Happy Christmas Everybody!!!!

Dear Avid Yuletide Reader…

Well I hope you all have a happy and horny Christmas and just to get you in the festive mood here’s a little something I just wrote…




Santa Visits Bad Girls Too


Mary walked through the shopping mall idly gazing into all the shops windows with their festive displays. Tinsel and fairy lights were strung across the wide walkway and small Christmas Trees flashed and twinkled every twenty yards or so. She thought to herself that she would never get use to the hot season here in Brisbane. Strolling about in bright sunshine wearing just a pink halter top, tight white shorts and sandals on the 24th of December just seemed wrong. Billy wouldn’t be complaining though as the season of goodwill brought extra employment. She laughed to herself, gaining accusatory looks from ‘late-present’ shoppers, as she thought of her twenty-four year old boyfriend dressed up as Santa in the grotto at the centre of the mall.

She slowed as she passed an erotic boutique looking at the hot red basque with black piping displayed on a mannequin behind the plate glass with red tinsel draped around its plastic neck. The doors slid open in response to the small sensor above them inviting her inside and she turned into the shop on a whim. The store was brightly lit and the front section dealt mainly with clothing and underwear. To the rear she spied the ‘marital aids’ section with toys of all shapes and sizes and colours sitting neatly in regimented rows upon the numerous shelves.

Her pussy moistened perceptively at the thought of buying a new toy for it. The basque had caught her attention so she dallied in the front half of the shop. She slowly walked down each aisle examining the various erotic clothing on display. She lifted a latex Nun’s outfit from its hook and smiled to herself as she remembered her school days in a convent school.

“Not authentically exact to be honest” a female voice from behind her said.

Mary turned to see one of the shop assistants standing behind her. “No it isn’t… Sister Josephine would have had a fit if she’d had to wear this! My entire class would have had a fit if she had!” Mary replied.

“A convent girl as well?” answered the young woman. She was very pretty with auburn hair and at least five studs in the exposed ear that Mary could see. She was dressed like any shop assistant in any shop in the mall, a smart navy skirt and matching jacket with a white blouse beneath. Mary grinned as she threw away the unwarranted stereotype of Sex Shop employees all being dominatrix’s.

“Born and beaten” replied Mary. The shop assistant, Angela or so her name tag says, blushed slightly and another stereotype was dismantled in Mary’s head.

“Anything in particular you are looking for?” she asks pleasantly.

“Well the red basque in the window caught my eye” answered Mary. She couldn’t help but clench her pussy lips together as the assistant looked her up and down gauging her size.

“I’ll be right back” she pointed her thumb over her shoulder, “The changing rooms are over there, if you want to try it on I’ll bring out your size for you.”

“Thank you, that’d be great” she watched ‘Angela’ walk away and even though Mary never had any desires for women she appreciated the shape of the young woman’s ass in the navy skirt. She was keenly aware however that her pussy was damp and getting damper and she knew if she didn’t get the basque her nether regions wouldn’t allow her to leave the shop without a new toy. She wondered if Billy would be having a lunch break and maybe he’d like something fresh to eat. She felt a further surge of moisture at the thought. She made her way through the aisles towards the changing rooms glancing at the various displays of erotic lingerie as she passed.

Her eyes kept wandering to the back of the store at the vibrators and dildos all line up on the shelving, all shapes, colours, textures and sizes. She was busy chewing her bottom lip imagining being alone in the shop and slowly going along trying each of the toys in turn wondering how it would feel to stretch her pussy with some of the ‘monsters’ on display. She jumped out of her skin as Angela walked up behind her holding the red basque she had asked about. “Here you are, Miss” she said politely before she looked up at Mary.

“Fuck” Mary said startled.

“Oh I’m sorry Miss… I didn’t mean to surprise you.”

Mary’s chest heaved as she fought to retain her composure, “Not your fault… I was miles away…”

Angela smiled understandingly, “Don’t worry Miss, it happens more often than you think…” the assistant twisted her head to look at the toys at the rear of the shop, “After working here for a couple of weeks… you sought of grow immune to the… merchandise.” As she turned back Mary saw a blush rise on her cheeks, “Definitely wasn’t the case for those first few days… Miss” finished Angela as she remembered her professionalism.

She handed Mary the underwear and a matching pair of briefs to go with the basque, “The top has suspenders that can be attached so if you choose the outfit I’d wear stockings as well to get the full effect…” added the shop assistant helpfully.

Mary smiled back as innocently as she could taking the proffered items and stepped into the spacious changing cubicle drawing the curtain behind her and placed the underwear on the small bench fastened to one wall. She pulled off her halter top over her head and hung it on a coat hook and then removed her white bra. She stifled a moan as she rubbed her full breasts where the underwire had been pinching a little. Her fingers twitched as her nipples ached to be squeezed but she managed to resist as she lifted the basque and slipped her arms through the shoulder straps. Reaching behind her she began to clip it up the back till she was halfway up and adjusted her breasts within the cups.

If she thought she’d been damp before her panties were getting wetter by the minute as she looked at her reflection in the full length mirror. The suspenders hung down uselessly over her shorts and her stomach was cinched tightly within the lower clips. Her nipples hard and sensitive peeked over the top of the cups rubbing sensually along the satin as she turned first one way and then the other. She reached behind her once again and began to struggle with the higher clips. The top two proved frustratingly awkward before she quit trying and just enjoyed the view of herself in the mirror. She picked up the skimpy panties and held them in place in front of her shorts and imagined her slim legs dressed in dark stockings. She rubbed her thighs together creating a little friction between her labia and felt her clit tingle with the faintest of sparks.

A knuckle rapped on the wooden frame of the cubicle and Angela’s voice sounded through the curtain, “Do you need any help, Miss?”

“Oh… I…” Mary hesitated and watched as the curtain was pulled back halfway and the assistant stepped in without waiting for an answer. In the moment the inside of the cubicle had been in view she had seen a man with his partner look up and across the tops of two aisles to take in her reflection in the mirror. The curtain closed and Mary’s quim gave a little jolt at the accidental exhibitionism. Angela being so close was something of a turn-on for Mary but the thought that she might be inspiring a cock to swell and harden was what did it for her. She could almost smell her sweet juices as her own underwear became thoroughly soaked.

“Here let me help you” said the assistant and she felt the young woman’s warm fingers brush across the exposed flesh of her back above the basque and finally close the remaining clips. Angela looked over Mary’s shoulder at her reflection in the glass as the customer held the skimpy red knickers with a black panel of lace rising to form in a ‘V’ from beneath. “I’m sorry…” Angela hesitated, “but the store does operate a very strict policy concerning panties in particular.”

Mary glanced up at the dark brown eyes of the assistant, “What’s that then?” she breathed already sure what it was. She watched as the hint of the young woman’s tongue appeared between her red lips.

“If you try them on the store… you have to purchase them, the same for stockings as well…” Angela’s eyes dropped slowly down the customer’s body imagining and hoping that she would get to see her in the full outfit. She was generally ‘straight’ in actuality and had never gone further than kissing another girl some years earlier at convent school mainly because of the lack of boys than for any other reason. She did occasionally fantasise about women and their soft curvy bodies and had described to her current beau the sorts of things that she would like done to her but that had been as far as it went. Since starting work at a Sex Shop those types of thoughts had risen easier and more often than before and she knew full well that a little innocent ‘flirting’ had indeed increased her wages with large amounts of commission.

Angela could tell, almost smell, how turned on this customer was and if she didn’t leave with at least £100 of goods she’d be surprised. Angela also knew that she was quite turned on herself and knew that whatever happened she would have to take a ‘time-out’ in the toilets sooner rather than later. It was ‘crunch time’ and if the woman opted for trying on the full outfit Angela knew her commission target would be met for this week. “I think if you could find me a pair of stockings… red fishnet I think…” asked Mary.

“Certainly Miss” said the assistant with a lustful smile and she stepped out of the cubicle. Mary’s eyes caught the male voyeurs for just a moment as the curtain was pulled close once again. A further surge of pussy cream dampened her knickers still further. She was definitely buying the outfit so she quickly pulled off her shorts and began to pull down her panties feeling them adhering to her slit with her juices before she slipped them off and lifted them to her nose breathing in her own scent before dropping them on top of her shorts. She ripped the plastic around the fresh underwear and slid them up her shins till they reached her knees. She looked at the mirror gazing at her cleavage on full display above the basque as she was bent over. She inhaled deeply and stayed motionless and waited for the dark-eyed assistant to return.

Slut” Mary whispered to the mirror.

Just as Mary felt a single thick viscous drop of her pussy juice began to run down the inside of her thigh she heard Mary’s knock on the edge of the cubicle. The curtain swished open and for a split second she waited before slowly pulling the panties up into place. Angela stood there immobile as she watched the ass before her and the wet slit on visible beneath disappear from view. It was only as Mary stood upright was Angela shaken from her stasis. She pulled the curtain closed and began to breathe once again. She was looking at Mary’s eyes but her gaze was looking at the mirror and the small gap that remained between the material and the wooden frame

Mary’s admirer was now standing an aisle closer as his wife/girlfriend was holding up a pale gossamer-like set of bra and panties. She could see him saying something to her and watched as she smiled and pressed herself back against him. She imagined his hands were upon her ass while his eyes devoured her. she turned about and smiled at Angela before reaching passed her to close the curtain the last couple of inches. Her chest pressed firmly against the assistant’s shoulder and she almost bit her lip as a tiny static charge earthed between them. Angela gave out a little gasp at the tiny electric shock.

“Ahh… stockings too!” grinned Mary broadly and took the pack from Angela’s hand. Ripping open the packet quickly she lifted one leg up onto the bench and began to unfurl a leg of the red fishnet material. The younger woman watched intently as the customer rolled the red stockings up her leg. The sort of stocking that a prostitute would wear with such abandonment she thought to herself, a whore’s stockings! She was amazed at the sea-change that had come over the woman almost from the instant she had opened the curtain to see her standing there in the basque and her shorts. She envied the woman and wished that she herself could lose herself as completely as this woman had.

The young shop assistant had given up on the idea of a ‘quick frig’ in the toilets as soon as she could and figured that the only thing that could satisfy her was cock, good hard cock. She was ‘resting’ as her and her girlfriends euphemistically put it between boyfriends but desperate times called for desperate measures. Danny, one of the security guards that she quite fancied, was on duty in the mall and with almost certainty she knew that he would think Christmas had come early this year within an hour or two. Mary was fastening the final suspender on the second stocking when Angela finally spoke, “Excuse me Miss, but…”

Mary looked at the assistant and smiling raised a questioning eyebrow. It was her turn to remain frozen as the younger woman hitched her skirt up and knelt on the floor beside her feet. “If you don’t mind…” she asked and Mary felt herself shaking her head. As soon as the soft fingers touched the skin of her thigh new shocks reverberated through her body that had nothing to do with positive and negative ions. She watched as the assistant unclipped the suspender from the back of her thigh and laced it beneath the new panties. A surge of juice flooded from her pulsing quim instantly soaking the material. Three more surge followed as each of the suspenders was adjusted. She knew that her juices were running down the inside of her thighs and knew that the young woman’s face was only inches from her slickened flesh and without a doubt could smell her intense musky aroma.

Angela’s eyes were riveted as she watched the brand new pair of knickers darken with the flow of fluid from the woman’s crotch. She could even make out her labia beneath the material, spread wide as the satin pulled into her most intimate crevice. She also knew that her own nether regions were just as inflamed and wet; the white cotton panties she had donned that morning were thoroughly soaked. Her nipples were as hard as steel and aching to be touched and stretched and bitten. “I need cock” she whispered before she realised that the thought had been said aloud. She looked up at the older woman with a startled expression.

“You and me, both, girl!” was the reply. Mary had gone far beyond the point of reason and sat down on the bench, “I’m sorry… but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!” she simply stated and spread her legs wide pulling the new underwear to one side and simply shoving two fingers deep inside her pussy. The thought of asking the shop assistant to leave didn’t even cross her mind and she only just had the sense to stuff her knuckles into her mouth to stifle her moans.

Angela sat back on her haunches and stared at the woman as she began to finger-fuck herself hard and fast. Before the woman’s first orgasm racked her slim frame Angela’s fingers were also buried inside her own pussy and she was quickly nearing her own point of satisfaction


Mary left the shop almost forty minutes later having spent far more than she had intended to spend during the entire day and having had three mind-blowing orgasms while watched by the young shop assistant. She figured if they had been somewhere more private and without fear of being disturbed she would have enjoyed her first ever same-sex encounter. As it was the intensity and the rush of orgasms had sated her for the moment. She hoped the young woman wasn’t going to get into trouble when she saw the look she got off the store manager which was somewhat allayed when Mary handed over her credit card. “Well, Happy Christmas, Mary…” smiled Angela at the till, “I guess it’ll come early this year!” she added with a conspiratorial wink.

“Oh it will… and so will Santa!” Mary replied with a mischievous look.

She had been satisfied but she still needed cock and Billy wasn’t very far away. The man who had been sneaking looks at her while she was in the cubicle had gone by the time she had exited which was probably just as well. Having just masturbated in front of a stranger, and a female at that, the looks she got of various passers-by didn’t faze her in the slightest. She was still wearing the new (if slightly soiled) underwear with a pair of ‘cum-fuck-me’ heels albeit beneath a shiny black plastic mac which was long enough to reach down to the tops of her thighs.

She knew she looked like a whore and she felt like one as she went in search of Santa. She was fortunate that the queue outside the grotto just consisted of one family. The look she got from the husband was pure lust that was quickly covered up when the look of pure hatred appeared on the wife’s face. The two children had looks of innocent curiosity which went unanswered when they saw their parents’ reaction to the strangely dressed lady behind them.


“Ho, Ho, Ho!” came a booming voice as she approached the figure with the fake white beard and red suit, “and what can I do for you?” he asked before he looked up.

“Oh Santa… I’ve been a bad girl!” she answered in a girly voice as she unbuckled the mac in front of him, “Do ‘Bad’ girl’s get anything at Christmas?” she asked.

Santa looked up and simply stared from beneath his hat. “I… I…” he stammered.

“I guess I’ll just take what I want!” she dropped to her knees and almost ripped his suit apart quickly followed by pulling down the shorts and jockeys beneath. Billy’s cock swelled rapidly in her mouth as she sucked on it hard. She was vaguely aware that she had never sucked hic cock before when it was soft and was grinning around his girth as the ‘state’ didn’t last very long. He seemed bigger than she had ever known him before and was astride his lap with the new panties pulled to one side and his erection all the way into her sopping slit in less than a minute. She climaxed almost instantly as the head of his manhood hit the top of her soaking hole and ground down hard again and again as wave after wave of pleasure radiated out from her centre.

“Fill me Santa, fill me up” she pleaded as the fake St Nicholas grunted beneath her. he felt his strong fingers dig into her hips as he bounced violently on the chair. The model of Rudolph stood beside him, with his flashing red nose, threatening to fall over with the vibrating echoes of their actions.

“Ohhhh….fuck…” grunted Santa.

“Ohh… fuck yessss…” moaned Mary.

As her breathing returned to normal Mary simply lifted herself off Billy’s softening cock, she slipped a finger along her quivering slit and scooped a finger of their combined juices quickly into her mouth. “Mmmm…” she murmured, “You hurry home now Billy or I’ll have to just grab a stranger off the street” she lifted the plain black plastic bag that Santa hadn’t noticed; “… and I bought a whole load of… interesting items as well to play with!” She looked into the bag and pulled out a small white oval object and handed it to the stunned Santa. “I know you always like to have the remote… here’s one I’ll enjoy you having as well… it’s got a range of a hundred yards so I’ll know your coming when I’m ‘cumming’!”

She buckled up her belt and turned swiftly on her heels and headed out of the grotto. Santa looked at the retreating figure and repeated “Oh fuck!”


Mary let herself into Billy’s flat and hurried as quickly up the stairs as her heels would allow her. She had thought that she would wait for Billy’s return in a couple of hours before she gave in to her carnal desires but her will had faded the closer to his bed she got. She threw open the door and stepped into the bedroom. “What the fuck?” she almost screamed as she saw her boyfriend lying on the bed with a bandage around his forearm.

“Huh?” answered Billy.


Angela found Danny in the security rest room. After Mary had left the shop she had gotten an ear bashing from the store manager. It wasn’t the worst as Mary had indeed spent almost £200 and the manager, a man, had an obvious erection from the strong suspicion of what might have gone on in the changing cubicle which he was finding extremely distracting. If he wasn’t such a ‘twat’ she might’ve fucked him but she did have some standards.

A crumpled Santa outfit lay on the seat beside Danny. Angela didn’t feel like prevaricating so simply said “Fancy a fuck, Danny?” A look of bewilderment appeared on Danny’s face which threw her for a moment so she simply said “Yes or no?”

Danny nodded dumbly and Angela after turning the key in the lock of the door crossed the distance between them dropping to her knees between his legs. Danny looked on amazed as his shorts and jockeys were lowered for the second time in less than an hour. His cock had been at ‘half-mast’ from the recollections of the grotto and he watched as Angela’s lips slipped over the head. She had only just begun to suck on him when she lifted her head up and looked at him with a look of consternation. “I thought you were single Danny?” she asked.

He couldn’t hide the look of nervousness at possible rejection, “I was… I … err… I am… is it…” he stammered, “I don’t know…”

The young woman looked up at him, her fingers still wrapped around the base of his still hardening cock and glanced at the discarded suit before looking back at him and smiling, “Red basque with black piping, matching panties and fishnet stockings?” she asked.

“Yes…” he answered dumbfounded, “How’d you know?”

“So that’s what her pussy tastes like…” she grinned.

Danny nodded and then pulled the small oval object from within his shirt pocket, “…and this?”

Angela’s smile softened, “Oh Mary will be disappointed… now, where were we Santa?” Danny groaned as Angela’s mouth descended once again onto his erection sliding all the way down till her lips met his pubic hair.

“Oh god I love Christmas…” whispered the security guard/stand-in Santa.


The End

~ by ftfagos on December 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Happy Christmas Everybody!!!!”

  1. Twisted. Twisted. Twisted!!!!

    But a mighty fine story to wake up too!!! I love your descriptions of them in the changing room!!!! Those sensations that you described… wow!!!!

    What did Santa bring you for Christmas?

  2. Great work – funny, intelligent and super HOT!!!

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