Consolation Prize

Dear Avid Reader,

I’m not doing very well with those ‘Spoiler’ I posted last month. My mind keeps getting distracted and wandering off on different tangents so here’s one I pulled from the vaults. As ever I hope you… err… enjoy it as much as I remembered enjoying writing it.



Towards the end of every month I had to travel to a small town in the midlands with my accounting firm.  Generally it would always be mid-week and we would be expected back at our desks the following day. What was notable about this monthly excursion was that I got to see Miss Marks. She was the epitome of professionalism and as we were always in meetings with the senior partner from our firm, they were somewhat old-fashioned; there was rarely a chance to chat.


Miss Marks, I believed her first name was Lisa but couldn’t be sure, was about 5’ 3” tall and brunette.  I guess she was about 28 years of age and always wore very conservative business suits with skirts that always went past her knees. Her hair was in a short bob framing her face perfectly. About the only thing that didn’t conform was her footwear. In the summer months they would invariably be at least 4” heels, often with chrome toes and in the winter the definitive “cum-fuck-me” boots. Her figure was always constrained but seemed to hint at a shapely bosom and a gorgeous ass.


Those meetings were always a bore, so I spent many a moment fantasizing about the delectable Miss Marks. Occasionally I would be lost in a scenario where I was fucking her across the boardroom table or she would be beneath the table sucking on my engorged cock. Once or twice the direction of the meeting would swing round to me and I would take a moment to return to the real world. Generally I feigned deep consideration before replying but at least once I caught Miss Marks’ eyes and could have sworn I saw an unprofessional twinkle there. Probably just wishful thinking on my part. The nature and length of the meetings often meant that I would be unable to relieve my desire until the train journey home where a wank in the toilets was a necessity. Though I have to admit to pretending a case of nausea once so I could use the facilities in the middle of a particularly dull and therefore within my mind, erotic meeting.


It was approaching the end of the tax year when a meeting was scheduled for a Thursday and as there was a lot to be done we were put up in a local hotel. Even then on the first day we didn’t finish till gone 9pm and all we did was get a bite to eat and head for our rooms. We managed to finish our work by 3pm the next day. The rest of my firm quickly collected there belongings from the hotel and headed back home. I was in no rush and hoped, vainly as it turned out, to get better acquainted with Miss Marks. As I gathered my papers together I saw her gorgeous ass quickly heading out the door and my spirits, along with ny face, immediately sank.


Disappointed, I headed back to the hotel and decided, as there was no nubile young filly waiting in my bed at home to ravish me the moment I got through the door, to stay an extra night. The town was quite picturesque and from the previous night seemed to have a couple of lively pubs. Back in my room I showered and lay down on the bed as the spring sun shone in through the window. My mind drifted to the object of my fantasies and I had a very pleasant and leisurely wank. I guess I fell asleep for I woke much later to see the street lights on outside. I cleaned up my earlier issue and got dressed. Looking at the time I saw it was gone 10pm so quickly headed out of my room.


I asked at the reception if they could recommend a good pub and was told the Griffin served a good pint but as there was only 20 minutes drinking time left that I might want to try a club called the Oasis about 5 minutes walk away. Heading out into the night I mulled over where to head before deciding on the club. I found it without any problem and headed inside. I was slightly disappointed as there weren’t very many people in, all the more so as it was quite a small venue. Nevertheless I headed to the bar and ordered myself a pint and chaser. The barmaid, seeing the look on my face, volunteered that the place would be heaving in about 25 minutes when the pubs emptied. True to her word and almost to the minute a multitude poured through the doors and soon there was hardly room to move. With the crowd filling the place the music was cranked up and the dance floor writhed with a mass of bodies.


I wasn’t particularly on the prowl; having set my sights on the delectable, yet unavailable Miss Marks, and having always enjoyed dancing I soon joined the dance floor and surrendered myself to the beat. I was enjoying myself amid the mass of sweaty bodies, vaguely people watching, and had decided I was glad I had come. Feeling no need to be anything other than the part of the “body music” I suddenly felt as if I was being watched. Looking around I noticed a young woman dancing with her back to another woman. The couple were about five metres away from me and presented a very nice spectacle as they gyrated enthusiastically against each other.


They were both grinding hard against each other, hands slipping up n down the sides of each others bodies. The woman in front, maybe twenty-one years old, was wearing a baggy t-shirt, Betty Boop on the front in typical sultry pose, and a light coloured skirt that stopped about two inches below her crotch. Her friend kept flicking the sides of the skirt, never actually giving anything away, and alternately lifting the t-shirt and pulling it tight across the girl’s ample, yet braless, breasts. The girl’s hair was gelled back against her scalp exposing many piercings in her ears. Her face was heavily made up, Goth style, and a heavy chain hung round her neck.


There seemed to plenty of the local young wolves gravitating around them and though very pleasant and erotic to watch, when the next song finished, I headed for the bar. Eventually I managed to get a bottle of water and was just swallowing my first mouthful when a finger tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and saw the Goth from the dance floor.


“Any chance of some of that water please?” she asked.


I passed the bottle to the girl and she promptly up-ended the bottle over her head and let the water cascade all over her. Smiling I watched the water soak into her t-shirt and her breasts appear through the sodden material, her nipples hardened and a hoop through her right nipple became obvious.


“You like Betty Boop, do you? “She asked.


Without lifting my eyes from her piercing I answered smiling “Yep. I’m a big fan.”


She laughed and only then did I look up into her kohl streaked eyes. The make-up was running down over her cheeks and jaw to drip onto Betty below. I liked the way she obviously knew what was happening to her previously precisely administered make-up and didn’t care in the slightest.


“Care to buy a girl a drink?”


“Are you going to pour this one all over yourself again?” I quizzed.


“Nope, I only do that with water and right now I’d like a Bison Vodka.”


At this point I will describe myself. I’m 35 years of age, just over 6’ and slim build with short black hair. I’m fairly good lucking, not sure the grey appearing round my temples makes me look distinguished or not, but I know I am no Brad Pitt. Smiling back at her I lead the way to the bar. I attracted the attention of the barmaid from earlier, she nodded to me and after a minute she came over with a glass of a clear, slightly oily looking, drink.


“I didn’t order this.” I shouted over the din.


“It’s the only thing Lorna drinks, hell; she’s the only one who drinks it anyway.”


Looking over my shoulder, ‘Lorna’ smiled and shrugged.


I placed the rest of the order, paid and grabbed the drinks. Lorna led the way through the club to the far wall where there were some hi-tables. I watched her hips swing beneath her skirt noticing the trendy trainers on her feet. She managed to find an empty table and we slid in behind it. I placed her vodka and my whiskey on the table then pulled a fresh bottle of water from my back pocket and placed it between our drinks. She looked at the bottle and raised an eyebrow; I shrugged my shoulders in reply earning a smile.


“So…” I began.


“Why you?” she interrupted.


“I was wondering.” looking round the dance floor at all the young studs closer to her age.


“Well, they’re all just grope ‘n fumble material and this aint a large town… and I guess you’re a stranger rounds these parts”


“Oh. I’ve been here before.”


“Not in this club you haven’t!”


“True.” I replied.


“So what brings to our little ‘burb?”


“Would you believe I’m an assistant tree surgeon?”


“No… I figure you’re in banking or the like.” She replied, a little too close to the truth.


“Well in my soul I want to look after trees… so what about you?”


“Oh, I just work in one of the local factories, very humdrum.”

We paused in our conversation to sip our drinks, both looking the other over. To be honest she looked a mess with her make-up streaked all down her face, but the slight grin playing round her lips and the obvious “couldn’t give a fuck” attitude made up for it. And there was no doubt in my mind that once the kohl was removed, and hopefully her clothing too, she was a good looking girl.


“So are we going to chit-chat for an hour or two, dance the old dance as we try to coerce the other into getting down ‘n dirty or should we just drink up and go fuck each others brains out?” she asked me in the most casual of tones.


I almost spat my drink out and then almost choked swallowing it. She watched me regain my composure her smile growing broader.


When I got myself under control I looked straight at her, trying to muster my bravado as much as could, and replied “Oh the latter definitely!”


With that she up-ended her drink downing the remaining half of her glass in one, taking my hand and started to lead us away from the table. She paused for just a second and reached back and grabbed the bottle of water and then led me on. As we passed a table further on she called out to a young lad sitting at the table,” See you tomorrow Anna.” Slightly puzzled I looked back and noticed the daft grin on his face when a head popped up from beneath the table and called back “See you L, have fun girl!” it was Lorna’s dance partner from earlier who then looked right at me and a huge grin spread across her face. Just as she disappeared beneath the table she shouted “About time too!”


Completely puzzled I followed Lorna; we quickly grabbed our coats from the cloakroom, and then went out through an emergency exit and into the cold night air. We passed through a yard gate and then less than ten steps later we were walking into a small park. Her pace barely slackened and I imagine if I had been much shorter I might have had to trot to keep up with her. The moon was high, full and bright and I could see she was leading me to a children’s playground. She led me to the swings and quickly sat me down.


Within a moment she had straddled my lap, wrapped her arms around me, and I felt her tongue slide across my lips. Sliding my hands across her back I returned the kiss. The kiss started slow and soft but gradually built in intensity, tongues sliding in and out of each others mouths and over and over each other. She pulled my t-shirt out of my jeans and pushed her hands inside my waistband digging her nails into the flesh of my cheeks. I flexed my legs involuntarily and started us swinging. I moved my hands down and up under skirt as I felt the hard metal of her nipple piercing rub across my own nipple. Sliding my fingers into the legs of her knickers I squeezed her cheeks gaining a low moan from her. I could feel her dampness spreading from her crotch. Sliding my hands further the tip of my finger reached her lips and pressed between them. Lorna groaned and shoved her hips backwards sliding her wet pussy onto my finger.


She pulled her hands out of the rear of my jeans and quickly moved them round the front to undo my belt. The top button quickly followed suit and she slipped a slender hand inside to wrap her fingers around my erect cock. She pulled on it hard, as her other hand lowered my zip and she thrust her hips backwards to impale herself further onto my finger. Her juices were running into my palm as I slipped a second finger into her tight snatch. Lorna struggled to shove my jeans down, so, taking the weight momentarily on my feet I lifted my hips and helped pull my jeans lower. The cold night air cooled my ass as she sat back onto my lap rubbing my member against her wet lips through her underwear. Sitting back onto the swing we rocked back and forth as she ground herself against me. One hand placed in the small of her back, she reached down between us and pulled her sodden knickers to one side and rubbed the head of my engorged cock across her clit.


Pulling my fingers from her hot cunt I lifted her hips slightly and Lorna guided my length into her. She dropped herself down onto me taking all of my length all the way inside her. Leaning back and grabbing the chains of the swing she began to rock us faster, pumping up and down on me. I bucked my hips as much as I could to meet her thrusts as we swung back and forth under the cloudless sky. As we swung higher so Lorna fucked me harder, the sound of our flesh slapping against each other, echoing through the park. I was pushing up with every back swing as I felt her cunt clench around my cock and the tendons on her neck stand out in the moonlight. I could feel her hot wet pussy sucking along my length as she suddenly bent forwards and bit my neck to stifle her moans as they rapidly got louder. She almost screamed into my shoulder as she came, her teeth sinking into my flesh, pushing me over the edge, my balls tightened and my cum shot deep into her pulsating pussy. She groaned loudly, her cunt rippling along my spurting cock, her juices gushing over my balls. I slammed my feet to the ground causing her to ram violently down onto me. The last of my seed erupted hard against the top of her cunt and this time Lorna did scream.


“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”


I grunted hard as she ground herself harder onto my cock, rubbing her clit against its’ base. Slowly we both quietened as our breathing and pulses returned to normal. I kissed her shoulder as she leant into me. I heard her whisper into my ear.


“Thank you…”


“You’re welcome” I replied.


I kissed her mouth lightly feeling her tongue dart out a little to meet mine. She lifted herself up slowly, feeling my softening cock slip out. She stood in front of me, quickly adjusting her underwear and then reaching to pull up my jeans, carefully sliding the zip up. She did up the button and fastened my belt. I have to say there was a huge grin spread across my face. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and then took my hand.


Once again she led me through the park, this time out through another gate and down an alley and into a small lane. Ahead I could see the lights of the main street, when we were about twenty metres from the end of the lane she turned to me and kissed me.


“So what room are you in?” she asked.


“Oh… Err… 212.” I replied.


“OK then. Your hotel is down the end and round to the right.”


I stood there momentarily confused, looking at her questioningly.


“Well, go on then she said” pointing at the road.


I walked slowly on, looking back at Lorna expecting her to follow, but she just stood there smiling, waving me on. She was still standing there when I turned the corner. Looking round I saw the entrance to the hotel two doors down and somewhat distracted walked towards it. I walked into the brightly lit reception; the night manager was sitting on a couch reading a newspaper.


“Ah. Mr. McIntyre, enjoyable night?” he asked as he looked up.


“Um… err… yeah it was. Very … unexpected but very… enjoyable” I replied.


The manager got up and walked round behind the reception and passed me my keycard.


“Well have a good nights sleep and we will see you in the morning sir.”


“Err… yeah… Ok then… Good night.” I muttered as I walked to the stairs.


Absent mindedly I walked up the stairs and headed for my room.  Smiling to myself, feeling my limp cock in my jeans, damp from mine and Lorna’s juices I walked down the corridor. I put the keycard into my lock and waited for the light to turn green.


“You could try it the other way round; it might actually open the lock for you.” said a voice from behind me.


I turned and there at the corner of the corridor was Lorna, her coat slung over one shoulder leaning against the wall.


“… err… what…” I stammered.


“You don’t think they would have been too happy downstairs if I had walked in with you, do you?”


I stood there looking at her, grinning once again. She walked across, took the keycard from me and inserted it the right way round and the lock opened obligingly. I followed her into the room still grinning. She looked around surveying the room, still lit from the streetlights outside, before turning back to me. Smiling she reached out and pushed my coat from my shoulders. Then she grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up over my head. She pushed me back onto the bed and quickly pulled of my trainers and socks. Once again she undone my belt, button and zip and pulled my jeans down and off my legs. She looked at me lying there grinning and smiled back as she hooked her fingers into the waist band of my boxers and slowly pulled them down.


I put my hands behind my back, still grinning and looked up into Lorna’s eyes. Never breaking eye contact she slowly leant forward as her tongue appeared from between her lips. It was almost like an electric shock as the tip touched the base of my flaccid cock. Slowly she licked up the length to the tip, where a drop of pre-cum sat. She lapped it up before slowly licking back down. Her eyes stayed on mine as she slowly licked up and down my length. Almost with each lick, my cock got slightly harder and longer. As the head began to rise, her licks got broader and she began to kiss the head before moving back down. My cock was rising from my stomach and the next time she reached the tip, her mouth engulfed the head sucking lightly as she did. Once again she licked down my length. My cock fully hard now, she slowly licked upwards, her lips parting over the head. She slowly lowered her head, her mouth sliding down until she swallowed my cock completely. Her lips formed a seal round the base of my member, the head touching the back of her throat; she sucked hard, her cheeks hollowing, drawing upwards till my cock popped from her mouth.


She still held my gaze as she stood at the foot of the bed. She dropped by an inch as she kicked off her trainers; next she pulled off her t-shirt, throwing it onto the bed beside me, exposing her full breasts, the nipples full and erect. She pushed her skirt and panties down in one movement to stand naked before me. I noted that there was only the faintest line of hair rising up from her wet lips. She climbed onto the bed to position her dripping pussy above my swollen cock. Reaching between her legs she held her lips apart as she lowered herself down onto me until she had me totally inside her. Placing one hand on my chest and the other on my knee she began to rock herself upon me. Gradually she began to grind herself harder and faster onto my erect cock drawing her pleasure from me. I rocked my hips in time to her motions feeling Lorna’s internal muscles massage my hard cock. Getting faster and faster I felt her pussy spasm and her juices pour out over my cock and balls. When her orgasm had passed she paused, my cock still fully within her. She looked down at me, a smile playing across her lips.


Keeping me fully inside her, she reached up to her ear and removed one of her many studs. As she did I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my rigid member. She reached up to her other ear and removed another, again her pussy pulsed. She slowly removed all her piercings from her ears, her pussy gripping me each time, until her ears were bare. My fingers dug into the flesh of her hips as my cock was gripped hard within her. Reaching over she pulled the bottle of water from her coat, unscrewed the top, and emptied the contents over her head, body and me. She shook her head, water droplets flying across the bed.  Watching the water run down her torso, I smiled, she reached for her t-shirt. She used the shirt to dry her hair which, without the gel, formed into a loose short bob.


Her face still covered in streaks of kohl make-up resembled some weird B-movie zombie. She rubbed the shirt over her face. When she threw the shirt to the floor, she looked at me, breaking into a huge smile. I realised that without the make-up she looked vaguely familiar. All the time her cunt had been gripping my cock, rippling up and down its length. The orange glow from the streetlights confused me slightly as she ground down hard onto me, still the muscles rippling up and down my length. She fucked me harder, her eyes all the time on mine, slamming down onto me. Her smile began to tighten as her pussy began to ripple quickly around me as her orgasm approached. Still watching me she began to see comprehension dawn on my face. At the moment when I fully realised that Lorna, or Lisa as I had thought, was the object of my desire, the horny Miss Marks, my cock erupted violently into her orgasming cunt.


Lorna/Lisa/Miss Marks screamed as her orgasm overtook her…

The End


Well, did you enjoy? I hope you did. Just looked at when I ‘filed’ this and would you believe I’ve been scribbling for over three years. My oh my how time flies…


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One Response to “Consolation Prize”

  1. Did I ever tell you… no… I think I shall wait till I have it ready to before I tell you that…

    But… I remember this one!!!! I think this was the second story I ever read of yours. It was brilliant then, and even more so now for we get to see how far you’ve come as a scribbler.

    You’ve come a long way in how you write. Back then you didn’t always stop to smell the roses… but your talent still blazed through. And now? You’ve changed how you write quite a fair bit. You are more detailed, more than just the character moving through paces. You my darling…. should be red faced.

    Now. Will you please spoil me and share your next scribble!!!!!! I am bursting at the seams needing to know!!!!


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