I don’t know whether to be concerned or not but my computer or anti-virus program AVG keeps telling me that it has been a hero again and protected me from a virus threat. And I do realise that in order for you to read this you are opening the page and all that follows. Being a bit of a luddite, of course I just look at the balloon and close it… I may have a look at that ‘Tools’ icon down on my sidebar but I hope that you all remains safe and that I don’t become an instrument of unhappiness.

It’s probably one of those pesky Chinese mutant strains of Clamydia of some such and if you run away straight away I won’t be offended and if I find that I can get rid of it or it seems to disappear I’ll let you know with a post… somethin’ like “WOOHOO!!! THE DOC SAYS I CAN COME OFF THE ANTI-BIOTICS” or something equally droll.




~ by ftfagos on December 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “POSSIBLE VIRUS WARNING!!!”

  1. I didn’t do it.

  2. If your AV has caught it you are probably ok. Its the ones it does not see that damage you. I’d be surprised if WordPress was not watching over you, too.
    Chinese mutant Clamydia? Is Woman still living in China? I thought you two were a bit ‘intimate’ 😉 I think we should be told…


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