A Night at the Opera

Dear Avid Reader,

One from the vaults… and this was a scribbled to order story. When i asked a fellow traveller what sort of story she would like she specified a ‘costume drama’. It took me a while to find a suitable setting but history can provide and provide very well at times. The facts are there was a real person called Cora Pearl and she was the mistress of Prince Napoleon, cousin to the Emporer. Whether they both attended the opening night of the Vienna State Opera is another matter but that is what my literay license is for.

As ever for those of you who haven’t read this one before, enjoy! For those of you who have, enjoy the piccies!



It was the opening night of the Vienna State Opera House and absolutely everyone who believed themselves to be of the ruling class was there. Mozart’s Don Giovanni was about to start on this chilly May night in the year of our lord 1869. Of course I wasn’t of the ruling class. I was hired in for the night to attend to all the primped up peacocks and there spoiled wives and mistresses who thought that it was below them to hang their own coats. My employers for the night had been in a rush or perhaps they may have been more thorough in checking my references.


So far it had been a profitable night rifling through the pockets of the rich and stupid, just talking a little each time so not to be noticed. I had yet to find a ‘mule’ to carry out my ill-begotten gains. I knew full well that the management would search each and every one of us who had been brought in for opening night.  What I needed was for one of the privileged who was attending to act as an unwitting courier to carry my ‘takings’ right past the watchful eyes of the commissars. Casually watching the ‘well bred’ saunter through the opulent lobby I hoped to see an aristocrat I recognised and would know where they lived so I wouldn’t need to go to the trouble of following them after the performance. It would be a risk to place my stash in their coat but I was pretty sure I would be able to relieve them off it before they got home as well as any other valuables.


There was a commotion at the entrance as the central doors were flung open and a large group entered. It was obvious that the majority of the group were sycophants orbiting around the central couple. A number of the commissars quickly moved to attend to the new arrivals needs. One of the commissars almost pushed a local Dukes’ wife out of the way in his haste. Just for a moment the group parted for me to see a profile of the short man at the centre. It was similar enough to his cousin, the French Emperor, for me to realise that this was the Prince Napoleon.


As the group moved up to climb the wide main staircase a side door opened and a lady entered all dressed in her finery. She walked quietly watching the mêlée ahead ascend the stairs with a rye smile upon her lips. She was dressed in a dark blue dress, large skirts floating just above the floor. Silver beading rose from her tight waist up the bodice in lines spreading out as they reached to her ample bosom. She was obviously wearing a tight corset beneath like most of the ladies that pushed their breasts upwards but there did seem plenty there even though her fur wrap concealed her décolletage. Black lace covered her arms from her elbows all the way to her hands with a sparkling bracelet around her left wrist, a small purse in her right hand.  Her black hair was pulled back into one long tress exposing a waif like face even though it had a luscious red lipstick about her small mouth. Her eyes were so dark as to be almost black. She walked with a quiet grace, unashamed of being unaccompanied, confident in herself and not of any spouse.


She approached the cloakroom and fastened her eyes onto mine, not caring that I had obviously being staring at her. She removed her wrap and the cape she was wearing and handed them to me.


”Parlez vous francais?” she asked. Her accent was mixed up, if I was not mistaken she was English and quite possibly from London. She was obviously not a natural French speaker and did not know Austrian. Part of the reason I was hired was that I had travelled around Europe a good deal in my youth and had more than a passing ability in several languages. The fact that I had to make some rather quick exits from a couple of countries was not raised in my interview with the manager.


“Oui. Mademoiselle. I am also reasonably fluent in English as well.” I said bowing slightly towards her.


She smiled at me while her eyes quickly flicked down and back up my body seeming to quickly come to some judgment.


“Very good. The French can be tiresome if you make an error in their language, I confess I was not looking forward to making myself understood in Austria.” She paused, still debating whatever decision she had come to.


Finally she turned to the commissar beside me and in the broadest cockney accent, almost as if coming from an east end whore’s mouth, she said “Make sure that this geezer” she smiled briefly at me,” is to attend to my requests, guv!” her eyes turned to the receding back of the Prince to emphasise her point.


I barely refrained from laughing out loud as the commissar looked to me for a translation. The commissar replied in his best English “As you request… Madame Pearl”


She turned back to me feigning confusion.


“Your wish is our command Miss Pearl.” I said.


She smiled broadly and said “Well lead me to my private box my good man,”


After consulting the booking list, I moved forward and led her up the wide main stairs. As we entered the corridor behind the premier boxes I noted that the Prince and his entourage had moved to the south side of the main hall while Miss Pearls’ box was to the north. In the course of the walk we both remained silent until we reached our destination and I unlocked the door and held the door open for her to enter.


As she entered I was unable to help myself from looking at her displayed cleavage, a single silver tear-shaped sapphire pendant resting between her breasts and the tops of her areolae, which were a very deep pink, probably applied with make-up to accentuate them as was the fashion, showing from beneath the silver trim of her dress. I glanced back up to find her eyes upon mine; I blushed, thinking that I had ruined my chances of having an easy time for the rest of the night. She made no comment and proceeded into the small room.


I followed behind her to find the box was only about 12 yards from the stage on the first tier and had only one item of furniture, a large chaise longue placed three yards behind the rail and raised on a small platform so the occupant could watch the performance in complete leisure. I noted that the chaise longue was very ornate with quite complex scrolls and carvings along the rear, the polish though was chipped in places and not really what you would have expected to find considering the occasion. Privacy screens had been erected on the side away from the stage and above so only a limited number of the boxes opposite would be able to look in to any extent. A cabinet to the left held a magnum of the finest champagne in a bucket of ice and there were two large vases of orchids to either side. She moved around the small room inspecting the interior, when she seemed satisfied she went to the rail and looked out over the assembling crowd.


I stood just behind her waiting to see if she had any requests. Looking across the auditorium I saw the Prince and his wife sitting down in the box directly opposite, apparently fitted out identically. The Prince looked straight across, straight at Miss Pearl who seemed to respond by drawing her finger across her lips and then down her neck and along her cleavage. I could see the Prince smile and then Miss Pearl, with her finger in the top of her dress looked over her shoulder at me. She looked me up and down and then back at the Prince. Looking at the prince I saw him shift his gaze to me, I shuffled slightly on my feet as he looked back to Miss Pearl and gave the briefest of nods. At this she sat down on the couch, leaning to the side and lifting her legs up on to the seat.


She looked at me. “I shall require you in one half hours time, and when you return please bring with you a bottle of … well whatever you would recommend, whatever you enjoy… I like to taste new things…”


I made to leave. “What is your name?”


“Pauli, my lady.”


“Well Pauli before you leave would you please remove my footwear for me.”


I moved round to the front of the couch and kneeled at her feet. I went to undo her shoes to find they were actually red leather boots with steel hooks for the laces. I raised the hem of her dress slightly to find the laces. The tops were not in sight. I looked up at her face but she had picked up the box’s binoculars and was gazing across the stage. I lifted her dress further and had raised it to her knees before I found the tops of the boots. I placed her heel onto my knee and unlaced one boot and then the other. Gripping the heel in one hand I slid the boot down exposing a slim leg wrapped in lace stockings. She wriggled her toes as I placed the boot on the floor and then slowly removed the other.


She looked down at me seemingly unaware of the discomfort I was in from my penis swelling within my uniform.


“That will be all for now Pauli.” She said dismissing me.


I stood up somewhat awkwardly and moved to leave. At the door she reminded me, “One half hour, Pauli. One half hour.”


“Yes, my Lady” I said and closed the door behind me.


I went back down to the cloak room where I asked the commissar who the lady was. I was told that she was Cora Pearl, the Princes’ courtesan and that I was to do whatever she asked as she had the ear of the French Emperor and was probably one of the most influential women in Europe at the time. I was hustled off to do the lady’s bidding. I went to the bar and got a bottle of Richard Hennessey Cognac.


 I stopped in the ante-room that had been set aside for the attending servants of the high class patrons. Chatting to a couple of the Princes’ wife’s’  hand maidens, Petra and Leisl, I was warned that I had better watch myself as Miss Pearl demands were known to be extravagant at times and I may be fetching a bath full of champagne before the night was out. The smaller of the two, a redhead, laughed out loud as I walked away with the Cognac calling after me, “You be careful Pauli.”


I knocked on the door of the box and entered when I heard Miss Pearl give permission. The box was dark, lit only from the lights on the stage. The opera was in full flow; Don Giovanni was dueling with the Commendatore while singing at the top of his lungs. I placed the tray bearing the cognac and glasses on the cabinet and stood to the side waiting for further instruction.


Miss Pearl was lying back watching the events on stage unfold lightly stroking her pendant drawing my eyes to her ample bosom. She kept pushing the pendant up and down her cleavage, her little finger trailing over the flesh of her right breast. It seemed that more of her areolae was exposed, her nipple only just beneath the silver trim of her dress. Hands clasped behind my back I watched her chest rise and fall, wishing that my prick would not respond or that I could at least stroke it.


“I think some champagne Pauli if you please.”


Shaken out of my reverie I popped the cork on the bottle and poured a measure into a flute. Carrying a small table round to her right I placed the glass beside her. I was unable to help myself from licking my lips as bent forward beside her I was less than eighteen inches from the pale flesh of her breasts. I quickly straightened up and went to turn back when I thought I felt the softest of touches run across the bulge in my trousers. Looking down I saw Miss Pearl picking up the flute of champagne and bringing it to her lips. I hesitated.


She looked up at me, “Is there something wrong Pauli?”


“Oh… no Miss” I replied and walked away around the back of the couch, giving my cock a stroke through my clothes when behind her, to take up station to her left again. I stood there watching her watching the performance. She idly stroked the pendant and would run a finger across the top of her dress crossing her areolae slowing as she did. When she next lifted the glass to her lips a drop of champagne landed on those pale slopes and trickled down towards her cleavage. She looked down and then using the little finger of her left hand, still shrouded in her lace elbow length gloves, traced the wet line upwards. She then placed the finger in her mouth and sucked it quite slowly, first the tip and gradually the whole finger. When she removed her lace clad finger her tongue flicked briefly out after it.


I was almost in agony from the pressure in my loins. I watched her put down the glass and pick up the opera glasses. Instead of looking down at the stage she looked across to the Prince’s box. I followed her gaze and saw the Prince looking back towards us with his set of glasses. From his vantage point he would have been able to watch Miss Pearl quite clearly, the ornate balcony rail only obscuring her feet where they dangled off the side of the raised couch.


Without putting down the glasses Miss pearl said “Pauli would you please come over here.” I stepped to the end of the couch. “I would like you to massage my feet; they are so very tired from the day’s exertions.”  I knelt down beside the couch and took her right foot in my hands. Supporting the heel in my right hand I began to rub along her outstep firmly with my thumb. Rolling my thumb along her foot, heat was being created from the friction with the lace.


“I don’t think that will do.” Miss Pearl muttered. “I believe you will find some oils within the cabinet that will suffice.”


I went to the cabinet and opened the door. Inside there was a selection of items, not ones usually found in an opera house. The oils were in the front, I chose peppermint oil and carried it back to the couch. I was about to apply the oil to my hands when Miss Pearl coughed. I looked up at her; she was still looking across at the Prince. Looking across myself I could see the Prince and his wife both looking through opera glasses in our direction. A lady-in-waiting was bent forward between them, listening to the Prince’s wife.


“It would ruin my garments to have them soaked in oil Pauli, please attend to their removal.”


I snatched my head back to Miss Pearl; she was still looking at the Prince while her finger was stroking her areola. I couldn’t believe that I had heard her correctly; I knelt there frozen wondering what I should say.

Still without looking away from the Prince and now having teased her nipple out above the top of her dress, she was slowly pushing it from side to side. “I imagine that when you took your leave of me earlier that you asked who I was. And that you should cater for all my needs. Is that not correct Pauli?”




“Is that not correct Pauli?” she turned her head to look straight at me, her thumb and forefinger squeezing her erect nipple.


“Yes Madam!”


“Well attend to your duties.” She turned back to look at the Prince. I glanced at the Princes’ box to see both occupants leaning forward staring through their opera glasses. Each of them was holding their glasses in one hand while the other was angled to the others’ lap. I turned back to Miss Pearls’ legs and with a slight hesitancy lifted her skirts up her calf and slipped my hands up her right leg.

Slowly I slid my fingertips up the sides of her thighs, gently rubbing along the lace. I felt the hem of her stocking and her bare flesh above them. I heard a quiet murmur escape her lips as my fingers moved round to the back of her leg and untied the bow. I then repeated the action on the front of her thigh and rolled the stocking down. I placed the stocking on the arm of the couch and began to run my hands up her left leg. As I did I felt Miss Pearls’ bare foot press lightly against my crotch. Her toes curled around the head of my erection as my fingers untied the bow behind her thigh. I moaned lightly as I began to undo the last bow, but distracted, the bow pulled tight into a knot. Working by feel I attempted to undo the knot while Miss Pearl muttered beneath her breath and her toes rippled against my trousers.


I struggled feebly until Miss Pearl muttered “Pauli you are just going to have to get in there and sort it out.” she was still looking through her opera glasses but they had drooped somewhat and she was now stretching her exposed nipple. She pressed her bare foot hard onto my erection to emphasise the point. I pushed the many layers of her skirt up and ducked my head down beneath them. Immediately I could smell her musky aroma as I pressed my cock hard against her foot. My head just above her knee I played with the knot till it came undone. In the shadows I could see the dark shadow of her pubic hair, no knickers to prevent the smell of her wetness invading my nostrils. I slowly rolled her stocking down, keeping my head where it was, licking my lips as I stared at her pussy in the shadows. Only when her stocking was almost at her ankle did I withdraw though I kept my crotch firmly pressed against her foot.


I reached for the oil and once again went to apply it to my hands. Miss Pearls’ left foot now joined her right, squeezing my stiffness between them. “Oh Pauli I don’t think we will be needing the oils now, I’m sure you can find an alternative lubricant.” She lowered her glasses to the table and raised her empty hand to her right breast and eased her erect nipple from beneath the hem of her dress. She looked straight into my eyes and rolled both nipples between her thumbs and fingers. I lifted her right foot away from my crotch, pressing my hard-on rhythmically against her left, squeezing her sole in my hands I slipped her big toe into my mouth. Watching her stretch her nipples I sucked hard on her toe then lightly, my tongue circling around it. She groaned quietly, her eyes closing, as she slipped her fingers beneath her bodice cupping her breasts. I slowly licked and sucked each of her toes till I reached the little one; I then licked and kissed along the top of her foot and across her delicate ankle.


Leaving a trail of saliva behind as I made my way up her shin pushing her petticoats clear as I ascended her leg. Pausing at her knee I blew back down her leg watching goose-pimples appear, my hands caressing firmly up the sides of her bare thighs. Looking back up I saw she had lifted her breasts clear of her bodice and was massaging her flesh firmly, her fingers pressing deeply in to the firm globes. I reached back to my crotch and unbuttoned the waist of my trousers, pushing them down, and Miss Pearl’s foot lifting away for a moment before quickly pressing back onto my bare cock, her toes curling over the head. I felt my moisture smearing on her toes as she adeptly squeezed the glans, teasing my foreskin up and down.


I resumed my progress up her thigh, her skirts bunching around her waist as my right hand crept higher up the inside of her thigh, kneading and stroking her warm flesh. My right hand moved across to the inside of her of her left thigh as my left slid up her right gently pushing them apart as my tongue followed across the sensitive skin just above the inside of her knee. I heard her groan and as my head disappeared beneath the folds of her skirts I felt a draught of cool air on my ass, Miss Pearl pushed my trousers down and curled a foot between my legs gently nudging my balls. My fingers were either side of her pussy stroking the lines where her thighs met her hips, my tongue creeping ever closer to her wet snatch. I felt her arch her back, pushing her hips forward, almost tasting her musky aroma as I licked the sweat from her upper thigh. With her skirts completely covering my head my eyes were unable to see much else apart from vague shadows. I closed my eyes and let my fingers run into her pubes; they were moist, as I teased her lips apart. My tongue flicked across the hairs over her slit tasting a hint of her for the first time. I felt a shiver run through her as I gently slid my thumb up along her slightly pouting lips, drawing her juices over her bush.

With each stroke of my thumb her lips opened a little exposing the hot flesh within, smoothing her hair flat with the fragrant cream.


Miss Pearl began to push her hips forward so I spread her cunt wide and ran the tip of my tongue from the sensitive skin just above her rear hole all the way up her pussy to her clit, kissing it lightly. She bucked hard upwards pushing her engorged clit between my lips pressing it against my teeth. “Fuck!” she swore, “Suck it… for fucks’ sake suck it….” her accent slipping all the way back to the East End of London. Opening my teeth I sucked hard on her hard little nub pulling it into my mouth.


“Suck ‘em… suck ‘em hard you whores…” she hissed sounding even more like a five shilling whore. I moved one hand round to grab the cheek of her ass and pushed my thumb all the way into her soaking wet quim. I heard her groaning grinding her mound into my face harder and faster. Her muttering becoming muffled and more incoherent as I pumped my thumb all the way into her feeling her cunt muscles begin to clench around it. Her juices began to run faster running into my palm as it slid under her ass, I sucked as hard as I could on her clit pulling it between my slightly parted teeth. Her legs went over my back, heels pressing on my spine pulling me into her as her pussy gripped down hard on my thrusting thumb. She grunted hard, the sound muffled I assume her hand in her mouth, bucked hard five or six times as her orgasm slammed through her body.


The auditorium burst into applause, for a second I wondered were we the focus of their accolade till I realised the first act must have come to an end.


Slowly her spasms subsided till only little shivers occurred like aftershocks, taking a final drink from her flowing gash I pulled my head back and raised it above her skirts intent on my cock following my tongue. Looking up over her torso I was momentarily confused then as the lights came up I realised there was a head sucking softly on one of Miss Pearls’ nipples, a hand caressing the flesh of the other breast. Miss Pearl’s head was bent back beneath the body of the red haired woman leaning over her. The woman raised her head smiling, it was Leisl, who I had talked to earlier “I told you to be careful Pauli, didn’t I?”


She slowly straightened up, Miss Pearl sucking hard and stretching her nipple till she let it pop from her mouth. A small groan escaped Leisl lips. Leisl continued softly caressing the exposed breasts as Miss Pearl looked at me smiling.


“You perform your duties very well Pauli I will certainly put in a good word for you. I think time for some refreshments before the second act though.” She said raising an eyebrow.


“… Yes… My Lady…” I replied still kneeling between her legs my trousers down round my knees, cock hard swinging gently in the air.


I stood up awkwardly, “You may as well remove those trousers Pauli and seeing as you did such a fine job of eating out my cunt you may call me Cora, you too Leisl.”


“Erm… thank you …Cora” I replied.

“Thank you Cora.” said Leisl watching my cock bounce as I pulled off my trouser and walked to the cabinet. I poured two glasses of champagne for the ladies and a large measure of brandy for myself. As I turned back I looked across at the Princes’ box, I could just see his wife’s’ head moving up and down in his lap. One of his hands was on the back of her head, the other holding a pair of opera glasses to her eyes as best they could, her head turned so she could look across at us. I gave my cock a long leisurely stroke to see a second later his wife dip her head all the way down swallowing his cock whole. The prince threw his head back and held her head down as I watched him shudder and buck his hips against her sucking mouth. Leisl was standing just behind Cora, rolling her nipple between her fingers, Cora reaching up and back reciprocating. All of us watching as the Prince came in his wife’s mouth, Cora looking through her glasses. I noticed in the box adjacent to the Prince’s a young ‘trophy’ wife staring through her opera glasses into our box, I looked straight at her and gave my member a further couple of strokes. She smiled, squeezing her breast through her gown, while her much older husband looked down at the stage waiting for the second act to begin oblivious to our performance.


Cora looked at me and then down at my swollen cock. Pulling hard on Leisl’s nipple, eliciting a groan from her, she said “Leisl I think you better help Pauli out, that cock of his looks in need of some attention.”


Leisl released Cora’s nipple and after receiving a final stretch of her own walked over to me and knelt down. Her hands went straight to my ass; her sharp finger nails digging into my cheeks, pulling me deep into her mouth. I groaned as I felt her hot mouth slide all the way down my length till my balls touched her chin and the head of my cock hit the back of my throat. She sucked on my hardness as Cora got up and walked around the couch and stood behind Leisl. Cora pinched her own nipple and wrapped her hand in Leisl’s hair. She pulled Leisl’s head back, revealing my saliva covered cock, and then pushed her head forward hard slamming the glans of my cock against the back of her throat. Leisl gagged as I filled her mouth, placing my hand in Leisl’s hair as well and my other on Cora’s breast grasping the flesh tightly. Cora continued to push Leisl’s head back and forth along my shaft forcing me deep into her mouth. Leisl sucked hard on me as one of her fingernails scratched down my ass and then teased my anus. I threw my head back as I began to feel my balls tighten and my cock twitch in Leisl’s mouth. Cora pulled Leisl’s head back, my cock slipping from her mouth, springing upwards she shoved her head under so her mouth slid to my testicles.


My eyes closed, I felt Cora drop to her knees as Leisl’s warm wet mouth engulfed my balls and Cora’s mouth close over the head of my cock. Leisl sucked hard on my balls as Cora swallowed me whole. I swore as I shot my spunk into Cora’s throat, Leisl’s finger pushing into my ass and my balls twitching in her mouth. I staggered slightly one hand on each of the women’s’ heads as the last of my seed filled Cora’s mouth. Pulling her mouth away from me, Cora pulled Leisl up from my balls and kissed her deeply. I looked down on them as I watched my seed pass between them on their writhing tongues. When they had both consumed my sperm Cora stood pulling Leisl up with her. She turned her head up to me and kissed me hard, Leisl joining in for a three way kiss. I could taste myself as I shared Cora’s flavour from my own mouth.


When the kiss broke Cora stepped back and turning to Leisl said “Please release me from these garments, Leisl, and Pauli I want you naked if you would be so kind.” The lights began to dim as the orchestra stuck up the opening bars of the second act.


I unbuttoned my waistcoat and removed my shirt as I watched Leisl undo the ties from the back of Cora’s dress. As the dress dropped to the floor to reveal a boned corset I glanced across to the Prince’s box to see the Prince’s wife’s bent over at the hips with the Prince’s head between her buttocks, her dress and skirts pushed up over her back. She was writhing, pushing her ass against his face clutching at the back of a chair for support.


Leisl continued to remove the underskirts one at a time till Cora stood there in just her corset and long lace gloves. The pale yellow corset was tied tightly round her waist accentuating her hips and pushing her breasts upwards. The dangling stocking ties framed her hairy bush. Her nipples were now paler as Leisl had sucked off the rouge but stood out rock hard.


 Cora then turned to Leisl and proceeded to undo her cravat, dropping it to the floor and slowly unbutton the rest of her blouse. I stroked my semi-hard penis as Cora pushed Leisl’s blouse off her shoulders revealing a thin chemise beneath, her breasts rolling over the top where it had been pulled down earlier. Her nipples were big and hard surrounded by large areolae on good sized breasts, probably a little larger than Cora’s. Cora stepped forward and rubbed her nipples against Leisl’s and lightly kissed her on the lips. I moved behind Leisl, still stroking my member and pulled the tie on her skirt loose letting it drop to the floor. Cora broke the kiss and looked over Leisl’s shoulder at me, Leisl rested her head against Cora’s neck lightly licking her flesh. Cora’s eyes on mine she grabbed a handful of the chemise and savagely ripped it from the maid’s body leaving her completely naked. Leisl barely flinched.


Cora reached around and took my hands in hers pulling me against Leisl’s back, my hardening cock resting against the maids ass. Guiding my hands she cupped each of their breasts, squeezing my hand against the flesh, feeling the hard nipples on my palms. She then dragged my hands down across her corset and across Leisl’s bare stomach. The fingers of my right hand slipped into Cora’s wet pubes, my forefinger sliding between her hot swollen lips. My left hand slipped lower along Leisl’s skin till my finger slipped between her pussy lips guided by Cora’s. I realised that Leisl’s mound was completely nude of hair as Cora and my entwined fingers pressed deeper into both cunts.


My cock was rapidly swelling against Leisl’s ass cheeks as under Cora’s control I frigged them both quicker and deeper. I bit down on Leisl’s neck from behind gaining a gasp from her, a moment later she groaned deeply as I sensed Cora mimicking my action. I felt Leisl’s left hand slip behind her back to grasp and pull on my now hard member. She slipped her hand upwards so her fingers encircled the end of my cock, rolling the foreskin up and down, before slipping her forefinger easily beneath it. She rotated her finger around the sensitive skin causing me to groan against her neck as I thrust our fingers hard up into her soaking wet cunt. I was rewarded as her pussy clamped hard down on our thrusting digits; she began to groan loudly as her orgasm racked her body. Cora quickly pulled her finger from her own pussy and shoved her juice covered fingers into Leisl’s mouth to stifle her sounds. I slipped a second and third finger into Cora’s slit and rubbed the ball of my palm hard against her clit.


As Leisl’s orgasm subsided she moved her right hand up to grasp Cora’s breast hard squeezing the nipple between her thumb and fore finger. I felt Cora’s hot pussy tremble around my fingers as a second orgasm slowly built within. She pulled her fingers from Leisl’s mouth and kissed her hard as she bucked her hips onto my hand. Once the last of the tremors subsided and her breathing returned to normal she broke the embrace.


Cora lifted her hand to her mouth and licked Leisl’s juices from them while switching her gaze from between us. She turned to the Prince’s box. The Prince was standing behind his wife slowly sliding into her from behind as she was bent over their seat; he looked back and nodded towards her.


“Well it seems we are to do the Prince’s bidding.” She let the sentence hang in the air for a moment before turning to Leisl. “His wish is for me to obey you tonight my maid… you are to be the Mistress…” She turned to me and asked “Will you consent to the Prince’s request Pauli? He has no hold over you and you are free to leave if you so wish.” On finishing the sentence she looked down at my engorged member knowing full well what my answer would be.


I turned to Leisl and said “What is your hearts desire Mistress.”


Leisl looked apprehensive obviously never having taken the dominant role before with Cora and I suspected the Prince and his wife. She looked across at the Prince and received a nod to her unspoken question. She swallowed hard and turned to look at Cora.


“…Cor… “She hesitated. “…Servant …Slave get the …err… get the toys.”


Cora nodded and then lowered her eyes and went to the cabinet and opened the drawer. She lifted out a wide tray and brought it back and placed it on the low table beside the couch. It was covered in red velvet cloth but I could see that there were numerous items beneath. Cora turned back and faced Leisl with her eyes lowered.


Leisl grabbed hold of my cock and led me over to the tray; Cora stayed still waiting for instruction. Leisl pulled the cloth away revealing the things beneath.

On the tray were items that I had seen before, but to be honest never in such a prestigious setting like this. There were leather straps for binding arms or legs as well as a couple of different sized canes and whips of varying severity. There were also fake cocks made of polished wood, porcelain, stuffed leather and, I assume, the new rubber. They ranged in size from very slim and short to large and thick. Leisl stroked a couple of the long slim phalluses while simultaneously slowly pulling on my hardness.


“I think Pauli that our slave should be bound, don’t you?” she picked up Cora’s stockings and handed them to me.


I turned to Cora and for a moment wondered what I would bind her too when she looked furtively at the chaise longue. I also looked at the back of the chair and realised why it was so ornately carved. I took hold of one of Cora’s wrists and strapped it to one end of the seat. I was about to strap her other wrist when Leisl guided my hand to other end. Buckling her hand so meant that her arms were stretched all the way across, severely limiting her movement. I turned back to Leisl who was now holding two more straps.


“Ankles too Pauli!” she ordered.


I took the straps and bent behind Cora, the aroma of her cunt strong in my nostrils. The legs were as ornately carved as the back and also had quite severe chips to the polish also. When both legs were bound her legs were stretched wide apart, her ass pushed backwards and her vulva spread, red and wet, juices slowly running down the insides of her thighs. Almost then and there I would have buried my face into her dripping slit but knew I should follow Leisl’s instructions and also wondered what she had in store.


As I stood up and stepped back I saw one of the black leather whips swing down and connect with Cora’s buttock. Cora flinched and yelped quietly. A pink lines appeared on her pale flesh. Leisl stepped forward and drew the whip up along Cora’s gaping minge, Cora groaned. Leisl flicked her wrist quickly to strike Cora’s left buttock to form a matching stripe there too. Cora yelped.


“We can’t have you screaming now slave, gag her Pauli!” Leisl instructed.


I went to the tray and found wide leather strap with a thick rubber phallus attached to it, about two inches long but fully three inches in length. I was about to strap it upon her head when the whip landed on my hand. It stung sharply on my skin.


“Oh no Pauli, use your cock. And I warn you, do not come in her mouth, and do not even move unless I tell you to. And slave you are not too suck his cock,” she pushed the end of the whip up roughly into Cora’s pussy making her buck forward her mouth opening up onto my member” or it will be very bad for you!”


Feeling her hot mouth engulf me was bliss, I dropped the gag to the floor. Almost all of my cock was inside Cora’s mouth, she was breathing hard through her nose, her tongue under, twitching a little as her saliva dribbled out down her chin.


Leisl dragged the whip from Cora’s pussy and stroked it back and forth across her cheeks, leaving glistening trails of her juice on her flesh. Without warning she struck Cora’s left cheek hard, Cora jumped forward my cock hitting the back of her throat, I let out a deep groan. Leisl looked at me and walked around picking up an item from the tray. She reached around me and tied a short length of leather around the base of my cock. Cora sucked hard on me for a moment when Leisl was behind me. I tried not to groan but a little moan escaped my lips. The next moment my eyes were covered as Leisl tied a blindfold round my head.


I bucked hard forward as the whip sliced across my buttocks un-expectantly.

Hitting the back of Cora’s throat hard, making her gag on my cock.


“I told you not to suck his cock slave”


A moment or two later I heard another whack and Cora moved forward again. My cock was twitching inside her mouth as she bucked again with each strike. Leisl was now striking each buttock in turn on her fore hand and back hand swings, effectively my cock fucking Cora’s mouth each time. My balls tightened and I felt myself orgasm though I didn’t cum with the strap holding me back. Cora was grunting hard around my cock till I felt her entire body shake as a third orgasm shook violently through her body.


“Pauli remove your blindfold and come round here and assist me!” ordered Leisl.


I pulled up the blindfold and walked round where Leisl was standing behind Cora holding an item I had never seen before though its use seemed obvious considering the situation. In her hand she was holding a leather garment that had two phalluses attached to the front. The upper ‘cock’ was about three inches long, an inch thick along its length with a slightly thicker bulbous head. The lower one was a good six or seven inches long and almost three inches thick, heavily ribbed all along its’ shaft and stood out almost parallel with the other. From the rear was a single phallus almost eight inches long and three inches thick, ties hung from it. Leisl handed it to me and placing the whip on my shoulder pushed me down to my knees.


I took hold of it and offered the larger of the appendages to Leisl’s swollen cunt lips. Spreading them with two fingers I slowly pushed it up into her wet pussy. It stretched her lips as it slid in, Leisl groaned deeply, as she slid the whip up across Cora’s mound. As the tip of the whip came to rest against Cora’s tight rear hole I shoved the remainder of the dildo hard into her. Cora grunted hard, biting her bottom lip to stop from screaming as Leisl pressed the end of the whip into her anus. When the phallus was fully inside Leisl I tied two sets of straps tightly around the top of her thighs and the other around her waist.


Leisl grabbed a handful of my hair and twisted my head to push my mouth against Cora’s ass. Cora whimpered as Leisl pulled the whip out slowly only to be replaced by my tongue a moment later. I rimmed her rear hole as I pushed two fingers deep into her cunt, Leisl pushing my head hard against her ass. She pulled my head back momentarily to see my fingers twisting into Cora’s cunt.


“Oh I think slave can take more than that. Well slave can you?” demanded Leisl.


“…yes… please …yes Mistress…” Cora whimpered.


I slipped my forefinger in beside my middle fingers and proceeded to pump in and out of her wet hole, stretching her lips, twisting my hand back and forth. Cora moaned as quietly as she could, thrusting her ass backwards as much as her restraints would allow. Leisl pushed my mouth back to her ass, my tongue licking up from her finger filled pussy up to her ass. I stroked myself, my cock so hard and seemingly larger than I ever remember it being before. It throbbed desperately wanting release but Leisl’s tie held back my seed.


Cora bucked hard again as another orgasm pulsed from her mound of Venus, groaning hard and getting louder. Leisl moved round and knelt on the couch, lifting Cora’s head so her mouth was on a level with the strap-on. Cora opened her mouth wide and sucked the upper phallus into her mouth, Leisl pumped into her mouth four or five times before leaning back and squeezing the two ‘cocks’ together and feeding them both into Cora’s mouth. Cora gagged as she tried to take the leather cocks into her mouth, Leisl hands wrapped in her hair pulling her head forwards. I could hear Cora grunting hard around the strap-on, I pulled my hand back and slipped my little finger in beside my others sliding it quickly back into her already stretched but well juiced cunt, my other hand reaching up to rub Cora’s clit vigorously. Cora convulsed as she came hard, her scream of pleasure stifled as Leisl fucked her mouth. She shuddered for a full minute till Leisl and I ceased our stimulations. She collapsed forward as far as her bindings would let her, breathing heavily as her pussy juice dripped onto the floor. I caught some of the drops on my fingers and sucked them into my mouth and then lightly kissed her gaping slit. Cora murmured quietly.


Leisl pulled up Cora’s head by her hair, picking up her own torn chemise and pushing it into Cora’s mouth to stifle her groans. When she returned behind Cora she pulled my head away and stood close to her upturned ass. Leisl looked down at me and then at her fake cocks, I took hold of the uppermost one and pulled it forward to slowly separate Cora’s dripping pussy, I watched closely as it slipped into the dripping slit. The lower of the dildos rubbed tightly up across Cora’s clit, the ridges in the leather undulating across it. Cora shivered hard as the dildo entered her. Without instruction I moved round behind Leisl taking hold of her

ass, spreading her cheeks wide, I pulled her back, my tongue licking up between her cheeks and then pushed her hard back into Cora. Cora grunted through the rag in her mouth and Leisl moaned deeply as the dildos were thrust into each of their soaking quims.


I slammed the girls together repeatedly, Leisl trying desperately not to scream. Eventually I found I could not take anymore and stood up behind Leisl aiming my erect manhood towards her anus. Leisl felt the tip press against her rear hole when she pulled back, my pre-cum moistening her opening.


“Yes…Pauli… please… fuck my ass.” She gasped. “Stick that hard cock in me now…”


I reached down to the tray of delights and lifted a small bottle of olive oil, pulling out the stopper I poured a stream along the length of my erection.


I took hold of her hips and pushed into her, stretching her hole. I then reached further forward and grabbed Cora’s hips and pulled us together. All three of us grunted with the pleasure running through us. When I drew back I pulled Leisl back so the dildo slipped out of Cora’s cunt, reaching around I lifted the strap-on and aimed the upper cock at her ass, the lower pushing her pussy lips apart. I felt both of the girls shivering in anticipation as I poured more of the olive oil onto Cora’s anus. Pausing I released the tie around the base of my cock. Taking a firm hold of Cora’s hips I pressed the head of my swollen cock to Leisl’s tight rear hole and pulled us hard together again. We slammed together perhaps only seven or eight times before I erupted into Leisl’s ass, I bit down on her shoulder to stifle my desire to shout as my balls pumped what felt like flood of cum into her. In moments Leisl was bucking savagely and groaning loudly, I lifted my hand, still tasting of Cora’s pussy, and slipped the fingers into Leisl’s mouth, she sucked greedily, grunting and moaning as she tasted her mistress/slave. Leisl went rigid as her orgasm ran through her, the strap-on buried fully within Cora’s holes.  Cora pushed herself back hard and screamed into her gag as she orgasmed once more, jerking as the waves of ecstasy washed over her.


The three of us shuddered and panted together, only then becoming aware of the tumultuous applause resounding through the auditorium. We glanced out to see the crowd rising to a standing ovation, Mozart’s opera an obvious triumph. I noted that the Prince and his wife seemed to be dividing their praise as was the lady in their adjacent box. Leisl pointed across and upwards.


“We seem to have quite a …number of appreciative …voyeurs” she gasped in between breaths.


I looked up as did Cora from her spread-eagle position to see the occupants of the box directly above the Princes’ clapping enthusiastically and calling for an ‘encore’ but looking directly back at us. The two couples’ attire seemed to be in slight disarray. I pulled out of Leisl, stepped to her left side and bowed gracefully completely unabashed by my nakedness. Leisl laughed and mirrored my action stepping to the right of Cora and curtsying to our audience. From my position I could see another box where a fully gowned lady was bouncing up and down on her partner, her arms on the rail to support her weight. Without the privacy screens that were fitted to ours and the Princes box they must, now with the lights up, be in full view of a substantial part of the auditorium, though obviously too far gone to care.


Leisl and I looked at each other and turned together to slip the wrist restraints from Cora, quickly kneeling to free her ankles too. We helped Cora to stand, then stepped to the side and bowed to her, each taking a hand and kissing the back of it. Cora still drawing her breaths in gasps smiled, looking at the pair of us and beckoned us into an embrace. We hugged tightly, probably helping to support Cora’s shaky limbs before turning back to the spectators and taking the bow together.


 I looked over my shoulder at the cabinet and quickly stepped back to reappear with bunches of orchids to hand to Cora and Leisl. They laughed loudly and accepted the flowers graciously, smiling and waving to our select audience.




The End

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