…. goes on day after day…

As the song goes! Unless of course you’re a Mayfly in which case it’s more of ‘Life goes on day!!!’ Poor little Mayflies but at least they get through puberty and acne quickly. Now that I’ve written the line from the Gerry and the Pacemakers classic maybe it’ll leave my head but there are worse songs to be stuck in there! ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ to name but one!

So, I’ve been away crawling over roofs (should that be rooves? Goddamned English language!) and the only time I fell was when I was on the ground! But I like roofs, you can see things that people don’t normally see. Occasionally something risque for all those preverts out there but at the same time having a hard-on is not often an aid to concentration and with the risk of falling to your death the less often, probably, the better!

What is it I like about being up high? It’s a bit like life, I guess, I like to see things coming (can I ever write a post without slipping in a few Double Entendre’s?) both physically and metaphorically. I was going to say that I’ve used that line in one of my stories and I have but I haven’t published it yet. I’ve written it, literally, but haven’t transcribed it all (or even most). There have been times when I’ve been where this Devout Atheist’s soul wishes to be and take my word for it the view is something to behold and have then returned to the sprawling metropolis and even walked down the street and felt claustrophobic. So give me space and I’m happy.

Of course the other thing I like about working at heights is how it makes other people nervous. I’m never worried about falling to my death, just nervous about falling to my paralysis. So give me a good thirty feet (some girls like that for width! LOL) onto something hard (!) and I’m as happy as a Rabbit in it’s warm hole!!!

So, do I have much to report about my abscence? Well the lack of internet connection and a laptop (I know it’s probably best to have one with the other at the same time) meant that lots of ideas bounced around my head, some got lost out my earholes before I recorded them and some have ended up almost completely written if not on a transmittable format. Oh to have that McGuffin I used in ‘The Future of Flirting’ but then again what was it I said about distraction and plunging to the ground? Maybe not such a good idea!

Well I’ve spent the last fortnight saving the planet and being paid for it and have resorted to looking for stimuli within my own head to fuel my solitary nocturnal pastimes… which although anti-social did take me back to my youth and more specifically puberty!!! Though, no way was as horny as I was back then!!!!

So that’s enough about me, how are you all?

Well and horny I hope!

I’ll sign off now and I’ll take a quick look at some of my stories that I’ve already written (recorded with pixels)and see if I can pick one to quickly post.

As ever I hope you enjoy…

Yours missing you all,


~ by ftfagos on December 8, 2011.

One Response to “Life….”

  1. Is it possible for me to click on “Don’t like”????? You fell? And you were on the ground?? Thank goodness for small mercies!!!! Next thing you know you are going to pull a “me” and hurt yourself greatly during an extra circular activity.


    If you do… can I play nurse?

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