Well Dear Avid Reader here we are again…

Words are funny, sometimes you struggle to find just the right word in the middle of a paragrah in the bowels of a story that only you know or notice. Some of my fellow scribblers may know what I mean, especially those of us with a more risque side. There are just not enough words for a penis! And ‘knob’ or ‘trouser-snake’ are two that I will never use!


And then sometimes all it takes is one word. A friend the other night described me with the above title. And the first part of this story, the hero’s diatribe on the use of the word can be true. Of course if it gets us into the utterer’s knickers we will suffer for our art! So one word created 6499 others in a particular order.

I hope you, as ever, enjoy the order I put them all in!



“Cute”, how I hate that word!

She always used it even though there was only three years between us.

Liz came around at least twice a week to visit my older sister and always on a Friday. Alice, my sister, almost ignored me completely as a rule but her best friend, Liz always gave me a peck on the cheek when I answered the door. And that word would spring from her lips once again. I was a man! Okay, I was sixteen, almost seventeen, but I had an almost perpetual hard-on whenever Liz was around or due to arrive. At first I had tried to hide my almost permanent state of arousal but as the months passed I got bolder and by two months before my birthday I couldn’t have been more unsubtle if I had answered the door stark naked. Stark naked with multi-coloured bunting hanging off my throbbing erection!

If Liz noticed she hid it well. Even though I had the beginnings of a social life of my own by then I would almost always have (what am I saying, every time) had to have a wank when Liz came visiting on a Friday evening. It was possible looking back that this had a negative effect on my social skills within my own age group each weekend. But, hey, I wanted to fuck Liz so bad it hurt!

To make matters worse she was a hairdresser and as I entered adulthood with the libido of a herd of charging Rhino’s my personal grooming became important. Having my hair cut was the most exquisite torture. I’m not sure if the perfume Liz wore was called Poison but it seemed to have a toxic effect on me. A perfume that to this day still makes my cock twitch in typical Pavlovian response. Even if it hadn’t been Liz who was cutting my hair, I had always adored having fingers run through my hair, feeling fingernails scratch across my scalp and to feel her full bosom press occasionally against my arm! Well, the smock I wore in the chair not only managed to keep the cuttings away from my clothes but also hid the bulge in my jeans.

The evening when I had headed for the bathroom for a call of nature (which meant passing my sister’s bedroom) and Liz had stepped out headed in the same direction, without a top had almost caused me to explode there and then. She had been wearing jeans, tight jeans which hugged her gorgeous arse perfectly and a black bra. All and I do mean all of the blood in my body diverted to my face and to my cock. It’s an absolute wonder I didn’t collapse and die on the spot of a cardiac arrest. “Hey, Martin do you mind if I go first?” she asked as if her nipples weren’t visible through the sheer cotton of her bra. I think I managed a reply but my brain was starved of haemoglobin so the memory is somewhat vague.

I wasn’t there when she came out of the bathroom. I was busy in my own bedroom pumping my penis for all it was worth. It’s hard to say (pun intended) but I’m pretty sure that I have never ‘cum’ so violently or so much before or since that point in time.


Life goes on.

The years passed and a few months later I lost my virginity to a willing accomplice. Of course I never let on to, said, person that she was the one who popped my ‘cherry’, maybe one day I will if I meet her again. I did okay at school and managed to scrape a place in university and had a good (if not as educationally beneficial as it could have been) time there. I returned to the place of my birth in the summer after my final year and got a job doing house removals while waiting for my final results. I was confident that I had passed but how well I had passed was another matter. It was a glorious summer that was only interrupted by the occasional thunderstorm and I had filled out nicely from the gangly teenager I had been with the help of joining the ‘Uni’ rugby team and a natural genetic disposition not to put on massive amounts of weight with the discovery of large quantities of alcohol.

The house removal I had been doing that day had gone well and we had finished by three in the afternoon. I passed on a lift back to the yard which was handy for my parents’ house deciding to enjoy the remains of the afternoon and wander my way back through the town. I’d spent an hour in the park with my top off and rolled up beneath my head on the warm ground absorbing some of the sun’s rays. I was in that pleasant phase somewhere between sleep and wakefulness vaguely listening to the world around me, the barking of dogs, the laughter of children and the occasional snatch of conversation. The sun warmed my exposed flesh nicely while the light breeze softly caressed it.

I was just thinking of sauntering to a local pub when what felt like a pebble landed on my chest just below my left nipple. My consciousness jerked fully awake before I realised that it had been a large drop of rain. I opened my eyes as the oddly warm water ran down the side of my ribs and looked up at the huge Thunder cloud that had risen above me. A second heavy drop landed on my thigh as I sat up and unfurled my t-shirt and pulled it on. I looked about the park and saw various people wrapping up their picnics and gathering their pets and children. I smiled and stood and stretched as more and more drops began to fall all around.

I turned my head up to the sky, stretching my hands as far out as I could, feeling my muscles creak and relax. The cloud broke and the few drops turned into a teeming downpour within seconds. With my eyes closed I let the heavy water cascade down all over me. In less than a minute I was soaked through but the rain wasn’t cold. The world outside my eyelids lit up and highlighted the small capillaries within. A second later the deep bass rumble of thunder rolled across the park. I slowly turned within the downpour enjoying the fresh sensations. A smile remained fixed to my lips as I imagined kids pulled beneath the shelter of trees asking their shepherding parents why they can’t go out in the rain like the ‘man over there’. I imagined the response to be along the lines of ‘he’s just silly’ or ‘odd’ or even ‘mentally disturbed’. My smile opened and I drank down the fresh water from the heavens as flashes and rumbles continued to rip through the day.

Some of the lightning and thunder was almost in sync and I wondered how close it was to me. I also wondered did those parents protecting their offspring realise that lightning much preferred to strike trees rather than ‘eejits’ standing in the middle of a field. The thunderstorm ended almost as quick as it had begun and I opened my eyes to look up through the last few remaining drops descending from an apparent infinity to land around me. The heavy cloud had dissipated almost completely and the last thin threads of cloud were evaporating as I watched. The sun beat down once again on my back and I could feel my wet clothing begin to steam. I gave myself a final shake and began to stroll towards the park exit as hesitant heads peeked out from beneath their shelters. There was no sign of ‘grounding’ anywhere nearby and I was slightly disappointed but the smile remained on my lips from the distrustful stares of parents and the envious stares of children.

Even as I left through the west gate I could feel that most of my T-shirt was already dry although my jeans would take considerably longer. I skipped across the circular road that encompassed the park and through a small side street which would take me on to one of the ‘main drags’. It wasn’t the most direct route home but did take me past a couple of good pubs. I decide against the Combermere and headed further down the freshly washed street with my eye on the Halfway a mile further down. The sun was reflecting strongly of the steaming black surface of the road as cars zipped by. I regretted not having brought any sunglasses out with me but it couldn’t be helped.

There were plenty of attractive females walking up and down either side of the road, quite a few men as well but I wasn’t interested in them. Most were wearing the abbreviated dress of the summer so long legs and breasts restrained behind tight tops were on display. A few had been caught in the rain, one in particular wearing a white blouse, which added nicely to the scene. The white blouse was drying quickly and I wondered if it had been completely see-through when she had been caught by the downpour. She saw my eyes glance down as we passed going in opposite directions and I think her embarrassment was also mixed with an appreciation of being appreciated. I was almost tempted to turn on my heels as I twisted my head to survey her ass in her mid-thigh length pleated (not so neat now) skirt. I couldn’t think of a suitable excuse or introductory line so carried on towards the Halfway.

Just as I passed the Castle Hotel I glanced at the steps that ran down to the small retail unit below it. This had been Liz’s Salon that I had visited so often before heading for university. The fond memories of those exquisite hours of torture rose in the back of my mind and caused a little stirring within my crotch. I knew that she had left the premises a couple of years before and now did home visits. I was one or two steps passed it when I sensed movement in the corner of my eye. A blonde was stepping through the door into the bright sunshine shielding her eyes from the glare. I turned back to the path in front of me and carried on my way.

“Martin?” said a voice behind me, “Little Martin?”

I stopped mid-stride and turned to look back at the origin of the voice. I stared at the woman who was now halfway up the steps and had donned a pair of large sunglasses. The hair was blonder than I remembered but the breasts cocooned within a tight thin blue top seemed every bit as familiar as those I saw so many years ago on the landing outside the bathroom. “Liz?”

She walked up the last few steps as I walked back towards her. “I thought it was you, Al’ had said you were knocking about this summer. How are you?” she reached me and her slim hands rested on my biceps and she had to raise herself onto her toes to place a peck on my cheek. She relaxed back onto her feet and looked up at me, “I guess not so little anymore?”

“You know how it is, you can try everything but sometimes it’s just not possible to stunt your growth. I’m good and you? I thought you’d moved on…” I said nodding to the salon.

She glanced back and my eyes dipped to that neck I had wished to lick for so many years, “Oh, the Salon, yes I have but I still have the lease and sub-let it. I’m just in between tenants and was cleaning it up and checking for any repairs that needed making.” She turned back and might have seen my eyes rising back to meet hers and maybe the tip of my tongue disappear back into my mouth.

“Got to say you’re looking good” I said wanting to add ‘good enough to eat’.

“You’re looking good yourself, Uni obviously suited you… not sure I can call you ‘cute’ anymore though…” she said with a smile showing those white teeth I wished to run my tongue along. The capillaries within my cheeks gave an involuntary response.

Knowing that my cheeks were reddening made it worse and I blushed completely at that single word. Her smile trembled, “You didn’t like being called cute back then either, I guess?”

I shook my head and smiled back at her, “I don’t think any adolescent likes it especially when…” I paused gauging my words, “especially when they want to be seen as a man.” I added in a much deeper voice. Definitely a better response than saying that I had wanted to strip her naked and put the almost permanent erection whenever she was around inside her. Thinking of permanent erections it seemed to be making a comeback somewhat uncomfortably twisted within my jeans. She took that moment to step back and appraise the adult me. Almost subconsciously I puffed out my chest and raised myself to my full six foot three height.

“Well, you’re definitely a man now. Has it been raining?” she looked about her only now noticing the steaming pavements and road.

“There was a little shower… and quite a bit of thunder and lightning, I’m surprised you didn’t hear it?”

She nodded back towards the Salon, “You hardly ever hear anything down there in the dungeon and I have been vacuuming, so I guess it was then. You seemed to have gotten caught in the middle of it.”

“You could say that… still you got to like how a little rain clears the streets.”

“You got time for a tea or a coffee?”

“Certainly” I replied. As if I was ever going to say no to spending time with Liz. I was racking my brain to try and remember if she was married or in a relationship at the moment but I was pretty sure I didn’t know the answer whichever way it was. A cast-off from my adolescent days I imagined, not talking to my sister about her friends that I fancied. I really ought to do something about that. To give my sister her due, she did almost treat me as an adult now rather than just her baby brother. Liz turned away and led me back to the salon. Her ass, clad in tight denim, as I had often seen it before, looked just as biteable as ever. The phone in her back pocket ruined the perfect curves a little.

I followed her down the steps and into the Salon. It wasn’t really a ‘dungeon’ as Liz had referred to it. The front area was brightly lit with artificial lighting and at the rear was a large skylight which flooded the hair washing area with natural light. I smiled once again as I remembered looking up through that skylight as the clouds skittered across the blue sky and Liz’s fingers ran the shampoo through my hair. Her left breast, for she always washed my hair from the right, always on the periphery of my vision. Two large barber’s chairs dominated the centre of the small unit and the walls were lined with mirrors and shelves and portrait pictures of stylish hair sculptures as any Hair salon in the world probably was. Of in an alcove to one side sat a large comfortable looking sofa with a pile of magazines on a table for those waiting to be seen.

She led me past the chairs to a small area screened off at chest height from the main body of the Salon where the basic tea/coffee making facilities were located, “Tea?” she asked.

“Given it up… could never get a decent cuppa in London cafes. Confirmed caffeine addict now… very strong, a kiss of milk and one sugar please, Liz”

She raised her thin eyebrow, “A kiss of milk? What sort of kiss?”

I laughed, “You know, no one has ever asked me that… I guess I mean just a peck on the cheek so to speak!”

She smiled back at me and turned to make the coffee using a small expensive looking Italian machine. My eyes once again admired her figure before I moved away and stood beneath the large skylight looking up at the now completely blue sky. I looked in one of the mirrors on the back wall and for a moment was convinced I saw Liz just turning away. Once again I puffed out my chest but this time I also tensed my buttocks (just in case). I wanted to slip my hand inside my jeans to coax my swelling cock into a more comfortable position but I didn’t dare. I noticed for the first time since the thunderstorm that I was feeling the cold from my damp clothing as I stood there obviously no longer in direct strong sunlight.

I glanced at my chest and saw both my nipples were hard and quite obvious through the cartoon figure adorning my T-shirt. I suspected that wasn’t totally from the chill. The gurgling of the coffee machine ceased behind me and I watched Liz’s reflection approach me carrying two steaming mugs. “All those feet of hair over the years you had washed just there and where has it all gone now?” I ran my fingers over my head; I’d had long hair before I went to university, just passed my shoulders and now it was closely cropped to my scalp.

“You know how it is, all those evenings I had to spend washing it” Liz placed the mugs down on one of the small tables between the wash basins and reached up and ran her fingernails over my scalp. Goose pimples exploded all the way up my spine. “Ohhh… that’s nice…” I almost purred.

She pulled her hand away and for the first time she looked like she might be blushing, “S… sorry… a little forward…”

I smiled at her as she quickly sat down on one of the reclined seats and lifted her mug in front of her in a very defensive gesture. I sat in the next chair lifting my own coffee, “Seriously, I didn’t mind. I do miss the…pampering of having my hair cut, using clippers by yourself just isn’t the same!”

“No girlfriend to help you out?” Liz enquired as she lifted the steaming coffee to her lips.

“Not at the moment… not for…” I counted the months in my head, “must be five months now. She was the one who got me to cut my hair… I think she didn’t like me having longer hair than her.” I smiled.

Liz’s eyes glanced up the close cut of my scalp, “It’s a bit severe for my liking, I prefer a little more length… and you did have ‘good’ hair.”

I smiled at the ‘good hair’ remark imagining it to be a typical hairdresser’s turn of phrase. I placed my mug on the small table between us and sat back in the chair, nestling my neck into the sculpted curve of the hand basin. A broad grin crept over my face. “What’s so funny?” asked Liz.

I flicked my eyes towards her light blue ones, “I was just thinking… are you a hairdresser or… a Follicle Technician?”

“A Follicle Technician, I like that though a Filamentous Biomaterial Engineer sounds even better!”

I laughed loudly up at the glazing above us as out of the corner of my eye I saw Liz put down her mug and recline in her seat to look up through the skylight as well. “You always seemed to enjoy this view!”

“I did!” and of course the curve of her breasts, “I was up in the park earlier enjoying the same view when the thunderstorm broke…”

“I have to say you were a lot better than some of my customers…”

“How so?” I asked.

“Some of them, mostly men though not all, couldn’t keep their eyes of my boobs!”

I gulped loud enough for her to hear, “I have a confession to make…”

“Oh I know Martin but at least you had the decency to try to do it with subtlety” she paused for a moment before adding, “…though you did seem…pleased to see them!”

I coughed and choked and sat up in the chair, all the blood that wasn’t interested in going to my crotch going to my cheeks once again. Déjà vous I thought.  I twisted in my chair to look at Liz lying there with her eyes closing and her ‘boobs’ slowly rising and falling, her hands resting on her denim clad hips. In the bright light from above I could see the shape of her nipples through her top and bra. “Oh… oh… I’m sorry…” I stuttered.

“Why? I didn’t ask you to apologise… and I’m guessing but it still seems that you’re… pleased to see them?”

I coughed once again, my eyes flicking between Liz’s breasts and her closed eyes. “I… guess I am!”

Her teeth appeared between her red lips and pinched the lower one, “It’s not as if you were the only one sneaking a peek!”

My own chest was rising and falling in sync with Liz’s, “Really?”

She nodded her head a fraction as I noticed her red fingernails scratching at the blue material covering her hips just an inch or so from the zip. “You did seem to fill your jeans quite well… but you were Al’s baby brother…”

“I still am.”

“True… but…”

“She’s a big girl now…” I offered.

“She is and you’re a Big Boy now!” she grinned broadly showing her white teeth.

“You’re not just saying that to get into my pants, are you?” I stood up and moved beside her, my swollen and still uncomfortably twisted cock almost touching her hip just beside her hand.

“Is it working?” she was breathing very heavily now and her nipples were obviously hard beneath her clothes. I moved forward an inch and my erection made contact with her hip through our clothing. Her hand twitched but remained where it was.

I leant forwards placing my hands on either of her head on the basin edge. My face was four inches from hers as I whispered “Could be!”

“Good!” she whispered back and her left hand rose up along my arm to my head, those red painted nails scratched through my short hair, raking my scalp as she urged my mouth down to meet hers. I kissed her softly, my lips brushing across her as her other hand slipped around my hip, her thumb rested on my belt and she pulled my crotch tighter to her hip. Our kiss deepened as her mouth opened beneath me, her tongue darting out and against my lips as I lowered my hand down along her side. My hand trembled as my thumb brushed the side of her breast. My heart hammered within my chest as my brain couldn’t believe where I was.

Ain’t no mountain high enough…!” chirped from beneath Liz. I broke our kiss and she looked up at me. I could see she was the sort of person who hated to leave a phone ringing. “I…”

I smiled down at her and nodded saying “Go ahead”, I moved my hand back to the other side of her head and remained above her as her own hand slipped beneath her and fished the ‘inappropriate’ phone out of her back pocket.

She looked at the screen and smiled, “I, so have to answer this!” she stated and I made to move away but her free hand reached for my forearm and stopped me. I know a quizzical look wandered across my face as much because of the completely mischievous look on Liz’s. “Hi Al’” she said into the phone and her look of mischief infected my own features. I chewed on the side of my tongue within my mouth wondering how I might misbehave and whether I really should. “Yeah, I’m good n’ you?”

I stared into her twinkling eyes for a couple more seconds and then slowly allowed my gaze to slide downwards as I licked my lips. Liz’s fingernails dug slightly into my arm where her hand had remained. “Oh, just cleaning up the Salon, getting it ready for the new tenant.” I shuffled my feet around and Liz spread her feet so I was able to stand between them, I lowered my head towards her chest and gazed at the swell of her bosom taking my time to absorb all the dimensions of my youth’s desire. She breathed deeply, raising her back from the reclined seat; “Tonight? Oh… I’m not sure… I may have a date…” My eyes glanced upwards to see the tip of her tongue peeking out from between her lips and I gave her a small nod. “Yes, it seems I definitely have a date.” I let my eyes return to Liz’s chest and lowered my head further.

“Thank you very much!” she said into the phone with a degree of force in her voice as she arched her back further and the soft swell of her left breast brushed against my cheek. “I know it’s been a while!” I pressed my cheek harder against her feeling the hard little nub of her nipple beside my ear. Her heart was beating rapidly beneath the layers of clothing and flesh as I brushed my lips against the side of her right breast. A little gasp escaped her mouth and her fingernails dug deeper into my skin, “Yes… I imagine I will introduce you… sometime…” My lips slid upwards across the soft material till they slid over the raised bump of her nipple. “Now I must get on…” I pinched the hard swelling with my lips, “…gotta go, talk soon!” she disconnected the phone and dropped it with a clunk into the basin behind her head.

I stood Liz’s legs wrapped around my hips and grinned down at her, “Sis?” I asked. She nodded, although listening to her stand up my sister to go out with me was fun it had broken the spell, I reached down and placed my hands on her hips, “Now where were we?”

Liz’s hands moved down and rested on mine, the smile on her face faltered. “Martin… shit… I don’t want you to think I’m easy, that I drag passing people off the street…”

I grinned, “Easy? You gonna be difficult now… I mean…” her smile dropped a little more, “… shit, that sounded so much better in my head. Damn… look Liz, the last thing I think is you’re easy! For me, at least, this didn’t start twenty minutes ago… I’ve wanted to get into you’re knickers for at least seven years…” I dropped my eyes and then realised I was staring at her crotch; it was an effort to drag them back up and across her chest to her eyes. “Pardon the expression!” I added.

The smile had returned to her mouth. “You’re pardoned… you know next time you meet an almost topless girl outside a bathroom you may want to leave your door ajar when you dash off to your bedroom to…”

I blushed again, “…to…err…”

She nodded, “Yes… you never know who might be standing outside and if that door had been open, I might’ve ventured further… I was… err… tempted!”

“Shit!” the smile on my face almost hurt, “Liz? Would you like you to go out with me this evening?”

“Yes, Martin, I would like that very much.” She sat up forwards, her hands rising to my face urging me towards her till our lips met once again. It was a long slow kiss, unhurried and soft. The two of us took our time, caressing and searching with our lips and tongues and for a few minutes it seemed to me that was all we were; two mouths, lips, teeth and tongues. And in that kiss was a conversation I had been waiting to have for so many years. I’m not sure how long it lasted but in the same moment I was sorry it ended and happy that it was the beginning of things to come.

Liz linked her hands around the small of my back as mine rested on her shoulders. Our chests were firmly pressed together, two pairs of hard nipples moving slowly as our breathing dictated. She seemed to grind ever so slightly against my crotch; my cock was still hard and still twisted uncomfortably within the restrictions of my jeans. We simply stared at each other for almost a minute. “Definitely, not easy” I said with a smile.

“Well… seeing as we have a date tonight… maybe…” she released her hands from behind my back and brought them round between us, they hesitated briefly as they traced around my belt before taking hold of her top and pulling it up in one smooth motion over her head to drop it carelessly to the floor. Her smile echoed my own as I enjoyed the view of her black satin bra; I grasped my own t-shirt and followed suit. I was chewing on my bottom lip as she reached behind her back; I lowered my hands to my belt and pulled it free as the bra went slack. “Did you think about this coming off all those years ago?”

“So much…” I answered as I undid the button of my jeans. I breathed deeply as she let it fall away revealing her full breasts to me. The areolae were small and deep pink with small but very hard looking nipples atop them. Liz’s eyes dropped to my hands as I pulled down my zip, her hands lifted to her chest and massaged the crease lines left by her bra. As I spread the top of my jeans her fingers went to her nipple and pinched them softly. My cock sprang upwards beneath my boxers, almost forcing itself out through the fly.

“I thought about your… cock as well… Martin…”

“This cock?” I asked as I pushed my boxers down and finally released it to the air. I wrapped my fist about it and slowly pulled downwards on it pulling back my foreskin revealing the cum-slicked glans.

“Oh yessss…” she breathed, I felt her feet behind me and realised she was trying to kick off her shoes. “When I got home that night… I lay in bed and thought about you…” I pulled away from her; grudgingly she parted her legs to allow me to step back.

“What did you imagine?” I asked as I also kicked off my shoes and slowly pushed my jeans and boxers all the way down my legs before stepping out of them divesting myself of my socks at the same time. Totally nude I stood in front of Liz and once again slowly stroked my cock. Her eyes were glued to my leisurely moving hand.

“I imagined you lying on your bed something like that… with your hand pumping your hard cock…” her hands left her breasts and undid her jeans, the fly was a button-up and my cock throbbed in my fist as I watched her undo each one. Her eyes rose to mine, “I thought about you… thinking about me… wondering what you imagined doing to me… what you’d want me to do to you… tell me what you thought about…” She slipped off the reclined chair and stood in front of me as she grasped the waist of her jeans and pushed them down. She bent down from her hips and her head lowered level with my hard-on, I fought the desire to simply lean forward to bring my cock to her mouth. I watched as she licked her lips before she stood once again dressed only in a black thong.

“I thought about your breasts… how I wanted to lick and suck them… how I wanted to slide my cock up between them…” I had to grip my cock tightly and still my hand as it throbbed heavily in my hand. If I wasn’t careful I was going to shoot my load in seconds. Liz didn’t help by once again grasping her breast tightly, her fingers sinking into the flesh as her other hand, fingers extended, traced the furrow of her pussy through her thong. She sat back onto the chair, her legs spread wide and a smile on her face as she saw my hand still guessing that I was on a hair trigger. “I… thought about that wonderful ass of yours… how I wanted to feel it… and lick it… and slide my cock all over it…”

“This ass?” she asked and she twisted around, quickly pulling down her thong before resting her hands on the arm of the chair and staring back at me in the mirror.

“Ohh… god yess…” I stepped forward and slid my cock over the round globes of her cheeks. Liz moaned deeply as my left hand grasped her cheek, a silvery trail of my pre-cum patterned across her flesh. I slid my cock between her legs dragging it along her wet slit. I groaned in harmony as I felt her fingernails draw along the underside of my erection. “Oh fuck… Liz… I can’t take much of this…” I was about to slide myself inside her when her fingers wrapped around my own and held me fast.

Liz breathed rapidly, her body trembling “Ohhh… Martin… oh shit… Please tell me you… mmmm…” I could feel her pussy lips twitch against my cock and our fingers. “Please… have you got any… condoms?”

“…shit… no… fuck…!”

“Fuck…” cursed Liz. “I gotta have you… inside me… fuck…”

My cock was trembling in our grip, I slipped my hand from hers and grasped both her hips cursing the fact that when I got up that morning I didn’t think to visit the chemist. “Fuck!” Liz slipped her hand down my shaft and pulled me inside her. Her hand slipped away and I pushed my full length all the way in and stood frozen as her pussy trembled around me. I felt her fingers beneath me working her clit as my fingers dug deep into the flesh of her hips.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck… for god’s sake Liz don’t… move… too much…” the two of us groaned together as I felt her fingers move faster and her pussy tighten about my cock. I slipped my right hand between us and gripped the base of my cock hard as I felt the echoes of Liz’s trembling pussy reverberate along my length. It took less than thirty seconds and yet felt like a blissful eternity before I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out any longer. I pulled out just in time as my seed erupted over her outer lips and ass. “Ohhh my fuckin’ god!” I yelled.

Liz’s ass bucked before me as streaks of my white cum radiated out across her cheeks and lower back. My legs all at once went weak and I gave in happily collapsing to my knees, (I knew I’d regret the hard impact on the floor tiles later) my cock still twitching as my thumbs slipped beneath her cheeks and opened up her slit. Her fingers were still rolling her clit as I thrust my tongue as deep as I could into her hot wet pussy. A litany of swear words erupted from Liz’s mouth as her orgasm detonated. I felt her quim tighten and slacken around my tongue as I greedily drank down her slightly bitter juices.

Eventually she collapsed backwards onto me and the two of us sprawled on the cold tile floor. I wrapped my arms about her and pulled her on top of me kissing her tenderly on the shoulder as her breathing slowed back to normal. When she had pulled herself together she raised herself up on her elbows and looked at me. “Right, Martin, make sure that you get some condoms for tonight!”

“Yes ma’am!” I replied.

We retired to the large sofa and explored each other for another hour. Liz even remembered to lock the door. She was happy to learn that my adolescent imagination had been quite active and that I had thought of many scenarios. We avoided penetration but both left the Salon having both orgasmed numerous times.


“Hey, Martin, fancy going for a drink tonight?”

“Sorry?” I replied to my sister.

“You busy tonight, thought we’d go out and have a few drinks?” Alice repeated.

“Oh sorry… I got plans…” the images in my head of my sister’s friend were proving very distracting.

“Oh come on, Liz stood me up… you’re not ashamed to be seen out with your older sister in front of your mates?”

“Err… no…But I…”

Alice raised her eyebrow inquisitively. “You got a date little bro’?”

“No…Maybe… whatever…” I turned and walked away knowing that I was lightly to betray myself if she could see my eyes.


I sat across from Liz in the restaurant having seriously enjoyed walking up the street holding her hand. The waiter had been and taken our drink order leaving us with the menus. “Well?” Liz asked. I grinned and pulled the pack of three from my pocket to show her. She grinned back and slipped a pack of ten from her purse. “I hope you’re not working tomorrow?” she asked.

The broad smile on my face threatened to split my cheeks, “Not anymore!” At that moment Liz’s purse chirped, ‘You have a message from the Dark Side!’

She pulled out her phone and flicked it open to read the text message, her face lit up as she did. She turned the phone towards me so I could read it. Message from Al: Ur not bonking my baby bro, r u?

“Far too clever by half, my sis” I stated and explained my brief conversation with her earlier.

“Isn’t she just… hmmm?” Liz tapped away at her phone before showing me her reply. Message to Al: Technically not YET!!! “Well… it’s sort of true…. one thrust doesn’t make a ‘bonk’, does it?” added Liz and pressed the ‘send’ button and turned off her phone, “Don’t really want anymore interruptions, do we?”

I lifted my own phone from my pocket and showed her it was already switched off. “If we’ve got thirteen Johnnies to get through, certainly not!” I replied with a grin that was matched by Liz’s.


The End

~ by ftfagos on October 22, 2011.

3 Responses to ““Cute””

  1. Finally SEX again 😉

    Did I forget to mention… I LOVE your stories!

    xx V

  2. Love what evolved from one teasing word “Cute”. Delightful, you are soooooooooo good! Thank you for a wonderful read on a relaxed Saturday morning with my morning coffee lost in my own thoughts!

  3. You are both welcome and the moral is be careful what you say! 🙂


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