Dear Avid Reader…

Someone somewhere is under the impression that I don’t do spoilers. Well generally they’re right but as I am due to be very busy over the next few weeks and finding any time to do this scribbling lark can be challenging I thought I’d give you a sneak preview of what is to come if I ever finish these stories….


Above the Stars and Gods


He sat on the catwalk high up in the theatre, above the highest tier of seating, the ‘Gods’, above the maze of scaffolding and gantries that held the multitude of lights that were his job to attend to. Of course he shouldn’t be working up here by himself with regulations as they were but his co-worker, Al, was a lazy character and was forever ‘just popping out for five minutes’ which normally turned into at least an hour and sometimes lasted until the performance began. He didn’t mind, he liked the solitude and generally had the initial checks all done in half the time. his legs dangled over the edge, a hundred and twenty foot drop below and his safety harness lay uselessly unsecured on the metal walkway beside him.

Looking down through the criss-cross patterns of the lighting rigs and past the huge noise dampers to the stage below he could see the dancers going through their paces circling around the ‘Star’ like some echo of the solar system albeit written in a microscopic scale. She had seemed quite genuine when she had first come on the scene five years ago but now she played the Prima Donna just like all the other performers who graced the boards below. He pulled the battered pack of cigarettes from one of the many pockets in his cargo shorts and shivered a little as he felt a trickle of swat run down his spine. He glanced at the huge Air Conditioning units that hung from the black painted ceiling on thin rods idling at minimum. A pair of ear defenders circled his neck waiting for the main performance when the volume of sound above the noise dampers would be deafening, literally. Pulling out a disposable lighter he lit up his cigarette safe in the knowledge that the smoke detector above him was covered.

A tiny echo of a shout or scream managed to reach his ears past the dampeners and he looked down once again. One of the dancers lay sprawled at the feet of the ‘Diva’ who was busily shouting at the prostrated figure. A few seconds later and the Star stormed from the stage. He wondered how many times in the few years since he had worked at the venue had he watched almost identical scenes of posturing. He tried to remember her first breakthrough song but it eluded his thoughts. It had been soft and haunting but now she had been swallowed by the PR machine it all seemed hard and sexual. Like so many before her she had believed those within the record industry and who was he to say they weren’t right, sex sold vinyl or silicon discs now. He grinned to himself as he realised he didn’t honestly know what CD’s were made off.

He finished his cigarette and pulled an empty carton from another pocket and placed the stubbed out end inside it. the rest of the dance troupe were milling about the stage, a couple of suits were issuing instructions and he imagined those ‘second-rate’ performers (at least in the eyes of the record companies shareholders) muttering beneath their breath. The tell-tale ‘clink’ of a lamp dying sounded from his left and he looked across at the continually strobing lights searching for the one that remained dark. It was almost a minute before he located it and made his way to the store against the wall and selected a replacement.


Out on the bars that held the spot lights he hooked his leg through the ladder-rack of the lighting rig; his safety harness still useless hooked onto his shoulder so it was out of the way and unplugged the offending arc light before twisting it upwards and removing the barn shutters and glass cover to get at the ‘blown’ lamp. It was still fairly warm as he pulled it from the socket and dropped it into the net hanging from his left hip. Putting a clean glove on his right hand he slipped the fresh lamp from the identical net on his right hip slipping it easily into place. Another two minutes and the spot was operational once again as he twisted around carefully on the rig to begin moving back towards the relative safety of the walkway.

A shadow moved and he looked across the twenty feet of free air. It was too small to be Al and he figured his partner was probably snoozing somewhere else within the building. Maybe he should attach his harness to the overhead sliding hook before moving forward in case it is some H & S official. He looked up to see the hook still over beside the walkway out of his reach and at the same time realises he would be told-off or even cited for being up here on his own anyway. “Ho-hum!” he mutters and begins to move hand over foot back to the figure.

He’s almost ten feet away when he realises it’s a female dressed in the skimpy outfit of one of the performers. As he climbs back on to the gantry he hears a gasp of surprise from her followed by “Who the fuck?”

………………….to be continued………………….



The Dance




The dance is everything.


The steps, the swings, the dips and the spins.




My favourite form of travel without a doubt is the train. One day I hope to go on a really long train journey with a bar restaurant and sleeper carriages but I still enjoy shorter ones. The dance of course can be performed anywhere and when it comes to train journeys the longer the better. I guess it’s always nice not to have to rush things!


Ninety-seven minutes, mid afternoon and not too crowded. Just about perfect, a modicum of privacy and a chance at intimacy.


I’d already taken my seat and stashed my luggage. Opening this very book and making a few scribbles leaving the people watching alone for the while. “Is this seat taken?” came a pleasant sounding enquiry from over my shoulder.


“Not at all” I replied checking the small display above the window unnecessarily. “Aye still available!” I said pointing up at it as I turned my head to survey my fellow passenger. She was roughly my own age (though of course easily a few years either side as I’m not the best judge of such things) and dressed for business. Her dark brown hair was cut into a severe bob by my tastes but did smack of professionalism. A well cut grey suit jacket and skirt with a plain blouse beneath and a hint of a thin gold chain around her pale neck descending down into the hint of a cleavage. All at once I felt scruffy before I relaxed once again being one for sartorial elegance only when the occasion demanded it. still my t-shirt was clean and not rude and I had recently applied de-odourant.

………………….to be continued………………….


The Pastor’s Wife

It was one of those glorious days that define summer. The Church of the Blessed Mary had indeed been blessed to have held its Fete on a day when the weather would draw the crowds out in large numbers. He walked through the milling crowds as they strolled and chatted about the local gossip through the maze of stalls and tents. It had been over ten years since he had last returned to the sleepy English Village where he had spent several summers during his youth. Always staying with his cousins, during those halcyon holidays, which seemed to last forever when you are thirteen years old and now flew past quickly when you had so little time to play.

He stepped into the cool interior of the church, the slightly damp and dusty smell evoking those long boring masses he had had to endure for six Sundays each year. He smiled to himself as he realised that they had probably been as boring as the ones he had attended with his parents during the rest of those years but those hadn’t kept him from running through the fields and climbing all the trees within five miles of his cousin Damien’s (his best friend back then (at least during the summer, such fickle youth)) farm just on the outskirts of the village.

He looked up at the large stained glass window behind the altar showing Jesus sitting astride the world with a benevolent smile and arms outstretched. The smile widened to a broad grin as he remembered Damien’s look of fear when in the quietest of whispers, sitting beside his devout aunt, on a pew almost at the front of the congregation he had suggested that the Saviour was being portrayed as having a bowel movement. He didn’t confess that one to the priest for fear of a summer full of Hail Marys and Our Fathers. The smile faltered on his lips as he thought his lack of faith had been apparent even back then and it was only a matter of time before he looked up the word Atheist to find himself.

The sweat beneath his armpits and running down his spine from the hot day outside began to chill in the cool interior. He stepped past the small bowl of Holy Water, the reflex to dip his finger and bless himself long since cauterised from his psyche. “Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch…” he murmured to himself. He walked up the central aisle towards the altar and stood looking at the first ‘Station of the Cross’ to the right carved into a chunk of old local oak. For a staunch atheist he really did like churches and their atmospheres of serenity far too much.

He had been lost in his reverie for quite a time when he eventually acknowledged the faint squeak that had been getting closer. He turned around to find the squeak emanating from the right wheel of a wheelchair. “Hello” he said to the woman sitting in it.

“Hello” she replied offering her slim hand up to him. He took the proffered hand and shook it feeling supple strength from within her fingers. “I’m Angela…” he knew that he was missing some knowledge that she assumed he had. “… the Pastor’s wife!”

“Ahhh… I’m Adam. Pleased to meet you Angela.”


………………….to be continued………………….





He held her hand as they rose up in the lift. He wondered if the digitalized and bastardized music annoyed her as much as it did him. Of course he knew all the tunes that the ‘tinny’ little speakers played except for one and he was glad that it wasn’t playing now. It had taken him probably six months to decipher the bland computerised beeps of all the other songs that played on the continuous spool. At least five of the twenty or so songs were out and out classics and if the composers weren’t dead yet they might just ‘off’ themselves so they could spend eternity spinning in their graves.




Her hand clenched his tighter the higher up the building they moved. “Kill or cure?” she had said that morning and he saw the icy resolve within her eyes as she decided to confront her fear. He had to think hard, it was over two years since they had started going out and they had now been living together for five months. He admitted to himself that he hadn’t liked the look he had seen on her face that morning. The hard edge to her expression had polluted the soft smile she normally wore. She definitely had strength to her character, she needed it to work in the hospital critical care unit, but it always remained beneath the surface.


He squeezed back as the digital numbers on the display climbed towards twenty-five. Her nervousness was infecting him and his heart ached to imagine what she must be feeling. Her breath sounded ragged within the small confines of the lift. The machine beeped loudly dragging him from his reverie and the doors slid open. “Look Amy, you don’t have to do this.


………………….to be continued………………….


And there you go…who knows how fast I’ll proceed with any of them, one is actually finished and scribbled in a notebook, another has sat on the back burner for a very long time and finally here’s a picture of a pair of tits!!!!!







You gotta love nature!!!

As ever enjoy…




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2 Responses to “Spoilers…”

  1. Well someones mind has been racing or hold back one can’t wait!

  2. “…. hummmm….. spoilers….. “Fearless” I am keen to see what will happen, I think it might be a threesome, but this is your brain scribbling this story, so it could be just about anything from a threesome to aliens to learning that you left the flame too high and you burnt your rice. “The Dance” sounds like it could be fun… but then again we’ve got sleeper trains with dinner carts and such… so my mind really has gone to its fun places!!!

    Yes, my mind has now gone off to its fun place and I am curious to know how long I will have to wait for more spoilers, more stories and just more more more. I am greedy. But you already knew that!!!!”

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