On a Night Like This….

Dear Avid Reader…

I was recently accused of being an auld romantic and maybe they were right. The following is a true story that alas never happened. Well parts of it, but if it all had…who knows?

I was originally going to call this ‘The Crush’ but being a Boomtown Rats fan I went for a first line and you gotta like a line like that!

As ever I hope you enjoy…




On a Night like this…


…my heart is beating hard within my chest. The air is being forcibly dragged into my lungs all at once feeling pure and poisonously acidic. I think I can smell them. I know that I can’t but the ‘want’ within me fuels my imagination. I know that at least one of them is in here… somewhere? Hunter or hunted I want them.


I’m happily sitting at a bar. My brother seated beside me and a pint of stout in our hands while the two of us talk of ancient and more recent events. The bar is busy and as we face the bottles on the back shelf we can see the various people coming up to be served. It’s been a while since we saw each other and we’re deep in conversation when a voice behind me says “Hello strangers!” we both twist on our stools to see our cousin, Shelagh.

The two of us stand up and hug our cousin, each planting an affectionate kiss on opposite cheeks. “We can’t be taking you anywhere, can we Shelagh?” comes a soft female voice from behind her.

Shelagh turns and places her hand on her friend’s shoulder, “Hey Terry… Martin you remember-” she cuts herself off. The two women look at me and grin. I know that somewhere in the recesses of my brain there is an answer. It takes me a good few seconds to come up with the name, without a doubt it’s the blonde hair that threw me. “For fuck’s sake it’s y’self, Sian!”

“Took you’re good time there, Martin, and there was me thinking I had a memorable face.” The grin that was spread across her mouth was indeed familiar even with a few extra laughter lines at the corners. I stood and wrapped my arm about her, giving her a friendly kiss on the cheek. Apart from the blonde hair and now wearing much more feminine clothing, a knee length deep blue dress with a single sapphire draped on a silver chain around her neck, she didn’t appear to have changed that much. A simple gold band circled her ‘marriage’ finger. Her breasts still look as distracting as I remembered them.

“Now, Sian, it’s not you, it’s my own mind… befuddled in old age.”

She slaps me on the shoulder, “Thanks very much, we are the same age!”



I catch a movement to my right, a small yellow, untidy mess of hair. I stop my automatic response to spin round. It’s my youngest cousin, giggling behind the hay bale, loud enough for all to hear within the barn. Six of us in the game and I’m ‘it’. Hide and Seek, one of my favourite games from my innocent youth; now, not so innocent and searching for the two girls the same age as me, a whole new level! Just a shame that the three youngest are also playing, but then again maybe not. It adds something to the chase and maybe puts the brakes on a little bit as well.


 “Are y’ meeting any of your entourage or are the free to join us poor Pleb’s?” asks Terry.

Shelagh and Sian look at each other and then at me and my brother before Shelagh answers, “I suppose we could slum it till somethin’ better turns up Sian…”

“Aye we could, it is a little slow tonight, Shelagh!”

We step off our stools and offer them to the women before hijacking a couple more for ourselves. I sit beside Sian while my brother sits on the other side beside Shelagh. I signal to the barman and he comes over already carrying two pints of Stout. “As you’re slumming it what’ll it be?” I ask.

In short order the barman delivers the rest of the drinks. I turn to Sian after paying him, my knee brushing hers and my heart races a little. “Sure none of us were drinking the strong stuff when we were last together!”

“True,” she answers “it was fizzy pop back then.” She takes a small sip of her wine and my eyes drop to her lips, a hint of a smile playing across them. “You didn’t manage to make it to Shelagh’s wedding, you missed a riot!” she adds as she places the glass back on the bar.

“Couldn’t be helped, I did notice I didn’t get invited to yours!” I reply jokingly.

“If I’d invited all the boys I played hide n’ seek with it would have been a fucking huge wedding!”

I laughed, “How mad is that? The exact same reason I didn’t invite you to mine!”

A crooked smile plays on her face, “Weird huh!”

I take a long sip of my stout, my tongue automatically flicking out to remove the creamy moustache afterwards. I note her eyes dropping to my mouth as I do. “So how many bairns have you got?”

“Three, two girls and a boy in the middle. Yourself?”

“Just the two boys, enough to be going on with.”

“Didn’t want a girl?”

“To be honest, I didn’t want any kids, I’m a big enough one m’self. I guess I failed badly as far as that was concerned. Probably just as well we didn’t have a girl… all the time I’d spend in jail when boyfriends would turn up and I’d take the belt to them.”

“That’s a bit of a stereotype, you know?”

“Aye… sometimes blood will out! Still, I’m glad that I’m not put to the test, for all we love our parents I doubt either of us would raise our kids the exact same way and yet we probably make all the same mistakes and a few new ones. Life is simpler with two boys.”

“That’s true, the curfews my auld fella use to put on me… like I didn’t misbehave during the day!”

“Really…tell me more!”

“You know what they say about curiosity!”

“That’d be why the cat has nine lives!” I replied.

Her smile is infectious, “And how many lives have you lost so far?”

“Still got a few left, I reckon” I looked up at the shock of blonde hair, “I think I preferred you’re natural colour, although I guess I’m making the assumption you weren’t dyeing it when you were fifteen.”

“I thought gentlemen preferred blondes.”

I rise on my stool, as if indignant, and look around the pub, “Who called me a gentleman?”

I think I see a sparkle of mischief in her eyes, “So the man prefers redheads?”

“I’m fairly open-minded about such things… though I prefer the term ‘boy’.”

“A forty-four year old boy?” she asks.

I lean forward resting my fingertips on her thigh and catch my brothers’ eye, “Hey, Terry, how old am I?”

“Eleven” he states without missing a beat or even glancing at me and returns to his conversation with Shelagh.

“See? Just a boy!” my fingertips linger for a heartbeat longer than necessary on her firm thigh.

“Who can’t say no?” she takes another sip from her glass.

“Oh I can… I just prefer to be the ‘boy’ from Del Monte!”

She laughs loudly attracting glances from a few around us. Terry and Shelagh both look at me and grin. Terry reckons this for just my average social flirting; Shelagh who doesn’t know me as well but obviously knows about those Halcyon days during long hot summers often spent in the shade of the hay barn can see a little more of the truth. Her glance flicks to the back of Sian’s head and her smile grows just a little. I catch myself as I remember I’m already ‘three pints in’ and judgement can be a subjective thing.


The hay bales are stacked high up against the rear wall, there’s no guarantee the objects of my glandular induced desire are in here but my heart still pounds and my cock remains hard. I may catch the younger players by simply touching them on the shoulder but the two elder ones, the females deserve to be pounced upon. I wonder that all the hidden within the barn can’t hear my heart?


I wonder how Sian’s marriage is and then shake the thought from my head. For all my flirting and it can be incorrigible, I’m a ‘good boy’ and let’s face it, my brother is here. Still, I wonder, Sian was without a doubt my first ‘crush’. I grin to myself as I think about Shelagh as well who was definitely a close second even though we were/are closely related. “Now, what are you thinking?” asks Sian as she catches my grin.

My smile broadens, “Halcyon days!” I simply say.

“Halcyon days?” she replies leaning in towards me.

I mimic her movement, “Hot summer days playing hide n’ seek.”

“Oh, we were so innocent back then…”

“We were?” I ask thinking about the amount of times I hid alongside her enjoying the proximity of her soft flesh.

For a moment her teeth appear and knead her bottom lip, “… well, more innocent…”

“… aye, more innocent…”

“I do seem to remember that you didn’t like to hide alone?”

“Would you believe ‘safety in numbers’?”

“No” she shakes her head.

“Scared of the dark?”

She considers it for all of three seconds, “No.”

I raise my eyes to look up to the left, “Anti… agoraphobic?”

“You’re not scared of the outdoors?”

“Oops, forget the ‘anti-‘ bit.”

“Agoraphobic? Nope…next.”

“…err… I had a chill and needed to keep warm?”

“Shared bodily warmth?”

“Aye, shared bodily warmth, that’d be it!” I agreed.

“More plausible… but…”

I reach for my pint, “I wanted to cop a feel of your breasts?” I grinned and lifted the glass to my mouth.

The teeth appear again to nip her bottom lip, “That sounds about right, of course you could have just asked” she says glancing down at her chest.

I gulp down my Guinness; “Now she tells me!” my own eyes look down as well. “If I’d known now what I knew then… wait a minute… I mean, if I knew then what I know now… and if I’d asked, politely, of course?”

“Well…” she takes a sip of her drink and I take one of mine as she makes me wait, “…well, I probably would have blushed, though…”

“Though?” I grin.

“…I guess we’ll never know…”

“And now?” I raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

“I’m much harder to make blush!” she replied.

“If you only had any idea…”

She twisted around on the stool, her bare knee below her dress rested lightly against my denim clad one and remained, “…about?”


A small squeal comes from behind three bales and I scramble upwards. A pair of tight jeans and a tight red top appear dancing to my left. Sian! I twist in my ascent and pursue that tight denim clad ass, my foot slips and I overbalance, bouncing down and tumbling to the hay strewn floor. Momentarily dazed I look up as the shock of red hair looks down, just out of arms reach. “You need to be quicker than that, Martin…” her firm breasts rise and fall beneath her t-shirt, her nipples are hard and a crooked smile plays about her lips as her eyes glance at my crotch and she turns and runs away.


“Oh… the typical adolescent distractions you and your breasts caused me… I’m not sure how much I learnt the autumn term after meeting you, but it was’nae a lot!” I shook my head smiling.

“But, you’re over that now?” she asked with a smirk.

I considered my reply and simply shook my head. “We boys are so simple to… bamboozle.”

“We ‘girls’ aren’t totally immune either…” another ‘lip nip’ and she continues, “it was rather distracting beneath the bales… you weren’t the only one ‘accidentally’ brushing… I’d swear I felt some of those ‘adolescent distractions’ once or twice. I may… have been having one of my own as well!”

It was definitely my turn to blush; I shifted a little on my stool, my knee slid along the side of Sian’s thigh pushing the hem of her dress upwards exposing more of her thigh. I was sure that both of us were aware of the result of my action and although neither of us looked down our fingertips met on her bare knee. We both lifted our glasses and smiled and I wondered if she was suffering a ‘distraction’ once again. I knew I was.


I’ve moved the bales to create a void within, just big enough for two. Just! We lie beside each other listening for our stalker. The youngest of my cousins loudly shouts that he’s coming to get us. The rest of the hidden have been found and shout helpful hints to young Kevin. I lift my head to look out through a small crack beneath a bale. The rough spikes scratch against my right arm as I spy Shelagh looking about wondering where and maybe what her best friend and cousin are up to.

I don’t care about the scratches on my arm as the other is pressed against the side of Sian’s breast. It feels warm and soft and I feel hot and hard. She shifts beneath me, the hard point of her nipple slides against my bicep, “Can you see ‘em?” she whispers.

I twist my head and look down at her in the dim light, that crooked smile playing on her lips and lean down till my cheek is touching hers and whisper back, “They’re close…” I feel her lips twitch against my skin and know that if I twist my neck just an inch or two my lips will be on hers. Who knows when I’ll get another chance…?


A round of drinks arrived and a semi-circular couch became free. The two girls moved swiftly to take advantage as Terry and I gathered the drinks. And so the conversation turned, the rest of the night the four of us regaled each other with tales and misdemeanours (though not all) from the years gone by.


I’m fifteen years old and chemicals and compounds are coursing through my veins. Not quite enough to twist my neck that final distance and Sian doesn’t close the gap either.

On an afternoon like that I should’ve took the chance!


Sian and I behaved for the rest of the evening, our knees touched occasionally beneath the table and I imagine both of our ‘distractions’ remained. The bar finally shut up shop two hours after closing time and out on the street the stars filled the sky. Hugs and goodbyes were shared and I kissed her once again on the cheek.

On a night like this I deserve to be kissed at least once or twice.

Maybe next time…

The End…

~ by ftfagos on October 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “On a Night Like This….”

  1. LOL!!! I thought this was very you. I loved the “The following is a true story that alas never happened. ” bit. Oh so very you!!!

    Who are the Boomtown Rats?

  2. Goddamned phillistine!

    The Boomtown Rats… you may have heard of their lead singer, Bob Geldof? Maybe, maybe not? The first line is from their song “There’s always someone lookin’ atya’ “.

    *slaps forehead* Sheesh!!!!

  3. Very interesting details you have remarked, regards for posting.

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