Contact… Pt 1

Shannon and Tony’s Story


It had been three weeks since he had seen her. It had been three weeks since he had touched her. Since he had caressed her sweet curves, tasted the sweat from her back, felt her tongue on his; three weeks since her tight pussy had squeezed his cock as he had erupted inside her.

Three weeks since he had seen her smile.

The long flight was driving him insane. His cock seemed to be in a permanent state of flux between painfully hard or a ‘semi’ with a dribbling eye. He was sure that the flight attendant had spotted him adjusting his ‘dress’. He was also sure she was now avoiding him.

The desire to go to the toilet and join the ‘anti-social mile high club’ was strong but he wanted to save himself for (he looked at his phone for the time), hopefully, sixty-eight minutes to go. The flight attendant eventually returned with his drink, she seemed to continually glance at his blanket covered lap and not in a good way. As she walked away he grinned to himself at the way she had totally avoided physical contact. The slightly flirty brush of the hip as they walked past; the leaning forward daring your eyes to drop from theirs to glance down into their cleavage; the affectations of long haul business customer management were missing. Real or imagined in-flight rituals that he was glad were absent on this red-eye.

“No contact…” Tony murmured to himself.


He walked up the stairwell; the lift in her flat was broken again, as the angry dawn light was streaming through the window on each landing. Not long now before they would be boxing up Shannon’s belonging and moving them across down to ‘their’ new flat. His erection was once again as painful as ever, he knew his boxer shorts were stained from the amount of pre-cum that had seeped out of his cock over the last 3000 miles. He hoped she would still be sleeping and that he could watch her for a while, letting her wake up in her own time. He smiled as he climbed the last flight wondering when she would berate him for lying about what time his flight got in.

He quietly slid his key into the lock and slipped silently into the flat. He left his bags in the lounge; Jerry had almost made him shout out as he had sidled around his feet. “Fuckin’ cat” he said affectionately as he lifted it into it arms and scratched it between its front shoulders. The cat purred contentedly, all the more as Tony carried him through to the kitchen. With the minimum of noise he put down clean plates and fresh food. “Where’s that brother of yours, Jerry?” Jerry ignored him and wolfed down the meat before him. Tony rattled the cat biscuit box softly and waited for the light thumps of paws to approach. There was an insistent scratching from the window behind him. He turned around to see an almost identical tabby cat, sans white chest patch, pawing at the glass. Tony opened the window and let the cat in from the fire escape.

“Been out on the town again Tom?” he said as he stroked the soft fur briefly as it dashed past him on its way to the food on the floor, “Hope you had safe sex!”

Tony turned his gaze to the door and left the small room and the cats to their breakfast carrying the two cups of coffee he had made. He paused at the bathroom and stripped off his clothes. He looked down at his stiff member, a faint crust of dried cum covered his foreskin. He twisted the tap of the sink so a trickle of water flowed into the white bowl. The water was cold and soothing against his hot flesh. His cock twitched in frustration as he removed his fingers and dried it on the fluffy towel hanging on the cold radiator. His toothbrush was still in his bag so he cleaned his teeth with his finger and then splashed the cold water on his face. Satisfied with his ablutions he picked up the mugs and moved silently out into the hall and through to the bedroom.


The bedclothes lay crumpled in a pile at the foot of the bed. Shannon lay on her side, legs curled upwards upon the furrowed white cotton under sheet, her chest slowly rising and falling beneath a blue and white pyjama top. The ‘old man’s’ striped pyjamas that he hardly ever wore, except on the very coldest of lonesome nights when he or Shannon was away. He smiled as he placed the mugs on the bedside table and quietly pulled up the chair and sat looking at his girlfriend; his cock standing hard and upright in his lap. He fought the temptation to play with it.

Shannon’s eyes move below her eyelids as she rolled onto her back. She shifted about the bed slowly as her nostrils flared scenting the aroma of caffeine. Barely audible murmurings escaped from between her lips as Tony watched her swim up towards consciousness. Shannon all at once stretched her body out straight arching her back off the bed; her toes peeked out of the legs of the pyjamas and her arms swung around in a wide arc before reaching above her tousled head and gripping the headboard.

“Hi… trouble…” she said with her eyes still closed.

Hi… strife…” Tony replied to their ritual morning greeting.

Shannon inhaled deeply, her head rolling towards him; for a moment her eyelids strained against the sleep that held them closed. Tony sipped his coffee as he watched her dilated iris’s shrink and then expand as her gaze lowered to his lap. “Is that for me?” she asks.

“Of course it is… would I ever risk coming in here without your java?” Tony replied raising an eyebrow.

Shannon smiled broadly and Tony felt his heart give a jolt. That smile always struck right through to his heart; since the very first time she had flashed it in the coffee shop where she worked seven months previously. A smile that she had shown him when she realised that he actually made a substantial detour to get his morning caffeine hit every day. His face had been glowing with embarrassment as he stuttered and failed completely to keep his cool in front of the object of his desire. In the end she had asked him out.

She shuffled up the bed, sitting up against the oak headboard and reached for her coffee. She sipped the hot liquid, the grin never leaving her lips as her blue eyes flick between his dark brown pupils and his erection. Tony sipped his own coffee, equally silently; his eyes flicking down to the displaced pillow. A hint of pale blue glass was just visible beneath it. He smirked behind his mug as he lifted it too his lips and drained the last of the caffeine within. She placed her empty mug on the table and looks squarely at Tony’s cock.

“You look like you could use some…help…perhaps?” asked Shannon.

“That I could… but I’ve had a long flight…” answers Tony as Shannon raises her eyebrows quizzically; “Gave me some time to think… to think about what I am going to do to you…” the broad smile returned to her lips.

Shannon began to lean forward but Tony raised his hand. “We are going to talk…though I don’t have a problem if you are naked while we talk…” added Tony rising from the chair and stepping towards the bed; his cock stuck out from his hips ramrod straight.

“Naked I can do” states Shannon as she pulled the top over her head, a button flying off in the process. Her small breasts bounce as she rolls sideways on her ass and lifts her legs clear off the bed, grabbing the waist and yanking the bottoms off with equal haste. The pyjamas flew through the air to land beside the discarded top at the side of the bed. She rolled forwards again and sat cross legged at the head of the bed. “Done!” she declared.

Tony climbed on to the bed and sat before her, mimicking her posture and letting his eyes rove over the body he loves and desires so much. Her breasts, b-cups, are topped off with small pink areolas and very hard nipples that stand out a good half inch. He licked his lips at how sensitive they are, smiling at how she wished her ‘boobies’ were bigger while he always tells her that any more than a handful is wasteful and that huge ‘boobies’ just make other things seem smaller. His eyes drift down her yoga toned flat stomach and the short neatly trimmed triangle of hair sitting above her mound. He could see her lips slightly parted and damp between.

“Is your pussy wet?” he asks.

Shannon nodded glancing up from his member, “It’s been wet for days… I’ve been so horny… can you forgive me… I didn’t save myself while you were away… and there’s no batteries left in the flat…well… any working ones” she grinned sheepishly.

“That I can forgive very easily” answered Tony. Shannon reached forward and Tony took hold of her hand before it reached his shaft and then guided it to her knee. The quizzical look returns as he lifted her left hand to her left knee and then places both of his own hands on his. “I meant it… we’re going to talk…” Shannon bites her lip and then nods. “Can you feel your pussy… how wet it is… close your eyes for me… and think about your wet pussy… tell me how it feels…”

Shannon closed her eyes and breathed deeply, “It’s aching and wet… I can feel how hot it is… this is how it’s been for the last two days… waiting for the ‘wee Big Man’ to return” the smile broadened and she sways slightly about her hips. Tony closes his own eyes. “I can smell myself… “ she inhaled deeply through her nose and Tony did the same, “it’s still that sweet smell…that sweet taste I get from your tongue… those times when I need your cock in me quickly…when I need to come with you inside me… it’s not as tangy as after I’ve climaxed…the times when you’ve eaten me out and made me come with your tongue… tell me… Tony, tell me about that lovely cock of yours…”

“It’s so fucking hard… it’s been like this for an ocean… it wants you… needs you… I can feel my pulse…Sense the vibrations of my heart echoing through it…” Tony breathed as heavily as Shannon. “I can feel the draught from the kitchen… my foreskin… rolled back… the little eye wet and cold and painful and sensitive from the air…”

“ohh… I love those drops Tony… that salty tang to your seed… I want it…I can feel my pussy trembling… the juices are beginning to flow… my lips sliding a little against each other… wanting that wonderful cock of yours inside them…”

Tony gripped his knees tightly; unsure if he would be able to restrain himself the way he thought he could previously at 50,000 feet. Up in the sky it had seemed like an easy thing to do. “My cock is throbbing… every beat of my heart seems to push more blood into it… it’s so fuckin hard right now… I want to fuck you…eat you… I want to consume you…”

“My lips are spreading as I think of your ‘wee Big Man’… my juices are trickling down out of my slit, down to my…” Shannon mouths the word and then speaks again; “I can feel my ass… my… anus getting wet with my pussy juice…”

Tony’s eyes fly open at the word ‘anus’, a word that Shannon never uses, he looks down and sees how wet his girlfriend is; “I… want to slide my tongue after them…”he closes his eyes again. “I want to taste them…drink them down… follow them down to your ass… I want to run my tongue closer and closer…”

Shannon moans quietly; “I can feel your tongue soft and insistent… my lips are hot and sticky…my clit is wanting out… I can feel it hard, trying to push out from its hood…”

Tony’s fingers are white with the strain of gripping his knees fiercely. “I’m looking up from between your legs… my tongue flicks over your anus-” Shannon gasps “- your juices coating my tongue as I trace your tight hole… Your pussy spreading wider… I can see the tip of your clit appearing…”

“Do it Tony… please…do it now… push your tongue into my ass” Shannon squirms atop the covers and drops back with a thud against the headboard. She opens her eyes briefly looking from the rock hard erection in front of her down between her legs at her snatch, wide and wet. She unfolds her legs, her left knee giving a quiet ‘pop’ as it straightens; spreading her legs wide she sees her clit break free of its hood and closes her eyes once again. “I can feel it… I can feel your breath through your nose… fuck my ass with your tongue…” Shannon’s nipples, painfully hard, rise and fall rapidly as she feels her pussy tremble. “Ahhh….”

Tony squints through his eyelashes to see Shannon spread before him, her hands still on her knees. “Driving my tongue into your ass… my cock sliding against your leg… reaching with my hand…my thumb above your clit…pressing it down and… Rolling it from side to side… my cock is leaking so much cum now I’m leaving a line on your skin… I want to hump your leg like a dog… I wanna be your dog…”

“Ohh shit… I can feel it… your finger… yessss… harder….faster you bastard…” Shannon’s body shakes as her pussy convulses and her juices flow out and down between her cheeks; “Ohh…ohh…oh fuck I’m coming…”

Tony opens his eyes, biting his bottom lip savagely as he watches Shannon’s back arch against the headboard; her head rolling from side to side along its top edge. He raises himself up onto his knees and leans forward, his thigh muscles protesting as he places a hand either side of Shannon’s thrashing head. His cock hard and heavy pulses; his hands grip the wood as he fights the urge to simply slam his stiff member into the orgasming quim below. Slowly Shannon’s head ceases rolling and her breathing becomes deeper and steadier. She opens her eyes to see her boyfriends face mere inches from her own.

Smiling weakly she looks into his dark eyes; “Down boy…mmmm… you made the rules…” she places her palm on his chest and pushes, futilely at first till Tony accedes and falls back to sit on his ass. Shannon continues pushing till he lies prone below her. She smiles broadly and stands above him, moving her feet apart so there is no contact whatsoever. “I’ll make you a deal… you see this pussy…this cunt of mine… (A smirk flashes over Tony’s face as he thinks, I’ve created a monster) IT still wants your hard cock inside IT and IT will have it… but until I see your seed… your spunk shooting out…not till then and then I’m going to suck it all into my greedy cunt!”

Tony lay between Shannon’s spread legs looking up at her open slit, glistening with juices, up across her flushed breasts to the maniacal smile on her face. He spreads his arms wide and grips the rumpled bed sheet beneath him. Shannon slides her small delicate hand across her stomach and up to her right breast and slowly positions her thumb and forefinger either side of her nipple. “Seeing as how I’ve already come, I am now allowed to touch myself…do you agree?”

Tony nods as Shannon moves her left hand downwards, a nail trailing through the narrow damp patch of hair above her slit. “I’m going to watch that cock of yours shoot its cream and then I’m going to fuck it before those heavy balls of yours have emptied” She breathes in deeply through her nose as she squeezes and stretches her nipple. “And this cunt… you like me using that word, don’t you Tony?” Two of her fingers slide down between her wet lips and slowly spread them fully open; her clit pokes out easily visible to Tony nodding below. “This… hot… soaking… wet… cunt… is… gonna… suck… up… all… of…that… lovely… spunk… of… yours…” Tony’s cock throbs even harder as he listens to and watches Shannon slowly slip her two fingers into her wet hole. He watches intently as the first knuckles disappear within the wet folds; he knows she is curling her fingers inwards and upwards as the second knuckles slip from view.

Shannon gasps again, juices flowing out of her and around her invading fingers; as the full length of her fingers vanish inside her quim she twists her hand so her long thumbnail scratches over her exposed clit. Tony breathes as heavily as Shannon; she releases her nipple and reaches behind her for the support of the headboard. It seems to Tony as if his girlfriend keeps her fingers still as she bucks her hips onto them. His cock is harder than he has ever known it before; Shannon’s juices flow down her thighs as another orgasm breaks. Through the rough rasping of her breathing she mutters, most of the words are indistinct but Tony hears a mantra that is almost completely made up of expletives. Each time the word ‘cunt’ issues from her tight drawn lips another tremor ripples through her body.

Tony’s cock is quivering beneath his girlfriend, her fingers slamming in and out of her red gash when he feels the hot liquid land on his full sack. He gasps knowing it’s her juices that seem to be burning him. Another drop lands above his cock on his stomach; his sac begins to shrink spasmodically as his balls draw up. Tony takes up the swearing mantra himself as he looks desperately for the final stimuli to send him over the edge. A scatter of drops land on his sensitive flesh; heavy, hot and sticky. He bucks his hips; his cock swings heavily whiplashing back and forth stretching his sac. Drop after drop falls, two land on his shaft simultaneously; his hand twisting the covers beneath him as the desire within him to bring about his own releases builds. His head thrust back into the firm mattress, he closes his eyes and focuses all of his will on the painful erection. He feels and almost sees in his mind’s eye the jet of juice splash over his glans; he grunts like an animal and arches his back up off the bed. Lightning flashes behind his eyelids as what feels like an enormous pulse of seed shoots up through his cock and high into the air.

The shout that escapes his mouth has no form, is of no language in history; it is pure, guttural and from the basest, most primeval part of his mind. Then his centre, his hard exploding cock is enveloped in liquid fire as he feels Shannon press down and engulf his being. Spasm after spasm of bliss shoots out of his sac, up through his shaft to erupt from the tiny slit in his glans. Shannon is as good as her word and seems to be pulling the thick white seed out of him with the same force he is expelling it. His back still arched as she grinds against his pelvis; his orgasm seems to last longer than any… longer than all of his previous ejaculations put together.

In some remote corner of his confused mind he is a young adolescent once again staring down at the mess he has just created; confused, euphoric and guilty, thinking there could be nothing better than what he has just experienced. If Shannon had been capable of listening to the whispered words from her boyfriend she might have asked what he had meant by ‘how wrong could I have been?

Shannon is in her own world, although their centres occupy the same place. Tony’s cock had shot its first wad of thick white cum high up her thigh. The second had splattered against her rapidly descending quim, some of it mixing with the juices on her departing fingers. Her cunt lips had parted easily and she had dropped fully onto him in one movement. Her fingers had gone to her mouth, sucking her own and Tony’s juices greedily as she felt the top of his cock slam into her womb. The moment of pain sparks her orgasm to a new level. In a corner of her brain, some rational part knows she cannot feel his seed impacting against her cervix; she takes hold of that logical meme and throws it out of her ear. She lets herself go completely; Tony’s spunk hammering inside her as her cunt ripples and spasms and shudders about his blue steel hard cock. His cock, which she loves and adores, was now a rod of iron impaling her all the way to her soul; a pillar of granite shaking within her and each eruption of cum blasting away inside her. She screams around her own fingers as her orgasm rips and tears through her body. She only realises that tears are rolling down her face as it eventually subsides.

She feels light-headed, her sense of balance gone as she falls forward and puts out her hands. Her body now chilled with a coat of sweat covering it as she slowly opens her eyes. Tony is beneath her, his cock still inside her; an aftershock ripples through it and out through her as well. She looks at his closed eyes, sees his chest rising and falling slower; she squeezes her pussy muscles, massaging his prick as she realises it is still hard within her. Not the absolute immovable/unstoppable object it seemed to be moments/minutes (?) before but still quite hard. A quiet ‘fuck’ escapes his lips.

“Soon…” said Shannon “…but…”

Tony opens his eyes and looks into his lover’s. He returns the smile as he feels her slowly ease her hot snatch up from his cock. Tremors creep up along his length as he follows Shannon’s gaze down between their sweat covered bodies. Slowly his shaft appears glistening with a patina of their secretions. Shannon raises her hips just far enough that his glans is held within. He feels his body weary from the flight and weary from the self-inflicted sensual torture. He knows that once Shannon releases the tip of his cock from her slit that it will begin to soften.

He groans aloud as he feels her squeeze him tightly. His glans begins to appear along with their combined juices. A thick glutinous coat of clear pussy juice, streaked with white semen runs slowly down over his shaft. His cock twitches, pulses and stiffens of its own accord. Shannon’s hands move to his shoulders as she grunts and squeezes her vaginal muscles harder to be rewarded by a further flow of orgasmic juices flowing out of her wet slit and down around his length. Her nails dig into his shoulders as his hands move to her hips. His glans slowly rocks back and forth along her open lips as the juices roll down over his sac.

“You know Tony that looks just too good to waste” offers Shannon staring at the sticky mess covering his cock. She raises her eyes to his and continues “… I didn’t get any Pain de Chocolat in bed either!”

“For that I am sorry…” Tony replies, “… you know how small those Airline meals are… I’m quite hungry myself…”

Shannon lowers her face to Tony’s and kisses him softly on the lips before twisting around to reverse her position. She looks between them, one hand wrapping around his hard cock as his hands reach up and caress her perfect ass. “Oh Tony… Bon Appétit!”

The digital clock beside the empty coffee mug clicks over from 6:59 to 7:00.


……to be continued……..

~ by ftfagos on December 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Contact… Pt 1”

  1. I hope you post part 2! I love reading your work! You make everything so real in my head… and other places.

  2. Well you know Sweet_P I’ve always been a fan of ‘other places’!!!

  3. That’s one fierce cat!

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