Conspiracy Theories… fact or fiction… who cares?

Okay, Conspirary Theory Nuts will. I don’t know if I have mentioned it before here or not (and I’m not overly concerned about repeating my self) but the one i like is the “Conspiracy Theory” one. The one that Conspiracy Theorists never consider and generally don’t like to be told about. That all the conspiracies are part of a conspiracy put out there by the ‘Grey Men’, the Lizard autocracy or aliens (delete or use or add as applicable). The proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ theory. You gotta laugh!

Well… actually I rarely do but i do find lots of things funny and grin lots. Mind you I did belly laugh numerous times at the recent film adaptation of The A-Team but then again I laughed at any and all of the Final Destination films, (not sure if I was meant too?) sript by commitee possibly?

Anyhows… words, I assume by now you know that I like to play with them (hidden codes have not been unheard off), I’ll ramble on a little bit more, prvaricate and extrapolate and use lots of words That have no place being here (did you notice the way I accidentally threw in a capital back there) before I say to Woman that there aren’t any hidden in this post…. probably. I’m wandering again. 1984, a damn fine book which in amongst the Dystopian scenario talks about Doublethink and the mimistry of information or something like that (a long time since I read it (and maybe not the best book to put on syllabi for adolescent teenagers who might just  be manic depressives in the making???). (Hmmm… look at all these parenthesis’ Woman (Could a book cause the creation of Conspiracy Nuts?)). A word to the wise, if you want to read a bunk that offers some of the greatest conspiracy theory ideas and yet debunks them at the same time you could try Umberto Eco’s ‘Faucault’s Pendulum’, not the easiest of reads in my opinion but a great laugh.

Anyway, can you tell I’m writing this as I go along? Though I’m not sure if there is another way to write…?

.enihcaM emiT a tnevni I fi si ereht ebyaM

Probably not.

Serious digressions today! Where was I? Words and 1984…. One of the main ideas that Orwell put across was the control of information and he took it an extreme level. The Ministry of Information was tasked with the idea of making ‘Thought Crime’ (absolutely great turn of phrase) impossible by removing the words necessary to commit crime from the language. A wild and impressive ambition. If you think that’d it’d be impossible just ask yourself what does the colour Blue sound like or what does a bell ringing taste like? Of course scribblers like me and my betters would say something like Blue tasted metallic with a hint of echo hanging around the nostrils…or some such shit.

Was Orwell so wrong? Look at the amount of CCTV’s knocking about and the satellites in space and how if you ring a mobile phone the network can find it no matter where on the planet it is? Weider still within a few seconds it will tell you if it is out of range (or are they just messing with you) or turned off? How the fuck can network have checked the millions of cells all over the world? Have I mentioned the rebirth of the age of magic and mystery?? (Feeling like I have to add a conspiracy category now… there done… or had They already done it and am I really one of them putting out further disinformation for the masses???)

And that as I see is possibly where Orwell might have got it wrong, maybe to abolish Thought Crime what you need to do is to introduce as many new words with confusing and overlapping definitions as possible and to have a media that can transfer it instantly to the entire planet in seconds to cause some sort of mass psychotic aphasic dementia.

There that’s my bit done forthe dumbing down of the masses, where’s yours?


~ by ftfagos on October 19, 2011.

5 Responses to “Conspiracy Theories… fact or fiction… who cares?”

  1. Yeah… Yeah… Where’s the sex??

    Just kidding 😉


  2. Damn I knew I forgot something….



  3. Well darling, you know what they say… if you look long enough you’ll find conspiracies in everything and codes in everything too. My legs are already long enough!!! Stop pulling!!!


  4. ?ffulf eht tahw

  5. !!!LOL naem I od ro LOL


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