Tony’s Story

Part 2 of ‘Contact’

Well Dear Avid Reader,

Seems as if that penicillin worked and all the techno-thrush has disappeared from my blog. Got to hate it when you got an itch that you can’t scratch! Don’t ask me…listen to Tony tell his story!!!

And above all enjoy.



I was waiting in the car outside the rear of the club, the small sign above the door read ‘Temptations – Employees and Deliveries only’. The windows had steamed up on the chill summer’s night from my breath. Shannon had been delayed and had asked me to pick up her friend, Michelle, which she usually did whenever she worked a late shift at a nearby bar sharing the taxi fare.

Michelle was a childhood friend of Shannon’s since the age of seven. They even both had similar Chinese ideograms tattooed at the bottom of their spines done on Michelle’s drunken twentieth birthday. The only difference was in the gender.  As alike in looks they were un-alike in character, it sometimes surprised me how they had remained friends. Shannon was brunette, petite and shy in demeanour. The boldest thing she had ever done in some respects was to ask me out. She definitely kept her private life, private. Michelle was also petite but was now blonde, loud and always the centre of attention.

She was also a devout lesbian and always teased Shannon that ‘one of these days, she was going to steal her away from me’, hence the ‘I want pussy’ as opposed to Shannon’s ‘I want cock’ tattooed in Chinese.

As for ‘Temptations’ I was waiting outside, well it is a Strip Joint. Not the classiest but still reasonably respectable for an establishment where women remove their clothing. Strictly speaking, and Shannon would be the first to jump down my throat about it, it’s a Pole Dancing Venue with a strict hands off policy.

Michelle was one of the more popular performers.


I had just wound up the window after having a smoke when the back door to the club opened and Beavis (an absolute mountain of a bouncer, so I have never dared to ask him about the nickname) silhouetted by the bright light within strode out and came over to the car. He rapped his giant knuckles on the glass and I wound the window down again.

“Michelle says she does gonna be a while yet so you might as well come inside and stay warm” he said in his slow drawl.

“Thanks Beavis” I answered as I climbed out of the car and followed the hulking doorman.

Beavis bummed a cigarette from me and stayed by the back door having pointed my way up the stairs to the door on the second left with the caution “just cuz you’re a friend the rules still apply, y’know!” I nodded my agreement and headed into the warmth.

I could hear the deep bass beat of the music thrumming through the walls as I climbed the stairs, I was sure the track was a Madonna number, ‘Material Girl’ if I was any judge. The scents of the various ‘performers’ lingered in the corridor; I tried vainly to keep my mind away from thoughts of scantily clad pneumatic sirens.

I walked along the brightly lit ‘staff-only’ corridor and opened the afore-mentioned door. I stood on the threshold actually scratching my head. Although I had never been inside the club before (okay, once back when I had just turned eighteen but that was purely research and far too many years ago to be considered) I realised that this wasn’t the employee’s lounge or coffee room. It was one of the private booths. The room, probably 12’ square, was lit by red skirting lights and two dim spots focusing on a shiny pole situated just in front of a comfortable looking couch. Apart from the spill of light coming from behind me all the walls were in shadow.  A thick heavy red drape was pulled across an arch beside an opaque Japanese themed window that I guessed would look out on to the main area.

I looked back down the corridor wondering if Beavis had meant a door on the right only to see none; the adjacent wall was obviously an exterior one. I heard a noise from behind me and turned to see Butthead walking towards me. Butthead was the other regular bouncer at the club. No-one called him Butthead to his face but as his partner on security was called Beavis… It took me a couple of moments to recall his real name. “Hey Alan… Beavis sent me up here, but I reckon he got it wrong…” I stated to the approaching man.

“He got it right Tony. That’s the room you want” he replied. It was just then I saw that he was carrying a small white cup in his boulder of a fist. It seemed so incongruous that it held my attention until he handed it to me. “Triple Espresso, compliments of Michelle; I got to wonder how you can drink that stuff Tone” I resisted the urge to call him Butthead in reply to the annoying shortening of my name out of politeness (that and no desire to have my face end up looking like it should be in a Dali painting). I took the offered coffee and entered the room somewhat mystified. The door swung closed behind me and I had to pause to let my eyes adjust to the darkened interior.

Still puzzled I wandered over to the arch and sneaked a look past the drapes into the main room. The club was crowded with only an occasional chair or stool empty. At present there were three dancers gyrating around silver poles in various states of undress. A very lithe black girl was spinning upside down near the top of the pole nearest to me in a white thong that was so small it was almost pointless; if you ignored the fact that there looked like there was over a hundred bucks stuffed in behind the strings. I let the curtain fall back and sat down on the comfortable couch and sipped at my caffeine.

The empty cup on the small table I leant back into the warmth of the chair and closed my eyes letting Blondie’s ‘Union City Blues’ wash over me. I’m not sure if I fell asleep or not (even possible after a triple strength caffeine shot, take my word for it) but it was at least three tracks later when a voice breathed in my ear, “you’re such a sweetie waiting for me, how about one on the house?” I blinked open my eyes to see Catwoman leaning over me. Michelle was kitted out completely in body hugging latex with six inch steel spiked boots to finish it off. A ponytail of blonde hair hung out of the latex head mask. She walked over to the wall, hips rolling and opened a small cupboard I hadn’t noticed; turning back she strode to the pole in front of me and grasped it in both hands, feet spread and looked at me and smiled brightly.

“Michelle, there’s no need, really-” Prince interrupted me with Dearly beloved… we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life…

I closed my mouth as she started to swing that shiny ass from side to side slowly lowering her hands down the pole so that her bottom pushed out and up. Now I had seen Michelle before now in just a baggy T-shirt when she had stayed over and also caught a glimpse of her fine posterior in just a thong but I had never seen her dance. Of course I had fantasized about her, though generally it would be dancing horizontally with Shannon (maybe one day, I can dream); but here she was looking better than Pfeiffer did in the Batman film and who knows how much of it would come off.

She followed the beat of the song almost perfectly and at one opportune time when she thrust that shiny ass towards me I quickly adjusted my now uncomfortable stiff cock within my jeans. The song was coming to a close and unfortunately she hadn’t undone any of the buckles or zips or studs. Though I had to admit I was already finding it a strain to keep my hands to myself and not to openly play with myself (probably the reason why after that one teenage visit I had never been again).

As the closing bars faded out Michelle lent in to me, a hand on either side of my head and whispered into my ear, “Remember the hands-off policy!”

“…err…certainly…off course…” I replied thinking that she had been reading my mind.

“He’s coming…   He’s coming…   Coming……              Take me away!” Prince finished. I was about to get up when Michelle’s right boot landed against my chest keeping me seated. I looked up at her as Prince began another song “You don’t have to be beautiful… To turn me on…       I just need your body baby…            From dusk till dawn…”

Michelle hips gyrated slowly with the beat; her eyes locked on mine as she reached up to her neck and slowly lowered the front zipper. I felt myself stiffen within my jeans to a full blown hard-on. Gradually her flesh was exposed; the inside curves of her breasts and down to her navel as I gripped the arms of the chair hard. Her body was undulating in time as she reached up and grasped either side of the zip; her eyes still locked on mine as my gaze slid down her skin. Please God, please… I prayed to myself. Her heel left my chest and she span about pulling the top down and off her arms.

She looked over her shoulder still in the Catwoman mask as she let go of the arms and grasped her breasts. Again she span about and knelt between my spread thighs fondling her boobs as she leant forwards barely six inches from my restrained cock. I kept thinking to myself that Shannon would forgive me being under such duress. This was so much more unbearable than the morning I came back four weeks before and ‘didn’t’ touch Shannon until we both had come.

Michelle was licking her lips and pinching her nipples as she moved her head up over my fly. Looking up at me with her brown eyes she mimicked licking the length of my obviously erect cock. My thighs twitched as I went to raise my hips but she moved her mouth away. She straightened her back and looked down at her hands and grasped both of her nipples between thumbs and forefingers, stretching them outwards. Once again she leant forwards and still pinching her nipples pressed her breasts together with the heels of her hands just above my erection. I resisted the urge to lift my hips this time and prayed once again, this time to the ‘Gods of Old’ that I would find some release.

Her smile through the mask showed her approval at my control. Prince finished with “I just want your extra time and your…                                  Kiss!”

The music faded and Michelle stood up, the cat suit hanging from her hips she let her hands fall away from her breasts granting me an unrestricted view. Her nipples stood out erect as her right hand lowered once again to the zipper and tantalizingly slowly pulled it further down between her spread thighs. Her left hand followed in its wake as she shook the falling material downwards with a shake of her hips. There was no sign of the regulation thong. My eyes followed suit to rest upon her hand covering her mound as the opening bars of the next Prince track began. I couldn’t help but grin as Prince or Symbol or the artist formerly known as Prince sang the opening lines, “I knew a girl named Nikki…       I guess you could say she was a sex fiend…                    I met in a hotel lobby-“

Michelle’s middle two fingers disappeared up inside her slit. She leant back against the pole and the two spotlights washed down across her body; her pussy glistened with wetness. My hand moved to the lump in my jeans, a brief look of reproach crossed the dancer’s face to be replaced with a smile of pleasure as she began to frig her wet pussy. I took this as tacit approval and began to rub my manhood watching my girlfriend’s best friend finger fuck her cunt in front of me.

Halfway through the song Prince crooned “Woke up the next morning…                Nikki wasn’t there…             I looked all over and all I found…              Was a phone number on the stairs…       It said thank you for a funky time…                 Call me up whenever you want to grind…                       Oh, Nikki, ohhhhh…….” My cock erupted within my jeans.

Michelle’s dancer’s timing was perfect as she orgasmed (I’m assuming that she was of the method school of acting!!) in front of me to the final backwards lyrics of the song; “ …wonk I esuaC .enif m’I ?uoy era who olleH                        …noos gnimoc, gnimoc, noos gnimoc si droL eht that”

I watched as she came down from her high aware of the mucky nature of my boxer shorts. She grinned at me as she opened her eyes; her wet fingers slipped from her slit which I saw was completely bald; allowing me one final look at her naked flesh as she raised her hand and licked the juices from her slender fingers. “I’ll see you downstairs in ten minutes…” she turned about affording me a view of her curvy ass and the tattoo above before pulling up the cat suit and zipping it closed. The light from the back corridor blinded me momentarily as she stepped from the room. I grinned to myself as the thought crossed my mind that perhaps Shannon was treated to ‘freebies’ as well.


I stood a few metres away from the rear door, away from the glare of the security lighting having a smoke; thinking about Michelle’s curves and bumps, grinning like an idiot. I heard the click-clack of high heels behind me and turned to face… Shannon. The grin disappeared from my face. “Hey Lover, you been waiting long for her royal highness?” she took the last inch of cigarette from between my fingers and inhaled the addictive fumes deeply.

“Oh… err… not too long… they even gave me a coffee while I …waited.” I answered. “She reckons she’ll be about five minutes.”

“Five minutes for Michelle is twenty for the rest of us…” even in the dim light I saw the flash of a smile cross Shannon’s features. “You know I’ve had a shitty night…” she grasped my hand and pulled me further into the shadows before wrapping her arms about my neck, dropping her knapsack to the dirty floor and kissing me fiercely. I was still incredibly horny and after only a moment responded with equal enthusiasm; my hands slid down her back and over the cheeks of her ass, grasping them through her denim skirt. Shannon lifted her legs up and wrapped them about my hips as I twisted on my feet and rested her back against the rough brick wall behind me.

She sucked hard on my tongue as her arms uncoupled from around my neck and her fingernails began scratching down my sides before pulling my T-shirt from my jeans. Her hands quickly slipped under the material and on to my flesh as I concentrated on slipping my hands underneath her skirt. I cupped the lace covered cheeks of her ass, my fingers pressing into the firm flesh beneath as my hard member pressed into her crotch. Shannon ground against me using her legs wrapped tightly around me for leverage. As my fingers slid down along the crack of her ass and up beneath her crotch I felt the dampness of her knickers; she groaned into my mouth as my fingertip brushed along her moist slit. Her hands took on a frenzied personality as they rapidly roamed over my sides and back, scratching into my flesh on their way downwards.

Still trying to rub her mound up and down the lump in my jeans she began to fumble my buckle open. Both of us were breathing through our noses, our mouths locked together as our tongues wrestled and caressed each other. As she pulled my belt open and slipped the top button free I became aware of the crusty remains of my previous ejaculation still present within. My zip was sliding down as I released her ass and grabbed her hands pulling them up over her head. She whimpered briefly at the change in direction but it quickly changed into a moan as my mouth moved to her left nipple and sucked hard on it through the thin sweater and bra she was wearing. Even through the two layers of material I could feel it ‘diamond’ hard against my tongue.

I released Shannon’s hands as I ground my teeth around her nipple. My left hand dropped to her vacant breast, squeezing it hard while my right slipped beneath her skirt and grasped her sodden knickers. I twisted the flimsy material hard and ripped them free from my lover’s crotch. Shannon gasped loudly as the cool night air washed over her wet pussy; her hands gripped my head pulling it against her breast as I thrust two fingers easily into her soaking hole. I began to finger fuck her slit hard and fast, my thumb striking over her clit with each stroke. Her outer lips peeled apart quickly under the onslaught exposing her clit directly to the impact of my thumb. Her groans became louder and louder in the quiet stillness of the alley so I released her breast and moved my left hand up to cover her mouth.

Shannon lifted her own hand to mine and twisted it so she could fill her mouth with my fingers before moving hers back to her now vacant breast. I twisted my head slightly still nibbling and sucking on her engorged nipple to watch her hand twist her own breast viciously. The sight spurred me on to finger fuck her quim harder and faster. Within five seconds Shannon convulsed against the wall as her cunt clamped down on my fingers and her juices squeezed out past them. I tried to time my thrusts with the spasms running through her pussy and body as my fingers were sucked and bitten. She bucked harder still against my invading hand as her orgasm crescendo-ed.

Slowly she came down from her euphoria as I eased off on my stimulation. I released her nipple and clothing from my mouth and looked up at her face in the dim light. Her eyes were tightly shut but I could see that smile I loved etched widely across her face. I sank down to my knees letting my fingers slip from her mouth, a quiet sigh escaped her lips; lifting up Shannon’s skirt I could just make out her mound and the puffy lips encircling my fingers. It took me a full second to realise that her neatly trimmed bush was gone and that her crotch was completely smooth (I’ll admit that it wasn’t till sometime later that the significance of this dawned on me).

“…You were licking your lips and lipstick shining…     I’m dying just to ask for a taste…” I muttered my personal mantra before grazing my tongue softly over Shannon’s exposed clit. A small shudder rippled away from the hard little nub and a further sigh sounded from above. Both of her hands softly stroked my close cropped hair as the tip of my tongue circled her button. I savoured the sweet taste of her juices as I pushed her clit from one side to the other and back again. Shannon was humming an indistinct and fragmented tune now which stopped suddenly when voices issued from somewhere behind the two of us. Her hands froze on my head as I paused for a second before pulling my wet fingers from inside her and sliding my tongue in to replace them.

She shuddered again and I heard her whisper, “…fucking bastard…” her pussy twitched and rippled around my tongue as my thumb moved to her clit. I was vaguely aware of Beavis’ drawl from the back door as I began to twist and thrust my tongue deeper into my lover’s hot pussy. Shannon was swearing indistinctly above me as I felt her fingernails dig into my scalp and the ripples within her grow more frequent and intense. “Cunt…      Motherfucker”, “Bastard…  Whore” and “Manslut” issued softly from above as her pussy began to spasm. All at once it clamped down on my tongue and I was rewarded with a flood of tangy juice into my mouth.

I heard the door behind me shut with a heavy clunk and quickly rose from my knees to a plaintive moan from Shannon. I grasped her hips and span her about to face the wall, pushing her forward from the hips with one hand and freeing my cock with the other. My jeans fell around my feet with my boxers as I guided my engorged cock to her slit. Grasping her hips I slid all the way inside her with one easy stroke; she was hot, tight and wet and I groaned loudly in response. Shannon thrust her hips back against mine as she spread her hands against the wall. An image of Michelle from earlier flashed through my mind and I sunk my fingers into my lover’s flesh and began fucking her hard and fast.

Both Shannon and I grunted with each slam of my cock and each spasm of her cunt. I hammered into her for all I was worth, my hips slapping against her ass as I gave myself completely to the animal within. It was probably less than ten thrusts before I shot my seed deep inside her; I had to bite my own lip from shouting out as she squeezed her cunt about me, I could feel her milking all of the cum from my sac. I felt a final flood of our mixed juices run out between us and down over my emptied and twitching testicles.

Slowly the two of us calmed and gradually came down from our personal and mutual orgasms. The cool night air once again made itself known and we dressed in the shadows. Shannon held the remains of her panties on the end of her finger looking accusingly at me. I tried my cute Puppy-dog lost look which rarely works. For once it did.


The two of us climbed into the car and I switched on the engine and heater to take the chill out of the air. Both of us turned to each other to exchange mischievous looks when a voice from the back seat said “… and where have you two been?” we both turned to see Michelle sitting there.

“…oh… hi…” I stammered, “…just having a smoke…I … we didn’t see you come out…”

Shannon grinned broadly at Michelle which I thought was not playing the game.

“Oh!” said Michelle, “…so you weren’t the couple fucking over in the shadows then. Shame you missed quite the show… very hot… very horny… for boy/girl action that is…” She licked the tip of her forefinger as her eyes flicked between the pair of us.

I know I instantly went a deep shade of crimson whereas I noted that Shannon only blushed slightly and that ‘evil’ smirk of hers appeared on her face. “Oh, Michelle, before I forget here’s that wig I borrowed…” She pulled a long blonde wig from her knapsack and tossed it to her best friend. “What… err… who…?” I stammered.

Almost in unison the two girls replied “We have no idea what you are talking about”


To this day both of them deny any misbehaviour or any collusion.

They deny that either of them ever gave me a lap dance.

Back in that dimly lit room I know that I had assumed it was Michelle and the blonde hair had confirmed it… at the time. Did I see Shannon’s small pink birthmark on her upper thigh? I have no idea whether I did or did not. I’m a little ashamed that I didn’t recognise Shannon’s smaller breasts but hindsight is a cruel critic. I know I wasn’t aware of all the little details I should’ve spotted but I was somewhat distracted. Beavis and Butthead aren’t saying and it’s not as if I would ever be able to force a confession from either of them. Shannon generally kept her quim neat and well trimmed up to that evening and as I had and have no idea of Michelle’s personal grooming habits I am none the wiser.

Occasionally I catch a mischievous look from Michelle, she concentrates quite unabashedly on my crotch, but that could be just part of the wind up. Shannon has made use of my experience in the bedroom while riding on top of me and getting me to describe, in detail, the mysterious stranger and her actions. She has never performed a lap dance for me but strangely ‘Darling Nikki’ has played, apparently randomly, on the stereo a couple of times while we have been fucking. Michelle it seems is a big fan of Prince.

Was it fair ‘retribution’ for my teasing Shannon when I returned from my trip?   Yes!

Would I ever visit ‘Temptations’ again?               Definitely!

Would I care who gave me a lap dance?                        Not in the slightest!

I just hope that Shannon would be outside to take care of my frustrations again and I would be more than happy for Michelle to watch though perhaps she could come a lot closer this time. I wonder just how serious she is about her sexual preference…?

Do I have plans for my own revenge?                 Working on it!

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4 Responses to “Tony’s Story”

  1. Yes… don’t you hate it indeed. I love this fantasy thought… sex in an alley…

    Twisty…. as only you can write them!!!

  2. I enjoyed part 2 and cant wait to read about tonys revenge.

  3. Another great piece! Glad to hear you’re virus-free, too!

  4. Naaughty, and eerily familiar. I like that.

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