the company of her husband and had barely noticed her. I kept the grin from my face although my loins did make themselves known to me when she had entered. It was an odd thing with some couples I had seen before that when the one partner died the other seemed to ‘bloom’. It rarely happened directly after divorces with all the accompanying acrimony. Mrs Patterson was definitely coming out of her shell.

Mr Patterson had set up a couple of trust funds and investments on behalf of his wife five years previously and they weren’t insubstantial. However I had known from the ‘off’ that he had taken her to see me in particular (she had barely registered my existence during that first meeting, sitting there with her head down and dressed somewhat ‘dowdily’) so she would have as little contact with the majority of his business and associates. It wasn’t that he was doing anything illegal it was just that he didn’t want to bother the ‘little lady’. He hadn’t actually said it but I knew if we had been sharing cigars at a Gentleman’s Club that was the term he would have used. I also saw the signs that he was also a player! Takes one to know one!

This time she was dressed smartly, albeit in the de rigour black of mourning but it’s a colour that works for most women anyway. The daughter was also dressed in black but for more ‘off-the-wall’ fashion reasons. Her name was Emily, she was just twenty-two and Mr Patterson’s step-daughter, but I only knew that from the forms in front of me concerning her ‘Educational Trust’ as she was an ‘Emo’ or a ‘Punk’ or something and to visually determine her age was impossible. She behaved more like Mrs Patterson had at that first meeting barely lifting her eyes to look through the long black fringe that hung down in front of her eyes to her pale cheeks.

The details of the original financial investments were easy to sort and then she handed me another folder. This detailed one of the companies that her husband had been a major partner in and was a valuation and offer from the remaining partner to her. It took me twenty minutes before I told her that he was shy on his offer by at least fifteen percent. There was some serious money to be had here and although there would be a lot of hours needed to sort through all the paperwork I could make a very tidy some without even being greedy. A second folder appeared listing other companies and investments briefly. I suppressed the grin that wanted to infect my face.

I sat back and had already ceased any flirting I had been doing with the widow and was also trying to keep an eye on my subconscious as well. I almost felt a tinge of disappointment from my cock. There is always a cost for Professionalism. The meeting went on; the daughter seemed to visibly get darker as she sat there uncommunicative in the bright afternoon sunshine streaming through my office window. Eventually she got up and left the room without a word. Mrs Patterson offered that she was probably going for a smoke, “At least I hope it’s just a smoke…” she added.

I outlined what I could do with the initial investments, told her to offer the partner a settlement at least ten percent above the value her share of the company and settle for no lower than three percent below and that she needed to get some further professional advice on all the other financial dealings. I’d gauged it just right when she asked if I could deal with it. I’d said I’d be happy too and that I would only charge her two and a half percent of the total package. Well under half what I would charge for a small portfolio but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to ascertain that I’d walk away with at least £500,000 and maybe as much as a million.

We were finishing up the meeting when the daughter returned still non-communicative. I told Mrs Patterson that I would get on to the business in hand straight away and I would ‘cash-in’ one of her own smaller investments and get a cheque to her within three days so that she wouldn’t have to worry about any short-term cash flow issues. There was also a property portfolio that I had already spotted some inconsistencies in that I would have to look at, possibly in reality to verify their worth. The daughter grunted beside us impatient to be on her way.

I stood up after a surreptitious check that my penis hadn’t been secretly plotting ‘behind my back’ as it were. We shook hands as I led Mrs Patterson to the door, her daughter having already left, “I do so apologise for my daughter’s behaviour.”

“Nothing to worry about Mrs Patterson” I replied.

She smiled and looked me straight in the eyes. Shut it I roared at my cock within my head. “Call me Clare…”

Her hand seemed to twitch in mine, “Thank you Clare and call me Pete.”

“Thank you Pete, you’ve taken a load of my mind…”

“You’re more than welcome and if there is anything, anything at all please feel free to call me anytime…” I stopped myself from saying day or night.

We said final goodbyes and I watched the tall redhead walk away down the corridor. I allowed my genitalia free rein as I tilted my head to watch her ass within the tight black pencil skirt. “Got to be stockings and suspenders…” I whispered to myself. She turned at the corner and waved one final time. I was sure she hadn’t seen my gaze fixed on her behind but if I was any judge at all her eyes suggested that she didn’t care and quite possibly liked it.


That evening I had gotten home late, I’d gone through the various details of Patterson’s business and contacted some associates. My initial estimate as to his fortunes had been low. His business could easily be described as a small Empire and almost labyrinthine in nature. If I didn’t make close to a million I would be a fool. I’d started putting ‘feelers’ out to some of my colleagues in order to off-load the rest of my clients, it was almost a dream come true to just have one client with enough money that would earn me enough and yet be a quarter of my normal work load. The fact that the client was easily ‘fuck-able’ was probably a bad thing and I would definitely have to keep my underlying character traits in check.

I ‘bounced’ (literally) into the house calling out to Elena. She was in the garden with our youngest deeply engrossed within a pulp novel. Our daughter was busy poking a stick into the flower beds in search of some biological curiosity; she halted her progress and looked guiltily at me. I grinned, “Hi trouble!” I exclaimed ignoring her normally ‘frowned-upon’ activities (especially by El) and leant down to kiss my wife enthusiastically as my daughter resumed her quest.

“It looks like you had a good day at the office!” Elena replied.

“The best!” I stated. I roughly explained about the widow Patterson (leaving out the detail that she was quite attractive, putting in the detail of a seriously grumpy daughter) and the size of her late husband’s estate. I saw the glazed look pass over Elena’s eyes as it often did when I talked about my work. I had learned early on there isn’t a lot that’s interesting in Finance. I wrapped it up with the simple statement, “If I play this right we are financially secure forever and I’ll probably only have to work three or four days a month!” It was only then that I thought about the downside. I wouldn’t have the everyday alibi for my waywardness. A price worth paying I thought, maybe I’ll have a go at this faithful lark? I smiled happily at Elena.

When our eldest surfaced from the ‘Pit’ which was also known as his bedroom we all dressed up (a task and a half for my son) and calling a taxi went out for a very expensive meal.


I lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. The orange light from the streetlamps outside fanned out through a crack at the top of the curtains. My mind wouldn’t shut up with the prospect of the future. Mari was still prominent in my thoughts and our ‘Date’ in just under two weeks time played heavily within my head. It was also having an effect on my ‘small brain’ which was doing a nice job of tenting the covers of the bed. Elena lay beside me, facing away slowly drifting off to sleep. I’d made some motions in an amorous direction but she hadn’t reciprocated, her final words had been that perhaps she had too much wine with the meal and a headache was possibly approaching. I turned on my side and placed my hands on her shoulders slowly and firmly massaging the muscles within through the large T-shirt she wore. She murmured appreciatively and slipped her hand behind her into a more comfortable position.

I allowed a little room between us so she wouldn’t feel my hardness against her buttocks. I wanted to rest it in her hand but sensed that she wasn’t in the mood (yet!). Slowly I worked my fingers down her back, running along each of her ribs careful to keep my ministrations firm as I drifted around the sides as I would definitely get rebuked if I accidentally tickled her. I reached to the hem of her T-shirt and rather than carry on to her ass I slipped my hands beneath and worked my way back up. An occasional mumble escaped her lips as my fingers rose and the T-shirt along with it. She was definitely in the border lands between sleep and wakefulness.

When my fingers reached her shoulders once again I leant forwards and lightly kissed her spine. My fingers worked softly and firmly as I once again kissed her vertebrae. Hesitantly I shifted and moved my erection to lie on her open hand between us. Her fingers twitched but didn’t close around it or draw away. Elena was asleep and I was still horny. For a few seconds I pondered whether or not to go downstairs and find some porn on the internet. I, like many men I imagine, can think of nothing better than being woken from my slumber by a wet pussy or mouth wrapped around my erection. It’s a serious situation where I can’t find any reserves at least for a brief period when it comes to sex. Elena isn’t quite as keen as I am. Hopefully I’ll give her an orgasm but there is always a slight resentfulness about it when it interrupts her sleep.

Porn just wasn’t an option and I slowly continued with my kisses down her spine, my cock slipping out of her hand as I moved lower. I don’t know how many times my fingers and lips have caressed this body but I have never grown tired of it and her. Even those flaws which only I see make her all the more beautiful to me, those that mark her body (from memory alone my tongue flicks out into the darkness marking a tiny pockmark left over from childhood Chicken pox on her hip) and those that mark her personality. My hand drifts lightly and smoothly over her side eliciting a stir from my slumbering partner. I feel the warm slopes of her right breast beneath my fingertips and slowly ascend to the nipple on top. Elena murmurs once again as I slowly spiral the sensitive tissue, feeling it swell and grow hard as my lips breathe warmly over the line of her hip. I hear a small moan from above and she stretches her back as my thumb and forefinger roll her nipple gently back and forth. Her left leg stretches downwards as her right rises on top of it.

I can smell the sweetness of her pussy in the darkness and grin broadly to myself that I’m close to the point of no return where Elena will want satisfaction rather than denying me my own selfish desires.


You could say, if you knew me and I don’t think anyone truly does, that this cynical atheist does worship at an altar. In those dark lonely nights when either I am alone or Elena is deep in the warm embrace of sleep I have looked or dreamt upon my Love. I remember the first time I met her all those years ago at University. A proud, intelligent young woman, who in my opinion lit up the rooms she walked into; so sure of herself without being ignorant or arrogant and dazzlingly beautiful as well (in my opinion at least). My response was a first for me since I had matured. I was dumbstruck the first time she walked into the flat I was sharing with five other students. My reaction wasn’t lost on my friends and I was sure that Elena (call me Ellie, Ellie back then and now El) must have been aware of it.

After she had left I realised I had probably only said six words the entire evening, hello and goodbye and my name. My best friend (the ex-scout) teased me relentlessly as normally, though never normally the centre of attention, I often played a major part in conversations, discussions and particularly in arguments. Even now, though with much more diplomacy than I had then, I do enjoy a good argument/discussion on whatever subject.

And there it would have probably ended except about a month later I was being particularly vocal in the local pub. Not enough that I would get kicked out but enough to hold the attention of the small group who were there. Another student who I didn’t know had interrupted our discussion (for the life of me I cannot remember what it was) and I had taken a somewhat irrational dislike to him (probably involved competition for a girl, it normally did back then) and began to deconstruct his point of view one item at a time, pointedly marking them off on my fingers as I did. He was smart as I remember and whatever the subject we were discussing was, he was studying it at the University (I was doing Maths). The subject of my vitriol was growing steadily redder with frustration and anger as I prevented him from making a single valid point. The final turn of the screw was to tell him that he had better go back to school or he could ‘make like a caveman’ and resort to violence, beating my brains out instead with a large lump of wood.

He had been much bigger than me and had increasingly looked like he might do me some violence but peer pressure was on my side and he got up and left the pub. I helped myself to the remainder of his beer (spoils for the Victor and I was a student) and it was only then I saw Elena who had been sitting on the table behind my victim. I felt my throat locking up. She picked up her glass of red wine and took the seat that had been vacated beside me. Her first words directly to me were “You’re such a liar, Pete!”

I nodded dumbly. “I counted at least three points you made that were inaccurate if not downright falsehoods,” she continued “and yet you said them with such conviction I almost believed them.” She offered her hand, “Hi… I’m Ellie…remember me?”

I remembered her of course. The next weekend we went on our first date and I was still suffering bouts of shyness. I think she thought it was cute. I walked to her room in the Halls of Residence and she turned around in front of the door the key held in her hand. “You know Pete, I do like you… a lot… but this shyness… I hope you’re not shy in bed… we’d better get it over with ‘cause I don’t want to waste any more time than I have to. Fail here and its sling your hook… if you succeed… I might give you a further shot…”

I guess I overcame my shyness.


Elena’s aroma grows stronger the nearer to her crotch I get and I have to stop myself from just diving in. My fingers trail away from her breast, she moans almost sadly in response as they trail down her flat stomach. I twist my neck and try to shift lightly on the bed as my kisses trace down and around her ass. My ear brushes the inside of her left thigh and I know her quim is mere inches from my mouth. She shifts once again, consciously or subconsciously I don’t care but her legs spread further apart as my finger finds the curve at the top of her right hip where it arcs down towards her loins. I ease my right hand across her left leg, my fingertips touching the inside of her right thigh as I lean in and stretch out my tongue.

El releases a quiet gasp; I think she is still asleep as I taste her pussy. She’s sweet but with a slightly bitter, almost salty aftertaste and I imagine that she must have played with herself earlier in the day. My cock twitches hard as I think of her alone with her fingers and toys. Her labia opens readily and willingly to my invading tongue. She squirms minutely beneath me for a full minute before rolling on to her back and lifting her legs up and over to dig her heels into my back. “Bastard…” she mutters as her fingernails rake my scalp.

I let my legs slip over the edge of the bed to position squarely between her thighs, my cock pressed into the edge of the mattress and briefly lift my juice smeared face away from her wet slit, “I’ll stop if you want?” I whisper.

“Bastard…” she repeats and her nails dig hard into my head as she pushes my tongue back into her hot quim. Only as the small strip of skin beneath my tongue begins to ache do I cease tonguing her soaking pussy, sometimes I just can’t get enough and my cock is aching for satisfaction. I think she’s managed a couple of minor orgasms as I climb back fully onto the bed. Elena pants below me, a vague shape in the darkness, I almost sense a smile as she twists on to her front below me and raises herself up onto her knees offering her delectable ass. I grin broadly once again and take hold of her hips. I groan loudly as my twitching cock slides easily into her hot, soaking quim without any resistance.

She pushes back hard against me, “Come on you selfish bastard, fuck me!” ever the Gentleman I obey my Lady’s command. Our flesh slaps loudly together and the bed creaks beneath the strain. Sweat breaks out almost instantly in the small of my back as I feel a new sensation. The vibrations reverberate around the base of my thrusting cock and up its length into my wife’s pussy. I double my efforts as I feel the electric toy Elena had been using earlier in the day press simultaneously against her clit and my sliding cock. Her cunt locks down on my cock as she grunts loudly beneath me and the floodgates of her ‘O’ are opened. El knows that although I’m happy to use her vibrators directly on her I prefer not to have them so close to my cock. She knows the effect they have and I strongly suspect she deliberately uses it tonight. Another orgasm tears through Elena in quick succession and her cunt trembles around my cock and sends me easily over the edge. I know that I may have only thrust into her hot quim five or six times as my balls tighten and my seed shoots eagerly into the neck of her womb.

“Ohhhh…. Good god….”I groan as I collapse forward my body shaking in response to my own orgasm.

“Keep…fucking still… bastard!” mutters Elena beneath me. Her slit tightens and trembles around my softening cock threatening to eject it from its warm wet hole; I feel the toy slip and slide and press harder against our flesh. The vibrations echo along my shortening length and seem to focus on the now incredibly sensitive head.

“…fuck…fickle…fuck…” I mutter as I wrap my arms about her, holding on tightly. El manages to find the exact spot and grunts and groans as a third orgasm rips through her. This one is stronger than the previous ones and her pussy squeezes down hard enough to eject my flaccid cock from within her.

The two of us collapse in a sweaty heap on the bed. Just as I’m about to drift into sleep El tweaks my nipple as she smears her pussy along my thigh. “Serves you right… how’d you like me to wake you up at four a.m.?… I know… a stupid question!”

“I love you, El…”




To be continued…

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  1. It has been an odd up and down sort of story. And you are saying that it is almost over… I must say that I am curious to see what you will have happen between Pete and Mari!!! And so many questions that I need answered!


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