The Pornographer

Dear Avid Reader…

One from the dusty part of my vaults and the first part of a trilogy, having said that the idea for a fourth part has been in my head for a while so maybe I’ll get around to scribbling it. Alas unlikely I’ll be posting for at least two weeks so I hope this’ll keep you going…

As ever, enjoy.



Frank stood behind the podium and surveyed the auditorium.

“So what are my final words on creative writing? Throughout the course you have learnt the basic rules; what to do and what not to do. Will these guidelines help you to write a good story? Not really!”

He looked around the faces, watching as some smiled, some frowned and a couple of the jocks that did well not to snore. “Writing is one part concentration, one part introspection, one part dedication, one part an investment in good software for your laptops…” a quiet murmur of amusement rippled around the large room; “… and six parts inspiration.”

He stepped out from behind the podium and sat on the couple of steps that led up to it. In past years he would have lit up a cigarette at this point, but that was no longer allowed; still he pulled his Zippo from his pocket and flicked it a couple of times. “However good you are technically at writing will not make up for the lack of a good idea. We all need a muse. It may be the people you love, family or friends; your work colleagues, the person sitting beside you or those that walk past your apartment each morning. It doesn’t even have to be a person; it can be the view from your mother’s house, a sunset, the wind in your hair or countless other things that make up this world.”

His eyes wandered over the students and he briefly locked eyes with the three or four students who showed a potential talent; “Whatever it is; it is then down to you to run with that meme and to give it form. They and I use that term with loathing, say that there are basically only six different stories. One of these is the rites of passage formula, but I say in that single sweeping statement there are an infinite number of possibilities and ‘they’ are a bunch of talentless pricks! Or critics to use the official vernacular.” Again a buzz of amusement wandered over the attentive faces.

“A good author will take his or her idea and twist it to his own ends. They will embellish it with their own view of the world and hopefully create a story worth reading. The trick is to put it in a setting that will draw the reader in and make the reader care about the characters and the plot and the eventual outcome. You may have a hero who will eventually succeed or a villain who will be vanquished. Alternatively the villain may triumph and the hero be thwarted. Whatever happens you do not want to lose the reader along the way.” He watched the students, some he had come to know and some he would soon forget; some he could tell were waiting for him to finish so they could get on with the business of summer. A few were listening avidly for any last nuggets of wisdom he could bestow upon them.

“My own style of writing favours the short story, the subject varying through all walks of life; the ‘novel’ always seems to be on the back burner as new ideas invade my mind and clamour for my attention. Obviously, I lack a little in the dedication department in that respect. The short story is probably the best option for honing your abilities and may at least garner the attention of the various publishing houses. Most successful writers wrote their debut stories in under two hundred pages and in my opinion quite a few of them produced their best works that way. I suspect that as they became more successful pressure from their publishers meant that their later novels became longer for economic reasons. A publisher feels more justified in charging a higher price for a four hundred page book than a two hundred page one. Just pick a successful author and place their books in order of publication and you will see what I mean”

“In some respects I have felt that this has diluted their work and distorted their particular styles. As I said just an opinion and no more valid than anyone else’s.” Frank flicked the Zippo a final time and studied the steady flame for a few moments. He put the lighter away and stood up. “I hope that sometime in the future I will have the pleasure of recognising one or two of your names emblazoned across the dust jacket of a book. Here endeth the lesson; get out of here and enjoy the summer and the rest of your lives.” He turned and strode back to the podium to the sound of books being closed and dropped into satchels and bags.

Most of the students came up to shake his hand and thank him for the course as they left. He noted Gina hanging back shuffling her feet as the rest of the students made their way out. She was quite shy and had rarely volunteered an answer to his questions during the term, though when she had, her replies had always been thoughtful and considered. The essays she had handed in had showed some promise and she was one of the few he hoped to see make it into print.

She made her way up to him as he gathered up his notes. She wore sandals and was dressed in a long light blue pleated skirt cinched around her small waist with a long leather belt, the end of which dangled down her left hip almost too mid thigh. She had a royal blue woollen cardigan hanging open over a thin cotton blouse that didn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her small breasts and the dark areole were easily visible through the thin cotton top. He couldn’t remember her ever being dressed in a way that didn’t hide her body. Frank quickly drew his eyes up to meet her light blue iris’s beneath the short cropped blonde hair that gave her a very boyish look.

“Well I hope you at least learnt one or two helpful hints Gina?”

She blushed “Your course has been very helpful Professor Fagin.” Her eyes dropped to her toes peeking out from below her skirt.

“Gina… it’s Frank as it has been throughout the entire year. All you do by calling me Professor is make me feel old!” he replied.

“Yes… Frank… thank you…” she mumbled quietly still studying her toenails which Frank also looked down at and noticed the complex designs that had been painted on each one.

“Is that your last lesson, Gina? Are you free now for the next three months?”

She shook her head and looked up as far as his chest, “Just one more with Professor … Fagin… your wife Prof… ahh… Frank” she stammered out.

“I believe she likes to be called by her first name, Val” Frank dipped his head slightly trying to look into Gina’s eyes. “Are you enjoying Vic-Lit as well?”

She nodded once again, “Very much… We finally finished with the trial of Oscar Wilde. Valerie is very good at putting across the double standards of the Victorian writers and their society. Some of it was very…” she paused considering her next word.

“Risqué?” suggested Frank.

She looked up and smiled shifting slightly on her feet.

She lifted her bag up on to the podium and searched through it before finally pulling out a book that was very familiar to Frank. “Where on earth did you find that?” He asked.

Gina blushed once again “Would you sign it for me…?”

Frank grinned back at her and pulled a pen from his pocket and signed his book of ‘Noir’ short stories and handed it back to her. “Thank you…” she mumbled as she went to place the book back in her bag. A moment later the bag slipped and spilled its contents on the floor. She quickly dropped to her knees and began throwing the books and miscellaneous debris back into the bag. Frank grabbed a couple of pens that were making their escape off the stage and as he turned back his eyes locked briefly onto Gina’s. She blushed a deep scarlet as if she was only eight and had been caught stealing candy. She thrust the last book quickly into the dark recesses of the bag.

Frank was a little mystified as Gina walked away towards the door, chewing on his lip as he watched the cheeks of her tight ass roll beneath her skirt.


Two days into the summer break, Frank sat at his desk in the study vaguely re-reading the ‘Novel’. It had been in process for almost three years and wasn’t even a third of the way through. He flicked open his Zippo and lit a cigarette as his mind wandered to the short stories he had rattling around his head. Val was stretched out on the couch behind him, dressed in her favourite ‘dossing’ clothes of a large woollen jumper and a long denim skirt; she was reading a tatty paperback she had brought back from the university with her. He leant back on the two rear legs of the chair and passed the cigarette to Val who accepted it with a vague “ta”. He sat forward and lit another cigarette. He opened his ‘ideas’ file and typed in the thoughts that were rattling around his head when the doorbell rang; he saved the file and looked across his shoulder. Val kept her eyes fixed firmly on the book in her hands as a smile crept around her lips. “I’ll get it, shall I?” he asked. Her smile broadened.

Frank opened the front door, “Hello…oh!” he exclaimed as the visitor turned around. “Gina, hello… err… what can I do for you?” he asked. She stood on the step in a long coat looking as timid as ever.

“Hello Professor, I wondered if I had got the right house… I… err… came to collect the book I lent to Professor Fagin… I mean Valerie, your wife…” her voice trailed off.

“Oh, okay then, come on in” Frank stood back holding open the door as Gina slipped through and waited in the hall for him to close the door. “She’s through here” he said leading her into the Study. He looked down at the empty couch; “Well she was a moment ago… Val!” he called out.

“In the kitchen, Frank” he heard his wife call.

“This way” Frank guided Gina through the opposite door via the through-lounge and into the kitchen. Val was sitting on the opposite side of the table her arms folded in front of her across the paperback she had been reading.

“Hello Gina, glad you were able to find us.”

“Hello Professor” offered Gina.

“It’s Val and Frank, Gina” replied Val.

“Well I’ll leave you two to it then” said Frank.

“Please stay a while Frank, this may be of interest to you” replied Val before turning to Gina, “…a very interesting and thought provoking read, Gina. I’m only about half way through the stories; I wonder did you find it stimulating as well?” she said tapping the book.

Frank looked between the two women as Gina glanced nervously back and forth between the married couple. She looked down at her feet and then nodded. Frank glanced down at Gina’s feet and noted that she was wearing high heels for the first time that he could remember.

Val looked at Frank, “Sit down please Frank…” something in her voice perplexed him as he sat down without question on the kitchen chair opposite his wife, while his just-former student stood behind him. “Which story did you…enjoy… the most Gina?”

Gina mumbled an answer behind him.

“Oh Gina… we are so going to have to do something about your shyness…” Val waited patiently for Gina to speak up.

Frank glanced behind him and for a brief moment caught Gina’s eyes; she was breathing deeply and her cheeks were flushed but for a first time it didn’t seem to be with her inherent shyness. It took him a second to see the excitement in her expression. “That Pinball Smile” she answered.

Frank felt the colour drain from his own face as he turned back to his wife and she slid the paperback across the table. “I… err…” he stammered.

“You know the story, Frank?” asked his wife. He stared down at the well read book in front of him. He looked up from the all too familiar book cover which displayed a pair of handcuffs.

“I… err…” his eyes locked with his wife’s.

“You said that already Frank!” her expression remained neutral; “I see it was published almost five years ago… by your publisher. Gina here happens to enjoy erotic literature and when she managed to obtain your ‘serious’ short stories she recognised your style.” Frank gulped audibly. “Of course the author’s name, not dissimilar from your own… and possibly your favourite acronym; fuck this for a game of soldiers?”

Frank shuffled uncomfortably on the hard wooden chair, “I…”

“I wish you had Frank” stated Val; “If you will please Gina?”

There was a metallic click as a handcuff locked on his right wrist. He looked up at the timid student holding the other half and then at his wife. Val’s face was still completely neutral but her eyes seemed to be sparkling as he lowered his arms and heard a second click as his hands were locked behind him.

Val stood up moving her seat back against the kitchen sink behind her followed by the table leaving Frank sitting alone in the middle of the tiled floor. Gina moved around in front of him standing beside his wife. “It took me a while to get Gina to reveal her suspicion. We were discussing the double standards of Victorian society and erotica. Gina suggested in class that they continued to this day and eventually after the other students had left she cited your good self. Of course she assumed that I knew of your pseudonym.” Val reached her arm up and around Gina’s back, running a single finger over the exposed flesh of her neck. Gina shivered minutely as Frank felt his cock stir within his trousers. “So I decided a little payback was called for and Gina, it now appeared isn’t always so shy, are you?”

Gina smiled “No, not all of the time Val”

Gina rolled her neck and turned her head towards Val meeting the other woman’s lips. Her hand reached up and moved across the older woman’s neck as their lips played over each others. Frank licked his own lips as his wife reached down with her left hand and began to unbutton the former student’s coat. Slowly the coat fell open and Frank felt a surge of blood fill his cock. Gina stood before him in high heels and stockings held up with a red suspender belt. The rest of her body beneath the coat was nude; her pussy was shaved completely and a gold ring hung from her very erect right nipple. His wife’s nails slowly meandered up across the student’s pale stomach. The women’s tongues began to flick against each other as they opened their mouths wider.

Frank groaned as his cock throbbed uncomfortably restrained within his clothing. The two women kissed each other hard and deep. Gina’s right hand reached for her own small right breast as her left scratched over Val’s denim covered crotch. After half a minute they broke their kiss and Val leant back against the table; Gina grabbed Val’s woollen jumper and pulled it up over her professor’s head revealing the naked torso beneath before reaching beneath the woman’s denim skirt. Val stroked her fingers through Gina’s short cropped hair, “I told you that I experimented a little in college Frank… well I reckon it’s time to put that research to the test, don’t you?” asked Val.

Frank nodded dumbly twisting on the chair hoping to shift his engorged member into a more comfortable position. His wife stood beside their ex-student and reached up to drag a fingernail on the small golden hoop hanging from the young woman’s nipple. “Now this is very nice, Frank as I found out on Friday. Though Gina’s other piercings are…mmmm… even better…” Gina reached up and squeezed Val’s breast as her nipple was stretched and stuck her tongue out at Frank. He gulped audibly as he saw the two golden studs positioned near the tip of her tongue. “Those are my favourites… though I think Gina prefers her other adornment!”

Val slowly bent her knees pausing to suck on Gina’s pierced nipple before kneeling in front of the student. “This one, though is still very, how would you say in one of your stories? Juicy… perhaps?” Val reached her fingertips to either side of Gina’s mound and slowly eased the younger woman’s labia apart. Gina turned beneath Val’s guiding hands to rest her ass against the edge of the table facing Frank. Frank squirmed as he saw the small golden stud piercing the revealed clit. Val looked deep into Frank’s eyes, “No. Tasty is the word I think!” she studied the young student’s bald quim before leaning slowly forward to draw her tongue up along the pink wet slit. The tip of her tongue lightly gathering the moistness as it rose to touch the piercing.

Gina’s knuckles blanched white as she gripped the side of the table and shifted her feet further apart, “Ohh… fuck… yess…” she breathed. Frank stared mesmerised as his wife flicked her tongue lightly over the pierced nub of flesh. His cock trapped within his trousers strained to straighten. His mind racing as he watched one of the many fantasies he had dreamt and written about unfolding in front of him. “Yes… Professor right there… ” muttered Gina as she lifted her left thigh to rest on to the wooden table top.

Val continued to lap slowly up and down her student’s wet lips as her fingernail scratched at the flesh just behind; her tongue probing deeper with each stroke. Her left hand disappeared beneath the folds of her skirt as she buried her face deeper into the spread pussy. Gina leant backwards on the table supporting her weight on one elbow as her left hand pinched savagely at her pierced nipple. “Oh God Professor… your wife is so fucking good at this… I’m…” Gina grunted heavily through clenched teeth, the tendons on her neck standing out as her body shivered and then collapsed back onto the table. Her chest heaved and the pitch of her grunting got higher with each breath until her body seemed to whiplash against the table and her hands wrapped themselves in Val’s hair. A final scream marked the crescendo as she went limp.

Val licked her pussy two more times inducing quivering ripples before standing and turning to face Frank. “That girl has the sweetest pussy Frank,” she smiled at him licking her lips; “but you don’t have to take my word for it!” she leaned down and took his chin in her hand and kissed him lightly on the lips. Franks tongue darted out tasting the juices on his wife’s tongue before she pulled away. He stretched forward as far as his restraints would allow but Val’s mouth remained just out of reach. “Now, now Frank; patience is a virtue! You know you have to build a story before you get to the finale; you can’t climax too soon!” she looked down at his tented trousers.

Val smiled and began to unbutton Frank’s shirt, pulling it free out off his trousers and pushing it over his shoulders to hang on his manacled wrists. She scratched her nails down from his shoulder over his left nipple slowly descending into the dark thatch of hair rising from his belt. Gina sat up on the table watching Val unbuckle his belt as her fingers slipped between her legs and drew themselves up along her parted lips. “I think you’ll like Franks’ cock Gina, it’s not the longest you may have seen but it is nice and thick” Val commented as she pulled down the zip. Franks’ boxers were exposed, his swollen member twisted over to the left within the confines; a small damp patch indicated the tip.

Val reached beneath Franks’ ass grasping the waist of his trousers; he lifted his buttocks from the seat of the chair and Val pulled them down with his shorts. His cock bounced up free from its restrictions waving back and forth. Val reached back and took hold of Gina’s hand, pulling her down to kneel beside her in front of Frank’s feet. Val rested her left hand on Frank’s thigh as Gina placed her right hand opposite. The older woman took the young girls hand and guided it forwards. Frank watched wide eyed as Gina’s nail was dragged up the underside of his cock all the way to the tip where it gathered up his pre-cum. Val lifted the finger away, a strand of the salty fluid trailing behind as she lifted it to her mouth sucking it clean.

Val then stood in front of Frank and let Gina undo the tie on the side of her skirt letting it fall to the floor. His cock visibly quivered as he looked at his wife’s cleanly shaven pussy. “Do you like what you see Frank?” asked Val as she rested her hand on Gina’s head guiding it closer to her obviously wet slit. “I’m going to cum so hard Frank with Gina’s tongue piercing rubbing over my clit. I am so fucking wet already Frank… I’ve been wet for the last two days between the tongue lashing she gave me on Friday and reading your book… I don’t think I’ve ever frigged myself so often…” her chest was rising as her breathing deepened and Gina began placing kisses on the flesh of her thigh moving ever closer to the wet red lips. Gina fixed her gaze on Franks as she stuck out her tongue, piercings glistening as she pushed her tongue inside his wife’s slit. Val shook as she placed a hand onto Frank’s shoulder for balance; the nails digging into his skin.

The young student’s hands clasped his wife’s ass as her tongue thrust deeply into the welcoming folds. “Ohh… God I love this tongue… Frank… can you imagine it… sliding up and down your hard…ahhh… cock…” Val stammered as each wave of lust rippled through her. “… Could you imagine… the three of us in… ohh fuck… in your Opera story…” Val staggered slightly as Frank watched Gina’s nails dig deeply into her cheeks “mmmm… would you want to …fuck my ass… as I fucked Gina’s with a strap-on?”

Frank felt himself nodding as he strained his neck to reach his wife’s nipple dangling in front of his face. She leaned into him and moaned as his lips wrapped around the erect tissue, sucking it hard into his mouth. He bit down on it causing her to gasp as he felt Gina’s small hand wrap around his throbbing member. His cock trembled in the young woman’s grasp, his balls tightening; he was shocked that he was about to shoot his cum all over her hand after the briefest of contact but didn’t care. He grunted into his wife’s breast as his thick white seed shot out of his cock onto his stomach and thighs and Gina’s hand.

Val shuddered under the onslaught of Gina’s tongue and dug her nails into her husband’s shoulder drawing blood as her orgasm flowed through her. Gasping for air she leant fully into Frank’s face squashing her breast against it. It was a full minute before she recovered, pulling her nipple away and pushing the student’s mouth away from her quivering pussy. She looked down at her husband’s cum splashed cock “Looks as if you need some cleaning up Frank… we should have remembered to use that trick from the story in the botanical gardens…”

“’Just Passing’…” muttered Gina.

“Yes, ‘Just Passing’… do you have a thing for Sunglasses Frank? I know you like that cock of yours to be sucked and it is such a nice cock to suck…”

Gina looked up hopefully at Val who reached down and pulled the student’s hand from her husband’s cock. She proceeded to lick clean the slim fingers as she placed her hand on the back of Gina’s head and pushed it down. Gina caught Frank’s eyes for a second before opening her mouth and swallowing the full length of his cock. Even though he had cum his cock was still erect and he felt it swell back to full stiffness as the two piercings rubbed down along the underside. He strained his wrists against the handcuffs as he tilted his head back, eyes closing and felt the young woman sucking hard on his sensitive cock.

“Oh my fucking god” he swore as the small hard metallic studs slowly rose up his erection and across the eye of his cock as Gina withdrew her mouth. Her left hand cupped his balls warmly, the nail of her forefinger scratching over his anus as her right hand gripped the base of his cock tightly.

Gina pulled up on Frank’s cock rolling his foreskin over the head squeezing out the foamy residue of his ejaculation; he gasped as her tongue darted out of her mouth and scooped up the cream. Val moved behind Gina, lifting her hips so that her legs were straight raising her ass into the air; she drove two fingers hard into Gina’s wet snatch pushing her forward and her mouth down onto Frank’s cock. The head of his cock hit the back of Gina’s throat causing her to gag and Frank curse. “If she is anything like as good at sucking cock as she is at licking cunt…” Frank opened his eyes to look at his wife who was smiling broadly as her left arm moved swiftly back and forwards to the loud squelching of the ex-student’s wet slit.

“Perhaps she needs some encouragement Frank? A little penance, do you think?” Gina sucked even harder on Frank’s cock as she moved her mouth up and down, her piercings rubbing hard on the underside.

Frank breathed heavily “…for her… own good… mmmm… definitely…”

A resounding smack echoed around the kitchen as Val brought the flat of her right hand down viciously on the girl’s ass. Gina released a muffled scream from around Frank’s cock but drove her mouth down so her nose was buried within his pubic hair. “Just make sure he doesn’t come again Gina or I won’t allow you to sit on that thick cock of his!” instructed Val as she twisted her fingers within the girl’s pussy. Gina’s left hand gripped the base of Frank’s cock as hard as she could as she drew her mouth up slowly, cheeks hollowing as she sucked  hard. Frank’s cock trembled as she released it from her mouth and turned to Val.

“Professor Fagin… ahhh…” she groaned as Val slipped two more fingers into her snatch; “… in my… coat pocket… there’s the…item you asked… me to bring….” Gina wrapped both her hands around Frank’s cock and squeezed it as she squirmed on the female Professors twisting fingers.

Val slapped Gina’s ass lightly and massaged the red hand print from the first smack and then reached down to the coat on the floor rifling through the pockets. After a moment she withdrew a small leather strap and handed it to her ex-student. Frank looked on as with a skill borne from experience Gina quickly fastened the Arab strap around the base of his penis catching his balls with two small loops. Frank felt the pressure in his cock rise as the girl tightened the miniature harness.

“So Frank would you like to feel Gina’s cunt sliding down your cock?” Val asked as she withdrew her fingers from the aforementioned and began to methodically lick them clean.

Gina flicked her tongue piercings back and forth across the tip of Frank’s cock. “…mmmm… yes…” Frank answered.

Val reached over and twisted Frank’s nipple “Yes what?” she demanded.

Frank threw his head back, the tendons stretching as he inhaled sharply; “Yes please… Professor Fagin…”

“Very good… Mr. Francis!” Frank almost winced at the use of his full Christian name.

“Oh thank you so much, Professor Fagin” Gina cried enthusiastically and stood up twisting on the spot offering Frank the sight of her delectable ass. Val squatted beside them and took hold of the base of Frank’s member and slowly guided Gina’s dripping pussy towards its head. Frank could feel the pulse in his temples beat as the distance between them lessened. Val slowly rubbed the angry glans up and down the young student’s cunt, paying particular attention to her pierced clit. Both Frank and Gina moaned quietly as Val worked them against each other. Val slipped her right hand between Gina’s thighs and pushed the small gold clit stud from side to side as she eased her slit apart with her husband’s cock. Gina shivered as she felt herself being spread by the thick erection; Frank fought against his urge to lift his hips and thrust into the hot welcoming pussy.

Millimetre by millimetre Val impaled her ex-student with her husband’s cock. Her own crotch throbbed without physical stimulation with her domination of the situation. Frank had often accused her of being a control freak in jest and although she had always enjoyed the authority that came with lecturing to an auditorium full of students or peers she realised that she never taken that power into the bedroom. Tremors rippled through her pussy rising in strength and frequency the deeper Frank’s cock penetrated the bald quim in front of her. She leaned in close, her lips pressed into Frank’s thigh; her tongue licking the sweat from his flesh as she allowed his cock two thirds of the way into Gina’s pussy. Her cunt throbbed and she rocked forward on her feet to kneel on the floor; inhaling deeply she drank down the heady aroma of sex.

Franks body was shivering as he felt the heat engulf him; Gina’s pussy was pulsing around him as he felt the surge rise within him. He slammed his eyelids shut, squeezing them hard together; constellations of stars burst across the pink backdrop. He felt his balls pump pointlessly against the choking hold of the strap as the pinpricks of lights danced a waltz around each other in his private vista. He came and he did not cum as he felt a nail scratch against his anus.

Gina had wanted Professor Valerie Fagin since the very first lecture at the beginning of the first semester. She had never been a sub; never desired to be dominated or even to dominate. She had never fantasised about women at all except for the adolescent adoration of pin-up pop-stars and the wannabe wish to be like Hollywood actresses. But the way Val had oozed confidence as she stalked the raised dais of the auditoriums; her ability to mesmerise her classes and draw them out, to show them all a different aspect to their pre-conceived ideas. Her innate casualness with her own individuality and sexuality had fascinated and enthralled Gina’s consciousness. When she had discovered Professor Frank Fagin’s alter-ego she had been determined to use it to get into his wife’s knickers. As she felt Val’s fingers force her down onto the cock that normally would have been fucking her female Professors cunt she felt that she had at least briefly achieved a symbiosis of lust with her heart’s desire. Her pussy spasmed and clamped down hard on the cock invading her; her entire body pulsed and boiled out from within as she bit down hard on her lower lip drawing blood.

Val watched hypnotically as Gina’s pussy slid slowly down her husband’s cock, she pinched the student’s clit as she saw his balls pull up against the Arab strap. Her hand had left her husband’s cock as only an inch remained between Gina’s red wet lips and the tight curly hair of Frank’s pubes. She slid the hand up under her husband’s legs and thrust a finger between his cheeks reaching to his tight ‘virgin’ asshole. As she scratched the sensitive sphincter she felt a tremble run through Gina and watched as the remaining visible inch of Frank’s cock swell as the hole it was entering clamped down upon it. In all the years she had talked of feminism, led the life of the strong willed woman she had never felt so empowered as he did at this moment. She breathed rapidly through her nose as her pussy slammed shut; all the muscles locking in unison sending an intense wave radiating throughout her body. Automatically she squeezed the clit between her fingers and pushed her forefinger into her husband’s ass as her pussy juice ran down her legs.

It was almost a minute before the three drew deep breaths and relaxed. Gina fell forwards landing on her knees on the floor whimpering softly. Val pressed her head against her husband’s thigh as tears spilled from her eyes. Frank slumped in the chair, chest heaving as he felt a strained muscle protest in his shoulder.

Val saw the look of pain in Frank’s face and pulled Gina’s discarded coat towards her, rifling through the pockets until she found the key to release the handcuffs. She massaged the cramped muscles of Frank’s right shoulder.

Gina gathered herself and turned to look at her two Professors.

“Shall we take this someplace more comfortable Val?” she asked. Val nodded.

“The strap can come off very soon when we can enjoy it completely Frank!” said Gina raising an eyebrow.

The two women held Frank’s cock gently as they led him to the stairs leading up to the bedroom. “You know Frank,” began Val, “it’s just such a shame you didn’t share your talent for writing with me before now…”

Gina paused at the foot of the stairs rolling her thumb over the end of Frank’s erection gaining a shiver from him, “Everybody needs a muse… or two for inspiration Frank” she said smiling first at Frank and then Val.

Val returned the smile “…and there’s always research to be done too!” turning to Frank and reaching under his cock to caress his twitching balls.

“Even the best of us find ourselves succumbing to the underlying prejudice inferred by the conventional social moral framework!” Frank returned the women’s smiles, “… but I guess one has to make sacrifices for one’s art!”

….to be continued….

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  1. Dammmmm… 😉

    xx V

  2. Well-written piece of HIGHLY erotic fiction!

  3. I remember this one!!!! I do like the forwardness of Gina’s character!!!!

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