The Pornographer and the Storyteller

Dear Avid Reader,

So what happened next between Frank and Val? Well I guess you should read on if you want to find out…

As ever I hope you enjoy!



A week had passed since Val had discovered his erotic alter-ego. On the Monday, following the weekend spent with Gina, the two of them had sat down and had a very long talk. Val had spent the rest of the week reading all his risqué short stories including the erotic novel which was at his publishers waiting for approval.

During that week Val, despite her assurances during the ‘long talk’ had become somewhat withdrawn; Frank wondered if the weekend with Gina had been an aberration and if this might spell the end of their marriage. The bedroom had been quiet throughout the week; not unusual during the semester, but he sensed a ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over his head, as he sat up in bed, listening to her brushing her teeth in the en-suite. He wondered if the Friday or Saturday morning would be any different; the usual time of the week they tried to set aside during the semester for intimacy. That Friday night he had made no overtures, deciding to make a point not to brush the almost painful erection he was nursing against her when she got into bed. He had been sitting up wearing an old cotton shirt, unbuttoned, a pillow behind his back holding though not really reading a dime store paperback when Val had entered the room.

That night instead of climbing in on her side she had walked around the bed holding a battered old notebook he had never seen before and lifted the paperback from his hands, folding the corner of the page he was reading and placing it on the nightstand. She was wearing her long ‘bed’ T-shirt, normally worn from Sunday to Thursday, which fell to the middle of her thighs. She pulled back the covers spotting Frank’s hard-on and slipped in to sit between his legs. Frank turned off the bedside light, plunging the room into almost total darkness and wrapped his arms around his wife as his cock pressed against her lower back. She shifted slightly squashing his cock firmer between his abdomen and her back before pulling the covers up around them still holding the notebook tightly in her hands.

That night as they sat in the dark she told him a story.

It had been the first serious fantasy she had in those sexually tense days of her late teenage years.


I’m at my riding school that I’d been going to for three years since I was fourteen and I’ve just returned from a long ride on a beautiful black stallion named Thor; I’m settling the horse into the stable, stripping it of its riding gear and washing it down. The horse has gotten an erection and I had stood and stared at the huge member dimly aware as of my virgin pussy moistening; it begins to show through my tight white jodhpurs. Tentatively I touch the damp patch, feeling an unfamiliar quiver run through me. It’s at this point the young muscled stable-hand, who I’d been watching secretly since he had taken a job there for the summer, interrupts me. He asks do I like what I’m seeing pointing at the horse’s formidable erection as he moves beside me.

I nod dumbly and he asks me if I would like to touch one. I’m shocked thinking that he means the horse’s huge cock and turn to face the him indignant when he grasps my hand in his rough calloused fingers and presses my palm to his crotch. I drop my eyes to look down at my hand squeezing the lump in the young man’s jeans and my pussy twitches powerfully, a flood of juices gushing from my tight slit to soak and stain my  crotch. The stable-hand doesn’t miss the effect his steel-hard cock has had on me and then leads me to the ladder up to the hayloft. He helps/pushes me up the wooden ladder, his work-worn hand between my legs massaging my wet quim through the tight material as I climb on shaky legs.

Franks hands lay folded across Val’s cotton covered abdomen, occasionally twitching as they wanted to move lower. Val had paused for a moment in her recall, laying the mysterious notebook on the bedside cabinet on top of Franks’ paperback and had slipped her fingers through his and guided them beneath the T-shirt to rest on her flesh. His cock twitched against her as he felt the slight stubble growing just above her slit beneath his fingers. Her entwined fingers slowly and lightly massaged his into her flesh as she moved her back minutely from side to side, rolling his cock between them.

She breathed deeply and continued.

The stable-hand almost lifts me over the last couple of rungs into the loft, my juices soaking through my jodhpurs onto his fingers. He quickly follows me onto the hay strewn floor guiding me forwards to a heap of bails. His fingers press the wet material in between my spreading pussy lips. I put my hands out and grasp the prickly bales, my feet spreading allowing him easier access to my burning crotch. He stands behind me, the toes of his boots between mine nudging them even further apart as he runs his finger up and down my slit making me gasp.

Brand new sensations flood my young body as wave after wave of heat seems to flow through my body from my pulsing quim. My breath comes in heaving rasps and my heart pounds in my ears as the feeling intensifies. I’m all the more shocked when the stable-hands’ fingers disappear from my wet lips. I make to rise but I’m stopped by his warm sticky hand slipping beneath my blouse and pressing down on the small of my back. I lower my head and looked back through my spread legs to see him drop to his knees. I groan loudly as I feel his mouth cover my mound, his tongue pressing against my slit, lapping at my juices through the tight damp material.

“I was fifteen, I think when I first had this fantasy; I’d dream what his tongue would do to me as I fingered myself to sleep at night” Val added as she helped push one of Frank’s fingers in between her wet lips. His cock ached against the base of her spine as he felt the heat of her juices.

His tongue slowly traces my lips; up and down it goes pressing the soaking material of my jodhpurs further into my pussy. My legs shiver as I push my ass out and up; my face pressed into the bale as my pussy seems to explode. My knuckles are in my mouth, muffling my scream as I have my first ever orgasm. I’m actually crying as I feel his unshaven chin scratch over my clit. I believe there can be no more and then he pulls my jodhpurs down roughly; the chill air of the hayloft assaults my bare backside (“In the fantasy I don’t even consider the idea of wearing panties” Val adds) and then I feel his hot intruding tongue snake deep into my gushing snatch.

His rough strong hands grasp my ass cheeks as he darts his tongue in and out of my wet hole, my pussy spasms about it as my orgasm crescendos again. The world swims about me as I collapse against the bales, the sharp points of straw scratching my face and my chest through my blouse. My nipples are painfully hard as my knees give way and my pulsating quim drops away from that talented tongue. I gasp and wheeze in the dusty atmosphere of the loft.

It seems to take hours for me to regain any composure; I lift my head and look up at the stable-hand standing above me. My jaw drops open, he is standing there naked; stroking his large hard cock (“Of course it is my fantasy and it is very thick and at least nine inches long” says Val to Frank smiling over her shoulder as she reaches behind her to run her nails up along his erection), he’s rolling his foreskin back and forth, the glans glistening as he looks down upon me with a predatory smile.

Val removes her finger from her pussy leaving Frank’s there, curled up inside her and throws the bedclothes to the floor. In one swift movement she hoists her t-shirt over her head to join the heap on the floor. Pausing momentarily, squeezing her cunt muscles about Frank’s finger; she savoured the sensations. A small purr escapes her lips and then she pulls his wet finger from her crotch and sucks on it softly. Frank reaches for his member, giving it a squeeze as his wife feeds his finger deeper into her mouth.

Val finishes licking her juices and drops his hand to turn about, straddling Frank’s thighs; not quite happy she grabs him beneath the knees and with his assistance shuffles him down the bed till he is lying flat on his back. Looking into his eyes she wraps her slender fingers about his manhood and slowly runs her hand up and down his length as her left hand snakes its way between her thighs and slipped two fingers into her wet quim.

“Where was I?” she asked.

Frank smiles for a moment watching the pre-cum appear from the eye of his cock, “I… err… think you had a large cock… mmmm…. in your sights…”

Val closes her eyes moaning a little as she rubs her thumb across the tip of Frank’s hard-on. I’m knelt in front of this sweaty Adonis with his cock in his hand; I’d never seen a cock before; ‘were they all this big?’ I wondered. I’m unaware that I’m licking my lips when his large calloused hands pull the tie-back from my hair and wrap themselves through my freed tresses. I gasp as he pulls me upwards and he thrusts the monster into my open mouth. I gag as the large head bangs into the roof of my mouth, coughing and spluttering about his manhood I hear the second sentence from his mouth.

“Suck it!” he says with an authority I dare not question.

I look up into his dark eyes, pleading with my own but I see no mercy. Breathing through my nose I timidly touch the head with the tip of my tongue. My first taste of cock, it’s salty and I’m unsure if I like it at first but with each stroke of my tongue I feel my desire for this flavour grow. He pulls back and forth on his shaft, rolling his foreskin; my tongue slides beneath it and I begin to swallow the pearls of nectar that’s oozing from it. “I was unbelievably prosaic as a teenager” Val adds. Almost without thought I reach up and wrap my hands about his, encouraging him to pump his cock harder and faster into my now willing mouth.

He slips his hand from under mine and it joins his other fist in my hair as he starts to move his hips to and fro. I slide my mouth further and further down the length of his erection, beginning to suck on it as I do. I have no idea if I this is what he wants but his hip movements increase their tempo so I suck harder. He groans aloud as the head of his cock hits the back of my throat, I gag again as my lips press down into his pubic hair and I slip my hands around his hips to grasp his ass.

He grunts and pulls his cock out of my mouth. I try to pull him back in, my long fingernails digging into the flesh of his ass but he is so much stronger than me. His hands grab my wrists and pull my arms apart and back so I am forced to fall back onto the straw bale. I struggle vainly, wanting to wrap my mouth about that cock… wanting to wrap my mouth about any cock I realise. The straw spikes the flesh of my ass as he looks down at my riding trousers wrapped in tangles about my boots. For a moment he thinks about releasing my hands but instead steps between my legs.

He grasps both of my wrists in one hand and reaches down lifting up my left knee. His stiff member stands out as my legs raise, bound together by my jodhpurs; I realise that my virgin pussy is getting nearer to that monster cock. I struggle futilely all the more as I realise what he intends. ’He’s going to fuck me” I think. I’m scared but I want him to; I want this beast to rip my maidenhood, I want him to make me a woman, but surely it’s too big; he’ll rip me apart. I twist in his grip as the head of his cock nears the damp wisps of my bush.

Val pumps Frank’s cock harder as her fingers slide rapidly in and out of her pussy; her breathing is laboured as she struggles to continue the story.

“Fuck me!” I hear myself say and I realise I want it. I want it so bad I scream “FUCK ME!”

He releases my wrists and grasps my other thigh, he stares at my tight pure quim; he’s licking his lips as I feel his cock push my lips apart.

 Val raises her hips and slowly guides Frank’s cock into the wet opening of her pussy.

The horses beneath us are neighing wildly as I shout “FUCK ME NOW YOU BASTARD!!!” He slams into me, a brief moment of pain flashes across my mind before he fills me. The world explodes…

 Val releases Frank’s member, dropping down hard onto it. Frank gasps as he feels the heat and wetness of his lover’s pussy as it instantly convulses about him. Val hasn’t even started to rise when Frank feels his seed shoot up into his wife’s cunt. He grabs her hips and bucks his own up as Val’s fingernails dig into his chest. Both of them shake and quiver as their orgasms rack through them.

Some minutes later when they have both recovered Val lifts her head from Frank’s chest, “Pre-mature ejaculation?” she says raising an eyebrow.

“Speak for yourself! Anyway after that story that wasn’t pre-mature… you’re lucky I hadn’t sprayed all over your chest!”

Val smiles, “Maybe later…?”

“You got anymore stories?”Frank asks hopefully.

Val drags one of her long fingernails along Frank’s soft cock, “oh…one or two in there I think… ” she says her eyes flicking to the old notebook on the bedside cabinet.

“I’ve always liked bed-time stories…”



Well, Avid Reader, i hope you did enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I found another picture which I was going to insert into the story but it featured an animal… so here it is anyway!


Okay, hands (sticky hopefully) up who likes rough hands?

~ by ftfagos on December 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Pornographer and the Storyteller”

  1. Absolutely lovely! *hand way up*

  2. L’grande sigho… I like bed time stories too!!! Now… Rough, calloused hands are the way to go… Man stubble?

    Although I was always curious… that Val is one talented lady!!!!

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